he looked so cute!


so my therapist got jonas a sweater to wear when he’s in the car (he’s a certified therapy animal and I take him to therapy and other places), and it might be the best thing ever

johnnyaction @rafaelcasal and @daveeddiggs performances and writing in #Blindspotting were unreal! Such an amazing story and the way they dealt with so many feelings involving race, loyalty, police brutality, injustice and friendship; fear, anger and love really brought this thing home. The Miles character was a believable California thug x Zach Morris lovechild and I dug it! This movie was the only way to start Sundance and I’m so stoked I got to experience the premier, with second row center seats from @frecklemell and BOC! Plus the soundtrack was 🔥🔥🔥! What a night! #grateful #sundance2018