he looked so cute!

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Thank you thank you thank you for your Tom Holland content i can NOT get enough of him right now!!!! Just like- thank you <3333

I wouldn’t be your friendly neighborhood spidey hoe without some Tom Holland content around here. I would say you’re welcome but it’s really him that’s blessed us.

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Can we just appreciate how alive I am because of the fact that all of his sleeves are rolled up for perfect bicep viewing pleasure?

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after years of listening to BTS and seeing photos n videos of them almost every day i kind of just now had a moment and realized that they are actual real human beings and they really exist and right now they are really doing something my mind is blown

this is how i feel when i see them in concert / irl evERYTIME its like holy shit they are REAL BREATHING PEOPLE DOING HUMAN STUFF LIKE WOW :’) its so weird imo when u just sit down and realize all thats happening in the world around you outside your own life

Coran deserves better. I mean, every time I see fanarts of the Voltron team, Coran is always missing. No one seems to care about him, and that pisses me off! He passed through the same things as Allura, and that’s so fucked up. He’s not being loved enough.

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how do you feel about tricker 👀👀👀👀

J: I don’t know him personally, so sorry if you were thinking that