he looked so good in that leather jacket t t

The Wrong Tickets

Summary: Your friend buys plane tickets for the two of you, but she accidentally makes you sit apart from each other. That means you have to sit next to a stranger

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 3,820 words

Warning: Swearing, Fluff 

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Idk why, but for some reason, I find it really cute when people wear their S.O's clothes. That being said, could I request an RFA + Saeran reacting to MC wearing their (or part of their) clothes? Thanks^^☆ (sorry if you've already done this)

Ayyyy~  Guess who’s back with a brand new track~~

Ok, no but really, i’m back! after a three week hiatus sorta thing? i’m sorry for that, buuuuuuuut i think i’ll be able to get back on track soon hopefully +tbh i also find this absolutely adorable! 


  • he came back from his daily run
  • when he walked in he just saw you wearing his coat and
  • he just
  • he has no idea how to react rn
  • he thinks you look so cute in his coat!
  • but also
  • shit, you are wearing his clothes… and you look good…
  • takes pics of you wearing it cause damn
  • will brag to jumin fite me

JUMIN (nsfw-ish?)

  • he was at home finishing some stuff from work
  • he was so focused he barely noticed anything around him
  • until you walked to his office wearing his shirt
  • only his shirt
  • he just looks up at you and yep 
  • he’s going to take you to the bedroom
  • work what work what are you talking about? srry Jaehee
  • he didn’t really understand why you wanted to wear his shirt but when he saw you
  • he got it 
  • you’ll have some fun alright


  • she came back from grocery shopping and she found you reading in the sofa
  • you were wearing a black turtle-neck she hadn’t seen on you before
  • after looking at it for a while she realized
  • !!! that’s her turtle-neck!
  • she blushed at first but found it cute 
  • decided to also wear your clothes
  • your closet became a shared one after that 
  • no complaints tho

In case you didn’t know what turtle neck i was referring to^^^


  • This boy was too busy gaming to notice you walking around the house in his hoodie
  • it was until he had to get up to go to the bathroom that he noticed
  • you’re wearing his hoodie!!!!
  • he thinks you look cute af 
  • “My lolol guild will never believe this!”
  • Yoosung bby pls


  • for the first time in forever he decided to take his hoodie off 
  • and he left it in the bedroom
  • sneaky!Mc decided to take it 
  • when Saeyoung came back from whatever the hell he was doing he started looking for the hoodie
  • after a while of searching for it he noticed you were playing with the robot cat.
  • he got closer to you and noticed you were wearing his hoodie
  • he’s a blushing mess
  • “M-MC take it off! it’s dirty!”
  • “Awe, but it smells like you!”
  • Error 707: Saeyoung.exe stopped working


  • this boy had been looking EVERYWHERE for his leather jacket
  • he was so close to giving up until he saw you sitting in the couch WEARING HIS JACKET
  • he just stared at you from afar until you noticed
  • “Do you want me to take it off or…?” You started to take off the jacket
  • “N-No! leave it on, you look good…” the last part was more of a whisper but you still heard it 
  • he sat next to you and you hugged him
  • you’re too cute, it’s unfair. 

tfw you get inspiration to write this but halfway through you remember you have an essay for school T-T 

Anyhow, i’m back! and hopefully i’ll be active… hopefully.


And last but certainly not least is the final member of the maknae line, the second half of the Busan line, the golden maknae who has such a goofy side to him I love that he knows when to be serious but he can still have tons of fun, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • This AU takes place in the college AU, college!kook is here, it’s the photographer!kook post, it isn’t necessary to read it, it’s really just to set the mood and give some feel of a scene for the post
  •  Visuals are up first bc I love this part so much
  • There are so many good looks to choose from, his hair is so nice and it looks so soft 1000/10 tbh
  • But I gotta go with the War of Hormone hair, black hair on Jungkook just looks so amazing idk what it is about it that is so nice but whatever it is, I’m here for it
  • WoH!kook has a special place in my heart though bc the parting of his hair was like oh wow but tbh Fire!kook is also one of my favorite looks he’s ever done so I’ll say he changes his hair style
  • He goes blonde for a bit, he does the pink, he does the red and he looks super cute with all of them
  • I love kook’s style, it’s so laid back and comfy, he wears tons of baggy t-shirts, I found it so cute how in Bon Voyage (I think it was BV at least) joon told kook not to pack any white shirts bc they could get dirty or something like that and kook is standing there in a white t-shirt, in front of like 20 white t-shirts and you just see the “well fuck” go through his head
  • There are so many good outfits to pick for player!kook I can’t choose just one bc there’s this one look where he’s in all black and he’s got black boots, a leather jacket AND a black beanie and he looks so boyfriend it’s ridiculous but there’s also a look where he’s in a white button up shirt with black pants and a black beanie and that’s also really nice
  • So those two will be his casual looks but his date night look is also really cute, I can’t tell what era it is bc he has black hair and he’s had black hair in a few different eras but he’s got this greenish gray coat on and this dark gray sweater underneath it and then blue ripped jeans and black boots and seeing it makes me want to scream both externally and internally
  • Forever in beanies, just gonna point that out, he’s always got one in his bag just in case
  • He’s more of a dater
  • He’s young, he’s doing photography, he’s dancing on the side, he’s got a job on top of being in school so he’s not really ready for a relationship
  • He always uses the term “friends” and he makes sure they know it’s nothing serious bc he doesn’t wanna hurt them by letting them think it’s something more than what it is
  • He’s not doing it to be a fuckboy or toy with anyone but he just takes a more casual approach to dating
  • He does go a couple weeks with one person though and he only dates one person at a time bc even if it is casual, it still feels weird to have a date one night and then go out with someone else the next
  • “Breaking up” is something he tends to try to avoid but when he does do it, he tries to make it as gentle as possible bc kook’s got a soft heart he’s a sensitive kid
  • Dates are always fun with him, he takes a second to get comfortable but once he is, he’s making them laugh nonstop and being extra
  • He loves a good dinner date, he likes going to the arcade or maybe seeing a movie bc it helps break the ice a lot faster bc then you have the movie choices and you can talk about which one to see and why it sounds good, get to know each other a bit and also he can do that whole fake yawn bit so it’s a win win
  • Flirting is a hit or a miss, depending on who approaches who
  • If he approaches them, he has time to prepare himself, he has time to come up with witty things to say, he knows how he’s gonna start, he has plenty of time to just figure everything out so he’s gonna be a lot more confident 
  • He’s gonna do the thing where he leans on the wall as he’s talking to them and he’s so tall and broad and he has a smirk on his face the entire time and he walks away every time with a date planned for that night
  • But if they approach him, he has z e r o time and he gets a bit flustered and is kinda in shock the entire time bc wait what’s happening
  • Similar to Yoongi, he can have that bad boy vibe to him sometimes, especially when he’s in the all black with the boots and like I said in that post, a lot of people are into that sort of thing so they’ll approach him
  • And then they see that he has such a cute, interesting personality and they’re hooked bc he’s got a goofy personality and he’s humble and sweet and just overall wonderful and then to top all of that off, he’s a good looking man, he’s the entire package
  • You two meet at a camera store
  • You’re there to help your friend pick out some supplies and kook works there, he’s a cashier but he also does some organizing and helps with prints when he has extra time
  • Your friend points him out bc the both of you recognize him from campus and you both know all about his reputation but it’s weird to even think of him as a player when he’s sitting there helping a little girl pick out her first camera
  • He’s being so patient with her and answering all of her questions and he even gives her advice and shows her how to use it and your heart is just melting bc he’s supposed to be t h e fuckboy of the campus who breaks heart without remorse but he’s being so sweet and making her giggle a lot
  • When he’s done helping her out, you decide to ask him a few random questions just to talk to him bc you wanna see if he’s actually that nice or if he was just a softie around kids
  • But he’s actually really sweet?? you can totally see why everyone who’s dated him doesn’t hate him, he’s got such a cute smile and he’s a bit shy and it’s not at all what you were expecting
  • “You’re not a fuckboy at all”
  • “What??”
  • In your head, all you hear is oh shi T bc you didn’t mean to actually say that and now he knows you know who he is or at least know about his reputation
  • He tells you that his shift is over in ten minutes so you agree to meet up in the cafe next door when he’s done so he can actually talk without getting in trouble for not working even though he’s the golden employee
  • The more you talk to him, the more you like him bc he’s funny and witty and even just his voice is really nice and you end up asking him out to dinner the next day
  • You two start up a lil summer romance from there and both of you are having so much fun together and he shows you all of his cameras and his photo albums and he gets really personal with you 
  • He even shows you his singing voice, which is something he’s never done with any of his dates
  • Time goes by too quickly and you’re preparing yourself for the breakup when the new term starts bc you assume that’s how it’s gonna go but instead you two only get closer and start spending more time together bc you end up in the same class
  • “Maybe we should give this whole relationship thing an actual shot”
  • “Thought you couldn’t be tied down, Jeon”
  • “So did I but I was a kid then”
  • “It was four months ago”
  • “How time flies”

Otabek loves leather jacket. That is a fact.

Yuri loves to wear Otabek’s leather jacket, that is also a fact.

JJ loves Otabek’s leather jacket but he’s too big to wear it.

“How sad. That leather jacket looks comfortable and I can’t wear it!” JJ pouts and Yuri rolls his eyes. He’s currently wearing Otabek’s leather jacket—it looks absolutely amazing on his petite frame—and bites JJ’s neck in annoyance. Yuri is such an adorable kitten sometimes.

“It’s your fault for being too huge.”

“That’s not helping, Yuri!”

Yuri groans. “So why don’t you buy one, anyway?”

That’s… a good idea. He should ask Otabek later where to buy the leather jacket when he comes home from his class. In the meantime, he has an adorable angry kitten demands for a cuddle.

JJ loves his new leather jacket.

So does both Otabek and Yuri.

One time he goes back home from class, he’s graced by the sight of Otabek and Yuri cuddle on the couch covered by his leather jacket.

Needless to say, he has at least ten new photos posted on his Instagram that day.

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What are some of your favorite outfits Alex has worn? Not including stage outfits

I’m sorry I’m just answering this now but I started doing it and then forgot about it for awhile and then just remembered it and it’s been in my drafts for so long I’m so sorry!! I’m finally doing this now.

So here are some of my favourite outfits/looks (excluding stage outfits)

White shirt + leather jacket
Whenever he wears a white button down shirt I die a little. Combined with tight black jeans or those amazing grey slacks, black boots and a leather jacket, that’s probably my favourite look.

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Before I start this, I just wanna say a huge huge thank you for 4,200 followers!!! That’s so crazy to think about, I can’t even begin to wrap my head around it but thank you all so much for all the support and love, it means a lot to me!! Onto the post, it is time for the first half of the Daegu line, another member of the hyung line, my highkey spirit animal whose English is so fucking adorable like it’s a bit more rare to hear him speak it but when he does, it’s so cute, his accent is 10/10 I love accents so much and he always tries his best and I love him for that, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • This post is written in the college AU, it just helps set the scene a bit but there are two versions of college!yoon, photographer!Yoongi (here) and music major!Yoongi that was featured in a scenario I did ages ago (here)
  • Visuals are up first bc I love me some visuals 
  • There are so many looks to choose from oh my lord, it’s so hard to choose for him bc he looks so good in all of them but I gotta go with Run era!Yoon
  • The outfits, the hair, the entire overall vibe was just so nice, the performances were great, the song is iconic, Run was just a really really good era for everyone involved
  • Player!Yoongi also does the black hair of course bc yoon with black hair is just so amazing, he looks breathtaking with the black hair, he does the pink hair, he does the orange, the blonde, all the good shit
  • Yoongi’s style just screams boyfriend, he’s always in such comfy looking clothes and when he wears his scarves !!!!!!!
  • He most often wears jeans but the top does change, typically it’s just a casual t-shirt but sometimes he goes for a button up and he loves a good jacket I wanna see him in a cardigan tbh has he ever worn one I can’t remember if he has, tag mE IF HE HAS
  • There are a couple of outfits that fit this AU so well like when he wore these leather pants and a white t-shirt and a black blazer and the snapback and glasses and bag and he looked so good, it’s a bit more of a date outfit bc I can’t imagine that wearing leather pants around a campus when you have classes and have to walk all around campus is the most comfortable thing in the world
  • The second outfit is more of an everyday type of look and it’s every single time he’s ever worn flannel bc that is such an underappreciated look, I want it to be a comeback look bc that’s so nice to think about, I love flannel!Yoongi so much I can’t choose just one look for it
  • Snapback!Yoongi makes frequent appearances, if it’s not a snapback, it’s a beanie bc either one of those is a good deal
  • Okay so here’s the thing about Yoongi, he’s not emotionless, he’s got a soft heart and a really sweet, caring side to him so I don’t think he would lead anyone on about the relationship
  • He’s a really blunt person in general so he would just be straight up with them and say hey this is all casual, I’m probably not gonna call back after a couple of dates, etc.
  • He doesn’t sleep with a whole lot of people tbh, I know that for some people that’s one of the qualities of a player but to me, he seems like he needs to be in love to be able to share that part of him with someone bc I think he takes a while to open up to people and fully trust them
  • If he ever does, he would have to know them really well, it wouldn’t be a first date type of thing, it would be someone he was close friends with, it doesn’t really happen with him
  • He does do make outs though, that’s pretty common
  • He kinda attracts people without meaning to, he has that bad boy vibe and a lot of people are into that edgy look where it’s like ooh I’m dating a bad boy
  • So nearly all of his dates approach him first but he does like flirting with them and spending time with them bc it helps clear his mind and he also likes having different “models” to take pictures of
  • He’s such a gentleman to his dates and he makes them laugh a lot bc he’s a really funny person with his dry humor and the sarcasm and the -_- face he makes, plus his comedic timing is !!!
  • He would arrange the cutest lil dates ever, they’re always really personal and private
  • He does a lot of park dates, picnics, ice cream, if his date is another photographer or willing to be his model, he’ll take pictures of them
  • By the end of the date, they’re heart eyes bc he can be really really kind and thoughtful
  • He’s never really had a serious relationship but he has been called boyfriend a few times, it doesn’t last long though bc he’s really busy and he never wanted anything serious with them to begin with
  • The “breaking up” part is of course never fun but he knows that if he doesn’t do it, they’ll think he’s got feelings he doesn’t and like I said earlier, he’s not the type to lead people on
  • Most, if not all, of his dates know that he’s not gonna be sticking around for long so it’s not a huge shocker when he does it
  • You two are roommates 
  • He can get really stressed bc he’s juggling photography, which already takes up so much of his time (he’s not complaining, he loves it) but then he’s also doing music on the side and working at this local cafe to help pay rent and he’s also got the general classes he has to take so he can get stressed sometimes and you of course, have your stressed days as well
  • The relationship happens pretty naturally, one night, you two had been up late studying for finals and started to argue out of stress and when you went to leave, he kissed you
  • The two of you hadn’t really spoken much for the rest of the finals week bc now you were trying to reason it all bc there so many things it could’ve meant, it could’ve been pure stress, he could’ve just wanted to get some of those pent up feelings out, he could’ve been trying to confess
  • You both get so busy with finals and rarely see each other but then after that week, you two have to face each other and deal with the situation bc you know that Yoongi has other people he’s seeing and you’d started flirting with someone as well
  • He’s not sure if he’s ready to confess bc there’s a chance you won’t like him back and he already feels like he’s ruining the friendship by making you feel awkward with the kiss so he’s worried that if he does confess and you don’t return the feelings, he’ll have blown it and would lose you so he just blames it on stress
  • It takes a while for the two of you to confess bc both of you feel like you’re walking on thin ice at this point bc of the kiss thing, you didn’t exactly pull away from the kiss so he feels like there should be something there but it’s all too risky
  • It’s not until the term starts up again and you see Yoongi going on more dates and this one time, one of his dates come to pick him up and you see them together and that’s what gets you to snap
  • When he comes home that night and you see them kiss goodnight, it’s too much so you have Yoongi come sit with you to talk again
  • This time, you let him know all about how you actually feel about him and you’re kinda rambling a bit bc you’re a bit nervous to see his reaction so you just keep talking and he just starts to smile and it’s this really soft smile and then he kisses you again
  • “I love you too”
  • “What about the others?”
  • “I’d rather be your boyfriend, if you’ll have me”
  • “Of course I will”

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Do you think Alex is just kind of teasing us by saying that he actually can do a couple of more seasons or does he really mean it? I support him no matter what but it just makes me wonder...

It makes me wonder too, anon. Honestly though, I don’t think Alex would say something like that if he wasn’t going to be in more seasons. He doesn’t seem like the person to do that, so personally I believe him and it makes me so happy that he feels better!!
And btw, how good does he look in that leather jacket???? I’m still dying over here!!!!

Where the wild things are {Kalijah}

The chilly air brushed against the skin of her legs– okay, so maybe a dress, a leather jacket and a pair of heels hadn’t been the most practical choice– but she  did  look damn good. It wasn’t helping much that she was sat down on the cold stairs at the back entrance of the old theater, counting the minutes until he would finally make his appearance. Surprisingly, she’d arrived early– mostly because she wanted to get a glimpse at just how angry he was with her. She assumed it had to be quite a tad


They both had come to realize that they needed some time away from their daily lives, and when they suggested to go out to the woods for the weekend Elijah didn’t hesitate to agree with his wife. He honestly thought it would be good for them to just get away…well what was considered away being stuck in the damned town they were in. He never thought he’d hate Mystic Falls more than he did lately. But he pushed those thoughts away, he had his car packed and was walking down the steps, he had attempted to wear a suit out of habit but one look from his wife told him to change, so he found an old leather jacket and a t-shirt he shed his suit for something more..comfortable to some. 

Once they had gotten to a suitable spot in the woods Elijah worked to set up their tent first but after a moment he felt his wives eyes upon him. “You know you could come over here and help me, or continue to stare at my ass. It’s up to you.” His tone was playful though as he staked another pole down into the ground.


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Modern fashion styles for the rampion crew please! :D


•cinders clothes transfer pretty neatly to modern day. She’s still a mechanic, so combat boots with tank tops and cargo pants are practical. She might wear a lot of t shirts that say nerdy things (Kai orders her special shirts that say dorky things like “nobody knows I’m a princess”) very cute always.

•Kai’s always gotta look his best u know? He wears nice clothes. He wears suits and ties a lot., but if he’s going casual he likes jeans or khakis with a matched t shirt and a hoodie. Definitely has a pair of thick rimmed glasses.

•we all know scarlet is the one person who wears the same outfit every day. She changes the shirt up, and she owns at least two pairs of those jeans, but the hoodie is constant. Thinks leggings are the epitome of comfort and style. Groans about having to dress up but slays anyway.

•wolfs style is nothing to really call home about, but he does clean up nice, which most people are surprised about. Never wears sleeves in the summer for some reason. His hoodies are everyone’s favorites to steal because they’re so damn big.

•cress hates pants. She never wears them. Dresses and skirts every day, all the time. She wears tights in the winter. Actually tries with her appearance, so on good days wears makeup and jewelry. Lots of really cute fashion with pastel colors and nice collared blouses.

•Thorne has one or two leather jackets that he loves more than life. Wears a lot of graphic t shirts under them. Wears army boots every day. Can, in fact, dress up, just chooses not to.

•winter is so extra™ with her clothes. Every outfit is perfect. The colors are wonderful. The patterns are flawlessly matched. This girl could make a t shirt and jeans look glamorous, and she does, on a regular basis.

•Jacins clothes are kinda boring. You could at least try, Jacin. Really basic clothes that are very practical. Occasionally dresses up for special events and damn does that boy look good in a button up. (He does the sleeve roll thing it’s A+)

•iko looks her best every damn day. U know she is the one girl who puts on a fashion show with all of her clothes. She’s so proud of all of her outfits it’s great