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Omg Bonnie, I have like the biggest crush on tom holland. He is such a great guy. Good looking and funny. And he's freaking spiderman. I think this crush is even bigger than my Chris Evans crush(I kinda feel a little bit guilty about that 😅) but I think it's because tom is my age. Why can't I meet a boy irl? Who has the same interests like I do and who I can be myself with. This is so hard lol.Also bonnie, you're such an awesome person. You're the best writer on here and you always help people!

If anyone could top a Chris Evans crush, I’m okay with it being Tom Holland.  Even though it may not be Tom, your person will come to you when they’re supposed to.  Yeah, it would be amazing if it were him, but if that person is the right one, Tom will pale in comparison.

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Blackmail // Mark Lee

Summary: In which the building owner blackmails you into going on a date with his nephew… who turns out to be really cute???

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 3521

A/N: I feel like this title sounds kinda angsty, but I promise that this story is 100% fluff. I had a really good nap the other day, and from this nap, this lil scenario arose so.. yeah, hope you enjoy! :D Feel free to request!

Omg this scenario took so much longer to write than I expected, and it ended up so much longer than I thought it would oh ma lawwwwd. Well, I love Mark Lee, and hope you like this :)

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“And here… is the kitchen! What do you think?” 

You beamed at your brother, finding it cute how excited he was about the apartment. “It’s great bro, I’m so happy for you.” 

He laughed and said, “Well, don’t be too happy yet. We still have to actually sign all the paperwork. There’s another person apparently coming down to look at it later, so fingers crossed they hate it!” 

You couldn’t help but chuckle at his statement, and just as you were preparing a sarcastic comment to respond with, there was a knock at the door. You looked towards your brother, questioningly, to which he responded, “That’s probably the building owner.” 

Your brother went to answer the front door, and you followed behind, low-key smoothing your shirt down, wanting to make a good first impression that could hopefully help your brother get the place. He greeted the owner, whose name seemed to be Minjoon, before introducing the two of you. You made sure to be extra nice, remembering all your manners and laughing at all the terrible jokes he made. 

One thing you found out about Minjoon was that he really, really liked to talk. Each time you tried to push the conversation towards the direction of the contracts, Minjoon remembered another story that he just had to tell. You were getting used to his constant talking about himself, so needless to say, you were a little surprised when he asked you what grade you were in. “I’m a senior in high school,” you replied. He nodded thoughtfully, then sat up straighter, a much more serious look on his face. 

“Here’s the thing, I like you guys. I really want to be able to give this apartment to you. However, I already told this person that he could take a look at this house. Since he is willing to pay me more for it, if he says yes to this place, he takes priority.” 

Your brother chewed at his bottom lip, concern clearly painted over his features. You knew how much he wanted to finally move out of your parents’ basement, and he was really hopeful about this apartment. You let out a nervous breath as Minjoon continued: 

“However, I think there’s a way that we can make that all.. go away.” 

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I have a nephew who is around Y/N’s age––sweet kid, a big looker––and I would like for her to go on a date with him. I’ve been bugging him about getting more involved with the ladies, but he keeps avoiding the topic. If not a date, he’s got to at least have some female friends.”

You couldn’t help but gape at the suggestion, disbelief flooding your body. Before you could respond, your brother stated “I’m sorry, but I really don’t believe my sister would feel comfortable with that situation.” You smiled at him gratefully, looking back at Minjoon to see what he would say. 

“It seems I did not make myself clear. If Y/N does not go on a date with my nephew, you have no chance of getting this apartment.”

“I guess I’m not get––”

“I’ll do it.”

Your brother’s head whipped towards you, shocked at your sudden outburst. You gave him a reassuring smile, and whispered, “Don’t worry, it’s just one date.” 

Needless to say, Minjoon was very happy. He gave you all of his nephew’s contact information, and told you when and where to meet him. Before you left, he reminded you that your brother’s apartment was still in his hands, and that if you did not show up to the date, your brother could say goodbye to any chance of getting an apartment any time soon. 

As you left the complex, you turned towards your brother, who had been thanking you ever since you walked out the apartment door. 

“You owe me bro.”


You stood outside the small cafe, nervously fidgeting with your hands. You felt terrible for judging before you met the guy, but the fact that his uncle had to blackmail you into going out with him had you a little worried. You took a deep breath before finally walking in, looking around the busy cafe for any sign of someone who was waiting for you. It took a while before you realized that he didn’t know what you looked like either, so you took out your phone and shot him a text. 

You: Hello? 
???: Hi… 
You: Um… I’m Y/N, the girl who you’re uncle wanted you to meet…
???: Oh, I’m really sorry about that. Are you here?
You: Yeah, I’m at the front of the cafe. 

Your eyes roamed around the room thoroughly, wondering which one of these customers would be the one you were meeting today. You chewed at your lip, your nerves taking over as you thought about what, or who, rather, was in store for you. 

???: Look to your left.

Your head flew to the side, the sick feeling of anticipation growing in your stomach. You had no idea what to expect, and that was kind of scary for you. However, when your eyes landed on the blonde-haired boy in the glasses and the pink hoodie who was waving at you, you were more surprised than anything else. 

He was cute. Scratch that, he was really cute. You walked over to him slowly, almost doubting that this was the person you were supposed to meet. He stood up as you got closer, giving you a bow that you returned. He motioned for you to sit across from him, and a moment of awkward silence passed between the two of you. Not being able to take it anymore, he tried to start a conversation. 

“Um.. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t think you were going to show up today.”

You smiled, “Well, I’m a pretty good sister, so I’m trying to do whatever I can to get my brother into that apartment.”

He winced a bit at your statement, then moved his hand to rub the back of his neck sheepishly, “yeah, I’m really sorry about that. My uncle can be really crazy sometimes. This is not the first time he’s blackmailed someone into going on a date with me. I keep telling him to stop, but he won’t listen to me…”

You laughed, thankful that the awkward atmosphere was gone.

“By the way, I didn’t catch your name.”

“Oops, my bad. My name’s Mark… Mark Lee.”

“Well Mark, if you don’t mind me asking… why does your uncle feel the need to get dates for you? You definitely could get them yourself if you tried.”

Your hand flew to your mouth as your face flushed, shocked that you had let the compliment slip from your lips. His face too turned a rosy pink as he looked down at his clasped hands in embarrassment.

“Thank you for that, but it’s not because I can’t get dates… it’s because I don’t want to.”

Your eyebrow quirked up teasingly at his statement, questioning how he phrased his sentence. He responded by widening his eyes and shaking his head and hands rapidly before justifying himself:

“No! That’s not what I meant! I just meant that I’m not interested in dating any of the girls from my school!”

You couldn’t contain your laughter anymore as you watched the flustered boy struggle to find the right words. He was a little surprised at your sudden outburst, but soon realized that you were simply messing with him.


When you finally calmed down, you faced him again, genuine curiousity on your face:

“Why aren’t you interested in dating girls from your school?”

“Well, the girls from my school are all really rich and preppy… They always act like they’re entitled to everything, and that’s something that I just can’t stand.”

You nodded your head in understanding before asking another question: “I get that there are some people like that…all the girls though?”

He nodded, “In freshman year, there were still people who were nice and humble, but as we got older, more and more people started to become assholes.”

You broke out in a smile at his choice of words, and you could’ve sworn you saw a tinge of red on his cheeks. After a short moment, he cleared his throat and spoke again: “So do you want something to drink? My treat since my uncle basically forced you to come here.”

“Iced tea is fine, thanks, but I’m paying next time.”

He furrowed his brows, confusion written on his face, “Next time?”

You smiled at his CUTE reaction, “Yes, next time. You’re pretty okay Mark Lee, I think we’d be good friends.“

This time, you could clearly see the red on his cheeks. After a quick, “I’d like that,” he ran off to pay for the drinks, leaving you with an amused smile on your face.


“Yo, yo, yo, Mark Lee!” you yelled out playfully as he walked over to your table. He rolled his eyes at your loud greeting before sitting down across from you.

After your—surprisingly successful—date with him a few months back, the two of you became inseparable. His uncle was happy, which meant your brother was happy, which meant you were happy, and luckily, you had gained a new friend along the way. Mark Lee was literally the best friend you ever had: he was sweet, caring, funny, a little crazy, and most of all, he knew exactly what to do whenever you were stressed or sad or angry about something. So, it wasn’t too much of a surprise when you found yourself growing fond of the boy, developing more than just platonic feelings for him and his goofy smile. You felt your heartbeat quicken whenever he slung his arm around your shoulder and your breath caught in your throat whenever he laughed. It was really stressing you out, and Mark, being Mark, could totally tell.


You shook your head and blinked before finally responding, “Huh?”

Mark chuckled before pressing a finger against your head and giving it a light push.

“You zoned out dumbass. You’ve been really out of it lately…are you sure you’re okay?”

You nodded unconvincingly. The problem with Mark being your best friend was that you had no one else to go to to talk about your problems. That meant you had to keep everything bottled up inside, which you weren’t very good at dealing with, and that made you even more stressed out, and well… it just wasn’t great for you. So you decided to try to relieve some of your stress by striking up “theoretical” situations with Mark in hopes that his obliviousness—Thank God for that—would keep him from figuring out you were actually talking about you.

“Actually… well I’ve got a classmate in my homeroom and she’s been talking to me about a problem she’s been having…” you began.

Mark nodded, encouraging you to continue.

“It’s this classmate she has… they’ve been getting to be super close friends, and she’s starting to develop some more-than-friends feelings, if you know what I mean… And well, she’s so stressed out about it that it’s got me stressed out. What do you think I should tell her?” 

You bit your lip, awaiting his answer. He hummed thoughtfully before responding: “Well, what’s keeping her from telling him?”

“She doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. They’ve got a good thing going right now.” 

“Ah, I see. Well, that’s totally understandable, but if she really likes him, shouldn’t see tell him? He might like her too!” Mark beamed. 

His bright optimism was so infectious that you found yourself smiling too. Unfortunately, if also caused you to realize that if your confession caused you to lose him, you wouldn’t be able to live. You needed Mark in your life, so you selfishly kept your feelings to yourself.

“Thanks Mark, I’ll tell her…”


“I’ll get it!” you screamed when the doorbell rang. You rushed downstairs, expecting the package you ordered a week ago, but instead, you found Mark Lee. Unable to contain your disappointment, you let a small pout form on you face as you moved aside to let him in. 

“You’re early.”

“Yeah, and you don’t seem too happy about it.”

You shook your head before smiling brightly at him, “Sorry, I was just expecting my package to come today. But instead I got you,” you teased. 

Mark stuck his tongue out at you before replying, “You love me.” 

You laughed bitterly at his statement, him not knowing just how true it was. Just as the two of you were about to make your way upstairs, your parents came in the room. 

“Mark!” They exclaimed excitedly. Ever since the two of you became friends, your parents have loved Mark. They thought he was incredibly kind and sweet, and they were right about that. They actually often told you how perfect of a boyfriend he would be, and would drop hints whenever he was around to embarrass you. It was terrible. 

“Hi Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N!”

“Well, you just keep getting more and more handsome every time I see you, doesn’t he Y/N?” your mother questioned. 

“Mom~” you whined, your cheeks flushing a light pink. 

“Okay, okay, well you kids have fun alright? We’ll be gone until tomorrow afternoon, so make sure you guys eat your meals and stay safe!” 

You gave both of your parents quick hugs and kisses goodbye before dragging Mark up the stairs to your room. You jumped on the bed as soon as you entered, and Mark followed in suit after placing his bag in the corner of the room. 

“So, what movie do you want to watch today?” you asked, having no clue yourself. After comfortably adjusting himself against the headboard, Mark simply shrugged, to which you responded with a light snort. 

“I guess we’re scrolling through Netflix.” 

After a good 20 minutes of browsing and being totally indecisive, you guys settled on watching “The BFG,” bringing both of you back to your childhood. Watching movies with Mark was basically just an excuse for the two of you to cuddle. He laid propped up against the pillows on your bed, and you snuggled close to him, head on his chest and his arm around your shoulders. It was a position perfectly comfortable for the both of you, but recently, it’s been difficult for you to just focus on the movies you watched. You could hear his heart beating steadily against his chest, and his slow, systematic breathing. You could feel his warmth against your cheek and smell the scent of his cologne off his shirt. You were completely encapsulated with thoughts of him that you didn’t even notice when your eyelids started fluttering close. 

You woke up tangled up with Mark, closer than either of you had even been before. The two of you had fallen asleep together, something that you’d never done before, and during the night, you apparently did some serious cuddling. Your face was pressed in his neck, your lips just centimeters away from his collarbone. His chin rested on top of your head and his arms circled your waist, one hand resting on the small of your back and the other on your hip. Your own arms were wound around his waist, your hands coming into contact with his bare back, where his shirt had ridden up. Your bare legs were tangled between his, and you swore your body was on fire. When you finally had the courage to move, you looked up at his face only to find him dangerously close––and awake. He smiled smugly at you before whispering in his hoarse morning voice, “Morning, beautiful.” 

You immediately felt your face heat up, and you quickly untangled yourself from him. 

“I’m going to wash up,” you stated quickly, before walking to the bathroom and splashing cold water on your face. 


Tears streamed down your cheek as you watched the last of the sun disappear along the horizon. Earlier that day, you had found out that your parents had gotten into a car crash, and your dad was still unconscious in the hospital. Your mom was recovering, so the doctors said that you couldn’t visit her until tomorrow. How could everything have gone so wrong so quickly? 

Lost in your own thoughts, you didn’t notice a figure taking a seat beside you. He scooted closer to you until your shoulders were touching, and only then did you look up. Well, you could’ve guessed who it was: Mark Lee. As soon as your eyes met his, you broke down, grabbing fistfuls of his shirt and sobbing into his shoulder. He met you with open arms and placed gentle, reassuring kisses to the top of your head. 

You don’t know how long you cried, but when you started getting dehydrated, Mark took you bye the hand and pulled you toward your house. 

He gave you water and made you food, and he didn’t get upset or frustrated when you told him you weren’t hungry. He brought you upstairs and let you lay your head on his chest again, and you stayed their until you fell asleep, with him gently stroking your hair and humming sweet songs to you. 

That was the day that you realized you really could not accept just being friends with Mark anymore. 


A few days after Mark comforted you, your father woke up, leaving you happy and relieved. You spent all your free time visiting your parents, tending to their every need and making sure they were comfortable. That meant that for the past few days, you didn’t really get to see Mark, and you were starting to miss him a lot. You had already decided that you were going to confess to him, but you just didn’t know when. 

When you mother and father were finally discharged from the hospital, you decided that it was time for you to face your fears and talk to Mark about your feelings. 

You: Hey Mork Leeeeeee~~
Mork: Hey! Look whose alive :P
You: Haha, very funny
Mork: But seriously, how are your parents doing?
You: Much better, thanks, they’re finally home, and the doctors cleared them for daily activity, so that’s a relief. 
Mork: Yes it is.. listen, if it’s okay with you, can we hang out today?
You: Oh, did Markie-poo miss me?
Mark: Yes I did, you dork. Now, meet you at the café in half an hour?
You: See you there. 

You took a deep breath. 
I guess this is it…


As you waited in front of the café, you remembered the first time that you stood there. You were even more nervous now than you were then. How in the hell were you going to do this? While you were in the midst of convincing yourself to turn around, run away, and never look back again, your phone rang, waking you up from your thoughts. It was Mark, and he was no doubt wondering where you were. Instead of picking up, you simply walked into the café and made your way to the table where the two of you always sat. 

“Sorry I’m late, I was…daydreaming.”


“Yes, daydreaming.”

“About what?”

You took a deep breath. It was now or never.”

“Uh… it was kinda about you.”

He nearly choked on his drink, looking at you with a shocked expression. His doe eyes had doubled in size, and you couldn’t help but think he looked incredibly cute like that. “M-Me?”

“You see, remember when I told you about that classmate of mine? Well–”

“You were talking about yourself, and your actually head over heels completely in love with me?”

It was now your turn to be surprised, “Wait Wha-How did you know?”

He chuckled before bringing his face close to yours. 

“You’re pretty obvious, you know. I may be oblivious, but not even I’m that oblivious.”

You blushed hard before shyly asking, “Then why didn’t you say anything?”

Mark only grinned: “I wanted to make sure you were comfortable with it first before confessing. You obviously were still dealing with some problems, and I was willing to wait until you were ready for the next step.”

“Wow, what a sweetheart,” you teased, secretly thankful for his thoughtfulness. 

“You know it. Well, now that we’ve both established that we like each other, I would like to officially ask you out on a date.”

You beamed brightly at him, “I’d love to.”

“Well, now that that’s out of the way, it’s time for me to do something I’ve been waiting a very long time to do.”

“And what’s that?”

He suddenly reached across the table, pulling your face closer to his own. You saw a devilish twinkle in his eyes before he pressed his lips on to yours, molding them together gently before separating. A stupid grin appeared on your face as you made the incredibly intelligent comment: “That was nice.”

He laughed wholeheartedly at you then placed a soft kiss on your cheek. 

“There’s plenty more where that came from.”

HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS - Look at this beautiful thing right here. @starlity is incredible, and I chose them because of their wonderful second gen captain artwork.

So, here they are on holiday! I’m not sure if anyone remembers, but for Ennoshita’s birthday, Terushima got him a holiday, so this is the holiday he took him on. It’s actually the holiday I went on in August, more or less, because there was something at the hotel we saw and my husband agreed that it would be a great place to take Ennoshita, so that got written in and kind of…exploded.

This is the one-shot I’ve been promising, but the sequel is in planning. It’s taking a while as I have too many WIPs.

Read on AO3


I was rewatching this scene for fic purposes and there’s kind of a lot I want to talk about re: what’s happening here, because this moment doesn’t exist without greater context and it’s one of the things that I really like what the prequels did with Anakin’s character:  He’s not great at boundaries and social interaction.

So many people complain about how badly Anakin is written because omg he’s so creepy and awful and whiny! and I’m sitting over here like, THAT’S KIND OF THE POINT???, he’s supposed to not be great with boundaries, he’s supposed to need other people to keep them for him, he’s supposed to come off as kind of creeping on Padme, though, ultimately when he has someone to enforce those boundaries (as Padme does in this movie), he’s much better off.

The point is:  Anakin says it himself–he thinks she doesn’t like the way he watches her.  Padme says it, stop looking at me like that, it makes me uncomfortable.  (Ultimately, Anakin does listen when people tell him this, but it’s still a thing where he’s not great with boundaries and that’s a lot of what gets him in trouble all throughout the PT.)

And Obi-Wan seems to be pretty damn aware of it.  He’s not shutting Anakin down because OMG THE JEDI CODE!!11! (Obi-Wan has been shown to repeatedly be perfectly willing to break the “rules” for the greater good, he’s been shown to be willing to support Anakin’s decision to leave the Order, if that’s what he wants) but because Anakin’s a bit of a creeper and needs structure in his life.

Obi-Wan believes the Jedi Order will give Anakin the structure he needs, will teach him to not be such a creeper/to have such boundary issues, to deal with the sheer overwhelming emotions he has (and this is the same movie that had Anakin slaughtering an entire village of men, women, and children because of the death of his mom, so, yes, he certainly needs some structure in his life for dealing with them and this is what works for everyone else Obi-Wan knows), because it’s pretty clear Anakin has issues and Obi-Wan is trying, as best he knows how, with what tools he has, to find a way to help him.

Kim Seokjin's Shoulders

anonymous asked: I don’t know if this is closed and if it is I’m sorry but what about a Jin shoulder appreciation? You could land a plane on them… And they’re great leg rests😘

omg sorry this was so late AND YES U RITE they would be great leg rests 

u can land a plane on here my god 

shit blew me up

Jen djdnd

just look at the shoulder difference my god i mean i love jimins shoulders too they great but jin’s…

all my sins r forgiven 

well damn


closer pic



two things are in this photo….both equally satisfying 




oh hELL NO


oh my what a cutie 




look he knows what he’s doing to us 

just stOP

i hope u liked it

gifs and pics aren’t mine

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Hi! I absolutely loved your scene redraw of Cassian's heart eyes at Jyn and her smile at him at the shield gate! Any chance we could also get the part right after this where they brush up against one another? (OMG, I die at Cassian's reaction, where he tries to step out of Jyn's way but can't and then he looks her up and down and now I can't breathe and ughghghghg). And if I can be so demanding because damn I love your artwork, what about an elevator scene redraw?? Thank you. :)

Sorry this took so long to publish! Here u go! Thank u so much for always giving me such great ideas for things to draw :)

My Great Comet Experience

•as soon as I sat down I started hardcore shaking (like my mom was very concerned)
•Ingrid did pierogis for my section and she got to my row, we looked each other dead in the eyes (!!!) and she tossed one at me (they taste really good btw)
•also during pierogis I CAUGHT LUCAS’ EYE AND HE GAVE ME A LOOK LIKE “hey wassup” and I was SO HAPPY (more on Eye Contact With Lucas later)

Act 1
•PROLOGUE HAD ME SHOOK OMG IT WAS AMAZING (also I think it was here that I witnessed a moment where someone took someone else’s violin bow and it was adorable
•Pierre was adorable and the vocals were absolutely incredible oak is just WOW
•Paul Pinto is literally everywhere??? I saw him hobbling on and it was hilarious
•Natasha and Bolkonskys was hilarious I loved it
•oh my god THE OPERA the first half was hilarious and beautiful and then ANATOLE OH MY GOD he walked down my aisle and I saw the kiss, it didn’t even look like a kiss it was more like a whisper??? Like full cheek to cheek contact and that’s somehow even better
•then he patted the knee of the guy sitting next to her (her husband I think) and gave him a look like “good job man”
•also the ensemble’s little opera glasses are adorable
•Natasha and Anatole makes me want to kill myself even more in person than on recording I was freaking out the whole time
•D U S T. A N D. A S H E S. let me tell you about this sit down kiddies. OAK DID SUCH AN INCREDIBLE JOB!!! HE BASICALLY TAKES YOUR HEART STOMPS ON IT AND THROWS IT OUT OF A WINDOW!!! I started sobbing on literally the first chord
•Sunday morning oh my god Ingrid’s acting was so hilarious (especially “everyone sees a man”) also shoutout to T I M E F O R C H U R C H
•THE BALL OMG Okay at this point I was in Full Freakout Mode and thought I couldn’t get any more hyped,,,, I was wrong

Act 2
•OH GOD LETTERS okay so I was kinda bummed that I didn’t get one but more on that later
•Sonya and Natasha was so jam packed with tension I LOVED IT the acting was so good!!!
•Sonya Alone made me start sobbing as soon as Ingrid opened her mouth she was so amazing!
•PREPARATIONS!!! Nick was yelling and it was adorable and Lucas was shaving and I loved it so much!! That’s one of my favorite songs
•also Anatole and I were twinsies during balaga so there’s that
•I didn’t have a drink with me to raise but I had a bottle of makeup remover so I used that and I don’t think anyone noticed lol
•Grace’s In My House was a spiritual experience and made me SO HAPPY!!! SHES SO AMAZING!!! I mean??? Even through the anger you can still hear the compassion!!!
•CALL TO PIERRE You can hear how exasperated and concerned Marya is!!! Also the WHATs were AMAZING AND HILARIOUS
•FIND ANATOLE Oak was running up and down the stage Amber was in her underwear Lucas was sobbing it was glorious
•PIERRE AND ANATOLE!!!!!! The acting!!! I HAVE TOO MANY EMOTIONS!!! I think I actually felt pity and a bit of concern for Anatole which is something I’ve literally never felt before
•also when denee comes on and poisons herself is so amazing???
•Natasha very ill oh my god the acting and INGRID
•At this point I pretty much didn’t have any tears left
•Pierre and Andrey! Their greeting is adorable! It didn’t make me cry, it just left kind of a,,, cold feeling in my heart
•when Nick pushes Courtney aside broke my heart
•I thought I had no more tears left,,, I was wrong
•I started sobbing at the first notes of Pierre and Natasha
•Denee just sort of hobbled down my staircase and looked so defeated… and then hope!!! They were so sweet! It was so sad!!!!
•I continued sobbing through Great Comet of 1812
•it was so beautiful!!! The lights!! Oak!!! The aria!!! AHHHHHH
•I immediately gave them a standing ovation lol

Stage door
•So after bows I just got up and SPRINTED to the door, I got there before the barricades got set up
•I met some people who liked my jacket (more on that in a bit)
I brought my copy of war and peace for everyone to sign (and mostly everyone had a conversation with me about it!!! If you want convos at the door bring a copy)
•Everyone was so adorable I love them
•Also Grace confirmed that we had a Moment of “OH MY GOD!!!” And it was amazing
•so even after they took the barricades down the people I met wanted to stay behind and wait later to see if we could get me to meet Lucas
•so we waited for a while and eventually Courtney and Cathryn came out and they were such beautiful people I love them
•Lucas wasn’t feeling that well so he didn’t come out
•but!!! Bob the Door Guy to the rescue!!!

So yeah!!! It was amazing and I loved it so so much and now I love bob the door guy and me and my friends are making plans to come back again!


Here’s my breakdown of what happened at C2E2!

I spent Friday attending professional panels for the comics industry, which probably deserves a post of its own, but I don’t think anyone is interested in me talking shop. But Saturday was devoted to Agents of SHIELD stuff with Iain and Liz. I had an amazing time and so many awesome things happened. Truly it was the best con experience I’ve ever had and, as @bigfunnywords (HEY Tumblr finally let me tag you!) said, I lived my best life. I’ll try to do the tl;dr version but this will probably get long.

Putting the rest behind a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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How will react the RFA if mc has her hands soo cold and put them in their cheeks, neck, stomach or somewhere else?? Sorry 4 my English uwu

Your English is so great!!

Yes, here you go! We need a fluff break.

◉ Yoosung

  • You guys were out shopping for Christmas presents
  • But you forgot your gloves T_T
  • Yoosung was busy looking at a shop window
  • You snuck up behind him and shoved your hands under his scarf and around his neck
  • OMG
  • Screamed so loud !!
  • Jumped
    • “Get AWAY MC!”
  • You chased him around
  • He was running for his life
  • Finally you caught him in your grasp and stuck your hands on his neck again
  • He accepted defeat
  • Whined and shivered
  • Yay you had a new personal hand warmer!

◉ Jumin

  • The penthouse was so cold
  • Why was is so cold????
  • You ran up to Jumin and pressed your hands on his cheeks
  • He literally didn’t even move for a minute
  • Like
  • Didn’t care
  • Grabbed your hands in his own and kissed them
    • “You’re cold. Hmm, perhaps we need to schedule an appointment with the doctor. I read somewhere that cold hands could mean poor circulation…we should have you checked out just to be-”
    • “Jumin! It’s just cold in here…” -_-
  • He chuckled
    • “You’re so cute. Well then, allow me to warm you up.”
  • Picked you up and started carrying you to the bedroom
    • “J-JUMIN!” (//∇//)

◉ Zen

  • You were out taking a walk together to get some exercise
  • It was freeeeezing!
  • You slipped your hands underneath his shirt and onto his abs
  • Those ABS!
  • He shivered a bit and laughed
    • “You’re cold, princess!”
  • You nodded
    • “You know, they say one of the warmest spots on the body is between the legs…”
    • “ZENNNN!!!!!”
    • “You’re so cute when you’re flustered.”
  • Was now rushing you home before the beast was unleashed
  • But not before giving you his coat and holding your cold hands

◉ Jaehee

  • You guys were cooking dinner together
  • She was completely unsuspecting
  • You crept behind her and stuck your hands up her shirt and grabbed her sides
    • “You know MC, some people have such a problem cutting onions but really I just don’t-OH MY GAWD!”
  • Jumped a bazillion feet
  • Threw a bowl
  • She couldn’t help it
  • You just started laughing and she was laughing too
  • You didn’t mean to scare her so bad
  • Once you guys calmed down she grabbed your hands
  • Put them on her sides
    • “I can warm you up, you just need to warn me first,” she giggled and kissed you

◉ Saeyoung

  • You guys were just hanging out in the apartment
  • Laying around together in bed watching TV
  • You were so cold!
  • Cue evil grin
  • You put your cold feet on his feet
    • “GAH! Ice queen stay away!”
  • He pushed your feet away with his own and put his hands on your tummy
  • OMG
  • His hands were freezing
    • “Cold hands, NOOOOO!” you cried
  • Now it was a battle
  • You were pressing your feet everywhere in him and he was putting his hands all over you
  • Both laughing
  • You both lose and give in to the other
  • The cuddles eventually make you warm enough, though >.>


◉ Saeran

  • You two were lounging on the couch together
  • He hogged the blanket and you were cold T_T
  • Slowly you crept your freezing feet over to him
  • He saw right through you
    • “Stay away.” he warned with a scowl
    • “NO! I’m cold, Saeran plsss”
  • Your toes inched closer to him and he batted them away
    • “Why you are always so damn cold?”
    • “You have the blanet, jerk! Now be a good boyfriend and help me!”
  • You stuck your feet under him and snuggled up
  • Slipped your hands under his shirt
    • “Holy SHIT WHY MC!”
  • Screamed
  • Tried to wiggle away but you were stuck to him
  • Gave up with a pouty face
    • “Damn it…fine.”
  • Pulled you in closer and rubbed your shoulder, tossing the blanket over you

◉ V

  • He was sitting on the couch listening to music and smoking his pipe
  • He didn’t even know you were home yet tbh
  • Your freezing hands were like heat seeking missiles
  • Crept up behind him on the couch and placed your hands on his neck
    • “wwwWWHHHAATT!”
  • Omg this poor boy
  • ScreECHED!
  • Threw his book and choked
  • He calmed down once he heard your laugh from behind him
    • “Not nice, MC…” he laughed and breathed a sigh of relief, “Come here, you.”
  • Pulled you over the back of the couch and into his lap
    • “Is someone cold?” he smiled
  • Rubbed your hands and kissed them, blowing warm air onto them
  • Put your hands around him and kissed you

You make so much inspiring artwork for all of us out here, I think it’s time I returned the favor! ^-^
(Also…I had no idea which blog to submit this to. ^-^’)



* Thank you so much omg this gave me a great laugh!! <3

* Also I don’t recall ever mentioning which set of arms/eyes belongs to which gem so the fact that you remembered this is honestly really impressive lmao I love it when people remember random things I say about my characters <’:

* ((PS; Papyrus is dressed as my gemsona Rolling Flash, who is a fusion of gems based on me & Papyrus. Check @rolling-flash for my gemsona works!))


Touken Ranbu Graphics (1/?)
↳Yasusada, Hotarumaru and Sayo

❈Requested by digital-wings | Insp x | taken from wikia character page

rad-lionz-deactivated20170902  asked:

Bab,,, I'm literally so sorry that this is my second request kmn. But can we get comedian! Mc??? Literally so funny she makes a whole room laugh unintentionally. //You may or may have not developed into a tiny itty bitty slightly gay squish of mine oOPS >///< //

if i could pull up Seven’s ‘?!’ emoji right now I would, please don’t be sorry for requesting!! if you ever have one, throw it in my inbox, i’ll answer it gladly! no really my ass was about to turn off my laptop but i saw this and stopped myself

and ahhh omg ^//^ look here, i love you, okay??❤ im serious. my aro ass loves you ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) 


  • depression who??? as soon as mc came to his apartment and they talked for a bit, he was laughing 
  • how did she do that? how was she so funny?
  • who cares? zen hadn’t laughed his much in a long time
  • which is great, because mc loves his laugh
  • they’re a really smiley couple because of this
  • when she becomes his manager, she makes all his cast mates laugh too
  • but don’t worry, zen always has an arm around her or something 
  • all his castmates all the time know they’re together
  • he uploads funny videos of the both of them to his fanpage 
  • sometimes when mc doesn’t mean to make him laugh and he does, she gets a bit upset
  • but he apologizes and takes her seriously 
  • “sorry babe, you described that hilariously. but i get it, that was sad”
  • he gets better at controlling his laughter at those times


  • she spreads smiles!! and laughs!!!
  • he thinks she is so funny and in such a creative way
  • mc comes up with his comebacks and dialogue while he plays LOLOL
  • and at the hospital, too! she helps lessen the worry of pet owners
  • thinks her skills are like magic like how does she always know just what to say?
  • he also sometimes mistakes her seriousness
  • also apologizes, but he looks out for it even more
  • yoosung is never sad now
  • he’s also one of those cry when laughing type people so he cries a lot
  • seven has to make him a new emoji
  • literally 97% of the time, these two are all smiles 


  • jaehee hasn’t laughed this much in practically forever
  • mc is so glad she can make her laugh and does so as much as she can
  • sometimes jaehee doesn’t even know how she does it
  • even when she’s tired af, mc still makes her smile and laugh
  • and she is so grateful
  • is much better than zen and yoosung at knowing when she’s not trying to be funny
  • understands and doesn’t laugh
  • also everyone in the cafe loves mc!
  • that person grumpy cause their late for work?
  • not grumpy anymore, have a good day pal
  • jaehee thinks that’s also magical
  • her favorite thing is when mc is in her arms and she makes her laugh so jaehee squeezes her tighter
  • its so cute and gay oh m y god


  • he laughed over the phone once
  • and mc decided she needed to make him laugh more often
  • bet your ass she does
  • the first time she makes him laugh again is also on the phone, when he was in the office
  • everyone heard and was Shocked
  • jaehee was so surprised, she told the chat room
  • the other three didn’t believe her 
  • mc did, however, and told them all to wait
  • when he got back home, she made him laugh again and got it on video
  • posted it to the messenger
  • the rfa is Shocked…except V, he made jumin laugh once too
  • but mc can do it so easily??
  • is an expert on knowing when mc isn’t being funny no worries
  • he smiles more often, god bless

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • oh man oh man oh man
  • saeyoung had never smiled so much
  • not only did she get his jokes, but her jokes were hilarious
  • he thought he had competition at first
  • but now he’s just so happy
  • even when he gets a little depressive episode, she gets him smiling quickly
  • he knows when its time to get serious, but he still slips up sometimes
  • they are the Jokester Couple
  • except mc can also make the rest of the rfa laugh
  • saeyoung only admits defeat when she gets vanderwood to laugh too
  • he’s never been able to do that 
  • but man, mc is just so happy and makes others happy, he’s smitten

v / jihyun

  • i don’t think i’ve ever heard him laugh, i need to
  • that was probably mc’s thought process and mine tbh
  • she succeeded at the party 
  • his laugh is adorable!! its like a loud giggle
  • the rest of the rfa are staring with wide eyes
  • they haven’t heard him laugh since rika 
  • and when they all meet up again later, he smiles much more 
  • and more genuinely too
  • he laughs more! V is being bright again and everyone is so thankful to mc
  • has the best intuition of mc’s seriousness of all of them 
  • the sun has never been brighter than when he laughs


  • it took a while
  • but mc wasn’t really trying at first
  • she started by trying to get a smile
  • and when she learned how to do that quickly, getting him to laugh was easy
  • saeyoung is so surprised but so happy
  • his brother is laughing and happy
  • saeran literally doesn’t laugh at much, we’re lucky if a tv show makes him laugh
  • but he laughs so easily with mc
  • it’s cause he’s comfortable with her
  • absolutely knows when it’s not time for jokes
  • but being around her just makes him smile now 
  • he feels warm inside, this is new..but he likes it
  • it feels…healing


One week ago I flew to Paris to attend my first B.A.P concert, and in the days that followed I was too busy touristing to properly write about it. But we just got back home this morning, and the post-concert depression is setting in, so here goes…

As seen in the pic above, we got great seats where we could see the whole show with no one blocking our sight (or room to breathe). We got in pretty early, and could’ve gotten spots on the floor, but were really happy with this view. It was great, because we had lots of room to dance when the DJ played. Though me and my partner somehow managed to always move to the left and push the poor old lady next to us from her seat. She seemed happy tho, lmao. And the DJ was awesome. Everyone cheered and danced and had a blast, and it rly set the mood. It was lit af and I was kinda sad when it ended tbh XD

Let’s talk about Zelo. This kid was an explosion of fanservice. Interacted a lot with the fans and threw hearts everywhere. Last one to leave the stage, and ran back in for a sec bc he’s a tease. He spoke a lot of English, which was great since I don’t speak much French, lol. I’m sure y’all know by now, but his new solo is entirely in English, and he sings. I had this song stuck in my head the next day. 

Jongup was a shy gentleman, oh my god. It was his time to pick a fan to bring on stage, and when finding out she was 18 he joked he might get in trouble with the police. We laughed. He lead her all the way back down the stage afterwards. He didn’t perform his solo, which was a shame bc it was the solo I’d been looking forward to the most.

Youngjae. This wrecker, omg. He showed off his great pronunciation when they introduced themselves in French in the beginning. He spoke a lot, probably more than Jongup when the fan was on stage. During Carnival he ran around with a camera filming the fans, and it was adorable. Wow, I love him.

I’ve wanted to hear Daehyun sing live for so long, and he was truly amazing. He performed his solo song, which was fucking lit. I haven’t watched any fancams, but I’m pretty sure he was dancing in the US. Here he barely did any dancing, and was alone on stage, but it was great. He was the bartender during Jongup’s fan event, and told the girl “ONLY ONE” when she couldn’t pick her favorite member. I’ve heard his little giggle live, oh my god.

HIMCHAN. Okay. This man is amazing. Lead the fan chants. He wasn’t on stage during Farmata, but I don’t know if he was in the US tour. Everyone cheered really loud whenever it was his parts in any song. Best moment of the whole concert was probably at the end when they were all saying goodbye, and when it was Himchan’s turn we all screamed so loud and long that he did a little bow before we’d let him speak, lmao. He got a lot of love.

Yongguk didn’t say much, which should be no surprise to anyone, but he was happy. I was just so happy to see him. He shouted a lot into the mic. During BangX2 he suddenly had a big water gun and went crazy with it while the others sang the last chorus. Everyone cheered really loud for all his parts as well. His smile is just gorgeous. He got a Tigger. When waving their goodbyes, he really made sure to direct his attention at every part of the audience. He looked deeply thankful and content.

Some favorite moments:

At one point Zelo did one of his impressive back flips, followed by Jongup, and then Youngjae came running raising his hands in the air, and I was like “wait what? is he gonna do it too?” but then he just rolled on the floor. Still raised his arms in triumf as we cheered and laughed. Jongup looked so done. Daehyun died.

During the fan event, I think someone asked the girl who her favorite was (I listened more to the Korean than the French translator) and she responded with Youngjae, Daehyun & Jongup (aka everyone on stage except for Banghim bc Zelo was preparing for his solo). Himchan got up from his chair and went over to Yongguk like “let’s get out of here” lmao

SKYDIVE. Oh my god, this stage was just so fucking cool. Watching all six of them finally perform this song on stage together was beautiful, and the whole audience shouted “SKYDIVE” so damn loud. Jongup’s part was epic as always. Wow, I saw that live.

I’m so proud and thankful for the audience. We cheered and sang along so well, stomping the floor. The boys seemed really happy with us, lol. After the encore, when we knew they wouldn’t come back up again, the DJ played Wake Me Up, and everyone stayed behind to sing the entire song to an empty stage. That was precious. I hadn’t met a single BABY irl before this day, so being surrounded by thousands was really cool, and everyone was so nice and helpful all day. Thank you, French BABYz ♡

And for those who’ve been wondering how my partner was gonna enjoy himself, he had a blast. On the way home he had Feel So Good stuck on his head, and it’s a song he’s never shown much interest in before. He was sad they didn’t perform 1004, because that was the first BAP song he really liked. His own words after the concert: “Well, at this point I gotta be at least a 8 months old fetus, right?” BABY in the making, for sure.

Meeting Tarjei

“Now, if you think this story was cute and sentimental, the story of meeting Tarjei was much more quirky and funny.So it was the last day before our departure from Oslo, and we decided to visit all of our favorite places there, just to remind ourselves how much we’ll miss it. One of those places was Aker Brygge.As we were walking and enjoying our day and beautiful views in front of us, And right in that place, as we just turned our heads in the left, we saw a familiar figure passing by. He was wearing earphones and staring at us from time to time. Gabi, of course, immediately caught up that it was him and quietly whispered “Noooo way” to which Tarjei stopped, thinking that we must’ve told him something. Both of us, couldn’t believe that he actually stopped next to us, so we just remained speechless, while he was awkwardly struggling to volume down the music in his earphones and actually take them off.As soon as he did, he walked up closer and said his little cute “Hei”, which made Gabi say “No way, you’re real” and hug him. Tarjei greeted her with open arms and a smile hugging her tightly, and then me. We kept standing there smiling as me, being the dumbass I am, asked “How are you?” to which he happily responded “Well I’m doing fine, just going to a rehearsal”.Of course, we were intrigued what that was so we were like “Oh really, that’s great!” to which he laughed and said “Yeah, I’m gonna play in a concert, well, not a concert, more like a, you know, theatre but with music”. So I was like “Musical, right?” and he just went “Oh yes, musical” to which me and Gabi just responded with “Wow, that’s amazing”. He felt so nervous and like I really don’t know what’s the matter, but he was so happy to see us actually make a conversation with him, that we all forgot the pictures. It was him who later on just simply said like “So, do you want to take a picture?” and we just messily started looking for our phones like “Yeah, omg sure!” But we realized that we didn’t have anyone to ask to take it. In that situation we were very lost but Tarjei, as goofy as he is, said “Well I can use my long arms to take a selfie with you guys” and we were like “Yes omg it would be great!” As we stood into our poses, he kept taking all those pictures and he seemed like he didn’t even wanna stop lmao.As we finished he looked at us, and another dumb phrase ran out of my mouth being “This is our last day being here in Oslo and you actually made it like so much better now. We weren’t even expecting it to start out so good.” To which he asked “Oh, so where are you guys from?” and when we said “Lithuania” he gasped like “Ohhhhh, Lithuania”. Me and Gabi laughed at him, after what Gabi asked if he actually knows where that is. His response was “Yeah, I know Lithuania, but I never got to meet any fans from there before, wow”. It was such a pleasant thing to hear that that I just blurted out a “So we’re the first ones, ayy” which made him laugh.After that, he told his goodbye and wished us good luck and that we have a nice last day here, to what we responded with the same kind of thing.That moment we just rushed down to the shore with wide smiles on our faces and only one phrase rolling in our heads “What the heck was that?"Even tho Tarjei was a little nervous talking to us, he seemed very happy which made us, of course, happy as well.
On this note, I would love to say huge thank you to both Cengiz Al and Tarjei for stopping by and taking some time to talk to us.Hopefully, anyone reading this will have a chance to meet these two sunshines as well.
Spread the love and positivity! “ via Agata aka @jcksnsgf on Twitter


Have you met or seen(but without invading privacy) a member of the Skam cast and want to share your story? Message me!

Short stories are also posted on Instagram @imetskamcast

anonymous asked:

Ahh I really like your blog >_< could I request chobobros with an idol s/o? Like one who has a cutsy song and fashion style like love live or even idolm@ster for example?

A/N: Idols are my jam! I’m still waiting for the Utapri one to come out lmao. I went a little broader and decided to cover the other aspects of being an idol

Chocobros with a Idol!S/O:


  • Doesn’t really let it bother him, as he’s always been the center of attention, what with being the King’s son and all
  • But he’s always supportive of their S/O to the point where he visits them at every concert with roses in hand.
  • He’s become a common sight backstage to the point where the other singers and dancers are comfortable talking to him like they’re all friends
  • ‘Oh hey Noct, Y/N’s just about done grilling us, give her a sec.’ ‘You want anything? Water, Ebony, toast?’ ‘Yo Prince, we have some new costumes in, wanna see?’
  • He thinks his S/O looks great in everything but trust me when I say the Punk Rock outfits make his jaw drop a bit
  • S/O probably wrote a bunch of pop songs about him and sings them often during her concerts wearing the punk rock outfits that are actually vaguely his old clothes but modded
  • One time he ended up forced onto the stage by the crew and they played out this whole impromptu scene where his S/O is so shocked about the Prince being a fan of hers and gives him a kiss in front of the audience.
  • Needless to say, the rumor mill starts speeding at the speed of sound
  • Totally into rock and punk music


  • He probably was your fan before he even knew that you doubled as an idol (*insert hannah montana jokes here*)
  • He’s super excited when he finds out
  • He helps you with ideas for themes for the costumes and songs, always complimenting you on everything you wear
  • But be warned: never show him a June bride themed outfit
  • This chocoboy will cry because omg you look so beautiful i cant wait until we get married for real i MEAN UH YOU LOOK GREAT BABE
  • Dorky boy would help with training to build stamina and stuff, he’d offer to take you jogging with him in the morning
  • Has a thing for the June bride outfit and also the super cute animal themed one, especially if its a chocobo-themed one (something *kinda* like what Chocolina wears) or a dog theme
  • I expect a lot of love ballads written about him, will totally help you practice anything with super upbeat music too


  • Doesn’t mind. He’s not one to really follow celebrities too much.
  • He’s still just as supportive as the others
  • Often ends up being dragged into seeing his S/O model her costumes (not that he complains, especially if they’re feeling frisky *shot*)
  • Being the King’s Shield, he wont have too much time to see the concerts but he’ll go as much as he can
  • He’s really into the fast-paced pop songs that you can work out to.
  • Really into helping you get that stamina training up. He’s not too great at the musical part because he cant hit any of the high notes past maybe a high d (which is still kinda deep thanks to his voice)
  • Huge supporter of any animal themed outfits, also anything that shows off a lot of skin.
  • Don’t ever mention a cup noodle one. Ever.
  • Totally into Rock and Roll, but also enjoys it when you sing quiet stuff that’s easy to read to.


  • Knew from the start. He had to, its his job
  • Is super helpful with costumes and singing lessons, often helping you put more extravagant touches than you thought would be needed but then you realize ‘holy shit i DID need that lace border on the bodice Ignis you’re a genius’
  • Not to mention he’s pretty strict about training sessions
  • He knows how to maintain his composure throughout training and when handling the media.
  • He’s always doing his best to see most of your concerts, with him bringing you flowers for after to congratulate you on a job well done
  • His favorite costume? He likes the june bride theme but he’s also quite taken to any elegant styles, like the ones that end in trains for the skirts
  • He’s all about those power ballads and likes listening to any instrumentals of your music.

- Mod Tissa

((So sorry for the long wait for it to not be finished. I’ve only got three done so far and I’ll try to get more done this weekend. I’ve been very busy with the musical I’m in please forgive me!!))

Pidge: -plans for weeks
-you thought she was ignoring you but she was planning
-(it’s actually really cute how bad as wants it to be perfect???)
-takes you out for a nice lunch at a new cafe she found
-she actually looks really cute in her black and white t-shirt with a simple print saying “aliens are chill” shirt tucked into her high waisted black jeans, over sized denim jacket filled with multiple patches, and white vans
-when you actually tell her how cute she is she instantly turns red
-“you’re cuter (Y/n) stop lying.”
-“But I’m not, you’re beautiful.”
-you end up taking a walk to watch a concert in the park
-it was a pretty chill band that you would definitely listen to again
-when she watched you dance she was like
•"I’m so lucky omfg. (Y/n) is so perfect?????“
-she drops you off at your house
-quickly gave her a kiss on the cheek before you went inside
-ps you guys’ version of holding hands was intertwining pinkies

Lance: -picked you up and quickly gave you a few Forget-me-nots
-(Forget me nots with blue violets represent love and faithfulness)
-matched the denim shirt and black jeans he wore
-his hair looked more tamed and his skin was clear (yup he’s prepared)
-he was all blushy when he sees how damn amazing you looked
-like you’re always good looking but right now, who needs Allura when he has you?
-"shall we go my beauty?”
-“yeah you big dork.”
-drove you to cool restaurant on karaoke night
-you ended up singing a duet
-wow your voice is so pretty???
-insisted on paying
-then took you star gazing on some cliff
-leaned in to kiss you but backed away because of how amazed by the stars you were
-“the city lights kind of ruin it so I’ll make sure to take you somewhere better (y/n).”
-“what are you talking about? If you’re here it’s perfect.”
-he turned SO RED
-ended up taking you home but didn’t let you walk in without a big smooch from him
-he’s a pretty great kisser omg
-“see you later, (y/n).”

Shiro: -took a while to think about where to take you
-picked you up at your house in jeans and a black flannel
-(god damn he looked good in a flannel)
-drove you to a hillside area and had a lil picnic basket with him
-cliche red and white blanket to sit on
-with the help of Hunk he had your favorite food prepared for you
-he also had lemonade
-you fed each other fruit and candy
-everyone awed at how cute the both of you looked together
-“(y/n) you look so pretty today.”
-“t-thank you Shiro….”
-you two stayed together all day in the park until it got dark
-“the reason I like this park so much is because you can actually see the stars.”
-“oh look! It’s a shooting star, make a wish Shiro!”
-while you closed your eyes and crossed your fingers he just looked over at you lovingly.
-you opened your eyes and turned to Shiro
-“what did you wish for Shiro?”
-“but why not?”
-“I already have you, and that’s all I could ever wish for.”