he looked really uncomfortable so

suzuki manages to convince yamato to exchange clothes of their Respective Cliche Fashion Styles, and yamato is surprisingly far from uncomfortable in idol fashion. SUZUKI, HOWEVER………

Calling them ‘Baby Boy’ (BTS)

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 Jin: Jin would be surprised at first and maybe even look uncomfortable. He didn’t really seem into it so you dropped it for the night and didn’t do it again until the next weekend. He wasn’t fazed by it but he also didn’t stop you. After testing the waters, Baby Boy became his new nickname, but only for you.

Yoongi: Nope, Yoongi isn’t in to this type of play. Although you could possibly pass this off as him just being him and not showing emotion, he made it clear he didn’t enjoy name calling. He honestly isn’t into much talking at all; he likes to get straight to business.

Hoseok: Did this boy just laugh at you? Why yes, yes he did. You came all the way out of your comfort zone to be laughed at, but you knew he didn’t mean it personally. Hoseok loved, loved to tease you, and this was no exception. “I’m your baby boy? Prove it, then.”

Namjoon: Namjoon wouldn’t like it for the sole purpose of him wanting to be dominate. He always wanted to be the one to make you flustered, not the other way around. Namjoon just doesn’t need names and words to show how much he loves you.

Jimin: Jimin is just like Hoseok in the fact that he’d laugh and tease you. This boy would even tell all of the members when you guys are at dinner. But nonetheless, he would still prove how much of a baby he is, or isn’t.

Taehyung: Tae wouldn’t fully get the understanding of it; at least that’s what he played into. “I’m not a baby, I’m 20.” He’d like being called baby boy though; it showed you cared enough to give him a name. However, not all the time did he like it, “If I’m your boy, show me.”

Jungkook: WE ALL KNOW THAT THIS BOY HAS A BABY KINK. Although having it, he’d still be dominate when it came to the bedroom. He’d want to make sure it become a reoccurring scene to hear you call him that. “Would a baby do this to you?”

FT Episode 52
  • Hibiki/Ren/Eve: *flirts with Lucy and Erza at first glance*
  • Ichiya: *tries to flirt with Erza and Lucy, sniffs them and talks about parfum*
  • Lucy: *shivers* You’re freaking me out you know
  • Erza: *backs away* Sorry, I can’t really handle them him either.
  • Erza: *stutters* H-He may be an incredible wizard, but -
  • Gray: *sees Erza nervous and uncomfortable at a flirting attempt (which doesn’t normally happen since it's Erza) and just snaps*
  • Gray: - Listen you crappy Blue Pegasus boy-toys! How about you stop making passes at our princesses, huh?!
  • a grayza/nalu/graylu/natza shipper: HE CALLED ERZA AND LUCY HIS AND NATSU'S PRINCESSES!! *dies and goes to shipper heaven*

Also probably one of my Absolute Favorite Brooklyn Nine Nine headcanons is the idea that Jake and Rosa met in the Academy because one day very early on Rosa is sitting in a class glaring (while secretly being rly nervous) and this Mess Of A Kid with beat-up sneakers and too-long curly hair suddenly and inexplicably drops into the seat beside and her starts talking at a mile a minute about like. The pigeons. Outside his building. and why it’s entirely their fault he’s almost late because the pigeons in New York have a vendetta against him, okay, its Organized Crime, probably, my names Jake what’s yours its okay if you don’t wanna tell me but I’ll just be sitting here, cool cool cool cool cool

and Rosa’s just

So surprised that this guy isn’t being Gross and Sexist OR Intimidated By Her (and also lowkey overwhelmed by the speed at which he’s talking)

So she introduces herself hesitatingly and he seems just so genuinely pleased to have met her and then suddenly one day two weeks later Rosa realizes she’s picked up a hyper-entergetic Jewish shadow

(and, one day, two months in, Rosa realizes that she’s made a friend)

Wait wait wait…
So we’ve all heard of the Calder’s triplets and the different blinds pretending to be Briana but what if Louis has a twin too ?
A twin that the Tomlinsons have hidden all those years to have an advantage on modest and to relieve Louis of some of the pressure caused by all that closeting,
A twin that take his place so Louis can spend time with his husband.
We’ve all noticed how in some pictures Louis looks uncomfortable and unhappy whereas in others he looks really happy so I’m sure it’s his twin in the happy pictures.
I also think Louis’ twin is actually Freddie’s father but 1DHQ took this as an opportunity to consolidate Louis’ closeting and make sure he would behave.
Someone should dig up a bit to look for more evidences