he looked so cool in that era

the wardrobe

James: Look at him being all “I’m a cool teacher”. Wanker.

Lily: Shut up you are just jealous.

James: Jealous? Jealous?! He became everything we hated Lils.

Lily: You are as dramatic as Sirius today Jamie.

James: Ooh, the Longbottom kid is first, I bet he is afraid of Augusta, Merlin knows Frankie was.

Lily: Did he just say-

James: Oh yes he did. That bastard bullied that kid so much, he became his biggest fear.

Lily: I- I’m-

James: I’m so excited! He is gonna make Snivellus look like Augusta, I remember that red handbag!

*Wands at the ready, Remus opens the wardrobe Snape walks out*

Lily: *watching warily* He looks so different, like he is taller.

James: It’s because the poor kid is scared of him shitless, Riddikulus Neville come on.

*Riddikulus and Snape is now wearing Augusta’s clothes*

James: *doubles over laughing* Moony– You– legend.

Lily: *tries not to laugh, fails* If Severus hears this–

James: *still laughing* Moony doesn’t give a fuck.

Lily: *grinning* I can see that.

James: Merlin– that hat. It suits him well. *tries to regulate his breath*

Lily: *smiling* That smirk on Harry’s face is all too familiar. 

James: Like father, like son.

*Boggart morphs into a mummy in front of Parvati*

James: That Parvati girl did well! 

Lily: Oh my– Seriously Seamus, a banshee?

James: I mean, kid has a point, that thing is scary.

*Dean walks up to the wardrobe*

Lily: A severed hand, like the one from the Addams Family?

James: From the what?

Lily: Don’t worry about it, Muggle thing. 

James: I know most Muggle things.

Lily: *disappointed* I never had the time to show you this one.

James: *changes the subject* Oh, Ronniekins of course has spiders for Boggarts.

*Harry walks up to the wardrobe, wand at the ready, looking excited*

Lily: It’s Harry’s turn, what if–

James: It wouldn’t assume his form Lils

Lily: But

*Remus throws himself in front of the Boggart*

Lily: Of course, it’s the full moon. 

James: The one thing he is scared of. 

Lily: He probably thought what we thought, still protective of the fawn.

James: Well, of course he is, don’t you remember how scared he was when he first held him?

Lily: *with a smile* Of course, I do

James: Well at least there’s someone who’s looking out for him now.

Lily: Soon, he will have Sirius back, too.

James: If the idiot doesn’t get himself locked up for committing the murder he was locked up for.

Lily: Well, that’s a possibility but Remus is sensible, I trust him.

*cue to the scene where Remus says “together” and Lily just stares at the camera like she’s in the office*

Lily: Have you ever seen a Boggart?

James: Yeah, once when I was 18 and I couldn’t do shit until my mum came and found me.

Lily: What did you see?

James: All of you guys were de-

Lily: *looking away* Oh, I- I see.

James: Those are foul creatures Lils, I’m actually glad Moony stopped Harry from facing his Boggart. 

Lily: Me, too. 

  • someone: that new 21p music video looked really cool did you see that burning car?

cosmere au where the characters from the different shardworlds/eras are all in separate shakespeare troupes (that perform at the same festival or something) and the worldhoppers are a secret “troupe” whose members “infiltrate” the other troupes to play as many parts as possible

  • the worldhoppers call themselves the “globe-hoppers” cause its shakespeare and theyre dweebs
  • “doesnt puck look a lot like that guy who played guildenstern like literally 20 min ago?”……..“nah man theres no way he switched his makeup that fast”
  • vivenna’s troupe’s set design is done in a van-gogh-type art style and it looks so cool
  • spook goes way overboard with the special effects and almost burns down the stage (kelsier, despite being very into directing, was busy fistfighting one of the “globe-hoppers” backstage at the time)
  • sarene directs a feminist version of taming of the shrew and somehow it works really well
  • “i thought these were different groups but one of those witches was definitely juliets nurse”
  • kaladin makes a really good othello…like…really good (just like syl and shallan and literally everyone else told him he would)
  • everyone knows that the best stage knife is the super rad shiny black one and the troupes have an ongoing game/competition to steal it back and forth to use in their scenes.  it has been taken mid-performance at least twice  
  • wayne plays every single role in the pyramus and thisbe bit of Midsummer’s despite there being a full group of Mechanicals up until that point
James Potter v Man Buns

Okay so we all agree that Sirius totally wore man buns…but think about James being completely amazed by Sirius’s hairstyles and encouraged to try a man bun.

So James tries it and it’s not as big or as luscious as Sirius’s obviously but he likes it in a messy ‘I just woke up’ sort of way and he thinks it accentuates his cheekbones.

He goes to meet Lily at Hogsmeade, because they were going on a date, and Lily is just mortified. Because he walks up looking like his hair has been knotted and tangled and it’s way more messy than usual, but he’s so proud of it so she doesn’t say anything. He walks up and starts talking about how cool he thinks his hair looks now and how he’s “way cooler than Padfoot” and Lily just nods along and is like “sure James sure.”

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hi katz ! (ur name is so cool) if youve answered this recently i apologize but... in your opinion.. what IS the best gerard look

  • desolation row
  • when he had the red undercut but it was kinda on the shorter side and he wore red makeup around his eyes and those blue+yellow shirts. 2011 i think???
  • the entirety of projekt revolution
  • platinum-blonde tbp era
  • that photoshoot with the desert backdrop and gerard had long red hair. black and white baseball shirt
  • teenagers/blood
  • that video interview he did where it was like just him chewing gum and squinting into the camera and talking about how he wasn’t cool 
  • that show in hoboken where they played someone out there loves you and there was no barricade
  • any picture of him in a waistcoat
  • hair was fluffy and brown but he had like blonde highlights underneath?? i’m a pepper shirt
  • hesitant alien album cover
  • the black parade is dead!
  • venganza too tbh
  • anytime he wore that shirt w/ the giant arm holes
  • bullets but not recording studio weird hair bullets. motorhead shirt wrecked leather jacket riot grrrl bob bullets
  • platinum hair vol 2: hesitant alien era. that beanie… good
  • millions
  • nme awards 2011
  • anytime he and lindsey are in the same picture
Dear Journal,

Today I spent some quality time with myself and finally finished fixing up the library! All the books were in place and numbered. Regulus helped me do some cards for the people who wanted to have books. I was finally ready. Tommorow, my library would be open! I quickly wrote a letter to Johnny, telling him that I was finally done! I prepared a special card for him to get free books! I couldn’t wait to recommend books to people! For the first few months, I would only be open three days a week because I have to take care of Teddy. But when he’ll be able to walk, He could stay with me downstairs while I worked.

After a long day of work, I walked upstairs to find Teddy colouring in his book and Sirius cooking over the stove.

“Hey hot stuff!” Sirius said, tasting the pumpkin soup he was making.

“Hey! Library’s all done for tommorow!” I said, giving a quick kiss to Teddy’s cheek while passing by.

I stood behind Sirius, slidding my thumbs into the hem of his boxers.

“Stop being a tease.. I need to concentrate on the soup.” He said.

“Oh, so now you like cooking more than me touching you?” I said, laughing.

“If you want to starve for dinner, it’s all your choice!” He laughed.

I kissed his cheek and sat down next to Teddy to draw with him.

“What are you drawing love?” I asked him.

He pointed what looked like a house with three boys into it and smiled at me.

“Dadda.. Padda.. and Teddy!” He giggled.

“That looks wonderful love!” I said.

“Padda?” He asked.

“Yes Ted?” Sirius said, still cooking.

“Soup weady?” He asked, poking the soup cauldron.

“In two minutes love! Show me your drawing!” He said, smiling.

Teddy proudly showed him his art. Sirius gasped dramaticaly and I smiled at the cute moment.

“Wow!!! That looks so cool! When you’re done, we’ll put it on the fridge okay love?” Sirius smiled.

“Okay!” Teddy smiled, looking at his work.

Sirius poured the warm soup into three bowls and sat at the table with us. We spent the rest of the day drawing together. Our fridge is now full of beautiful family drawings.

May 2nd 1978

ok but does anyone ever reminisce on the old brendon? everyone talks about the split and the earlier music and ryan. i mean i know we still have brendon, he’s in the band (he IS the band) and we get new content of him pretty often, but just celebrating fever era brendon? pretty odd? vices? 

during afycso, brendon was so new to everything, and pretty inexperienced. idk if anyone else feels like this, but the effort he put in was so visible back then (not saying it isnt anymore). 

and then during p.o. era, he was just so happy and smiley, like a little flower boy, especially live shows. i don’t wanna bring up ryden but he seemed really happy around ryan. brendon just seemed really happy during pretty. odd. era. 

and then vices, well the bow ties and vests were so awesome, there isnt much else to say besides that he seemed salty and bitter

too weird was its own thing altogether, prime forehead era. like that pic of him in the blue suit with the cigarette? his forehead was so big.

and then bachelor era. well, i’ll probably have more to say looking back, but just, i feel like it’s so cool seeing people progress like this, yes, there are preferences, but it’s just so awesome to see how far brendon has come.

that being said, I would sell my soul to be a fan back in the afycso or pretty. odd. era. what if ryan and jon had never left or what if brendon becomes emo again next album era or what if there’s a reunion and ryan, spencer, and jon come back or what if-

rik mayall looks: rating my not-husband’s different eras (10/10)

baby rik/fuzzy rik - barbara first fell in love with rik from this era and i can def. see why. a cutie patootie baby that you also want to have their babies. 10/10

secret and rare longhair college rik - *fanning myself like an old southern lady in church*. i mean it’s blurry but it’s hotter than sasquatch at least. 10/10

‘Wick’ from The Young Ones - Punk-rock pigtails are definitely a thing now. Super cute spotty acne. Hair doesn’t look as red as usual but maybe that’s because I’m comparing it to Vyvvyan’s super-red tri-hawk. Either way, anarchic and v. cute. Great look for bringing down the fascist pigs. 8.5/10

mid-80s super close head shave - um??? love you but kinda glad this look didn’t last very long. this look is for dudes with weird natural hair not guys with genetic ginger perfection. recognize your brilliance. 6.8/10

colin from bad news - hair (obvious wig) gets darker and curlier over time and i definitely approve. also i guarantee 100% that barbara did his makeup and it’s absolutely gorgeous. and the 80s heavy metal fashion sells this piece. 9.5/10

alan b’stard in the new statesman - finally took my advice n grew his real hair out. gave it curls which i 100% approve. alan is a real b’stard in this show but this super sexy look was a standout. also rik’s a super good actor. go see it. 9/10

Flashheart in WWI - in rik’s own words: ‘so sex’. loved talking about flashheart because it was the sexiest he ever felt on screen and he was stealing the show by being really really funny. also in his own words: ‘i am a living penis!’ 14/10

official 80s Rik look - jESUS. this is goals. also this era produced that one over dramatic but still sexy photo of him in the shower that i will never get over. 10/10

(ok what the heck here it is. and for the record this = 100000000/10)

beardy rik 1st iteration - OH. MY. GOD. I have a crush all over again. 16/10

Travellers’ Cheques/Lemmy tribute - mucho desperado. what. a. babe. 15/10

this effing music video look nobody expected - ARE YOU SERIOUS??? OK I GUESS MY LIFE IS RUINED NOW. 250000/10

the unbridled perfection that is the Rik Mayall Presents era of looks: okay let’s go into each of these in detail.

#1 - this is my favorite RMP episode and rik is brilliant in it. also this gave us a taste of how Grey Fox era Rik would look like down the road. wouldn’t be fully realized until Jonathan Creek in 1998 and we’ll get to that later. but damn. 9.6/10

#2 - this would go on to become the official 90s Rik look, so i should give them the same rating. plus this episode is creepy and hot. 10/10

#3 - Dad (in glasses) Rik. I don’t use the acronym DILF often. and I still won’t. but just know that that applies here. 9.7/10

#4 - beard rik iteration 2. rik hated growing beards and only ever did it for acting purposes. plus dirty old town wasn’t the best. but this look is amazing. it bugs me that this is my least favorite episode but has the most gorgeous look. 26/10

official 90s rik look - bit more pudge and bit more lines on face. still f*cking hot. embraced his dad side and talked about his family more in interviews, and wore a lot more dad clothes like jumpers and sweaters. also in the late 90s after his death gave him a new lease on life, was more carefree in interviews and never stopped talking. also flirted up a storm with everyone. one of my favorites. 10/10

the ‘jesus look’/Merlin the Return - i’m still not over this look. I will never be over this look. this is art, this is f*cking beautiful. this is what white jesus wishes he was like. also actual brown jesus probably approves up in heaven. infinity/10

the mavis davis era/blond i guess? - a series of messed up studio mandated dye jobs that combined into this color. rik hated it. he made jokes about himself in interviews of the time but was obviously very insecure about it. can’t hate on it too much since it wasn’t his choice, but yeah, not the best color combo. but he’s still able to pull it off by being his charming as hell self, and it later faded. 8/10

the grey-age begins - like 90s only getting noticeably more grey. obviously rik didn’t want his hair dyed after mavis davis debacle and that was a good choice. also became his look for the 2000s as well after he grew it out from being short, or vice versa. i don’t know the timelines. but ihe and ade both looked great in the late 90s during the guest house paradiso times. 10/10

Jonathan Creek - The look that shook the world by revealing that Rik had gone full grey for realsies. this ain’t the young ones anymore guys, grey fox rik is here to stay. this was also the first project he took on after his death on the quad bike and recovery in the hospital. so f*cking brave and it gets extra points. 22/10

grey fox rik - was around for most of the mid 2000s and featured prominently in quality programs such as All About George, Violent Nation. slightly more dad-ish and still punk and very very cute. lots of great interviews from this time. 10/10

the silverage begins/Believe Nothing - this probably was before short grey fox timeline wise, but there was already silver and white under the grey in those so i will counting this as the first time we see silver, even though he’s still vaguely ginger most of the time. he’s gorgeous either way and i love this show. 10.5/10

wut - wut. yeah this was a bit of a weird choice. skunkbeard no go. he got rid of it soon after his one episode and went back to his good beard record. 6.7/10

sideswept disheveled thing I didn’t even know about until i started looking at more pictures for this whole project - i fucking love this. no censors. 15/10

bombadier - beer commercials and rik with beards are like macaroni n cheese pizza: two things too good for this world. also rik’s new whiteage underneath the silver means there’s going to be a new rik era very soon. stay tuned. 9.8/10

official dad rik in Man Down - full beardy rik look #3, this time grown to make him look 20 years older since he’s late 50s and playing greg davies’ 70 year old pop pop. next to 6′7 greg he’s an adorable dwarf dad. he also gets to indulge in more dad fashion, while still being punk rock and saying ‘comrade’. also like JC this is the first time we see a new era of all-white hair rik, and it’s so cool. 10/10

unfortunately the last days of rik - full white hair, sans beard, jean jackets and shorts and his life is buying lil sudoku books from stores and sleeping on trains. has fully embraced his old dad status and loves it. can still be suave as f*ck in a blue and white suit though (in his last film Der Ontsnapping in Holland). Despite his big personality he still was facing a lot of medical problems including epilepsy and the other repercussions of his head injury. died way too soon and we still will miss him always. it was personally one of the worst times of my life. infinity/10

QFG Trailer Analysis

With the (wo)man, the myth, the legend: Me, Over Dramatic Idiot!

Here we go!

Agatha and Sophie in the Celesteium. There’s no doubt about it, guys. Long hair, short hair, two girls. But its significance may be interesting- it’s the first and only time we have seen Merlin in a trailer, and I’m wondering if he’s going to be some sort of link between Agatha and Sophie, possibly? Not necessarily bad, either. Holding hands, ya’ll.

I am… not convinced this person is a villain. See what we’ve got in the background here, and the flags? Camelot. While she/he (actually, looking at the eyes and eyelashes, probably she) doesn’t look too friendly, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re evil. I have a crack theory that they’re just some courtier with a dodge hobby, but I think they’re actually just a fortune teller. While what Tedros would want with a fortune teller is unknown…

it doesn’t seem too good. (GIF credit to the lovely @celesteiums )

I don’t think I’ll list all the things which could happen to the poor boy, but overthrown, kidnapped (which I think is likely, given the fact I suspect a rather significant lack of royal wedding in this book), murdered (!!), injured badly, put in some sort of magical coma or just generally injured/ hurt/ or put out of the way all seem pretty likely to me. He’s the only royalty in an unstable kingdom. It’s like he’s wearing a neon sign saying here I am! come and hurt me! 24/7. (I also have another theory about his fate but I won’t go into it now.)

No one panic, by the way, I’m pretty sure the Q on Sophie’s card doesn’t mean Tedros will have to choose between Agatha and Sophie again- Tedros and Agatha are in the same suit now, hearts, and Sophie is Queen of Spades. I got so into this I looked up card meanings, and, well:

Often a shining example of power and authority, the Queen of Spades embodies the innate ability to achieve.

Love is the greatest power in the universe and no one knows this better than the King of Hearts. Embodying emotional strength and the authority inherent in a King, they make excellent leaders. 

Traditionally, representing the energy of a Queen, the Queen of Hearts traditionally portrays a sensitive, vulnerable, omniscient woman who offers unconditional love.

Pretty good. Trouble is, the King of Hearts also can represent the “emotionally disturbed” Charles VII of France, who inherited the throne under desperate circumstances. 

(He, uh, had a very turbulent reign, got a infection, suffered for two years, went mad, then died of starvation.)

Anyway, onwards.

This does give me a bit of hope for Teddy boy, though! Looking regal there, standing before… the sword in the stone?

Which is not the same as Excalibur:

“Sometimes Excalibur and the Sword in the Stone (the proof of Arthur’s lineage) are said to be the same weapon, but in most versions they are considered separate. The sword was associated with the Arthurian legend very early; in Welsh, the sword was called Caledfwlch.”

So… make of that what you will! Soman has said he knows Arthurian Legends well, so I don’t think he will have overlooked it. Pretty cool, but I wonder if it’s just more representation- new era could refer to both the new series and the new King, after all. Plus, this bit?

I think probably represents the sheer size and impact of the legacy Tedros now has to uphold.

(Or it’s just a massive sword.)

Either way, good luck, Teddy boy. You’ll need it.

Pretty much like the cover, no? I’ve got a pretty big theory about the whole boats, actually, but let me just point out:

Camelot is on the coast! could mean, however, they’re at risk from… you know, pirates.

( @worsteversever​ would like to point out that the endless woods having a sea makes very little sense, but we’re gonna avoid that until another day)

next up is…a bit upsetting…

so obviously we’ve got so many pirates fighting and stuff

and then we’ve got this

And while it might not have anything to do with pirates, if it does, and that person has been cut down, I think I know who I think it is: Beatrix, who is fighting pirates, with a dubious plan. The hand is feminine and pale, so it can’t be Reena, because she has darker skin. May not be, but it does say that “classmate’s quests plunge into chaos” so it’s not implausible, unfortunately. Poor Bea.  

The eyes mean that it may not necessarily be to do with the pirates though….people are saying it could be Sophie. Although I personally doubt that, it’s a possibility. 

She’s a little busy, no? 

I think this is probably symbolism, not literal.. we can see the School for Evil behind her, so I don’t know whether she feels trapped in her new role, maybe? 

We’ve been seeing lions through this whole trailer, that represent Camelot and Tedros. I think it’s possible, especially from the way Sophie seemed to be horribly jealous of Agatha, and spiteful towards Tedros, in the Ever Never Handbook (likely because of her uncertainty in her new position) so maybe Tedros and Sophie are fighting again? Wouldn’t put it past them. They’re only a bunch of teenagers, after all.

Corruption to the crown. Seriously, snakes have a reputation for trickery and corruption, and its not like Tedros is the brightest lad around, bless him.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

PS: I won a book 4 sampler in a giveaway, recently! So when that arrives, and I read it, I may update/ change this with more info. I will, also, tag it with spoilers, just in case any of you guys want to wait for the book.

Any thoughts? Let me know!

anonymous asked:

So Tony obviously has the best, no expenses spared. He undoubtedly has silk sheets on his bed and has known how to sleep on them for years without sliding out but. Can you imagine Steve's first night on those silk sheets?

My first thought was him taking a running leap onto the bed and careening off the other side in a perfect swan dive. If only because that’s probably what I would do with silk sheets. Wheeeee!

But, seriously, since Steve grew up Depression Era poor, which is a kind of poor we can’t really imagine, and then was on the front lines of the war, I like the idea of him really, really loving all these little luxuries. Maybe he feels a little guilty, but boy, those sheets feel so good against his skin, all cool and soft, and Tony looks at him like he is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.

Just throwing this out here – I actually have this largely plotted out, but just wanted to get this first part written down in case I come back to it. Think it would be just a couple of parts, it’s not meant to be a HUGE story (yeah, I say that now), but something that got kicked off with me thinking ‘what if Neil was Death instead of Andrew’ – like in a lot of stories.  Consider this an homage of sorts to Neil Gaiman’s incredible Sandman universe, with a lot of tweaking.


Death didn’t understand where humans had gotten the whole ‘one day out of a year, Death will live as a human’ story, but then, he didn’t understand a lot when it came to humans. He didn’t understand the whole skeleton with a scythe thing, either, though his uncle took great delight in mocking him for his overlarge hooded t-shirts and sweatshirts, which he supposed was only fair after how much he’d mocked the… well, for how often he’d mocked Wrath for looking like a stereotypical gangster the last several decades. Wrath’s suits were better now, while Death always had favored something that he could pull over his head and hide his face while walking around, even if no one could see him unless he willed it.

He missed cloaks. Things just hadn’t been the same since the nineteenth century. Though the one good thing about the twenty-first was that so far, he hadn’t seen his father. He’d like to keep it that way, even if Destruction was busy as always.

Keep reading

Telling them Apart


Suho is the leader, you can tell who is he by looking for the person who is almost all the time ignored and looks like he will cry if he’s made fun of one more time. Most likely when he’s seen with the rest of the group he has the “don’t mess with me or i will ground your ass in no time” look. Suho can sometimes look like the word “daddy” personified or he can look like a 30 year old man who’s given up on life and there is no in between. Can be squishy and cute. $uho’s wallet is thicker than his eyebrows.

Baekhyun is the little black haired shit the one who looks like an adorable puppy that makes you want to punch yourself. Most of the time he’s on screen and when he’s not…no actually he’s always on screen, it’ll be easy telling who he is because he talks a lot and makes stupid jokes that you laugh at because he laughs at them as well. In a performance or a music video you can tell who he is by waiting for the high notes and looking for the person who looks like a baby lion trying to roar for the first time and has neck veins more popping than your booty. A way of finding him is throwing a cucumber into the group, whoever runs away and cries is Baekhyunnie

Chanyeol is the giant, he’s basically a Korean yoda-fairy-elf-puppy. 90% legs, is on screen a lot if not he’s humping fawning over Kai (I’ll tell you about him later) Sometimes makes jokes but most of the time is the one who’s laughing over baek’s jokes cos he has a thing for him. Can be spotted by looking for giant ears that make him look like Dumbo or something. He’s the one with the deep voice, the vibrations from his voice will get your panties wet, trust me I’m a scientist. You can also spot him by looking for the one who’s whoring out on the ‘V’ sign, V standing for virgin.

D.O. i don’t even know how to describe him, he’s either super handsome, super squishy or super satanic, you can never tell which one he’s gonna be.50% eyes 50% lips. His eyes are big enough for you to see the trapped souls of fangirls, the number 1 fangirl being Kai. His lips will give Angelina Jolie a run for her money and her husband cos D.O. brings the boys out, he brings the gay out in everyone. Whenever Baekhyun is around he is the one who looks like he can kill someone, looks like he’s given up on life and doesn’t know who the other members are. When he smiles sun shines check it out using lyrics but honestly his lips are perfect for smiling, but before he smiles he has this little smirk that makes him look like he knows all your dirty little secrets.

Kai is hot as fuck i don’t care, let me hold onto my panties cos shit. In a performance or a music video he is the one who is always, alWAYS hot. He’s on the taller end of EXO. His jawline is sharp enough to cut through diamonds i am not lying. Kai’s lips are like D.O.’s but not as plump. It’s easy to tell him apart he’s the one who either has dark brown/black hair or a greyish blond colour. Either looks like a 5 year old boy or a 20 year old model. Off stage he is cute and looks like a ball of fluff, almost childlike. Like Chanyeol he laughs at jokes but it’s not really a laugh, it’s more of a opening his mouth as wide as he can and shouting “HA HA HA HA” ya feel? Also when he laughs you can spot him by the one who hits people who are next to him. He makes you want to cuddle him but also do very inappropriate things, will hip thrust his way into your heart fuck you kim jongin.

Sehun the maknae. The one with the hair that always stays in shape yet never the same colour, you can tell who is he by looking for the strong eyebrows, he’s the tall hot shit that you really want to do even if he isn’t your bias. When he’s not around all the members he looks really cold and arrogant but in reality he’s a softie. Sehun’s voice is also deep and his dancing makes you want to scream. When he talks he does this eyebrow thing, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it. Ways to find him: shout yehet and he will be obligated to shout ohorat and you shall find him. Almost always has his tongue sticking out of his mouth and if by chance that’s not happening he’s making the ( -  /\  - ) face, is basically 97% legs.

*takes a deep breath* time for EXO-M 

Xiumin he is your bias even if he isn’t your bias, he used to be chubby and adorable but now he’s xiuman and hot. He’s small but his arms aren’t, you can tell who is by the one that Luhan is clinging on to, it’s kind of hard pointing him out in performances or music videos, or even at all because he’s small and quiet but whenever he does talk you’ll find him because all the attention will be on him. He’s hot and cute at the same time. Sometime he looks like the youngest but then he does the eyebrows and BAM you’re on the floor crying over a 24 year old Korean who has too much power. He can make the boom boom’s in your heart go BADOOM BADOOM with just one look, i want to marry him and that’s that. He’s a real life Disney prince, the end.

Luhan is the finest piece of China available, constantly looks good. If you’re trying to find him in an interview or show wait for a joke to be said and look for the one who looks like they have no chin, he has delicate features and flawless skin which make him look girly but he isn’t, he’s not okay. Looks like Bambi, sings like an angel and dances amazingly well. His thighs are big and muscly so just look for those and you will have found Luhan! Most of the time he is around Xiumin. Luhan is utter perfection, literally idgaf he’s better looking than anyone and it makes me angry and sad because i love him so much. I have so many feelings for Luhan and you will too

Kris okay I know he’s not part of EXO anymore but he’s been in every single era okay so imma do it. Let me explain to you a thing, he is incredibly handsome, incredibly tall, incredibly talented. Whenever EXO wave at the camera or whatever look for the big yaoi hands, who’s hands are they? Kris. This is gonna be short, Kris is hot, tall, fantastic hair, deep voice. His voice is deeper than the ocean and will make you cry, imagine him calling you baby and you have an automatic breakdown why? It’s too good to be real. You can easily tell who he is by looking for someone who looks cool but then he ruins it by saying something stupid. his eyebrows can sometimes make him look like an angry bird The End.

Lay is the angel, the pure heart, the unicorn. A distinct feature is his dimple, it’s deep enough for you to cry into and then drown yourself in it because he’s too perfect to be real, his bottom lip is cute and pops out, why? Cos he bites it so much it’s probably swollen, poor thing. He is incredibly handsome and cute. In Korean interviews he doesn’t say a lot but in Chinese one’s he’s the one who always makes everyone laugh and smile, Changsha’s Pride; that’s what he is. Every member of EXO loves him and he loves every single member too. On camera he’s the one who spends about 60% of his screen time bowing. He’s very forgetful and can seem high so that’s how you find him. He’s extremely precious and kawaii. Even if you don’t love him, he will love you. His smile will give you diabetes

Chen is the one who you forget is actually talented. All the time he is trolling people, teasing them and mocking them it doesn’t matter if the member is his hyung or dongsaeng he will fuck you up with his words and laugh about it till the world ends, his laugh will echo in your ears at night leaving you with no sleep and you shall shout out his motto “WAEEE”. ChenChen is the one with high cheekbones, just as high as his notes and a kitten like smile and a cute adams apple. There’s something about his forehead that you’ll like, I can’t explain it. In music videos and performances he’s the one who does the high HIGH notes and does a little kick after he finishes. 

Tao: looks like an assassin but is actually a 12 year old girl. He’s one of the giants of EXO. Long ago when Tao’s teaser came out everyone thought he would be the cool mysterious one but boy were they wrong, whenever Tao tries to be cool or cute it fails, but when he doesn’t try it works. Looks like the Asian Miley Cyrus with blond hair. Always, I mean, always with Sehun cos he’s a raging homo for him or bickering with Baekhyun. Basically look like a cat/assassin who sleeps a lot. In airport pictures he’s the one constantly on his phone. Doing what? Looking at his nudes cos he loves himself like that. If you ever hear about an idol being very sexual with the fans, it’s Tao. 

now comes the hard part of deciding which one of these shits is your favourite, it wont matter cos in the end you will cry about all of them at 3AM. Enjoy the ride but even if you don’t they will cos they ride each other till the sun rises

it doesn’t matter because you’ll love all of them equally :)



Your hands reached helplessly towards the fading sunlight that filtered dimly through the surface of the black water, you watched as your breath left you and your lungs burned with the need for oxygen.

Just as the darkness was about to consume you, a pair of strong hands clasped you around the waist, pulling you upwards.

You gasped in great lungfuls of air and spluttered up what seemed to you to be half the bloody black lake.

“ (Y/N)! (Y/N), are you alright?!"came a frantic voice from not far above where you lay sprawled on the grassy bank of the river. You blinked up hazily and your (Y/E/C) eyes met a pair of stormy grey ones.

Sirius Black was watching you with worry etched in his features.

Oh! Right he’d asked you a question!

Your mouth split into a grin as you raised an eyebrow at the handsome marauder above you

"Worried about me were you Black?”

He huffed dejectedly, looking secretly relieved, and stood up, reaching out a hand to help you to your feet.

“I believe the words your looking for here love are ‘thank you Sirius for saving my life, your so strong and cool and awesome’” snorting in rather an undignified manner you take his hand and he pulls you to your feet.

Standing in your tip-toes you place a kiss on his cheek.

“My hero”

EXO Favourite Hairstyles

PART #2 EXO M Edition


His “Wolf” Era Hairstyle (he is the mega wolf)

And His Pathcode Hairstyle (attention: sexy alchemist coming by)


His Caramel Suit Hairdo (aka ultimate cool guy style)

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And His “Come At Me SM” Brunette Sidecut (slayin’)


His “Call Me Baby” Blonde Mess

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And His “Rock n Roll” Hairdo for Meeting Babies (#VOTEZHANG)

AND His “Black Indicates Sex God” Simple Hairstyle (kill me)


His Blonde-White Undercut (makes him look like the angel he is)

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And His Swaggy Wave (again, thank you MCM)


His Rose Ashes Hairstyle (also known as the “You’re so frustrating”)

And The “Snapback” (revealing his manly and handsome face)

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His “Barista” Hairdo (the perfect hairstyle for a coffee date)

And His Hairstyle From Jin’s Gone MV (aka the one that scarred us all)

Comment: EXO M could go from angelic af to devilish as hell in like 2 seconds, I swear! They are all so handsome! And again: foreheads, boys! Show the world, how majestic you could be!

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Part #1: http://sianadion.tumblr.com/post/126831713099/exo-favourite-hairstyles

anonymous asked:

Hey do you have some gifs of members reaction to kaisoo?or analysis about how the members see kaisoo?

Hello, anon! This question was really interesting, actually. I always try to pay attention to the other members while Kaisoo moments happen, and some reactions I got from them made me feed a lot of questions in my head.

Suho: Is one of the most interesting members concerning Kaisoo. Everybody knows he’s EXO leader. And, as such, he has the obligation of showing how united and happy and handsome the group as a whole is. So, it’s normal that he’ll pay a special attention to the other members.

I think he understands how couples (in a general perspective) are important to a group (because some people become interest in a group because of one specific otp), but he insists in cockblocking Kaisoo for a reason I still not able to comprehend. Maybe, Suho has this behavior when he considers some act is too much.

To give a practical example, remember the time when Lay was dancing in a concert. Suho was observing and everything was okay, until the moment when Lay started to being on all fours and moved his butt. The way Suho ran was priceless. Probably they were joking but still…

Back to Kaisoo. Everybody knows how Jongin and Kyungsoo can be a little… Peculiar when they’re side by side. In a lot of occasions (a lot indeed), they get really close to each other, whisper in each other’s ears, giggle together… I think that, in the same way Suho ran to Lay while he was doing his dance, Suho sometimes separates Kaisoo and stays between them.

Kyungsoo and Jongin being too close. Compare Kaisoo’s distance with the distance between Jongin and Suho.

But, Suho made his job and put they apart. Good job, Suho!

And, I need to comment about his ship with Kyungsoo as well! I don’t know if SM had something to do with it, but their ship kind of sailed in 2013. They even went to radio shows as a duo that time (and even told that they had couple clothes and would date each other if they were girls). I don’t know if Suho’s goal with Kaisoo is to distract people from them or something like that. Take your own conclusions, guys!

This is so interesting to see! Kyungsoo lost at the game and the MC requested Suho (who won) to choose another member to get the penalty with him. Right away, the fans started to scream: “Kai!!”. After some thought, Suho chosed himself. That happened because Suho is a good leader only? Again, take your own conclusions.

As a good and thoughtful leade he is, Suho is by Kaisoo’s side

Even if he’s not staring, Suho is there.

Xiumin: At first, Xiumin has a quiet and discreet personality, so, in general, he keeps his thoughts and reactions about them to himself.

Look! Kaisoo sailing in front of Xiumin’s eyes! But, as a good boy he is, he doesn’t react at all.

But, what makes me laugh about his relation with Kaisoo is that he appears in Kaisoo moments where Jongin is classified as “jealous” (or constipated? Who knows).

What the fuck, Jongin?

Are u okay? I don’t think so.

Jongin regreted giving Kyungsoo to Xiumin so easily.

BONUS: Xiumin staring at Kaisoo and smiling (so squishy!!!)

Lay: I’ll only leave this here


Lay keeping Kaisoo apart and mantaining EXO’s heterosexuality alive. Or not.

“Is this a mate dance? I need to stop them!!“ Lay thought when he came between them.

Baekhyun: He’s the kind of guy who likes to tease everyone. So, we would expect a person who would tease and make a lot of remarks about Kaisoo, right? It’s interesting to notice that Baekhyun isn’t like that, tho. He sees Kaisoo moment and he knows they’re close, but he’s not the type who makes comments about them or likes to be between them (like Chanyeol does. But I’ll talk about him later). His focus is more about constructing moments with Kyungsoo and Jongin (and the other members) separately.

Baekhyun manages to have fun and smile even with Kaisoo’s attention all over each other like always.

Chanyeol and Baekhyun were teasing Kyungsoo, but when Chanyeol pointed out how much Kai was afraid of him, Baekhyun became was silent probably he didn’t joke around because it was at the time before he knew everyone, but you got the point

Kaisoo during a photoshoot . Baekhyun was by their side all the time, but he didn’t speak at all while they interact with each other.

Chanyeol: Chanyeol is interesting, for sure. A member of what I call “roommate squad” with Jongin and Kyungsoo, he probably knows more that we, fans, can imagine. After all, he’s close with both of them.

Different from the other members, though, who don’t comment about Kaisoo’s closeness, Chanyeol talked what all Kaisoo shippers already knew, but it was nice to confirm:

I think that Chanyeol finds amusing how close Jongin and Kyungsoo are and, maybe because of that, he wants to be close to them too. Not Kyungsoo or Jongin only, but he wants to be allowed to be in the middle of Kaisoo.

You know when two people are too close and you think they’re nice and you want to join that group and be cool with them? That’s Chanyeol. He admires both of them, as their bonding, so he wants to be a part of it too.

Chanyeol’s expression after Jongin praised Kyungsoo i feel ur pain, buddy :(

But, everybody with eyes and senses knows how Kaisoo behaves with each other. When there is a third person by their side, in general, they don’t pay attention to them and stay more in their own world. Not necessarily in a romantic way, but that’s how they work. And this kind of lets Chanyeol frustrated because don’t matter how much he tries, Kaisoo will never let him in. But, considering his personality, he’ll try until the end.

“I want to be in the cool squad #1”

“I want to be in the cool squad #2”

“I want to be in th- oh. OH.”

Chen: Lately (since after EXO’s Second Box release) we can see a lot of Chen/Kyungsoo moments in concerts (their “kisses” during Peter Pan, for example). I don’t know if it was SM’s idea (I actually have a theory, but it doesn’t involve Kaisoo directly, so, I’ll be quiet about it for now) or not, but this couple is in more evidence since then. But, if it was a SM idea to make this otp sail, their mistake was putting Jongin in the middle of the equation.

Examples of moments where poor Chen was alone between Kaisoo

In general, what I noticed while watching Chenkaisoo moment on DVD was that Chen didn’t try to separate them and he was okay with being with them (even with Kaisoo’s proximity and leaving him alone sometimes).

It is almost similar to Baekhyun’s reaction, but the difference is that Chen is a mix of this cool attitude with a mischevious one towards Kaisoo.

Stay in your lane, kind of reaction.

Chen and Kyungsoo having a close time while Jongin only stares…

Sehun: I think Sehun is so used to Kaisoo’s behavior with each other that he doesn’t mind or react to it anymore. Most of the time, he stays between them with a straight face while Kaisoo looks at each other and smiles

“Am I looking good?”, Sehun asks to himself, trying to ignore the tension around him.

Yeah… This is probably his life everyday.

Even in MAMA Era, what’s this?

Well, I was planning to talk about “SM’s Reaction” to Kaisoo, but this post is getting longer than I previously anticipated and I took so long to do this. I’m sorry about that! Maybe I’ll prepare something better later ^^

Credit for the gifs and pictures used go to their rightful owners, as always.


  • link for a reaction of the members walking on Kaisoo~
  • Another link of a fanfic that talks about the members impressions about Kaisoo. It’s precious!
  • I tried to put Kris, Luhan and Tao here as well, but it made me sad, so I gave up.
  • I tried to be funny but I failed. Sorry about that as well.
A Sweet Reunion(Stanford Era)


Sam Winchester dashed to the oven to pull out the chocolate cupcakes before they burned and sat them on the stove top. Sam was a freshman at Stanford and even though he had a full ride, he still wanted a small job to get extra spending money so that’s how he found himself working at the campus bakery. He took another pan of already cooled and iced cupcakes and brought them to the front to resupply. The bell dinged and he looked up with a smile. “Welcome to Little Slice of Heaven. My name is…” his eyes widen as he realizes who he’s staring at. “D-Dean?!”



Imagine being having a love-and-hate relationship with Sirius Black. Both of you are infamous for your constant bickering when it is obvious that you both like each other. He can not tell you how he feels because you both have no idea of how you feel for each other. So when this good looking Ravenclaw asked you out, he starts freaking out, loosing his cool for the entire day. He goes out looking for you and when he sees you, he asks you to go with him instead.

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