he looked so adorable today i

Done! I feel like I’m a bit inconsistent with the size of Boris’s head, but this is just my second time drawing him, so it doesn’t bother me much. Either way, drawing the two cuties being even cuter together just made me feel wonderful and happy today. I like to think of the bottom left one as a picture Bendy and Boris took a while back that Bendy absolutely treasures forever and ever :)


If anyone is reading this well you may have noticed a missing entry, well I can thank my wonderful husband for that, don’t think that I’m complaining however, there are times when I love him but yesterday I am reminded how much I adore everything about him. He took me out from work at the botanist’s guild once I had finished and we went into the shroud, he had food and drinks and we stayed out there until, well, today.  I didn’t have to work so the treat was well loved.

We spent most of today fishing actually, in the river not far outside of Gridania, I didn’t catch a thing but spent most of it looking at how excited Dante was. He caught maybe five fish and everything he reeled in, he’d have this huge grin, it made me laugh every time.

Tomorrow won’t be so pleasant, in fact it’s going to be damn right boring but that’ll be fine, its a short one of lessons and practical examples for some of the more elderly folks that live in the city, I love sharing my passion with people so I’ll frame tomorrow like that in my mind, maybe it’ll help.

G'night journal


Those who’ve been following Flynn’s story over the past couple of years will know how much that last photo means to me.

My little worrity bitey dog who is very attached to me but finds making any kind of physical contact so difficult. Flynn adores playing & training but I can’t cuddle, or pat or stroke him. Today, he was watching Barney snuggle up… & then Barney moved… & to my astonishment, Flynn got up & took his place, gently resting his head on my legs. He was looking a little uncertain about what to do next, so after I took a couple of photos, I showered him with treats & we carried on playing. A moment I’ll treasure :)

Dating Damon Salvatore would include:

• you both walking around shirtless in the salvatore house
• piggyback rides
• day and night drinking
• literally everywhere
• y'all are like bunnies, keep on goin at it
• you guys break the bed at some point
• him trying his best to do selfless good for you
• you being adorably annoying to him
• being best friends with Stefan
• *whistles* “Damn, Y/N, you’re looking so hot today”
• “what? I wasn’t hot yesterday?”
• when he messes up, you give him a long talk about being stupid
• “I literally want to slap you and make love to you at the same time”
• stealing his shirts and wearing them
• cooking together
• when the mystic falls gang catches a bad guy, you convince Damon not to torture them
• “ Damon, you’re like, really ugly”
• “oh really? That’s why you were screaming my name last night”
• him making you blush like 24/7
• comforting each other
• road trips
• solving problems together
• adorable Damon when you guys are alone
• strip teases when y'all are feeling kinky
• cute forehead + temple kisses
• never giving up on each other when things go wrong

mutsumi senpai appreciation post ep 5 edition

i literally gasped at his handsome cuteness seeing him show up in todays episode 

like look at him i cant 

SO ADORABLE MY HEART supporting his bae


ALSO he said the exact thing i said a second after i said it like yes senpai *claps furiously*

hes so sweet and pure let me love him

bonus c: <333

can this be appreciated plz???

Like guys, look at this:

Look at Yurio’s reaction. He is so happy, so excited. 

And look at the way his eyes light up as he talks about his grandpa, his smile of adoration. That pure, beautiful, genuine smile. We’ve seen Yurio smile so much today, when usually we see scowls or pouting or looks of indifference. He is so happy, and it’s not that often we get to see this side of him.

And Yuuri’s just as equally happy, even going as for to say “vkusno!” (which I found absolutely adorable). They’re both happy, brimming with joy, something I consider very important because it’s just like what I thought would happen this episode: Yuuri and Yurio are bonding.

And it is completely, utterly precious. We all know how Yuuri and Yurio’s relationship has been, and for this moment to happen is so meaningful. The fact that Yurio even remembered Yuuri’s birthday and gave him the katsudon pirozhki…

…says a lot about Yurio’s character. Same for when he noticed Yuuri messing up his free skate. He was getting ready to cheer him on (until JJ freakin’ interrupted him). He knew that Yuuri was flubbing his program, knew that Yuuri was nervous, and decided to encourage him instead of ignoring him or belittling him. 

I really love the development both Yurio and Yuuri have gained. They grew so nicely, changed so positively. And here they are, spending time together, having a nice moment (just like father and son heh heh).

It’s all so beautiful.

Sharing the Crib (Dad!Ash)

a/n: this is probably gonna be really shitty and cliche but I was inspired by this picture look how cute

You shook the snow from your shoes and clothes as you stepped through the front door, instantly relaxing at the warmth radiating all throughout the house. It had been a tough and long day at work and you were looking forward to coming home to your husband and child. 

You were still on maternity leave, but the office really needed you to go in today so you put all of your faith and trust into Ashton that he could handle the newborn on his own.

“Ash? I’m home.” You could hear the sound of cartoons coming through the TV but not the usual babbling coming from your daughter or Ash’s adorable baby voice when he speaks to her. When you walk into the living room, you spot an all black figure curled up in your daughter’s crib. When you get closer, you realize it’s Ashton, sleeping soundly. Your baby girl was wide awake however, looking at her dad’s tattoos on his wrists and pulling at his hair. 

“Hey angel, did you have fun with daddy today? Looks like you wore him out.” You picked up your daughter from the crib and went into the kitchen to fix her a bottle. 

“Ow fuck!” Moments later, you hear a noise come from the living room, like something- or someone- had fallen. You walk in to see Ash laying on the floor and the crib turned onto its side, your daughter giggling at the sight. 

“You know those things are made for babies, not a 6 foot man child.”

“I couldn’t help it, she was just so cute, I wanted to be as close to her as possible.” Ash took her from your arms and started putting her high up in the air, just like she liked. You were so content in that moment, knowing you finally had your own little family. 

Happy Birthday Freddie

I know technically his birthday is tomorrow but with my health the way it’s been lately I decided to make the post today. It’s image heavy but I have no apologies for that :) <3

Under the cut you will see my many favorite pictures of the adorable little boy we’ve come to love. Freddie Reign Tomlinson.

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*I let out an inhumane screech as I’m dragged into another fandom against my will and feel myself geTTING FEELS FOR THIS AMAZING SHIP—WHY HAVENT I SEEN THIS MOVIE SOONER???*

Okay, that aside; I saw Strange Magic for the first time a couple days ago and I FELL IN LOVE!!!  SUCH A GOOD UNDERRATED MOVIE!!!  So here are all my doodles for it so far, hehehe.   

Srsly, these babies are so awkward and adorable and *short circuits from the feels*

The Human AU sketch was drawn during my morning class today (mostly to keep me awake). I wasn’t looking at any references and I know I messed up Marianne, but even so I’m happy with it :D

(Oh, in case you can’t read what Roland is saying, it’s just the little scene where he’s making fun of Bog and imitating cockroach noises. Hence Bog’s reaction XDD) 

I’m seriously done with jikook.

if u check out the bangtan bomb today which is Jimin’s self cam and him interviewing the members abt the comeback and promotions (I think).

So Jimin interviewed Tae and fooled around since they r fucking adorable besties.

Then he went to Hobi, our cute sunshine-y ball of fluff.

And next, would be our maknae Jungkookie.

So this interview started with Jungkook talking abt the promotions and stuff.
Then, out of the blue, Jimin complimented him and said that he was handsome.

Jimin why u gotta be so obv?

Jungkook said no and then he complimented Jimin back, with the shy look on his faceu.

Jimin said something along the lines of “why u gotta be like that? Stop it.”

The both started giggling and laughing with Jungkook’s eye crinkle and shit. Like fuck the both of them for being cute.

After they calmed down from their couple giggling fest, Jimin commented on Jungkook’s sexines.

Immediately, Jungkook look so shy and embarrassed and he scratch his nose and kept cutting off his own speech like wut.

Jikook then ended their interview with a cute “hwaiting” from both of them.

. . . . . . . .

This is just my thoughts. What they said may not be accurate because I only learnt basic Korean. So pls keep ur thoughts to urself. Thanks

My Puppy Winston

So I promised I’d let you guys know when I’d post photos of my puppy Winston. Well, here you are!

Look at that photogenic little thing, he’s so cute! Look!

I have made a blog just for him and his adorableness, so if anyone needs some puppy cuteness in their life, feel free to check out @winston-the-mix. There are already a bunch of photos, and there will be more posted later tonight from our trip today.

Here’s an extra photo too.


I suddenly had a realization that’s actually rEALLY COOL?? (but also a little terrifying)

So whenever a new Clow Card shows up in both the manga and anime, Sakura and/or Syaoran will be like “*looks up dramatically* A Clow Card’s presence!”

EXCEPT for when our introduction to the Weird Goings-On being caused by the Card is attributed to a ghost.  If a ghost has been mentioned, than Syaoran will announce there’s a presence but that he’s not sure if it’s a Clow Card or not and Sakura will get really adorably nervous.

So the logical conclusion is Clow Cards must - at least at a distance - have a similar aura to ghosts.  Today I was thinking ‘that’s just a contrived plot point so there’s an excuse for Sakura to be nervous about ghosts!’ but I would be Very Wrong.

Do Clow Cards feel like ghosts? let’s ask Touya Kinomoto!

(That’s the Mirror Card, by the way.)

So long story short, there is pretty solid evidence that Clow Cards have auras that are close to those of human ghosts.  (And if that isn’t vaguely alarming, then you just don’t fear Clow Reed nearly enough.)

Just Fine - A Riarkle Ficlet

so based on that text post from @girlmeetsingrutt I decided to just write a quick little fic because the prompt was adorable and I couldn’t handle it :)

“You were my first kiss, Huckleberry.”

She looks up from her homework, over to the other side of the table where Maya and Lucas are sitting. Beside her, Farkle keeps his head down, beyond concentrated on his physics hypothesis. He’s been quiet today.

Too quiet.

“Really?” Lucas looks up too, raising his eyebrows. “You’ve never told me that before.” Maya shrugs, smirking at him.

“It’s not really that important.”

“Was I gentle enough?” Riley rolls her eyes and looks back down at her textbook. Lucas Friar, forever the gentleman.

“You were just fine.” In her peripheral vision, she sees Maya move towards him, and then physically hears them kiss. She puts a finger to her temple and resists the urge to roll her eyes, yet again.

“You’re better now, though.”

“Are you two done yet?” She looks to her side, and sees Farkle watching them, left eyebrow cocked up in an appearance of impatience. “We’re doing physics, not chemistry.”

“Spoil sport.” Maya murmurs, and after planting a quick kiss on her boyfriend’s cheek, she moves back over to her seat.

“Riley, I was your first kiss too, wasn’t I?” She shifts her gaze to Lucas, absentmindedly tapping her pencil rhythmically against the table.

A gentleman, sure, but the boy still lacks tact.

“Lucas, I’m not sure how much Maya would appreciate you talking about kissing other girls.” She glances over at Maya, who’s just watching them talk with an expression of amusement written on her face. “And no, actually. It was Farkle.”

“Farkle?” Lucas raises his eyebrows again. “Really? When?”

“Grade seven. Around Romeo and Juliet time.” She looks over at Farkle, who’s face is beginning to grow more crimson by the second. “He missed, though. Got me right on the chin.”

And before she can react, Farkle’s stood up from his seat, taken her hand, and pulls her out the door of Topanga’s.

Once they’re on the terrace he turns to face her, and she’s suddenly very aware that Farkle has grown and he’s much, much taller than she remembered from only moments before.

“Farkle, what’s going-”

And suddenly her breath gets caught in her throat because his hands have moved up to cup her face and his fingers brush her hair behind her ears and she can feel his hot breath on her nose because he’s very close and she isn’t sure what to do.

“I’m not going to miss this time.” He says, almost whispers, and then his lips are on hers.

And she’s kissing him back.

And his hands move from her cheeks to the small of her back and he pulls her into him, closing any gap that was between them before.

And her fingers tangle into his hair, pulling his face closer so they’re definitely rather squished, but she doesn’t care.

She just wants him.

And when he pulls away, he’s laughing and she can’t help but giggle when she sees his smile.

“I didn’t miss.”

“You didn’t miss.” She says, and lets her hands skim down his arms to meets his, where their fingers interlace. “You were just fine.”