he looks a bit tired though aw

Exo Reaction to S/O laying their head on his shoulder


Everyone is just sitting around and talking so you are bored, not wanting to disturb you are merely leaning your head on his shoulder, wishing he’d notice you.


The moment your head was on his shoulder he’d stop the conversation and look at you with a serious face.
 „You know that I’m not a pillow, if you are tired how about you just lay down in my bed,” he’d sass you.
But the second your head lifted from his shoulder he would say: „ i didn’t say you were not allowed to,” and put your head back.


He would be a little bit uncomfortable because everyone was looking at you and sniggering, awwing. He’d ask you if you were tired and if you wanted to lay down with him, but when you denied he was confused as to why you laid your head on his shoulder then. When you sat straight because it became embarrassing for you he’d give you a kiss on the cheek and just smile.


When your head hit his shoulder he pretended not to notice even though his head was mushy and he couldn’t focus anymore. He’d be like a statue not moving an inch because he didn’t want you to lift your head and think that he didn’t like it. 


Him sitting still was rare and just because he himself was probably tired, so when you laid your head down on him he’d become sleepier than before and yawn, asking you if you wanted to take a nap.


He would lean away slowly when you laid your head down to tease you, watching how you almost fell down on his lap and this troll would find it hilarious.
Snickering at you he would then put his arm around your shoulder and give you a kiss on the check, still grinning.


You tried to lay down on his shoulder, but suddenly he moved causing you to almost fall and at first he didn’t notice what you tried and was his usual noisy self, but when he saw the others giggeling he’d realize it and command you to try again. He’d give his best to be a statue, but wouldn’t be able to for long and start squirming.


„Are you ok ? Sleppy? Tired? Bored? If you are bored we can do something ! Or we can take a nap ?”, he’d instantly ask you and worry. When you told him you were bored, he would ask you what you wanted to do and be ready to take action. 


His arm would sneak around you when you laid your head down on his shoulder, he’d give you a kiss on the forehead and cause his members to cringe at you two. His hand would caress your side giving you goosebumps and making you feel loved.


He’d totally love it and enjoy your warmth on his shoulder, he would get in a cuddle mood and give you a warm hug, while still talking and trying to involve you in the conversation, so you weren’t bored anymore.

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Be Okay- Harry Styles Imagine

Warnings: Language and self deprecation

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy this story I put together! Sorry that the ending isn’t the best, I just really wanted to post it before going to sleep so I rushed it. Thanks lovelies<3

Ever since the boys split up, fans have been looking for someone or something to point their fingers at. Of course, there were some fans that understood that the boys of One Direction just needed to go their separate ways. But others wanted to blame one person in particular, you.

Your relationship with Harry started a couple months before Zayn left and has been going strong since. However, due to the timing of you starting to date Harry, a few fans like to blame you for the destruction of One Direction. Lately, however, the hate has gotten worse. You had prayed that with Harry releasing new music, the birth of Liam’s baby, and the other guys being successful with their dreams, that the hurtful comments and hate would stop. Unfortunately, you have never been more wrong.

Scrolling through twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites often left you in tears as you saw comment after comment about how you’re a “bitch”, “whore”, and much worse. Harry of course, knew about the hate, and he tried his best to help you get through it. But you felt as though he just didn’t completely understand. Here he was getting constant love form all his fans, meanwhile they are trying to tear you apart and break you.

Today was the worst experience with hate that you have seen so far. Although seeing the hurtful comments was hard, this one was nearly unbearable. As you walked out of the store with your friend, you could almost sense that something was off. However, you weren’t sure what it was until you were standing next to your car.

At first you could barely even tell it was your car. It was almost unrecognizable with the spray paint across its blue hood. The words read “die bitch” in white letters. The driver’s side windows were completely smashed, leaving traces of glass all over the seats and the ground.

“We should call someone” your friend says quietly. No words could come out of your mouth, only small sobs, and tears strolling down your cheeks. “Do you want me to call your parents or Harry?”

“No” you choked out. “I’ll be fine. Let’s just call a cab. I’ll take care of this when I get home.”

The ride home with your friend was silent. The entire time you just kept staring at the pictures you took of your car. Disbelief filled your head as you never thought anyone would do this to you. Once your friend was dropped off, you decided to call Harry to see if he has already heard about what happened. As the phone rang, you felt your heart skip a few beats, unsure of how to go about this conversation.

“Hey love” he answers.

“Hi babe, I was just calling to see what you were doing.”

“I’m just finishing up in the studio, but I should be home in about an hour. Why what’s up?”

“Oh nothing” you lie. “I just wanted to see when you’d be home so we can just talk then.”

“(Y/n) is everything all right” he asks. Of course Harry could always tell when something was off with you. Whenever you had the chance to talk to him you would talk for what felt like hours, so he was concerned when you said you wanted to wait until he was home.

“Yeah everything is fine. I love you and I’ll see you later.”

“Alright baby, I love you too.” There was a hint of sadness to his voice, but you ignored it and hung up.

As the cab pulled up to your house, you thanked the driver and paid your fare. Once you set your bags in your room, you sat down in your living room letting out a sigh. While waiting for Harry to get home you scrolled through your twitter to see that the story of your car has already hit media. Worry filled your mind, as you didn’t want Harry to see any of the articles posted, or any of the other additional comments left by some fans.

To your surprise there was a mix of positive and negative responses to the article. Some fans shared their pity and shock for what happened. But others wished someone had done something sooner, or worse, wished it would have been you that was bashed, instead of your car windows. Loud, audible sobs left your lips as you read hurtful comments, one right after the other.

“Babe I’m home” Harry yelled as he walked in.

“Shit” you muttered while you tried to clear your face so that he couldn’t tell you had been crying. “Hi Harry.”

“So what did you do today?”

“Oh I just went shopping, nothing special. How was it at the studio?”

“It was amazing. Words cannot describe how excited I am to start touring again. I just feel like everything is falling into place” he says with a soft smile. “I was wondering though, where’s your car? I didn’t see it in the drive way so at first I thought you wouldn’t be home.”

“It’s at the shop” you say a bit too quickly. “One of my tires popped so I just had it towed there and I’ll pick it up tomorrow.”

“How did you get home then” he questions giving you a look of concern.

“I just took a cab” you answer, avoiding eye contact with him.

“Awe, babe, next time just call me and I’ll come and pick you up.” Harry approaches you, holding out his hands and placing them on your hips. The moment his hands touch your body, an uncontrolled sniffle comes out. He gives you a look of confusion, unsure as to why you were upset.  

“Harry, we need to break up.” You spoke so softly, but Harry still heard every word. His green eyes turned glossy, as if he was ready to cry.

“What are you talking about” he asked through shaky breaths.

“I can’t do this anymore. I’m just not happy.”

“Was it something I’ve done? If it’s because of me spending so much time on the album or the tour, then baby I’m so sorry. I’ll put it all on hold if it means that I won’t have to lose you. Just tell me what I can do to save us.” His voice had a begging tone to it.

“I’m sorry Harry, trust me it’s not you-“

“Don’t give me the ‘it’s not you it’s me’ stuff, because I don’t believe it one bit. Something must have happened to make you feel this way. So just tell me what it is and we can work through it. Please (y/n) just tell me.”

Taking a few steps away from Harry, you take a few deep breaths, debating on how to handle this. Yes, you loved Harry, he was your everything. But you also knew he could do so much better, and have any girl he wanted. If you stay in this relationship with Harry, are you being selfish? Is it wrong to stay with the person you love, even though you don’t deserve them?

“Everyone hates me” you say in a hushed voice.

“Wha-What?” He looks at you confused, having no idea where you plan on going with this.

“You’ve seen the hate I get. Constant messages of how I destroyed One Direction, and am ruining your life. I just can’t take it anymore. I’m sorry.”

“Fuck those guys. Those people who say they love my music but talk shit about you, are not my real fans. They are just jealous of how insanely beautiful and talented you are. I know hearing those things hurt, but don’t care about what they say, just listen to me, and believe me when I say I love you.” His voice sounded panicky and urgent as if any moment he will lose you.

“It’s not just their words anymore Harry. It’s now their actions as well. Do you want to know the real reason why my car isn’t here? It’s because someone smashed in my windows and wrote ‘die bitch’ on the hood. So I’m sorry if I just can forget about it.” You voice cracked every other word and you spoke so quickly you weren’t even sure if Harry understood a single word that you said.

A silence fell in the room as you two stood apart from one another. Slow tears fell down Harry’s face as he watched you shake and sob. Taking slow steps, Harry approached you, and placed his large hands to your cheeks. Your eyes locked with his for a moment, until he moved to lightly place his lips to your temple.

“I’m so sorry baby, I had no idea. We can figure this out. In fact, I’m going to find out who did this to your car. I won’t let anyone hurt you anymore.”

“Harry there’s only so much you can do. I just don’t think we will work-“

“(Y/N) please. I love you so much. I don’t know what I would do without you in my life. We can figure this out, please baby.” He locked his eyes with yours, and kept a hand on your chin so that you couldn’t look away. “Tell me that you’re not happy and you don’t love me, and I will leave right now. I won’t bother you about this again.”

“Harry… you’ve made me the happiest I’ve ever been and I’ve never felt this way about someone before. I don’t want to lose what we have, but I also don’t want to hold you back. You can have anyone you want, so why me?”

“Don’t you see that you are the girl I want, the one that I need. I don’t care about anyone else but you. I promise I will do whatever it takes to make you happy every day. I promise to keep you safe from all the people who try to hurt you. And most of all, I promise I will love you unconditionally, with all my heart.”

Your body was still shaking from being unable to contain your emotions. Within one smooth motion, Harry met his lips with yours. The kiss was soft and passionate, and exactly what the both of you needed. It just helped reassure that Harry was the person you were supposed to be with. Sure the hate is hard, but with Harry by your side, you could overcome anything.

Do you ever think about Shiro looking at himself in a mirror for the first time after he got captured? He’s changed so much from the first time we saw him get captured he was almost unrecognizable when he crash landed back on Earth.

Imagine him looking at himself for the first time in a Castle mirror and just being appalled at it because that is not him. He never imagined his white hair fluff was so shocking or that the scar on him face was so rugged. His eyes were never so tired and even though he’s half swedish, he’s never been that pale.

Imagine Shiro cautiously avoiding mirrors when he can and fiercely avoiding looking at himself when he can’t. Imagine him freaking out a tiny bit when he finds out that someone had to take off his long sleeve shirt to get him in the healing suit because they had to have seen everything he was hiding.

Imagine him standing there with his shirt off just hating all the scars and muscle because they don’t mean survival to him. They scream of the pain and agony he’s had to go through that awful year. His body is that of a prisoner and he hates how envious the other paladins are of it because he never wanted this but he wanted to live.

When Shiro sees himself shirtless in a mirror, Sendak’s words come back to haunt him. “You’ve been broken and reformed. Look at your hand…..Do you really think a monster like you could be a Voltron Paladin?” And while he’s alone, Shiro believes him.

He’s sick (Ethan)

request: If it’s ok with you could you please do an Ethan imagine where he’s really sick and you take care of him? I really love your blog tysm!!

a/n: thanks babes, hope you like it xxx


word count: 601

I knocked on Ethan’s front door and waited for him to open it. He had called me about an hour ago saying he was super sick, he begged me not to come over because he didn’t want me to catch it. I lied and told him I wouldn’t come, but here I am to make this as bearable as possible for him. Grayson eventually opened the door.

“Oh hey y/n, Ethan is in his room but you know he is like dying right?” he asked me as he welcomed me with a hug.

“Yeah I know, I’ve come to take care of him.” I said as I rested up against the counter.

“Your a good girlfriend.” He replied, I smiled and walked towards Ethan’s bedroom. I knocked lightly on the door and walked in. The room was dark, curtains drawn, I could see Ethan’s hair poking out from underneath the mountain of blankets on the bed. He popped his head out with a very sad and tired look on his face and pouted at me.

“Hey, E how you feeling? You look awful.” I said and sat down on the bed. He groaned and sat up a bit.

“I feel like shit, what are you doing here though I told you not to come, your going to get sick.” He mumbled.

“What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t look after you when your like this.” I replied giving him a soft smile. He attempted to do the same but just flopped back down on the bed. 

“Maybe I should take you to the doctors Ethan, you look really bad and if you die it will be my fault for not taking precautions.” I said worriedly. He grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me into the bed.

“I’m not going to die, it’s not that bad.” He replied as he pulled me in closer, snuggling into me. 

“Have you eaten?” I asked him softly after a few minutes of cuddling, he shook his head. “I’ll make you some soup, you stay here and sleep okay?” He nodded. I got up from the bed and left the room making my way to the kitchen. Grayson sat at the counter and chatted to me as I cooked.

I was only half way done as Ethan emerged from the bedroom. 

“Babe I told you to sleep.” I said as he sat at the counter, putting his head in his hands. Clearly he was not feeling any better.

“I missed you.” He replied which made me smile.

“Your so sweet when your sick.” I replied and he looked up at me with a small smile. I finished up the soup and we sat down on the couch while he ate. I was practically feeding it to him, he was so weak bless him. 

Later on we put on a movie, as we spooned on the couch, he was tracing lines on my arm because he knew how much I loved that. Even when he was so sick he was always trying to make me happy.

 Halfway through, after falling asleep a couple times, Ethan got up to go to the bathroom. He came back and I had switched from laying on my side to my back, he walked over to me and laid his giant body on top of me.

“Ethannn, your so heavy.” I said between giggles. He kissed me on the cheek and shuffled down a bit so his head was on my stomach. I played with his hair, which he loved, until he fell asleep on top of me. 

I’m The One

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Description: Someone’s got to get him to talk…

Warning: Some swearing/prisoner abuse

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“Wake up, you wacko!”
Taeil was forced up by strong hands, pulling him from the uncomfortable cot he was provided with for sleep. Although he seldom slept, and he certainly wasn’t sleeping when the guard unlocked his cell..uhem, room, and shouted at him.
As he did every Wednesday, the guard came barging in to Taeil’s domain, forcing him up, handcuffing him and lead him to the small room that he’d been receiving therapy in. Though try as they might, they rarely got a word out of him, in the nearly decade he’d been there, psychiatrist had come and gone after being frustrated with his lack of response, or his responses that were pure, fabricated lies.
He enjoyed his time in therapy, oddly enough. He didn’t have much to occupy his time with anymore, but toying with the minds of the people that were trying to cure him gave him some joy. He was more than content to simply sit there and smirk, staring unblinkingly at his doctor of the week, watching them grow more and more uncomfortable and fidget in their seat.
They may have been here to read and cure him, but he was here to read and destroy them.
They’d never told him straight to his face, but they didn’t exactly hide the fact from him that after his sessions, a number of his pass psychiatrists had quit. Or retired, as they’d say. No, they wouldn’t outright say his unnerving behavior disturbed the people that were supposed to help the disturbed, often leaving them with cluttered thoughts of his words, unable to shake the feeling of his gaze on them, some even seeing him in their dreams, like he was haunted them.
They kept him in a high security section of the hospital. Something which Taeil often complained about to himself in his mind.
The high security is for the really insane, Taeil thought to himself. Ones that will hurt themselves or others, I’ve not said a word in ten years, what’s to protect from?
Try as he might, he would never be moved to a lower section, not after what he had done. The doctors were sure of that, he would remain in room 237, until his end. No matter, Taeil had a plan though, to get out of the hospital. Or at the very least, to a lower lever of security that allowed him to move about freely. He was tired of always being looked after by the awful smelling guard, and the pinch of the handcuffs the guard would intentionally put on Taeil tighter than necessary.
They were tight today, as usual. Taeil fidgeted his hands that were stuck behind his back, trying to worm the slightest bit of room, to loosen the cuffs just enough that blood flow wasn’t being cut off anymore. But the guard noticed his hand movements, and thumped Taeil in the back of the head with his baton, shouting, “Stop fucking around wacko, I won’t have one of your psychos loose on my watch.”
If I wanted loose, you wouldn’t have any say. Taeil thought to himself, pausing in his steps to turn slowly and glare at the guard, giving him what he so often gave his therapists. The guard hadn’t broken, Taeil had to give him that, even after the months the guard had been around Taeil, but he often chopped that up to the guard being too dull in the head to fully understand the heat behind Taeil stare.
“Move freak,” The guard hissed, shoving Taeil to keep walking. “Wouldn’t want to keep the new doc waiting, would we?”
“No, we wouldn’t.” Taeil answered, getting another whack on the back of his head, though Taeil never reacted to the hits, he had to admit, they didn’t feel too good.
“I wasn’t asking you, mad man.” The guard grabbed Taeil’s arm as they stopped outside one room, the guard knocked once before opening the door to the blindingly white room. “Here he is ma’am.”
Taeil almost laughed at the change in the guard’s voice, differing from his time alone with Taeil and now that he stood in front of the newest psychiatrist.
“Excellent.” You smiled, looked up from your paper on the desk. “You can leave now.”
“Yes ma’am.” The guard nodded, all but pushing Taeil to sit in the chair, uncuffing his hands, only to cuff one hand to either arm of the chair he sat in. “Now you be nice for the doctor, wouldn’t want to have to put you in solitary confinement.”  
“Oh I doubt he’ll misbehave.” You dismissed with a wave of the hand. “Nothing in his files would say otherwise, I think we’ll be okay.”
“Yes ma’am.” The guard said again, scooting towards the door. “I’ll be just outside, yell if you need anything.”
Taeil caught the look in the guards eye, something between lust for the new pretty doctor, and a hope for Taeil to do something to use as an excuse to pummel him. Taeil only smirked at him, watching him leave, shutting the automatically locking door behind him.
Alone at last…almost…
“Moon Taeil, yes?” You asked, pen in your hand, ready for anything to write down, though he suspected you knew he wouldn’t say much.
“Yes.” Taeil spoke, voice light and calming, almost like a lullaby. “And you are Doctor Y/N, correct?”
“That’s right, yes.” You nodded. “I’m sorry you have to see so many of us, perhaps if you’d comply this would be easier on everyone.”
“Is there a reason you won’t talk to any of your past doctors?”
“There’s nothing to say, it’s already in my file.” Taeil answered.
“Yes, but words on paper aren’t very helpful sometimes.” You explained. “With people in your position, it’s helpful to hear them say it, it helps to know what they know, did, and understand.”
“Is that right?”
“It is.” You nodded. “If all it is, is re-telling a story, why can’t you comply?”
“What’s use in telling a worn out story?” Taeil asked.
“To remember it.” You answered. “Did you know, from the moment you make a memory, your brain already begins to distort it? You’ll never remember something the way it actually was.”
“I’m aware of that.” Taeil smirked at you trying to outsmart him. “If that is the case, why have me re-tell a ten year old story? I’d have forgotten all key points and actions of the story. It’d all be fiction at this point.”
“I want to know what your mind retained of the story.” You said. “I want to know what your mind turned the original plan in to after all these years.”
“Curious are you?”
“Very.” You smiled. “Do you remember anything at all? From that night?”
“Hmm,” Taeil hummed, acting as though he was in deep thought, but he knew he didn’t need to think. In ten years, he’d replayed that memory over and over again, he didn’t need to remember. The memory was always there. “I remember it quite well, actually.”
“You do?” You asked, not even looking as you scribbled his answer on a scrap piece of paper. “What do you…do you know? What you did that night?”
My favorite question. Taeil smirked. With that curl of his lip present, and his dark eyes reaching yours, putting you under the spell of his gaze, and answered, for the first time since his incarceration.
“I murdered my father.”


It was your last period at school on a Friday. You’ve had a long week, full of projects and tons of homework and not even the fact that you were having a lesson with (TC/N) could cheer you up… almost. You were trying your hardest to participate in class and focus on what he was saying but the only thing you could do was stare at him… his lips, his eyes, his hands. Until the beel rung. You were slowly trying to pack your stuff with any power left in your body and leave. You put your books inside your backpack and your notebook ,slowly as always, looking extremely tired and bored.
“was the lesson THAT boring?” you heard your favourite voice in the world say in a sarcastic tone. Looking up, you were so exhausted you hadn’t even noticed that everyone else had left the classroom. It was just you and him.
“No…” you let out a small laugh while looking at the floor -you couldn’t take the intensity of looking into his eyes for more than a few seconds-
“I’m just a bit… tired”, you smiled.
There was a long pause then. As you were zipping your backpack he asked you again: “Is there something wrong?… You seem a bit off these days”
“No… no. I’m just a bit tired. I’ve had too much homework the past week.”
“You better have some rest at the weekend then” he said with the cutest and most caring smile.
“I will.” you said trying to keep the conversation going and overcome your awful social skills. He seemed a bit awkward and nervous as well though, tapping his fingers on a desk and trying to find something to talk about before telling you goodbye for the weekend.
As you were about to head to the door he finally said: “So… are you attending the school dance tonight?”
“No, I don’t think so” you said trying to convince him that you were actually considering going to the dance. “I have tons of homework and besides that I don’t really like these kind of stuff. Too many people, too much alcohol, too loud music I don’t like… not my thing.”
“Oh come on. I’m sure you have a lot of fun during these school dances”
“I’ve never really been to one before actually” you said quietly.
“Are you serious? I loved these kind of stuff when I was your age. I’d never miss these kind of… events.”
“Are you trying to make me change my mind? because I’m pretty sure I won’t go.” you said hoping it did not come out too harsh. “No” he laughed a bit. “I’m just saying that I’m pretty sure that you’d have a good time. You know… dancing, drinking, chatting with your friends, slow dancing…”
“Okay that does sound good, but as I said I have a lot of homework due this week… You gave us tons of homework as well today.” you said and he laughed.
“So I’m the reason you won’t be attending the dance tonight right?” he said before he started laughing in the sweetest way possible.
“Okay not exactly-” you were smiling so widely and before you even finished what you wanted to say he interrupted you
“Well since I’m the reason you can’t go to the dance tonight can I be your very first slow dance?” You couldn’t even believe he had actually said that. “Do you really want to dance now?” you asked.
“Why not? It can be just like the school dance… only with less people, no alcohol and you can even choose the music”.
He just knew the right thing to say. Always. That’s what you liked about him. He knew you and he knew what you wanted. You went towards him as he was reaching for his cellphone. “Here” he said handing it to you making you choose a song out of a playlist he had found online with slow romantic songs. You picked one and the music started playing. He handed out his hand to you.
“can I have this dance?” he asked you, the brightest smile forming on his face.
You smiled as well, put some of your hair behind your ear and gave him your hand. He placed your left hand on his shoulder and you put your right hand on his chest. You could feel the soft fabric of his gray button-up shirt. He pulled you closer and put his hands on your waist. You were slow dancing then… with him… you couldn’t even believe it. It was just you and him. Nothing else mattered at this moment. Just his strong hands holding on your waist, the music and him leading your steps throughout the song. You could feel him pulling you closer and then slowly ending the dance as the song was getting to the last chorus. There was a long pause then. It was just you and him staring into each other’s eyes. He was pulling in closer… or at least you thought. You pulled away from his grip then. The intensity was destroying you. You thought that you had ended it all, you were so mad at yourself.
“Thank you” you managed to say a bit disappointed that the kiss you really wanted didn’t happen and it was all because of you. “that was amazing” you added.
“You’re welcome” he replied.
And as you thought that everything had ended and that you had missed your chance…

“Do you need a ride home?”


lImagine you’re not in the mood to have sex and you find Juice jerking off in the bathroom 

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“Hey! Dinner’s ready…” Juice said walking in on you finishing your excersize routine on the living room, wearing a black sports bra and matching jogging shorts. You nodded, slurping on your water and dragging a towel around your sweaty stomach and legs. Juice bit his bottom lip and smiled at you, walking closer and grabbing your still hot hips. You scrunched up your nose.

“Hey there…” He said, bitting his bottom lip and leaning in for a kiss. You grunted.

“Babe. I’m sweaty and hungry. Please let’s eat?” His face lighted up at your suggestion but you rolled your eyes. “I meant the food, you freak.” You said while smiling and slapping his scalp with your towel. He laughed and both of you walked down to the dinner table, eating the meal Juice made for the two. 

Juice was all handsy over the usual TV break you both had after eating dinner. He roamed his hands on your thighs, stole a few kisses and even caressed your bare stomach a little. You felt sorry for him; Tonight, it wasn’t going to happen. You were under a lot of stress at work this week and even if sex worked as a stress relieve, you wouldn’t do it tonight. You were too tired for it; Honestly, all you wanted was a hot shower and sleep your 8 hours, even more if you could; When the movie was over, you both climbed upstairs, hand in hand, stealing a few kisses in the middle of the road. 

“Come here…” Juice said in his raspy low voice, pulling you closer as he sat down on the bed. You kissed him back, yes, but you pulled away as he meant for pulling you on top of him. “Babe?” 

“I’m gonna take a shower.” You said hiding your lips and smiling at the look on Juice’s face. He looked like a little kid, when denied a candy. You grabbed a clean towel, your Ipod and walked in, feeling relaxed when the warm water touched your skin, relieving your muscles and making you smirk at your own moment inside of that place. You spent some good 15 minutes in there, taking your time and slipping into your black night gown. You smiled at Juice, sitting on the bed reading a motorbike magazine, as you slipped into bed, turning on your lamp. 

You heard him sigh and after a few minutes, his lamp went off too. Everything was quiet and you allowed yourself to fall asleep, when you felt a couple of hands caressing your ass cheeks. You opened your eyes when Juice started kissing your neck from behind and smiled a little, caressing his stomach as you turned around.


He attacked your lips and even though you kissed back and enjoyed you could’t bring yourself to keep going. You sighed and smiled at him, bitting your bottom lip. “Not tonight…”

“(Y/N)…” He insisted, winning like a little boy.

“I’m tired. I had an awful day…” He looked at you, his big eyes staring in the dark but nodded, pecking your lips and laying back down. You smiled at him. “I’ll make it up to you…” You whispered. He smiled back and just like that both of you went back to sleep. 

“Shit…” You heard in a muffled sound coming from somewhere near. “Jesus…” You opened your eyes and looked at the watch on top of your closet. 2:30 AM. You blinked the sleep off your eyes and reached out hoping to feel Juice on the side of the bed; But he wasn’t there. Your heart rate calmed down when you saw the bathroom door open and the lights on. “Oh my god.” You heard Juice say from inside. You got up and walked slowly to the bathroom, carrying a gun you guys kept at the nightstand. You peeked through the door and put the gun down, your cheeks flushing red and your low stomach shaking with pleasure and desire. 

Juice was leaning against the wall; grey basketball shorts down to mid thigh, and his hand wrapped around his cock. His cheeks were flushed pink and he was sweating and panting, jerking himself off. You bit your lip and held a hand to your chest, when he snapped his head up. He groaned and threw his head back, his moves not even stopping. 

“I can’t…” He said, cupping his balls and looking at you, biting his lip. “I can’t do this anymore. I don’t jerk off since i was 16.” You laughed at this and tied your head into a ponytail, giving him an idea of what you were about to do. “Oh, no, (Y/N), you don’t have to” you shrugged as you got on your knees in front of him. 

“I would be lying if i said it didn’t turn me on seeing you go all teenager, babe.” You said, caressing his legs and looking up at him. He grabbed your cheek, smiling down at you and pulled you towards his cock. You started slowly, by playing with his balls gently and licking up his shaft slowly, making him shiver under your tongue. What you enjoyed the most was his face whenever he felt good. You loved knowing it was you who was making him feel that good. Juice let out a loud groan, making you chuckle. 

“You’re such a tease…”Juice said, shaking his head yet enjoying every second of it. You took all of him in your mouth, chocking as he hit the back of your throat. You bobbed your head up and down, as he became a moaning mess in your mouth. Moaning into his dick, he moaned back feeling the vibrations. “God, babe, keep going.” He wasn’t one to dirty talk, usually but you smirked up at him when he said…

“You look so good with my cock in your mouth, princess.” Without a warning, you felt him twitch in your mouth, before he came all over your lips and exposed chest, not being able to pull out on time. “Shit…” he said looking down at you as he grabbed a towel as fast as he could. “I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to.” He kneeled in front of you and started cleaning yourself up, when you grabbed a bit of his cum and licked your fingers clean, smiling at him. He stared at you in awe, blushing a violent shade of dark red. “You’re a freak…” but he meant no harm. You nodded, getting up and going back to bed.

“You remember that, Juan Carlos.” 

Im so d e a d because imagine enjolras and grantaire watching fireworks together
- R is the one who first spotted them when they were driving home together from his studio and he forced Enj to pull over
- E grumbles a little bit because he is tired and just wants to sleep but he looks over at Grantaire and the paints smeared in his hair, face, and his body match the colors of the fireworks, and the lights illuminate his entire profile and he has this look of absolute wonder on his face and Enjolras realizes he wouldn’t trade this moment for the world
- R might start to cry a little (tears of happiness though) because he looks over and sees Enjolras with the light of the fireworks catching in his eyes and his hair almost glowing from them with a tiny smile on his face and a look of absolute contentment and he realizes how happy he is and how he’s finally made it and looking over at Enjolras makes him think he would do everything all over again just for this
- By the end of the fireworks show they are both staring at each other and though the colorful lights have long stopped dancing across either of their faces they’re both still illuminated by love and a sense of awe only witnessed by them and the moon and the stars
- After a little bit of reluctance they eventually get back into the car and soon enough stumble back into bed absolutely exhausted at an extremely unreasonable hour (and also tired eyes and sleepy kisses !!!!!!) but radiate a sense of utter fulfillment and happiness and love and just. maybe they disagree on a whole lot of things but they can agree that there’s moments like this that make everything worth it

If You Can Wait Til I Get Home.... (Alex Gaskarth Imagine)

This isn’t a request, just a lil something I wrote cause I was bored.

Oh, and my requests are closed, I’m sorry! I’m trying to focus on my fanfic, and I still have like 20 to write. No joke. If you wanna read my Alex fic, the link is on my blog though!

But I hope you enjoy this!

Song: If It Means A Lot To You - A Day To Remember

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"Winchesters Don't Cry" One Shot
Author: curiositykilledthecompanion

Original Imagine Link: 

Warnings: hallucinations, panic attack

Word Count: 973

Summary: Imagine Sam lashing out when he can’t tell apart his hallucinations from reality and you have to sooth him and convince him that you’re real


A/N: spoilers for s5, I think

It’s been a long day.

A bit too long for your liking, really. Early to rise and late to fall, nowadays you can hope for five or six hours of sleep each day or night, max, at any or no given time and never in immediate succession. Today has been especially terrible, and though you and Dean are both tired too—I mean, hell, the apocalypse—the erratic sleep schedule seems to have taken a particularly heavy toll on Sam. He looks awful, for one thing, but more importantly, both his mental and physical abilities have begun to degrade as the hunt for the remaining Horsemen continues. He’s not as sharp and his reflexes aren’t as good, and though he claims he’s fine, you believe that there is something up more than stress and a lack of proper rest. Winchesters don’t complain.

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