he looks at her like this always

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Rowaelin cuddles.

Aelin hummed as she felt Rowan’s rough, calloused hands caress her back.  His fingertips trailed the length of her spine from top to bottom slowly, breaking contact from her skin to reach back up and begin again.  Her eyes remained closed, though, as she basked in the warmth of the blankets and the ease of the morning.  Neither of them had to be anywhere until mid-day at the earliest.  They could stay in bed and lounge like lazy cats as long as their hearts desired.  Rowan’s warm breath fanned across her face, telling her he’d shifted closer.  Lashes flickering open, Aelin gazed up at her husband and snuggled closer to his chest.  Even though she was the one with an affinity for fire and its warmth, she loved the heat that Rowan always seemed to radiate.  Looking at his lips, Aelin stretched up to kiss him.  It was sweet and tender and made her toes curl beneath the sheets.  Pulling away, she hummed in barely restrained triumph when she saw Rowan’s brow furrowed with concentration.  His eyes remained closed for several more seconds as his mind caught up to the pleasure coursing through his body.  

Slowly, his green eyes opened, and through half lidded eyes he whispered, “Please,”  his voice was hoarse, and Aelin knew it wasn’t from sleep.  Licking his lips, he continued, “kiss me again.”  Not needing to be asked twice, Aelin leaned in and captured his mouth with hers.  Smiling into the kiss, Aelin swept her tongue out to gently brush against Rowan’s lower lip.  Rowan moaned, his whole body trembling, and granted her access.  Their tongues met, slow and surely, without any rush or without any care.  Their need for air arose, making them break the kiss.  They remained close, however, their foreheads pressed together and their short breaths intermingling.  Bringing his hand up, Rowan brushed his thumb over her cheek bone.  “Fireheart,” he hummed, pressing a kiss to the tip of her nose.  

Raising her own hand to intertwine her fingers with his own, Aelin gave his hand a squeeze, “Buzzard.”  Laughing, Rowan leaned in and kissed her again.                      

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My old roommate ended up being a trump supporter so the rest of us were always rly disgusted by it and she would just be like I did it for taxes and we'd be like ?? ANYWAY!!!!! Her new boyfriend is a HARDCORE HILLARY SUPPORTER AND I DONT THINK HE KNOWS SO I RAN INTO HIM TODAY AND I MENTIONED IT IN PASSING AND HE LOOKED SO TAKEN ABACK. I think I just made my own day.

honestly you should tell him to dump her 💅🏻

Inukag Week Day 4: family

well, it looks like i fell behind again. But here is something. 

@grapefruitwannabe proof that i don’t always torture our idiots.. sometimes i spread the torture to others…


The tiny, fervent cries pierced the cool night air, reaching the ears of those waiting patiently outside the hut for more information. Suddenly, the group was alive with cheers and hugs. A silent sigh of relief left them as the fear of stillbirth had been looming in the shadows. It was almost morning now, the early rising animals beginning their daily foraging. The labor had been a long and difficult one, spanning almost two whole days.

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HpNG Moodboard [11/16] || { Teddy Lupin } + Hufflepuff!Remarkable

He was special, people always told him that. He cared like his father, was witty like his mother, and fierce like her too. Most of all though, Teddy made people feel better. That was his gift.

In a word, Teddy Lupin was remarkable. He was made to be a Hufflepuff, just like his mum. And he was a damn good one too, even made prefect. The badger den was practically his personal abode, and he made a point of looking out for the younger students residing there, but he didn’t hover.

Be they Weasleys or anything besides, Teddy was something of an cool, older brother/cousin to most anyone. He had a habit of carrying about chocolates, which had sprung into being early on in his childhood; a way of connecting with his father. These weren’t eaten often by Teddy alone, but rather in the company of a downtrodden lad or lass in need of some company. He was a good listener, pretty handy with advise, and he had a backup plan when all else failed.

Faces. Teddy was great at making faces, could make nearly anyone laugh with them. And those who didn’t laugh, at least smiled. Teddy had a gift for making people feel better, not because he was born with it, but because of all that he had suffered.

Everyone deserves to be happy, even if only for a little while, he thought.

Characters: Daddy!JensenxReader, Jessica (OC)

Warnings: Fluff

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It was Saturday Night Special and Jensen was singing away on stage. You were with your 7 year old daughter Jessica standing next stage watching him enjoy himself on stage. Jessica was dancing around to the music as Jensen played his guitar. Jensen would always sing a lullaby to Jessica before tucking her in bed when he was at home.

Jensen looked over to the side of the stage at Jessica and you and played the last note of the song and Jessica waved smiling. Jensen smiled big at his daughter and looked back at the audience waving at them and thanking them for the standing ovation that he just received. Jensen took the guitar off his shoulder and placed the guitar on the stand and walked over to you and Jessica. You greeted him with a kiss and he pulled away smiling.

Jensen grinned and bent down to Jessica’s level and he gripped her arms around Jensen’s neck into a tight hug.

“You did so good daddy!” Jessica held onto his neck and he picked her up wrapping her legs around his waist.

“Thank you baby girl.” Jensen replied.

“You did great Jensen.” You complimented him with a smile.

“Thanks babe.” You took Jensen’s hand and placed it on your growing belly.

“Your son enjoyed it too.” You grinned and Jensen’s eyes lit up as he felt the unborn baby kick against his hand.

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Omg yayyy can you do a Sirius x Reader where she loves being outside like at the lake or a tree and Sirius has a secret crush on her and goes up to her in his animagus form??

Thank you!! 💜💜


Ever since they became partners for Herbology, Sirius Black had always liked (Y/n). She was that one girl he would watch from a far, not having the guts to walk up to her and ask her out which was pretty strange since out of all the four of them, he was usually the one who did the riskiest of things. Pranks, stunts, delayed home works. That was him.

But when it comes to (Y/n)?

He would blush and look down at his shoes while brushing his long hair backwards. A small hello could make him paralyzed and a little more than that could make him die happily.

James obviously thought it was hilarious how this girl had so much effect on him (as if Lily did not make him feel the same) while Remus would always convince his friend to ask her out before someone else does. (Y/n) was no dumb girl that nobody paid attention to. She was kind, sweet, and spontaneous despite how much she believed nobody will ever like her. She would always stay outdoors, tired of being cramped inside the school, and would stay by the lake, watching the water or looking at the flowers.

It was Sirius’s favorite thing to see her so happy while surrounded by sunlight, her hair blowing in the wind. He wanted to know how it feels like to stand there with her while enjoying the view but he was scared she would not like him because of the amount of trouble he caused.

With a sigh, he turned away when an idea suddenly came into his mind. Looking around, he made sure no one was close before he hid in a corner and turned into his animagus form, a black shaggy dog. He had perfected his transformation over the year and so this was a perfect opportunity for him.

(Y/n) sat below a tree while gathering daisies when a dog ran towards her. At first, she stood up slightly alarmed but when she saw his tail wagging happily, she sat back down and allowed him to smell her.

“Hello, little guy,” she greeted, “Where’s your owner?”

The black dog barked and licked her cheek, tickling her. Her fingers scratched the top of his head while he rested his chin on her lap. This plan of his was working well.

(Y/n) kept him by her side, enjoying his delightful company, when James Potter walked towards her with a playful smirk on his face. The dog immediately leapt up, barked, and chased its tail.

“I see you’ve met my friend, Padfoot,” James said, kneeling down to pet the dog.

“Oh, he’s marvelous. Is he yours?” (Y/n) asked but she was too busy brushing the dog’s soft fur and somewhat familiar smell to focus on James’s answer.

“Yeah but I, uh, was actually thinking of castrating him since he always runs off without telling me where he went,” James said. “I thought he was in trouble.”

The dog whined and flattened its ears as soon as he heard the word “castrate”, making him hide behind the girl.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Potter. Plus, dogs may run off but they’ll always come back to you, don’t they?” (Y/n) said, embracing the dog to comfort him.

James smiled at her and ruffled his hair, “I suppose. Well, apology accepted, Padfoot. Have fun with your date.”

He stood up and gave the dog a treat before taking his leave. The dog barked happily and sniffed (Y/n)’s hair, sitting down beside her. The two stayed under the tree for a long time until the school bell rang and it was time for her to go. She stood up, dusted off her skirt, and scratched the top of the dog’s head one last time.

“I look forward to our next date, Padfoot.” She winked and soon left for her next class while Sirius stood by with the brightest smile on his face.


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DWC - a kiss that shouldn't have happened. Your choice of characters/pairing.

Thank youuu for the prompt!  Well after stalking the @dadrunkwriting​ page I am right back in fenhawke hELL AS USUAL so, a little post-All That Remains angst.

And of course he’s here now.  Always here, never quite gone.  Never had the decency to leave completely, and she never had the decency to completely let him go.

He’s hovering in the doorframe like a spectre, shifting his weight, silent, still managing to fill the room with his presence even when it is so diminished like this.  She can just imagine him, eyes not quite downcast, catching himself, looking up at her, fiddling with the red favour he still wears around his wrist.

She’s drunk, probably.  Definitely.  She can’t really feel it in her head anymore, it’s more in her throat and her stomach.  Burning.  But everything is always burning, so that, too, is difficult to discern.

“I don’t know what to say,” he says, at last.  It’s so quiet, it’s barely even a sound, yet it seems to echo all around her, and she feels the tears she thought she’d cried out returning to her with a vengeance.  She swallows hard and pulls her knees up to her chest.

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Can you do England, China, Russia, Germany, and Romano reaction to seeing a girl entering the world conference and opening a secret door. Like for example while their doing a conference they notice a bored looking girl carrying a butch of groceries going across the room and open a secret passage. Sorry if it doesnt make sense😖 I was curious to know what would they do? Would they follow her or ignore her.

England: “nEVER Fucking mind, I might as well just follow them as I have nothing to lose-” He would go after them. Partially because of the reason the conferences always end up in a mess, but also because he would want to see where the door led to.

China: “I am too old for this kind of madness - but then again, here I am surrounded by idiots… WAIT FOR ME, SALVATION.”

Russia: “Oh, this is rather unusual… I want to know where this door leads to! Maybe I can use it for something… Or find a friend behind it! ^J^

Germany: whAT HAVE I DONE TO LIVE TO SEE THIS. But who is he kidding, Italy would run after the Girl (yes, for many reasons) So bear-like babysitter Germany would have to run after him.

Romano: Similar to his brother, for many reasons, he’d follow the Girl. One reason being to annoy the hell out of Spain. He’s a little troll.

“It was a cloudy day, the blanket of azure was nowhere to be seen. Instead, it was replaced with dark grey thunderclouds. Damon enjoyed storms, he could see pieces of himself up in the sky. The booming thunder, the flashes of white light dancing across the sky, he loved it. Like mother earth was putting on a show, shouting at the people down below to look, as she stood among the heavens. He could practically heard her screaming as she danced,

“Look at me!” she shouted like her life depended on it, “Look at me! Aren’t I beautiful?”

It was all so…Passionate. And Damon was passionate. Maybe not about the things that others cared about, but there was this passion burning in his chest that was so pure, it couldn’t even be tainted by the venomous words that always threatened to spill past his tongue.”

Thunderclouds, excerpt of a book I’ll never write

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he doesn't feel it yet!!! because what do these kids know about love?? i want him coming to the slow and painful realization that he truly loves her. that he sees her in that light. i love veronica but hell she gets the spotlight in the comics. betty's always left hanging and an evil part of me wants her to get the guy this time around. i want them to make me cry lmao I'M GOING INSANE also i love you peace

He probably doesn’t yet but that’s what I think is going to happen. That it’s going to build up over the rest of the season, and he slowly comes to the realization that he does have feelings for her. We’ll probably see it with little moments at first like those looks Archie gives whenever b/ughead is brought up. I’m fine with that too because him being completely jealous all at once would seem too forced and more like a possesion thing than anything else. I’m hyped just thinking about it lol love you too, anon.

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Yeah... I also think this could easily happened. Also follow up headcanon: since then, Everytime shinichi felt overwhelmed with life in general he retreats to that same spot. His parents now know to look for him there first, but when they find him there, they leave him alone until he is ready to face the world again.

Honestly, that’s so cute.  It’s exactly the kind of family dynamic I’ve always thought they had~  Yukiko gives Shinichi a hard time, but she’s his mom.  If anyone knows her son, it’s her.  I don’t think she ever pushes it too far, even if it may seem like it from the outside.  And Shinichi is Yusaku’s son through and through.  He’d probably see him curled up there and bring him a new book or a blanket or something without a word spoken.  ^_^

I know people like to talk about how the Kudous are bad parents, but I don’t really think that’s the case.  I think they’ve been removed from the narrative for plot reasons, and I think they’re both a little immature, but I think that’s true for most people.  Parents are people too, after all.  Personalities don’t vanish once someone has a kid.

Anyway I love all of them, and I love this headcanon~

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i looked a post on facebook by Queen brazilian fans. it was pic of Freddie with mary. the comments were all those known "💞ooh the real love of his life"❤️ "💕best 💞💕couple 💕ever💕" "they are so in love"😍"he loved her with all💞 his heart❤️❤️" "she was so good to him😍" "this is what real love is like"💕😍 etc etc. I just recollected all the info you always post here and though for myself "if they knew..." is it too difficult to an ordinary fan to find out something different about her?

Ugh, don’t they read? They probably don’t (though some of them have read stuff and obviously think Jim and Phoebe and everyone else are lying about her because they’re part of a gay conspiracy plot). This message cracked me up with all the hearts, because that’s exactly what people are like! :-D I hate that people call them a couple in photos post ‘75, because even SHE refers to him as ‘friend’.

Firstly, they don’t know what their relationship was like behind closed doors because she won’t talk.
What if they rowed all the time? (She said herself he ‘liked a good row’)  
What if their enduring friendship was ‘unhealthy’ and built on her guilt-tripping him for what he did to her, as Phoebe claims?!
I hate all this ‘they are so in love’ shit, because they clearly were not. Not in ‘that’ way. Have they not listened to her interviews where she said he was avoiding her for ages and they lost closeness? 
That he was deceiving her right under her nose?
Not only that but she has also admitted on two separate occasions that she wasn’t that deeply in love with him for the first few years of their relationship!

I just read a comment on this page (it’s a really grovelling site)
“I’ve been waiting for a friendship/relationship just like theirs my whole life. I don’t think I’ll ever experience what they had!!”

Not to be negative and I love Freddie, he was so sweet, but…he cheated on her - why would you want that for yourself?! Why would you dream of a relationship based on deceit? I do think he loved her, but he did kind of use her a bit. She was paying all the bills and he was shagging other people. He (if David Minns is to be believed) brought his boyfriend into their flat to stay and had her cook eggs for him!! (David didn’t know she was his girlfriend either!) That’s not good behaviour! What was he thinking?!

Sometimes I think they were together out of convenience and his desire to placate his parents to show some ‘normality’. And of course she made herself indispensable to him, whilst moaning that she will never be able to escape! (she moaned that she could see his home from her bathroom window - come on woman, he gave you a job and a flat!)

A lot of his fans are raging homophobes that desperately want him to be with a woman :-/
People keep posting those photos of her from 24 years ago saying how beautiful she is as opposed to Jim, when she no longer looks like that. (she’s grey and overweight now, because she’s fucking 66!)

What if Love of My Life is just a random love song and not about her at all?!!?!

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warren is a better fit with the nerdy girl anyway, he was always just the goofy clueless guy friend. they just put the option to kiss him in because the straight boys would have cried if their video game wife wasn't into guys. just look at the overwatch forums from december lol.

yeah warren would be better off with brooke but even thats shitty, she likes him but he uses her to get max’s attention

Headcanon: Professor McGonagall has a muggle wife she never mentions to the students, because they never ask.

Four years after Harry’s left Hogwarts he visits McGonagall’s home to talk her out of retirement, and the door is opened by a woman he doesn’t recognise. Confused, he introduces himself and asks to see McGonagall. The woman recognises the name and invites him in, saying Minerva will be home soon. She then talks a mile a minute, but not about the war - about the stories she’s heard about the golden trio from their head of house. About how Harry stood up to Umbridge, and how clever Hermione was, and how Ron had been able to beat her chess game, and how PROUD Minerva was of them all.

By the time McGonagall does arrive, Harry and her wife are chatting like old friends. Minvera’s wife calls her things like “Darling” and “Pumpkin.” Harry cannot believe his ears.

Harry is invited to tea every Wednesday from then on. He always looks forward to it.

He caught her and never let her go again