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The Bookstore // Henry Bowers

Word Count: 917

Summary- You make a trip to the bookstore, and unexpectedly run into the towns bully.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; I got bored on the plane, so I figured I’d start working on some requests. Hope you enjoy!

Requested; Yes!

Req; may i request a henry bowers imagine where he meets *y/n* at a bookstore but she’s richie tozier’s older sister and she’s just like him but flirtier
? thanks!


You wracked the many bookshelves, looking for a book for your history class. You came to this book store in particular, because it was in a quiet area of town, and not many people came here. Here was of course the town library, but the chance of finding the book you needed was slim due to the rest of your class likely already have taken all the copies. Finally, after about an hour of searching the bookstore, you found the book. Grabbing it, you pulled it out of the shelf carefully, smiling down at the cover.

You’d been stressing over and procrastinating doing said history project for awhile now, and now you’d finally get it done and out of your way. You knew once you had it done it would be a relief.

As you glanced up to where you recovered the book, you saw through the crack someone walk by; they looked oddly familiar, almost like… no, it couldn’t be him. Why on earth would he come to a bookstore? He had no purpose here, and he always teased kids and/or bullied them for stepping foot into a library, so he wouldn’t be here. Though that boy looked so much alike him, and it was a small town..

Your suspicions were answered as a focused Henry Bowers came around the bookshelf separating the two, scanning the row. He hadn’t noticed your presence, which was probably for the best, because you had an awestruck look on your face. Henry Bowers, in a bookstore. That’s something you never thought you’d see. “Never thought I’d catch you at a bookstore, Bowers.” He jumped, eyes blown wide when his gaze fell upon you. “Tozier..” He greeted, not at all seemingly happy to see you.

You weren’t exactly his biggest fan; nor was he of yours. Mainly because of your little brother, Richie. He was a primary target for the infamous Bowers’ gang, and tended to get bullied a hell of a lot. You, being his big sister, took upon standing up to Bowers, not only for Richie, but for all of his friends as well. Henry tried to pick on you, but no one backed him up, and you had no reaction, because frankly you didn’t care. It bored him, and he gave up that idea quickly.

“So what brings the infamous Henry Bowers to bless a small bookshop with his presence?” You teased, approaching him slowly. “I-” Henry started, but he nothing followed. He didn’t know what he could say, or if there even was anything he could say, to excuse what he was doing here. The real reason he came here was too embarrassing to share with his friends, let alone someone like you, who could easily ruin his reputation.

“Aww, the all powerful Henry Bowers like to read?” You mocked, laughing slightly at your horrible impression of him. He only scoffed, but avoided your gaze. “No need to be embarrassed, Bowers. Nothing wrong with a little book from time to time.” You said, looking down at your history book. You glanced back at him, only to see a nervous, unsure expression on his face.

“What?” You asked, genuinely confused. “You aren’t going to run and tell everyone that THE Henry Bowers was found in a bookshop?” He asked, and by the tone of his voice, you could tell he thought you’d actually do so. “I’m not like that, Bowers. I know we don’t know each other that we’ll, but I expected you’d know not everyone cares about tearing each other down to make themselves feel better.” You said, seriously.

Turning on your heel, you went and checked out your book. Henry followed you out of the aisle, and waited patiently for you to make your check out. He thought about what you said, and you were right; he hardly knew anything about you. Usually, it wouldn’t matter to him, but something about the way you’d just acted now, refusing to expose his secret to the whole town.. he felt like he owed you.

He’d caught you just before you exited the building. “Hey, Y/N..” he called, and you turned, looking at him with eyebrows raised. “Thanks. You know, for not telling everyone.” You stood there, mouth agape. “Did the Henry Bowers just apologize?!” You exclaimed, and he chuckled. It wasn’t a maniacal cackle like he usually did, it was a real, genuine laugh. That’s a sound you never thought you’d hear, but.. surprisingly, it warmed your heart.

“I want to make it up to you. Friday, after school? I’d say during school, but you don’t seem like the type to ditch.” He said, calmly. You cocked an eyebrow. “Is that a challenge?” You tested, and Henry looked taken aback. “I didn’t mean it like, actually, yeah. Yeah it is a challenge.” Henry said, smirking. “You’re on, Bowers. Friday before school, meet me at the Quarry.” You said, and he nodded.

You smiled, walking over to him,quickly pecking his cheek. “Great. See you then.” You said, giving a quick wave and with that, you were gone. Henry, gently with his hand, touched the spot where your lips had met his cheek in disbelief. He’d never thought in a million years would he have a date with you. You weren’t feeling much different. It was overwhelming; Henry Bowers, the boy who bullies your brother and his friends, asked you on a date. And you said yes.

Let’s just say, that history project was long since forgotten.

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Got7 reaction when their crush smiles at them and says I love you.

Sorry it took a couple days~ I’ve had dance rehearsals and tomorrow and the day after I have performances. So I’m busy busy busy (。•́︿•̀。)

Got7: Reaction to their crush smiling and saying I love you

♥Jaebum: You were playing games and messing around with Jaebum, recording him and taking funny videos. He was a little embarrassed and kept blushing and making cute faces. “Aww Jaebummie you’re so cute~” You smiled big at him and said, “I love you" while recording him. His smile instantly disappeared and he glanced away, trying to process what you said. He looked back at you and pretended to shoot at you with the nearest object.

“Don’t mess with me.”

♥Mark: Lunch time was your favorite time; and evidently, Mark’s favorite time. It was the only time you could really see each other. Splitting your cheesecake as always, Mark had an idea. He scooped a small bite onto his fork, and held it up to your mouth. 

“Here.” He watched your lips, something he admired everyday. But it was no secret to you. You smiled and took the bite, looking at his eyes the entire time. 

“Mm yummy. Thank you.” You pinched his cheeks and giggled softly. “I love you Mark.” You said it so casually it threw Mark off guard. He looked in your eyes, searching for truth and leaning back into his chair.

“That’s mean to play around like that (Y/N).”

♥Jackson: He was taking slow steps, afterall, you’ve never been big on learning a new language so it was rough for you. He spoke slowly in English, allowing you to repeat after him. “I” Your voice echoed his. “Love” once again an echo. “You,” He finished up. “Now put it all together.” 

“I ruv yuu” You spoke with an accent and a big smile, something he admired greatly. He started to chuckle and he clenched his heart. 

“Don’t say that.”

♥Jinyoung: He felt insulted. His friends and his crush were all making fun of him for tripping and screaming like a girl when he nearly fell. Who wouldn’t laugh? I mean really. He crossed his arms and ignored everyone, looking at the floor. He was so bothered by it but he knew there was no comeback. 

“Jinyoungie.” You smiled and sat in front of him, laying your chin on his knee. “I love you.” You batted your eyelashes to add cuteness, hoping to win him over in such an easy way. He stared at you blankly for a moment before cracking a small smile.

“You know you’re a brat right? A brat that I love.”

♥Youngjae: It was a rough day for him. A rough day for everyone. The criticizing and unfair comments on a performance Got7 barely screwed up filled the air. You were Youngjae’s best friend, so of course you had to come. And you were there when he came of the stage in tears. He did his best to hold back until he was away from the crowd. 

You hugged him tightly and kissed his head to comfort him. “It was only a tiny slip, don’t be so hard on yourself.” You grabbed his shoulders and pulled back a bit to look at his face. You wiped his tears, smiling gently. “I love you Youngjae.”

“Do you… mean that..?”

♥BamBam: You were having a bad day. You were taken away from your studies and yelled at by your professor. You were told you were no good, and a failure to the future. But of course you had a shoulder to cry on, BamBam. He was your best friend. He was hugging you and rocking you gently, side to side, side to side. 

“Don’t listen to him… You’re gonna be a wonderful woman, with an amazing husband and gorgeous kids.” He said while petting your head and looking at your face. You slowly started to smile, encouraging him to be extra. He made a face, but it didn’t come out the way he wanted when he heard you say, “I love you.” He froze with that facial expression, then slowly moved closer to you.


♥Yugyeom: He wasn’t very good around girls he liked. He got shy, unsure, and less confident. He felt like he had to try too hard and it would make everything awkward. You sat next to Yugyeom, watching as the staff took pictures of him for a new album. You decided to help him out by going behind the camera man and making funny faces. It worked, he began laughing and it resulted in really nice pictures.

After the shoot you sat next to him again, smiling big. “Yugyeomie, you know I love you don’t you?” He was shocked to hear those words come from your mouth.

“Hm?” He smiled cheesily. “Well, I love you too.”

They tell you they love you for the first time...


“I have to tell you something” Darry whispered with a slight grimace on his face, he wringed his hands nervously. This was a side of Darry that you had never seen before. “I understand if you don’t accept it.”

“Darry” You whispered sweetly, trailing your fingers down his cheek. “Just come out with it, baby”

“I love you…” He trailed off, looking down awkwardly.

“You love me?” You mumbled, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “How can you love me?”

“How can I…?” His head snapped up as he gave you a stern look. “Y/N, you’re so strong and you’re so passionate. You’re nothing like me, you’re soft and gentle and I hurt people without even meaning to. You’re not afraid of anything.”

“I’m afraid of everything, Dar.” You wrapped your arms around his middle, looking up into his eyes. “I’m afraid of not being with you. I’m afraid that everything that makes me happy will be torn away from you… and you, you make me the happiest that I have ever been. I love you too”


“Y/N, I have to tell you something?”

“Hmm?” You hummed as you cut up the vegetables. You were at the Curtis house making them dinner, Darry wasn’t going to be back for hours and you knew that if Soda or Pony tried to cook dinner they’d more than likely burn the house down. “What is it Soda?”

“I love ‘ya.” He said mumbled.

“I’m sorry honey, I didn’t hear that” You put down the knife and you turned to face him. “What did you say?”

“I said that I love you.”

“Oh” You said as your breath hitched. “Oh… um, oh”

“You already said that” He scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “Never mind, just forget that I said anything.” He went to walk away, only stopping as I grabbed at his arm.

“Soda wait, look at me” As he turned, you grabbed his cheeks, pressing your lips to his. “I love you too”

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When Shownu saw you running up to him he would instantly smile opening his arms out to catch you when you reached him, only to feel you kiss him quickly then watch you run off with flaming red cheeks. 

“Ahh, you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed.” He’d gently tease a bright smile appearing on his lips at your cuteness. 



Originally posted by wonhontology

When you ran up to Wonho and placed a gentle kiss to his lips before running off embarrassed he’d get a smug look on his face as if gloating to those around him at how cute you were. 

“You’re always so cute baby, but no need to run, come back.”  He’d call after you motioning you toward him with his finger.



Originally posted by garisanee

When you ran up to Minhyuk and kissed him, he’d also get a little embarrassed by your sudden outburst of affection, as you ran away he’d watch you go smiling. 

“Aww Baby, come back, I love you too.”



Originally posted by kihqun

Kihyun would see you running up to him and smile catching you in his arms gently as you lean up and kiss him. He was shocked when you pulled away from his embrace and ran off with your cheeks bright red.

“Baby! You’re adorable like this come back, I owe you a kiss too!” He’d call after you ignoring the looks from the boys.



Originally posted by wonhontology

Hyungwon always enjoyed seeing your cute side, so when you ran up to him kissed him and ran away he giggled softly to himself, seeing your cheeks flare up.

“Hey! Don’t run away from me, I love you like this babe…” 



Originally posted by wonhosoks

Jooheon enjoyed your affectionate side no matter what he enjoyed cuddles and random acts of Skinship, o when you ran up to him and kissed him he was more shocked when you ran away embarrassed knowing you were never normally like this. 

Yah! come back here!” He’d call flushing red himself.



Originally posted by livelovelunch

I.M was always a little reserved around the boys, but when you ran over to him and kissed him he flushed bright red, only to watch you run off and get embarrassed. 

“Baby! Come Back! You can’t do that and run away!” He’d shout after you.


I hope you enjoy this lovelies! ~Tashee

Live stream

“You’re awake, finally.” I exclaimed as I entered the room, finding Justin spread on the bed, where I left him an hour ago, looking at this phone, probably scrolling through his instagram.

“Even sleeping beauty didn’t nap for so long.”

When he heard my voice he looked up from his phone and smiled. “Whatcha doing?” I asked as I climbed up on the bed. I wanted to snuggle next to Justin but Esther was in my way.

“C’here, precious.”  I said and picked her up, placing myself next to Justin and her in between us. We happily exchanged few kisses.

I turned my head up to face Justin, mumbling “Good morning, beautiful.”

He grinned and connected our lips.

“Mornin.” He mumbled with his deep and raspy morning voice. “Gosh I fucking adore your morning voice.” Justin giggled.

Esther didn’t quite like me kissing Justin, so she made sure to crawl her little head in between us. We both chucked at how adorable and protective she is of Justin.

She placed her head next to Justin’s, never breaking eye contact with me, letting me know, to whom Justin belong. I only chuckled and pet her head. “Someone’s jealous, huh?”

In the corner of my eye I saw Justin phone, and I immediately though he was video typing us, something he does pretty often, even if I was just sitting on the couch, doing nothing.

“Stop filming.” I mumbled into his shoulder, placing my hand in front of my face.

“I don’t think they would agree.” Justin chucked, and I raised my eyebrows. Who are they? I turned my head back to his phone, quickly realising he was live streaming.

“Babe, say hi to Beliebers.” Justin smiled.

I covered my face in embarrassment, burying my face into the crook of his neck, smiling. “Hi” I mumbled into his neck, feeling slightly embarrassed.

Justin giggled, “Why are you so shy all of the sudden?”

“I am embarrassed.” I mumbled.

“You’re so cute. C’mon wave to the people.”

I raised my hand and waved it, somewhere in front of Justin’s face. He let out a loud sigh which was followed with some more giggles.

“C’mon turn around, Beliebers want to see you.” Justin said, moving his shoulder up and down, trying to get me to turn around. I finally gave in and turned around, looking at the screen but still having a hand in front of my face.

“Look how red you are. Aww you are the cutest little thing.” Justin kissed my hair.

“Shut up.” I giggled.

I focused my eyes on the screen, reading some comments. Most of them were about how cute we are, or they were greeting Justin from different countries. Somebody even wrote “Bring Esther back, she was cutter than you too.”

“I agree.” I mumbled into my hand. Justin hummed in respond. I just mumbled nothing, not wanting to explain.  

“Shouldn’t you be reading the questions, singing, or I don’t know, strip for your Beliebers?” I moved my eyes from the comments to his face on the screen. He was smirking like an idiot.

“If you want me to strip for you, you just gotta ask sweetheart.” I chuckled.  “But I would rather see you strip for Me.” he grinned like an idiot. I face palmed, just to show him what an ass he is.

“I don’t want to see you strip, nor will I strip for you, but I bet they would. Would you guys?” Justin mumbled under his breath “That’s not what you were saying last night.” I smiled and slightly hit him over his cheek, making him chuckle.

Within the second all the comments turned into “Yes, hell yeah, fuck yeah.”

“I mean they have already seen you naked, and dance, now just combine that and they will be happy for life. I think we might even have some candles downstairs, you know for better ambient.”

Justin’s face went red “I knew you wanted to see me strip for you.” He giggled.

“I already told ya, not for me, it’s like Valentine’s Day gift for them.” Justin moved his left hand down my spine, grabbing my ass and simply humming “Mhm.”

I laughed and kissed his jaw. “Alright, why did Adele cross the road?” Justin asked out of nowhere.

He paused for a little bit and then continued. “She wanted to say hello from the other side.” Justin finished his joke and started laughing.

Even though I’ve heard that joke at least a dozen times, and it wasn’t funny anymore, his laugh made me crack up.

We both laughed and read few more comments. Justin was moving his phone closer and further from our faces making me giggle.

In the end he moved the phone in front of his nose and said “Bye” and ended the live stream.

“Even you last longer than that.” I made Justin chuckle.

“Thanks babe” Justin put his phone on the night stand next to his bed and turned onto his side to face me. He moved his hand from my ass up my spine, slightly moving it up and down.

We looked each other in the eyes, you could say we were staring at each other. “Gosh, you’re so gorgeous, what did I do to deserve this goddess of beauty?”

I felt the hotness spreading across my face and I knew I was as red as paprika. “You’re so cute when you blush.” Justin said and pulled me closer, humming as long as you love me into my ear.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moments, gosh I love him so much.

It’s short, but sweet. i hope.

Kraglin Obfonteri x Reader

imagine kraglin kinda shy about someone flirting to him. Like every time she gets close or says something he blushes (blue lol) and doesn’t know what to say - veritasumthings

Fluffy, cute flustered Kraglin

Not 100% sure of how this turned out, let me know please :)

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Wanted - Double Trouble Pt.1

Description : Finding a mate was becoming extremely hard for both Yoongi and Hoseok, what became much more of a task however was when they both began to get a rush from the same girl

Pairing : Yoonseok x Reader, (werewolf!yoongi, werewolf!hoseok)

Genre : angst 

a/n : Couldn’t have possibly completed this without the help of my favorite fic advisor, @unheathyseoulfood 

Yoongi stretched tiredly before reaching for his coffee again, “This human energy booster is only making me want to sleep,”

“You always want to sleep regardless,” His best friend Hobi replied while sipping on his iced latte and reading the day’s issue of Paris vogue, “Ahh she’s pretty, what about her?” He spun the periodical around on the small table.

Yoongi peered into the magazine and scowled a bit after seeing the model Hobi was pointing to, “Too tall, if I’m choosing my mate I don’t want her to tower over me; I’ll feel less of an alpha,”

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cute sneezes, here we come!!

Anon requested the boys’ reactions to adorable s/o sneezes

Shuichi Saihara

  • Was… Was that you? Oh my god, it was. 
  • He tugs the brim of his hat over his face to try and hide a quiet scream. Who knew sneezes could be so cute?
  • You ask if something’s wrong. Nothing’s wrong! Nothing! He just… thought of a case he had to work on later…?
  • He tries to cover up his bashfulness by offering you tissues.
  • You laugh at how weird he’s being right now, but you don’t think much of it
  • When you sneeze from now on, he always stops what he’s doing to just look at you and think of all the little things that made you so dear to him.

Rantaro Amami

  • He immediately gushes over it
  • He hugs you and goes on about how it sounded like a baby mouse.
  • You’re a bit embarrassed… It didn’t sound like a mouse!
  • Amami laughs and corrects himself. A baby bunny, then?
  • No!! It doesn’t!! It was just a normal sneeze, it wasn’t cute, stop making it cute!
  • You two go back and forth playfully about it for a while, and it becomes an inside joke between the both of you.
  • Whenever you sneeze, he just gives you a knowing smile and you end up pouting a bit, but happy nonetheless.

Kokichi Ouma

  • He laughs at you. Immediate side splitting laughter
  • That was a sneeze?! That had to be fake, no one sneezes like that.
  • If you just wanted to get his attention, you could’ve just said something, no need to be so dramatic. (Look who’s talking.)
  • You defend yourself. That’s… just how you sneeze. You don’t really know what else to say about it.
  • It’s soon forgotten in conversation, but once you’re out of the room, he’s yelling to himself about how cute it was. He’s yelling into the pillow, he’s covering his face while rolling on the bed
  • How is his s/o’s so cute that their sneezes are cute too?!
  • He starts trying to subtly get you to sneeze again. Feathers, dust, pepper, whatever he can do, and you’re starting to think you have allergies.


  • That’s… not how humans are supposed to sneeze, is it?
  • You don’t really know what to say about that. No…? You guess not? It’s not like people have identical sneezing patterns.
  • He’s immediately intrigued, and tries looking up if there’s a reason why certain human’s sneezes differ from others.
  • He keeps trying to turn this sneeze into an educational experience and you have to settle him down before he starts bombarding you with biology facts.
  • It’s how this human sneezes. It just kinda happens. 
  • “Oh! I suppose it must be because it’s you! After all, many things you do are cute.”
  • He says it so matter-of-factly that you blush. 
  • Kiibo realizes what he just said and he’s starting to blush too. He didn’t mean to be so forward!
  • Both of you are adorable messes.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • After a sneeze, you hear him make a happy noise, and when you turn to look at him, there’s tears in his eyes and he’s smiling so wide
  • That was… the sweetest noise Gonta has ever heard anything make.
  • He picks you up and hugs you because he’s so overcome with affection.
  • The person he loves made that noise!
  • Once he puts you down he talks about insects that make cute noises too, like caterpillars if you squeeze em just a little bit
  • He’s trying very hard to find things to compare that sneeze to so you can understand how!! cute it was!!
  • You think his reaction is cuter than the sneeze, and the both of you just spend time gushing about each other and giggling 

Korekiyo Shiguuji

  • He’s doesn’t make any noticable reaction to it, but behind that mask, he’s definitely smiling.
  • When he notices that’s how you sneeze all the time, he’s the most subtle about letting you know
  • It’s so subtle only he can understand it at first glance, but the gesture to him is what counts
  • When he picks you flowers, sometimes he adds white lilies, white roses, and pink azalea blossoms to the mix. Since you’re not as well versed in flower language, you look up what every bouquet’s meaning is
  • Once you figure it out, you find him and give him a little peck on the cheek
  • And sneeze again
  • He’s grinning like mad, even you can tell behind that mask

Ryoma Hoshi

  • You’re always the one calling him cute, even if it’s teasing most of the time.
  • So when he hears you sneeze, his first reaction is to go “aww” and pinch your cheek.
  • Of course, it’s still in his deep, deadpan voice, so it’s not as embarrassing as it should be.
  • You two have some light banter about it, and he won’t think about it for the rest of the day.
  • But when it’s nighttime and he’s in his room, doing nothing in particular, he’ll remember that sneeze for no apparent reason
  • And pull his hat over his face, even if no one’s watching.
  • How did someone like him end up with someone pure and cute like you?

Kaito Momota

  • He stares at you with these big ol’ eyes and just yells about how cute that was.
  • He’s so loud that you’re getting embarrassed, but man, he’s gotta gush about how adorable you just sounded
  • He wishes he recorded that so he could hear it over again
  • You keep telling him to pipe down, because everyone is looking at you, if they weren’t already looking at you because of the sneeze
  • He grabs you in a tight hug and points out to everyone, “Hey! You see this person? This person who made that stupid cute sneeze! That’s my s/o!!”
  • You’re covering your face and he’s smiling and hugging you so tightly
  • He’s so happy that his s/o is someone who can be cute even on accident.
You’re real // Conor Maynard

Requested by anon - The boys don’y believe Conor when he tells them he’s got a girlfriend but when they meet her they’re really happy for him and a bit jealous

“Are you sure you’re ready to meet them?” Conor asked, gently stroking your cheek with his finger.

“I’m sure,” you replied confidently, all though you weren’t feeling that way.

Today was the day that you were meeting Conor’s brother and best friends and to say you were nervous would be a lie, you were absolutely terrified. You’d been feeling this since he suggested meeting them but seeing his face light up with excitement at the idea was impossible to say no to.

The thought that was terrifying you the most was that the boys may not like you. You knew Conor really respected and valued their opinions, especially Jack’s, and that terrified you because if they hated you Conor would probably leave you and you couldn’t cope without the ray of sunshine that always brightened up rainy old London for you.

So here you were sat outside Conor’s building in his car, staring into his mesmerising blue eyes trying to find the courage to get out of the car.

“Let’s do this then,” Conor leaned closer to you and briefly connected your lips before getting out of the car.

Walking up to his apartment you clung onto Conor’s hand with all your strength, the warmth and firm grip of his hand making you feel safe as you approached the door.

Just before he opened the door Conor placed his lips on your temple and mumbled “I love you,” against your skin.

As soon as you walked into the apartment you spotted the 6 boys that Conor had spoken about nonstop for the past week.

A boy with hair dyed blond looked up to see you both and a wide smile took over his face, he stood up and walked over to the both of you which gained the attention of the rest of the boys.

“so, you’re actually real? We were staring to have our doubts” Jack asked with a laugh as he pulled you into a hug.

“Nah, he’s just paying me to pretend,” you joked in return earning a laugh from all the boys.

“You weren’t meant to tell them that,” Conor laughed while giving you a playful nudge.

One by one the boys introduced themselves to you and each gave you a hug. Conor dragged you over to the sofa and pulled you down to sit on his lap, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist and resting his chin on your shoulder.

By this point all your fear has disappeared and you felt stupid for being so worried, they accepted you instantly and you could see why Conor spent so much time with these people.

You’d been sat cuddling Conor while the boys play FIFA as Conor whispered sweet nothing you’re your ear which were making you giggle when you heard Mikey’s voice. “Cor boys, look at our little Conny all in love,” he cooed, teasing Conor.

“oh shut up Mikey, you’re just jealous because you can’t get a pet cat to love you,” Conor retaliated gaining an eruption of laughter from the boys.

“Aww is Mikey embarrassed?” Jack asked squeezing on of his pink cheeks.

“shut up,” he mumbled in response.


It was now the evening and you’d spent the whole day having a great time with the boys. You were getting ready to leave as you’d agreed to go out with your friends tonight and you needed at least 2 hours to get ready.

“Do you really have to go?” Conor asked pouting at you as you slipped your coat on.

“I do,” you replied mirroring his pout. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he pulled you closer by your waist. “But I’ll see you tomorrow,” you kissed his lips softly letting yours linger on his for a moment before pulling away and leaving the apartment, blowing a kiss and winking at him as you closed the door.

“You really like her, don’t you?” Joe questioned Conor as he sat himself on the sofa, a smile still lingering on his lips.

“I really do,” he replied simply.

bf! haechan lee donghyuk!

you can find the other members i’ve written at #bf series!! btw haechan is the last one of this series!!

•donghyukie will be the loveliest boyfriend ever

•he’d serenade you with different songs he knows everyday when he sees you and if he doesn’t he’ll purposely call you just to do so

•he would be a teasing bf as well like he’d tease you for being short when you ask him to help get something on the shelf you can’t reach

•deep down he just thinks you’re cute af asking for his help

•dates with him would be random?? like the last date can be a soft, coffee shop date and the next date at a haunted-themed park

•he likes the scary dates tho bc you cling onto him when you’re scared and he loves it (deep down he’s scared as well but he endures it to be a manly bf)

•random calls from him

•donghyuck - “hi (y/n)”

•you - “hi hyuckie!! what’s up?”

•donghyuck - “just want to hear your voice”

•he would give you as many presents as he can get even though you tell he you don’t need any

•donghyuck - “jUst accEpT my lOve” <– when you say you don’t need him buying more stuff

•i think he’d try hard to learn your language secretly (if you’re a foreigner) and once you found out you were melting bc he’s so sweet and you smother him with hugs and kisses

•whenever you’re around him he’d be really clingy like he’d have his arms around your waist or he has to hold your hand - basically keeping you close to him

•since it’s his first time in a relationship (just think that it’s his first) he’d search online for tips to a good relationship instead of asking bc he’s shy to ask his hyungs aww

•so dates will consist of cliche little things and when you found out he actually searched for it while playing with his phone he’d be embarrassed while you’d think his very very cute and kiss him

•he’d want you to use his phone for selfies or photos bc he wants to have photos of his beloved you in his phone and look at it when he can’t see you like on a tour

•about tours, he would call you and send little messages whenever he has free time

•donghyuk - “i miss your hugs and kisses”

•you - “not me?/sad emoji/”

•donghyuk - “are you jelly of your hugs and kisses?? aww you’re so cute!! don’t worry i miss u too/heart/”

•he’d be a dramatic bf as well like when you hit him playfully he would clutch that spot and like groan like he got shot or smth

•i have a feeling he’d make you reenact drama scenes?? maybe he’d make you reenact a scene maybe from goblin or some other love drama scenes (and make mark record it lol)

•in class he’d be acting all normal like you guys had been dating for your whole life casually kissing you and all

•everyone including the teacher’s like enough we know you’re dating (y/n) stop with the overflowing pda and love but they’re all still happy for you two

•sometimes you get looks from the others and donghyuk notices and he’s like don’t pay attention to those uglies bc they’re jelly that you have me and proceeds to kiss you making you blush the whole day

•he would accidentally roast you bc he’s too comfortable around you and he’ll just stop thinking for a moment when he sees your reaction

•donghyuk will be the boyfriend who would suddenly crash at your house with pizza and some snack for a late night movie!!

•on your birthdays and anniversaries is when you’ll receive lots and lots of presents to the point where you think it’s gonna spoil you for life

•he wouldn’t say ‘i love you’ very soon bc he wants to make sure of his feelings and doesn’t want to hurt you if he finds you he doesn’t really love you

•he’s really careful of your feelings and thinks of you a lot even when he doesn’t show it like those tsundere bf m̶y̶ ̶t̶y̶p̶e̶

•donghyuk(mumbling) - “why are you so cute today”

•you - “yeah hyukie?”

•donghyuk - “i-it’s nothing… your hair looks funny” and you pat around your hair making it messy when it’s not

•donghyuk is the sensitive and sweet bf whose like a tsundere!!

hope you like it!! thanks for reading!! this is the end of the bf series so do tell me what should i write next! i’m open to anything; requests, critiques and whatnot!!


I did something for InuKag week! :D Yay! This is for Day 4 family :3 enjoy!

Inuyasha looked at the child in Kagome’s arms with surprise and then curiosity. He even crept forward and leaned over the back of the couch to sniff at the infant, much the way she might have expected a dog to behave.

“Where’d you get the kid?” he asked, giving the pair of them a curious look.

Kagome grinned up at him. “My mom stole her from my cousin until she gets over her flu,” she replied, turning from his startled expression to look down at the baby. 

“Your poor mommy wasn’t feewing very good was she?” Kagome asked the infant in a babying voice. The child cooed back, reaching for a lock of her hair. “I don’t feel veewy good when I’m sick either.”

“The mother has a disease?” Inuyasha asked in a somewhat alarmed voice.
Kagome looked up at Inuyasha a little more seriously and nodded. “Yeah. The flu. But It’s not that big a deal in my time. To most people, it just means a few days of throwing up and general misery. Then you’re over it." 

He looked from Kagome to the baby in her arms uncertainly. "Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I’ve had the flu plenty of times. Trust me, so long as she stays hydrated and gets plenty of rest and medicine she’ll be better in no time." 

She looked back down at the child. "But if little Suki-chan here had caught it she might not have handled it so well, so my mother volunteered to take care of her until it’s safe to go back.”

Inuyasha looked at the baby almost sympathetically and relaxed a bit. "I get it.”
“Why don’t you come sit with us?” Kagome offered, reaching over with one hand and patting the cushion on the couch beside her. “Mom went out to pick up dinner so when she gets back we can all eat.”

He hesitantly nodded and sat beside her, once more looking down at the baby intently. His ears twitched when she made some small noise or movement.
The tiny girl seemed to catch sight of him and her gray eyes fixed themselves on a lock of his long white hair and reached toward him with a pleased gurgle.

“Aww, look at that, she likes you,” Kagome said, flashing the half-demon a grin.
Finally, Inuyasha looked away. “Keh.”
“Have you ever held a baby before?” she asked good-naturedly.
“No,” he replied neutrally.
“Do you want to try?” she asked, smiling wider.
“Er… Not really.”
Kagome’s smile melted a little but she simply shrugged. “That’s fine. a lot of men aren’t very interested in babies. Souta practically bolted away when Mama asked him." 

"It’s not that I’m not interested,” Inuyasha admitted with a look of embarrassment. “I just don’t wanna hurt her.” He looked back at the child with an expression full of worry. “She’s so small.”
Kagome smiled and nudged him with her shoulder playfully. He blinked and looked up at her.
“Then how about this, if you’re worried about holding her you could just let her touch your hand? And then if you feel like it, you can work your way up from there.”

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#26: Aww you eat your gummy bears by color! - BARON CORBIN

Thanks to the anon who sent this request in! Hope you guys like it!

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You were sitting backstage in catering with Baron and Corey. Corey was on his phone reading through the script for tonight’s show. Baron had his headphones on as his head bobbed forward and backwards to whatever rock band he was listening to.

He had a bag of gummy bears that he dumped onto the table. You didn’t think much of it until you caught on to what he was doing. He was sorting them into colors. Your lips curved into a small smile that you tried to hide. You thought it was cute that this big bad man in Baron sorted his gummy bears into colors.

“What?” Baron asked as he looked up and caught you staring at him.

“Nothing,” you said as you shrugged and turned your attention to your phone. You were a little embarrassed that he had caught you staring.

You scrolled through Twitter for the next few minutes liking tweets of people you followed before switching over to your mentions to see what fans were tweeting you. It was quiet between the three of you for several minutes until something Baron did caught your attention out of the corner of the eye. He had eaten all the red gummy bears and was now moving onto the next pile.

“Aww.” You said before your eyes widened. You hadn’t meant to say that out loud. Baron and Corey glanced at each other before looking at you.

“Aww?” Baron asked. “Did you just aww me?”

“Yes.” You said as you felt the blood rush to your cheeks. “Like Aww you eat your gummy bears by color!” You said.

Baron was silent as he stared at you for a minute before his face softened. “You’re the only person on the planet that can say that to me. You tell anyone about this and I’ll kill you.” He said before grabbing his gummy bears and walking away.

anonymous asked:

Can we have relationship headcanons for Lukas, Python, Conrad and Tobin? Please and thank you!


  • being in a relationship with lukas is a calm, loving, and understanding one.
  • lukas is a pretty calm person and caring. he’d always make sure that you’re feeling well and that you’re okay. but he’s not overbearing he’s just a little bit like a concerned mother.
  • he’s not a cheesy romantic and he’s a little shy with PDA so don’t really expect any of that during the beginning of your relationship.
  • eventually though he gets more comfortable and will give you kisses and hugs and hold your hand in public.
  • oh btw lukas gives incredible gifts, like holy shit why is he so good at them?!
  • lukas loves giving you forehead and neck kisses. he prefers being kissed on the cheek or lips though.


  • pfff this jerk loves teasing you, he loves seeing your you get flustered.
  • he is not afraid of PDA like at all, as long as you’re okay with it he doesn’t mind showing everyone how much you mean to him.
  • python loves hugs, like he won’t admit it but he does. especially if you’re shorter than him he loves it, he likes when you bury your face against his chest or his neck.
  • python is also weak for neck and collarbone kisses both giving and receiving them.
  • he’s actually pretty bad at remembering the small things and important dates so please don’t be too hard on him he’s trying!!
  • he’s the type of guy who gives money as a gift because he doesn’t know what to get someone so his gifts are the cheap way out!!
  • python is pretty open and trusts you, so he isn’t the jealous type and he’s fine with spending the whole apart from you. because he understands that people need some space.
  • oh and so anything embarrassing around him and he will NEVER forget.


  • aww this poor boy is so flustered in a relationship.
  • he doesn’t know how to act in one or really what to do.
  • he like asks permission to do anything to you. “May I hold your hand?” “Maybe i hug you?” “May i-” “Conrad yes, you don’t have to ask me every single time. I don’t mind.”
  • he will sometimes just look at you with the warmest smile ever and he wonders how he got so lucky to meet you and be your boyfriend.
  • he remembers the little things and dates and everything. that’s just how he is.
  • expect to be spoiled by him he will get you anything and will do anything for you.
  • Celica teases him about it but she’s so supportive of you and his relationship.
  • he loves just any physical contact with you and loves just placing small kisses all over you.
  • he’s so giggly and cute like gods how are you even still alive with how beautiful he is?!


  • tobin’s pretty confident and he will ask you out first. He will most likely initiate things first because he’s a little impatient.
  • he doesn’t mind PDA if you don’t mind if. and he likes showing off how cute you two are.
  • he loves kisses so much. he thinks they are the best thing ever.
  • Tobin remembers only important dates, and your likes and dislikes. He’s kind of bad at remembering things.
  • if he sees something that he thinks you’d like he’ll probably pick it up and bring it back to you. he loves seeing you smile.
  • he’s pretty clingy and feels like he always has to be touching you. it can be a little much sometimes but he’ll back off if you say so.
  • he’s just amazed that someone actually liked him back and deals with him. he’s so used to seeing alm and gray get admirers and praise that it kind of hurts his self esteem. So please comfort him and remind him how amazing and cool he is.
  • he shows off in battle to try and impress you whoops.
Schneeplestein x Tiny!Reader

You were wandering around the home of the SepticEgos, humming quietly to yourself as you surveyed the scene.

Anti was scaring Chase, all while getting scolded from Marvin. Robbie was sitting there, watching Jackieboy-Man, occasionally talking to him and having a very confused look on his face.

Angus and Shawn appeared to be arguing over god knows what, its best to stay out of they’re way when they are arguing.

Bing (no, not Bingiplier sillies, Bingsepticeye– cause the boy needs more attention tbh) was standing there, his arms folded behind his back as he watched over the others, he saw you and gave you a small wave.

You smiled, waving back to Bing, he was the main protector of the group, sure him and Anti haven’t seen eye-to-eye but, nonetheless, Bing is the one who stops fights when they happen.

Just like now… Shawn threw a punch at Angus… Bing immediately rushed over and grabbed them both by the wrist [ Dear Users, it is not wise to engage in combat, acts of violence such as this is an extreme danger to your health. Cease this useless aggressive behavior and apologize to each other for whatever caused this. ]

Shawn and Angus sighed and nodded at Bing’s words, its not wise to argue with a robot, especially not one like Bing.

You rolled your eyes, Shawn and Angus always had a few arguments here and there, nothing TOO serious, they always settled things in the end.

Finally, Schneeplestein… He was actually walking over towards you, you looked at him curiously, wondering what he wanted, he usually never came out of the lab, well besides for food and such. “(Y/N), I need your assistance, come vwith me.”

You nodded at his words “Okay then.” It beats being up there with all the noise, the lab was very quiet and peaceful, you followed him, sighing in relief when you got into the lab, finally some peace and quiet.

You looked to Schneeple and tilted your head “So, what did you need exactly doc?” You watched him walk over and grab a vile of some sort.

“I vwas vwondering if you vwould… erm, try zhis little… serum out. It’s supposed to enhance ze body’s immune system.”

((Shhhh–yes, boost the body’s immune system, best excuse– no one would fall for that, he could literally just say ‘hey, drink this’ and it’d probably work better haha– I didnt have anything else so improvising lol))

You blinked, looking a little concerned by this “Are there any bad side effects? Or anything harmful?” You had a skeptical look on your face now. “I dunno Schneeps… Couldn’t you get Chase to do it?”

Schneeplestein sighed “Chase… izn’t here at ze moment, I believe he vwent back to see his kids for awhile und ze last time I tried to azk za ozers fo’ help ….Anti didn’t vwant to. Marvin vwanted to enhance zis serum even more with hiz ’'magic”… Jackie vwas scared, Robbie …not much can be done zhere… Angus und Shawn? ….They’ll probably try to punch me und Bing is technically a robot.“

He did have a point… …Well shit… You sighed "Fine… It… doesn’t have to be in needle-form does it?” Schneeple shook his head, much to your relief “Vwell it can be done eizher vway, drinking it or needle.”

“DRINK DRINK DRINK!” You quickly spoke, not wanting ANY part of the needle, at this, Schneeple nodded and gave you the vile. “Only drink half fo’ now. Just to be on ze safe side of zings.”

You nodded and looked at the serum, sighing, you braced for the taste of bitter and sour, quickly gulping down half of it, it actually tasted sweet in a way… Strange, afterwards, you gave him the vile back and looked over at him.

Schneeple curiously looked at you “Do you feel any….different?” …A few moments passed, before suddenly, you fell to your knees and winced “Ugh… Well… t-that’s new… S-Schneeple…” You looked up at him, concern written in your face.

Schneeple had a panicked look as he knelt by your side “(Y/N)? Vhat’s wrong? Vhat do you feel?” He asked, panic lacing his tone.

You gasped and squeezed your eyes shut, you felt weird, really weird… A few more moments passed, you slowly opened your eyes…. Everything was now so bright, the lights almost hurt to look at and– wait…. They seem a lot larger than last time… You blinked, then glanced over at Schneeple who wore a look of curiosity and yet worry.

Oh god… Schneeple was huge! He was way taller than previously, your instincts immediately took over and you sprinted for a place to hide, of course to no avail, Schneeple quickly scooped you up before you could get away.

“(Y/N)…! Calm down, its only me!…” He began whispering some soothing words in German, something about his tone made you instantly relax into his hand. You took some shaky breaths, glancing at your now gigantic surroundings…

“S-S-Schneeple… What…. What was in that serum? That…. That WASN’T anything normal! What did you do to me?!” You screamed, yelping however when you felt some shifting, you were then plopped down on the desk.

“Calm down! Liebling… I’m sorry, I didn’t know somezing like ZIS vwould happen, I don’t even know vhat could have caused zis. I thought I had created za perfect serum, one that could help everyone… So zhey vwouldn’t get sick so easily. I guess all I done vwas create somezing zat can turn people teeny tiny.”

You recognized Schneeple’s tone, his voice, laced with defeat and failure, you sighed and looked at the giant doctor “…Schneeps… Your a great doctor, honestly… Not EVERYTHING can turn out right the first time around, maybe it’ll take a bit but you’ll perfect that serum eventually. Or maybe make something even better than that, your a great doctor! You’ve saved Chase and Jack a few times ya know.”

Schneeple looked at you, smiling a little at those words, he gently scooped you up again and hugged you carefully “Zhank you liebe… Zat means a lot.”

You hugged back, well, as best you could anyways “You know being tiny isn’t all…. THAT bad…. It’s… interesting to say the least…” you admitted, looking up at Schneeple.

“Really now? Vwell… To be honest, you do look razher… adorable, meine Kleine…” He had a blush on his face now, like he had blurted out something and was embarrassed by it.

You had heard him say liebe/liebling before, you knew what those meant but meine Kleine was a different story “What does that mean?”

Schneeplestein sighed “It means 'my little one’…” He mumbled out, which made you smile and giggle “Aww, that’s cute. I like that nickname…” You had a red tint on your face.

Schneeple smiled, he then shook his head and had that serious look on his face “I vwonder if Marvin haz anyvway to turn you back to your normal size…” He stood up, holding you in hand carefully “Do you vwant to come vwith me?”

You bit your lip, realizing how loud it’d be now up there… You quickly shook your head “I’d rather not…” This made Schneeple nod and set you down on the desk “Alvright, I vwill be right back und please, don’t stray to far from ze desk here…” He said with a stern tone which you giggled at.

Yes sir” You then watched as he walked back upstairs, and then you sighed, sitting on the desk casually…

You heard the door slowly creak open from upstairs, you curiously looked over and you instantly froze when you saw Anti approaching… You quickly looked for a place to hide, noticing there was some books, you quickly dove behind them.

“Ńo̸w wh̛ere̕ the f͢uck ̨di҉d̨ t͡ha̸t͏ ͞do̶ct̡or̶ ͜pu̢t ͢i͠t҉..҉.͠.?̷” That glitchy, distorted and layered voice made you shiver, you curiously peeked from behind the books, wondering what he was talking about.

You watched him rummage through the doctor’s things, not caring if he broke something or not, you glared at him but its not like you could stop him or anything… Not right now anyways.

You quickly ducked back into place when you saw him approach the desk, you then froze in terror, praying he didn’t look behind the books… Unfortunately he did, he pushed the books aside, almost knocking you off along with them.

Your eyes widened and locked with Anti’s, he blinked in disbelief then got a little too close for comfort “(̵Y/͜N͏)҉? Wh̶at̨ t͝h̵'̀ fùc̷k͞ ̛ar͜e ̕y͡a d͘o҉i̸n̛g̷ ̸'̷e͞re̢? An’ ̨w͢h̴y̕ are ya͟ ͜so.̀…̸ smal̷l͞?͢”

You opened your mouth but all that came out was gibberish, you then began sprinting away, of course you didn’t get very far before you were scooped up in the glitchy demon’s iron fist.

Anti smirked and brought you closer to his face “̧Hey c̛'mon̵ ńow̧.̵.͟. I̴ts r͘ưde t̀’ just͡ ͞u͟p n ̀ru͘n li͏kę t̡h͞a͡t͠.҉ I ͝as̵k͠e͏d̸ ͟ya ͟à s̛i̢mple q̶ùe҉s͝t̴io͢n͝,̨ s ͜h o ̧r͘ t͢ y~”

You struggled in his grasp and stared up into his black eyes “Let… Let me go Anti.” You said shakily, now dealing with Anti was already difficult even at normal size but being tiny? This was going to be worser… Worser than ever.

Anti merely sneered, baring his sharp canines “̷Aww~ ́W̢hat͠’s ̢w͘ro̧ng ̸(Y͟/N)͜?̧ ́Y̨'̵ s ̨c̛ a ̛r̸ e̕ ͝d͞ ͜n͞o̴w?̢~”

You grumbled and glared at him “I’m s-serious Anti, this isn’t f-funny… Put me down, or else…” You tried to sound threatening which was difficult.

Anti merely laughed and dangled you by your foot, which made you shriek in horror “O̸r͜ ȩls͜e ͢w h͏ ̡a̛ t?~ Whądd͝ya̛ '̵t̢iņk ͜y͡er ̛gu͜nna d͏o?̡~ ͟Huh? ́Ì d҉o̕n’t '̴t̴i͘n̷k̸ y͝er̵ ͢in ̵A̶ N͢ Y͢ ͏p͏osit̢ion ͢t'͞ ͠b́e ţellin'͠ ͠me what͟ ̷t̸’ ̴do͘ ̨rig̡h҉t ͜no͢w~̶"̸

You struggled against his grip, grumbling lowly "Why do you have to be such an ass?…” This just made Anti smirk and swing you, which of course made you scream.

“D͢o̢n’t ͡b͡e͘ s̛o r͝ude~!̕ M̧’ ͘ju͝s͝t͞ ͜ha̶v̧i̸n̵’ sơm̀e͢ fųn̶~̢"̵ He cackled, his voice being way too loud for you to handle.

"ANTI, GET ZE FUCK AWAY FROM ZHEM!” You winced and covered your ears at Schneeple’s yelling, but a sense of relief flooded over you to hear from him.

“Let (Y/N) go Anti… Don’t make me get Bing down here… You know how he gets vwhen you mess vwith his users.” Schneeplestein hissed lowly.

Anti rolled his eyes and plopped you down on the desk rather harshly, he simply grinned “͝I͡ ͡ẁas̕ ónly̢ ́h̴av̵i͠n͏'̀ so҉mę fu͠n̸~̕ ̡Ye̕r ҉a̛ll͢ ́b̕o̵r͡i͝ng͟ y̵a̶ ̵knơw̶ ̴tha̴t̴?̶”

Schneeple growled and pointed to the door “Get ze fuck out of here.” Surprisingly, Anti listened for once and left.

Schneeplestein rushed over and gently scooped you up, sighing “I’m so sorry Schätzchen! I vwish zat door vwould have been locked…” He grumbled, looking over you for any bruises.

You looked at him and sighed “It wouldn’t have done any good you know that, but don’t worry Schneeps, he didn’t ACTUALLY hurt me… He was just being an asshole.”

Schneeps sighed “Vwell… Zat’s good at least… I’m glad I got here vwhen I did.” He glared up towards the door, making a mental note to give Anti a good scolding later ….Actually, he had something better in mind…

(( That’ll be revealed in a lil bonus at the end~ ;) ))

You nodded at his words “So, did Marvin have any way to turn me back to normal size?” Part of you wanted to stay small actually… but the other part knew it would be very dangerous with the others around and how loud they were.

“Vwell, ja, he does but, he said he needed some time to study ze spell und get it vright.” Schneeple finished, adjusting his glasses.

You nodded, you couldn’t hide the smile on your face, you get to be tiny just for a little while longer “Well, at least he HAS a spell ….Let’s just hope he doesn’t mess it up” You shivered, remember a few spells he messed up before.

Schneeple cringed as well “True…” He didn’t have much room to talk, Schneeple knows he’s had his fair share of fuck-ups in the past, but he tried not to let that bother him.

You yawned slightly “I’m tired… Schneeps, do you have a bed down here?” You asked curiously, he practically lived in the lab anyways so it wouldn’t be surprising if he had a bed down here.

((he doesn’t just live in the lab/basement-area like some kinda hermit-person trust me, he’s 50% in the lab and 50% outta the lab …kinda– just shh the man loves to work))

Schneeple nodded, of course he did…. He then walked over and plopped down on the bed with you in hand, he then placed you on his chest “To be honest meine liebe, I’m a bit tired myself.”

You smiled up at him, laying down and then curling up on his chest, your smile grew when you felt his warm hand over you, it felt like a blanket… a really warm and comfy blanket.

You yawned again and closed your eyes, snuggling into Schneeple’s chest “Sleep tight Schneeple…. …Love you big guy.”

Schneeple smiled and closed his eyes, for once he seemed to relax which was a rare sight, he usually overworked himself “Sweet dreams meine Kleine…”

You both drifted off into a peaceful dreamland, being tiny did have its perks, even if it was dangerous, you honestly didn’t mind at this point if you stayed tiny or not… You could get used to giant doctor cuddles.

Bonus: Schneeple smirked upon seeing Bing and walked up to him “Bing, I need to tell you somezing”

This made the robot blink and turn to stare at Schneeple [ Yes User 3? ] Bing awaited, making weird beeping noises.

Schneeple leaned close to Bing and whispered “Anti was messing vwith (Y/N) earlier und zhey could have gotten hurt because of him… You may vwant to deal vwith him later~”

Bing made a loud beep noise and nodded, a glare suddenly appeared on his face [ Duly Noted dear User, I will see to it that he gets what he deserves ]

Schneeplestien chuckled and patted Bing on the back “Zank you very much Bing” Oh yes, this was perfect… Although, Schneeple wondered if he’d pay for it later, Anti could be vengeful… ….Nah. It was worth it.

((I wanted to add some lab-work n stuff but tbh I feel like Schneeple would be too hesitant and worried for your safety while working, after all he DEFINITELY doesn’t want you hurt. And Bingoboy never gets hardly any attention, sure he’s not really canon technically but I love Bingsepticeye– heneedsSomeG/Taswell*COUGH*– anyways @pizsospa here’s some Schneep G/T for ya IfeelLikeitsnotpacedasgoodasIwantedBUTohwellI’llgetpacingrightonedaylmao

anonymous asked:

can you maybe write sana and the balloon squad going camping together? and yousef/sana being madly in love but not telling each other? and yousef trying to impress sana so when for example she's listening to her favourite song by tupac, yousef starts to rap along knowing all the words and is like damn this is my fave song, you know it too? and also a bit of mikadam wouldnt hurt


Thank you so much for the prompt!

I hope you don’t mind that I added more couples to it!

I hope I don’t disappoint you and that you like it!!

Also I’m sorry if this is too long, I got really carried away


“We’re here!!” Eva yelled as she got out of the bus.

After a two hours trip they had finally arrived to the cabins.

Sana, Vilde, Noora, Chris, Eva along with Yousef, Elias, Mutta, Adam and Mikael had agreed to spend the last weekend before the girls had to go back to class at a camping in the countryside. Since they were so many people, instead of tents they had decided to rent two cabins, one for the boys and one for the girls. It was Saturday morning when they arrived and, even though they had to leave the following day they were all excited about this trip.

“Ahh I’m so excited for this, it’s going to be epic!!” Vilde squealed as she hugged Sana who hugged her back with a smile

“So, what should we do first?” Adam asked

“We should probably leave the stuff in the cabins and then we can decide” Noora said

“Always so efficient” Elias teased her “Okay boys, the one on the left is ours”

He started to walk towards the cabin with the boys following behind him

“We’ll meet you here in half an hour” he told the girls before entering the cabin


“Wow, this is such a nice cabin” Vilde said once inside their cabin

“Wait until you see the lake” Sana, who had been there before, said

“I’m liking the idea of the lake” Chris said

“That’s because you want to see Mutta shirtless” Eva teased her

“And I’m not denying it” Chris winked at her making all the girls laugh

“So what about you Sana Bakkoush, will this be THE trip for you and you know who?” Noora asked raising an eyebrow at her

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Sana said shrugging

“Oh come on Sana, you two have been talking during the whole way here” Eva said

“Are you finally going to tell Yousef you like him?” Vilde asked excited

“That’s the thing though” Noora explained “They both know they like each other, they’re just too shy to do something about it”

“Says the girls who’s been making eyes at my brother for a month now” Sana said smirking

“I have not”

All the girls stared at Noora with their eyebrows raised

“Whatever, we should get ready” Noora said rolling her eyes


Half an hour later they were all enjoying themselves down by the lake. Vilde and Eva were taking some pictures for their instagram accounts, Mikael and Mutta were doing some back flips while Adam filmed it and Chris cheered them. Elias and Noora were by the shore, he threatening her to throw her in the water and her acting like she was offending when she was clearly enjoying the situation too much.

Sana sat on the grass a few meters from them observing all of them with a smile on her face.

“Can I sit?”

She looked up protecting her eyes from the sun with her hand. Yousef was standing there, hands in his pockets, smiling.

“Of course” she said nodding

He sat down next to her leaving enough space between them for her to be comfortable.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked

“I actually am” she said looking at him “You?”

“I am now” he answered biting his lip

Sana smiled at him and blushed slightly. She looked at her brother and her friend down by the shore.

“How long till they finally admit that they like each other?” Sana asked

“I’d say that they’re going to end up together this weekend, but again, both of them are so stubborn” Yousef said

“Yeah, like it’s clear they like each other”

“Exactly, why don’t they just stop walking in circles and start dating?”


She looked at him, he already had his eyes on her. They both pressed their lips together and burst into laughs. They clearly weren’t the most indicated to talk about not admitting feelings and they both were aware of that.

“Wanna take a walk and explore the place?” he asked as he stood up and offered her his hand

“Thought you’d never ask” she said taking his hand and standing up


“You really know your way through this place” Yousef said impressed as they had been walking for awhile

“Yeah, we used to come here as kids. I never got this far through the woods though”

“You used to come here?” Yousef asked

“The cabin where you’re staying used to be ours actually” Sana said as she stopped walking to face him


“Yeah, we used to come here every summer but then we had to sell it and the ones that own the cabin where we’re staying bought it. They’re friends of my parents”

“Wow, I didn’t know that”

“I actually haven’t been in that cabin since I was like 12 or something”

“Why aren’t you guys sleeping there then?”

“Elias got dibs” she said shrugging “You want to know a secret?”

“Of course”

“Every time we stayed there I always slept in the room that is in the attic because I loved the views”

“That’s where I’m staying!” Yousef exclaimed


“Yeah, I can’t say no to an attic”

Sana smiled, it felt good knowing that they had one more thing in common.

“So, what’s the secret?”

“Oh, yeah, my parents used to measure my height in the door frame and when I found out we were selling the cabin I wanted to take the frame with me” she laughed a little bit embarrassed “You should’ve seen me crying because I couldn’t understand that I can’t take a door frame with me”

“Aww, I’m sure you were such a cute little girl”

“Yeah, but don’t tell anyone” she said pointing at him

“My lips are sealed” he promised placing his hand on his heart

Sana shook her head and laughed. They restarted their walk only stopping when they got to a place full of flowers

“Wow…this is…” Yousef started

“It’s so beautiful…It’s like that film…”


And in fact it looked like a scene taken out of that film. In front of them there were hundreds of blue and purple and pink flowers surrounded by trees.

Yousef took a few steps into the glade and bent down to take some flowers. He then turned around and offered them to Sana.

“They’re not bluebells but I hope it’s enough” he said shrugging with smile

“They’re perfect, thank you” she said taking them and smiling fondly at him


“Stop it, stop it Elias!” Noora said laughing as Elias kept splashing water to her

“Huh? Are you saying something? I can’t hear you over the sound of the water”

“Fine!” She said as she imitated his moves and started to throw water at him too

“Hey! That’s cheating”

Elias walked over to her and took her hands on his trying to stop her but instead they both lost balance and fell into the water with their clothes on.

“I can’t believe you did that!” Noora told him as she felt her clothes being soaked

“Me? You’re the one who made me fall” he said

“Whatever” she rolled her eyes and started to swim away from him


He followed her worried that she might be angry.

“Hey Noora wait, I’m sorry” he said placing his hand on her shoulder to stop her

Noora turned around with a smirk on her face and before Elias could react she placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him down to the water.

“Oh game on” Elias said once he came back to the surface

He swam over to Noora and took her by the waist, lifting her over his shoulder upside down. He then started to walk further into the lake.

“No, no, no don’t you dare Elias”

“You started it” he said

“Fine but if I’m going down you’re going down with me” she said as she wrapped her arms around his waist

“Okay, I have nothing to lose” Elias said shrugging

He took a deep breath and went underwater taking Noora with him. They were both laughing once they came to the surface.

“Thank you” Noora said between laughs

“For what?” Elias asked confused

“For making me laugh, it’s been awhile and you always find a way to make me laugh”

“Noora, you deserve to be happy, you deserve someone who treats you right and who makes you smile”

“Someone like you?” she asked raising her eyebrows

“Well…yeah” he said biting his lip

Noora blinked several times trying to process his words, she wasn’t expecting him to actually admit it. She bit her lip as she got closer to him. She looked straight into his eyes and leaned in for a kiss wrapping her arms around his neck. Elias reacted right away and placed his hands on her waist bringing her closer.

“Woooohooo!!” they heard someone saying.

They pulled apart and looked at the shore. Vilde and Eva were dancing and jumping while Mutta, Chris, Mikael and Adam were clapping


“About time guys!!!” Mutta exclaimed before turning back to Adam, Mikael and Chris.

“Yeah, talking about couples that finally get together…” Chris giving him her flirting look™

Mutta looked back at her confused. He didn’t know what she was trying to tell him. He liked Chris, he had liked her since the first time they met but now he wasn’t sure if she was trying to tell him that she liked him back or if she was angry about something.

“I don’t…I don’t really know what you…” he stuttered making Adam and Mikael, who were watching the scene, laugh

Chris rolled her eyes, it was clear that words weren’t going to work with the boy, she needed actions. She grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss.

“Wow…” Mutta whispered once they pulled apart “Does this mean that you like me?”

Chris tilted her head and glared at him, how slow could this boy be?

“Yes, I like you…do you like me?” she asked getting self-conscious suddenly

“Of course, of course I like you, have you seen you?” Mutta said like it was the most obvious thing in the world “You’re like perfect!”

Chris smiled feeling her heart making a back flip like the ones Mikael and Mutta had been doing a few minutes ago. She may act like she was the most confident girl in the world but when it came to real feelings, like the ones she had for Mutta, she could became the most shy person in the world.

“Can I kiss you again?” Mutta asked blushing

“You don’t have to ask”


“I’m telling you, I’m the best rapper of the squad” Yousef said as they reached the cabins

“Prove it” Sana challenged him

“What? Like right now?”

“Prove it”

“Fine…uhm…I don’t quite remember how it started but…” he took a deep breath before he started singing “You gotta be able to smile through all this bullshit. Remember that. Mmm, yeah. Keep ya head up. Yeah.

Sana was already laughing, he looked so focused on the song.

“Shh, I’m trying to concentrate” he said before continuing “Our lifestyles be close captioned addicted to fatal attractions, pictures of actions be played back in the midst of…the midst of… mashin?

“Yeah, it’s mashin’” Sana laughed “Best rapper of the squad huh?”

“I know the lyrics, I just can’t concentrate with you laughing at me”
“And why do you think I’m laughing?” Sana said

“Wow, thanks, okay fine…I’ll see you…here I am trying to impress you with your favorite rapper and you treat me this way…cool Sana, just cool” he said as he took a few steps backwards towards

“Aw you were trying to impress me?”

“Don’t aww at me” he said pointing at her “I get awkward”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry” she said raising her hands

He squinted at her but then he laughed.

“See you later Sana”

“See you later Tupac”

The girls were sitting the couches when Sana entered the cabin. They were all talking about something very excited.

“What is going on here?” Sana asked

“Omg Sana! Where were you?! You’ve missed it!” Vilde said excited

Sana frowned and sat next to Chris.

“I was going for a walk with Yousef” Sana explained

“You too?! Everyone is getting together!” Eva exclaimed

“What? I’m not with Yousef…wait, what do you mean everyone is getting together? What happened?”

“Noora kissed Elias!” Vilde said

“And Chris kissed Mutta”

Sana widened her eyes and looked from one girl to another

“You are with my brother?!” she asked Noora first

“Well…yeah…kind of…I mean we kissed and then we held hands and he’s so sweet and…”

“Oh my god yes, finally!!” Sana stood up and hugged her friend, then she turned to look at Chris “And you, you go girl! Mutta is such a great guy! I’m so happy for you”

This time she went back to her place and hugged Chris

“What can I say? The boy couldn’t resist the temptation” Chris said winking at her

“Okay so what about you and Yousef?” Noora asked

“Nothing, we just went for a walk, that’s all.”

“Oh come on Sana! When are you going to take the final step”

“It’s not that easy…I just I get super awkward when I’m around him” Sana said

“You? You get super awkward? Have you seen him around you?” Noora laughed

“Hey, he’s not awkward he’s…cute” Sana said biting her lip

“Aw, everyone is finding their someone special except me” Vilde said with a sad face

“Don’t worry Vilde, we don’t need a man” Eva said placing her arm around her

Sana looked at them and smirked, there was so much truth in those words.


The sun had already set and they had already had dinner. Now they were all sitting around a campfire. The boys had spent 15 minutes trying to light up the flame, eventually Sana was the one that managed to make it work.

“Let’s play a game!” Vilde suggested “Let’s play Never have I ever”

“Vilde, we don’t drink” Elias said

“Me neither” Noora added

“And you know I don’t either” Sana said

“Well, you don’t have to drink drink, you can drink juice or water or something, the rest of us will drink. Come on it’s just for the fun” Vilde insisted

“Okay, fine, guys?” Sana asked the boys

“Game on” Elias said

“Everyone knows the rules right? Someone says never have I ever and say something and if any of you have done that you have to take a sip from your drink” Eva explained just in case

“Let’s play, let’s play!” Vilde said excited

“I’ll start…never have I ever…cheated on an exam” Noora said

Everyone except Yousef and Sana, who were sitting next to each other, drank.

“Oh boring!” Elias shouted at them

“Smart, not boring” Sana corrected him

“Okay my turn” Eva said “Never have I ever…been in love with my best friend’s sister”

Eva looked straight at Yousef while she said it, she really was rooting for him and Sana and well, it was kind of fun too.

Yousef chuckled and shook his head. He looked at Sana who was looking at him expectantly. He hit his cup against Sana’s and took a sip while looking at her from the corner of his eyes. Sana bit her lip and blushed looking at the floor.

“Never have I ever…” Adam started “been in love with my brother’s best friend”

Sana glared at him, were they all trying to set them up or what?

This time Sana was the one that hit her cup against Yousef’s before taking a sip as he grinned at her.

“Never have I ever liked someone from here” Elias said looking straight at Noora who was sitting in front of him

Everyone drank laugh and drank for their cups.

“Wait, who do you like?” Eva asked Vilde

“And you?”  Vilde asked her

Sana, who was hearing their conversation took it as an opportunity to talk, maybe it was her time to push them together

“Never have I ever…” she started “been in love with my best friend”

They were all expecting Vilde or Eva to drink, instead, it was Mikael the one who took a sip from his cup.

“Wait, who?” Chris asked

“Isn’t it obvious? It was Even right?” Vilde asked

As is someone had called him, Adam stood up instantly catching everyone’s attention.

“I’m not feeling really good, I think I may have eaten too much,  I’m just going to go back inside” he said

“Wait, want me to go with you?” Mikael offered

“No” he simply said and left

After an awkward silence the game continued.

Eventually Noora and Elias left to take a walk together and so did Chris and Mutta after awhile. Only Mikael, who had been extremely quiet since Adam left, Sana, Yousef, Vilde and Eva were left. The two latter were now pretty drunk, dancing and sporadically kissing.

Sana observed them as Yousef looked at his friend.

It was getting cold and Sana hadn’t thought of bringing a jacket so she started to shiver.

“Are you cold?” Yousef asked her once he noticed

“Yeah, kind of…but it’s fine”

“Here” he said taking his jacket off

“No, no Yousef, you’ll get sick”

“I’ll be fine, seriously, take it”

He placed it around her shoulders and rubbed her arms a little bit trying to make her feel warmer.

“Thanks” she said with a smile

“Hey Sana, can I ask you something about Vilde and Eva?” Yousef asked

“You’re going to ask me if they’re together?”


“Ahh, I wish they were” she sighed “They clearly have a crush on each other, actually I’m pretty sure it’s more than a crush. They’re perfect for each other but they’re too scared to admit their feelings and…come out”

“Yeah…I get what you mean” he said looking at Mikael

“Adam and him?” she asked

Yousef looked at her and nodded

“We know there’s something between them but I don’t even know if they know what that is”

“Guys, I think I’m going to sleep” Mikael said as he stood up

Sana and Yousef nodded and watched him leave.

“It’s so frustrating…I want them to be happy but I can’t really do anything about it, you know?” Yousef said

“I know, it’s the same with me and Vilde and Eva”

Yousef nodded and looked at the fire. Then he remembered something

“Come with me, I need to show you something” he said standing up



Mikael kept turning in his bed, unable to sleep. He shouldn’t have drunk from that stupid cup when Sana made that stupid question. He was just trying to be true to himself and all he had managed was to make Adam leave. He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling, it was too dark to see anything but there were some fluorescent stars stickers there that were slightly shining. He was focusing on them when he heard a knock on the door.

“Are you awake? It’s me, Adam”

Mikael’s heart skipped a beat when he heard his voice. He sat on the bed and took a deep breath.

“Come in” he said

He heard the door opening and a steps getting closer.

Adam stood next to Mikael’s bed, he couldn’t really see him but he knew he was sitting.

“I can’t sleep…mind if I join you? It always makes me calmer” Adam said kind of embarrassed

Mikael nodded, then he realized that Adam couldn’t see him so he mumbled a yes and made space for Adam in the bed.

Adam climbed in and lay down on the left side of the bed. Mikael lay next to him. They both were facing the ceiling.

“Those stars…was this Sana’s bedroom?” Adam asked

“Probably…” Mikael said

Then they both laughed and said at the same time

“Definitely Elias’”

Adam moved closer to Mikael, their arms brushing.

“I’m sorry I left like that” Adam whispered

“Why did you?”

“I was…I am scared”

“Scared of what?” Mikael asked confused

“Mikael…now that Even is back in the squad…I’m scared you and I…I mean…you two were the best of friends, the closest ones, you were always together. After he left you and me got closer and now that he’s back…I’m afraid I’m going to be replaced”

“Adam…Even and I were best friends and eventually we’ll probably be that again…but you , you’re different, you’re special”

Adam put his arm around Mikael’s shoulder bringing him close. Mikael rested his hand on Adam’s chest and buried his face on his neck

“That question…Sana’s question…” Adam said hesitantly “I should’ve drunk…because I am in love with my best friend”

He felt Mikael chuckle against his neck

“Good, ‘cause I am too” Mikael whispered in his ear pressing a soft kiss on his jaw.

Adam sighed in relief and hugged Mikael tighter, kissing the top of his head before resting his chin there.


“Eva, I think I’m super drunk” Vilde said as she laid on the grass next to Eva.

“I’m drunk too” Eva laughed

Vilde turned to face her and so did Eva. The blonde smiled and leaned in to kiss her friend like she had done so many times.

“Why does it feel nicer when I kiss you than when I kiss boys?” Vilde wondered

“Because I’m a super good kisser” Eva joked

“Eva…I’m serious…or I’m trying to be serious”

“Vilde…I don’t really know” Eva whispered as she brushed Vilde’s hair of her face “All I know is that I feel so good when I’m with you and I don’t want it to change”

“And what if it changed for the better?” Vilde asked

“You really think so?”

“I don’t know…maybe I’m just too drunk…”


“Or maybe not…”

“Come here” Eva said as she wrapped her arm around Vilde bringing her close “I don’t want to ruin our friendship”

“Me neither” Vilde said

“You’re the prettiest girl I know, you know that?” Eva said “And not only on the outside”

“I love you Eva” Vilde said as she planted a kiss on Eva’s lips.

“And I love you Vilde”

“Someday?” Vilde asked

“Someday” Eva agreed


“Wow, this certainly has changed” Sana said as they entered the guys’ cabin

“Yeah, but not everything is changed, come with me” Yousef said as he guided her upstairs until they reached the attic “Ready to see your old bedroom?”

“Yes” Sana nodded

Yousef opened the door and turned the lights on. Sana looked around, everything was changed. The walls were painted in a different color, the furniture was definitely new, even the curtains were different. She couldn’t help but feeling disappointed

“Everything’s changed” Sana sighed

“Again, not everything”  Yousef said with a smile as he leaned against the door “Look here”

Sana frowned at him but approached him. He pointed with his finger at the door frame. It took Sana a moment to realize what he was showing her.

“As soon as I came back from our walk I checked it, they’re still here Sana, the evolution of your height along the years” he said smiling “I have to say that you were quite a short girl”

“Shut up” she said slapping him in the arm playfully

“Let’s see how much you’ve grown up”


He showed her a pencil he had on his hand and raised an eyebrow at her

“You want to measure me?”

“Why not?”

She bit her lip and thought about it for a moment.

“Okay, let’s do it”

She stood against the door frame as he approached her. He leaned in and draw a line on the wood right above her head. Sana looked up at him, his face was only a few inches apart from her. Once the mark was made Yousef looked down at Sana and saw her staring back at him. He wetted his lips and swallowed

“Sana” he whispered “Can I ask you something?”

She just nodded

“That question…about being in love with your brother’s friend…who did you mean? And please don’t say Stephen Curry”

“You really need to ask?”

“I want to hear it from you”

“It was you, Yousef” she said biting her lip “I’m in love with you”

Yousef’s face lit up with her words.

“I’d ask you who did you mean when you drank but I don’t think Mutta, Adam or Mikael have a sister…” she said playfully

“I’m in love with you” he simply said

“Good” she said smiling widely

“Now what?” he asked

“Now…how about we take our own advice and take a step forward?” she said reaching his hand and intertwining their fingers

“You mean I can take you out on a date?” he squeezed her hand slightly

“I mean you better take me out on a date”


It was time to leave.

They were waiting for the bus to arrive, their stuff already packed. Sana stood on the grass once again observing their friends.

Elias and Noora were kissing leaning against one of the cabin. They would stop from time to time to look at each other and just smile. It had been awhile since Sana had seen both Noora and Elias so happy.

Chris and Mutta were sitting on the stairs of the cabin’s entrance talking and laughing about whatever random thing. Sana adored the way Mutta looked at Chris, he really seemed to care about her and Chris, she deserved the best of the world.

Vilde and Eva were sitting on the grass, Eva’s arm around Vilde’s shoulder, talking to Mikael who was also sitting on the grass holding Adam’s hand. Those two couples may not be that, a couple, yet, but they were going in the right direction. They’d make it work, she was sure of that.


“Best trip ever” Yousef whispered in her ear startling her a bit

She turned around and looked at him. He was smiling from ear to ear and she couldn’t help but do the same.

“Best trip ever” she agreed.


This is it!!

I really hope you’ve liked it!!

Thank you so much for reading!!♥♥

(The song Yousef tried to sing is Smile by Tupac)

ptg: reaction to you getting shy when you’re caught staring

Originally posted by ptg

Jinho: STOP. STOP BEING SO FUCKING CUTE. YOU’RE BREAKING HIS TINY HYUNG HEART. He already thinks you’re the most adorable thing to ever walk this earth so when he catches you staring???? aND looking away n getting shy? He’s gonna be all up oN you. be ready b

Originally posted by jjaebs

Hui: he’ll chuckle a little when he catches you staring and sees you look away, just turning back to what he was doing, but keeping the little scene in his mind for later.

Originally posted by crystalclearpentagon

Hongseok: smug, smug… smug. He’ll smirk when he catches you staring and it’ll only grow when you look away. He’ll press closer, those beautiful lips near your ear.

“You know, jagi, you can stare all you want when you’re underneath me.”

Originally posted by hyosjong

E’Dawn: lowkey flustered; lots of weird but cute giggling. He’ll lean over to you and poke your side repeatedly, making you giggle with him.

“Staring at me, jagiiii?”

Originally posted by yeo1

Shinwon: knows he’s handsome so there’s no shock at all. Your eyes will lock, and he’ll wink at you right before you turn away, fueling your embarrassment even more.

Originally posted by yeosprout

(i relate to the subtitles omg and it goes so well with his reaction wOW)

Yeo One: he’ll be surprised to find you staring so openly and might be a little offended that you looked away. He wants you to appreciate his beauty, just like he appreciates yours.

“Yah, don’t look away!”

Originally posted by 4smols

Yan An: our long limbed baby!! Is Definitely gonna get really shy, his cheeks turning red and that familiar shy smile crawling up his face. He won’t say anything, but he’ll be happy that you find him somewhat attractive.

Originally posted by bbykino

Yuto: aww he’ll get so flustered!! Will totally be surprised that you’re blatantly staring and he’ll rub up and down his face, trying to make sure nothing was on it.

“Yah… why are you staring?”

Originally posted by shineuro

Kino: probably wouldn’t even know why you were staring lmao but when he catches on he’ll turn to fluff. Lots of laughing and teasing will occur throughout the whole day… and week.

Originally posted by jungwooseok-ptg

Wooseok: another one that wouldn’t know how to react and would sigh bc you put him in such an awkward situation. Will probably laugh afterwards though, signaling he caught you and doesn’t even mind.

Noragami Chapter 74

Ok this chapter fucked me up. I read it in the morning and it made me mad the whole day. I will try to write in a calm manner but I was so mad earlier I was writing in full caps. I should have known by now that whenever there is a really cute moment it always gets ruined, like what the fuck Noragami can’t you just let us have a cute moment!?!

It starts with Hiyori thinking about their one year anniversary and how she forgot everything once so she writes everything down in a diary. Her memories are important to her and so are Yato and Yukine. She even has little annotations on the photos like the cute Yato crowns!!Aww!

Look at this cinnamon roll! Yato is so adorable and look at her happy tail wags. So cute! He wants to throw a surprise party!

WTF Yato I thought you were going to do a regular party. You and your crazy ideas! She doesn’t look too mad though.

Ha lol dry personality, yeah he would do that! OMG Yato is too cute begging and he’s going to get everyone to join in. Not Bishamon, she is hurt still.

Wow this is actually happening, ok lol and Yukine taking a bath not noticing anything.

WOW imagine they all suck at dancing.

Yeah it started off being cute with Ebisu but Kunimi messes it up, like you don’t do a flip when you fall.

To Quote Yato “well done you handsome gorilla, you” Hiyori ”That looked completely unnatural!”

Are they all doing the dances that they know or what they like, I can’t tell. When did they change clothes!?!

Poor Hiyori she’s so done with this shit.

I know that this would happen because when Yato was proven to be innocent, heaven would be wronged with the time they punished Ebisu. Since they are heaven and the absolute law which represents goodness, for them to be wrong hurts their pride and image. (Anyone else notice Ebisu’s shoelaces still untied?)

Man I do not want Yato’s dad to show up at all, but with that foreshadowing he’s gonna show up soon. Poor Yukine waiting for everyone to return.

Aww they’re all so happy and they worked so hard for him!

I totally forgot that he was Yato’s lifeline but I think since Hiyori still remembers Yato then even if his dad died, Yato would live since gods only die when people stop believing in them. (It’s complicated for Yato though since his dad made him)

Lol anyone else forgot about pigeon delivery! Yukine’s so suspicious!

NO BITCH!! Can you not, get your fucking ass out of there, you have no place being there! Bye! Ok that was weird so Hiyori showed up just in time.

Look at Yukine’s face, he absolutely hates her, which makes sense because of all that she did to him.

Hiyori’s right, Yukine is too pure for this world, nothing like Nora. She just likes to kill other people, Yukine is the best he’s only trying to protect Yato.

Aww! Nostalgia, the place where they first met!

He’s so confused like what the fuck, Kunimi be more natural.

Same Yukine, we’re all confused. Ebisu just went flying like Superman lol.

The arrival of those two really drove him over the edge. Look Hiyori is wearing her old uniform and striking a pose with Yato.(Look at her tail wrapped around him!)

This is it. The best scene in this chapter. This makes everything ok. You could feel how much Yukine means to them.

Lol the author drew in Bishamon and Kazuma. Man I wish they were actually there) it’s too cute.

She realizes now that Yukine might hate this. (nah but he wont, maybe he’ll be really embarrassed though.)

The flowers were a really nice touch.

AWWW!!! Look at little Yukine’s spirit!

Hiyori’s embarrassed but I wonder what gift she got him? Just need to point out Yato thirsty for Hiyori in that bottom panel. (you can see her panties)

Aww he wrote a message and it’s a charm. Yato looks so happy.

AHHH! Yukine’s crying .(i’m tearing up) This is so cute!

Hiyori made that hat didn’t she(it has Yato’s crown on it, so cute!) BITCH NO CAN YOU NOT RUIN THIS MOMENT! You’re nothing alike! GO AWAY!

FUCKKK!!!!!NOOOJEIGIHSHJDVHJ! OH MY GOD NO how are you going to end it like that!

This chapter was just fucking crazy! I thought it was going to be cutebut nooooo it just had to kill my hopes. What is up with Noragami giving unwanted kisses everywhere. I wanted a Yatori kiss to this bitch! I didn’t even know it was possible to hate her even more but it’s official I now hate Nora even more then Yato’s dad. The next chapter better redeem this shit right here because I can’t deal with this.

Glory Glade P3


toosimpleforu: Part 3.  Can you do a part 3 of glory glade please??!!

kaiyaisbae: Pt 3 i love newt😍😍😍😭😭❤❤

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Pleasant Surprises: Part 2

Pairing- Jimin x reader

Type- Fluff, spooky, ghost!Jimin

Word count- 2,255

Warnings- Spooky things happening. Mentions of death duh

A/N- sorry this took so long, I’ve struggled to stop procrastinating lmao. hope you guys enjoy!

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The key turned and produced a satisfying click, a sound that your brain now associated with “home”. You breathed a sigh of relief as you dropped your bag by the door and slipped your shoes off, lazily tossing your keys off to the side. Your body dropped limp onto the living room couch and you gave a few seconds to appreciate the feeling of weightlessness for your poor achy feet that had been cramped up in work shoes since morning. Your eyes closed as you took in the sound of pure silence around you. This house was a bargain considering that it was in a quaint neighbourhood and wasn’t near any busy roads an in such a bustling town, and maybe that was all thanks to the dark tale that your new friend had attached to this place. Speaking of which, you hadn’t seen him since the night before.

Curiously, your eyes scanned around you, the TV was still off, the bookshelves were in order, and the photos were untouched. You frowned.

“Did I accidently put him to rest with Casper?” you murmured to yourself, slightly saddened at the thought of this being a possibility. You briefly shook your head as you stood yourself up.

You dragged your fatigued self towards the bathroom to freshen up after a hard day’s work, and a small part of you hoped to see him huddled there again like a child, but as you opened the door, you came to find he wasn’t there again. Still no sign of him.

Droopy eyes stared back at you through the mirror as you looked at yourself brush your teeth like a zombie. A truly depressing sight to behold.

“Why are yo-“

Holy mother of sh-!” you rapidly screamed out and reflexively threw your toothbrush towards the voice that startled you. It went straight through him and smacked off the wall behind him, splattering foamy toothpaste across the bathtub and tiles. He stared at you with eyes just as startled as yours. “So now you decide to scare me you little punk!” you glared with a pointing finger as frothy minty drool dripped towards your chin.

“I-I’m sorry! I d-didn’t mean to scare you for once!” he pleaded.

“You can’t just appear like that out of nowhere! I thought you were fucking gone since I hadn’t seen you all morning and when I got back… I was worried that I made you disappear for god’s sake!” you breathed out.

“But you said to not stop doing the ghosty stuff! Ghost don’t show themselves!”

“I didn’t mean it like that.” You groaned “I meant like… ugh nevermind.” You rubbed your eyes.

A moment of silence passed as the two of you let the situation settle for a bit. “I was just trying to ask why you were brushing your teeth when the suns nowhere near setting…” he quietly broke the silence. You stared back at him and struggled to put together a few words to justify your fatigue-influenced actions. “Uhh, I brush my teeth three times a day of course.”

“No you don’t. I’ve watched you every day since you got here and sometimes you don’t even remember to brush them twice.” He bluntly shot down your excuse and your thoughts stuttered for a second.

Your minor blunder wasn’t enough to take you down, as a smile began to creep onto your face as you analysed his words. “I don’t think you can question my actions much after just admitting you’ve been watching me every day, buddy.” You crossed your arms and raised an eyebrow with a smug smile on your face. “Now I wonder if your innocent looking little eyes are as innocent as they seem.” You leaned your elbow against the sink as you watched his reaction, but your elbow slipped and your head lightly thudded against the cabinet above the sink.

He ignored your embarrassing slip up as a blazing scarlet blanketed his nose, cheeks, and ears, a colour you didn’t think was possible for a ghost to show. His mouth lay agape and before you knew it, he faded away into the air. “Aww come on Jimin. Don’t be like that, I was only teasing.” You rubbed your achy head as you sighed. You didn’t think he was this shy, and you didn’t think that would be the last time you saw him that day.

“Jimin, can you help me put this bunting up?” you ask as you stretched out your body to its limits in attempt to try and pin up the purple and orange coloured triangles on a string.

“Y/n, I’m a ghost, I can’t physically interact with objects like that. Like I can move objects like the paranormal ghost I am, but my powers don’t go as far as pinning up bunting. Sorry.” He gave you his excuse as he lazily watched you struggle with the decoration in the living room. All you could do was sigh in defeat as you looked over at the clock. You only had a few more hours until the Halloween party and you had only just begun preparation.

Two daunting boxes of decorations sat on the floor not far from you. Finishing on time meant working to your limits and you didn’t want to disappoint the party goers, so that’s what you did, you working your fucking butt off.

An hour to go and you thanked the lords that the food and drinks were the responsibility of the guests. You looked around at your efforts, everything looked perfect and you couldn’t be prouder. Now all that was left was you. It wouldn’t be a Halloween party if it didn’t involve costumes and yours happened to be a Snow White costume, with a skirt that brushed up to your knees and socks that covered the rest. It wasn’t long before the party guests would start to show up.

“It looks nice.” Jimin finally speaks after moping off somewhere while you decorated without his help.

“Yeah, I spent a lot of money on those decorations.” You smiled.

“I meant your outfit.” He quietly corrected. “The decorations are nice too I guess.”

“Oh, thank you…” you felt yourself shy away after realising the attention was on you, not the room.

You hear him take a short breath in, in preparation to say something. “Y/n, do you think people would get scared if they saw me at the party?”

Your brows scrunched at his question. “No, because no one’s going to see you, because you’re not going to show yourself to anyone.” You gave him a stern look.

“But let’s say something happened and they did? Would they think I’m a ghost? Like, yesterday I was in the bathroom and I swear that I couldn’t see the outline of the tiles as well as I usually could through my own hand. It’s like I’m losing my transparency…”

“Jimin. You are not going to be seen by anyone. Ok? This discussion is over.” You argued back, but you couldn’t deny that you too had a feeling something was off with his usual ghostly appearance.

“You sound like you’re my mother.” He muttered with a pout. You rolled your eyes at him as you made your way through the house to check everything was in order, not that it would stay like that with all the alcohol that was promised to be brought along. All that was left was the lights. All the special lights you put up were turned on and as you turned off the comforting warm light bulbs, everything came together. Maybe it wasn’t scary, but it sure was looking like the perfect scene for a party.

It was only an hour into the event and it was already busy and alive, despite most people adorning costumes of the undead kind.

“Y/n!” you hear someone shout for you near the entrance. As you turned to look at the person approaching, your eyes caught a glimpse of yellow, blue and white.

“Tae!” you smiled, but it quickly turned into a confused frown. “I thought… We all agreed that I was supposed to be the Snow White? Why are you wearing it too?” you scanned down his body and all the way down to his feet where the end of his skirt touched.

He looked at you with clueless eyes. “But I thought I was supposed to be Snow White?” he cocked his head to the side as he looked you over. “Mine’s cuter anyway.” He smiled and winked.

You shook your head and grinned. “Let’s hope the rest stick to their assigned dwarf costumes and we don’t get another five Snow White’s at the party.”

“That would be pretty cool though.” He raised his eyebrows and pouted his lips.

“Drinks are in the kitchen.” You informed him as you noticed his eyes scan the room in search of something. He beamed at you as he nodded and walked towards his goal.

Everyone was having a good time around you and to your surprise; no one looked out of place or left out as all the partiers mingled around with each other. You spot a group of people that looked open to an extra member, so you made your way over and past the people the filled the room.

One of them noticed you approaching and smiled as you waved .“Hey guys, mind if I joi-” your words stopped short as your eyes landed on someone very familiar.

“Oh, hey Y/n. This is a great set up, lovin the skulls.” A friend to your left spoke up at your presence.

“Ah thank you.” you mumbled but kept your eyes locked on the familiar eyes.

“Ah, this is Jimin, we were all just talking about ghosts because his costume in this lighting makes him look almost transparent, doesn’t it?” he pointed towards the ghostly boy that innocently looked at you with hands in his pockets.

“Yeah… he does.” You said with some severity laced in your tone, eyes not leaving his. He visibly gulped as he began to understand you weren’t pleased with his risky move.

“Oh, Jimin, I just remembered someone was looking for you back there.” You lied.

“Uh, who?” he nervously spoke back.

“I don’t know, but they have something to say to you apparently, I should take you to them. Come on.” You smiled, but your eyes didn’t correspond as you gestured down the corridor. He stiffened and went silent; all he could do was slightly nod. You began to walk to the side and watched as he pretended to squeeze past your friends.

“Come back to do some shots with us later Jimin!” your friend raised their cup as you both walked away out of sight. Jimin gave an acknowledging smile and followed behind you nervously.

You turned around to face him once you closed the bathroom door behind you, and your mind was too occupied to think about how lucky you were to find the bathroom empty. Crossing your arms over your chest, you sternly look at him as he keeps his eyes down towards the floor.

“This isn’t funny Jimin.”

“It wasn’t meant to be, I just wanted to join in with everyone. I haven’t interacted like this with people since before I died.” He backed himself up.

“I know that, but this isn’t the right kind of situation to do this. What if someone tried to touch you? What would you do when they go right through you in front of everyone? And what if someone spilled a drink on you? How would you explain why the drink went on the wall behind you and not on your pristine white clothes? And how would you explain why the shot glass dropped to the floor when someone hands you one to take? As much as I want you to enjoy yourself, this stunt you pulled is risky as shit. I want you to be more careful, ok?”

“Ok I’ll be careful then. I’ll make sure no one touches me, spills a drink on me, or hands a shot to me. Trust me, they’re gonna get drunker by the minute out there and even if anything were to happen, they wouldn’t remember.”  He looked at you with confidence that he somehow pulled out of thin air.

A feeling of guilt rose up in you as you realised that you had no right to say what he could and couldn’t do, even if he was a ghost living in your house. “Alright…” you gave in. “Just please be cautious, I don’t know if I’ll be able to fix anything if something does happen.”

“I will don’t worry!” His lips spread into an open mouthed grin as he stepped forward towards the door, but his step faltered and he turned to you. “Could you uh… open the door for me since phasing through doors would be a giveaway to my ghostliness?” you sighed and did as he asked. He sped away as you opened up the door, his shoulder passed through the side as he hastily made his way back to the centre of the party. You weren’t sure if all your worrying was justified or not, but you couldn’t help but suck on your lower lip at the thought of something going sour. None the less, you took a few deep breaths and put a smile on your face, you were going to have a good time, ghost discovery or no ghost discovery, nothing was allowed to spoil tonight for you.

A/n- well, there’s gonna be more parts coming so yeah.