he looked really good idk


The park had a piano and a rose covered gazebo! 🎹🌷


Eren grabs the nearest book at hand and steps up to the new librarian at his desk – Levi, his nametag states.

“H-Hi, I’d like to, uh, check out you.”

Gray eyes lift and lock on Eren, staring at him, nonplussed. Eren realizes what the hell he had just said.

“I-I mean–book! O-Obviously I meant check out th-this book!” Eren sputters, face steaming, and avoids the boring gaze of the librarian by fumbling in his pockets for his library card.

Eren finally hands over the card and the librarian silently checks out the book for him.

“Well, ah,” Levi flicks his gaze down to Eren’s library card, “Mr. Jaeger, your book is due in two weeks. However, you are more than welcome to return before then.”

(I got so caught up with librarian!Levi that I forgot the other part of #25, which should be Eren as an avid reader. Ah, well.)


WOW!! 😥💖