he looked my age too !

so I was walking down the street and I saw this Amazon delivery van start to come around the corner and I made awkwardly long eye contact with the driver WHO WAS 👌✨🔥✔️ BTW. I MEAN SERIOUSLY. WHOEVER GETS THEIR STUFF DELIVERED BY THIS GUY IS ONE LUCKY SON OF A BITCH I SALUTE YOU.

Then he drove away like??? Dude you can’t just leave me like this what are we???? What am I supposed to do now???

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Also, another question! It's been pretty obvious that tony's been slowly falling in love with steve for a the last few chapters and that he might be fully in love very soon, but is steve in love too? Or does he just see tony as family, someone to protect. maybe it's fueled by the age difference, and so maybe it'll take him longer than it will take tony... but then, the look you describe him giving tony, and I love it every time tony notices it, is this infatuated thing, so is he already in love?

Excellent question.  Since the fic is from Tony’s POV, we get to see him falling in love a lot more explicitly.  But, for my headcanon as I write it, Steve starts out with a sort of driving need to take care of Tony, which is partly from being an Alpha and partly because, damn it, Steve needs something to latch onto in this time so badly, and why not making Tony happy?  I think it starts that way, and there is obviously an attraction (that little bit when Tony comes out of the bathroom in a towel and Steve’s dog tags…well, Tony thinks he looks ridiculous, but Steve’s reaction is rather different than Tony perceives).  

My feeling for Steve is that he likes a challenge, he recognizes a lot of skinny!Steve in Tony, he loves Tony’s brilliance and the way Tony doesn’t back down, even when it makes Steve uncomfortable and forces him to really rethink things a lot.  In the next chapter, there is some more of that, where Steve comes to grips a bit with the idea that making Tony happy and taking care of Tony means more than just giving Tony access to these other smart people.  It means changing Steve’s worldview around a bit, and that’s hard, but Steve is at a point where everything has changed, so why not this, too?  In a way, it is easier for him, since there just isn’t much of his world left to hold onto, he might as well embrace the world Tony is showing him.  Because, eventually, he does get to a point where Tony is running SI, going off to Afghanistan for presentations, etc., so I wanted to show a bit of how he gets there.  It doesn’t happen overnight and it won’t all happen in this fic, but I think it is important for the story to sow the beginnings of it happening.  

Long-winded and thoughtful answer is above. Short version is that Steve totally wants to fuck Tony into next week and then some, but he’s a good guy and thinks Tony doesn’t want that from him, and mostly just wants Tony to be happy, so…lots of heading to SHIELD’s gym for dear, old Steve.


Parents get to greet not-so-little Louis before anyone else. 

Marinette is just like “oh my god not AGAIN, I have to deal with ANOTHER ADRIEN??” (but she is secretly ecstatic that one of her kids finally ended up looking like her husband)

And Adrien is caught between being pleased and suspicious, as he should.

(please, make this anonymous, i don’t want this man reaching out for me again)

boy, do i have some ddlg cringe for you. so earlier this year, this “daddy dom” sent me a message, just complimenting me on my looks and blog - nothing too weird, i just said thank you and ended the discussion. obviously, he wanted to prolong our conversation so he asked me where do i live, how old i am, aM I A LITTLE, do i want to add him on whatsapp.. etc. after i’d told him that i am only sixteen and that i’m definetly not a little, he proceeds to tell me that he had a little my age not so long ago. this gets a lot weirder when i find out on his instagram that his 50+ years old. but, oh, his pedophilia doesn’t end just there, no. he literally admitted to me that he was attracted to HIS OWN LITTLE DAUGHTER (luckilly, his wife divorced him and the girl lives with her). after some more time, he out of no where starts sending messages that are a complete mess - misspelled words, incoherent sentences, so i basically asked him if everything is alright. this man then tells me that he has a dark secret that he has told very few people in his life, but in a nutshell he is a werewolf, and every full moon he gets a sort of a fever and a need for raw meat. to prove to me that he is a “100% werewolf” he had sent me a picture of his back where his moles were supposed to make out the Lupus constellation??? ah, and the message which followed that confession that completely ended my life “are you scared, babygirl?”

but yeah, he stopped trying to reach me after i decided to ignore his messages. i blocked him on tumblr, changed my url, my icon.


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Okay, so I hear a lot of people talking about how shiro is 25 and Keith is 19 or so and its nasty because Keith is a minor and shiro is seen as a dad. But shiro isn't 25?? And I mean a lot of people have different ships and it's cool with me cause there are a lot of ships in voltron that I ship too. But shieth is cool too, and I want proof that shiro is 25 because I heard he was around the same age...

Tbh man I know a lot of people who still don’t believe this 25 thing cause it wasn’t even in canon (it was in video and it felt so forced so i’m like whatever–so i disregarded it). That includes me and the rest of my friends. Officially (and basically everywhere you look–official sites and articles, etc.), Shiro is a teen and I will forever believe that until for some reason in the show they greet him “Happy 26th Birthday, Shiro!” Only then I will honestly stop. So for those who’s going to shove it to my face again that Shiro is this and that–go away and color your coloring books.

If someone’s going to say “But it was the writer blah blah blah” well, you know what? Why the hell did they promote the whole show as a five teenagers then??? THEY ARE NOT BEING CONSISTENT HERE. I’d rather believe what the official ones say than a video. 

Now, if people DO actually believe the 25 thing, I don’t honestly see what is wrong with that? I’ve loved a dude who was legit 5 years older than I was back in college and I’ve realized when you’ve reached a certain age you don’t really bother with age? Like you’d just get surprised someone’s actually older than they look? I’ve been friends with people 7-15 years older than I am. My friend’s parents have a 10 year gap. You get along well? GOOD. Cause that’s all that matters. 5 years IS NOTHING. The only ones who would be so bothered about the age crap are high schoolers who would see the whole freshman-dating-the-senior kind of thing because it bothered me back then as well, but you grow older and stuff like that don’t matter in the end. You love who you love.

And the whole unhealthy thing with Shiro and Keith–if again Shiro is 25–can SOMEONE PLEASE POINT OUT ONE SCENE WHEREIN SHIRO AND KEITH HAVE AN UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP? Because what I see–and i hope EVERYONE SEES SINCE WE ALL WATCHED THE SAME SHOW–are two people who genuinely care for each other in an intimate way. Like where did all these “unhealthy” thing come from? THEY ARE SO PURE???? I’m so confused tbh?? They watch out for each other so much I’ve grown so suspicious of Keith cause he doesn’t care that much about others unlike how he does with Shiro. Keith legit took on Zarkon by himself for Shiro?! LIKE WHUT! You go Keith. He had eyes that said “KILL KILL KILL” when Sendak hurt Shiro and he just literally went in and fought the dude? Damn, boy. He’s the friggin president of the Shiro Protection Squad. You just know something is there. It’s not even about Sheith being my OTP, but anyone with eyes can see that something back then happened between Shiro and Keith and I AM SO HAPPY WE ARE GETTING THAT IN SEASON TWO. 8D I want an answer to my “Why does Keith act this way towards Shiro? Why is Shiro the only one who calms him down? Why??”

Also, some people often forget that not all relationships are sexual (might be my aceness coming out but whatever) because they are not. This is Shiro we are talking about. Do you actually think he would take advantage of Keith way back then? Shiro isn’t stupid and so is Keith. I feel like people are so concerned with this whole sex thing. It’s not the only thing in a relationship. Good lord. THEY COULD ONLY BE CUDDLING FOR 5 YEARS FOR ALL WE KNOW! (and that’s really cute tbh)

I hope this clears it up for you. Believe what you want to believe but I ain’t gonna stop shipping these two because so far they have the healthiest relationship in the show. :D

Reaction: Where babies come from

requested by: foxzie​ ; glad you heard great things about it and you’re welcome! 


*stuffs food into his mouth*

gif creds: @parkdo-bi 

*looks at you for help*

Hanbin will be flustered af, suddenly hearing that from his little baby girl/boy. He doesn’t really know what to answer in that moment, so instead of answering with something parents usually do, he will stuff food into his mouth (and choke lol) and look in your direction for help. 


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@ you: “oh my god look what h/n asked!!!!” *super excited*

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“it’s because we love you so much that god gifted us with such a beautiful baby girl/boy”

Bobby would get too excited about the question and somehow feel proud that his child is already thinking about such things at such a young age. He would answer as if it was nothing and get a little cuddly with his little boy/girl because that was just too adorable for his heart.

(daddy bobby is the cutest thing ever tbh) ((don’t think of it the wrong way istg))


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*giggles* “okay little one, let me tell you a story. When mommy and daddy really love each other then…”

Yunhyeong would laugh a little because he just thinks it’s too adorable. He would actually wait till dinner is over, take his little son/daughter to sit on his lap and then make up a story about how babies are made. He wouldn’t exactly lie but wouldn’t spill all the details either, obviously.


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“well, that’s something you have to ask mommy son/baby girl”


Chanwoo would also laugh at first because he thinks it’s just too cute and then find a clever answer so that he actually doesn’t have to give the details about it or maybe he is just being a little evil and want’s to tease you. 

- Moyo

Now I Wonder...

…why Erwin Smith has been perceived as an ‘old’ character? 

He was the first outstanding squad leader, probably at his early 30s who was promoted to be a SC Commander while the previous one still being alive. It means he was selected to take that heavily-responsible position at a comparatively young age (look at Shadis/Dot Pixis as his counterparts). Him currently being only at late 30s, constantly badass & kicking, in my opinion, was pretty fresh & promising as one of the three most important military-unit commanders to fight for humanity.

It probably can’t be helped though if most of his main protagonist soldiers are 15-17 years old (ironically, way too young to fit this role!) that Erwin would conveniently become an aging & tiring veteran whose role should be finished or replaced …in some people’s point of view. 

(Big) sigh…… (-_-)

damn that girl is so beautiful with her pretty locks and sparkling eyes… and that one too! oh my god she’s breathtaking. why am i looking at girls only though i’m pan?? quick where’s a guy around my age!! oh there’s one. yeah i guess he’s cute. sigh being pan is such a struggle everyone is so beautiful


“You really do have issues kid,” You started rolling your eyes.

“We are literally the same age, Y/N,”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, don’t remind me.” You walked off down the street away from the young billionare.

Bruce paused finally running after you, “I brought enough money for burgers!” He yelled catching up with you.

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hello sorry if this is too much to ask but if you don't mind you you mind doing a post/pic compilation about the subtle height difference between 2jae and how cute it is? hehe thank you!!

Hi anony ヾ(^∇^)

It is never too much to ask! And i will never mind doing anything that involves helping you or doing something realted to 2jae because even though they are probably an inch or half an inch how tall are they? at first he was 5′8″ and i thought Youngjae was 5′9″ but now i hear he is 5′10″? It is so cute how small Youngjae looks compared to Jaebum (ノ_<。)ヾ(´▽`)

OKAY FIRST! SINCE YOUNGJAE WAS LIKE 5′7″ maybe from the beginning, and Jaebum is old my age he was probably done growing but it is so more noticeable here!!!!!!!!

Ok but this will be long, sorry /.\

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god i wish i could go back to the first time i played tom/a’s route lmao

honestly people posting screencaps of Alistair and being like “look how beautiful he is” and I’m just like “I feel you, I respect your opinion, he is in fact the most beautiful, and yet I must say that my beautiful husband looks generic and weirdly greasy and he has too many abs, I married him in a legally binding ceremony for his personality and his personality alone” 

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POLY D-MEN! Idk what the message you abt but I love them so like maybe have you got any headcanons for them or something??

(I realized that I’d never written hcs about them in high school together so…. I’m remedying that)

•Ransom is on the football team, and Holster used to be too (I have this written into another fic I’m writing about them but it’s taking me ages)

•so while Holster did enjoy football, he had always thought that cheerleading looked super cool and one day one of the cheer squads few male members got hurt and they really needed a replacement who could learn fast, so enter Holster, who had been secretly learning routines and things because he was sick of football

•k now that we’ve got the Sports People out of the way, we can talk about My People: nurseydex as band nerds

•Dex plays like, the saxophone or something in marching band and Nursey is, get this, in color guard

•football games get dangerous because like, how could any of them be expected to pay attention to what they’re doing?

•Dex is having to deal with Nursey sitting on the bleacher right in front of him and looking all pretty with his fucking sparkly eye makeup and general glowy-ness

•meanwhile Nursey is trying not to Die when Ransom turns to wink at him from the sidelines aND HAS HIS JERSEY RUCKED UP SO YOU CAN SEE HIS ABS HE’S SWEATY AND HOT RIP NURSEY

•and Rans messes up the Football Things because damn Holster’s ass in those cheerleader pants

•who could expect Holster to hear the captain call the next cheer when he has a perfect view of how Dex’s nose scrunches up when he’s concentrating on football (and desperately trying to not stare at any of his bfs)

•at this point no one at school is completely sure what they are to each other

•they all show up at prom together and it goes like this: “So you’re here with a group?” “No, I’m here with my dates.” “Dates?” “Yes.”

•Holster wears his cheerleader jacket at all times because it’s varsity style and fits with his Look while Ransom’s jacket gets passed between Nursey and Dex at most times

•it’s very, very rare that you would see one of them in the hallway without one of the others around

•I’m running out of ideas but yeah they’re happy and in love goodnight


Today was a great day! 

Debora and Mary  attended their first “adult” party. Of course, there were a few parents for looking after kids, but it was like a real party (but only without alcohol haha:D).
She buzzed my ears telling about the upcoming party and the fact that she and Mary were among the first who had been invited.  The host of party was their classmate, who Debora crashed with. She told about of him as a “ very special boy” haha smells like a first child’s love :) At her age I have a little crush with my neighboor boy too, he was 2 years older than me and had a skateboard that seems sooo cool. Yep. So here are some pics of how Debora and Mary prepared to their “big event”.

Do you fell in love when you was a child? 

I hadn’t drawn my own human Douche design http://food-says-the-f-word.tumblr.com/post/147895036618/ok-now-with-a-gray-coat-he-looks-like-freaking in a while and I didn’t want to abuse @tiny-space-robot‘s Douche too much with my silliness AHAHUE

Don’t do roids, kids

Ok, hi, I’ve spent WAY too much time and effort on this when I should have been doing other things and I don’t even know why, so… here. Take it away from me.

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I couldn't put this with my last ask because Tumblr has a limit on how many "characters" (letters, numbers and the special characters). Anyways, when the guys got sent to that old dungeon or whatever by Sir Malachi, did he really kidnap you and make you be the princess or was it just a hologram or something like that.. Because as I remember there were 2 other characters who were referenced then too, and both of them weren't the actual characters.. Just look-alikes.

That’s okay, I don’t mind two part asks :)

Oh you mean the adventure they had ages ago where Raph got a turkey head? Mikey wouldn’t stop talking about that for a week!

And sadly, no I wasn’t really there. I was just a hologram. The entire time this adventure was happening, I was in school all day. Which sucks because I would have so loved that! 

But hey, at least I was a princess hologram!