he looked so cute here just omg


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I did Freddy and I can’t not do the rest, and so Bonnie and Chica will forever be together for me so here ya go! Mama Bird and her baby chick are just too cute, and Bonnie is so far gone he ain’t coming back lmao that baby is just sleeping and already they have him wrapped around their finger best family is cutest family yes


The babyyyyyyy ;A; 

They look so happy hhhnnnn ;^; <3

THANK YOU so much dear !! I love this so much <3!


Okay, okay. Full disclosure. This is absolutely my favorite song in this whole show. If you watch one song during the Gaiden posts here, please let it be Waltz ni Koi wo Nosete. I’m making separate posts for this song, okay? This is my, “oh my god, look at these cuties, look at this song, what a good silver millennium song” post, the other one will be my “oh my god what are they wearing” post. Here’re the lyrics to the song, hosted over at Sea of Serenity.

Look. LOOK. She’s SO CUTE. Even though Sano Mizuki/Mamoru’s actor here is so, SO tiny. I used to joke it was like a senior taking a freshman to prom in this scene.


ugh I’m always just absolutely delighted when they manage to keep cute bits of personality in these fairytale bits of the plot, just, omg. I will sit over here fawning. I feel like I’m watching one of my kid cousins ask a girl out to the dance for the first time though.

In cute news, the Shittenou and Senshi get to dance together! In hideous news, I might not be able to keep my WHAT WERE THEY WEARING comments to myself.


74 Thoughts I had while watching Penny Dreadful season 2 episode 1.
1. Ah, what a lovely day! Nothing can go wrong.
2. Nvm Madame Kali is has just made her entrance
3. Yay bloody Ethan! (Don’t judge me)
4. Aw! Ethan looks so cute!
5. Ethan’s nose is everything
6. Poor Ethan. He’s like wtf have I done? It was me, right? I mean, I’m all bloody…and alive.
7. Yassss! Finally the scene I was waiting for!
8. Ethan’s hair is everything as well.
9. Oh, Ethan, why? Why?
10. Yes, Vanessa, you tell him!
11. Omg, Vanessa. You’re not the only special one here, alright?
12. I like how Ethan gives Vanessa the rated G version of what happens when he blacks out.
13. Oh, darn! Vanethan were having a moment, damn it!
14. Oh hell no! This bitch touched Ethan!
15. OMG! Get your filthy hands off him!
16. Thank the Lord Ethan was there!
17. And Vanessa is like “Oh? You got fancy words bitch? I’ll give you  fancy words?
18. Aw! Ethan looks so cute while he’s scared!
19. Omg! Wtf did they do to the horses? Was that necessary?
20. Oh, yes. You don’t look suspicious at all girls. Well done.
21. Ah, Caliban, how very positive you are.
22. I can already see where this thing with Brona is going. (Well, we all do)
23. I like how Caliban is like "Shit, I forgot I hate this bastard. Better act cold and threatening yet poetic”
24. Poor Vanessa.
25. And once again Ethan giving the G rated version of what happened to Sembene.
26. Omg! Those bitches scratched Ethan’s forehead! That’s probably going to leave a mark.
27. Really, Vanessa? Really? Wtf!!
28. First time I’ve ever wanted to slap Vanessa on the face.
29. Ah, Sembene. You always know what to say.
30. Aw! Ethan is so nice!
31. Poor Gladys and Malcolm
32. But I understand Gladys.
33. Yes, Caliban. Be proud…ish of who you are.
34. Caliban’s voice is sexy as hell!
35. Uh-oh for Ethan…
36. This guy looks too nice to be real.
37. This new inspector is not going to be good news for Ethan at all.
38. I knew it! And I know who the survivor is!
39. Why hasn’t Ethan taken a bath? Not that I mind, but still.
40. Ooookkkkaaaaayyy, Victor.
41. Oh, no, Victor. No no no no no.
42. Thank the lord for the interruption.
43. Uuuuh! I like the new name John.
44. Well, this woman is a bitch, isn’t she?
45. Aww! This girl is so pretty and nice! I like her already.
46. I knew that man was too good to be true.
47. When is Ethan going to say what things really are instead of speaking in code? Judging you hard, Ethan. You’re still hot, though.
48. Oh? It’s going to be that type of show this season then? [Heavy, heavy sigh]
49. Hahaha! Victor is like “Um, excuse me, LOL! Not possible” Ah, how I have missed you, Victor.
50. And Ethan’s like “No man, it’s true” but Victor is still going like “LOLOLOL”
51. How do you know this things, Ethan? Please tell me. In detail. Like in two episodes of only Ethan explaining how he knows what he knows.
52. Ethan is so hot making those cute faces.
53. And still Victor going like “LOLOLOL!” Hahaha!
54. Omg! How can you not remember Vanessa? Judging you hard, girl.
55. Omg! Someone please slap Van on the face for me.
56. Yass! Ethan, The Protector, Chandler.
57. Yes, Sir Malcolm, tell her!
58. Seriously, Madame Kali is a bad bitch.
59. Ahem. That’s how you say hi to your daughter? Hmm…
60. Okay. Madame Kali is not to be messed with.
61. Wait, did Hecate just say Werewolf in latin? I know wolf is Lupus… I got you, didn’t I?
62. Wow. It seems that Ethan is going to be extremely busy this season….and Vanessa
63. Oh, thank the Lord for this interruption as well!
64. This women look like vampires to me.
65. Ok this women are crazy.
66. I think Ethan should move into Vanessa’s room. Hehehe!
67. Omg! Wtf??
68. Seriously, Caliban and Victor, you two need to chill. You guys are thirsty as hell!
69. Oooooh! I’m liking this!
70. Uuuuh! I see Vanethan exchanging looks. [Wiggling eyebrows]
71. Um, wtf are you doing Vanessa?
72. Do you ever pray anything else than the
73. Okay Madame Kali is bat-shit crazy!
74. Poor Vanessa!

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okay but i’m also picturing little bees around the place pollinating things. and also just being ian’s friend, like just landing on his ear casually. ‘oh that’s a nice earring its so cute it looks like a–OH GOD IT’S A REAL BEE’

omg he has bees on the roof or something bc his apartment is above the shop and he could sell honey CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT HONEY FROM MAGIC FLOWERS TASTES LIKE OH MY GOD

him tryin real hard not to flick his ear and bother the bee though like pls move that TICKLES 

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why is jongin so cute? ;A;

NINA, i could like sit here and write 100 pages about why jongin is so cute
you just need look at him and then u get the answer
OTL i sounds so werid
but yeah that little potato gives me life with the flowercrown but i feel dead because of the cuteness does that even make any sense??
he was born as a cutie

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excuse me can u share some of your perf blog mkaythanks

i mean like look at how cute i was as a child???

that’s my little brother next to me

he’s two years younger than me but so tiny here???? he’s so adorable omg i just wanna pinch his cheeks

and now, the little shit is 8 inches taller than me so what do i even do with that?????? i think he’s as tall as jared, maybe an inch shorter so at least i know how much taller than me jared is

but like how do i go from that cute little thing to this horrible thing right now

why couldn’t i stAY CUTE?????????

My workout was so weird today lol. It wasn’t necessarily bad, it just wasn’t perfect. I started out doing the crush shoulder workout, but it was so busy I ended up just doing my own shoulder workout, then trying to go back to the crush workout lol. I was still pushing myself but I just felt a little all over the place. Also it was very busy and I was like an excited puppy because I’m still happy to be back at my gym, so I was very distracted and I would be like “WHO IS THAT GUY IS HE HOT?!!? OH I REMEMBER THAT PERSON! OMG LOOK AT THAT GUY! OMG IS HE LOOKING AT ME! AH I HOPE I LOOK CUTE SKSFOWOEJKRG” like I was so scatter brained. But it’s ok, soon I’ll be used to being back here and I’ll be better at staying focused LOL. That’s very unlike me to be like that, I’m trying not to feel awful about it haha.

Did I ever tell you that I wish someone would kill Cersei? I can’t WAIT for her to die. OMG. Somebody please kill this cruel, power-tripping, hypocritical bitch. You want to talk about so-called “sinners”. Ms. Twin Brother Fucker And Had Three Kids By Him. Ugh! Poor Loras. I hope he finds out she had something to do with him getting arrested and gets revenge.

On another note, why did I wish Lancel would stop hating and start participating…with Loras? Ahem. Anyway, Eugene Simon and Finn Jones look like BFF’s in some of their pics. They are just so damn cute. I’m squeeing over here like an idiot.

So, yesterday was Boyfriend concert here in Brazil and I really want to talk about it.
The first thing was meet&greet, when they came into the place I was like “OMG HYUNSEONG IS HERE, HE’S REAL” he is like the most gorgeous person I have ever seen, he’s perfect. Soon we got closer to get a picture so I stopped in front of Hyunseong and looked at him, he’s really tall (or I’m really short) and we stayed for some seconds looking at each other, I didn’t know what to say and neither did he, so I made a heart with my hands and he just smiled at me. He’s so shy and cute, god I almost couldn’t take it. When I looked into his eyes, they were pure as water and all I could see was innocence into them, really, really awesome. At the fansign I told him “You’re perfect, I love you” there were many things I wanted to say, but he can’t understand english or portuguese, so I tried to talk as simple as possible. He answered thank you and smiled again. His smile is also perfect, just for you to know. That time I was already dying, but the show soon started. Do I need to say his voice is amazing and I got chills whenever he started singing? Cause that’s obvious. He also dances really well and his solo was amazing, I actually don’t know the song but it fitted his voice, I loved it. He also took off his t-shirt, but I’m getting used to it so it wasn’t a surprise at all. I was already proud of being his fan, but after seeing him in person I feel even more, he’s just like I always imagined, perfect.
And Jeongmin, god, when I saw him I realized why Hyunseong never stop looking at him, he’s so wonderful, and so bright, whenever I looked at him I almost could see sparkles in his aura. His voice is way better than I tought watching dvds, I was really surprised. At the fansign I said that I love him and he got shocked, I don’t know why, I mean, everyone said that. But I was shocked as well, I have never said that but when I looked at him was the only thing I could think and man, he’s not my bias, but he’s always around Hyunseong making he feel so happy that it’s impossible for me not to love him too. Anyway, both of my babies are amazing. The others as well are so handsome too, the twins are way more beautiful in person than in pictures. The one who surprised me at most was Youngmin, he’s so sweet and lovely, I always tought he wasn’t like that, but he’s such a cutie. Kwangmin was like really happy, he said “hello” to me like four times and kept smiling all the time. Minwoo and Donghyun both looked kind cold to me, I was’t surprised at all cause I imagined it would be like that.
It was the best day of my life, I’m waiting for the next concert already, everything was wonderful ♡

Omg I was just doing my weekly shop minding my own business and this VERY CUTE Italian boy starts asking me if I’m a student here and how to find a campus and as I tried to explain he started asking me loads of questions like do I play sport and he looks in my basket and says you seem like a very healthy girl and then he asks me if I’m irish-Italian because I look it and I started stuttering when he asked me that and I went so red I just said “ anyway I hope u find the campus bye” and backed off and walked away really swiftly!!!!

My stutter/stammer is starting to take over my life I can feel it

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sleepover saturday (this is probably late but here i go!!!) my crush is a kaneki-looking fella with legitimate raven hair and the same haircut too tbh ??? he's in band which is super cute imo and he's a percussionist. he has a cat named cow and i've liked him since seventh grade (i'm a freshman now) and i've never "gotten over" him so i'm embarrassedly proud to admit he was my first love :') (and i'm also super paranoid someone from school's gonna see this omf i'm going anon just in case)

Aww omg this is so cute ^^ I hope he liked you back ~ and it’s it’s never too late! I’ve had the same crush for like longer than you xD but yay


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