he looked so cool in that era

  • someone: that new 21p music video looked really cool did you see that burning car?

thank u ryan ross for saving 2016


Imagine being having a love-and-hate relationship with Sirius Black. Both of you are infamous for your constant bickering when it is obvious that you both like each other. He can not tell you how he feels because you both have no idea of how you feel for each other. So when this good looking Ravenclaw asked you out, he starts freaking out, loosing his cool for the entire day. He goes out looking for you and when he sees you, he asks you to go with him instead.

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In high school, I was mainly a Marine player in 40K, not because I had any great love for them, but because a curious story left me with a huge number of Marine models. All that changed in 1996 when the 2nd ed. Chaos codex came out. I came up just as Rogue Trader was fading away and I never really got to enjoy the Realms of Chaos era, but older models were still around and, in those days, not really collectible, so I wound up with some, and over the years since I’ve built up the collection indiscriminately. 

I never had too much money to spend on models, and I never had much of a plan, so the collection is eclectic. I bought the metal fat-belly plague marines in a model shop in Dublin because I thought they looked cool. My brother bought a set of Plague Bearers in a model shop in Cambridge – he must have been about 11 – because he thought they looked cool. I have a bunch of the plastic Plague Marines that came out in 2nd Ed because they were really cheap, and I have the old GUO because that’s the one you could buy in a blister from my local game shop. The later one is very nice, too, but a) I already had one, b) I love his goofy grin, and c) it was $40! I bulked out the army with my own inexpert conversions and never really quite finished any part of it, and that was the story of it off and on for 20 years. 

This year (and, who am I kidding, next year) I’m gonna rebuild the army I’ve been carrying around since I left for university later that year. I’m going to paint some new models, touch up and rebase some old ones, and hunt down a few to fill in the gaps. It’s going to include, at a guess, models from every generation of Chaos figures since the Renegades were released, but that’s not a goal, just a consequence of my eclectic collecting. 

Here are a few images from the first batch; some are newly-painted, some a few years old, and that Great Unclean One is from the 90s, with a little bit of work last night to make it fit in a wee bit better with the newer models.

A Sweet Reunion(Stanford Era)


Sam Winchester dashed to the oven to pull out the chocolate cupcakes before they burned and sat them on the stove top. Sam was a freshman at Stanford and even though he had a full ride, he still wanted a small job to get extra spending money so that’s how he found himself working at the campus bakery. He took another pan of already cooled and iced cupcakes and brought them to the front to resupply. The bell dinged and he looked up with a smile. “Welcome to Little Slice of Heaven. My name is…” his eyes widen as he realizes who he’s staring at. “D-Dean?!”


EXO Favourite Hairstyles

PART #2 EXO M Edition


His “Wolf” Era Hairstyle (he is the mega wolf)

And His Pathcode Hairstyle (attention: sexy alchemist coming by)


His Caramel Suit Hairdo (aka ultimate cool guy style)

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And His “Come At Me SM” Brunette Sidecut (slayin’)


His “Call Me Baby” Blonde Mess

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And His “Rock n Roll” Hairdo for Meeting Babies (#VOTEZHANG)

AND His “Black Indicates Sex God” Simple Hairstyle (kill me)


His Blonde-White Undercut (makes him look like the angel he is)

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And His Swaggy Wave (again, thank you MCM)


His Rose Ashes Hairstyle (also known as the “You’re so frustrating”)

And The “Snapback” (revealing his manly and handsome face)

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His “Barista” Hairdo (the perfect hairstyle for a coffee date)

And His Hairstyle From Jin’s Gone MV (aka the one that scarred us all)

Comment: EXO M could go from angelic af to devilish as hell in like 2 seconds, I swear! They are all so handsome! And again: foreheads, boys! Show the world, how majestic you could be!

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I don’t own any of the gifs of pictures! All credits to the owners (thank you all for your work)!

Part #1: http://sianadion.tumblr.com/post/126831713099/exo-favourite-hairstyles

“I wanted the art work to look really different. I wanted it to represent the East Bay and where we come from, because there’s a lot of artists in the East Bay scene that are just as important as the music. So we talked to Richie Bucher. He did a 7-inch cover for this band called Raooul that I really liked. He’s also been playing in bands in the East Bay for years. There’s pieces of us buried on the album cover. There’s one guy with his camera up in the air taking a picture with a beard. He took pictures of bands every weekend at Gilman’s. The robed character that looks like the Mona Lisa is the woman on the cover of the first Black Sabbath album. AC/DC guitarist Angus Young is in there somewhere too. The graffiti reading "Twisted Dog Sisters” refers to these two girls from Berkeley. I think the guy saying “The fritter, fat boy” was a reference to a local cop.“

-Billie Joe Armstrong on the album art of 1994’s "Dookie”

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Why do you think Baelor Breakspear married a Dondarrion? I mean at this point the Targs and the Baratheons were still cool right so why wouldn't he marry a Baratheon girl? I'm sure that his father wanted to introduce more Valyrian blood back into the throne as a 'just-in-case' measure that one of the dragon eggs hatched.

Daeron II was specifically against the Valyrian blood notion, and looked to marriages instead as a way to build alliances with the Westerosi. My current theory that I’ve worked on with @goodqueenaly is that the Baelor-Jena matchup was to specifically win over the Marcher lords, who had been the constant enemies of the Dornish in the preceding eras. The Reach would be very hard to win over given that they were awarded Dornish lands after Daeron’s Conquest of Dorne, but the Marchers on the Stormlands side didn’t lose those, so marrying Jena to Baelor might win over a lot of the Stormlanders.

Now, as to why Daeron II picked Jena Dondarrion over a lady of House Baratheon, I think that Daeron was attempting to make a political statement. Much as how a prospective child between Joffrey and Sansa was to unite Houses Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, and Tully into a single person and a statement of the supremacy and success of the rebel houses as the new rulers of Westeros, high upon the Iron Throne, Valarr Targaryen would have Dornish blood and Marcher blood mixed together, and the union would mean that the pain of the past was over, the two sides were one in this new, united Westeros.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

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What podcasts do y'all listen to/recommend? Sorry if this has been answered already! On a recent ep, Matt mentioned catching up with the Adventure Zone but that put him behind other podcasts he listens to regularly, so curious what your consumption looks like as successful and very handsome podcasters yourself.

Adventure Zone


Rose Buddies

Cool Games Inc

The Best Show (obviously) 


Attitude Era Podcast/The Smackdown Crawl


I Will Fight You

The Jem Jam

Hark (aka harkpodcast)

And, once a year, Til Death Do Us Blart. 

A few others, but those are the ones off the top. Matt? 

marauders + tattoos

so @soullessminyard​ and i were talking about a few things

  • wizarding tattoos
  • like the photos, they move
  • remus has the cycle of the moon tattooed don’t try and tell us otherwise
  • on his back? on his shoulder? on his ribcage?
  • probably his ribcage bc that’s the most painful place and his furry little problem is the most painful part of his life
  • also so he can hide it very well
  • this moon tattoo is so cool though
  • the moon in the top centre of the cycle will be what the moon currently looks like
  • for example, if it’s a new moon then that one will be at the top, if it’s a full moon then it’s that one
  • and it just slowly spins as the month wears on
  • whenever it gets close to the full moon and remus is feeling anxious, sirius kisses the topmost moon
  • sirius has constellations all over his back because he’s a star
  • they twinkle sometimes
  • it’s mainly an excuse for sirius to be shirtless a lot to show it off
  • remus likes Connecting The Dots with his fingertips when they’re cuddling
  • remus telling sirius that he is his brightest star
  • sirius telling remus that if he’s the brightest star, then remus is the moon: omnipresent, dependable, lighting the way for others
  • sirius has a litte sun tattoo on his hand and remus has a little moon so when they hold hands they create an eclipse
  • james has a stag tattooed on his left bicep
  • he rolls up his sleeves to show this off
  • sometimes he copies sirius and the pair of them walk around shirtless, showing off how Edgy they are
  • in reality they’re lanky 17 year olds what do you expect
  • becoming an animagus is the high point of 16/17yo james potter’s life come on he’s so proud
  • when james is mad or frustrated the stag bares his antlers more than usual
  • when james is feeling particularly fond of lily the stag curls up, content
  • most of the time he’s just prancing around though
  • lily is adamant that she is never getting a tattoo, ever, but on her and james’ 3rd anniversary (they’re 19? 20?) she gets a pair of antlers with lilies wrapped around them on her right bicep
  • the lilies move like snakes, flowing and sliding
  • when james and lily hold hands and their bodies are close together, their tattoos touch and it sends a rush of love through the both of them
  • peter doesn’t want a tattoo he’s scared of the pain

  • tl;dr the marauders thinking they’re Big and Tough with tattoos
  • but in reality they’re the softest, most sentimental nerds on the planet
  • feel free to add on with your own !!!

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Omg...The pic for your goodnight post, harry looks like such a baby there 😻 he was cute then but he's so hot and confident and powerful now and I can't get enough, this current era might in fact destroy me lol but I am so ridiculously eager for it all 🙌

i actually thought the same when i queued it lmaoooo that’s why when everyone goes nuts over 2013 harry im like cool he was hot but like.. 19.. why lose your mind over a teenager when there’s honest to god man!harry in our midst RIGHT DAMN NOW..

Translating for Xiumin
  • Mama-Growl Era
  • Xiumin: I doubt the host just said he wants to lick me.
  • Luhan: No that was me saying that. He's blabbing about music and artistry or some nonsense. What do you feel like doing after this? Those pants look so nice on you.
  • Xiumin: I think the host just asked me a question.
  • Luhan: Just flash your sexy smile omg you are so hot the host and I both want to see you naked
  • Overdose-Exodus Era
  • Lay: The host just asked what your favorite song on the album was.
  • Xiumin: This host doesn't seem to like me very much.
  • Lay: What? Why would you think that? I'm sure he thinks you're really cool because everyone is cool and people are great
  • Xiumin: He hasn't called me sexy once.
  • Lay: Do... hosts usually say that?

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all of them looks good really! 💕 im kinda curious on how you picked your bias and how you knew bts. if thats okay to ask. 💕 i first knew bts when my brother was playing the fire mv. i fell in love with jeon jeongguk at first sight then (its so cheesy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

Ah, they always look amazing, I don’t understand ;-;

That’s fine hun, I actually found them around Dope era, when I stumbled across a reaction video :’) I watched it, thought the song was really cool, and then the next day at school I asked @luminousberry-24 about them (she’s been a k-pop fan for years longer than me) and then she told me more and ruined my life :’) (I joke, I’m glad I found them ^_^)

Taehyung was my first bias, I guess he caught my eye in the Dope M/V, I watched more M/V’s, he always caught my eye, then after watching Bangtan Bombs and such, I died at his adorableness and I fell for him :’)

Jimin became bias way later, recently, he was just bias wrecking so hard that he fought his way up to bias position and now he shares with Taehyung :’)

↳ A Fool's Only Tears (Love & Hope Tour 2011)

Here’s my idea for the dtmwagt video, you didn’t ask for it, but you’re still getting it:
So Brendon is sitting at a dinner party, but then everyone passes out. He starts is a daze, almost dreamlike state. He gets up from the table and walks out the door, going through the experiences in the song. Some happen by accident as he explores the city looking for someone awake, like him falling into a shopping cart. He has flashbacks when he walks past places related to the song. Like walking past a bar he sees himself stumbling around from bar to bar. Then at the end someone is shaking his shoulder and he wakes up back at the table, having just been sitting there zoned out and everyone is staring at him, and he looks under the table and sees he’s wearing heels.

I may look a little scary girl
Don’t be scared, I’ll listen to you girl
I’m not good at expressing
So what
I’m all in for you

new Monbebes: woah he’s so cool, so fierce, such swag woah

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old Monbebes: *facepalm and laugh* you gaint fluffball you’re scared of a dried fish and of the dark just.. don’t even try

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also your fierce rapper image went down the drain somehow.. we all wonder why