he looked really good in this suits

No but consider this

An extremely bubbly and happy Slytherin who is determined to get where she wants to be in life, and is extremely quick thinking and a really good liar.

A Hufflepuff who barely ever talks and has like one close friend and always looks mad (it’s just his face. He can’t help it.) But if you try to mess with anyone at Hogwarts that he knows, he will without fail appear out of nowhere and stand up for them.

A Gryffindor who has a ton of phobias like heights and spiders and any kind of bug and the list goes on, but she’d go through them all to save the people she loves.

A Ravenclaw who slacks off constantly and really isn’t suited for academic work, but when it comes to art and creative processes, they’re brilliant beyond compare.

gabe landeskog is a 212 lb swedish dork who loves donuts, has an adorable pitbull who he takes on dog dates with matt duchene’s dog, advocates inclusivity and mental health awareness in sport, whose biggest offense is being a menace on segway tours, and he has beautiful bronze hair and looks really good in a suit

Tom Hiddleston Has Never Looked Better Than He Does in Kong
The reviews for Kong: Skull Island are in, and so far they're glowing. The movie is being praised for its action-packed plot, the crazy post-credits scene, and King Kong in all of his massive, CGI glory, but there's one thing I have yet to see get the attention it deserves: Tom Hiddleston's t-shirt.
By Quinn Keaney

As tracker James Conrad, he spends much of the movie kneeling down to examine broken underbrush, eluding King Kong, and rolling through the dirt to escape giant, underground lizard monsters who want to rip him limb from limb. In other words, a typical day at the office. But his greatest asset is not his gun. It’s not even the Samurai sword he uses to slice his way through a flock of razor-beaked birds. It’s his plain, gloriously tight, gray-blue t-shirt. To put it simply, he looks good as hell. Possibly better than he does in a suit, which is really saying something.

I don’t know how it magically stays perfectly tucked in, or what exactly it is about it that has inspired this obsession, but as a reward for you taking the time to read about this important, high-priority matter, please enjoy the next photos of him and his t-shirt in action.

Hamilsquad modern au and fashion

A total hipster, knitted beanies and cardigans, colourful pants and shoes from the thrift store, scarves and fingerless gloves in winter. 
Makes an effort to look like he doesn’t care about his looks. Suceeds in this and still looks good most of the time. 
Wears sweatpants in public whenever he can get away with it. 

Always a perfect colourscheme, can make things that you would never think go together kind of work. Experiments a lot with new styles and is just really into the whole matter. 
Has his own little clothing line and makes most of his clothes himself.  Expensive suits, grey sweaters, silk ties.

Models for Herc and loves it, looks great in anything. 
Sometimes likes it dramatic.
Hats, coats, big patterns, lots of contrasts. 
Wears only jeans and t-shirt on other days, really it’s like you’ve got two different people. 
Can sadly not be persuaded to wear his glasses everyday. 
He will make you cry by wearing a tanktop in summer.

Your typical white girl despite being neither white nor a girl. Wears addidas sneakers, skinny jeans and wears his ponytail through the back of a snapback. Basically doesn’t really care about fashion and just buys the stuff he can find in every store.
He even gets starbucks like the basic bitch he is. 
Has to be stopped by Herc. 

Bed is better with two

(A/N): Oh my god I freaking love sleepy, cuddly fanfics

Request:  Hey :) Maybe you can write something where the reader has problems with sleeping in the night which leads her to be awake half of it. And Steve has his daily arguments with Tony and gets pressure from Nat to find a girlfriend so he can’t sleep either? And they meet in the hallway which leads them to sit down in the readers room and talk about it and they find out they can sleep way better when theyre together? So they sleep in hugging each other and someone finds them like that the next morning?

Warnings: None

Originally posted by buckypupbarnes

   “C’mon Steve,” Nat nearly pleads as Steve begins to suit up for the mission they were on. “Just one date with her, I promise it’ll be good,” Steve smiles as he turns to look at Nat all the while strapping his helmet onto his head. 

   “Nat, I appreciate your concern, I really do but I don’t think I’m in any position to start dating,” 

   “How come? To old or not your type,” Steve merely smiles as he repositions his shield on his back, gearing up for the ramp to drop, leaving him to fall through the air. 

   “I’m an independent man who don’t need anybody,” Is all that Steve offers before the ramp opens and he casually walks to the end of it. He gives Nat a little two fingered salute before jumping off, leaving him free falling through the air. 

   “C’mon (Y/N),” Wanda whines as she scoots a bit closer to her friend. “You’ll love him, he’s really sweet and nice and-” 

   “Wanda,” (Y/N) replies softly, taking Wanda’s hand and patting it gently. “It’s very sweet of you to try to set me up but I don’t think I’m ready,” Wanda gives them a small head tilt, her brows furrowing in confusion as she does so. 

   “Why? Bad relationship? Not your type?” (Y/N) merely smiles gently as the gives Wanda’s hand one last pat before letting it go. 

   “Too busy,” 

    To put their fake facades to the side (Y/N) and Steve actually wanted- needed someone in their lives like a significant other. They both craved that stability that a lover would bring, the constant love of someone, a constant companion through their adventures, someone to spend rainy days with. The only problem was they both had a certain kind of person in mind; each other. 

   Neither of them realized it (or anyone else for that matter) but both (Y/N) and Steve needed each other like they needed air to breathe. They needed that stability, but they needed it with each other. That’s why they always refused their friends requests to get them shacked up with someone random person, always giving them the ‘oh, they’re so nice!’ or the ‘You’ll love them!’ explanations. It wouldn’t ever work , neither party ever planned on going out with someone useless, not when they had eyes for each other at least. 

   Of course the two didn’t even know how to go about their crushes, after all what would you expect from a 95 year old virgin and an awkward, shy creature such as (Y/N)? So they dealt with it the only way they knew how to, by ignoring it. This had worked for quite some time, both of them walking on eggshells around each other but they both knew it was going to fall apart soon, just like every genius plan they had but neither of them expected it to happen the way it had. 

   Recently (Y/N) had been having sleeping problems, much to their own dismay. They couldn’t fall asleep no matter how hard they tried. They spent all hours of the night laying in bed, hoping that eventually exhaustion would take over and they’d pass out but it never did. So they were left to stare up at their ceiling in an angry, tired haze as sleep evaded their body like the plague. 

   It was getting to the point of being problematic for them, If they were getting no sleep then they weren’t doing anything well. Their work was getting sloppy, they were constantly irritable and the had lost their appetite. 

   It concerned Steve to see (Y/N) starting to act so different, after all it had come out of the blue and they were never, ever like this. They’d gone from a sweet and bubbly to grouchy and gloomy all over the course of a few days. So yeah, it was more than a little concerning to see them acting so drastically different. But Steve decided to let it be, after all if they had been having a problem they would have come to him if they wanted to talk, so why meddle? 

   Steve decided to keep this ‘no meddling’ act up for a good chunk of the week, completely dismissing (Y/N)’s bad moods and suddenly strange behavior. But that act all turned to shit when Steve had decided to take a late night run, attempting to clear his head of all the nightmares he’d just had. 

   Recently Steve had been having sleeping problems as well, mostly due to his constant nightmares but something as of late just didn’t feel right. He once felt satisfied in his own bed by himself but somehow this had changed recently. He craved to be close to someone while he slept, he needed that extra warmth and assurance and let’s just say none of the other avengers were to up for it. So most nights he was left to his own devices, leaving him to spend his nights all alone and longing for something more.

    And that’s exactly the reason Steve had been going out for a run that morning. He kept telling himself that instead of wasting his time doing nothing but lying in bed awake he should be up, doing something productive so he resorted to running. The constant running (from 4 until 7) usually wiped him out enough to allow him a few hours of restless shut eye although over the last few days not even that was working. Steve’s body physically needed something more than a flight response, he needed that stability and reassurance, he needed some goddamn sleep. 

   So instead of staying inside and wasting away in his bed he decided to go for that unnecessary run, hoping this time it would help more than the last. Steve had just gotten his shoes laced up when he heard the quiet creak of someone’s door. Steve looked down to his watch in confusion, the time read 4:15, a complete and utterly nonsensical time for anyone to be up at. And yet, there was the soft pitter patter of feet on the floor and suddenly (Y/N) was standing in the living area, groggily rubbing at their eyes. 

   Steve gulps as he takes in (Y/N)’s appearance, nothing but an oversized shirt and maybe some underwear underneath that (maybe). They had a sleepy, look about them and their hair was a complete mess but Steve would be lying if he didn’t think It was the cutest thing ever. 

   “Hey,” Steve breaths out as he rises from his seat on the couch. (Y/N) had obviously not been expecting someone to be awake at this hour either because as soon as Steve spoke they nearly screeched as they all but dropped to floor in surprise. 

    “Oh, h-hey Steve,” (Y/N) smiles as they awkwardly rub at their arms. “Didn’t expect you to be up,” Steve smiles back, albeit with the same awkwardness. 

   "Me neither, so uh-“ Steve rubs at the back of his neck, searching the room anywhere but (Y/N), refusing to meet their adorably sleepy gaze. "Why are you up so late, I mean early?” (Y/N) sighs as they shift their weight from foot to foot, biting their lip as they do so.

    “I’ve been having troubles sleeping recently,” (Y/N) admits in an almost guilty tone. “So instead I’ve been coming out to here to not sleep some more,” (Y/N) chuckles awkwardly and they nearly cringe at how awful it sounds. Steve eyes (Y/N) curiously for a moment before looking back down at his sneakers, contemplating his answer.

    “So you too? With the sleeping problems and all?” Steve looks back up to (Y/N) and their gazes connect and Steve swears he’s never seen the poor kid any more tired. It was obvious now that he looked closer, just how tired they were. Their eyes had lost that natural shine and they seemed to always be in this glazed over state of pure exhaustion.

    (Y/N) nods a bit as they stifle a yawn, biting their lip a bit harder. Steve nods as well, in complete understanding. 

    “So you’ve been having sleeping problems too?” (Y/N) asks softly and Steve wants to melt at the tone, so tired and so full of…of something. Steve nods a bit before gesturing to his workout outfit. 

    “I’ve take up early morning runs to help cope I guess,” a small silence falls over the two, neither one quite knowing what to say. It was strange they’d both been having sleeping problems and the exact same time. Maybe it was a sign or something? Steve dismissed the thought as soon as it surfaced, his mind telling him it was just a silly thought. But that thought continued to plague Steve and he knew it wasn’t going to stop until he addressed it. 

    “S-so uh-” Steve trails off, losing his confidence momentarily. Steve shyly looks up at (Y/N) under his lashes and the sight that greets him only fuels his small bit of confidence. (Y/N) looked so exhausted, so so so exhausted and they both needed this. Needed some sleep. Needed each other. “Since neither of us can sleep and this little pattern we got going isn’t helping what if-” Steve’s tongue darts out to swipe along his lips, wetting the dry skin. “What if we tried something, together?” (Y/N) looks interest enough and when they shrug their shoulders Steve continues on. “What if- what if we slept together? Not sexually or anything but just like holding each other or somethin’…” Steve trails off as his confidence deplets completely, leaving him feeling insecure in what he just asked. 

   Steve fidgets around in his seat as he awaits (Y/N)’s answer. The room is silent for a few moments and Steve knows he’s fucked up, he just fucked everything up with (Y/N) and now he has no chance with them, even platonically or- 

    “I’d love that,” (Y/N) whispers tiredly. Steve quickly snaps his gaze up and he finds (Y/N) staring at him warmly, damn near melting Him to the core. 

    “R-Really?” (Y/N)’s smile grows as they extend their hand out, waiting expectantly for Steve to grab it. Steve nearly jumps from his seat, grabbing (Y/N)’s hand in his own. They give his his hand a gentle squeeze, flashing him one more warm smile before guiding him along the hallway, most likely to their bedroom.   

    As expected (Y/N) yanks him into their room, demanding he take off his shoes before he entered the room. 

   Now after some few awkward positions and a few readjustments the two were curled up together, as practically close as humanly possible. (Y/N) sighs softly as the snuggle down into the blankets, all the while reaching down to intertwine their fingers with Steve’s. Steve hums pleasantly and for once in god knows how long he actually feel as though he may be able to sleep. His eyes begin to drift shut and his lips part as he slips into a perfectly restful sleep. And (Y/N) wasn’t close behind, after all they hadn’t ever felt such warmth and comfort in their life and to say it was soothing was an understatement. Having Steve by there side was one of the best decisions they had ever made and they didn’t even regret it when Steve began to snore directly in their ear. 

 ~Extended ending~  

   The next morning Steve awoke feeling pleasantly warm and safe, something he hadn’t felt in ages. Steve hums sleepily as his hazy, sleep filled mind began to slowly connect some dots. He and (Y/N) had slept together, In the same bed and it helped. For the first time in who knows how long Steve had actually had a nice sleep. Steve smiles as he presses a little closer, relishing in the way (Y/N)’s warm body practically fit in his arms perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle. 

   "You guys are cute,“ a voice from the doorway pulls Steve from his thoughts and he nearly jumps out of bed as Sam, Bucky, and Nat all stand in the doorway, watching them With warm smiles. The voice causes (Y/N) to stir, shifting in Steve’s arms and whimpering softly in displeasure. Steve holds (Y/N) a little tighter, soothing their noises before turning to glare at the three perpetrators. 

   "Get out of here, all of you. This is the first real good sleep (Y/N) has had in weeks so if you wake them up I will not hesitate to hurt you, understand?” The group nods, all looking to each other with smug smiles before responding in unison,

    “Crystal clear Captain,”

While ur all here-
*Pulls out my small list of headcanons*
I posted this elsewhere but I need it here too

-junkrat is hard of hearing + got that tinnitus goin on
Between him n roadie they’ve got their own little dictionary of hand gestures/sign (none is official asl, just stuff they’ve figured out works at a distance)

-pharah gets sweaty easily….damp
Also her body is modified to “lock in” to her suit

-d.va likes board games! She’s REALLY good at strategy games (she’ll kick ur ass in things like chess in 6 moves or less if u suck)

-tracer is real good w numbers
I mean you gotta be if your special power revolves around keeping track of where you were 10 seconds ago, how many extra seconds you need to close a gap, etc

-reaper’s outfit features some vantablack bullshit and he looks kind of like a Void

That’s it that’s all I’ve got

EDIT: WAIT I FORGOT ONE!! -that glowy omnic in the sombra origins stuff….identifies as a lady and that human is her gf, they r in love
Jealousy Issues (Jasper Hale x Reader)

Prompt: Can you do a Jasper Hale x reader where you show off somehow and a boy notices you, and he gets really jealous? Lots of fluff please, Thank u!! (requested)

Word Count: 704

A/N: thanks to the anon that requested this, I hope you like it! Also, my requests with Jasper are blowing up lately, not that I’m complaining tho.

Jasper’s POV (third person)

He knew that you didn’t do it intentionally, you just draw attention to yourself, and it was understandable; no matter from what angle Jasper looked at you, for him you were flawless, your golden eyes shining and sparkling every time you looked at him, your smile was his favorite thing in the entire world, he could stare at you while you smiled all day, let’s say that being a vampire suited you really good.

Even though he knew you wouldn’t do anything to make him feel bad or to harm your relationship he couldn’t help the rage of jealousy that went through his body when he saw you from across the cafeteria while a guy tried to talk to you, at first he was curious, everybody in this school knew that you were a Cullen, that was good enough to keep everyone from talking to you or another member of his family, they also knew that you were his, that you belonged to him.

You are getting possessive, calm down” he thought to himself, he wanted to push that possessiveness that was taking over his body and mind, but it was getting harder, he didn’t want the Major to come out, he was improving so much that he didn’t want to have a relapse and ruined everything.

“Who is that guy talking to (Y/N)?” Emmett’s voice made him snap out of his thoughts but his eyes were glued to you.

“I don’t know, either I care” he spat “I just want him away from her”

Emmett could feel the anger in his brother’s voice so he just returned to what he was doing.

He was starting to feel less jealous when he noticed your discomfort and how hard you were trying to get away from him, but fury replaced his jealousy in a second, especially when he saw the guy trying to touch you; that’s when he decided that he had enough.

He stood up from the chair he was on harshly, and walked over where you were, once he reached you he placed an arm around your waist and brought you closer to his body, he could see how the guy’s eyes went wide once he saw him and he began to stutter.

“We have to go, now” Jasper’s voice sounded way harsher than he intended to, but it seemed to work because the guy mumbled a quick ‘goodbye’ and stormed off.

 (Y/N)’s POV

After the little encounter that I had with a guy that just wanted to talk to me and Jasper acting all possessive over me I just continued with my school day, of course, he was at my side all day.

Once we got to the house I went to mine and Jasper’s room, he trailing behind me but stopped once we got there, seeing that my face wasn’t the nicest one.

“You need to back off, Jasper” I started “that poor guy just wanted to talk to me, now I’m pretty sure you scared him for life”

He grinned and I started to get angrier.

“Then it worked, he shouldn’t be talking to you, much less touch you” he tilted his head and smiled at me, my anger was starting to fade away and I knew that it was because of him.

“Stop doing that!” I covered my face with my hands and sighed “Let me be angry to you, goddammit!”

In a second I felt a pair of hands on my waist, he brought me closer to his body and I put my hands on his shoulder, I looked at him, he was staring at me and I could see the love in his eyes.

“I just don’t want anyone taking you away from me” he whispered and leaned closer to connect our foreheads together.

I sighed “No one is going to take me from you, Jas” I closed my eyes, starting to feel more relaxed, of course, he was doing that. “I already told you, I’m by your side forever, literally”  

He chuckled and I felt his lips brushing against mine, making me smile.

“Good then, ‘cause I need you by my side” He quickly connected our lips together in a loving kiss.

What shopping with Vernon would be like

•A LOT of skinship. Whenever you were looking at something in a store, he would come up behind you and give you a hug, complimenting whatever you were looking at

•You would get annoyed at him because he would always start singing and rapping along to the music that´s being played at the mall

•You would catch him staring at the half naked models in the add signs. “Yah!” “Y/N I-I swear I wasn´t staring! I was just admiring how good the underwear they are wearing would look on you”

•He would buy you clothes, no matter the price, because he wanted to see you in them

•He would beg you to buy matching hoodies and you would tag along at the end

•”You really suit pink, you should get this!” You would say pointing at a pink shirt. “Y/N you know I don´t like pink. Have you ever seen me wear pink?” “Yup! In the Very Nice music video” “Yah but that´s different”

•You would show him a teddy and beg him to buy it to you as a `boyfriend-girlfriend gift` but he would act cool and say something like “Pft, teddies are for kids” but when you disappointed made your way over to somewhere else in the store he would secretly buy it and give it to you later on

•He would sneakily take pictures of you while grabbing a coffee together at one of the cafés at the mall

-Admin Karoline

BTS Reaction: You get a lip piercing

Request:  Ahh I love your writing style so much !! Please keep up the good work because I love reading everything you put out <3 if it isn’t too much, may I request BTS and/or GOT7 reactions to their s/o GETTING a lip piercing? Whatever is easiest for you, my friend~

A/N: Thank you so much, that’s such a huge compliment, thank you for being so lovely. I’ve chosen to do this as a BTS reaction but if when my requests are back open you want to request it for GOT7 as well I’d be more than happy to do it for you! <3 


Originally posted by bangtaninspired

Wow Jagi, that actually really suits you.’ He’d say admiring how you looked with it. ‘I’ll admit, when you said you were getting one I wasn’t 100% sure but now that I’m seeing you like this… damn.’ he’d leave you a blushing mess as he made sure to tell you how good you look despite his early doubts but you knew even if he hadn’t had liked it as much as he does, he wouldn’t have let it effect your relationship.


Originally posted by mn-yg

Damn Y/N you look… hot.’ his gaze fell upon your lips as he admired how the metal wrapped around it and suited you so well. ‘Did it hurt?’ he’d ask, gaze never leaving the piercing. ‘No’ you said, able to feel yourself melting under his stare. ‘Hmm… well you look so good with one maybe I should get one too…’.


Originally posted by pastelyoonseok

Being the wonderful and supportive boyfriend he is, he went with you to get it done and to be brave for you while you had it pierced. However, the minute he saw the needle, he nearly fainted, grabbing onto your hand and working himself up despite the fact it wasn’t him having the piercing. In the end, he thought you looked great with it but just wanted to forget the whole incident.

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

‘Looks good baby’ he’d say sincerely, realizing how sexy you looked with it. ‘How does it feel when you kiss though?’ he’d say, smirking slightly and coming closer to grip your chin lightly, pressing his lips against yours and feeling the cold metal, leaving you a blushing mess.


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

He’d be somewhat hypnotized by it, the way you played with it when you were concentrating or bored, the way it moved when you spoke, all of it. He just found it fascinating, leaving you red when you caught him staring at your lips on a regular basis.


Originally posted by taehanstic-baby

Tae would be more concerned for your wellbeing than anything else- as always- and would ask a million questions before and after to make sure everything was safe and if his schedule allowed, he would have gone with you. When you got home it’s ‘Did it hurt?’ ‘How much did it bleed?’ ‘Was the needle sterile?’ ‘Make sure it doesn’t get infected’. He cared because he loved you.


Originally posted by jeonify

You both went together on a whim, both deciding to get a piercing to represent the fact you were no longer children. While he chose to play it safe with his ear, you got a lip piercing and Jungkook was more than supportive, thinking it looked incredibly sexy and mature.


Sammael is such an ultra adorable and aesthetically A+ monster, the suits are works of art and I want to hug them!

Jerome Valeska x Female Reader

this is my first tumblr post lmfao figuresit’ssmut

I don’t really have a backstory for this, but a preface:

You and Jerome have been dating for a while and you know of his ways. You go out for the night and return back to your apartment to relax and talk. 

* Warnings: smut, language, daddy references

 …he smirks devilishly, scooting closer to you. You take a good look at his outfit, noticing his hands lying anxiously on his thighs. He’s wearing a suit, you’ve noticed before but now you can really admire it. It kind of matches your all-black top and pants. He catches you staring and lets a smirk creep across his face. 

“You’re going to do something for me.” he blankly says. “Let’s call it a favor.”

You look questionably at him, a million thoughts rushing through your mind, hoping it’s not anything involving murder. 

“Oh am I?” you finally reply, eyebrows furrowed.

 A hand shifts from his thigh to the side of his face, keeping it upright on the arm of his chair. “That’s right.” His eyes glance down your body as he grunts slightly. “I want you to take your clothes off, doll.”

Your body shivers with excitement accompanied by a rush of anxiety. You give him a ‘really?’ look, to which he just nods his head.


You slowly stand up, lifting your shirt over your head. You take off your heels and toss them to the side. You start to get hesitant until you hear a satisfied sigh emit from Jerome’s mouth. You don’t look at him but begin to unbutton your pants. You slide them down your legs, and stop to shyly glance at him.

He looks up at you, getting shifty in his seat now. “You’re not done.” he points to you, gesturing towards your panties.

You gulp quietly and unhook your bra, tossing it onto the couch. You avoid eye contact even more now, and after what seems like minutes, you build up the courage to hook your fingers inside your underwear.

He reaches an arm out now, and a firm tone of voice emerges. “No.” he mutters as he replaces your fingers with his own. “Lay back.”

Your excitement grows as you follow his order, keeping your legs as close together as possible. His fingers achingly slowly tug the fabric down, just enough to reveal a wet spot that formed. He chuckles and locks eyes with you.

“Mmm. Just what I like to see, sweetface.”

He continues to drag the fabric down your legs, softly tracing his long fingers across your skin as he does so. Your goosebumps become evident and he eventually removes the underwear off your ankles.

He lets out a throaty groan, sitting back down in his seat with his eyes locked on yours. 

“Open your legs.” he commands, eyes on fire.

You blink, surprised at first. Seeing as his face is completely serious, you slowly take one leg and bend it at the knee, placing it as far away from you as you can. You watch his breathing grow faster as you do the same to the other leg.

You lie there, now fully exposed to him. Your stomach is twisted in knots, though your excitement still overcomes your nerves.

“Perfect.” he purrs, “now touch that pretty pussy for me.” he groans, placing his hands back on his thighs.


“I said do it. You want to be a good girl for daddy, right baby?”

You nod softly. “Yes daddy.” Your reassurance is made when he twitches slightly at the pet name. You slowly reach a hand down and dip into your wetness, spreading it up onto your swollen clit. You throw your head back and begin to massage the nub at a decent pace.

“That’s it baby. Such an eager little slut.” he encourages.

 You pick up speed, and start to moan louder. You don’t notice, but Jerome slides himself out of his pants and starts stroking. His soft moans make you look up and pause your dirty act. His eyes never leave your body as he continues his actions.

“Keep going.” he snaps, “you’re doing so fucking good baby." 

 You moan at his words and allow your head to roll back again. It’s so hot, you thought, to know Jerome is jerking off to you touching yourself. You continue to let out throaty moans as your pace quickens, and suddenly you feel a warmer sensation on your slit that makes you gasp. You look down to see Jerome’s hair in between your legs. 

 "Shhh-mm.” he mumbles, allowing the bass in his voice to trail off and vibrate against your sensitivity. You bite your lip as his tongue delves into your folds, his thumb steadily rubbing circles into your clit. Your legs start to shake not long before his other hand comes to grip your thigh in place. He stops suddenly, letting his warm breath come over your throbbing pussy. 

“What a dirty girl. Letting daddy touch her like this.” his voice gets lower and he growls sensually. “You want my cock inside of you, don’t you?”

 You buck your hips desperately, only to be disappointed by his drawback. He smirks at you and shakes his head, “I decide what to do with you, and when to do it. Understand?" 

You pout and nod briefly.

His attention reverts back as he traces his fingers near your pussy and around the lips, cooing mockingly. "So wet.” he mutters. “So needy.” Unexpectedly, he takes a hand and smacks your clit with it. The sensation stings and you whine, reaching down to touch yourself. He grabs your hand roughly, gathering your other one and holding them firmly above your head. He towers over you now. “What did I say?" 

He grunts and pulls a set of handcuffs (presumably that he stole) out of his pocket (has he had those there all night??) "Tsk tsk, I thought you wanted to be a good girl tonight. I guess I was wrong.” he says teasingly.

“No, daddy, please, I’ll stop. Please.” you try to take it back, yearning for his touch.

He only shakes his head, securing the cuffs in place. “Convincing, but not quite. Someone just doesn’t get that daddy calls all the shots. Shame.”

He grasps his still unclothed cock and presses the tip against your wetness with gentle rubs up and down before a final graze against your clit. He then gets up, putting himself back in his pants and chuckles. “Maybe next time you will listen to daddy.” he shrugs, looking down at you.

“You- that’s it?” you whine in disbelief.

He shrugs smugly and looks you up and down, keeping his eyes on your pussy for a moment, before turning away and grabbing a set of keys off the table.

You begin to panic and try to break free of the cuffs. “You can’t do that Jerome! Please! Come on!" 

The door closes behind him and you’re left all alone, still aching, and vulnerable.

show!malec first date headcanons
  •  Isabelle helps Alec pick what to wear for the date 
  • Alec totally buys Magnus flowers and gives them to him when he goes to pick him up
  • Magnus tries to act cool and collected when he sees Alec for the first time and acts like he’s not nervous at all, when he really is
  • While they could portal to the restaurant and make things easier they decide to walk so they can enjoy each other’s company for longer
  • They go to a mundane restaurant, that Magnus knows the owner of, to make sure no one disturbs them 

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Parent Trap

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Prompts: “I wouldn’t touch you. If my life depended on it.”, “God, would you put on some clothes, please?”, “While you’re at it, why don’t you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it?”, “Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”,  “Did your mother give birth to you just to upset me?“

A/N: Writing flights isn’t really my strong suit, I’m more of a fluff and playful snark kinda girl, but I thought I’d give it a shot for this request. 

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My dear rose…


Someone told me, that the engl. voice actor from Ken and Marco is the same, and I draw Jean in this fucking sexy suit before, I wanted to try the outfit on Marco too… and I think, he looks … really good! He would be such a cute ghoul :3


Requested by anon

“Pete! Did you finish that chem assignment? Because I am literally stumped and could really use your…” You trailed off as you looked up from the messily written notebook page to see Peter standing in the middle of his room in what was either some really good cosplay or what explained why he had been acting so weirdly the past couple of months.

“Uh…school play?” he tried, giving you a very unconvincing smile.

“You’re…Spider-Man. My best friend in the entire universe is an arachnid. This is so exciting! And the suit! Beth was just telling me yesterday that she thought Spidey got an upgrade. Ooh, let me guess - Stark, right? Oh shit! You know -”

He pulled you fully inside his room and shut the door, wincing as you continued to ramble on about how awesome it was before he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head.

“What was that for?”

“For not telling me, duh. And for doing it in the first place! So that ‘Steve’ guy who beat you up was actually Captain America… Seriously, though, Peter, tell me these things next time. Because I know that there’s going to be a next time.”

“Your lack of trust for me is endearing, (Y/N), it truly is,” he said, sending a smirk your way.

“Don’t get sarcastic on me, Parker. Just help me with chemistry and then you take me for a swing because that has to be an awesome feeling.”

He chuckled, plopping down on his bed, “yeah, it is.”