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A HC where MC trip and falls onto some random guy, but RFA V Saeran misunderstood, thinking that the guy was trying to do something to MC?? (Imma slut for Jelly Gang)

Dedicated to @masshiro-shiro for her birthday!! (not sure if it’s the right day because timezones x.x) Remember when I asked you weeks ago when your birthday was? nyahaha!! 

I was looking through the requests and thought you’d like this one :3 Sorry, I know it’s not much, but I wanted to do something for a follower (and friend) who’s been so supportive all along >-<

Alsooo thanks Zenny’s lil masochist for the ask~ Have you been a good girl~? Don’t forget, you proposed to me, so you’re mine too! >:0 (But I’m sorry, I think I misread the ask a bit, aaaa)


RFA/Saeran Misunderstands and Gets Jealous


  • You were helping him pick a suit for his friend’s wedding
  • He’d been trying on clothes all day…
  • “I’m getting hungry, MC,” he pouted, his eyes teary as he stared at you with sad puppy eyes
  • You sighed, “I’ll go buy food. You stay here and wait. Let me know if you find something that suits you…”
  • 10 minutes later
  • Yoosung peeked out from the changing room, searching the store for you. Oh! There you were, right at the front… and you were hugging someone?
  • He felt his stomach churn in discomfort (or was it hunger? Lololol)
  • Before he knew it, he found himself between you and the other person, pulling you into his arms. He fastened a glare at the stranger, growling, “Get lost.
  • The stranger turned on their heel, sheer shock in their expression as they sprinted off.
  • “Y-Yoosung… he was only helping me on my feet,” you said, a small laugh escaping your lips.
  • Ohhh. Oops.
  • Red filled his cheeks, and he pushed you away. “I-It’s not like I was jealous or anything!”
  • You only continued to laugh, staring at him adoringly.


  • Zen had been waiting for this day for so long… YOUR FIRST DATE TOGETHER!!
  • He was pacing nonstop back and forth in front of the movie theatre, his hands stuffed in his pockets to hide his nonstop fidgeting. He’d arrived 10 minutes early, so you wouldn’t have to wait for him (what a gentleman, amirite?)
  • but you were a few minutes late, and his anxiety continued to pulse throughout his body, making him feel more and more nervous
  • Gosh, he wasn’t supposed to feel like this, it’s not like he’d never been on a date before… he had experience. And yet, Zen felt hopelessly anxious at the mere thought of being with you for a whole day
  • He continued to search the crowd for you, not even noticing the stares from surrounding women (and men)
  • His eyes practically lit up when he spotted you, and he raised an arm to wave at you, a huge smile on his face
  • You waved back at him…or so he thought.
  • In the blink of an eye, Zen saw your arms wrap around a man, your figure disappearing behind the stranger. Huh?
  • Had you brought someone along? Wasn’t this supposed to be a date? Maybe that was actually your boyfriend…
  • The thoughts tortured his mind, and his cheeks burned in embarrassment as he remembered how giddy he’d been waving at you, when you weren’t even waving back at him…
  • Feeling heartbroken and humiliated, Zen turned around, unable to watch your exchange with your ‘boyfriend’ any longer. As long as you were happy, he’d let go. He would never interfere with your happiness…
  • “ZEN!!”
  • Your voice rang out to him from a distance, and he turned his head to stare at you, wonder in his eyes. You were running towards him with the sun peeking behind your back, illuminating your figure like you were an angel descending from the heavens.
  • “MC…?” he furrowed his eyebrows, rubbing his eyes in disbelief. Weren’t you with that other guy? He couldn’t see your ‘boyfriend’ anywhere nearby.
  • You were panting as you finally caught up to him, “Z-Zen… Sorry I’m late…”
  • “What about that other guy…?”
  • “What other guy?” You looked at him like he had two heads.
  • He avoided your gaze as his lips curled into a small, dissatisfied frown. “The one you were hugging just now?”
  • “Oh gosh, don’t even talk about it! It was so embarrassing. I-I slipped on a banana peel and tripped on him!” you exclaimed, clearly mortified as you covered your cheeks with the palms of both hands.
  • Zen blinked, a mixture of amusement and relief filling his chest. It felt a lot easier to breathe now…
  • …sorry, that’s a lie.
  • He burst into laughter, finding it absolutely comical that you’d slipped on a banana peel of all things. “Oh g-god, I c-can’t breathe,” he wheezed, tears coming out of his eyes.
  • “HEY! Stop laughing at me!” You pouted, smacking his arm.
  • Well, this had definitely not been a part of his plans for a first date…
  • (Alternate Ending: He stops laughing, his eyes focusing on you. “I’m glad it was only an accident but… the next time you trip, you can only fall into my arms. Got it?”)


  • You’d promised to meet up with her after work, and she was practically prancing down the halls of C&R as she made her way to the front entrance
  • She couldn’t wait to meet you.
  • She almost skidded to a stop when she saw you through the glass doors, embracing someone else
  • The smile had fallen off her face, and she approached you, feeling numb. “MC… I didn’t realize you were bringing someone else,” she commented, staring down the man who you had been touching. Her gaze was cool as ice, filled with irritation.
  • The man raised his eyebrows in surprise, and opened his mouth to explain himself, but you immediately pushed him away (frantically, at that)
  • “I bumped into him! There’s nothing going on between us!”
  • (You were desperate for her to know that there was absolutely nothing going on. You couldn’t risk digging yourself deeper into the friendzone than you already were, after all…)
  • “Is… that so,” Jaehee murmured, her gaze softening. She nodded as an apology to the man, then grabbed your hand firmly to lead you away. “Let’s go.”
  • You felt yourself blush. This was the first time she’d boldly taken your hand like this… Usually, you were the one to initiate it…
  • Maybe you should make her jealous more often. Just a little.


  • You were returning from the bathroom on a dinner date with Jumin, when you suddenly tripped and fell into the arms of a (handsome) stranger
  • “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” you bowed in apology, feeling guilty immediately
  • They shook their head, reassuring you that it was okay. “More importantly… there’s some rice on your face,” they said, reaching out to brush it off your cheek
  • A hand reached in between the two of you, swiftly catching the stranger’s hand
  • You turned your head to face Jumin, who’d restricted them from movement. “J-Jumin?”
  • “Hands off my woman,” Jumin scowled, sending an icy glare at them.
  • The stranger tried to explain, “No, sir, there was some r-“
  • Jumin wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you in close to kiss you. “Must I make it more clear? She’s taken. Don’t even think of approaching her. Leave.”
  • When they ended up leaving, you turned to Jumin with a frown (and rosy cheeks.) “Jumin, they were only trying to help wipe this off my cheek…”
  • “I don’t want any man to touch to you except me. Is that so wrong?” He looked down, almost sadly.
  • Aww, crap. You couldn’t deny that look. (But you’d make sure to explain why he couldn’t be so possessive when you returned him later. For now, you let him off the hook.)


  • Living with Seven meant getting engrossed in watching funny videos, trying out video games and getting dragged into his messy sleep schedule
  • The days would just fly by and you’d hardly notice…
  • No, seriously. You couldn’t even remember which month it was. ಠ_ಠ
  • He’d been on his way back from buying you a (surprise~) gift, hoping to surprise you when he got home. He couldn’t wait!! He just knew you would LOVE his present
  • Oh hey, look, in fact, there you were! Right across the street
  • … with some guy’s arms around you?!
  • Seven sprinted across the street, his eyes zeroing in on the man who was smiling down at you. A car whizzed by him, just barely missing him, but he could care less
  • There was no way he’d stand by while someone else was touching his girlfriend.
  • He took a huge leap and proceeded to jump onto the stranger, kicking him down with both feet. “DEFENDER OF JUSTICE! 707 is here!!” he shouted
  • Poor guy was knocked out. (Seven forgot to hold back on his strength. He was used to attacking people from his previous missions, after all…)
  • “S-Seven… he was only helping me up after I bumped into him,” you explained quickly, eyes wide from the scene that had just played out before you.
  • Upon hearing that, Seven robotically turned his head towards you, “W-wait, what? But I thought he was hugging you…” His eyes mirrored yours, wide with shock.
  • “Still, you didn’t have to hit him with full strength…” you protested softly, although you were smiling. How could you not? It was reassuring that he got jealous, especially since he was usually so joking… it meant that he was serious about you.
  • “Aaah, I wasn’t thinking,” he mumbled, running a hand across his face in embarrassment. (do you ever think??) “I just saw his arms around you and I…”
  • He trailed off, noticing the huge smile on your face, and he couldn’t help but grin. He quirked an eyebrow at you. “Hey, what’s so funny?”
  • You stuck your tongue out at him. “Nothing~ Come on, let’s go before someone reports us for harassment!” you whispered, and grabbed his arm to drag him away.


  • He’d decided to surprise you by picking you up at work from Jaehee’s café today…
  • So he sat quietly in the corner, reading a book as he waited for your shift to end
  • A customer walked in, and you greeted them with a—HUG?!
  • V tore his eyes from the page, watching the way your hands were on the other guy (who was smiling pervertedly—in V’s vision, at least)
  • He stood up, walking towards the two of you. “May I ask what’s going on here?” He offered a polite smile to your customer, but it held no warmth whatsoever.
  • Even after hearing the explanation from both sides, V’s smile remained cool until the customer left.
  • “V…?” You stared up at him expectantly, waiting for an explanation. It wasn’t like him to act this way…
  • He blushed, averting his eyes. “I’m sorry. That was childish of me. I just felt a bit jealous that you were in someone else’s arms… even if I know neither of you meant it.”
  • You offered a warm smile, embracing him tightly. “I’ll hug you as many times as you want. You’re the only one I love.”
  • Jaehee coughed from behind the counter, “Sorry to disturb, but, your shift’s not over yet, MC…”
  • sigh. Back to work, then…


  • He rarely let you walk off by yourself, to be honest. He liked having you close with him, especially in public. You made him feel safer.
  • But every now and then, he didn’t mind being separated. Like when you were buying ice cream, for example. He watched you contentedly from a bench, anticipating the taste of his ice cream already.
  • He watched as you bumped into someone, and Saeran was at your side as soon as he saw their hand touch yours. He pushed them back, red flashing through his eyes.
  • “Don’t touch MC!” he shouted, staring down at them with his jaw clenched.
  • You tried to explain, “Saeran… they were only trying to help me hold the ice crea—“
  • He wouldn’t hear any of it. Saeran was too caught up in his anger to listen to your words. One of his hands held your shoulder while the other grabbed one of the cones out of your hands and crushed it against the stranger’s shirt. “Fuck off before I fuck you up,” he scowled at them.
  • They sprinted off, terrified by your boyfriend.
  • “Saeran! Calm down, I’m fine!” You tugged at his shirt. After listening to your explanation, he cooled down, and apologized for his outburst of anger.
  • “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again… can I still have some ice cream, though?”

Do you guys remember the dream that Chris had about Layne? It just totally breaks my heart 😢

Posted on 10/13/2008
The essence of a dream can follow you all day long. Sometimes two or three days. I have had dreams as a little kid that I remember like they were yesterday, though as time goes on these dream are sometimes hard to tell from actual events as they survive in my memory.
I am fascinated with the essence factor of dreams, period. They are as real as the essence felt from the ambience of an actual place, like a house you grew up in. Your favourite bar, or your school. The first Christmas tree you see every year, the smell of it, and especially songs. Some feelings these environments evoke are awful, some magical. All of them completely real.
Real enough that numerous cultures throughout history have believed that the dream world is every bit as important and substantial and a vital part of human life as the conscious state. Some mysticisms actually look at the world of dreams as being the “true and only world” and everything else an illusion. For my money, if you put an ice pick through your hand, I think it will prove to be a pretty fucking good illusion.
Last night I had a dream that has been following me all day like a sick dog. I was in a hotel near the house I grew up in. I was in a cafe that happened to be the lunch court of my elementary school. Various friends from my past were walking up and talking to me. In the middle of this scene walks Layne Staley. He looked much like he did the first time I met him. Shoulder length hair, clean shaved. Clear eyed and looking about 20 years old. I was so happy. Confused a little, but in a dream like this, I just wanted to accept the idea that there was some mistake and he was alive and well. He seemed happy and said was working on some new music project.
I woke up not long after that with the feeling that I had really just talked to him and he was somewhere doing just fine.
My next thought was one that has plagued me for years. Sitting in Kelly Curtis’ living room with about 30 people, all sobbing. We had just come from Andy Wood’s extra weird funeral-wake thing at the Paramount Theatre. It had these new age overtones that didn’t fit Andy’s life at all. There was an amazing film of Andy with Mother Love Bone band mates. All of Andy’s friends and family were there, mixed with a bunch of fans who I didn’t like but knew Andy would have loved. The fans went home. His friends went to Kelly’s.
We were crammed in a smallish living room with people sitting on every available surface. Couch arms, end tables, the floor. I was leaning on the back of one of the couches that face away from the rest of the room and toward the front door. I remember Andy’s girlfriend looking at everyone and saying “This is just like La Bamba” then suddenly I heard slapping footsteps growing louder and louder as they reached the front door and Layne flew in, completely breaking down and crying so deeply that he looked truly frightened and lost. Very child like. He looked up at everyone at once and I had this sudden urge to run over and grab him and give him a big hug and tell him everything was going to be OK. Kelly has always had a way of making everyone feel like everything will turn out great. That the world isn’t ending. That’s why we were at his place. I wanted to be that person for Layne, maybe just because he needed it so bad. I wasn’t. I didn’t get up in front of the room and offer that and I still regret it. No one else did either. I don’t know why.
Years later, at Layne’s funeral, I was angry. I kept hearing the “twice as bright, half as long” speech and the “he was just too special for this world” nonsense that I had heard at so many other funerals for so many other friends that were so young and talented. I’m not sure why I was that angry. Angry at Layne? Angry at all my other friends for leaving me? Angry at the people running around in circles saying “I knew him best” or “I was the only one he really trusted”, angry at all of them for squandering what I thought of as brilliant futures that would make the world feel to me like a place worth living? Or maybe I was just mad at myself because he was dead, and one time I had a chance to pick him up, dust him off and let him know that there was a person who cared about how much pain he was in and I didn’t do it.
If I ever run into him in a dream again, I hope I remember to apologise.
Night all. Sweet dreams.

Dear Journal,

I didn’t have a really good night of sleep but I didn’t care. Sirius was okay. Every hour I would wake up to check on him. Teddy was cuddled up against him and it made me smile. Looking back at our Hogwarts days, I would’ve never imagined myself married to Sirius, and even less being parents! I woke up pretty early and the nurse told me that I should check on him at home and be sure he drinks enough water. My poor Sirius, he must’ve been so scared waking up surrounded by machines without knowing where he was. I was siting on a chair next to Sirius’ bed, playing with his hair. His hand was in mine even if he was sleeping. Teddy was facing his chest, curled into Sirius’ arms, his thumb in his mouth. My two treasures. I was smiling to myself, looking at Teddy sleeping when I noticed that Sirius woke up. He cracked an eye open and smiled when he saw me. I caressed his cheek and kissed his forehead.

“Hey..” I whispered.

“Hey.. Did you get some sleep?” He asked, already worrying about me.

“A bit yeah. You feeling okay?” I asked.

“Yes, my head is killing me but i’m feeling better.” He said.

“Do you want me to ask for some headache pills?” I asked, brushing his hair away from his face.

“Yeah maybe that could help.. thank you.” He said.

The nurse said that it was very common to have headaches after fainting. She gave Sirius a painkiller and he felt better afterwards. We got to go back home in the afternoon. I helped Sirius walk to the house and instantly put him to bed. Teddy was taking a nap in his crib so I decided it was a paerfevt time for me and Sirius to rest.

“ You need to rest okay love?” I said.

“Can you stay with me? And play with my hair?” He asked, looking like a puppy.

“Of course..” I said, cuddling him close.

I delicatly brushed my fingers on his back and in his hair.

“ if you feel dizzy, tell me okay?” I said.

“I will.”

“And if you’re thisty, I put a water bottle next to you..”

“Okay, thank you.”

“Also if you want to go pee during the night, tell me. I don’t want you to walk there on your own..” I said.

“Okay. Now stop worrying and let’s just go to sleep..” Sirius said, kissing my lips slowly.

“Okay..” i smiled.

I held him close to me the entire nap.

I will write tonight.

May 25th 1998

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Can i request headcanons for hamilsquad + TJeff with an affectionate but also really easily embarrassed s/o??

Alex: He’s nonchalant about it tbh. He doesn’t see his S/O over affections to be a problem, but sometimes it does get a bit overbearing, and he may snap at his S/O (especially when he’s stressed). Same things goes when they get really embarrassed. He’ll usually find it endearing, but sometimes he loses his patience. When that does happen, he’ll beg for forgiveness always. He hates that he’s impatient sometimes, but he’s working on it!

John: John is a sweetheart! He’ll always be looking out for his S/O so they’re not embarrasseed to the point of discomfort. On good days, he’ll definitely tease his S/O back! They’re the lovey dovey couple that everyone adores bc they’re so easygoing in their relationship! Seriously, super adorable couple right here. 

Laf: He is equally as affectionate, if not even more!! Where his S/O is more discreet in their affections, he will be more showy. He’ll make it a point to kiss his S/O’s hand in public, twirling them around before giving them a kiss, or just randomly kissing them in the middle of them talking. He loves surprising his S/O bc it makes them embarrassed (but good embarrassed)! If they’re not comfortable with the attention/overly PDA, then he’ll stop! He’ll still kiss the back of their hand, and other subtle things like that. 

Herc: Similar to Alex, he’s pretty neutral when it comes to his S/O’s personality. He’ll match his dynamic to his S/O. On days that they feel like being overly affectionate, he’ll just bask in the attention. One days that they might be a little reserved, he’ll be the one to shower them with affections. When his S/O is embarrassed (good embarrassed), he’ll laugh (not in a mean way!!) until they start laughing too. His smile/laugh is contagious. You can’t not not laugh when he’s laughing. 

T. Jeffs: He defs love this aspect of his S/O. He thrives off the affections from his S/O, and it’ll almost be a competition to him about who could be more affectionate. This man has knows no boundaries in showing his affections for his S/O. He also thrives on making them flustered (not embarrassed). He’ll praise them to the highest esteem in public, introducing them to everyone as their sun and moon. Honestly, he just loves showing his love for his S/O. 

Little rant bc good lord I’m still not over this even though it happened a few days ago.

One of my guy friends apparently didn’t know that Kenny Omega was into both guys and girls and when I told him he was so shocked and ended up saying he thought it was weird. The whole time I’m just ?????????? bc I, his best friend, am bi. He tried to explain to me that it’s different bc I’m his friend and Kenny is his idol. He said he’s not gonna be able to look at Kenny the same way.

And again, the whole time I’m just ?????????? bc no matter what Kenny’s sexuality is, it doesn’t change who he is. He’s still the same person you knew before he ‘officially’ came out, the only difference is now you know that he’s not straight. Literally nothing at all has changed about him so please don’t make a big deal out of it and say that “he’s not the same”.

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Why are you so savage?

“I was such a cutie back then but i still had my daily dose of sass with a hint of sugar” The demon looked at his younger photos of himself proudly, even back in his fetus days he still had good taste.

no i didn’t answer this just to draw a old school version of queen))

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re: orochimaru having really good leg strength: look's like someone's been missing arm day at the gym. Right, that joke out the way; I can totally see this. I've always headcanoned him as being a dancer/contortionist on account of being really flexible and having the build for it. Ballet dancers kick like a mule on steroids Bruises for *weeks* let me tell you. I also see him more of a strategic martial artist than brute force, so as long as he gets in a few good kicks, his opponent's *dead*.

Makes perfect sense to me! And honestly, the contortionist thing is pretty much canon, given the way he moves. 

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Hello there, how would bts react to you being am avid knitter??? Like I actually knit every day, know a lot of stitch patterns and can make beautiful stuff with yarn. If it's not too much do you think you could do how they react to you giving them a scarf/sweater/socks/hat/ect?? Thank you so much in advance! (I know you like writing nsfw but fluff makes my heart melt)

Hi! Yeah nsfw is good but fluff melts my whole being (//^//^)!! Hope you like it!


Jin:Once you put the newly knitted pink scarf around his neck, he looked up to you with one of the sweetest smiles you had ever seen making your whole being warm up with joy knowing you made him happy with your skill.
‘Thank you honey, you know how much I love your knitted gifts! Now I have a beautiful scarf to go with my handsome self’ he flaunted. You could never get enough of his sweetness.

Originally posted by bwiseoks


:During winter nights Yoongi would complain that the trip from the apartment to the studio would make his hands cold and so he wasn’t able to move his hands too much once he finally reached the studio. So you took the matter to your own hands and with your amazing knitting skills made him a white pair of knitted gloves.

‘Honey, you know how your hands are always cold from the trip to the studio? Well, instead of buying you a pair of gloves I thought it would be best to knit you one! I hope you like them.’

Once he saw the fluffy pair of snow white knitted gloves he instantly felt a warm feeling fill his chest, this amazing joy you brought him. He hoped it would never end.

(Again the same problem continues, I will try to fix it as soon as possible!)

Rap Monster:'Open it Honey! I think you’ll like it!’ You said excitedly at him. Since it was winter you decided to knit him a beanie to keep him warm. One could even say it he was now named warm monster.
As his fingers undid the blue bow that adorned the white paper bag he took a peek inside and instantly his head shot up, with a big smile, like a child opening Christmas presents.
'Babe did you do this? It’s beautiful!’ He then proceeded to try on his new beanie just to find out it fit perfectly around his head. Not too loose but also not to tight, it simply fitted like a glove. Seeing his happiness just made you happier and knowing you could making happy with a skill like that made you want to pamper him like he did onto you. You were simply glad you could do it for as long as you lived.

Originally posted by bangtan

J-hope:'Honey! I love my new scarf! Seriously it’s so fluffy and comfy I could fall asleep with it on!!’ Hoseok, your hyper boyfriend said hugging his newly knitted scarf close it himself. It filled you with pride to know you made him happy with a simply knitted scarf. Making him happy made you happier than anything else you could ever imagine, you just wish it will continue forever.

Originally posted by hoseokb

Jimin:It was jimin’s birthday and you wanted to give him something special, so you decided to put your knitting skills to good use and made him a pair of warm fuzzy socks so that whenever he was in the dance studio his feet wouldn’t freeze.
Looking at your gift, he gave you one of his famous smiles along with the one and only sweep of his hair. 'Thank you Sweetheart, you have no idea how this gift made me happy!’ he said while giving you a small kiss on the lips. Short, true but full of love and sweetness, and that made your whole world light up.

Originally posted by itschiminie

V: For Christmas you decided to go all out with a gift for Taehyung. Yes, his birthday would be next week but so what? If you wanted to pamper him then you would. After all, he pampered you more than you could ever pamper him, so when you had the chance why not go all out?

He knew you loved to knit so, you decided to put yourself to the test and make him a sweater with the hardest pattern you knew. Did it take a lot of time?Yes. Did it make you frustrated whenever you messed up? Yes. But was it all worth it to see him happy? Definitely,and you would make it all over again if needed to see him smile as big as he did when he put on the sweater.

Originally posted by taepott-archive

Jungkook:Your shy playful boyfriend decided it would be fine to loose his beanie and have a cold head for the remainder of the autumn and most possibly winter. 'Listen, Jeon Jungkook , if you think I will let you get sick because you forgot where you put your beanie you are wrong.’ That’s what you said 2 days ago and now, bag in hand you were going to give him your finished product made of your hard work and amazing knitting skills: a black beanie.
He was so happy not only because you made an amazing beanie in his favourite colour but also because you cared enough to make it yourself with so much love and affection. It truly made him feel loved.

Originally posted by jungkookfortunekookies

Hirose Tomoki 240517 Ameblo

11th day of performance

Good work!
The first day of performances in Osaka has begun without problems today!
Thank you very much for coming to the venue and to the theater m(_ _)m
Osaka is warm~…..
I can feel the warmth through my body.
Thank you really.

Everyday I focus my best energy into that day.
That is my “be the best”.


During the closing party, it’s usually my style to wear the staff T-shirt from the stage play but during the Tokyo closing party, nobody else wore it. Well, people don’t usually wear it anyway (laughs). Whenever I wear it, they would tease me saying things like “your love (for the stage play) is overflowing” or “that’s because he’s Mister Dansui!”.
I am wearing that very Dansui! T-shirt today!
Treat me well tomorrow too okay, OOSAKA-chan!

I will text again ♡

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Yo is no one going to talk about how DK absolutely slayyed those glasses he wore during their Crazy in Love performance for Show Champion?

omg yes cAN WE TALK ABOUT CRAZY IN LOVE?? I absolutely adore the choreo??? It’s honestly the cutest thing ever it’s like they’re trying to fit a mini musical into the song?? author wonwoo at the start and hoshi pointing the finger guns and jun and chan doing that thing. i screamed about how cute it was during the showcase but the more I watch it the more I love the choreo. svt weren’t playing for this comeback okay the choreo for the music is so detailed and well thought out and ok i’ll shut up here

o yeah SEOKMIN RLY LOOKED GOOD???? for real he can dress up as harry potter any day haha

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This is a notice that Kyungsoo is ugly. He looks like a psychotic owl with hideous lips. BTS are also all ugly, including Taehyung, but most especially Jimin. Good day


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clarke literally has nothing better to do than talk to bellamy every single day, a whole year after he was supposed to come down. he canonically is the thing keeping her sane. and people are still gonna be so delusional as to think that she wouldn't mention him at all to the little girl she found??? lol seriously this is like next level delusion.

to be fair, I highly doubt that these people actually watched the episodes and just jumped to conclusions by looking at a few random gifs here and there

…. just like they’ve been doing throughout all four seasons of the show but imma stay mute :)

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I just saw your post with your OCs and oh my goood would it be okay if I asked about them 'cause they look SO COOL AND PRETTY AND PRECIOUS and super interesting!!!

OF COURSE OMG i might gush so ill put it under a read more lmao////////

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zhanyi reunion ♡ boyfriends can’t live without each other
— “ain’t I back now?”
— “if you dare not come back, I will never forgive you.”


The Dude™ is in