he looked so good in this * *


Update on Untitled, 2017 (GD cafe) and AC.III.T Bowling & Pub inside Shinhwa World Resort 💕

you ever think about how, humble doteful kyungsoo is the whole package but he never brags about it or thinks himself any more special? hes one of the best vocalist in the best boy group, dances impeccably learning all his choreos alongside being one of the best actors despite the huge stigma agaisnt idol actors. minds his own business, loves to cook, watch good movies and eat good food, has two puppies and is just so dedicated in every aspect of his life. its a wonder that hes a real human since hes almost close to being perfect.

here’s something i really wanted but figured i’d never actually get.

i wanted this stupid ass figure since it was announced… i’m pretty sure i’ve reblogged pics of it and mentioned how i wanted it. anyway, it was on clearance at Barnes and Noble for $25 so i was able to get it :’)

i love him. this is my favorite Link design. not ALBW specifically but it’s basically the same as his look in the other games… where he looks like that… lmao so what’s the difference really

I just think we should all agree that this comeback has been great for Namjoon’s hair

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