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Not Today MV highlights

Sorry for the late post. Needed to let that MV sink. /clears throat/

Okay, first of all:


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I mean the shots are spectacular! Angles and views are on point! 

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Yeah definitely movie material right there.

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Second. RAPMON’S PURPLE HAIR. He could’ve just stood there and looked gorgeous I wouldn’t have minded. 😝 

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he be like: let me just slide into your DM’s real quick and ruin your life. 

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I’m fine. I’m totally fine. 

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J-HOPE. LOOKED. SO. GOOD. Goddamn those stares and those moves ❤❤ 

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Yes baby work it! I’ve missed his raps since Spring Day :D 

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And… the most DISRESPECTFUL award goes to:

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I FELT SO ATTACKED AT JIMIN’S LITTLE GUN MOVE AT THE END 😍😍 new favorite thing. I’m such Jimin trash rn sorry hahaha

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Daveed Diggs x Reader: What’d I miss?

a/n: I’m currently working on a super loooong Daveed fic and I needed a small break so I decided to write this and make it shorter. Maybe. I don’t like ending fics.

Summary: You’re in New York and Daveed is on a month visit in Oakland. And you miss him. A lot. (happy ending I promise)

Tw: angst(ends happy), long distance, smut references, depression, loneliness, anxiety

Words: 1779

Pages: 4.5

“What’s wrong y/n?” Your friend asks watching you flop around on the couch. You moan lazily and stretch out your arms.

“I miss him so much,” You whine, wanting Daveed to be right next to you holding your hand. “How am I supposed to go through two more weeks of this?”

“I don’t know, why don’t you call him?” F/n asks.

“He’s probably sleeping right now but we always talk at least once when he wakes up,” You explain, looking at the clock and seeing it’s almost noon.

“What’s the time difference?”

“He’s about 3 hours behind us so hopefully he’s up soon,” You sigh.

“Well I’ve got stuff to do today and I don’t have time to see you mope around. You wanna come with me or not?” F/n questions, standing up to leave.

“Nah, I’m good, I’ll just stay here.”

This had been the case a lot since Daveed went back to Oakland. It wasn’t like he wouldn’t be coming back to New York but it was always hard for you to be away from him. It was very easy for you to get lonely though. The only thing you seemed to care about since he left were your phone calls and video chats. You would never let him know how you were feeling though becuase you wanted him to enjoy his time and not worry about you. He already knew your past and how easily you could fall into depression so you were always careful not to sound too distressed when talking with him, but you weren’t sure if you could help it this time.

“Hey Daveed,” You sigh happily, your smile evident even through the phone.

“Oh god y/n, how’s my baby girl?”

“I’m okay, I just miss you so much,” You tell him, longing to feel his body against yours. “But don’t worry about me. How are you?”

“I don’t know. All I can think about is how much I just want to feel you again.” He pauses for a brief moment before continuing. “Last night I woke up and was cold so I rolled over to wrap my arms around you, but you weren’t there. It’s always weird not waking up next to you but last night I just got really homesick.” You can hear the pain in his voice as he recalls the event.

“But you are home,” You choke out, his story being something you had experienced many times before.

“I would be if you were here.”

The line is quiet as you both stop talking momentarily. You never thought that Daveed would be struggling with this as much as you, but maybe he was. That just hurt you more. You try and stop thinking about it but it’s just too hard and you feel tears coming.

“Y/n, are you okay? You’re really quiet,” He asks, concerned. He hears sniffling and begins worrying.

“U-um, yeah, I’m okay,” You lie.

“Skype. Now.” He demands before he disconnects the call. You get incredibly anxious knowing that he would question why you were so upset, which only leads to more tears streaming down your face. Daveed’s name comes across your phone and you have no choice but to pick it up. He has a worried look on his face the moment you see him.

“Oh no baby, please talk to me,” He pleads, hating the state you’re in.

“I’m being overdramatic, I’m so sorry,” You respond, trying to clear away the water pooling in your eyes.

“Y/n, have you been taking your meds?” He questions, furrowing his eyebrows. This comment really hurt you, as you had been. It made you feel like there was something wrong with you beyond fixing. “Oh god, you stopped didn’t you? Why would you do this to yourself y/n?” He asks, shaking his head. “It hurts me too, not just you.”

You lose it at this point, letting the phone slip from your hands as you rest your head on your knees and bawl. You know he means well but it’s just not what you needed to hear. You remind yourself that nothing he could say would possibly make you feel better. The only thing that would ever help would be him by your side. You can hear the muffled sound of Daveed’s voice coming from the device below you and you know it would be wise to explain yourself.

You bend over and pick up your phone, hands shaking as you do so. Daveed is rambling on loudly and you can see he’s on the verge of tears.


He focuses on you.

“I’m still taking my meds,” You sternly tell him although your voice doesn’t carry the confidence that you wish it did.

“I-I know, I’m just so in love with you and I can’t take it that you feel like this and I can’t fix it,” He admits, regretting being so blunt with you moments earlier.

“I love you too but you can’t fix me Daveed. Even if you being here helps, you can’t stop my brain from making me feel so worthless,” You confess to him, hoping he understands. 

“But I sure can try, can’t I?”

“Yes baby, you can,” you tell him, starting to wipe away the tears and letting a small smile drift through your previous break down.

“You’re so beautiful when you smile,” He tells you, pulling his blanket off his chest.

“Mmhmm,” You respond staring at his now very visible and muscular body.

“Y/n, I know you’re totally concentrating on my eyes right now, yeah?” He asks, laughing at your expressions.

“Aw, c’mon D, it’s not my fault you’re such a fucking tease,” You shrug, feeling no shame.

“Tease? All I’m doing is sitting here. If anyone’s a tease, It’s you,” he accuses, reaching over to the stand beside his bed and putting on his glasses.

“What? how?? I’m just sitting here being a plain mess,” You laugh, brushing some hair behind your ear.

“Exactly. I love that,” He smiles again, enjoying the rolling of your eyes and blushing of your cheeks. He has always loved sliding little compliments into your conversations to see how flustered he can get you.

“Wait,” You pause. “Did you just call me a mess?” You ask, raising an eyebrow expectantly.

“Yeah, but you’re my little mess I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Two weeks later.

Daveed walks into your shared apartment in the middle of the night. He wasn’t expecting to get home so late but there was a small delay at the airport. At least this way he could surprise you when you woke up. He had made sure to stop and pick up some flowers for you along with the countless other things he had gotten for you from Oakland.

He sets the flowers into a vase with water and kicks off his shoes. As much as he loves Cali, he missed not only you but this familiarity in general. He walks down the hall and into your room to see you sound asleep and curled up. The sight of you almost brings tears of joy to his eyes and his smile is as wide as it can get. He strips off his Oakland shirt and Jeans and crawls into bed next to you. You don’t stir and he pulls you directly to him. That moment he makes a promise to himself and decides he will never leave you again.

“I love you so fucking much y/n. God damn, I missed my baby girl. I don’t know how I went without you for so long,” He whispers into your neck, intertwining his fingers with yours. As much as he wants to savor the feeling of you against him he knows if he wants to enjoy his time with you awake tomorrow he will need some sleep.

It isn’t hard for his breathing to slow and deepen until eventually his arms become slack around your frame. He already knows he well sleep well and not wake up cold again.

The next morning.

You see the sun coming in from the outside world as you squint your eyes open. You go to roll over to check your phone but something’s stopping you. 

“DAVEED OH MY GOD YOU’RE HOME!” You scream, waking him up from a deep sleep. He looks scared momentarily until he realizes that it’s you. He doesn’t speak as grabs you and pulls you into a huge hug. You let tears of joy flow freely onto his chest as you wrap your arms around him. You both stay like this for several minutes just holding each other. He leans down and attaches his lips to yours for a long, wanting kiss. You both part and continue in your previous embrace.

“We should go do something,” Daveed whispers first, tracing circles on your back. “I know you haven’t done much since I’ve left.”

“Yeah, I’d like that,” You tell him, starting to pull away.

“Then we should get ready, Yeah?”

“Yeah, we should,” you conclude, getting up to put on some clothes.

“And y/n?”


“I love you. A lot,” he tells you, a satisfied look in his eyes.

“I love you too but Daveed, I have something to tell you,” You say nervously. “I uh, I-I was having such a hard time with you being gone becuase right before you left I-,” You stop talking, trying to figure out how to say this right. He gets up and walks over to you and grabs your hands. 

“What is it baby?” He prods, hoping you wouldn’t say that you didn’t want him anymore.

“I’m not the only baby you’re going to have,” You say quietly, immediately looking into his eyes for a reaction.

“Y-you mean you’re pregnant?” He confirms, not expecting to come home to this. “Oh my god, what did I miss??” He asks, beginning to smile brightly. You see his positive reaction and relief floods through you.

“A lot D, you missed a lot,” You tell him smiling while he embraces you.

“I have an urge to sing ‘That Would be Enough’ right now,” Daveed whispers to you, giving you one last squeeze as you chuckle at his cute comment. He moves his hands to your stomach although there is no noticeable bump yet.

“I can’t belive my baby girl is in there,” He spurts out, eyes lighting up.

“Nah, it’s a boy,” You tell him, leaning your head on his shoulder. He playfully glares at you as he lifts your head with his hand.

“Whatever it is, I’ll love them,” He smiles, closing his eyes and kissing your lips lightly.

a/n: Wow okay, I wasn’t expecting it to go there but it did holy shit. If you want a part two just send me an ask and I’ll gladly oblige becuase I really liked writing this one. I have like 3 more that are almost done but I do take requests for cast and characters. Thanks for reading!!

late night studies.

1,912 words | fluff; warnings: language.
roommates au + lee jooheon

a/n: this idea came to me when i was thinking of an old drabble i wrote for haikyuu!! heh, i hope this was ok!

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There’s only one rule to life: Never piss Yoo Kihyun off.

Let’s repeat that once more. Never piss Yoo Kihyun, the pink-haired bastard -ahem- hamster off. Especially if you want to get one measly thing like the desired roommate.

Rule #2: Always make sure there’s water in the ramen before you ever shove into the microwave.

Because somehow, unbeknownst to you, Jooheon managed to do both things though the former still remains to be the biggest mystery. You try not to ask why, not that it bothers you as much as you figured it would’ve in the first place. It’s been working out, living with him though he has his moments where you’re not sure what to say or even do. Not out of genuine, heart-clenching fear, but the kind of heart-clenching fear that leaves you in not only wonder but restlessness.

Lee Jooheon’s quite attractive, you’ll admit. He looks pretty terrifying when he has a set jaw and an unreadable expression washed over his features, but the majority of the time you’ve seen him donning a shower cap (he made you promise to say nothing of it), a smile curved on his lips, and dammit, his proximity a lot closer than you ever anticipate. You actually kind of miss the time when he avoided you for a day and a half straight after catching him with a loofah and a very familiar tune to “What Makes You Beautiful” playing in the background though (again) you’re sworn to secrecy that this event never makes it out of the apartment ever. Regardless, it’s all too undeniable that you enjoy your time with your newfound roommate, even find yourself awaiting a new day, wondering what sight you’ll see then.

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Pairing:  Tony Stark x Reader

Featuring: none

Words: 1498

Warnings: none I think

Tags: @gingie4life

Request: requested by @gingie4life:

“Hello, would love a Tony Stark reader best friends fic that’s like work husband wife relationship, that maybe turns into something more. Maybe Tony takes the first move kinda deal. Thanks.”

Notes: sorry it took me so long! Uni got me really really busy, probably you already forgot about the request but I hope you like it!

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Roller coaster. That was the best way to describe the past year of your life. Somehow, a year ago, Tony Stark itself showed up at the company where you used to work demanding you to work with him. He didn’t even ask. He just told you to do so. At the beginning you weren’t too sure about working with him. He had a name and a reputation behind him so of course it made you hesitate. At the same time, you knew it was the opportunity of your life so that same week you signed your resignation letter and left the job you had been doing for the past five years.

It was a huge step, and huge change. Specially, when you found out you weren’t going to work for Stark Industries, you were going to work for the Avengers. When you first found out about it fear was all you felt as you remembered all the chaos caused in New York and so many other places because of them. Yet, when you thought about it, you saw a chance to make a difference, to make the world a better place. Maybe the caused chaos, but it was their work and it had to be done. Immediately, you signed your contract. Tony had you move there the moment you signed your contract since it was safer. You used to live alone so you didn’t have a single complain about it.

Ever since, the Avengers had become your family and the Avengers Tower had become your home. You loved your work at the lab with Tony. What did you do? Well, you were an engineer so your work was create or improve the team’s weapons and suits. You loved it. And they were so happy with your job and with you. Some of them were sceptical with someone new at the beginning, especially Bucky, but you ended up making your way through him eventually and at that point he was like a big brother to you. An overprotective one, you had to admit. But you loved him and you loved every single one of them.

“Morning Tony” you said walking a Monday morning into the lab with two cups of coffee. “You spent the night here again?” You asked as you saw the rings under his eyes.

“I had to” he said taking the cup you offered. “Thanks, love” he said.

You smiled a little. It had been a time since the pet names between you two became a thing. It started out accidentally but now you were both used to it, and you liked it. It made you feel special somehow.

“You have to sleep, Tony” you said sitting at your usual spot.

“Sleeping is overrated. The sooner I figure this out, the sooner we defeat that freak” Tony sighed.

You had spent a week now trying to figure out how to defeat a guy who could create breaches and move to whenever he wanted. It looked cool, but it became a problem when he suddenly appeared behind anyone on the team and attacked from behind. Not funny.

“And what will happen when you fall asleep while you’re flying?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“Unlikely” he replied turning again to the screen.

You shook your head as you watched him work all focused. It was true that you had become close to everyone in the team but it was more with Tony. You had been his protégée from the very first day you started working there. Soon, you had found yourself trusting that man with your problems and fears, with your life and stories. With everything. Eventually, he opened up to you as well. By that time, you two knew each other better than anyone else in the team. You had a special connection that no one else shared.

So you knew better than talking him out of keep on working. He wouldn’t sleep until he found a solution and you knew the only way to get it done was helping him, so you put the coffee down and turned on the computer, opening all the files with the data you had about this guy.

“The world is crazy” you sighed as you read all over the info again.

The morning went by quite fast and before you knew it, your stomach was asking for food so you got up and headed towards the kitchen to make sandwiches for you and Tony. Meanwhile, you thought it would be a good idea to make a milkshake as well so you opened the fridge looking for the strawberries but they were nowhere to be seen. That was weird considering you bought them yesterday.

“Stark” you mumbled and closed the fridge before going back to the lab. “Tony! Where are my strawberries?” You asked the moment you walked into the room.

“3 am cravings. Sorry not sorry” he said not looking up from the screen.

“Couldn’t you just tell me?” You asked crossing your arms.

“I forgot” he shrugged looking at you with a small smile. “Sorry, I’ll buy more later today ok?” He said with an innocent smile. You rolled your eyes and left the lab once again. You knew he wasn’t going to buy any strawberries anytime soon.

Like you had planned, you made a sandwich for each one of you but this time you didn’t put mayo on his, knowing he really really liked his sandwiches with mayo. You put his plate next to him and went back to work.

“(Y/N)?” You looked at Tony when he called your name. He was holding his food. “Where’s the mayo?” He asked.

“12 p.m. craving. Sorry not sorry” you said smirking.

“You ate all the mayo!?” He asked horrified.

“No, but I craved not to put it on your sandwich” you replied trying your best not to laugh.

“But…I love mayonnaise…” he mumbled.

“And I love strawberries” you shrugged before turning to your screen once again.

You knew you were overreacting but it was the only way Tony would actually listen to you. Suddenly, you heard him getting up. When you looked up, you saw him walking out of the lab with the sandwich on his hand. That was weird. You imagined he would be back soon so you just went back to your work.

But it took him longer than expected to come back and when he did he was carrying a big wooden box that was put next to you.

“What the fuck?” You asked as you looked at him.

“I’m sorry” he said uncovering the box.

When you saw what was into the box you started laughing. He had bought a stupid amount of strawberries just for you as an apology. This man had no filter.

“Can I have mayo now?” He asked.

“Did you really buy all these so I would put mayo on your sandwich? Wouldn’t it have been easier go to the kitchen and get some yourself?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Maybe but it tastes better when you do it” he shrugged before going back to his work.

You smiled warmly while you looked at him. He may get on your nerves many times but there were no sweeter man than him in the whole world. With a smile, you took the box and went to the kitchen having no idea what you were supposed with so many strawberries. Probably a cake. Or many milkshakes. For starters, you made another sandwich for Tony, with mayo this time and also a milkshake for each one of you.

“Here” you said going back to the lab. “Extra mayo” you told him with a wink.

He looked at you the whole time until you sat down and even then he didn’t look away from you. Eventually, you forced yourself to look at him since he didn’t stop staring.

“What?” You laughed.

Silently, he got up from his spot and approached you. He kneeled down in front of you so he was at your height, took your face and kissed you slowly, out of nowhere and catching you completely with your guard down. It was true you had feelings for him, it was true the whole team had told you Tony had them too, that you two were already like a couple and sometimes like a married one, but you didn’t believe them. Until that moment which was too short. Soon he pulled away.

“What was that for?” You asked as he went back to his chair.

“I love you” he shrugged typing away. “I thought you knew, I just wanted it to be clear” he added.

Hearing those three words from him made you melt. Slowly, you got up and pushed him away from the computer just to sit on his lap and kiss him again. This time, he wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing you back.

“What was that for?” He asked when you pulled away. You shrugged smiling.

“I love you too”, you replied.

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Hi, your bughead writing is really good and it always makes me smile! I was wondering if you could write one about 5 times people doubt their relationship, and each time they prove it's real? Thank you for your hard work!

Hey anon thank you so much aaahhhh!! Alright, since I wanted to do this prompt justice, it turned out quite a bit longer than my usual drabbles… ANYWAYS here is some bughead with disbelieving friends. As always, cute & fluffy 

1259 words / G / (AO3)


“So Betty,” Reggie’s form leans over hers as she gathers books from her locker.

He has one arm supporting him on the lockers and the other runs through his hair, “You free tonight? You still haven’t had a cup of what Reggie’s serving.” The smug grin on his face falls when Betty laughs and an arm falls across her shoulders.

“Hey Reginald,” Jughead gives a small wave with his free arm, “is what your serving any good? I’m feeling kind of peckish,” Jughead finishes his point by giving Betty a peck on the cheek.

“Oh please, you two?” Reggie gestures between them with a disgruntled look in his face.

“Yes Reg,” Betty smiles, “so if you want to join us and the rest of the gang, we will be at Pops later tonight,” she shuts her locker, pulling lightly on Jughead’s sweater to get him to follow her to class as he was still giving Reggie the stink-eye.

“What has you in a mood?” Betty asks, changing their position to hold hands. Jughead looks down at their hands together then back up to Betty, thinking on it a moment. “I know we told Archie, but I think he thinks it was a joke,” Jughead says and Betty laughs, then gets more serious.

“Now that you say it, Veronica didn’t believe me either,”

“We should break it to them,”

“What do you want to do to get them to believe us?” Betty looks up at him as the stop outside the classroom.

“Well, we have science now,” Jughead holds back a smile, “let’s show them some chemistry,” he deadpans.


Almost immediately after they enter the classroom-

“Hey Betty over here!” Veronica calls Betty over to her lab station. Betty exchanges a look with Jughead as they walk towards an open station.

“Betty is with me,” Jughead says with a grin, sitting down beside her and hooking an arm around her waist. Betty blushes at the possessive gesture and nods towards Veronica.

“Alright then, I’ll be with Mr. Late I guess. You guys coming to Pops tonight?” Veronica responds, clearly missing what they are trying to say. Jughead’s thumb starts to brush up and down on Betty’s side.

“Yeah, I’m going with Juggie,” Betty awkwardly touches his face, but it turns into a light caress and now Jughead is blushing slightly.

Veronica looks over now, “Ohhh,” she smiles, “so you were being serious,” she looks happy about this, “you two are the epitome of cuteness, jeez.”

Betty and Jughead laugh as they relax in their seats for class.


Archie bursts into class a good ten minutes late, and takes the seat beside Veronica.

After he is settled in for class, Jughead leans over towards him and whispers, “You know I’m with Betty right?”

“I have eyes,” Archie says, and Jughead breathes out, relieved, “you guys are lab partners today, we will be tomorrow, it’s alright pal,” Archie continues and and Jughead groans, frustrated.

Betty leans over, “Ronnie, make it clear for him please,” and Veronica nods.

Veronica grabs Archie’s face from where it is looking at the other pair and brings it to face hers, “Archiekins, they are together,” she says, “as in dating.”

Archie turns his head as much as he can in Veronica’s grasp and looks at Betty and Jughead who are smiling sheepishly, “Cool.”


Although they are in the same class and sit in the same area, Kevin had missed this entire exchange as he was caught up in the supply closet… with Moose.

Because of this, Jughead and Betty were surprised when he approached them after class.

“Betty,” Kevin starts, Betty and Jughead share an amused glance, “I heard that you and,” he gestures to Jughead, “are an item.” He finishes before crossing his arms.

“Well you just missed us running through a field of flowers towards each other,” Jughead deadpans, and Betty nudges him.

Both Betty and Kevin are giving him looks now. Kevin’s being disbelief and Betty’s being ‘cut it out but yes that was funny’.

Betty can Jugheads annoyance and pulls him into a side hug, “Seriously Kev,” she kisses Jughead’s cheek to illustrate her point, “we are together.”

She feels Jughead soften against her as Kevin says, “okay,” then takes of down the hall without another word.

Betty calls out after him, “you’re coming to Pops right?”

Without turning around Kevin replies, “yep!”

Jughead relaxes his embrace from where he was holding Betty so instead he has his arm around her as they make their way down the hall towards the hall where their lockers are.

Betty feels Jughead get tense again, “what is it?”

Jughead is silent for a moment before he responds, “why is no one believing us today?”

Betty pokes him with a small smile, “maybe we are just too good to be true,” then kisses him on the cheek once again, feeling him relax once more. Jughead gives her a halfhearted grin before she continues, “meet me out front so you can walk me to Pops.”


The gang is all at Pops, sprawled between two booths. Some of the teens are standing, some leaning over the barrier between the booths, and a few are sitting. Of the few sitting, Betty and Jughead share the bench of one of the booths, Betty leans into Jughead who has his arm around her.

The bell of the front entrance rings out, signalling the arrival of one Cheryl Blossom.

Her eyes go directly to the pair on the side of the booth as she stalks towards the group.

“Am I to believe that Cooper finally found a guy to take her?” She quips, making Jughead tense up, “what are you paying him,” she looks down to his plate, “hamburgers?”

Betty freezes, and Jughead has had enough of this.

“Nope,” he says loudly, “not paying me,” he stares Cheryl down, waiting for her to ask what he thinks she is going to.

“Prove it,” she says.

That’s all the permission he needs.

He rests a hand on Betty’s face, turning it towards his own, the other snaking around her back. He lowers his face, pressing his lips against hers. Betty, no longer frozen, grips the front of his sweater in an effort to bring him closer, and changes the angle of the kiss. The world fades away for a moment, nothing but the glide of their lips against one another, and the slightest brush of tongue. Then they hear a cough and break apart abruptly, both of them blushing furiously. PDA was never either of their things.

“Well, I guess I believe you for sure now,” Kevin says, avoiding eye contact. Cheryl rolls her eyes and leaves to get her order, a few of the gang nodding along to Kevin’s comment and Veronica giving them a thumbs up. Betty slides off of where she had moved nearly completely into Jughead’s lap and curls her hair behind her ears. Jughead grabs her hand and intertwined their fingers. Betty looks to him to see him looking at her, and they smile.

+1. POP

“Here’s your malts,” Pop drops the tray off on the table without missing a beat, about to leave when Jughead starts talking to him.

“By the way Pop, me and Betty are together,” Jughead says, grinning up at the man that makes his favourite hamburger.

“I know, it’s been a while hasn’t it?’ Pop replies, and Jughead squawks. Pop taps his nose with a knowing smile, “I know everything,” before he walks away.

Dating Jaehyun would include:

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Jung Yoonoh

-shameless hopeless romantic let’s be honest

-at the beginning, he is super bashful and shy but as time goes on

-he literally cannot keep his hands off of you

-skinship is his middle name

-he’s one of those guys that always likes to be touching you 24/7, whether it‘d be a hand on your knee, an arm around your shoulder, or your hand in his

-out loud you might complain, but inside you both know you love it

-dirty jokes, like all the time

-sometimes you two forget that Dream is there and Taeyong has to scold you like the good leader he is

-loves to brag about you to the other members

-”Y/N is literally the best girlfriend ever. One time she surprised me at the dorm by baking me a-”

-”Yoonoh I stg if you tell us the story of how Y/N baked you a cake for your birthday one more time I will murder you in cold blood”

-”Shut up Yuta or I’ll take the three lines that you have on this album”

-buys you lots of stupid cheesy romantic things, but it always makes your heart smile

-constantly showing up at your work or after your class with a bouquet of flowers or a tiny teddy bear just to let you know he couldn’t stop thinking about you

-one time he held up a stereo blasting your guys’ song outside of your window at 11:00 at night and sang along so loudly that he woke up all of your neighbors

-let’s just say he went a little too far with that one considering he was chased down your street by the police

-you two text nonstop

-”babe u look really good today!!”

-”yoonoh you literally haven’t seen me at all today”

-”yeah but u always look good so i thought i’d just remind u”

-”nice try but i’m not sending you a booty pic”


-all of your dates are out on the town because if you two stayed home it would just be 3 straight hours of making out and ignoring the movie on the tv and you guys actually want to talk to each other for a little bit

-but when that does happen………..


-let’s just say our lil jae is not so pure and sweet anymore (he ain’t so lil either heheheh)

-”babe can you call me jeffery that would be pretty hot”

-”i h8 u”

-one night during a particularly heated session, you two accidentally fell off the couch, hitting your cat in the process and knocking all the pizza rolls off the table

- you’re just sitting there, laughing so hard at the mess you both made while watching him try to untangle himself from the blankets, throwing his E.T. plushie out of the way

-and he just looks at you for 5 seconds without saying anything

-and then all of a sudden

-”wow, I love you so much”


-you’re in shock, and he just starts freaking out

-”oh my god it wasn’t supposed to come out like that not right now I had this whole thing planned I was gonna take you with the rest of NCT on our next press tour in Hong Kong and we were gonna go out to a nice dinner and then I was go-”

-and now you’re crying because this boy is so sweet to you and you really feel like you don’t deserve him and here he is freaking out because he said “i love you” wrong

-so you just shut him up by tackling him with a big ol smooch

-”I love you too, Jeffery”

-”NOT NOW……… E.T. is watching us”

-”……..I take it back”

-in conclusion, Jung Yoonoh is the biggest fluffball on Earth and he’s so happy to be yours that it’s the only thing on his mind at all times

Barnes’ Books - chapter 1

So from all the lovely suggestions yesterday, I realised I’ve never done a bookshop AU, so here’s chapter one. Not good, but here you go anyway…

No pics of the elderly James Barnes exist so, what a shame, will have to show you what he looked like in his prime <3 ;)

Barnes’ Books masterlist

This is my favourite place at the best of times, but on a day like today, when the rain is relentless, the sky is dark, and I’m finding life hard, today it’s even more important. Today is the day to be lost in a book.  

When this bookshop opened, I have to be honest and say I barely noticed. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love bookshops, but I always went to the big one, in the centre of town. They have all the new stuff, they do the good deals, it’s light and bright and airy.  But then I wandered into this shop one day and realised the other place had bookshops all wrong.

Sure, they have all the new stuff, but meh, I can get that online without even needing to take off my pyjamas or open the curtains. Deals are great, but I’d rather find a real bargain than pick a second book that I’m not really interested in just because it’s half price. And light, bright and airy? No! You can’t get lost in a book when there’s fluorescent lights and beechwood floors and modernity.

So let me tell you a bit about Barnes’ Books. It’s small, it’s cramped, there’s usually a bucket on the floor somewhere because the roof leaks. Today there’s two.  Most of the shelves are full of second-hand or remaindered books, and if there’s a system, I haven’t found it yet. That’s the joy though, you run your finger along the shelves and suddenly there’s the book you didn’t know you were looking for. I swear there’s magic in this place. And then, even better, there’s armchairs, here and there. Over-stuffed and ripped armchairs, the kind you can curl your feet into.  They’re not grouped together around a coffee table, they’re solitary, with their backs to the room. Who wants to read in company?! The whole point of a book is that it’s just you and those pages, together, and you don’t want to get pulled out of that world by someone sniffing, or taking a phone call. Oh, and just to add a final glory, there’s a cat. A beautiful, sleek tabby, always curled up in a chair somewhere but equally happy, if not more so, on someone’s lap. She’s the most elegant cat I’ve ever seen. And she’s called Steve. No, I don’t know either.

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EXO reaction to their partner (the reader) being pregnant and not being able to sleep because the baby is kicking

Thanks for the request! We hope you like it <3


He would find it so cute that the baby was kicking that he wouldn’t even be mad about the baby keeping you or now him awake.

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Just hearing about the baby makes his smile 10x as wide and would love to feel the baby kicking against the plan of his hand even though it’s like 2am.

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Even though he’d be tired af he can’t help but crack a smile when he hears about the baby.

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He wouldn’t mind being up at any time of the day for his unborn baby. He’s just proud that his baby is growing more and more each day.

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At first he’d be confused as to why you woke him up but once he realised it was because the baby was kicking he’d be so in awe by it and the fact that it was big enough to do that and the fact that it is growing.

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He tried to make a bad joke about the fact the baby was kicking to try to make you feel better.

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Like Xiumin he wouldn’t care what time is was or the fact that both of you guys were more than tired, he’d just find the whole thing so cute and would want to stay in that moment forever.

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He’d be sooooo shook once he felt the baby kicking, he would think that it is the best thing in the world.

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He’d feel bad that you were being kept up by your guys’ unborn baby but would probably make you a drink and would try and get you to fall back asleep while massaging your stomach.

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He’d be pissed af that he couldn’t get his beauty sleep but under his pissed demeanour he’d be so happy and he still can’t believe that he’s gonna be a dad.

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As soon as you told him it was the baby that was kicking was keeping you up he’d place his hand and on your stomach and would freak tf out (in a good way).

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That’s your problem not mine sweetie’ 

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We hope you like it <3 

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My Sweet Boy

October 24 2014

My baby boy Matty is growing up! I went to kiss his little pink cheeks today and they seemed less chubby. His adorable dimples don’t go as deep as they used to.

October 26 2014

I cried all day today. Matty refused to take my milk for the first time. I feel like he’s already growing apart from me.

October 31 2014

Happy Halloween! Matty started eating a little grownup food the other day and he loved it! I’m still a little sad our Mommy-Son bond is going away but he still seems to want my milk sometimes. I bet he can tell how happy I am to give it to him. There’s nothing like that feeling of closeness, don’t you think?

November 2 2014

I am so mad at Matty I could scream. Five times he pushed me away when I tried to feed him! FIVE! I guess I’m a useless old cow whose milk isn’t good anymore.

November 3 2014

I let Matty try some crushed up candies the other day. He LOVED them! He took handful after handful of the powdery stuff and kept whining for more. At least he was happy when I gave it to him. He smiled every time. Still, those dimples just didn’t look as cute as they used to.

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[04.19.2017] // Playdate with Quinn! <3

Hey guys! How’re you? I hope that you’re fine! <3
Today, Mauricio had a amazing playdate with Quinn! Daughter of my amazing friend from Pandandpixels! It was such a good day for them, they played together, walk around the house in Mauricio’s toddler car, I prepared a little lunch for them eat in the outside, and in the end of the day, they watched a movie and at popcorn in the living room! It was so cute!
Mauricio said that he loved to meet his new friend! Also, look what was one of the things that they more loved to play : put stickers aroud the backyard and in themselves! I stayed in love when they said that the stickers of their hands was dedicated of his new friendship!
Also, thanks for let Quinn come and play with he today! We loved to have she here, and we can’t wait for another playdate! Mauricio loved she too!

So guys, that was the post of today! I hope that you all liked! <3
Any questions? Just ask! My inbox is always open for you! <3
Have a great day/night! <3


It's over| Jughead x reader

Requested by anon:
“Hi! Can you write JugheadxReader and they are dating, butt Jughead is so focus on his novel that he “forget” the reader and he don’t even response her text messiges. Very angst?“
Sorry if I messed it up, this is short and really bad but I am really tired.
I hope you like it anyway anon.
Thank you for requesting xx.
Feedbacks are always welcome.


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Riverdale was the perfect city, nothing happened and everything is calm and quiet. One day one of the Blossom twins, Jason, disappeared. Since then chaos filled the city and everybody talked about the boy.

A few months later his body was found in the river, and that was the exact moment when the panic began.
You weren’t really worried about the killer and the dead boy,  you had other things on your mind, like good grades and her boyfriend.
You and Jughead have been dating for at least 3 months. At first it was fantastic, Jughead is a really good boyfriend but when Jason’s body was found you two weren’t together like before, you were almost strangers.

You walk in the hallways of your school, the last bell just rang, sign that the lessons were finished for today.
You turn around trying to get to your boyfriend’s locker.
“Hey Juggy” you kiss him on the cheek.
He looks at you and gives you a small smile returning to his locker.
“So where are we going tonight?”
Jughead sighs and looks at you with pity.
“I’m sorry Y/N, I can’t go out tonight, I have to write my novel”
You take a step back and put a fake smile on.
“Okay, see you Juggy”

You throw yourself on your bed, letting the tears fall from your eyes.
What did I do? He doesn’t love me anymore. I can’t live like this. Why doesn’t he love me anymore? Why does he prefer that stupid novel?
Millions of question fly inside your head, tears dry on your cheeks.
Slowly your eyelids begin to close, sending you in a dreamless sleep.

When you wake you notice the moon outside and get up to check your clock.
You get up, put your shoes on and grab a jacket.

When you open Pop’s door, the smell of fries and Pop’s smile almost make you forget what you came for. Almost.
You walk towards on of the boots.
“We need to talk”
Jughead turns his head to you, confused.
You look at him and then start to walk towards the exit, he walk behind you.
Once you are outside you take a deep breath and turn around.
“It’s over”
He furrows his brows.
“It’s obvious that you don’t love me as much as I do and I don’t wanna stay with a person that doesn’t love me so it’s over”
At this point of the conversation tears start to run down your face.
“See you at school”


WARNING:heavy smut
Dean bottom
Cas top

It was around that time again, Deans birthday. It wasn’t as if he hated his birthday it’s just he knew he would rather go hunting then sit down all day having people say “happy birthday!” to him. Plus what was the point of celebrating a day that just leads to your death, it’s a countdown to your inevitable death and everyone just seems happy about it. Dean was so annoyed of everyone who came into the bunker to say happy birthday to him, even reapers said happy birthday to him because they knew that it meant he was getting older and soon it would come time for him to die of old age. The only part that he liked was that it meant it was finally time for him and Cas to have some alone time. Except there was a Teensy problem with that…… Sammy didn’t know about him and Cas being in a relationship. Dean had been planning on telling Sam but they had been busy hunting and he just wanted to delay it a while longer. 
“Hey Dean happy birthday.” Sam said while watching on the tv in the bunkers living room
They had added the tv a while back because they thought that they needed some stuff here and there that reminded them that the place was theirs now, and plus they didn’t want to use some old school tv that had black and white shows on it. 
“Ugh don’t remind me, all day people have been telling me happy birthday even the reapers.” Dean sighed as he plopped down right next to Sam 
“Woah rough time I see, is it cause the old age?” Sammy joked 
“Oh shut up.” Dean laughed while rolling his eyes
They sat in silence as they watched tv together. Then all of sudden Cas appeared in the middle of the living room and turned to look at Dean, ‘oh no…..’ Dean thought to himself. He had been trying to avoid Cas recently because Cas was telling him to tell Sam that they were together so that they wouldn’t have to hide their relationship from him any longer, and so that they wouldn’t have to explain to Sam why Cas was in Deans room all the time now. 
“We need to talk now.” Cas said with his serious tone of voice glaring at Dean with those big beautiful eyes that pierced his soul
“Is something wrong?” Sam asked concerned, he straightened his posture as he asked
“No it’s nothing serious……well to me it is but to someone else it’s like nothing.” Cas said clearly salty about it 
“What you mean?” Sam asked Cas 
“Well you see….” Dean quickly got up and covered Cas’s mouth with his hand 
“He means nothing! I had told him an embarrassing story of me when I was younger and he keeps pestering me to tell you about it so that you could laugh your ass off.” Dean tried explaining 
“Oh well whatever I don’t really want to hear it then.” Sam said sliding back into the sofa 
“Let’s go.” Dean said in a strict voice to Cas 
They walked to Deans room and Dean immediately turned to Cas angry
“Are you crazy?!” Dean yelled at him, his eyes piercing Cas with a glare
“What, I thought it was time don’t you?” Cas said remaining calm
“Look I told you I would talk to him about us, but you can’t just go and tell him out of the blue like that.” Dean was searing with rage
“Why not?” 
“Because Cas you just don’t!” 
“Dean….we need to tell him is it so bad that I don’t want to hide our relationship anymore? Is it so bad that I want to be open and honest with everyone about us? Am I really that bad that you don’t want anyone else to know that we’re dating….” Cas said looking down his head hanging low as he felt sad about the shame Dean must feel about dating him.
“What no Cas I’ve never regretted not once about dating you. See the thing is I’m weak when it comes to this stuff, I need time and I’m not very good when it comes to expressing my feelings….. so I’m sorry if you feel as though I don’t care or that I don’t want to date you or anything.” Dean said explaining himself 
He put his hand on Cas’s chin bringing his face up to his 
“Look Cas I’m just not ready yet but I promise I will try ok.” 
“Ok…..” Cas said 
Cas hugged Dean hard and whispered into his ear 
“I love you.” 
“And I love you too.” Dean said smiling hugging Cas back.
They just stood like that for a while until a few minutes had passed by like nothing,
“Ok Cas let’s get back to Sam.”
“Ok.” Cas said smiling brightly trying to lighten their mood
They went straight back to living room and sat down together on the couch. Sam looked at Dean then shrugged and just went back to watching, Cas sat right next to Dean opposite of Sam and held his hand covering it with their bodies. Dean blushed at the touch of the angels hand, it was a rough hand that expressed how many fights it had been in…..but it was delicate and warm in its own way.
“Oh Dean I have to go soon by the way. I’m gonna go help mom out with some ghost that’s been haunting a family in Illinois, so far it’s killed the mom of the family and next will probably be the dad.”
“What hold on I’m gonna go with you.” Dean stated as he started to get up
“Dean we got it ok, me and mom can handle the situation just get some rest you need it.” Sam said “plus it’s your birthday.” He smiled at Dean lightly
“I just don’t feel comfortable with leaving you guys to deal with it.” Dean said frustrated a bit
“Oh shut up Dean I’m not little anymore, I got it so just rest plus you need a shower…..badly.” Sam said as he got up to leave
“What no I don’t.” Dean said smelling his shirt “ok maybe I do….” Dean mumbled lowly as he started to blush
‘I can’t believe Cas hugged me when I stunk this bad!’ He thought to himself.
“Alright I’ll be back in like 3 days k so don’t wait up!” Sammy yelled back as he left the bunker
Dean looked at Cas with squinty eyes
“Why didn’t you say that I needed a shower?!” Dean yelled sourly as he pushed his head into a sofa cushion
“Well cause I don’t mind it.” Cas smiled at Dean
“Ugh i swear…..” Dean said into the cushion
“Shall we take a shower together birthday boy?”
Dean blinked when he heard Cas say that
“How did you know my birthday was today?” Dean sat up immediately and looked straight at Cas
“Oh Sam told me, good thing he did cause I brought some pie in the kitchen before I showed up in the living room, we can eat it after our shower though.” Cas said his eyes glowing happily
“Why are you so happy?” Dean questioned
“Cause I get to be with you alone for 3 days, plus it’s your birthday so I get to finally see my sexy babe age a little more.”
“You realize that as I get older I’m gonna die even sooner right?” Dean said sarcastically
“Yeah I know….. but you see only your physical body will die your soul will forever be with me wether it be in heaven or on earth or in hell, because no matter what nothing will keep me from you.” He said gently caressing Deans face
“Gosh I swear your such a dramatic romantic.” Dean said slowly inching closer to Cas’s lips
“Is that so bad…” Cas said leaning more in
“Not at all…….” Dean breathed against Cas’s lips as they collided into one another
It lit up like a fire spark, their kisses always made Dean hot and bothered. They kept on holding the small kisses that meant so much and tried making there way to the bathroom without tripping. That was a terrible mistake,
“OW!” Dean yelped as he tripped over a broken tile
“OH NO! Are you ok baby?” Cas asked concerned while bending down to see Deans foot
“Yeah just tripped….” Dean was rubbing his foot
“Here I got you.” Cas said while putting his arms around Deans body to lift him off the floor
“Cas! Put me down please.” Dean said while smiling
“No way baby.”
“Oh my gosh this is embarrassing…”
Dean then saw Cas’s neck and immediately had an idea for payback,
“Woah!” Cas jumped a little in surprise
Dean was giving Cas a hicky and after he was done with one hicky he started to give peppered kisses from his neck to his ear, then he whispered
“Payback sexy.”
Cas shuddered
“We’ll see about that soon.” Cas said as he opened the door to the bathroom
He went straight to the shower while holding Dean to his body with one arm and turned it on, the hot after sprayed onto them immediately and Cas placed Dean down lightly
“I hate you, now I’m all wet.” Dean said while stripping down while smiling brightly
He always had so much fun with Cas no matter what they were spending their time doing. Cas then started stripping down when he saw Dean taking off his pants, Dean was always beautiful in Cas’s eyes….. his dirty blonde hair always shimmering in the sun and the way his body was built strongly like a wall or building that would never fall. Deans eyes were always Cas’s favorite part because he saw this quote on Instagram that said “granny sheeran told me when I’m looking for a partner to fall in love with their eyes cause eyes are the only things that don’t age, so if you fall in love with their eyes you’ll be in love forever.” It was by some dude called Ed Sheeran, but Cas had not only fallen in love with Deans eyes but his soul as well and the soul was much stronger than the eyes.
“Hey your staring……” Dean said as he covered his naked body with his hands
“Oh sorry I was just thinking.”
“Ok I’ll bite what were you thinking about?”
“How lucky I am to have you….” Cas said as he finally got naked and ran a hand through his wet hair
Dean blushed and turned hot red, he grabbed Cas suddenly and kissed him hard when he pulled away he said
“You sometimes talk about embarrassing things way to easily.”
Then they went back to kissing, their lips pressing hard into one another. Cas licked Deans lips lightly with his tongue and then Dean opened his mouth slightly to let Cas inside, their tongues danced with each other inside each other’s mouths. It was so intense that it felt as if the shower was suddenly getting hotter. Cas then pushed Dean up against the wall of the shower and Dean jumped up and wrapped his legs around Cas’s waist, Cas knew already what to do as he licked his finger and then pushed it into Deans asshole. Dean moaned as Cas hit that perfect spot,
“Mhhhm ah….”
Cas kept going finally putting in two fingers
“Ah ah ah right there Cas….” Dean moaned into Cas’s ear
Cas’s dick was already hard and he was trying to restrain himself so he wouldn’t hurt Dean, but it was getting hard to control himself with Dean moaning into his ear
“More Cas….”
'Oh my gosh I wanna fuck him already!’ Cas’s mind screamed
“Not yet baby, gotta open you up properly.” He said biting Deans ear lightly
“Oh ah that feels so good….”
Cas just tried to let him mind only focus on Deans asshole and opening him up, he was too tight right now. A few more seconds then he could put his third finger in, his fingers just kept going in and out of the tight warm hole that his dick would soon be in. 'In and out in and out’ Cas tried concentrating
“Please Cas I want you already….” dean moaned shifting his hips to grind with the fingers
“If you keep saying things like that I’ll plunge into you right now.” Cas said I’m a deep sexy voice
“Do it then sexy i need it…..” Dean moaned trying to push Cas over the edge
“How about trying to say please?” Cas said teasing
“No….AH!” Dean suddenly moaned as Cas started to faster and harder with his fingers
Dean couldn’t help but only let out moans as his boyfriend started to twist his fingers inside him hitting the spot just right.
“Ah ah ah ah Cas wait I don’t want to come like this!” Dean moaned loudly
“Then beg for it baby…” Cas whispered as he took his fingers out of Deans tight asshole
He let dean slide off his body and then Dean begged
“Please sexy please make me come with your hot big dick.” He looked at Cas with those longing eyes that were bright in the bathroom light
“Oh yeah I got you baby.”
Suddenly Dean was turned around his hands bracing himself against the shower wall and his ass facing Cas’s dick, then all of sudden he felt this hot thick thing go inside him filling him up and hitting the spot again.
“AH!” Dean moaned loudly as he shuddered from the pleasure
Cas then moved his hands to Deans waist and pulled away then plunged hard inside him, over and over and over again that was the rhythm
“AH AH AH OH CAS! FUCK!” Dean could only moan as his angel plunged into him over and over.
“Yeah baby I know you like it rough.” Cas grunted as he grabbed Deans hair pulling his head back and kissing him ravenously
Dean was getting closer and closer to coming every time Cas would plunge into him,
“Then do it baby, let’s do it together.” Cas grunted again
Dean felt Cas’s dick swelling up inside him and dean was being pushed over the edge.
“Yes oh god yes!”
Then they both came together as they felt the pleasure of each other, they slide down to the floor of the shower and just sat there in each other’s arms for a little while.
“Ok I’m gonna go get the pie and candles ready so i can sing happy birthday ok.” Cas said
“Ok sexy.” Dean smiled as he kissed Cas’s lips once more before he flew out to the kitchen
Dean was then left to clean himself in quiet which was kinda nice. After Dean made his way out of the bathroom and into the living room he saw the pie and candles ready and 2 cans of beer just ready for drinking. His eyes watered as he felt so happy that Cas was the one who he was celebrating with.
“Cas you didn’t have to…..thanks so much.” Dean started to cry a little but then wiped his tears on the back of his hand, he didn’t like showing weakness he wanted to seem strong.
“Dean it was a pleasure to do all this for you, it may not be much but I’m glad I was able to get to know you and Sam during all my years here on earth.” Cas said as he moved closer to Dean
Cas sang happy birthday to dean then they both moved to the bedroom for another round of sex, it was just as hot and steamy as the bathroom sex. Cas had told Dean to lay down on the bed then he used his tie and tied up his hands to the wooden frame of the bed. Dean tugged a little as Cas finished tying him up, it was weird it felt kind of good to be tied up.
“Didn’t know you liked tying people up Cas.” Dean said as he smiled
“I didn’t know either until I went on your laptop and saw all the porn.” He said smirking
Cas then positioned himself so that Deans asshole was right on his dick, he plunged in again
“Oh fuck!” Dean moaned
Dean tried to move his hands to wrap them around on Cas’s back but he was tied up.
“Cas I wanna touch you to hold you.” He begged
Cas just kept pounding into him letting Dean moan even more
“Sure I’ll let you hold me, after we finish with you blindfolded.” Cas said still pounding into Dean
“Ah ah ah oh yes!” Dean answered in a moan
Cas then reached for the tie that was tied around Deans hands and undid them, then he used it to cover deans eyes. For some reason the sex got even better! Dean felt as if he was his senses were heightened with the new found blindness.
“Oh Cas…” dean moaned as he dug his nails into the angels back.
“Yeah baby I know you feel it.”
For some reason during sex or flirting times Cas got confident, and it was sexy as hell. They both came again at the same time and it was beautiful, it was as if their souls were connected. After the intense sex session Dean grew hungry and went to go to eat some pie, the one Cas had bought. As he took a slice he noticed that in the bag the pie came in there was a note it read
“Dear Baby,
Happy birthday!
I’m not sure what else humans write on these but I heard that your supposed to write your feeling about the person so here goes. Dean before I met you I was only doing jobs and trying to make father proud, I was always listening to orders even if I questioned them I didn’t say anything about it and just moved on with my day. That was until I met you….. when I pulled you out of hell it was as if I found something new, like a piece of me that was always gone you fit the place perfectly. I thought at first it was just the vessel of Michael being strong and having a strong soul, but it wasn’t that it was so much more. I fell in love with humans I fell in love with you, I couldn’t help it. It’s my ultimate weakness, to want to be with you to want to help you guys even in the most impossible conditions…..I still try. Dean i was afraid and I still am afraid because I don’t fit in anywhere except when I’m with you, that’s where I truly feel where I belong right at your side. Your the most bravest and most stubborn and the most kindest soul I’ve ever met. Your soul always shines brightly even in the darkest of times, you can be so petty and stubborn sometimes but that’s just how you are because your so protective. Anyway what I’m trying to say is that never change and I love you with all my heart.”
Deans eyes started to water and he quickly ran back to his room and jumped on Cas
“What’s wrong Dean why are you crying?”
Dean just snuggled more closely to Cas
“Thank you for the letter…..” he whispered into Cas’s shirt
“Oh you read it early……it’s no problem I wrote my feelings and I meant every word of it.” Cas said as he wrapped his arms around Dean holding them close
“I know you did……I love you too Cas and when it’s your birthday I’ll show you my feelings.” He smiled against Cas’s neck
“Then I can’t wait.”
“Yeah me neither.”
“Also Dean p.s please don’t say my fathers name during sex.”
Dean just started to laugh loud
“You just had to ruin the mood.” He sighed while smiling “but ok.”
Couple of minutes later Dean was asleep and Cas was just there watching and holding Dean close never letting go, he started to wonder what did he do to get so lucky and how he was lucky Dean didn’t see the ring while he was going through the bag of pie. The ring that he was gonna use to propose to Dean tomorrow……

anonymous asked:

Two people who want to be together but can't.

“3,000 miles.” He announces.

It’s so silent after he speaks that you can hear the sound of my heart breaking as it echoes through the cave.

The cave has been our spot for years, and it always brought good memories but today that ends. Today is the day he decides to tell me the worst news I’ll ever hear.

“For how long?” I ask, drawing symbols in the sand not daring to look up at him.

“Two years; it could be more.”

The love of my life, my best friend, my soulmate is going to be gone for 2 years. And I’m just supposed to be okay with that? 3,000 miles away?

“No.” I say sternly. “No way in hell am I waiting for you for two years.”

There was only two steps in between us but it felt like he was already 3,000 miles away from me. He tensed. I could feel the air around us shifting, and suddenly, for the first time ever around him, I felt cold.

“I figured you’d say that. I figured you wouldn’t wait,” he laughed bitterly, “what did you really expect to come from us if you weren’t going to wait?”

“I’m 17. I graduate in a year. I have my senior homecoming, my prom, I have my friends, and I have my life to carry on with. In my head when I picture all of those things, I picture doing them with you!” I yell, finally looking up at him, “I want to be with you, yes! I pictured a future with you, yes! But sometimes you don’t get what you want, and we don’t get to be together.”

I stop for a minute and consider my next words carefully, but they come out angry. “Sue me for trying to be realistic. Sue me for sparing the heartache a year down the line when I’m so fucking in love with you and you’re only a little in love with me. Sue me for trying to protect my heart!”

He walked away that day and we haven’t talked since. We wanted to be with each other but we couldn’t. The timing was off, I guess.

Don’t go- Josh Dun


He hadn’t answered his phone in over 5 hours. This wasn’t like him. He always answered your calls and texts almost immediately.

Did he meet someone else? He probably didn’t care about you anymore, he won’t even be here for our 3rd anniversary. He could get anyone in the world, so why did he settle for you? You we’re a piece of crap. You we’re far from perfect, you had an ugly smile, and your laugh was so annoying.

Those thoughts had been haunting you for the past 3 months but when Josh didn’t answer your calls for the last 5 hours, that was enough for you to believe all of them. You just wanted to push all the voices out. There was only one way though.

You walked to the bathroom sobbing, knowing that both you and Josh would be free again. You from your misery and Josh from you. That’s what he wanted wasn’t it?

You opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed a bottle of sleeping pills. You heard a knock on the door as you took a big swig of water swallowing the pills then your phone rang out from the counter. It was Josh.

That’s when you fell to the ground and everything went black. You wanted to go back but it was too late.

Josh P.O.V.

I met her just over 3 years ago. Her smile pulled me in. The way she laughed made my heart skip a beat. She was freaking beautiful and she was so talented. From the first time I met her I felt a special connection to her.

Fast forward 3 years and we’ve been dating for 2 years, 11 months, and 29 days. Yes I kept a count because she meant so much to me. She always knows exactly the right things to say and do. I couldn’t help but think she ended up in my life for a reason. She was perfect.

Tyler and I just got off the plane from finishing our tour. Y/N doesn’t know we’re back yet. She thinks I’ll be home late tomorrow night, but I wanted to surprise her for our anniversary tomorrow.

I had a lot planned for us and I couldn’t wait to see her reaction when I proposed to her.

Once Jenna and Tyler dropped me off at Y/N and I’s apartment I started towards the door.  Was so excited to see her again. It has been 2 months since I got to see her in person.

I knocked on the door and waited for it to open. There was no answer. I decided to call her and I got a little nervous when she didn’t answer. I went to the neighbors to get the key they had of our. I could help but fear the worse. Y/N has battled with depression and when I went away she wasn’t in the best state of mind.

When the door finally opened I called out her name. That’s when I came across the bathroom to find the love of my life on the ground with an empty bottle of pills next to her.

I called 911 while trying to find a pulse. I was a little hopeful when I felt it but it was weak.

“Stay with me baby. I love you Y/N, don’t go. We were gonna get married. Baby I need you.” I just kept talking in hopes she could hear me.

The ambulance showed up about 7 minutes later. I had to call Tyler to meet me at the hospital because I couldn’t do this alone.

“Hey Tyler. Meet me at the hospital right now. I just found Y/N on the ground,she took some pills and I’m scared.” I could barely breath, my chest felt heavy with worry.

“We’re on our way now Josh stay strong, she’ll be okay.” Tyler’s voice was filled with fear and concern but he was trying to hide it.

She was taken away right away once arriving at the hospital. I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Tyler. My tears just feel and I collapsed to the ground.

“I knew I should have told her I was coming home. I knew I should have never left her in the beginning.”

“Hey Josh She’ll be fine. She’s a fighter, she loves you and if she did hear you before then she’s gonna get herself better.” Tyler and Jenna stayed with me until the doctor came out.

“You must be Josh Dun, correct?”

“Yes. How’s Y/N? Can I see her.”

The doctor let out a sigh the started to talk. “She’s doing great. She overdosed on sleeping pills. Once we got her back there her heart stopped but we have her stabilized now. We have hopes that she will be awake tomorrow. Thank god you found her when you did. She wouldn’t have made it if you had waited all of 3 more minutes. You can go see her now.” With that the doctor lead all of us to where Y/N was.

She must have not eaten in a few weeks. She was at least 25 pounds lighter and her arms were covered in scars.

“Oh my god. Josh how long has she been this bad?” Tyler asked kneeling next to me as I held her hand and kissed her knuckles.

“I-I don’t really know. I got so wrapped up in the album and tour I guess I didn’t even notice. Fuck this is all my fault. I love her so much and I didn’t even realize that she was hurting herself. I don’t deserve her.”

“Don’t blame yourself for this Josh. Just be there for her.”

Tyler and Jenna left about 3 hours later after they knew I was okay. They offered to bring me home but I wasn’t leaving Y/N’s side.

I pulled a chair up next to her bedside and just held her hand. I drummed a little beat with my thumbs on her hand and I must and fallen asleep. I was awoken by yelling and a loud beeping noise. The nurses removed me from the room quickly as I tried to fight my way back to Y/N.

“Sir we need to make sure she’s fully stabilized before you can go back in.” The nurse explained to me as I asked to go back in after sitting in the waiting room for 20  minutes.

It was about an hour later when I could go back in. She looked like she did before except this time her eyes were open. She was just staring down at her wrist crying.

I placed a hand on her leg. She jumped “Are you a nurse?”

I looked at her with a quizzical face. Before I could reply the doctor came in and asked to speak to me.

He explained how she had some sort of seizure when she woke up. He then explained how she will have some memory loss for the next few hours but she should be okay by tonight. He had full faith in her which made me feel good.

“Hey Y/N, do you remember me?” I entered the room again.

“Umm… Yeah don’t you play in a band or something? Like the drums?” I thought it would be best to go along with whatever she said for now.

“Yeah. Are you a fan?”

She smiled and it made my heart skip a beat like always.

“I think so. Can I hear a song?”

“Of course.” I said pulling out my phone playing her favorite song.

As We Don’t Believe What’s On TV played I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was so beautiful, how could she ever how doubts about herself?

When the song ended she asked to hear more. We listen to the whole Blurryface album and I gently drummed my fingers on the bedside again. She watched me the whole time.

“You must be really talented. Do you have a girlfriend?”

“I do actually.” I smiled and then it faded when I realized what she had asked me.

“Wow she must be very lucky to have you.”

“No I’m lucky one.”

“Josh, will you tell me about her?”

“Well for starters she’s beautiful, talented, and her smile. Her smile makes me the happiest man alive. I could go on for hours about everything I love about her. She’s perfect for me.”

She smiled down at me.

“I feel like I know who you are. Are we friends?”

“I would say more than friends. What do you remember about me?”

Y/N P.O.V.

“I would say more than friends. What do you remember about me?”

I sat and thought for a moment. My thoughts and memories were all cloudy and I wasn’t sure what was real or not.

“Well I remember that there is Tyler he’s the one who sings those songs.A blonde girl. Gianna, possibly. I think we’re all friends right?”

“Close, her name is Jenna. Tyler and I play in the band twenty one pilots and Jenna is one of your best friends.” Josh said reassuring me.

With that a man and a woman walked in. they looked to Josh as if they didn’t know what to say.

“Hey guys. Y/N woke up a while ago and she’s getting some memories back.” Josh told them what I remembered. After talking a bit about our friendship Jenna asked if Josh wanted to take a walk with her. I wondered why he said yes, I thought we were getting along so well. I wanted to know more about his girlfriend,he sounded so madly in love with her. Something I only dreamed a guy would do about me.

Once they left the room Tyler sat in the chair next to the bed that Josh just left.

“Hey Y/N. How do you feel?”

“Good I guess. Tyler can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Is Josh happy with Jenna? I mean he deserves the best and I think she would be great for him I guess.”

He chuckled and looked at the ground. “Well I hope they don’t get to close. After all she’s my wife.”

“Oh whoops, I thought they were dating. Sorry. So who is he dating?” You felt sort of embarrassed but you felt comfortable around Tyler like you did with Josh.

“Well she’s this funny girl who I introduced him to over 3 years ago. Today is their 3 year anniversary actually and he was gonna surprise her, but something came up. She’s my wife’s best friend and she was her maid of honor in our wedding. We all missed her being on tour with us, but she had work so she could join us the past 3 months.” You sat and listened to Tyler go on about this girl for a while.

Josh P.O.V.

“Thanks for getting me out of there Jenna.”

“No problem. I saw the tears in your eyes and knew you probably needed a minute to breathe.”

“Yeah. It’s just so hard not being able to wish her a happy anniversary or kiss her. I mean she doesn’t even know we’re dating. I had all these plans to propose today and I just feel so bad for her.” I wanted to cry but just held the emotions in. I wanted to stay as strong as possible.

“The doctor said we could show her picture and videos and things like that to jog her memory but I don’t want to mess with anything, you know?”

“I get it, but i think she’s getting a lot of the memories back she just needs a little more push to get the rest.” Jenna said pulling out her phone. She showed em a few pictures she had taken of Y/N and I when we were on tour together.

“Show these to her and maybe it will help her.” She said handing me the phone as we walked back into Y/N’s room.

Y/N P.O.V.

Josh and Jenna walked in and Josh sat next to me again. He handed me the phone and scrolled through a few pictures of him and me. It was when he got to the 5th or 6th picture that it clicked. I was his girlfriend. Tears filled my eyes and Josh looked up at me.

“What’s wrong?” Josh said wiping away a stray tear that must have fallen from my eye.

“Happy anniversary babe.”

The room went silent. Everyone’s jaws fell open. Then Josh stood up and put his lips to my forehead.

“I love you Y/N. Happy anniversary baby.”

Josh handed Jenna her phone back. Then they left leaving only Josh and I in the room. I moved over on the bed so Josh could sit next to me.

Not that he felt like a stranger but I still didn’t have full memory back so I still didn’t feel like I’ve known him for 3 years.

Josh’s P.O.V.

It had been a few hours since she remembered who I was. I know there were pieces still missing from her memory but the next morning she would have it all back says the doctor.

It was early in the morning when I woke up and saw her sleeping so peacefully. I didn’t want to leave but I hadn’t taken a shower in over 3 days now.

Once I returned 3 hours later she was awake.

She greeted me with the biggest smile.

“Hey Josh.”

I was so happy to hear her voice again with a happy tone.

“Hey babe. How did you sleep?” I asked as I sat down on the bed with her again.

“Great.” There was a moment of silence as the cuddles close into my side. “Josh I’m so sorry. I-”  I cut her off before she could say anything more.

“Y/N there’s nothing to be apologizing about. Just please promise me you’ll come to me about this if there’s a next time.”

She nodded her head and I kissed her on the top of her head.

“You missed.” She said as she came up to met her lips with mine. We were interrupted by Tyler walking in.

“Woah didn’t know I was getting a show with visiting my best friend.” Y/N pulled away and chucked. I just stared down at her. I can’t believe I almost lost the love of my life to her stupid demons.

6 weeks later

Y/N and I just left having a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant. We were walking along the river path when I stopped and dropped to my knee. Y/N didn’t notice for a few seconds and when she turned around to see me pulling out the small velvet box she started to cry. This was it. The moment I’ve been anticipating since our first few dates.

I planned a whole speech but I couldn’t get the words to form so I simply just said “Y/N make me the happiest man to ever live and marry me.”

She stepped closer to me and shook her head yes. I slipped the ring in her finger and then pulled her into a hug.

She was finally mine. I was never letting her go again and something told me she was thinking the same about herself and I.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Josh.”  

a lot of reasons to love park jimin
  1. his smile
  2. his adorable fingers and how shy he gets over them
  3. his rainbow equivalent laugh
  4. works so so so hard on his dancing and vocals
  5. has the cutest eye smile in the entire world
  6. the way he throws his head back with a small laugh when he’s shy
  7. his scrunchy face
  8. how obsessed with twitter he is
  9. the way he walks is too attractive what the fuck
  10. the way he can literally rock any hairstyle or color
  11. the cute surprised face he had when they showed his ballet videos on the yangnam show
  12. how small he is compared to any other member
  13. how sensitive and sweet he is
  14. jungkook: breathes
    jimin: i was born in busan first
  15. loves taehyung so much
  16. his adorable selfies with jin lately
  17. so sexy on stage the
  18. his intense gaze when he’s dancing
  19. tries to roast a member but immediately apologizes
  20. when he forgot hoseok’s part in miss right and looked rlly sorry and laid his head on hoseok to make up for it
  21. how smol n adorable he looks next to namjoon
  22. his sugary sweet and honey smooth voice
  23. his high notes!!
  24. is finally gaining weight and is happy with himself
  25. his confidence!!
  26. the way he can never wear a headband right at a fansign
  27. how far he’s gotten from debut is so inspiring
  28. has a rlly nice relationship with all the members
  29. can never do anything even slightly mean without feeling bad and apologizing immediately
  30. “the jacket falling off was an accident” *does it 15 more times*
  31. he looks!!! so good!!! in the not today mv!!!
  32. his rlly soft vlives and logs
  33. that one vlive where he literally came on to color and colored in like 3 letters before being like “that looks good! i’m done now”
  34. when tae did that short video singing have yourself a merry little christmas and he responded with a video of his own
  35. “#JIMIN”
  36. his terrible but somehow still cute aegyo??
  37. when hoseok made a heart out of his hair and he just kept saying “heart!” at the camera and smiling
  38. “띠미니”
  39. that face he does when he tilts his head back and stares with big eyes right into the camera
  40. the way he somehow makes speaking in busan dialect sexy?
  41. his adorable english omg
  42. in the same vlive where he was coloring he was showing off his puma sweater and he was so happy because of how pretty it was
  43. in the vlive with jin and jeongguk when he kept flipping the camera back to himself like a little shit 
  44. and also couldn’t stop laughing at everything jin said
  45. jin’s #1 dad joke supporter even tho he hates how much he laughs at them
  46. his 3:33 move 
  47. the way he gets rlly shy when the other members hype him up
  48. but also begs for praise all the time
  49. in bon voyage
    jimin: no one’s praising my santa
    members: all suddenly praising him and talking over each other
    jimin: shy smiles and giggles at the camera
  50. in bon voyage: “he he he heh heh heh”
  51. cares about the members so much
  52. when they won an award and he started crying and namjoon kept saying “we couldn’t do this without jimin”
  53. his contemp choreo in butterfly and spring day!!!
  54. jin says he learns dance from jimin because he’s the nicest 
  55. he’s so humble no matter the amount of fans they get
  56. always says he’ll work harder even if he did perfectly
  57. his sarcasm when he was playing the i see game with seokjin in run bts
  58. lie saved 2016 and 2017
  59. when he harmonized with himself in that one performance of dope and literally killed us all
    1. he was soso soso cute in the hope on the street vlive he was in
    2. when he and tae were annoying hoseok while he was asleep in that one bbomb and they both ran away screaming
    3. his iconic excuse me
    4. the amount of times he’s danced to gg songs with hoseok
    5. when he and tae were jamming to bigbang
    6. when he was talking to chanyeol at isac like they were best friends!!!!
    7. his super messy hair in one of the latest bbombs
    8. his rlly adorable vlive with hoseok on hobi’s bday 
    9. the amount of times he and hoseok pushed each other down onto the bed during the blanket kick choreo omfg
    10. his dirty dancing with jin in the wings countdown vlive
    11. plus how adorable n smol he was in that vlive!!
    12. when he went to namjoon for help for lie instead of yoongi and yoongi kept glaring at him from across the stage at muster
    13. the bbomb of him and tae dancing like idiots
    14. his adorable striped sweater that gave him sweaterpaws!!!
    15. the one video he took of him and jeongguk after they ate spicy ramen and he licked his swollen lips how dare he
    16. how soft he gets when he’s cold
    17. his performance with yoongi of tony montana and instantly became the main rapper
    The Best

    pairing: platonic hamilsquad x depressed!reader

    genre: angst! modern au

    word count: 1700

    warning: mentions of depression, death/suicide

    summary: you haven’t been at school all week, you haven’t been answering texts. eventually, the boys decided that they’re not going to wait for you to reply anymore, and take matters into their own hands.

    a/n: yoo so sorry for the angsty thing, i was planning on putting up some starboy laurens fluff but ive been having a pretty bad day meself so. wrote some angst cuz it made me feel better. if you’re having a bad day i hope it helps and i hope u feel good tomorrow!

    You had spent the week in bed. Your work was beginning to pile up – in both a metaphorical and literal sense, you thought as you looked at the pile of papers on your desk – and you probably got more texts in the past five days than you’ve gotten in the past year. Everyone was worried about you. Just today, Alexander had left you 3 voicemails and he sent you 51 messages in the span of 6 minutes; John sent you 2 pictures of Lafayette and Hercules playing checkers, and then one of himself pouting because, as he put it, he ‘wanted to see you’; Lafayette sent you a video of himself singing some French song that was supposed to be a lullaby but it didn’t really help; Hercules sent you a picture of himself in a ridiculous hat. 

    Nothing cheered you up. You hadn’t had this bad of a spell in years, but lately things had gotten worse and couldn’t bring yourself to do anything. You just couldn’t.

    Keep reading


    Mafumafu: There was a Hiki Fes rehearsal

    Today I’m a penguin

    It’s sudden but I’m going to upload a video at 6pm …\( *´ω`* )/

    Luz: Hiki Fes rehearsal nau😎

    I got UraShimaSakataSen’s CD! Congrats! 

    Also you weren’t expecting this but at 6pm I’m going to upload a video! It’s the feeling of our 5 year long wish come true :) Please listen to it!

    Mafumafu: UraSakaMafu    The 3 animal friends

    To be honest it’s really hot and singing is tough

    But meeting up after such a long time is so much fun \( *´ω`* )/

    The goods are also completed to a high standard!! I’m thinking of tweeting the details later today

    Amatsuki: Sakata and House Sakata* (aggrevated)

    Sakata: RT He looks strong

    nqrse: The Hiki Fes rehearsal was today~! Seeing everyone after such a long time, as expected it was the best… I went in an oversized jersy so I took a commemorative photo in the jersey. After that Araki-ojisan mixed a song at my house with Araki, just as long as the date doesn’t change… There’s still time so we’ll work out hardest! (I’m so happy that I have something to mumble about)

    Araki: Hiki Fes rehearsal nau 🙌 Since it started to warm up yesterday I stopped wearing the knit cap and swapped it for a snapback

    By the way my hair colour is completely different, it will be red for the event (planning to) so don’t worry🙄haha

    I used angel pink-ish colour contacts❕Good colour🙋✨

    Amatsuki: Today was another Hiki Fes rehearsal\⍩⃝/ !!

    It was a rehearsal for collabs and the main song, so there were a lot of members for the first time in ages, wasn’t it just too fun ι(˙◁˙ )/ !!!

    Oh oh what’s this what;s this?

    Urata: It would be such a waste to eat this!

    * 坂田家 , House Sakata is Sakata’s fanbase (i.e. the plush in his pouch)