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Anna painting Fushimi's fingernails please. Yata's too~

Maybe this is like a cute post-ROK thing, Anna’s started going to school and she’s having a little trouble fitting in because she’s so much more mature than the other kids. One day though one of the other girls brings nail polish to school and it’s a really pretty red, she offers to paint Anna’s nails for her and it turns out looking really nice. Anna’s very thankful and she can’t stop staring at her nails. She decides that she wants to be able to paint nails too, so she can offer to return the favor to the girl who helped her. There is of course just one problem: Homra is filled with guys, so she has no one to practice on. She tries to ask Kusanagi if Awashima can come over but maybe Awashima’s away on business or visiting family or something so she’s not available. Anna’s a bit crestfallen but she’s still determined, she just needs to find someone who will let her paint their nails. That’s when Kusanagi has to go out for the night and asks Yata to watch both the bar and Anna for the evening and Yata decides to invite Fushimi to come join him because he thinks it could be like a good bonding experience, they’ve started becoming friends again and Yata really wants more opportunities to spend time with him. Fushimi’s a little uncomfortable returning to Bar Homra after all this time, like he’s stopped by from time to time since he and Yata made up but this time he’ll be there for a few hours and it feels odd to him. Anna and Yata both greet him at the door with a smile though and it helps make Fushimi feel a little more comfortable.

So Yata and Fushimi spend the evening hanging out and playing big brothers to Anna. At one point Yata heads into the kitchen to get dinner started and leaves Fushimi and Anna alone together. Fushimi notices that Anna’s kinda staring at him and he shifts uncomfortably, asking what she wants. Anna suddenly grabs his hands and looks into his eyes all intent like ‘Can I…paint Saruhiko’s nails?’ Fushimi’s like what the fuck and Anna just gives him this earnest look as she says she wants to practice painting nails and Saruhiko has pretty fingers. Fushimi tries to refuse her but of course he can’t say no to Anna and he ends up sighing and being like ‘fine…’ figuring he can always take the nail polish off later. Cue Yata walking in a few minutes later to tell them that dinner is ready, only to find Anna and Fushimi sitting there at the bar facing each other while Anna very carefully and painstakingly paints Fushimi’s nails, completely absorbed in her task. Yata starts to say something and Fushimi shoots him a glare, Yata just ends up with this goofy smile spreading across his face as he watches Fushimi just sit there all docile and quiet while Anna does his nails. Finally when she’s finished she looks up to see Yata there, Fushimi’s just like 'don’t you say a single word, Misaki.’ Yata praises Anna’s good job in doing Fushimi’s nails, Fushimi sees an opening and suggests that Anna do Yata’s nails as well. Yata starts to refuse because painted nails aren’t exactly manly but Anna’s giving him the look and finally he’s just like 'well…if it’s for Anna, then I guess…’ They do have to eat dinner first though and Anna ends up helping to feed Fushimi through half of it because she won’t let him touch anything while his nails are still drying. By the time Kusanagi gets back Fushimi has lovely lacquer blue nails and Yata has glittery red ones, Anna is very pleased with what a good job she did (Fushimi also ends up leaving the nails colored until they finally flake off, as does Yata. Anyone who mocks them for it is made to regret it because no one maligns Anna’s hard work).

  • Dan: *acts serious in the danandphilcrafts video*
  • Me: ohmygod he is acting. he was in theater as a child. this is his dream. hes really good at it too. look at it. l o o k at how he's acting like hes almost crying look at how he acted like he was surprised when his glitter face was a pentagram look look loook hes talent pure talent hes living out his childhood dream i should live out my childhood dream ohgod im cryin- i mean crafting im crafting so hard right now i

doodled up a bad mrkenyon to help relax after how today has been. also wanted to test with scribbling with the crayon tool. used random colors and outfit bc i didn’t have a ref ripp

Episode four: in case you don’t remember what happened at the end of episode three, don’t worry, there’s a flashback for that.

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