he looks at her like this always

About Gabriel Reyes..

“It all started when my mother received the news.. I was just a kid and couldn’t understand at first why she burst into tears when two men in uniforms delivered her a letter. That day she found out that my father was killed by a bomb on the battlefield. Of course, I didn’t find out rightaway, because she didn’t want me to suffer as much, but news started to spread and got to my ears when I engaged in a fight with some kids outside. They mocked me with it.” He stopped, looking to his side, visualizing the whole scene, trying to wash it away with a frown.

“I was confused, scared.. Angry. Because I didn’t know any sooner and went straight to our home, shouting at my mother about what I’ve heard. She bursted into tears and showed me the letter… However, since then, things started to go down. My grandparents from my father’s side never liked me and my mother and have been against us ever since he decided to marry her. The others were long gone.. And my mother… Well, due to sadness and stress that she will have to handle everything alone, put her heart on a tray, so I found myself being pushed by circumstances, from a young age, to work for both of us.”

“However, I was always a troublemaker and my mom even had to drag me out of fights few times, face covered in blood. I knew this would give me a hard time in the neighborhood to find a job that could pay for our food and monthly expenses.” He scratched a bit beneath his beanie, adjusting it right after, visibly still lost in thoughts. “Of course, a bad reputation attracts all sorts of attention, and it wasn’t long after I reached my teens, until a gang made me an offer. It was tempting, but my father always fought for the better in this world, and I felt like I would betray him if I joined them.”

“But when I came of age I decided to enroll since my mother’s medication became more and more expensive and all the jobs I found weren’t paying enough to sustain it all. I did it for her and I am sure she understood this, but the price of it could’ve been so big with just a single misstep.” He finally raised his head and looked at Jesse. His eyes were wet and smile was bitter. “Of course, she became proud of me and my progress, always bursting into tears whenever I came home and told me how much I start to look alike my father. Unfortunately, she passed away long before Overwatch was even on paper as idea or in someone’s head.”

Jesse placed his hand over Reyes’s arm, giving him a apologetic look.

“We’ve both been through some rough stuff in our early days..” McCree finally said, to which the other man just responded with a small nod.

“Which is why we must fight on. For those who decided to believe in us.”

A little something I had on mind and decided to write down. I apologize for the eventual mistakes, but it’s really late and can’t really focus much anymore.

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Ahh #148 for the writing prompts, “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”, with mileven like maybe after everything's settled down after s2 they're somehow not actually together yet but he always like kisses her cheek or forehead when she falls asleep at sleepovers????

148. Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?

Hi anon! Thanks for the prompt :) I hope you like it!!

Saturday night sleepovers have become a tradition, the one night that Eleven is allowed to leave the cabin. The kids all attend, and they gorge on junk food and try to catch El up on all the movies she “just needs” to see. Sometimes Karen will make them cookies or a cake and Steve has even made a brief appearance or two, to smuggle in an R-rated film.

(“I swear if any of you shits have nightmares, I’m gonna send El here after you,” he says, winking at the girl. She winks back, always thrilled to be in on the joke.)

On the eighth sleepover, at the end of February or so, Will is the first to pass out, and one by the one the room fills with snores. Mike and El are the last ones awake, as usual, huddled in the blanket fort, whispering and making up for the last week apart. This is the most privacy they get. After a while their conversation lulls and when Mike’s eyes can barely stay open, he gently brushes his lips against the curls on her forehead.

“Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”

He startles, convinced that she had been asleep. “What?”

She opens her eyes and looks up at him sweetly from under her lashes. “You always kiss me when you think I’m sleeping. Here” - she points to her forehead and then her cheek - “or here.”

“It’s just - I mean - uh… You look so peaceful when you’re sleeping. Like, like nothing has ever hurt you. And I guess…it just makes me happy, okay? It makes me want to kiss you.”

“But not when I’m awake?” Shit.

“Well, no, I always want to kiss you. I mean…” Get it together, Wheeler. “We’re always with the guys or Hopper or something and I like - I like when kisses are private.”

“Like a secret?”

“Yeah, a secret. For just us.”

“Want to know a secret?” He nods and she lowers her voice even further, almost bashfully. “Sometimes I pretend to fall asleep early, because I know you’ll kiss me.”

Mike is certain his blush looks like a fire hydrant by now, and before he can overthink it, he leans forward to kiss her forehead again. He moves to crawl back to his sleeping bag but she’s feeling honest and bold tonight. She grabs his hand and pulls him back.

“Stay. Stay here.”

“You sure?”

“We can both be peaceful.”

They lie side by side, hands clasped between them, her breath softly slowing as it warms his neck. He stares at the blanket above them and tries not to cry even though he’s smiling. This makes up for nightmares and one-sided conversations and 353 days of reaching blindly into the darkness. This makes up for everything.

And it is totally worth all of the crap the guys are gonna give him tomorrow.

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“I woke up for this? Ugh.” LadyNoir, please. :)

“I woke up for this?” Chat Noir yawned. “Ugh.”

“Someone’s a grumpy kitty,” Ladybug teased, ruffling his hair. 

He leaned into her touch with a sigh, eyes sliding closed. “Sorry. I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m exhausted.”

“Hopefully we can end this soon and get you back to sleep.” She pulled away slightly and leaned over the edge of the roof. “Do you see the akuma?”

Chat Noir bumped his head against her hand with a grunt.

Ladybug laughed, scratching lightly behind his ears. “Come on, Chat, we need to focus.”

“Fine, fine,” he grumbled, gazing over the edge. “Are you sure there’s an akuma? It’s seems pretty quiet out.”

Ladybug frowned. “Tikki said there was one but she was acting a kinda funny, now that I think about it.”

“Yeah, Plagg was being weird too, but to be fair, he’s always a little weird.” Chat Noir yawned again, eyelids heavy. “Should we patrol?”

“You look like you’re about to drop.”

“It’s a possibility,” he admitted.

“Why don’t you go home? I’ll do a patrol just to check but I think maybe our kwamis were mistaken this time.”

“I’m not leaving you. What if there actually is an akuma?”

“Then it’s a quiet one,” she shrugged. 

“Maybe we can just stay here for a few minutes and see if anything happens,” he suggested, taking her hand and leading her to the low wall by the roof door. The sat down and Chat Noir placed Ladybug’s hand on his head. She chuckled softly and began to massage his scalp, paying special attention to the junction where the black ears sprouted from his hair. A deep purr rumbled from his chest as he leaned into her touch, eyes closing.

“I needed this,” he whispered.

Ladybug paused for a moment. “What?”

“Time with you,” he replied, voice dreamy. Within seconds, his breathing evened out and he was asleep. 

Ladybug’s fingers stilled and she carefully pulled her hand out of his hair but let it drift down to grip his shoulder, holding him close to her. “Spots off.”

Tikki appeared in front of her with a sly smile. “How very interesting.”

“I knew there was no akuma,” Marinette accused, keeping her voice low. “What’s going on?”

“Plagg and I have been communicating and he said Chat was having a really hard time with nightmares. He suggested getting you together at night and seeing if he could get some rest.”

Marinette looked down at his head resting on her shoulder. “He does seem exhausted.”

“I think bad things are coming, Marinette. Chat’s going to need you.”

“He’ll have me,” she promised. “Always.”

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all alright

summary: you and steve have been friends for a while. after the party at tina’s , you’re worried that the veil of friendship might not be so strong, after all

pairing: steve x reader (fluff + a lil bit of angst)

word count: 1k

A/N: hello kids! this is my first fic ever and im super nervous abt it! let me know what u think! also this goes out to @sanjariti bc steve is our boy 

You looked up at the front of the house with wary eyes, then back down to the smashed party goers who were milling about the lawn. There were definitely at least three people passed out in the bushes, and you had a second thought to just turn tail and get out of there.

However, you reasoned with the situation. This could be your token party for the rest of the year. You could use it as an excuse the next time Harrington was slumped against your locker practically begging for you to make an appearance.

Okay, so he didn’t really beg but, he would ferociously bother you until you gave in.

You liked Harrington, you did. You became friends over a shared hatred of Math in the eighth grade and tried to stay friends throughout highschool. But, things lead to other things. He was busy with swim and basketball, and his shitty friends that you really didn’t care for. And you had your job at the diner, and the extracurriculars that you had hoped would get you into a decent college.

Then came Nancy. You loved Nancy. She was everything that you secretly wished you could be. She was so sweet and so good for Steve. Also, she absolutely floored you with her style.

Steve had been practically in love with Nancy since sophomore year, a fact that he told you at least three times a week. And you were so happy that he finally was able to date the girl of his dreams. But sometimes you wished that was your hand he held, that he looked at you with stars in his eyes.

You sighed, suddenly overly conscious about the last minute cat ears situated on your head and the lowcut bodysuit that really didn’t hide much. Out front the new kid -Benny? - was shirtless, chugging out of a keg, with fans already cheering him on.


Sure, this would be fun.

Pushing into the throng of people, you search desperately for someone - anyone - that you knew. After a few minutes, you decide to wander into the kitchen, where you finally spy Nancy in a white top - or what looked to be a white top. The front was now a deep red, almost as red as her face.

“Woah there champ, let’s get you home, okay?” Consoling her was fine, but you needed to find someone who knew where she lived. You and her had only spoken a couple of times, but you couldn’t just leave her there.

Making sure she was awake and drinking water, you push through the crowd, searching for Steve or - boom! There was that kid Jonathan that she always hung out with, who coincidentally, also looked like he was looking for Nancy. You point toward the kitchen, encouraging him to take her home.

Jonathan walks to the kitchen and you’re relieved that she’d be getting home with someone she knew. After that, you maneuver out the back door, wanting to be anywhere but that crowded room. Hopping down to the back porch, you see the back of a familiar head of floppy hair.

Instinctively, your heart skips a beat. You tell yourself it’s nothing, act casual. Pulling your jacket closer, you take a seat next to him. He’s smoking, which you’ve never seen before. He makes a surprised noise at your appearance, but doesn’t take his eyes off his shoes.

“Yanno, that stuff will kill ya.” You chide, nudging him with a forced smile. Steve snorts, flicking the ash off and snuffing it with his boot.

He takes a hit, then hands it to you. “Didn’t think you liked parties that much.”

You take it, holding it before taking a drag, too. “I don’t, not usually. But what about you? Why aren’t ya in there with Na-”

Steve cuts you off, holding out a hand, “I’ll stop ya there.” You raise your eyebrows, glancing at how his sunglasses are slipping on his nose, and the way his lips form into a grim line. SIghing, you stand up, holding out your hand.

He had been your friend for almost five years, you couldn’t leave him to sulk on the footsteps of a party by himself. “Come on, Harrington. It’s weird not seeing you smile.”

You wonder what had happened, you figure it was something with Nancy. Putting the red shirt together and the streaks of tears on both of their faces, it wasn’t hard to figure out. But now wasn’t the time to ask. Not when you can see how red his eyes are - whether they’re red from the drug or crying you’re not sure.

You can tell he’s debating whether or not to grab your hand, because Steve was strong. He didn’t need pity. But, he needs something right now. RIght now he needs some reassurance that someone wants to be around him. He takes your hand, pulling himself up on wobbly legs.

“There we go. Look at you! You look like a fuckin tool. But, I kinda dig it.” You laugh, gesturing to his costume.

Steve scoffs good naturedly, brushing off his shoulders. He was honestly, the biggest dork you had ever seen. You two begin walking toward the street, your hands shoved in your pockets.

“What do you mean? I was the coolest guy in there!” Steve exclaims, to your amusement.

You glance up at him, squinting your eyes. “Oh yeah, for sure! Because all the cool guys wear their sunglasses at night!”

Shaking his head, Steve looks at you for a second too long to be constituted as just friends. Coughing, you break the eye contact.

Deciding on some middle ground, you stick out your hand again. Steve takes it, giving it a squeeze for good measure. You feel something change in your friendship at that moment. But it was good, for now. The buzz off the night’s delinquencies might have been dying down, but the feeling of Steve’s skin was electric.

“Come on Steve. Let’s walk home.”

Teen!Richie Tozier joining the Drama Club headcanon

Based off this post by @kitkaysmeow​ thank you for the inspiration:)) 

((Let’s imagine they all are in high school now))

  • This was in Freshman year of high school
  • Tbh Richie had never considered the possibility of his hyperactivity resulting useful in anything
  • Though he had always been the Drama Queen™ of the club
  • But one particular day he was being extremely annoying
  • Like, a whole new level of annoyance (is that a word¿?)
  • He was driving the Losers crazy, overreacting at any tiny thing they said
  • Like Eddie would go “hey Bev nice top” 
  • And Richie would be like “Of cOuRsE yOu LiKe HeR mOrE tHaN mE”
  • Dramatic looks, fake tears and all
  • At one point Stan got so exasperated he literally snapped at him 
  • Richie just stayed silent as everyone agreed with Stan’s idea
  • A few weeks later, they couldn’t find him anywhere after class and they wouldn’t leave without him
  • And just when they were about to leave, an hour later, he came down the hall with the happiest grin on his face
  • The Losers just looked at him like ?? the fuCk??
  • And he’d be like “oh you waited for me, so nice of you guys”
  • “Wha-what the fuck were y-ou do-doing?!”
  • “Oh, you know, just some theatre rehearsal”
  • And everyone just stopped in their tracks and stared at him
  • “You joiNED THE DRAMA CLUB?!” this was Ben breaking the silence
  • Richie just shrugged and nodded as they continued their way home
  • He was being EXTREMELY quiet then, which worried everyone
  • “Okay Tozier what the hell is happening?
  • “Nothing, Eds”
  • “Of course something is happening– you’re quiet!”
  • “It’s just… oh, fuck it. I got the lead!”
  • A loud “WHAT THE FUCK” was heard in unison from all the Losers
  • They just couldn’t believe it because HOW ON EARTH?!
  • So Richie tells them how he arrived at the auditions without having even read the script
  • So he had to put his improvisations skills to practice
  • He basically nailed it and got the main part
  • Everyone was so fucking proud of him and excited and wanted to attend the show
  • The director would literally CRY tears of joy when Rich just got carried away with the scene and became the character himself
  • They all helped him with character development and line rehearsing
  • Also fished him out of his insecurities
  • “What if I ruin the whole show?!”
  • “You’re gonna own the fucking play, Rich”
  • BOi cAN SinG
  • This was Eddie’s and Bev’s favorite part: song rehearsals
  • Sometimes they would even sneak into their rehearsal and make Richie laugh until the director kicked them out of the room
  • But the only one who was allowed backstage was Eddie, of course
  • Although it wasn’t too often because Rich would rather him see the play on show night
  • Richie was so nervous the whole day because HOLY SHIT EVERYONE WOULD SEE HIM ON STAGE
  • He just wasn’t used to this much attention
  • EVERYONE WAS BACKSTAGE WITH HIM just watchin him get on costume and ready for the play
  • The whole Losers Club was sitting FIRST ROW and cheering the loudest anytime their boy appeared or did something cool or just nailed the scene
  • They could also tell when he improvised his lines, whether he forgot them or just wanted to add a lil bit of himself
  • At the end of the play Eddie met him backstage and gAvE Him FlOWerS oH mY 
  • And the all went out to celebrate Richie’s first night onstage
  • From then on, Richie acted in over 7 plays, having the lead in many of them
  • Everyone at school knew him and he became very popular
  • OF COURSE he never forgot about his friends, the Losers
  • He wouldn’t have made it without them

I got carried away smh sorry it’s shitty

“What is this about?” Pt. 2

Beca just stared at the ginger as she walked away. ’This?’ What even is ’this’, supposed to mean?! The small girl fast walked to catch up with the Bella’s deep in thought.

Just looking around the lounge she wasn’t sure who Chloe wanted us to hide from. Why did it happen so fast? Beca didn’t even see anyone around that could have made Chloe act that way. The only time she gets that way is when someone she likes is around.

Beca remembered how Chloe was with Tom when she was a just a freshman. Tom was someone she’d never forget because he saw her nearly naked just like Chloe did. Whenever he was around Chloe would get all nervous and silly, definitely too distracted to see what she was doing. Beca remembers that all too well.

Then it hits her. Chicago. Was he around when they came in? Or was it one of the three bands the Bella’s were touring with? Beca kept thinking, and muttering to herself.

“But it couldn’t have been him. Chicago had just dropped us off. We wouldn’t need him in here. Unless he’s only here for Chloe..” Beca bit her lip in thought, her eyes locked on the floor. Only looking up to collide with someone.

Whipping around, Chloe gasped to see Beca on the ground. “Oh Becs! Are you okay?” Kneeling down the taller girl was eye to eye with her. “Do you need some ice? Did you hurt anything? I didn’t mean to bump into you.”

Beca just shook her head, “I bumped into you Chlo. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” Looking around she saw the Bella’s walking further from them. “How come you were walking just as slow as me?”

“Someone had to keep an eye on you. You’re easy to lose in the crowd.” Chloe laughed and helped the smaller girl up, her hands lingering in Beca’s.

Beca looked down at their hands and slowly took hers away. “Very funny Beale. I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention. Just a lot on my mind.”

“Like what?” Chloe asked, “it’s okay if you don’t wanna tell me. I know you don’t like sharing how you feel sometimes.”

That hurt Beca a little. She didn’t mean to be so distant from everyone, even Chloe. She just hasn’t ever really trusted a lot of people. Ever since her and Jesse broke up when he went off to film school she felt that no one was around to talk to. Fat Amy was okay, but it always ended in her taking money from Beca’s purse in return for listening to that nights problem.

Deep in thought, Beca didn’t realize Chloe had been saying something. “Sorry Chlo. What were you saying?”

Chloe rolled her eyes sarcastically. “Ughhh… Beca I was saying we haven’t seen any groups around here yet. Were you distracted because of them?” She asked

“Oh..no. I was thinking about why we hid. Who were we hiding from?” Beca questioned back, looking at Chloe’s body language changing instantly

Adverting her eyes, a faint blush formed on the gingers cheeks. “I saw Chicago. I got nervous and I kind of accidentally roped you in..” Chloe sighed. “I mean..I don’t regret it because..well your boobs feel really nice.” She kept blabbering nervously and Beca felt her heart sink.

“So this is what all this is about.” The brunettes eyes saddened and she looked away from Chloe. “Uhm, I have to use the bathroom and go freshen up. The floor was kind of dirty.” Feeling the girls hand on her shoulder made Beca shiver. “I’ll catch up. Don’t worry.”

Brushing away Chloe’s hand, Beca walked away to the restroom slowly. Before she reached it however she saw Chicago. That’s when her whole world got turned upside down. This isn’t what she thought Chloe meant about ’this’.

Part 2/???


Eugene Fitzherbert is freaking boyfriend/husband goals! 👍👌😍😂❤💑

That look of worry, care, fright, and determination all in one expression just showed that he was ready to take on kingly responsibilities. Obviously what Cassandra told him sparked that urge to take charge, but loving Rapunzel and now growing a love for her parents, despite them not always being so fond of him is what ignited that strength and that courage in him.

Him looking at her like that was so heartbreaking because he didn’t know what was gonna happen to him. I mean, not only were her parents’ lives already at stake, but now he was putting himself and his friends in great danger for her and the rest of the kingdom’s sake. And it could’ve very well been the last time he’d ever see her.

Not only was Rapunzel his everything; her parents were now also his everything. Marrying Rapunzel meant that much to him that he wanted her parents to be there with Rapunzel on her wedding day and for days to come.

I mean hey, Eugene lived the life of a rogue; a thief. His parents weren’t around for him, so once he found Rapunzel and brought her home, her parents welcomed him into their home with open arms. He had found a family.

So, because of that great love for her and her parents, he was willing to put them and their safety before his own. And most of all, he knew that Rapunzel had too much on her shoulders to worry about, so he wanted to assure her that he could find them and bring everyone back safely, even though that plan could’ve easily gone south. Like back in the film, once again, his life wasn’t as important to him as hers was. THAT is true love.

And Eugene Fitzherbert would not be who he truly is without Zachary Levi voicing him. That was perfect casting from the get-go and his performance is always top notch.

So yeah, Eugene Fitzherbert is boyfriend/husband goals. 👍👌😂😍❤💑

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10 please!! With Harry angst with fluffy ending maybe?

he’s crying and he’s hiccuping and he can feel the dryness of his throat creep up on him like a shadow in the dark. harry feels like his heart is going to leap out of his chest. 

where were you when i needed you?” harry says with a croak. the palms of his hands are burning due to him digging his stubby fingernails into them. he looks at her with blotchy, green eyes, waiting for her to say something to him to at least ease the pain he feels. the thing is, harry was always an understanding person, he was always willing to here someone out for not following through with a plan. with [y/n] however? this time? he wasn’t going to be understanding. all he asked was for her to show up.

“harry, i-”

“no, no lame excuses, where were you when i needed you? i needed you to be there, for me,” harry’s voice is cracking and she steps towards him, holding her hands out in attempts to try and touch him and soothe him. harry however looks away from her and shrinks from her touch, backing up slightly. she sighs and slightly nods, receiving the message that he blatantly gave. 

“i’m not used to this, by this i mean the whole spotlight ordeal. i know what i signed up for- trust me i know, but what i didn’t know was that i am so not prepared for it. i’m used to laying low and just doing things without having thousands of eyes watching me. i know you wanted me there tonight, h, but i just- i couldn’t do it, i’m not- i’m not like you. i’m not-” she chokes and harry’s tears hit the floor after rolling off his cheeks. she looks at him with blurred vision, and harry swears that he won’t forget this moment.

“c’mere,” he says quietly, just loud enough so that she can hear him. she shuffles closer to him and they both cry in each other’s arms, not saying anything. the conversation isn’t over, but for now- it’s just going to stay at bay. 

04 | love is not over ( kim taehyung )

estimated word count: 2k
summary: it’s family day once again at sunhee’s school and you’re forced to ask taehyung to be with you and your daughter for that special event.
warnings/notes: none, just fluff and slight bit of angst as usual !!

chapters: one | two | three | four


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Javier came out of his room late to avoid his mother… he knew she was going for bunch and therefore wouldn’t have the time to waste with him the morning. Just how he liked it. 

He met Rozalia the house Butler as he moved around the apartment and was happy to see her had barely seen her since his return and somehow always managed to miss her when he visited home once in a blue moon. 

“Mr Fernandes.. how lovely to see you again!” she exclaimed happily 

“Rosie you haven’t seen me in a few years and you’ve forgotten my first name?” 

“No sir, just that your mother prefers professionalism.” 

“You don’t have to do that ridiculousness with me! its Javier please…!” 

“You look hungry sir, can i make you some breakfast?” 

“No don’t worry yourself Rosie i’ll probably grab a bowl of cereal and head out!” 

“No no, I insist! Sit down and i’ll make you something. I haven’t seen you in a long time.. you can sit here and tell me about university while i make some breakfast for you!” 

Javier chuckled… “Okay.. you win!” he said as he sat down on the stool! 

#2 Zen: Daughter with a resemblance to dead MC

#2 Zen: RFA + Minor Trio’s daughter with MC who passed away with an uncanny resemblance to her, making them seemingly resent her.

Link to others here


- Zen praised his 7 year old son for his deathly good looks and his skill for sports,

- But he didn’t praise his 5 year old daughter for anything, let alone look at her.

- She could only presume then that her father didn’t love her.

- At dinner, Zen always talked with his son, asking him about his day or telling him about his new show. He never engaged any conversation with his daughter, besides asking her if she was full.

- She loved to read, but she only had one book, while her brother had thousands even though he didn’t know how to read like she did.

- At night, in her room, she could hear Zen reading her brother a bedtime story, and he’d just pass her door, opening it ajar to tell her to go to sleep. He never looked in.

- She was confused.

- Why will daddy never look at me?

- How was a 5 year old girl supposed to know her father couldn’t look at her solely on the fact she looked so much like her mother.

- She’d never once seen a picture of her mother, not once.

- The daughter resembled her mother as if she were a clone. She possessed the same straight, long brown hair, and and yellow eyes that pierced into your soul. She had the same small smile, and same golden heart.

- All the daughter knew was that mommy died in a car crash shortly after she was born.

- One day she sat alone in her room reading over her children’s book, a book she has happened to have read over a hundred times by now considering it’s the only one she has, when she heard her father and brother laughing.

- She peeked through the door to see her father practicing one of his skripts, being extravagant and lively.

- She laughed too when she heard her dad to try sound like a woman by making his voice higher in pitch. She decided she was going to join them.

- Approaching from the behind, she peeped, “Can I sit with you guys?”

- Zen stopped instantly, his voice quieting down. He turned his head an inch, not even looking behind him.

- “Y-yeah.”

- She sat on the couch and watched as he faced her brother, continuing to act but his performance having died down profoundly.

- The son noticed it.

- “Dad! Can we go play football!”

- “Yeah, but be prepared to get your butt kicked!”

- Zen lifted his giggly son over his shoulder, and boy, did she yearn to be treated affectionately the same way.

- “Can I come too?”

- “Uh. Why don’t you go read one of your books.”

- I only have one, she thought.

- She felt the hot tears start to fall down her face as she watched her father close the door on her, leaving her alone in the apartment.

- She doesn’t want to read the same book over and over again, she wants to be with her father and have fun too. She wants to be loved like he loves her brother.

- She wanted to be loved like she loved her father.

- She wiped furiously at her face, not wanting to cry.

- Her brother had a ton of books, so why not read one of his since he’s out of the house.

- Her finger moved over the binds of the books, seeking out one that caught her eye. There were so many books that she hadn’t seen before.

- Instantly, she recognized one that she heard her father reading to her brother before. She pulled it out and began to read it,

- As she got lost in the books, she became unaware of the sound of the front door opening and her brother’s loud feet coming towards the room.

- “Why are you in my room?”

- She didn’t bother to turn around, but continued reading.

- “DAD! Get her outta my room!”

- As the brother ran back to the living room, she heard her father sigh before poking his head through the door.

- “Come on, get out,” Is all he said.

- At that moment, she felt an emotion she had never felt before. Anger.

- Her small hands gripped the book harshly as she snapped, “No.”

- “Excuse me?”

- “Not without the book.”

- She turned around and to no surprise saw her father looking out the window, not looking at her. She didn’t expect anything else, he never looked at her. “Don’t be silly, get out.”

- She shook her head, and waited for him to look at her. She almost wanted him to yell or punish her because then he would have to look at her, or just glance.

- But he didn’t, he just continued to look out the window and it only fueled her anger. The tears started to spill again. She dropped the book pitifully and curled herself into a ball as she started to wail.

- Like a straw had been bent, Zen finally looked down at her.

- His scarlet eyes widened at the sight of her curled into a small ball, huddled against a bookshelf crying out incoherent sobs. He understood one thing, however, that she said repeatedly.

- “Why won’t you look at me?”

- He slowly walked to her and bent to her level, trying to move her hands away from her face so… he could look at her.

- He wanted to comfort her but by now it was too late, and she didn’t want it. She just wanted answers, or some closure as to why he couldn’t stand the sight of her and be around her.

- “Don’t cry. Please, don’t cry. Let me fix this. Let me… let me look at you.”

- She lifted her head from her hands so she could see him.

- He saw MC. He didn’t want to see her. He didn’t want to be reminded.

- But he kept his face forward and his eyes on hers. He gently stroked her face and gave her a gentle smile.

- This was his daughter after all, and he shouldn’t be resenting her face. It’s not her fault she looks like her mother so much, and it seems Zen finally realizes that. God, the turmoil that girl must have gone through, and he’s figuring it out piece by piece.

- “You’re so beautiful.”

- A heavy bolder was lifted off of her at that. He called her beautiful. She flung her arms around him and clung to him. Another bolder was lifted when she felt his arms wrap around her, keeping her close. His hand rubbed her back and petted her hair.

- “You’re gorgeous,” he said.

- “You’re so smart, too.”

- “You’re strong.”

- “I love you.”

- “I’m so sorry.”

- She never thought she would ever hear that from her father he always seemed to resent her. It made her want to cry even more, but there was no need for that. She just held onto her father and savored the moment he finally looked at her.

- That night, she heard Zen reading to her brother and tucking him into bed. She sat in her small bed and waited for his whisper for her to go to sleep, but this time, he entered her room with a book, one she hadn’t seen before.

- He sat at the edge of her bed and asked if she would like him to read to her.

- She nodded eagerly before curling up at his side.

- He smiled and began to read, and when he was done, he tucked her into bed and kissed her forehead. He watched her fall asleep, and thought, she really is so beautiful.


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Wanted (Cat Hybrid AU Woozi) pt3

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hi! I really like how you write and I totally fell in love with the Hybrid!Woozi AU ♥ Can you do a part 3, please? I mean, if you can’t or you don’t want to it’s totally okay, anyway… Thanks ♥

Could you do a hybrid woozi part 3 where he goes into heat (of course no smut) but a few weeks later finds out the reader is going to have a baby? Love your work!

Part 1 Part 2

Jihoon was adjusting well, his hair had been dyed, he slid into a more human look. Even though he still embraced his cat-like ways he loved being human with you. Heat was a wonderful thing to him, her could finally experience the joys of a sexual relationship. He couldn’t keep his hands to himself, he loved to touch you. But he loved you, he knew he did as you always made him feel so warm and loved that he wanted to share that with you forever.

“Jihoon calm down” you giggled as his lips had left many marks on your neck “I need you. For like two more days” he groaned. You turned your head enough for him to latch his lips onto yours and with the next few minutes you found your paperwork all over the floor as he once more charmed his way into your pants.


“Like what do you do?” you asked Mingyu “Wonwoo rushes off during his heat. He’s like embarrassed to be around me or something” he says as you simply take a sip from your drink. “You let yours maul you it looks like” he teased as you tugged your scarf up “I mean you guys are a thing right? So I guess it could be worse” he then spoke. “It is worse” you tell him as he looked confused “he’s broken a few condoms in the past 3 heats” you inform “he’s rough?” he asked as he had a hard time seeing that “stop talking about it” Jihoon says as his cheeks warmed. He instantly curled into your side “I’m sorry” he whispered “its fine” you promised as you ran your hand through his hair. Mingyu smiled at the scene as he took a sip from his drink.

“I think it’s cute. He’s all fluffy and cute now that you let him be more human” you were told as you rubbed Jihoon’s hair more. You soonwere greeted by Wonwoo who calmly sat down on the couch beside Mingyu before throwing himself over him “good morning to you too” he says as he rubbed behind Wonwoo’s ear “what were you guys doing?” you asked Wonwoo who sighed “laying outside” he responds “it’s nice and sunny out” Mingyu informed as you nodded. “Well where do you run off to during your heat?” you asked Wonwoo as his cheeks warmed “I bet it’s the nice female hybrid who lives at the fish shop” Mingyu jokes “shut up” Wonwoo whines as his cheeks were bright red.


“Excuse me?” you asked the nurse “its not the flu honey” she spoke “your partner is" she starts as she looks at you “hybrid” you say shyly “you to” she says as it wasn’t uncommon. “Your child will most likely inherit all human characteristics” “I know” you say as she smiled “your next check up is in a month or so” she tells you as you nodded getting up. You opened the door as Jihoon stood up “are you alright?” he asked as you smiled at him. “I’m pregnant” you whispered as his eyes wilderness before he smiled largely. “we have a baby in there” he says as his hands instantly touched your stomach you grabbed his chin “thank you” he whispered as he kissed your cheek lightly. “We’ll have a wonderful family” he rambled kissing your lips. “We’ll have a great life” he coos rubbing your tummy.


The months went by calmly as you two welcomed not one but two bundles of joy. Twin boys Pyongmin and Jungmin. And as expected your sons had no feline characteristics which was okay to you and Jihoon. He seemed natural and completely happy to be a daddy to his babies.

He laid in bed one night while you were showering with the pair so happy “you guys look just like me” he whispered as his boys eyes were linked with the cat ears on his head “you won’t get it yet but your daddy is a strange thing. I’m half cat half human. Your mother took care of me for maybe 3 years before she took me in as her own. She gave me so much love and affection that I wanted to do the same. Even though she is a human and I’m only half, she loves me. She keeps giving me such a great life” he whispered as his hands lightly stroked their cheeks as both of their little hands grabbed fingers “daddy loves you guys” he kissed both of their foreheads before a hand ran along his back.

You laid on bed as Jihoon smiled. “So what’s next for us?” he asked as you picked up Pyongmin bringing him up and smiled bright up Jungmin. “I think we raise our little kittens” you coo to them. Jihoon laid on the bed bringing Jungmin to his chest before you did the same with Pyongmin. “I am very happy with our lives” Jihoon spoke “what kind of job can I get?” he asked you “why?” you asked him “I want to help take care of the boys. I mean I helped make them so I will help take care of them” he says as you smiled looking over at him “I can ask about the center” you tell him “I don’t want to work there” he said instantly “what about the market. I like it there” he says excitedly “the lady at the fish shop does say you’re her favorite costumer. Maybe we can get you a job there” you tell him as he smiled. “I will be the best dad I can for them” he tells you as you leaned over and kissed his lips. “Thank you for trying” you tell him as he nods happily. 

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One of my college lecturers (he teaches coding and databases etc etc) really looks like a not-as-hot version of your longhaired Ripp!! I always think of the sims when I have classes with him

Okay, so you should definitely NOT do this, but now I really want to see a photo of that guy. haha. I’d be so excited to spot a sim lookalike in real life. One day, one day… I have spotted my own doppelgänger (my friend saw her too–it was very weird) but never a really good sim likeness.

My daughter // Lucifer (ft. Winchester brothers )

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For @megansparrow

Request:Hey there could you do you supernatural imagine where the reader finds out they are the daughter of Lucifer and he ends up saving her from vampires or something like that and to keep her safe he gets Sam and Dean Winchester to look after her and they both end up falling in love with her. Thanks

Warnings: Swearing, vampires?

A/N: I didn’t include the “ they both end up falling in love with her. “ only because I don’t feel comfortable with writing brothers loving the same person. I choose that Dean is the only falling in love with the reader, hopefully you won’t mind. 

You were different. Somehow you always knew you were, but you never really knew why you were different and what differentiate you from the others. You just… You just felt like that. It was always easy, feeling like you were outsider, like you would never be like any young woman your age. It sometimes brought you down, making you wondering why you were here, alive. But something kept you going, you had no clue on what it was, it was just like this. 

You also had this weird feeling, like someone was watching over you, not like you were followed or stalked, like someone was always saving you when you needed help, not like a guardian angel, but something, or someone a little like that. 

This was a very bad idea, you knew it but you managed to do the opposite of what you felt. It was a cold and dark night, yet you chose to go out for a walk, you were in your house without having anything to do for hours, that’s why you went out. You didn’t even take your coat, you were cold, hell, you were freezing, you could see your breath. 

Arms wrapped around yourself, you started to head back to your home, well your apartment, taking the shortest walk to your home, which wasn’t a great idea after all. In a dark corner of a street, you heard some whispers, which made you uncomfortable, you tried to walk faster but you quickly understood you were followed. You tried to run from them but one of the person who was following you grabbed you by the arm. You screamed for help but you knew it was useless, at this hour, nobody was in the streets, it was too dangerous.

The man, well the thing who grabbed you came closer, you thought you were having a nightmare, he had fangs, not some fake vampire fangs for halloween, real fangs. You closed your eyes, waiting for you fate but nothing came, it was the otherwise, the thing lets you go. 

Surprised, you opened your eyes to see the few persons that were following you, not moving anymore and on the ground. You didn’t understand what was happening, you only saw a man, you guessed it was him who took out your assailants. You didn’t know who he was, but since he saved your life, your trusted him. 

“ What was that? “ you asked, still terrified by what happened a few seconds ago. 

“ They were vampires. I know, it mays be unbelievable, but that’s the truth. “ told you your savior.

“ Why attacking me? “ you then asked, somehow believing him.

“ You were their only prey, I guess. “.

“ And who are you? “ 

“ Lucifer. Your father. “ 

“ What? Wait isn’t Lucifer supposed to be Satan? “ you asked confused and not understanding everything.

“ Yes, that’s true. “

“ And you’re telling me you’re my father? “ you asked, arching a eyebrow.

“ Yes. “

“ Well, after what happened, I guess I can trust you on this. “ you said, believing him once again, not really knowing why.

“ Well hello there. “ said your father, as you two joined two men, from what told you your father, they were the Winchester brothers.

“ Lucifer. What do you want? “ asked the smaller one, you guessed it was Dean Winchester.

“ I need you two to protect my daughter Y/N. Not a lot of people know who she is in reality, that’s why I need you to protect her. “

“ And why we would do this? “

“ Because you won’t have me as an ennemy anymore. “ said simply your father.

“ We really hate you, but okay, we will take care of your daughter, but you better keep your promise. “ said the taller one, Sam.

“ Obviously. “

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I don’t know if you’ve already done this.. but any HC’s on how Donald and the boys were after Dellas disappearance?? :)

Aaah, my feels.

•I don’t know if HDL hatched before the Spear of Selene, but I like to think they did. They actually meet their mom, but they were too young to remember her. They only had Don’s photo, and that’s why they know how she looks like.

•Scrooge, at the beggining, wanted to remain close to Donald and the boys. But after Donald’s reaction to this mess… he just wanted to be away. He kinda started to believe it was really his fault, although he’ll always argue he wasn’t responsible. He didn’t only lost Della; he lost all his family too. He was broken. He started to believe that family was nothing but trouble.

•Donald felt he couldn’t forgive his uncle. Never. And he didn’t wanted an incident like that to happen again. He wanted to protect his nephews from Scrooge. So he just took all his stuff and moved to the houseboat.

•Donald wasn’t as overprotective before Della’s disappearance.

•Donald wanted to erase his uncle form his life, and that’s why he never told HDL their great-uncle was Scrooge McDuck.

•Of course, taking this descision was very hard for Donald, because he was still loving his uncle, but was terribly disappointed on him. He had great childhood memories with him. But he decided to do the thing he considered best for his nephews, and that was to never know about Scrooge, or what happened to their mom.

•Many times, when they were little, HDL asked him about their mom. It was inevitable. ‘Why we don’t have a mom like the other kids?“Where’s the rest of the family?’'We surely have more relatives’. Donald… these were some of the hardest moments of raising the boys. 

•Scrooge tried to forget about them, and kinda succeded, but… many of the objects on the Manor reminded him of his adventures with Don and Della. He asked Mrs. Beakley to lock most of these in rooms, the garage, the attic… just in a place where he couldn’t see them. Scrooge McDuck wasn’t Scrooge McDuck anymore.

•Donald thinks he’ll never trust Scrooge again. Actually, Donald doesn’t even know what happened with the Spear of Selene, or even what’s the Spear of Selene. Scrooge didn’t wanted to tell him. He did'n wanted Dobald to know because he was trying to protect him.

Aaand that’s all I got :>

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I think it's a reach to buy Rick planning to ask Jadis for help after she set Michonne up to die. She tried to kill him, but she targeted his gf and he wouldn't be ok with that. Also this nonsense about Jadis sexually assaulting Rick has me livid. Rick bit a man's throat out to protect Carl yet were supposed to believe that he would just comply in this situation? Of course she could pull a weapon or threaten him so there is that. However, this is messed up and unnecessary. I think TPTB (Part 1)

(Part 2) like stirring the pot with Richonne. They want to always have a white woman to potentially be w/ Rick to please some fans no matter how illogical (Jessie) or gross (Jadis). No man can even flirt w/ Michonne, but Jadis wants to sleep with her man. I agree the optics look bad. Why undermine your lead couple like this? Jadis is a waste of airtime and this isn’t funny. Look how they deal w/ Negan’s wives. They should stick to zombies and action, not serious matters like sexual assault. Urgh!

I honestly couldn’t agree more. I don’t even have anything to add. I just wish I could print it out and mail it to Gimple.  

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The guy said he didnt know much about Taylor what if he guessed the "gentleman she was seeing romantically" he thought was Austin? Im flashbacking to when the media would think austin was her boyfriend when they would hang out because they didnt know she had a brother. Its probably Joe but its harder when its someone that meets her that doesnt know what her family looks like and boyfriend.

he said they were holding hands throughout the meal so i really don’t think it was austin - why do people always think that joe spottings with her are austin? the difference between the way someone treats their boyfriend vs their brother are usually quite obvious…..

Memory 2

W̶̛̖̟̥̕͝h҉̶͖̣̘͙̼͇͈͉̲͇̤͝ͅe̤̹̺̗̯̻̠̥̤̳̕r̕͡҉̤̞͉̯̗͕͔͇̣͖̪ͅę̴̶̴̱͚͚͖̣̻̱͈̻̮̮̹̭͞ͅ ̥̖̭̬̞̩̹̦̜͈͘͢͝i̷̸̯͎͙̼͙͖̺͟ͅt͟͏͉̻̱̫̱̖̗̭̰̯̻̭ ̷҉̜̗̜̬̥̗͙̟̙͓͙̫̞̗̹́͡ͅͅá̛̮̯̞̗̖̭̼̲̰̱͚̤̯̰̹͢͜l̰̪̝̙̙̕͡l̶͎͈̣̻̰̱̣͚͢ ͏̹͔̠̖̣͓̖͓̯̖̮͢ͅb̸̸̭̮̰̖̝̠̝͘͠e̴̼̻̲͇͖̯̲̠̠̻͙̜̱͕̝͖̕͟͟͝g̷̶̸̷̻̘̬͔̹͔̣̙͙͎̦̦̮͖̜̘̙̭̹͢à̶̴̷͇͕͇͞ͅn̷̛̖̘͈̖͕͇̼̭̪̦

He hesitantly closed the car door, getting into the drivers seat. Now this was just stupid. It was a cheesy idea and he was certain she wouldn’t like it one bit. “Hey um, if you want to go you can, you didn’t have to say yes-” “don’t worry so much Tim, it’s alright. It’s just a date.” Right. A date. The one thing he always fucked up. He knew it was a bad idea but he just had to listen to Brian.

He slowly stepped on the gas pedal, that dreadful feeling coming back.

As she stepped out of the car, her breath caught in her throat.

It was beautiful.

The trees lining it made this place look even more delicate, various children and parents scattered around the area. One clear spot was laid out, a good distance from everyone but not too far from the trees. Daisies or some type of flower laid at the tree line. The sun was just over the horizon, offering some sunlight but not too much.

It was perfect.

“I know it’s a little cheesy but-” “Tim, shut up. It’s amazing!” She could’ve tackled him in a hug if he was caught off guard. He laughed slightly, his nerves calming down. “Glad you like it.”

Most of the night was spent talking about useless topics. Childhood memories (the ones he could remember), how they got involved in marble hornets, how many cars were usually on trains, anything that came to mind. And for once, Tim was calm. Not just stable. He could relax and not worry about something watching him all the time.

It was peaceful.

As they drove back, she was almost in tears from laughing. “I’m telling you, getting drinks with Brian is never a good idea.” “He seems so-shy!” She couldn’t help the giggling. It felt natural. It was honestly funny, despite how horrific it might’ve been for him. “I’m so sorry about that-but it is kinda funny.” “What can I say? That’s an award I’d like on a plaque-getting kicked out a bar for sword fighting with pool sticks.” That just made her laugh even more. That wonderful laugh Tim adored already.

He’d never felt this before…what was it? Love? Maybe. He’d find out some day.

He led her up to the door, an arm around her shoulders. “Thanks again for coming out, I had a great time tonight.” She nodded, a small smile on her face, lit by the street lamp. “Me too. This was…really nice…” their faces were inches away. He could feel her warm breath on his lips. Every muscle in his body told him to go for it, but he pulled away. Now that was too forwards for him.

“Well, goodnight.” He stepped off the porch, but was stopped by her sudden outburst. “Wait! I mean…well…can I see you again sometime?”

That grin came back. That comfortable, relaxed grin. “I thought you’d never ask.”

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the day after i left for university my family couldnt find my dog and they looked all over the house trynna find her and when they finally did she was curled up looking all sad on my bed :'( also whenever i phone home i always talk to her for a bit and apparently she gets happy whenever she hears my voice over the phone

OH PUPPY :( sumo gets very confused and worried whenever i facetime him hes like LET HER OUT OF THE BOX

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Bucky is like Monica Geller, he hides presents because Peggy always tries to find them before Christmas. Steve tries to stop Peggy from the crazy hunt, defending the emotional value of waiting for Christmas Day, but lbh she talks him into helping. Bucky comes home to find all the cupboards opened, furniture moved, Steve holding Peggy up as she tries to peek into the vent.

LOl and Peggy scrambles down from Steve’s shoulders and is all like ‘it was Steve! He hypnotized me into helping him find the presents!’ And Steve looks so betrayed but really how did he not see her throwing him under the bus?? And Bucky’s also betrayed because they found his presents for them…which turn out to be stuff he likes. His present for Steve is a bulletproof knife proof vest and Peggy’s present is a new combat knife with an amazing shiny sharpening stone. And Peggy and Steve are just ._____. ‘we spent that whole day tearing up the apartment for nothing’. But they apologize to Bucky anyway and say they loved their christmas presents. 

Later that week Bucky has coffee with Sam and thanks him for keeping the real presents at his condo. Because of course Bucky would get his bf and gf amazing presents tailored to them personally!!! And OF COURSE he would hide it elsewhere not in their apartment!!! xD