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BTS Reaction to: Their girlfriend being a shapeshifter

Anon asked: “I’m not too sure what to label it as (hybrid or supernatural AU) but can I get a reaction to their GF or best friend that they can shape shift into any animals she wants?”

Author’s note: I think it fits right in the middle tbh. Anyways I always like hybrid/supernatural scenarios, but I made it so their girlfriend can shift into 1 animal because otherwise it would be a bit too much. Gifs aren’t mine.x


Seokjin frowned when he looked up to the sky and saw a majestic bird flying. It was a kind that usually only lived in a tropic climate so he was confused as to why the bird was even here. Right then he saw the bird landing and walking up to him. He instantly backed up against the nearest tree in fear. Suddenly he head a laugh, your laugh to be more specific. Soon the majestic bird changed into you. Seokjin’s jaw dropped as he stared at you in awe. You had told him that you were a shapeshifter before but he thought you were joking. Besides, if he had believed you he thought you would have been a cute bunny but not a majestic bird. You chuckled as you pressed a kiss to his nose, gently taking his hands in yours. 

“Wow. I didn’t know you’d be a majestic bird. This is pretty cool Y/N.” 

“So you’re not freaked out?” 

“Nah, I’ve seen weirder things than that.” 


When you told Yoongi that you were a shapeshifter you could tell that he didn’t believe you. So what better way than to just show him? You moved back a little before you shifted into a panther. Yoongi’s eyes grew wide as he instantly freaked out. Moving to the other edge of the couch as he stared at you in shock. He thought you were just joking but turns out you were dead serious.  

“Wow, wow baby!” 

You chuckled before moving to sit down in front of him, looking up at him with loving eyes as your tail curled around his leg. Even though you were a predictor in this shape, you still managed to look cute somehow. He didn’t know how it was possible but you just managed to do that. Yoongi leaned down to gently pet your head as you leaned into his touch, making him chuckle. 

“Even as a panther you’re still cute Y/N.” 


Hoseok knew about the supernatural and got along with creatures like that very well. He even befriended a lot of them so when he found out that you were a shapeshifter he wasn’t fazed. He was used to different things but still very curious about what kind of shapeshifter you were. When you told him you could shift into a dog he turned into an overexcited puppy. Not literally of course. He was very happy because he absolutely loves dogs. Hoseok asked you to shift into your dog form and when you did, he absolutely freaked out in the best way possible. He thought you looked absolutely adorable and knelt down so he could pet you. Hoseok scratched your ears as you hummed happily, enjoying the attention. The guy smiled at your behavior as he pulled you on his lap, petting you as you snuggled closer to him. 

“Who would have thought that you were so cute Y/N?”  


When you told Namjoon that you could shift into a fox he’d be pretty excited to see. He thought foxes were beautiful and to be honest it matched your personality. You could be very sly if you wanted to, just like a fox that’s how glued the pieces together. When you shifted for the first time however, he’d just stare at you in awe. Sure Namjoon had heard about supernatural creatures before but he had never met one of them. Finding out that his girlfriend was one made him happy, since he was very curious at heart. So once he saw you standing right in front of him he’d sit down on his knees as he gently scratched your ears. He could still see that it was you and he liked that. He also liked that you were still quite small. 

“You’re still so small Y/N. Even for a fox! It’s adorable!” 

You hissed at him in response, making him chuckle as he got up again. You quickly shifted back to your normal form before embracing him tightly.  


Jimin had always loved cats and cats always loved him back. When he first met you you were in your cat form. You were walking down the street when you saw him, stopping dead in your tracks to sit down and just stare at him. Jimin noticed you sitting across the street and looked both ways before crossing the road. Jimin knelt down in front of you as he started to pet you. You instantly started to purr as you curled around his leg. Jimin checked your neck for a collar only to find none so he took your home. When he woke up the next day he was surprised when he saw a beautiful girl standing in his kitchen, trying to make him breakfast. He instantly realized that you were a shapeshifter and wanted to get to know you better. Turns out that this time was no different. You were a cat and liked Jimin, and Jimin liked you. 

“I told you Y/N. I love cats and this time was no different. Cats also love me too and that turned out to be true as well.” 

You rolled your eyes at his words as you playfully hit his chest, making him laugh. 


Taehyung had always liked animals and when he found out you were a shapeshifter he was really excited. You actually hadn’t told him. He just woke up next to a tiger one day and totally freaked out. He literally fell out of bed as he stared at you in shock. It took him a couple of seconds to realize what was going on but when he did he climbed back in bed and pressed kisses all over your face. Waking you up in the process. You hissed at him before pushing him down to lay on his back as you laid down on top of him. Making yourself comfortable as you hid your face in his neck. Taehyung smiled at your cute behavior as he started to pet you. He liked you in this smaller form because you fitted perfectly on top of him. From then on you’d randomly shift to your tiger form just to be able to lay on his chest. Not that Taehyung minded one bit. 

“You’re so cute Y/N. I like it when you lay on my chest. It’s comfortable.”   


People told Jungkook that he resembled a bunny and when they found out his girlfriend was a bunny shapeshifter, they couldn’t think of you two as a more perfect match. Jungkook thought it was adorable when you shifted into your bunny form, but even when you were in your human form your nose would still scrunch up just like a bunny’s. Whenever you were in your bunny form Jungkook would place you in his lap and cuddle with you. But when he was laying down you’d obviously move to lay down on his chest instead as you looked a him cutely. Even when you were in your normal form you’d still look at him with the same cute eyes. Jungkook couldn’t possibly like you more than he already did. 

“How do you manage to still look adorable in your human form? It’s not fair.”