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this doesnt have to do with deh or bmc but i can get some jd dating hcs please ?? :o sorry if im being a bother !!

DISCLAIMER: I do not condone ANYTHING JD did in Heathers, and I am not romanticising abusive relationships or mental illnesses. This is an AU where JD hasn’t murdered anyone, and is a mostly functioning teenager.

-JD’s mom loves you. She always dotes over you when you visit them, because ‘you’re making my son happy. That’s all I want for him.’

- He’ll occasionally let you borrow his trench if you’re cold. It’s way too big for you, but he thinks you look adorable in it.

- If he’s having a bad day, depression-wise, he texts you and you’re there in under 10 minutes with slushies and open arms.

- You call him Jason if you want to annoy him, but he can’t stay mad at you, even though he hates being called Jason.

- JD always takes you on random spontaneous midnight dates. He’ll just show up outside your window with his motorbike, and take you somewhere different every time.

- The two of you don’t argue very often, but when you do it’s messy. There’s shouting, and things occasionally get thrown.

- You take a couple of days apart to cool down, and then he usually shows up at your front door with a bag of Chick-Fil-A and a lengthy apology.

- He loves hugging you from behind (you know THAT one armed hug) and every time he does it you just melt a little.

- You always give him little kisses on the cheek or forehead when you see each other at school, because your school is super strict on PDA.

- You are the first person to genuinely get him to open up and feel loved, and he is so so so grateful for that.


We’re always trying to outdo ourselves, trying to do better, trying to write better songs. I think we want to inspire other people as well, so that’s what we’ll try to do through future songs. Joshua William Dun