he looks adorable though so there's that


when your both crushing on each other and your eyes meet


holding the mic for each other (▰˘◡˘▰)

so i have a condition called meares irlen syndrome (also known as visual stress) which basically affects the brain’s ability to process visual information, and makes me very sensitive to light. as a result of this, i get migraines, struggle with reading, and i have horrible depth perception, alongside even more fun things. 

to help ease these symptoms, i wear green tinted lenses which help filter light or something (im not totally sure but they help a TON) and make it easier for me to read and write. i was bullied throughout the entirety of high school for these glasses, to the point where i can barely wear them in public now.

but, what about fahc gavin who has meares irlen syndrome? he’d probably have yellow tinted glasses, and he’s very self conscious about them. as a way to feel better about how they look, he decides to buy the most expensive frames he can possibly find, which end up being this oversized, gaudy gold colour and they’re perfect. the tint in the lenses isn’t particularly noticeable, and they suit him and he adores them.

if anyone calls them sunglasses though, he’ll shoot them. seriously.

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I know you said you weren't going to write anymore of the crime boss au and you don't even need answer this but, in your opinion how do you think Enj and R ended up in a relationship? Personally I think that it was Enj seeing R and being like "I must ask him out" and then being a tiny bit weird (read: very weird) about it because he's bad at this sort of thing (And then there's me wondering how R found out about Enj being a criminal but I figured you like this kind of fluffy question more)

Of course I’m going to answer this, come on! (Are you the original requesting anon though? I always get so curious…) In any case. I adore questions like this, so have some ramblings and a getting-together ficlet:

Enjoltaire, Fluffy Modern Crime AU, 400 w ramble + 1k ficlet

Grantaire is the only one of the Amis that didn’t grow up in the neighbourhood they are protecting. He moves there looking for a cheap place to live. He makes friends with j/b/m first and then Jehan and Bahorel and Enjolras keeps hearing more and more about this funny artist person and he’s really not sure what he thinks of his friends hanging out with an outsider so much. But then Bossuet introduces them and before Enj knows what is going on Grantaire has made him angry, made him laugh and made him blush, all in a space of ten minutes. Enjolras knows he’s screwed before they’ve even finished their drinks.

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Okay, idk if you’re still doing the head cons, but whenever Jeremy is having a bad day, or just plain old sad, Michael will let him borrow his hoodie bc the smell of weed and Michael calm him so much?? Like, he’ll sleep in it when Michael can’t spend the night

im always doing hcs no worries

i want m o r e

but yes. it smells like old soda and weed and thats the Michael Smell (Trademark) and jeremy loves it every time he smells old soda he thinks about michael

and michaels hoodie is big on him (though a bit short bc michaels short & big and jeremys tall & skinny but ok) and he likes to just put the hood up and turtle down in it

and michael thinks he looks absolutely adorable in it so theres that

sometimes tho the smell can be overwhelming so michael will give him an old hoodie to wear too

it always makes him feel better too like he cuddles down in it and plays a playlist michael made Specifically For Him and he is so in love with his boyfriend and its Calming so he falls asleep in it sometimes Oops he just wanted to listen to music

but yeah when he actually means to sleep in it hell curl up in bed, hell pull his knees into the hoodie (maybe his arms but hed rather move those noodles thank you very much) & put the hood up and it is warm and comfy

and sometimes he does it after school and michael comes over without warning (because mr heere welcomes him into the house as his son) and finds jerm like that & hell plop down with him and cuddle and maybe kiss him awake and smdmfsddsfklskv its adorable thank you

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Have you read taproot? It's about a gay ghost and his necromancer florist bf and it's amazing!!

WHAT!? NO!! Oh my gosh- I looked it up and you guys it is so cute- the art style is precious and those character designs are TO DIE FOR!!! I’m 100% seeing myself becoming obsessed with this! That is some parallel thinking man!

(Though to be fair, I was being simplistic in my
description, technically my guy is an arborist since he does mostly greenery, but runs a flower shop because that makes better money, and mostly the story’s about organized crime and the cello and New Jersey LMAO I don’t think anyone wants my elevator pitch here.)

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I came across this thought and can't shake it - what would happen if your Isii were to somehow meet Solas before he was ever Solas? Back when he was only the Dread Wolf. I believe there's some banter to the effect of him having been cocky and always looking for a fight back then. Also, depending on when it happened, he'd be meeting her when she still wore slave markings. That'd certainly lead to some interesting misunderstandings and there'd even be the possibility of other gods getting involved

I adore this idea. I’ve seen a few fics where Fen’harel and Lavellan meet through some wibbly wobbly time travel accident (though, won’t lie, they all ended in smut), so I might as well throw in my one-shot of Isii encountering Fen’harel as he once was.

This is my take on Fen’harel before he begins his rebellion. He holds some of the values that will later fuel his insubordination, but he is far too frivolous to act on it yet. 

Minor detail edits made on 4/25.


Facing the Wolf

The portal spat her out, closing behind her with a crackling snap. Isii barely caught herself as she fell, her body slamming into the floor. Her hands and knees ached from the impact, but at least she saved her face from the blow. She froze for a moment, getting her bearings as she slowly lifted her head, taking in her surroundings. The room was large – unlike any she had seen before. Moonlight danced on every surface, prisms of color on every curved line of the iridescent glass walls that enclosed the room. Beyond them she could see the expanse of a dense forest, trees stretching out for miles in each direction. She could see lights in the distance - golden spires and arched domes peeking out from behind a massive wall. A city - a glimmering gem chasing back the inky shadows of night. 

She rose, stepping closer to the wall in order to peer out, her lips parting in awe. It was completely foreign. The silhouette of the architecture was unlike anything she’d seen, buildings seemingly lifting up towards the heavens, barely tethered to the ground below. Her eyes worked over the unfamiliar shape of the city quickly, trying to take it in, to understand where the portal had sent her. This couldn’t be anywhere in the Southlands. The construction was distinctly unlike any she had seen in Ferelden, Orlais, or the Free Marches. She spotted faint hints of light shifting through the surrounding forest, vaporous glowing forms obscured by the trees and yet unmistakable for what they were - spirits, drifting freely through the waking world. 

Where am I?

She startled when she heard the familiar voice behind her but quickly settled as she turned, eased by the realization that Solas was there. At least she wasn’t alone. Perhaps he had been thrown into the portal with her?

That notion quickly left when her eyes found him.

It was Solas – but it wasn’t. Not as she had known him. The face was the same, though the scar upon his brow was missing. He had hair – lots of hair – a long and matted mane of dark strands falling from the crest of his skull, tied back loosely with black cording. The sides were shaved short, leaving nothing but a hint of dark stubble. His clothing was far from the simple rustic garb that Dorian mocked him for. A long and elegant robe hung loosely at his shoulders, unfastened and open as if caught dressing quickly. He wore little else, bare-chested with a pair of slim breeches.

He was approaching her, his irritation increasing the longer she stayed silent. He repeated himself and she realized the words were unfamiliar. Something in Elvish. She knew that much.


He peered at her, halfway between a scowl and confusion before speaking again. He was demanding something of her, she could tell by his tone, but she had no concept of what it could be.

“Solas, I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

He paused his approach, tilting his head slightly as his eyes narrowed. He looked her over slowly, evaluating her before stepping closer. His gait was familiar – the way his hips shifted, the way he placed his feet, subtly crossing each step before the other. But the way he moved had a languid quality to it now and the way he looked at her made her suddenly feel apprehensive. Exposed. Something she’d never felt around Solas before.

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You quarrel is with a father that left you, not with mankind.

Being a NCT U Stan
  • Me: SM has given me a gift and have finally debuted NCT
  • Me: I call Doyoung. Everyone! The one with the beautiful orange hair is mine!
  • Me: He is so gorgeous so humble.
  • Me: Wait who is the one speaking the greatest English I've ever heard.
  • Me: Mark you are so fine! Maybe he might be my bias.
  • Me: I have never noticed how Taeyoung looked so much like Jack Frost. He so pretty.
  • Me: He dyed his hair lilac this time? It's so beautiful.
  • Me: Taeyoung is such a great rapper, maybe he will be my bias now.
  • Me: NCT Life is here and man that Chittaphon.
  • Me: Ten is so adorable I can't stop looking at him!
  • Me: Why did they have to cut his precious hair?
  • Me: Oh look at Jaehyun, when did he look so nice.
  • Me: OMG his cover of A Whole New World makes him. Sound like an actual prince.
  • Me: That jawline though.
  • Me: Oh look there's Taeil!!!!!!
  • *basically I'm a slut for all of them and I really should just choose one*