he looks adorable

Something More |J.b

Summary: You and Just secretly loves each other and everyone thinks you guys date, but you don’t. One night you guys have a little moment and things change.


Hello Emily, I hoped you liked it and sorry for the delay.

“Emily cuddle with me,” Justin whines.

“Hold up I got to go get something from downstairs be right back,” I tell him, running down the stairs.

“COME BACK,” he whines even more.

After grabbing my phone I run back upstairs and went in my room. Justin was under my white blanket, snuggling with my pillow that match it.

“I’m back,” I jump into the bed and got under the covers to cuddle with him.

He instantly wrap his arms around me and continue to watch whatever he was watching. His head was on my shoulder as the television had his attention. He look adorable. I always thought Justin was an amazing person. He was a kind and generous person. He was also funny, dorky, and always want you to be smiling and never sad.

“Kendall texted me,” he broke the silence, putting his head in my neck.

“Yeah?” I play with with the hem of his sleeve.

“She thinks we’re dating and we’re not telling her,” he chuckles.

I let out a light laugh. The room soon became quiet again, the only sound was the movie that was playing.

“I wouldn’t mind dating you,” he broke the silence once again, sitting up and look into my eyes.

“Yeah?” I look into his caramel eyes.

His eyes went back and forth from my lips to my eyes. The gap between us finally close as his soft plump lips came in contact with mines. His fingers were under my chin and my arms around his neck. 

“How about I take you out tomorrow night?” he broke the kiss, and wipe his thumb across my bottom lip. Speechless, I just nod my head yes.

writingshitforme  asked:

Okay but those two pics of Lu with your caption "stop him" like he just looks so adorable and like he shaved so he looks so tiny like such a tiny adorable Luke I feel blessed to have him in my life even tho I've never actually met him like he's just an adorable person and so are the rest of the boys like my heart😍

He’s so cute and i love him 

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Singing may not be the greatest (it's a hard song to sing well), but I think he looked adorable up on stage. He had a light in his eyes that we have not seen in awhile.

He really did! And I think we’ve gotten so used to dead eye batch that people thought he looked drunk. I think he just looked happy and excited.