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You remember what they used to say to you when you grew up? That sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, whoever came up with that can suck it. You always thought they were wrong, they were just idiots up in a small office trying to create bumper stickers, so tell me, why is it the only things that actually hurt are the words.

When you were younger, you were constantly bullied, yah the sticks and stones hurt, but the scars were left by the words. The pain started to tear you apart from the inside, each word on repeat in your head.





Telling those around you is like personally committed yourself to the loony bin, signing the paper and walking in to say, hey go ahead tell me what I already know, that I’m depressed. The worst feeling was hiding everything from your best friend Peter, he told you almost everything, you had craved to tell him you were breaking. That the world seemed to crumble around you, nothing was okay, that you needed help.

In your mind, you always told yourself, you don’t deserve the help, and you deserve the depression handed to you. So, in the pain you hand inside, you resorted to putting it on the outside, to feel almost anything but what you were feeling on the inside. Scars marked up your body, hidden in places only you could see them, but you felt whole with them there.

When scars would fade you felt empty, you felt like you weren’t you, that you needed to make new ones to make up for the pain or lack thereof. Peter had started to suspect something, but he never said anything, thinking you were just switching up style.

In all truth, you added more and more clothes to hide the scars gaping on your arms, you may have been proud of them, but society, nor Peter, needed to know that.

You stopped to look in the mirror, looking at yourself, you had hair that looked like a straight mess, and your eyes had deep under bags. Your clothes were large and hanging due to the lack of eating, you turned back around, deciding if it was to be your last day, you wanted to make everyone smile.

Once you changed, you looked in the mirror once more, you wore a white sundress that was tight at the waist but flared at the hips. There were flowers spread all over the dress, each flower decorated with intricate details, it was beautiful, it didn’t look like you, but then again that’s what you were going for.

Slipping on your light pink heels, and grabbing your backpack, you started to walk down the usual road, the road that was inevitably busy, cars honking and people screaming at each other. You noticed that people kept staring at you, locking their eyes on you until you kept walking, you smiled at all of them, and they smiled back.

The school wasn’t very close, it was around 10 blocks away, you didn’t really have time to walk but you wanted to burn off a few calories, so walking you went. You dug through your large baby blue backpack, pulling out a pair of black headphones, you placed them in ear and started to listen to your favorite music.

For some unknown reason, you felt your body ache, your bones crying out to stop moving, but you kept moving, ignoring the consistent howls of your bones. “Hey, Y/N, thought you would’ve drove today, there is a storm roaring in.”

You jumped when the voice came out of nowhere, but you looked up to see Peter calling out to you from his window. A brown curly mop sat on Peter’s head, most of his hair out of place or a mess, he wore a tight white shirt with something about chemistry placed on it. “Wait up! I’m headed down!”

The sky looked as if it was split in half, one half painted with blue and white, the clouds dancing in the series of blue, but the other half turned grey, black clouds radiating with lighting as it sparked a light silver.

“You look.. Uh.. beau- beautiful.” Peter now stood next to you, you noticed the rest of his outfit, the atom shirt and a pair of brown pants with black vans. “You live far from the school, why do you uh-”

“Walk?” Peter nodded, he was always so awkward, it didn’t matter how close you were to him, he was always just an awkward person. “So.. Uh…”

Peter was acting very different today, he was acting more awkward, walking closer to you than before. “Today, after school… uh… would you like… to uh hang out?”

You were almost shocked at Peter’s question, for once in his life he didn’t have the stark interrelationship, and he wanted to spend the day with you? “What about ned? He was excited to get the lego death star, you should go help him with that.”

“I was hoping you… uh… wouldn’t make me ask you this…” You nodded at him as you carried on walking, Peter was rubbing his hands together, running his hands through his hair, “I was wondering.. Uh.. if you wanted to build the death star with me, or even just hang out.”

You stopped walking, Peter carried on for a minute but then he stopped, waiting to see how you felt or your reaction, “Ummmm. I’m sorry Pete, I have plans tonight.”

Peter’s head dropped, you instantly felt terrible about not being able to hang out with him, but you had your priorities straight. You saw the school in front of you, there were students filling the school, each one talking to someone or smiling happily.

Inside your mind, played the words of your childhood, on repeat once again. You tried to drown them out, you didn’t want to hear anything, you didn’t want to think about the words, the people behind the words.





Peter looked at you, you weren’t speaking, but you were only standing there in silence, he tapped your shoulder and you shook back to reality, “Hey, you okay?”

You nodded your head quickly, putting on a fake smile as you walked behind him. “Yah sorry, I was thinking about whether we had a quiz or not.” Peter nodded as you walked behind him, “did you sleep last night? You look like you didn’t”

“Couldn’t fall asleep. But that’s okay.” you smiled at him happily and walked into the school. You noticed the instant attention you got, boys were staring more than usual, girls looked at you and only smirked or they looked at you like they were pissed.

Peter smiled at you once more then walked away, leaving you alone in the hallway, “oh wow, look at you.. You look hot!”

Flash Thompson. You rolled your eyes quickly, but realized being nice to everyone was now your main goal of the day, “Hi, Flash.”

He smiled at you as you turned around, looking you up and down, “you look different. More.. Alive..”

“Oh thank you,Flash.” You could tell there was a bit of sarcasm in his voice, so you threw some back at him, “You keep dressing like this, and you might take Liz’s spot as top hot girl.” You kept your smile on your face, “I ought to get to glass. Bye Flash.”

Flash watched as you walked away, you could only feel disgusted as he looked you up and down, you kept walking forwards, going to your locker, but then you heard Liz’s voice call out to you from down the hallway.

“Y/N! You look so pretty.” You frowned quickly, but pushed the door close as you waited for her to walk up to you, “Oh my gosh. This is so different from the sweatpants and t-shirts.”

“Yeah, decided I needed a little bit of a change.” Liz’s smile faded away, it was almost like you flipped a switch, going from resident nice girl to instant mean girl. “Too bad you are still the same ugly nerd.”

Shock washed over your face, “woah, what did I do?!” Liz licked her lips, anger now spread on her personality, “I saw you flirting with Peter. He is mine. Back off.”

You had feelings for Peter, yeah, but you never pursued them, knowing he wouldn’t feel the same way as you.”Okay…”

Liz put the smile back on her face, “ you may look like a good girl, but you are the worst of us all.” You stated to Liz before walking away, “stop.”

Liz spoke up lightly, you stopped in your tracks, she walked up behind you, “ may be a mean girl, but you are still the same obedient dog you were in 4th grade.”

Students in the school started to notice almost instantly, they surrounded you and Liz, your books resting in your hands. Liz circled you, looking at some of the people in the crowd, almost getting a high off of the crowd.

“Do you remember all those words I planted into your head? The ones I made you repeat everyday?” You nodded, feeling the tears well up in your eyes, but you only swallowed them, ignoring the urge to cry.

“Say them.” You looked towards her, some of the people in the crowd wanted to help you, some started to laugh at what she was doing, “Ug-”
You spoke under your breathe, she shook her head, “LOUDER!”

“UGLY!” You yelled lightly, the crowd let out a gasp, “what’s the next one?”

“Fat.” You spoke short words, you didn’t want to repeat the words embedded in your head. Liz smiled at you once more, poking at your sides, “Seems like you’ve lost a little of that baby fat..”

Liz got close to you, putting her face close to yours, “What else are you?”

“I’m a whore.” You stated silently, “Louder, little dog!”

“I’m a whore!” You stated louder than before, but you soon felt all the eyes of the school on you, you hoped Peter wasn’t watching, you didn’t want him to see you break.

The bell rang and people started to leave the situation, but you stood there, not wanting to address the situation, you only stood there, not wanting to think about whether Liz would walk away or not.

Liz moved behind you, “and don’t you forget the last one. Bitch.”

They continued to walk away, Liz turning around to see you, “Maybe you can cut that word into your skin.”

You turned on your heels, walking through the empty hallway, looking at the bare lockers. You felt like you were alone, the school may have been filled with shadows, but truly never people.

The wood shop seemed to be the one place you felt okay, so you went there, and luckily there wasn’t a class in the room. You walked over to the table, looking at some of the projects spread on the table, you had decided to finish up a birdhouse, surprising someone who was really far behind.

You started to carve the dovetail joint, using a fine sander to get the joint down to the size you needed it to be. Wooden flakes flew out from the wooden plank, luckily you put on glasses and the flakes didn’t hit you.

Once it was down to the size you wanted it to be, you used a small nail and put it under the hole, you adjusted the color of the house, but before you did, you used a sander to now make it less splintery.

The door of the shop opens, you turn to see Ned Leeds standing there, he looked at what you had in your hands, his own birdhouse. “My birdhouse?”

You nodded at him, “you did pretty awesome.”
Neds walked over to the table, standing next to you, “why are you fixing it?”

“I wanted to surprise you.”

Ned patted your shoulder, “thanks. You wanna help me pick a color?”

You shrugged, “blue and red.” Ned smiled at you, “oh yah, like spiderman!”

You smiled at how nerdy one of your best friends were, he had cared so much about everything, he wanted to be the best at everything and you seemed to cherish that in him. “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

Ned had started to look at you with confusion on his face, but you only went back to painting the house, hoping the blue and reds would soothe your mind. “Why did you allow her to treat you that way?”

Ned was talking about earlier, Liz confronting you in the hallway about Peter, “she isn’t worth my time. In 10 years she isn’t going to matter anyway.” Ned shrugged, realizing you might actually be right. “I’m happy you didn’t let her get to you. She isn’t worth it.”

You could feel the tension in the air, Ned didn’t really want to push into your life, he knew you but not enough to ask you really personal questions, “You look different today.”

A smile came onto your face, looking back up at Ned, feeling a sense of happiness, “you wanna try this?”

You handed Ned the paint brush, he took it happily and started to paint with a dark blue color, “You are really cheery today.”

“I have no reason not to be.”

Those were the last words you spoke to almost everyone, after the wood shop, you had decided being quiet and avoiding the Liz situation, hoping the next person you talk to wouldn’t mention what had happened this morning. But you consistently kept a smile on your face,hoping to hide the pain behind a smile.

It was almost the end of the last class, you saw Peter walk in late, he apologized to the teacher, looking at him with an apologetic puppy dog face. Peter had two options for a seat, one next to Liz, who only took the class as a extra credit.

He noticed his two options, and almost instantly walked over to you, you could notice the jealous look of Liz, she was burning holes into your brain. Peter sat down next to you, smiling happily, he tousled his hair with his hands, looking at you as he did.

“You know. The Death Star isn’t going to built itself tonight.” He leaned over whispering to you, you turned towards him, whispering back at him lightly, “you are right. It took Vader 20 years to build the first death star.”

Peter smiled at you, you turned back towards the front, but Peter wasn’t done talking to you, he tapped your shoulder lightly, you turned back one more time. He handed you a small black box that sparkled black. You took it from his hand, accepting the tiny box, “What is this?”

“A small gift before your birthday.” You had realized your birthday was like two days away, you smiled and opened the gift he gave you, it was a silver ring that had black letters engraved on it, they stated, “I know.”

“What Leia said to Han, you smiled and put it on your middle finger, Peter put his hand up, showing the same ring, but instead his said, i love you.

The bell rang, you started to pack up your stuff, before you did, you walked around the side of your desk, wrapping your arms around Peter. You may have had a bad day, but every time you saw him or even thought of him, a smile came upon your face.

You moved your hair behind your ear, Peter stood there, he looked at you one more time, “Death star building is still on the table.”

“Build it and send me a photo.” Peter put his hand through his hair, that seemed to be the one thing he did consistently. You walked out of the class room, hoping to avoid Liz, knowing she saw what happened between you and Peter. As quickly as you could, you made your way to your locker and got out of there before anything could happen.

You walked down the street, when you saw people they would stare at you until they couldn’t twist their neck back anymore. With all this attention, you had almost felt violated. A deep sense to cover up your body arises in you, but you had no real way to cover up, you only wore the dress and that was it.

You reached your house, once you were inside you tore the heels from your feet and set them down on the floor. After a semi normal day at school, you walked out of the living room and went into your bathroom. You kept repeating to yourself, “Today. Today.”

You looked at yourself in the mirror, you hadn’t cried yet but your cheeks were puffy, mostly under your eyes, red lines appeared around your eyes as you didn’t know how to feel. You moved the mirror, grabbing a bottle of pills from the cabinet behind the mirror.

There were plenty of places where you felt comfortable, but the one on the roof seemed to be the best place for you. You crawled out onto the fire escape, looking up, you had a few more flights of staircases to go before you reached the roof, so you continued to walk upwards.

You only had on the white dress but you kept on upwards, you found your small section on the roof, you had set up a large white canopy, a futon underneath it and a mosquito net surrounding the area. You pulled away the mosquito net, walking into your little den.

While sitting down, you looked at the bottle of pills sitting in your hands, you twisted the top off, putting some of the white pills in your hand, you saw the silver ring through the pills the matte seemed to show off the glimmering ring. Maybe that was supposed to be your one sign of hope, your one sign to stop now.

You looked at the ring once more, flashes of Peter started in your mind, his dark brown hair, lighter brown eyes, his awkward demeanor, everything about him made you smile, whether it was how nerdy he was or how he cared about everyone else.

The bottle only sat there in your hand, you pulled out a water bottle taking 8 pills at first, then you downed 8 more, making a total of 16 pills in your system, you had felt comfortable with it, knowing that it would go slowly, with no pain, just drifting into a deep sleep.

You laid back on the futon, looking at the ring on your finger, “I know.” was engraved perfectly on the ring, the black lettering sticking out to you. The ring started to aggravate you, the constant reminder of the pain you were to take off yourself but inflict on someone else.

In one swift moment you started to take off your ring, holding it in your hand, staring at it with tears bubbling in your eyes.

You started to chant the words, “Ugly. Fat. Whore. Bitch.”

As you spoke those words, your vision blurred, everything becoming spotty, you felt everything become limp each part of you no longer feeling alive, but feeling painless, soothing.

With the ring tightly squeezed in your hand, you closed your eyes for what you had hoped to be the last time.


You eyes were closed, you didn’t feel anything besides the needle protruding from your arm, everything in your body couldn’t move, you were almost in a really bad comatose state, you could feel everything but you couldn’t see or move.
You heard an unfamiliar voice next to you, she was talking about something, you didn’t know what yet, but you started to listen in closely. “Hello, Peter Parker, you are the next contact on Miss -”

There was a pause as you heard the fumbling of paper, “Miss Y/N Y/L/N, she had been found in a near death state, she had to be resuscitated upon the scene, but currently Y/N is in a comatose state and we are waiting upon response from the parents, but the patient had you as number 3 in emergency contacts. So if you could please get back to us.”

There was a click and then the nurse was at your bedside, she put two fingers on you, she was checking your heart rate. “Honey, if you are in there, you have more to live for, you can fight.”

Your parents hadn’t answered the call of the hospital, they honestly were still at work and wouldn’t answer to unknown numbers or callers they wouldn’t recognize. Peter had obviously been with Ned, and he didn’t hear the phone ring, instead he was complaining that you weren’t there with them.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom really quick,” Ned nodded as Peter stood up and walked out of his room and into the bathroom, as he did that Peter’s phone went off, but he didn’t feel like answering it was his right as a friend, plus it was an unknown number. He only sat there, listening to the star wars ringtone that Peter had set, he titled his head up and down, almost perfectly to the beat.

Peter walked back in, watching Ned nod to nothing as the call went to voicemail, he laughed at his friend, Ned kept going but started a conversation with Peter, “what did Y/N think of her ring?”

“She was speechless, didn’t know how to react.” Ned smiled, happy to think of his friend going out with his crush. “You got a call by the way.”

Peter picked up his phone from the ground, looking at 1 missed call and a voicemail, he pressed play on the voicemail. His heart plummeted to the ground as he heard the news, he was unable to think or even process what he had just heard. “Ned, we have to go.”

Ned started to question Peter, “Pete what’s going on?”

Peter couldn’t stop moving, he was running around his room, looking for things like a madman, “Pete, tell me whats going on!”

The screams of Ned only echoed in Peter’s head, but they were consistent questioning what was going on, after while, Peter got tired of Ned’s constant nagging, “I didn’t do my job! Okay! I didn’t make her feel loved or happy! I DIDN’T PROTECT HER!”

Ned sat in silence, shocked at what he had just heard. “Who, Peter? Liz?”

He shook his head, a glimmer of the ring on his finger, he looked down at it, “she tried to kill herself.”

Ned only sat there, hoping that he would soon explain who he was talking about, he followed Peter’s eyes to see the ring, in horror he looked down, that’s why she was so different today.

“I have to go.” Peter pushed the door open, striping down to his spidey suit knowing he would get there faster, “meet me there Ned.” Peter swung out of the window, his web flying to a building and sticking on the side, he kept repeating the same moves, going through the cities at high speed.

The hospital was now in his sight, he swung to the top of the roof, and started to put on different clothes he had in a spare bag, once he was done, he put the black hood over his head and found the door to exit the roof, he started to go down the stairs as quick as he could.

He had to get to you, fear of not making it set on his mind. “Please Y/N… just hold on.”

Peter made it to the front desk, he was completely out of breath, his heart racing, but not from running, “Y/N - Y/L/N-N please-se”

The nurse noticed Peter’s ragged condition and tried to calm him down, “Son, please take a breath, you are okay.”

“I’m okay. But why do you think i’m here. Someone i know isn’t okay!” Peter had almost a short temper with the young lady, she looked on her computer, “room 108, first floor.”

He nodded and started to run in a random direction, not really knowing where he was going, the nurse called out to him, “the other way sir!”

Peter turned on his heels, going back the other direction in hopes of finding you. He kept running down the hallway, moving out of the way of those around him, trying to twist and turn. He then passed room 108, skidding to a stop, the curtain was pulled open and you were alone.

A series of tubs were connected to you, one in your mouth, providing oxygen, the other one taped up your nose, your eyes closed and hair in a messy pony tail. He slowly walked in, he was hoping you would sit up and tell him everything would be okay, but it was the opposite, he would be the one telling you it’s okay.

They placed you in a blue, thin, hospital gown, a white sheet covering you as if it was a blanket. Peter could only stare in pain, you were his best friend, smiling and happy, but now, you were lying in bed, unable to move or even speak. He placed his hand on yours, he looked for the ring but it was nowhere to be found, your hand felt so cold to him, nothing but ice.

“We found this in her hand.” Peter heard a familiar voice behind him, he turned to see a nurse, she held a tiny ziplock bag with the ring in it, he took it. Holding it as the tears came streaming down his face.

Peter put the ring on your finger, he kept looking at your face for reactions, maybe your eyes moving and the chance of you waking up. Peter held your hand, he was almost unable to feel anything, “You can’t do this.”

A tear dropped on your arm, in that moment Peter realized he was fully crying, that every sob and every fiber of his being ached for you to be holding him right now. “You mean so much to me, you mean the world to me!”

“I need you!” He yelled loudly, the tears breaking down his cheeks, “I still want you!”

He had no real way to feel, he was so angry at you for not telling him him how you felt, but he was so broken up that you had to go through this alone. “I can’t lose you..”

“I can’t watch as you lay here, I know you are in there, please fight.” He moved a piece of your hair behind your ear, “You’ve always told me, if you love someone be straight with them. It’s time for me to come straight.”

Peter kept your hand in his, he played with the ring on your finger, stating his words silently. “My heart races every time I see you, everything becomes right with the world, my smirk instantly turns into a smile. You make me, me. I love you, Y/N.”

You could barely hear his voice, but you knew he was there, you started to try and speak, only to be greeted with nothing again. “I swear to protect you the right way this time Y/N, I promise to love you for all your flaws, all your hopes, your dreams, I swear to love you for everything and anything you are. “

“……I….Know..” An inaudible voice comes out of you, but Peter heard it, you could feel a deep rooted pain in your stomach, but you spoke through it all, “I… Love you too.”

“I promise to protect you, to protect you from yourself, from your depression. I swear to love you all my life.” Peter hadn’t been able to hear you trying to talk to him, instead he kept holding your hand, hoping you would soon hold his back.

The pain started to get worse, a terrible dragging in your left side, you started to have your breathing hitch, unable to breath in and out, but instead a deep coughing. The monitor next to you started to let out a loud beeping noise, Peter looked up and then down at you, you were shaking uncontrollably. “NURSE PLEASE HELP ME!”

The staff ran into the room, seeing you on the bed, they rushed to you, holding your arms down, the doctor looked confused at first, but then soon realized what it was. “She is choking on her own blood!”

The tube in your mouth started to turn red, the blood traveling up your throat as you choked on your own blood. That’s when Peter felt it, you gripped your hand around his, he stood there, blank.

He watched in horror as the person who meant the world to him slowly died, your heart started to go incredibly fast, but your blood pressure dropped. Your heart was trying to regenerate the blood, but your own body was killing itself.

The doctor placed a tube in your throat, trying to allow you to breathe, but blood shot up that tube as well. “Stay with me Y/N.”

You pushed your eyes open quickly, forcing yourself to look at Peter, you reached up, pulling whatever restricted you from talking out, “ I love you Peter Parker.”

As you spoke those words, Peter pulled your face into his, kissing your lips lightly, but he soon realized that you would be gone. You closed your eyes once more, your heart rate dropped, the flatline echoing in the room.

The doctors tried multiple times, but they still couldn’t bring you back. The same Clear and charge, repeat, but Peter stayed still, looking at your blood stained lips, “time of death, 5:04, April 9.”

The doctor’s and nurses left Peter alone in the room, only watching as he would sit still, holding your cold hands, after a certain amount of hours he felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned to see Tony Stark standing there, his eyes welled up with tears, just as Peter’s were, “It’s time to go.”

Peter didn’t move, but he watched as a nurse removed the blanket from you body, he then noticed them, 4 words carved into your legs, each one a deep pink scar.

“Ugly. Fat. Whore. Bitch.” There were two on each leg, Peter shook his head, that wasn’t her. He stormed out of the room, picking up a sharpie from the desk of the nurse, he walked up to her scars changing the words written on your skin.

“Beautiful, genuine, caring, intelligent.” Stark read the words, feeling bad as he watched Peter, “those words shouldn’t have been the last thing on her mind.”


Note: This one came out so cute at the end. It’s basically from everyone’s point of view except yours. I’m trying a different approach haha.


  1. Request where Daveed is super nervous and can never get a word out around Y/N because he likes her so much. He writes a rap song about her that the rest of the cast discovers (without him knowing) and Rafael performs it while the rest of the cast does the back-up vocals for a Ham4Ham and it ends with Y/N kissing Daveed and asking him out. I’m sorry this prompt is so long, I just absolutely adore your writing. Thank you!

Word Count: 2157

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warning: None, secondhand embarrassment, Daveed being a shy lil bean

“Hey Daveed,” You greeted, walking into the room. “What’s up, Rafa?”

“Hey,” Daveed said softly, his brain automatically forgetting every word he’d ever learned.

“Hey Y/N, how was your day?” Rafa said, striking up a conversation.

“Eh, tiring, but I’m fine.” You sighed, leaning against the doorway Daveed’s dressing room. “What about you guys?”

“My day’s been great. I’ve just been hanging around. Talking to people, eating, writing, you know the drill.” Rafa chuckled.

“Nice.” You laughed. “What about you Daveed? How was the show?”

Daveed hesitated before responding. “It was good.”

“Good? That’s it? C’mon, you can do better than that, Diggs.” Rafa said, making Daveed shrug.

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anonymous asked:

I just had the phrase "The Great Bitty-Parse War of Attrition" pop into my head. Is there any chance you can write something inspired by that phrase

I’ve been saving this prompt for … a while… lol. But here it is! Poor Jack is caught in the middle. 

“Say it.”


“Just say it.”

“I won’t.”

Bitty pulls away the cherry almond pie that has been wafting under Kent’s nose, a quiet promise, and it’s all Kent can do not to chase the smell. With one last mournful look at the golden almond streusel, the bright red cherry still bubbling under the crust, Kent wrenches his eyes back to Bitty with a determined glare. It’s gonna take more than delicious, made-with-love pastries to change his mind on this.

The front door clicks open but neither Bitty nor Kent dares to be the first to look away.

“Hey boys- oh.”

In his peripheral, Kent can see Jack taking in the scene before him: Kent in the kitchen, sitting at the table with a straight back and crossed arms, and Bitty leaning forward, one hand braced against the old wood while the other spins the pie plate temptingly.

“You still arguing about this?” Jack takes several small steps backwards, trying to escape without getting caught in the vortex. He’s managed to stay neutral so far, but Kent’s not sure how long that will last.

“Kent was just about to apologize,” Bitty says brightly, pushing the pie back in closer to Kent, close enough to feel the warmth of it. “Wasn’t he?”


Bitty’s cheshire cat grin falls into something truly terrifying for a moment, and Kent swears he can see Bitty’s teeth glint.  

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bts member : jungkook x reader

Genre: angst /smut

rated mature :  but not in all the chapters

summary : if you want to and if you don’t want to, things are bound to happen and you broke the rules and run away only to find your self in a lion’s Den , jungkook a man who has every thing; power wealth and fame all together to burn your heart and existence if you moved away, in a land full of horses what could happen between both of you ,two young persons who meant to share the same dream  !

one | two | three | four |five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten [ eleven

jungkook was the first to wake up he tried to move slightly so he didn’t disrupt you as you slept really deeply into his arm he didn’t want to wake up to be honest ,before he hated staying in bed as he always lacked sleep but now it matters

it was so early in the morning and he could sleep more and that’s what he wanted as he watched you; staring lovingly at your little nose and cute face your sharped jaw and plumped lips you were a perfection and he liked every detail he was staring at the way he didn’t feel him self sleeping again wrapping you into his arms

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anonymous asked:

how would the rfa+saeran's reactions be to their s/o being extremely flexible?



  • One day he comes home and you’re just hanging from these silks???
  • D E A D
    • You just look so good!!!
  • He’s honestly so excited for you
  • He loves watching you perform on the silks! He’s utterly fascinated by the way your body can move
  • “MC you should perform!!! I’d go to every one of your shows!”
  • triesithimselfonedayandbreakshisarm
    • “I wanted to try and look like you…”
  • you bet ur sweet ass he makes you cosplay and perform on the silks
    • instagramaestheticpicturesyespls
  • shows you off to all his LOLOL friends because youre his precious, talented bean


  • wakes up and you’re not in his bed???
  • someonestopthisdramaticunicornomg
  • finds you in his living room iN THE SCORPION POSE
  • alittleoffendedthatyoudidntshowoffyourflexibilityduringthediddlydotime
  • obviously he wants you to teach him!!!
    • Lowkey jealous that you’re better than him at a fitness activity
  • Almostbreakshisspinetryingtodoscorpionpose
    • “it’s okay MC!!! I heal fast”
    • udumbassyoukindaneedurspine 


  • when jaehee sees you dancing at the party, she never thought much of it???
    • Obviously you were fantastic but she thought you probably had a lot natural skill
  • Sometimes when you’re helping at her coffee shop, you dance around a little!
    • HonestlyursocuteJaeheealmostspillscoffeeonhercustomers
    • You’re standing on your toes what the hell
    • Are legs even supposed to go that high???
  • She’s really worried at first because she’s scared you’ll injure yourself!!!
    • but the customers start noticing your little ballet moves???
  • Pretty soon you’re putting on dance sequences in the coffee shop and you’re attracting a lot of customers!!!
  • Her little bean is happy so she’s happy!!!
    • nothingcomparestothesmileyougetwhenthecustomersclapforyou


  • As a birthday present from him, you two are now at the Summer 2016 Olympics!
    • Youknownormalcouplestuff
  • As you’re watching the Rhythmic Gymnastics portion, you casually mention that the hoop was your favorite item when you used to do this
    • Jumin is floored
  • “You can do stuff like that with your body???”
    • “I mean yeah..it’s not hard..”
    • rushesyoubacktoyourhotelroomsoyoucanshowhim
  • He hires a trainer for you because he think you’re that good
  • “We’ll get you to the 2020 Olympics, MC”
    • He supports you so much???
  • Youdonthavethehearttotellthisprecioustrustfundkidthatitwasjustahobby


  • Alright this little nerd LOVES superheroes
  • Of course he does, he loves calling himself defender of justice
  • When Deadpool is released on DVD, hE IS SO HYPED
    • Dressesupasdeadpoolwhenhegoestobuythemovie
  • Drags you into watching it with him but honestly ur were probably as excited as him to see it!!
  • During the strip club scene, you mention that you kinda miss pole dancing???
    • Wait what
    • What do you mean you miss pole dancing
  • Turns out you used to perform at a strip club for little while as income for college???
  • How did he never know about this? He searched your entire background???
    • “People don’t normally advertise that they were strippers, Saeyoung…”
  • “Willyougivemeshowsforfree?”
  • looksuphowtoinstallapoleinhishouse
    • actuallymanagestodothis???
  • This boy plays “Right Round” every change he gets with MC and hopes she’ll actually dance to it
    • “Saeyoung you have to work to make these panties drop”
    • B L U S H E S he may be a kinky mofo but he embarrasses really easily, what a cutie
  • Wants to learn so you two can become a stripping duo lenny face
  • Honestly though, he jokes about free shows n all, but he thinks that it’s so amazing that you’ve trained your body that hard!


  • He walks in on you lying down on your stomach with your head tucked between your feet???
    • “Oh I’m just trying out my contortionist skills!!! I used to dabble in it when I was younger”
  • He used to think you were royalty but now you’re a god???
    • Considersbuildingashrine
  • Loves watching you!!!
  • Alittleturnedon
  • “Wow MC you’re so talented”
    • “What???”      
    • “i sAID YOU’RE UGLY BYE”


  • this boy has no idea what he’s in for when you invite him and the rest of the gang for a pool day!
  • You invite your own friends too bc they’re hella awesome
  • Oh boy oh lord oh pal is he surprised when all of sudden u and your friends just start dancing???
    • Are those ur legs hOT DAMN
    • How are they moving like that omg
  • You look like an actual mermaid???
  • When you come out of the pool, you’re just giddy from happiness because you got to show your bf one of your most loved hobbies!!!
    • “Can I see again..?”
    • “Haha remember when you used to be blind and you couldn’t see”
    • MCwhy
  • buysanunderwatercameratophotographyou


Fic: Rain and hot chocolate

Summary: Steve owns a bakery.

Author note: Hi guys!!! This fic was written for this anon here (x), I hope you enjoy it! As always, I would like you to know that English is not my native language so all mistakes are mine, and if you have any advise or criticism for me please let me know! xx


It was almost four in the afternoon, and Steve was just about to close the doors to his bakery when the rain started pouring down. Thinking it might be good for the business to keep the bakery open for a little longer, just to allow people to come in and shield themselves from the rain, he went back inside and kept himself busy.

It wasn’t long before Steve heard the bell ding as the door was opened, a little girl he had never seen before running in and heading straight to the malasadas. After her came a short man with blond hair, who Steve guessed was probably her father.

“Hi there, how can I help -”

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highlights of my mom watching skam (1x01 to 1x07)

  • “jonas looks like a fisherman”
  • the second she saw isak for the first time: “i like this kid, he’s adorable, idk who he is but i like him. he’s gonna grow up really hot, i’m telling you- [keeps talking about isak for another 5 min] so yeah, i like this child“
  • *every time eva and jonas kiss* "ok but is she kissing him or his eyebrows?? bc they’re really big”
  • basically any time jonas is on screen: “i can’t even look at him, i can’t, his eyebrows stress me too much”
  • *vilde: pines after william*: "child… child, no wyd”
  • *sana: speaks*: “she’s savage, but she’s right”
  • *william: exists*: “he can choke bye”
  • *dick in the air starts playing*: “i’m too old for this shit”
  • every time it says the day and the time at the beginning of the clip: “THAT MEANS [day] I KNEW IT, I KNOW THE DAYS OF THE WEEK NOW”
  • "this show is so stressful, i never thought i’d see the day where i’d be stressed bc of a bunch of norwegian teenagers”
Dating Xavier Woods would include:

× Being best friends since you was added to main roster
× “please, can you let me straighten your hair?”
× “no way, my hair is glorious”
× puppy faces
× “ok, you can”
× a LOT of cuddles
× so much night games
× he fallin’ in love with you because you won in his favorite game
× people tought that you were already dating cause you’re always together
× “kofi, I think… no, I’m sure that she is my soulmate”
× your first date it’s a typical night game
× “if I won this, you are in control tonight; if you won, you are in control”
× He lets you win because he LOVES you when you are in control (if u know what I mean)
× You are always in “UpUpDownDown” (His Youtube channel)
× “maybe we need to do the “girlfriend tag”
× “you are kidding, right?”
× “princess, people love you, I know they’ll if we make that video”
× Sex before one of his matches because why not?
× Sex after one of his matches because why not?
× Braiding small unnoticeable braids in his hair when he is as sleep. also loving his reaction when he finally notices them and tries to undo the braids
× “this is not funny. okay, it’s funny, but how do you undo a braid, again?”, and he can’t get them undone so you have to undo them 
× He wanting you to be in the new day
× “Woods, I can’t do that moves”
× “oh, but your moves when we got sex are amazin”
× Him saying; “trust me”, and pressing a small kiss on your lips right before running off to do something completely absurd and irrational
× And seconds later him running back to you commenting something like; “oh yeah, and i love you and you look ridiculously hot, bye’’, and placing another kiss on your lips. then running off again
× Falling asleep together in the most uncomfortable and the most absurd positions, but not really caring about a little neck pain
× He feelin’ lucky because he has someone like you in his life. 

Love or gratitude ? BTS Jimin (M) chap 04

“pairing: JIMIN X  reader y/N

                 ft Yoongi

Genre: angst/smut/ best friend

M= mature contents

summary: what will you do when all of sudden you find your self getting married to someone used to be your best friend’s lover just because he turned to be a father !!!


chap 01

chap 02 

chap 03

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 feel welcomed to leave comments and reaction ^^

chap 4 she’s always here !

“i’m sorry sweetheart “ Mrs Park rubbed her son hair , i tried my best to convince your dad but he didn’t want you to marry her , i can’t express to you how sorry we are for you to lose your girlfriend baby boy “

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Okay guys, this is a “proud big sister moment”. So, knowing my love for a certain Dark space prince, starting from May 4th and continuing on, my baby brother has been making me Kylo Ren comics. They follow Ren’s day to day life on star killer base and they’re hilarious. This was the one he gave me today. Here’s the translation that he gave me:

Kylo & Phasma Kylo: Hey, Phasma, can you hold this? Thanks. *hands her his helmet* Phasma: *has yet to look up at him* Why am I holding this? Kylo: It’s uncomfortable. Phasma: *looks up at him* *stunned silence* Phasma: *thinking* omg, he’s hot… Kylo: *confused as to why she’s not talking* Both: *Silence* Kylo: Okay….bye Phasma: *still in shock of his beauty* I am so proud

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Sorry these didn’t space out properly, I’m on mobile and it’s acting up 🙄

breadedsinner  asked:

"You look hot in plaid," for Beddy Bye Hawke please~


It was peaceful out here. Cooler in the autumns, if Bedwyr remembered rightly; and the air was always so clean, skies so clear. No trees hanging heavy over threatening to come down during a heavy rain, and lots of green grass to just lay on. He’d spent most of the day outside clearing up the yard, though he planned on tackling the garage later. He just wanted to spend time in the sun.

It was a good idea, moving here, back home. Sebastian seemed to love it, too. He was there to greet Bedwyr on the porch when he decided to take a break and rest his feet. He took a seat on one of the wicker chairs they’d brought up with them.

“You doing alright?” Sebastian asked. He propped himself up on the porch railing next to Bedwyr, leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He was enjoying himself way too much, and that made Bedwyr happy.

“I’m doing fine,” he promised. “How’s the how’s the house coming?”

“Living room is mostly unpacked. Bedroom is getting there. We might have to pick up for dinner, though.”

“That’s fine,” Bedwyr nodded. “I don’t really feel like cooking.”

“Me either.”

They fell into a comfortable silence. If Bedwyr concentrated, he could hear music from somewhere inside the house. 

Sebastian nudged his foot against Bedwyr’s knee. “You know… you look really hot in plaid.”

Bedwyr looked down. He’d forgotten he’d thrown one on. Then he looked back up at Sebastian, who was also wearing one of Bedwyr’s shirts; honestly, Bedwyr felt it looked better on him. He stood up and moved to stand in front of Sebastian, wrapping his arms around his husband’s waist.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” he replied. They were almost nose to nose, now; Sebastian bit his lip, let his gaze roam from Bedwyr’s mouth up to his eyes. It was an invitation, and Bedwyr took it, leaning in for a kiss.

“First kiss in our new house,” he laughed when they finally pulled back. Sebastian laughed, too, a soft and sweet sound - more happy than amused.

“Our house. I like that.”

Dating Calum would include

-Wearing his snapbacks
-“hey babe have you seen my drop dead hood- never mind”
-“yeah…but who wears it better”
-shower sex
-garden sex
-sweaty sex
-bored sex
-hungry sex
-hey haven’t seen u in a while sex
-I missed you sex
-I love you sex
-you’re hot sex
-“hey I’m hungry make me food”
-“fuck off”
-him being soooo protective
-showing you off everywhere
-being bffs with Mali
-Joy loving you so much
-all the other boys think you’re hilarious
-being the reason Calum’s so happy
-“hey girlfriend”
-him texting you 24:7
-surprising him on tour and he just stands there for a while then never stops smiling the whole day
-“this is my girlfriend”
-“hey were dating”
-“excuse me can you stop looking at MY girlfriend”
-always winking at you
-making innuendo ALL THE TIME
-your parents love him
-owning a dog together
-“I’m leaving you and taking the dog Calum”
-“Michaels funnier than you tbh”
-“take that back”
-“come cuddle me”
-“no Calum”
-“Luke would”

anonymous asked:

Hey I was wondering how it took you to learn all of Seventeen names. Because personally I'm trying to get into them and finding it very difficult except for Vernon, Woozi and Jeonghan

*I am so sorry it took me this long to answer OTL* 

Helllllo and welcome to the carat life! Luckily (or rather unluckily) I got it into Seventeen when I went on winter break so I had a whole month to get to know them with zero distractions. (Also my friend kinda got me into them but that’s a completely different story). So for me, the best way to get to know people is usually through watching shows and luckily, seventeen has seventeen project! if you haven’t watched it yet, go here for all the episodes with subs! I would also recommend watching weekly idol if you don’t have the time to watch the entirety of seventeen project.

Ok so I’m just gonna give a small run down of each of the members and how i recognized them.

S Coups aka Seungcheol is pretty easily recognizable because of his droopy puppy dog eyes  ©

But don’t be mistaken because he is also the thickest out of all them and holy fuck he is hot af, especially when he is sweaty :))))))   ©

(don’t worry that’s not all sweat :)))))) its mostly water)

Moving on to seventeen’s self proclaimed angel Jeonghan. If you don’t know, Jeonghan was born on 10.04.95 and in Korean, 1004 (cheonsa) means angel. Since you can already recognize him I’ll just leave this here and move on :D 

Next up we have Joshua aka Hong Jisoo aka dangerous church oppa. This kid is very easily recognizable because of dat aegyosal (the gigantic bags under his eyes) and kitten lips. He also has a very soft looking nose :3  ©

Isn’t he just the cutest???? and his side profile is fucking amazing like holy shit look at this perfection  ©

Also reasons why he is dangerous (at least one of my number reasons) is when he wears earrings. OMFG he used to wear earrings all the time predebut and those just get me but he has worn earrings (I’m not counting his cartilage which he wears all the time btw) twice so far since predebut and that was during DK’s graduation and their Andromeda/V app broadcast. I will now proceed to spam you with Joshua wearing earrings and killing us all because of it.

Lol so if you are still alive after seeing all that, next up is Jun, who is one of the two Chinese members. A lot of times, people say that Jun looks similar to Super Junior’s Heechul which I can kinda see but you can judge for yourself.

But besides that, I’d say Jun has sharper features. (tbh he kinda reminds me of a mouse…idk why) He is very handsome © :))))))) 

So when I first watched weekly idol the first (and only person) that really stuck to me was Hoshi because of his “what time is it?” “10:10!” introduction LOL

look at how cute he is!!! this was the moment that dragged me into seventeen OTL. but yeah Hoshi is really easy because of his eyes. if you see someone with 10:10 eyes, that’s Hoshi (btw if you didn’t know, 10:10 because his eyes are like the angle of 10:10 on an analog clock) but do not be fooled, when this kid performs, holy shit he is hot as hell

Next up we have Wonwoo who is a gorgeous being and was the second person who caught my eye within Seventeen. He kinda looks like a fox and his eyes are kinda small but at the same time not and he is just walking perfection.  ©

The worst part is, you think he looks cute here, but the minute he puts on eyeliner, say good bye to everything you hold dear because holy jesus christ he looks hella fine with smokey eyeliner.  ©

This was the day where Jeon Wonwoo made everyone and their grandmas swerve lanes

Hopefully you haven’t died yet because trust me..it doesn’t get better :))))

After that hot mess comes Woozi, Seventeen’s self proclaimed producer. Isn’t he so smol and cute??

But do not let his looks deceive you because he can and will fuck you up if needed. He is really the devil’s incarnate tbh.  ©

Lol just kidding he’s still cute when he is angry ahahaha…or am I??? I guess you will find out once you get deeper into the fandom :DDDD

Next up we have DK or Dokyum who is a literal ball of sunshine. He lights up my world like nobody else!~ LOL but actually though have you seen this kid smile? There is no other smile that is this bright so it’ll be super easy for you to remember him.  ©

Do you see how bright he is? Let’s watch it in gif format now!!

But be warned, this kid can go from sunshine to sexyshine in .01 seconds. Just look at him here, you would never believe he is the bright sunshine shown above.  ©

omfg Seokmin plzzzzzz. but yeah i hope you can recognize him at least by smile if not anything :)))))

Next up we have Kim fucking Mingyu who’s looks and personalities do not match at fucking all. While he seems to look like a tall hot model…

He’s actually just a gigantic wolf puppy (please observe his teeth, they are kinda pointy like a wolf hehehe)

Tbqh, I actually had the hardest time trying to remember his face out of everyone. In fact I only started remembering him after I learned everyone else and his face was the only one I couldn’t identify..so if you have issues trying to remember, it’s okay! You aren’t the only one haha~ Here, have some slightly sweaty Mingyu, maybe it’ll help you remember more :))))))  ©

Okay moving on to china line part 2~ The8 or Minghao looks like an actual puppy because his eyes are so big and for the most part he is a quiet kid. But be warned, he knows martial arts and is savage af. I’m not sure what the best way to describe him is though…I guess he has large almond eyes and cute round nose.  ©

he is so precious omfg  ©

Okay final three! First of the maknae line is Seventeen’s resident diva from Jeju, Boo Seungkwan! He is very easy to remember because he has a rounder kind of face (but he’s not fat, it’s just the shape of his face) Just look at this cutie ©

he is so beautiful, just look at him! (those moles omfg)  ©

diva boo judging you~  ©

Since you already know what Vernon looks like, I’ll just let you know a few things you should know about him.. As you might already know, Vernon is a halfie. His mom is white and his dad is Korean. He was born in NYC, but he moved to Korea when he was 5 so he’s actually very Korean if that makes sense. Most people expect him to be more American because he does appear more Caucasian and are very surprised when they see how cultured in Korean he is. Well that’s cause he pretty much grew up in Korea so despite his appearance, he’s about as Korean as the rest of the Korean members who were born and raised there. So yeahhhh, I’ll just leave some very nice pictures of him for you to appreciate :D  ©  ©

Okay last but not least is our precious maknae Dino~~~ (Be warned I have lots of feels for him that I shouldn’t be having considering our age gap but I can’t help it because he is so fucking talented and not enough people appreciate him and I should probably stop ranting now)

Dino has a very strong facial structure and if you see him during mansae era, he’s the one with the terrible fringe hair cut OTL But now that his hair has grown back, he looks much better (cuter and hotter gg me)  ©

just look at how strong his jawline is (i’d say its kinda squarish)

even tho Hoshi is the performance unit leader, I would have to say that Dino is the best dancer because boi he can dance so well and his facials are amazing like holy shit. this video is what made me realize how talented he is and made him my bias wrecker OTL

omfg he just wrecks my list so hard i’m crying. here have some more dancing dino

just to make you feel better, have some cutie chan~

Okay well I really I hope this helps anon! (Again I’m sorry this took so long, finding the right pictures was a longer process than I had expected OTL) If you are looking to find videos to watch, I am going to subtly link my playlist which I have added a bunch of my favorite videos of them :D

Also, Seventeen does have an ongoing reality show, so go here to watch it subbed! (Only four episodes are out right now and only three are subbed)

Please let me know if you have any more questions and thanks again for asking!!

Hey, look! Another silly bit of SoMa fluff I wrote!

On ff.net: [link]

Coffee# 1

Maka had always thought huge, big-name coffee chains were pretty ridiculous. Why pay five dollars for a coffee when she could make it herself in her new coffee pot for a fraction of the cost? Perhaps “new” wasn’t the right word to describe it, but the man at the yard sale had called it “old but reliable”, and when she bought it, his guarantee had been good enough for her…

“Old but reliable” my ass, Maka thought begrudgingly as she walked into the overpriced DeathBucks establishment down the street from her apartment one afternoon after sadly watching the coffee pot make a wheezing noise and begin to spark. Normally, she would just buy coffee from the machine at the university, but the whole reason she had bought the damn garage-sale-coffee pot in the first place was because the machine had been removed.

She waited impatiently in the annoyingly long line up in front of the counter. She was grumpy and tired from attending her early lecture (she had the good fortune of being saddled with all morning classes), and she knew if she didn’t get some caffeine in her she just might break down.

“Coffee. Black,” Maka said before she’d even stepped right up to the counter. She hadn’t bothered hiding the disgust in her voice or covering the scowl on her face, but her bitterness faltered she looked up at the barista. The very unique looking, very hot young man behind the counter raised a pale eyebrow.

“Bad day?” he asked.

Her words tumbled out of her before she could even think. “Well, yes, as a matter of fact. My coffee machine broke, so until I can buy a new one I have to get my coffee from a money guzzling store where the lines are way too long and… Are you the only one back there?” she asked in disbelief, peering around the cappuccino machine. “That’s unbelievable! I have work to do!” She hadn’t noticed how her volume had steadily been rising until she was all but screeching in the man’s face.

“I’m sorry, Pigtails. I know the world normally revolves around you, but as the guy who has to work this shift by himself, I gotta say it’s pretty damn uncool to yell at me over things I can’t do anything about,” he said coldly, his red eyes bearing into her like a drill. Maka gawked at him, severely taken aback. Sure, maybe she shouldn’t have directed her anger at him, but he was still being an ass about it.

She slapped down five dollars on the counter, snatched her change from him, and stomped off to wait for her order, cracking open her book for some reading on genetic anomalies. A minute later, the young man’s deep voice called out loudly “Pigtails. Your coffee.”

Coffee #2

There were fewer people in line next day, but still, only the, white haired, annoyingly gorgeous guy was working.

“Pigtails,” he regarded her dryly.

“I could get you fired, you know,” she told him bitterly. “Black coffee.”

He wrote “Pigtails” on her cup.

Coffee #4

“What are you always reading?” he asked, leaning across the counter.


“What kind of books?”

She noticed his name tag for the first time, partially because since that first day, she hadn’t let herself look right at him for too long. Soul. Odd name.

“Books for school,” she responded.

“What are you studying?” he asked.

Maka looked at him and pursed her lips. “Why are you so interested?” He shrugged. “Shouldn’t you be filling orders?” Maka asked him.

“Kilik’s got it,” he said, gesturing to the other worker behind him. For the first time that she had been at the cafe, there was another person working behind the counter. He had greeted Maka with a good-natured “Hi, may I take your order?”, which was a huge leap from Soul calling her Pigtails, and passed the order off to Soul, who was on drink duty. Maybe they realized he’s too insociable to work the cash, Maka thought coldly, though she didn’t entirely mean it.

Coffee #5

Maka opened her mouth to place her usual order, but Soul had already punched it into the register.

“Normally, I don’t trust guys to order for me,” Maka said. He smiled. He had sharp teeth, but Maka barely noticed them; she was too busy looking at his eyes. Although his lips were drawn back in an almost crude smirk, his eyes crinkled at the corners and filled with life. She paid, retrieved the steaming hot drink from Kilik, and sat down in her usual spot.

The red chair and small circular table she had claimed as her workspace was right beside a keyboard that sat untouched in the corner of the warm cafe and gave her a clear view of Soul as he moved around behind the counter.

Coffee #8

“Pigtails,” he regarded her, nodding his head slightly. All traces of any negativity surrounding the name had vanished.

“Soul,” she said, nodding back and fishing her money out of her wallet. Maka hoped she would still be able to afford her daily fix before the next week was over.

“What’s your name?” he asked suddenly. She looked up at him, confused, then realized that, thanks to his nickname for her, he’d never bothered to actually learn her name. She contemplated whether or not she should tell him.

“Maka,” she said after a beat. He smiled. Maka turned away, hoping he hadn’t seen the blush that had risen to her cheeks.


In addition to her change, Soul handed Maka a red, plastic card with the DeathBucks logo on it and the words “Welove our loyal friends” written in gold cursive letters.

“What’s this?” she asked, turning the card over in her hands.

“Rewards card. Employees can give them out to frequent customers,” Soul responded. He was blushing, and so was Maka, but neither of them noticed the redness on the other’s cheeks.

“Thanks, Soul.”

“Hey, I work here too!” Liz, the other worker besides Kilik who seemed to share Soul’s shift protested. Maka rolled her eyes slightly and thanked her, too.

Coffee #15

Maka was having trouble focusing. Her work load hadn’t been too heavy lately, so she felt disinclined to power through it. Not to mention, she found herself constantly being distracted by the way’s Soul’s fingers drummed methodically on the counter as he took orders. She noticed how he would rake a hand through his hair when he was trying to figure out how to spell a customer’s name, and how the scowl that rested on his face dropped for a split second when they made eye contact across the room.

When there was no line up, Maka pushed herself up from her chair and walked over to where Soul was leaning on the counter, looking bored as hell.

“Why do you always work this shift?” Maka asked. He blinked a few times, as if he couldn’t fully register the question.

“Cause I’m always available this shift,” he shrugged. “Why do you always come here during my shift?”

“Touché,” Maka said approvingly.

They talked for a long time, only taking pauses whenever a new customer came in to order something until Maka left to meet Tsu.

Coffee #17

Maka had spoken too soon about having a light workload. Not three days had passed and she had been hit with three upcoming tests and a quiz, all scheduled over the same two days. She was so engulfed in her studying from the moment she sat down, Soul had to actually come out from behind the counter to set her coffee down on her table, causing her to look up at him.

“It was getting cold,” he told her, peering at the papers and books that were crammed onto the small table in front of her. She noticed for the first time how tall he was.

“Thanks,” she said, smiling gratefully. He shrugged and returned to his post.


“How’d the first test go?” Soul asked.

“Ok, I think. I’ll let you know when we get the marks back,” Maka responded, holding out her money to him.

“I’m sure you did well. You were studying like crazy yesterday,” he said assuringly. Maka’s stomach did a flip-flop at his smiling eyes.

That day, she hung around longer than usual. A lot longer. Soul nearly spilt three different orders because he was so distracted by the adorable way Pigtails frowned when she had to double back and check something in her notes.

When his shift ended, Soul said good-bye to Liz, who had picked up a double shift for that day, and entered to the door marked “EMPLOYEES ONLY” to stow his red apron in his employee-issued-locker and grab his sweater and phone before his second job started up.

Maka was still there when sat down at the piano. He didn’t notice her at first, and he was almost thankful for that, because he didn’t think he could start playing with those gorgeous green eyes watching him.

When he finished playing his first song, and the music released its hold on him, he noticed her watching him. She had a dreamy, far away look on her face. When she realized he was looking back, she reddened and looked down at her books again. Why did she have to sit so close to the piano? More importantly, why did she have to be sogoddamned distracting?

Coffee #19

“You play really well,” Maka blurted out. Soul looked up at her, seeming somewhat dazed for a moment, then smiled a little.

“Thanks,” he said, sliding her cup across the counter at her.

“Do you play every day?” she asked. She started shaking as she tried to fit the cap so it clicked softly on the lip of the cup.

“No,” he said. “Just Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.” He must have noticed her fidgety hands. “You okay, Pigtails? You look… kind of nervous,” he remarked. She nodded and bit her lip.

“So, you get off at four normally, then?” she asked. He nodded, red eyes looking slightly unsure. Maka took a deep breath.

Just ask him, she thought. Now, do it now. Don’t just stand their with your mouth open. Say something!

“Bye!” she squeaked out, then rushed out of the store entirely.


After three days of avoiding every DeathBucks in the city and building up her courage, Maka walked into her usual cafe and slammed her hands down on the counter, making Soul look up in alarm.

“Uh, hey,” he said, eyes wide. “Coffee?” He turned to pour the hot drink into one of the cardboard cups. Maka dropped her money on the counter. As she waited for her drink, hands busying themselves with the ends of her sleeves, she faintly heard Soul humming to himself. He pulled the cap off his sharpie and glanced back at Maka, his cheeks holding a pink tinge, then scribbled something down on the cup. When he turned back around and placed the coffee on the counter, Maka burst.

“Date. Today. You and me.” Her words came out harsh and demanding. Her entire face was burning red. Soul stared at her and said nothing. After a few moments of silence, she deflated and stepped back. “Okay. Guess not. Sorry.” No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t string together a full sentence. “Bye.”

She was halfway down the block when she heard a familiar voice calling down the street.

“HEY, MAKA!” she turned around to see Soul jogging after her, a cup in his hand. He reached her, a huge grin on his face, and held out the cup directly in front of her face. “You forgot your coffee.” Maka stared at him for a moment, then looked at the cup. Written in thick black Sharpie was the word “Pigtails” with an arrow towards the opposite side of the cup. Hesitantly, Maka took the cup from him and turned it around to read “Date?”

Superhero Uncle

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Pairing: DeanxReader, Colton (OC)
Word count: 702

Static masterlist

Over the next couple years, you continued to send updates to Bobby and Dean. You never mentioned Sam by name, almost afraid to.

Before you knew it, Colton was getting ready for school. He had two weeks, and you were nervous. Finally, you broke down and sent Dean a pleading note.


I know we agreed it’s safer that you don’t know where I am, but I need you. Colton starts school in 2 weeks. It’s a special day. If he can’t spend it with his father, I want him to spend it with his favorite superhero. If you can get away, and see us for a couple days, please come. I’m including my cell number. Call me to tell me, and then burn it.



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kent parson headcanons because he’s my fav lil trash baby: (part 2 here)

  • raised by a single mom; his dad left when he was 8 (his younger sister was too small to remember him but kent remembers)
    • his mom and his sister are his whole world and he respects their opinions over all else
    • is very passionate about single-parent families and low-income families and making sure they get the support they need
  • is very self sufficient bc he was on his own a lot as a kid & had to watch his sister so he knew how to cook/clean/do laundry/etc by like, age 10
  • walks the very thin line between being very modest and a total conceited asshole (”yeah that hatty tho amirite jk i’m the WORST haha what”)
  • is actually pretty likeable and laid-back when he stops trying to Fight everyone with his biting sarcasm or, y’know, actual fists
    • is constantly trying to fight. especially while intoxicated. his teammates have had to pull him away from so many bar brawls. they were so close to talking the GMs into getting him a bodyguard for a while
  • his cheat foods are all sugary cereals (he’s not above eating capn crunch berries straight from the box while watching trashy soaps)
  • on that note: he watches so many trashy soap operas/ random tv dramas. you better believe he watches every episode of pretty little liars with bated breath while whispering “i can’t believe i watch this stupid show”
  • his fav ben & jerry’s flavor is coffee toffee bar crunch
  • honestly doesn’t give a shit about his sexuality like he just likes everyone so people asking him about it usually goes like this:
    • someone: are you gay?
    • kent: sure
    • someone else: are you straight?
    • kent: sure
    • someone different: are you bi?
    • kent: sure
    • someone: are you-
    • kent: sure
    • basically, he does this post
  • is one of those people who doesn’t know how to process genuine love & affection from others and it makes him feel SUPER uncomfortable so he’s always like “haha! ah, yes. gotta go bye”
  • also uses humor as a coping mechanism/ to make people stop worrying about him (this doesn’t work. everyone is worried about him 100% of the time. he’s a hot mess)
    • other coping mechanisms include: alchohol, cats,,, alochol,,,, hockey,,, ,,,, alcohol,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,  ,,, ,,,,,
  • he spends an embarrassing amount of time each day looking at pictures of cats on instagram
    • that said, he also takes an embarrassing amount of pictures of his cat. his instagram is mostly cat pictures and everyone in the hockey world is simultaneously endeared and confused af
  • can’t live without coffee
  • ruins things for himself bc he takes things personally and when his feelings are hurt he reacts in anger bc he DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO PROCESS FEELINGS IN A HEALTHY WAY
  • abandonment issues like whoa
  • has listened to a fever you can’t sweat out approx. 2348762358765 times
    • it came out when he was 15 you cannot convince me that he didn’t listen to it every day of his life as a teen (and in fact still lowkey loves p!atd)
  • has acquaintances and teammates and family and people he would call friends but no close/best friends
  • i could…. go on………………..