he looked to cute in every scene


No matter how cute and encouraging this scene might look like. What really pains me, is that it’s getting more and more obvious that Viktor still hasn’t come to terms with ending his ice skating career. You could feel it through the whole episode. As he was watching every perfomance.

Viktor Nikiforov still longs for the ice. 


just me, rewatching for the tenth time and i wanted to say

i think this entire scene was so cute?? how exasperated victor looked, and yuuris hesitation, and then victor just opened his arms wordlessly i love dying

and all of his expressions during yuuris performance were so good? (plus his grumbling bc yuuri looked stiff during the part that represented their meeting, hes so frickin)

but anyway, i need Rest

Babytalk (Loki x Reader)

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You watched Loki, hidden behind the door to your shared room. He had a bright smile on his face, which even reached his eyes, making them light up in the most beautiful way. He laughed and cooed at your child, poking the infant occasionally with his hands. The child giggled with him, adoring the way their father paid attention to them. Loki lifted them high above him, and the child squealed, little arms flailing wildly. “You’re quite lively today, little one!”, he cooed. You felt your heart warm up at the cute scene.

“You’re looking more like (YN) every day.”, he sighed dreamily, gently running his hand over the infants head. A blush appeared on your face, and you had to bite your lip to keep from giggling. That was so adorable. Loki turned his head, looking straight at you. “You can come in. We’re not going to bite.”, he smiled, bringing his attention back to your child. As soon as the door was open, the childs gaze landed on you. They held out their arms, still giggling. Carefully you took them, cradling them close to your chest. Little fists grabbed your shirt as they yawned cutely. “Aw, I think it’s bedtime.”, you cooed, pressing a kiss to their temple. You bounced whilst walking to their bed, gently bringing them down into it. Loki stood from the bed, making his way over to you.

Arms wrapped around your middle and his head rested on top of yours. The two of you stayed silent for a while, watching your child fall asleep. “I want another one”, Loki whispered. Your eyebrows raised. “Really, mister ‘I’ll be a bad father’?” He chuckled and nuzzled into the side of your head. “Well, what do you say? Do you want another child?” You nodded absent-mindedly, a yawn escaping you. “Not right now, I see. Let’s go to bed too, love.”

ok ok but I need to talk about TFP Megs for a sec

When I’m talking to people about TFP and we get on the topic of the animation and they start talking about Starscream’s cute little wing flutters or Meg’s hips when he walks being the “highlight” of the animation quality…..

and I’m just there like
There is this ONE SHOT in ONE SCENE (I think he may do it a second time, but I digress) where Megatron is standing above Optimus and he does this THING with his hand; his fingers just do this trill/fluttery motion as he gestures to himself and oh. my. god. When I talk about the animation I’m like “STEP ASIDE MEGA-BOOTY! LOOK AT DAT HAND ARTICULATION ANIMATION YO!!”

Every time I see that clip I’m just like

I can’t stop watching THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SCENE EVER really I smiled every time I watched it and it’s just so pure and great the fact that Kara was able to open herself to Mon el I mean she literally gave her heart to him in that scene and she didn’t wait for him to make a move she did it she was going to kiss him and he was so cuuuuute looking at her lips and the her eyes and then her lips again he is completely in love with her and thank god she can finally admit that she likes him too and she’s not hiding her feelings anymore

every single scene of keith and lance being unnecessarily next to each other episode 6

(episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

*EDIT: i just realised one of the caps has allura’s shoulder not lance’s i just saw blue and was like “it MUST BE LANCE” because i was ¾ asleep so i removed it lol

this is a good fucking episode for klance…….Good Content…….. lots of bi flag coloured backgrounds……the good shit

I CRY EVERY DAY BC OF THIS SCENE keith is so pouty and relatable, look at him, i cant fucking get over this, he’s sulking

everyone is by lance here so its not super klancy but ask me if i give a motherfuck

ok i knOW this has been talked about 26456 times but im beside myself keith is the last one to leave lance’s pod i’m a mess i’m #moved

theyre not next to each other but look how cute keith looks :’)




The Klance Moment™ (theyre not next to each other but i cant not put this scene)

this doesnt even count but im really just reaching im an emotional mess leave me be

this is so funny bc literally when they exited the ship they were as far away from each other as possible but they end up beside each other anyway

keith isnt even here but lance is like no ma’am he will not he hasn’t even given me a ride smh 

lance is shook

no offence but the bi flag colours in background on lance’s side is the reason i am alive and here today

i cant believe keith is flirting w lance and everyone can hear

ok so they arent in this shot however i  would enjoy to talk about the fact that lance is talking to keith and there is a rainbow there after the convenient bi flag colours in the background in the previous scene

like i know this has been pointed out 1,000,000 times but i cry every day.

that’s it for ep 6 thx for scrolling stay tuned for more

Shrek appreciation post

 I thoroughly enjoy the Shrek movies. They have comedy and heart and…they’re just good movies.

 I love Shrek. And I love how much he loves his children. One of the first questions he asks when he wakes up in Shrek 4 is “Where are my babies?” and the way that line is read absolutely breaks my heart.

It sucks that Shrek has become a very inappropriate joke on the internet cause he is such an emotional character. He’s been judged for so long that he learned to shut everyone out and grew to hate people, but inside, he just wants to be loved.

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And I grew up with shrek. I felt his pain deep in my heart. And this is why his and Fiona’s relationship, to me, was so cute. I just love everything about them. They each saw each other as beautiful in every movie despite how they looked.

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and the movies gradually got better animation. And I just love how much emotion they show.

look at that tear though

This is my favorite scene because this is actually the first time we see Shrek cry out of all of the movies and it really touched my heart. I just love his character and his character development throughout the movies.

Hats off to you, Dreamworks, because I absolutely love these movies no matter what anyone says.


omg must stop capslocking. must breathe.

also like how great was this episode as a whole even? rumple’s little fake deal with charming’s dad and his “i hope we’re all reunited with our sons’ and the way he sort of softened when charming sr. talked about his son like what a good.

the shots of david in the prison through the cameras were such a good touch.

wooden pinocchio looked great! and i loved whoever did his voice! it was perfect!!

cute af emma fucking swan

but honestly the real mvps are Josh and Colin because they just played their emotions so well, I felt every fucking moment of killian’s fear and apprehension and worry and every second of david’s slow unravelling.

that scene in the prison is one for the fucking ages.

what an episode.

what a show for making characters that can do this to me.

like i am a mess who has lost all ability to use capital letters.

i am so done.

idek if i have the energy to watch next week’s promo omgg

i might just go to bed holy shitttt

someone hug me

Days With Him

REQUESTED BY ANON: Hi!Can I have a sisfic where the reader is kevins girlfriend (like 18y/o) and just make some cute scenes with a lot of fluff? Maybe also something like she got kidnaped and totured and after she gets back he makes sure she’s feeling alright? Thanks💕

“Kevin!” You whine burying your head in the pillow.

Kevin laughs, he is used to this, every morning it is a war to get you up. Though, he learned a few tricks.

“Come on, (Y/N)” Kevin says lying beside you “I promise that I’ll make you some pancakes”.

You look up at him a smile on your face.


“Really” he nodded.

“I’m up!”

You jump out of bed and open your door, but before you can get out, Kevin stops you.

“Maybe you should put pants on and a more suitable shirt, your brothers are here”.


You grab your clothes from the floor, dressing up so quickly that you put your shirt upside down. You run out the room, but notice that Kevin is not following. So, you go back to the room.

“Kevin! Come on”.

He takes a step towards you and gives you a kiss.

“I want pancakes” you mumble.

“Well this is how you pay for it”.

Kevin has a hard time working on the tablet. Especially when he is so tired and sees you asleep on the bed next to you.

He watches you, finding it cute how you look so peaceful in your sleep. He had to deal with you and the nightmares when they thought Dean was dead. Though, he was sent to purgatory. You had a big fight with Sam, and he left to live normal. You were left alone until Kevin found you.

Kevin finally decides that his eyes can’t stay open much longer. He takes his pants off and joins you in bed. As a reflex, you snuggle closer, you cheek on his chest.

“I love you” he whispered kissing your head “I love you so much”.

You are a hunter and a Winchester, what makes you a victim to danger.

And this is what happened. You got kidnapped by a bunch of demons that wanted to know where Kevin and the tablet was.  

Your older brothers saved you, just in time. You got cut up, beaten… tortured.

They brought you back and cleaned your wounds. Kevin never left your side since you got back. He just sits there, on a chair next to you. He blames himself because the demons were searching for him.

You got hurt because of him.

“Kevin” Dean called out from the door of the room “she’s gonna be okay. It’s late, and you look worn out”.

“No” he shakes his head “I want to be here when she wakes up”.

“Dean’s right” Sam said, walking next to his brother “she just needs a lot of rest”.

Kevin shakes his head again.

Sam and Dean look at each other and decide to leave you two alone.

It is only a few hours later, as Kevin was falling asleep that he hears your weak voice calling his name.


Kevin sits up and grabs your hand, which you tightly SERT.

“Oh, baby” he sighs relieved “how are you feeling? You need something? Does something hurt? Want me to-”

“I’m fine, Kevin” you smile slightly “I want you to come to bed with me… I missed you”.

Kevin doesn’t have to be told twice. He gently lays beside you, making sure he doesn’t hurt you.

“I’m sorry” he whispered playing with your hair.


“Because I know that they took you to know where I am. Sam and Dean told me, I’m so sorry”.

“It’s not your fault” you assured him “I got worst. I’m just happy I’m here with you”.

“I promise I will protect you” Kevin said “I love you way too much to lose you”.

He places his lips on yours and kisses you, before you both fall asleep.

This is me trying to calm down every time (SKAM RELATED OBVIOUSLY):

  • I see the eye-fucking scene on 3x03.  
  • I see the swimming pool scene on 3x04.
  • I see the making out and being cute af scene at the beginning of 3x05.
  • I see Even’s eyes looking down when Isak tells him about not wanting people with mental illnesses in his life on 3x05.
  • I see Isak’s face when he sees Even kissing Sonja again on 3x05.
  • I see Isak being so frustrated and crying at the end of 3x05 
  • I see Even’s eyes when staring at Isak at the beginning of 3x06.
  • I see Isak’s facial expression when he encounters Even in the canteen on 3x06.
  • I see Even’s face trying to make Isak smile/laugh in the scene mentioned above. 
  • I see Isak and Even meeting finally meeting each other again after so long at the end of 3x07.
  • I watch 3x08, 3x09 and 3x10. 

If I’m forgetting any scene or detail, you’re welcome to add it down here.


I just watched Alestorm’s “Making of Sunset on the Golden Age”

Yeah I know I probably should have watched it in 2014 when it came out but anyway it was amazing:

  • The fact that it’s on youtube and it’s not a rip, one of the band memebers just decided to post it for everyone to watch it for free even thought it’s exclusive content for the people that bought the DVD. I love these guys.
  • Chris and Elliot going out to buy booze and bringing all the bottles back to the studio in a baby carrier.
  • Chris going out to get a tattoo of his favorite burger franchise.
  • How you can see his socks while he was getting the tattoo and they had tiny cute burgers on them.
  • “Real accordions don’t sound like accordions”
  • Crhis using “ahoy” and “yarr” like every 2 sentences.
  • Chris and Elliot playing Keelhauled on an acoustic guitar and a beer bottle xilophone in the middle of the night and how Elliot looks really sleep-deprived in that scene.
  • “Rum for dinner, ahoy!”
  • The guys going ghosthunting.
  • During the whole ghosthunting segment I was expecting Chris to come out wrapped in a white bedsheet and saying “boo”. Was not disappointed.
  • Pete threatening to lock Dani and Elliot out of the studio and letting them starve to death if they didn’t bring him ice cream.
  • *Talking about the album’s silly songs* “Yeah, Wooden Leg is (i didn’t understand this part), it’s not what you’d call high art but I like it because it’s about legs… and… wood”
  • The trumpetist dude that does their brass sections being overly amused at his own “I play metal too” joke.
  • “more full of yarr”
  • how everyone just keeps scrapping off the table’s varnish and/or the candle’s wax (i couldn’t tell what it was) while they talked.
  • Pete and Elliot’s thanks list for the album

  • This

A true cinematic masterpiece

The whole thing is on here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2Q8fbWBOyg

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I completely agree with you! Nico and Upa interactions are too pure and they give me life!

They’re so cute and I really appreciate every second they interact together in an episode!!

Like can we just appreciate the way Upa looked, as he found out Nico wanted to be like him? It was such a cute and meaningful scene!! Also I’m 100% sure, that this scene is one of the ones, which strengthened their relationship.

Or smaller scenes, like how the first thought of Nico was, after he woke up, to make sure his master is safe. So cute!! And I have no doubt, that Upa would be like constantly making sure is safe, whenever they’re in danger.

I mean he literally already did that, but just imagine Upa often glancing at Nico, making sure he is safe and just imagine Liang or Qi commenting on it, and Upa denying it, but the first second they are attacked, he literally stays close enought to Nico or even tells him to search for shelter to protect himself.

Or just imagine the ordinary moments, like it’s Valentine’s day and Nico, being into manga and anime and all, decides to give his friends some chocolate. Just imagine him giving some Upa, and maybe at first Upa didn’t know it was Valentine’s day, but Qi or Samon telling him, whilst they smirk (they got chocolate from Nico as well, but they purposely didn’t mention anything) and Upa would blush?

Or just think about Nico’s other personality, which I will call 25. Upa saw 25, but only after the fight he must have realized hpw bad 25 was for Nico’s health. Just imagine Upa actually starting to ask Nico everytime they see each other, if he took his medicine. And if he didn’t he would drag Nico to Qi (who probably kept some of Nico’s medicine, just in case) or to the infirmary, and scolding him, but in truth he is just very worried.

Or imagine that, Upa carelessly fights, no matter if he could lose his life or get badly hurt, but suddenly he tries to stay save, because his family, Qi, Liang, Samon and Nico would be all very sad, and he only realizes that after Nico keeps being annoying (and adorable) about it

Anon, I’m broken. Just the mention of the two kills me and gives me a new, bright life.

my-strawberrybubblegum  asked:

The minute we got Lexi and Stefan together again I started sobbing. Rei I couldn't stop crying. Might have been the sweetest reunion ever, plus The Fray- Don't Let Me Go was playing that was a throwback to season 1. Stefan stuff made me so emotional. He died on his own term, being a hero. Not just for Damon, but for Bonnie, Enzo and every person he hurt by saving his hometown. My Boy I'm proud of him.

Awwwww you’re too cute. That scene was really sweet and the actress who played Lexi looked gorgeous, even better than when Lexi was originally on the show. I didn’t know that about the song so good spotting ;D 

I’m glad you liked Stefans end. It’s good to hear that from a Stefan stan. The episode is getting a lot of mixed reviews so I like hearing a bit of positivity.

Mr. B Fave 5

Because it’s Mr. B’s birthday, I decided to throw together this little list. It’s really for the pictures. Mr. B’s roles, a list of favourite 5, and it’s a list that is subject to change even while I’m typing it but let’s go anyway! Seriously, just enjoy the pictures.

5. John “Baggy” Bagley

(I Want Candy, 2007)

So young, so cute. Not the greatest film ever made by any measure, but he is LOVELY.

As Baggy would have it:

4. Napoleon Bonaparte

(Heroes And Villains: Napoleon, 2007)

Apparently a reasonably accurate description of the life of the 24 year old future Emperor of the French. Great. He’s almost in every scene. Looking gorgeous. Watch it. He’s beautiful.

Emperor to be:

3. Davy

(Third Star, 2010)



2. Fedya Dolokhov

(War & Peace, 2016)

Only thing wrong is that there’s not enough of that filthy, devastating bastard in the series. There’s never enough, really.

I mean FFS:

1. Captain Gorgeous / Athos

(The Musketeers, 2014-2016)

Well he is. Isn’t he.


And a bonus belt: