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Million reasons - Sebastian Stan

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Rating: All ages

I was bored and this happened. I love cute Sebastian like this GIF. Just look at him!  

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‘Just give me a reason to stay’ Y/N begs the man in front of her. She and Dave had been together for a long time and she never thought that she would ever be here.

He has hurt her maybe a million times already but every time she walked back into his arms without a good reason, but know she wanted just one good reason.

‘Because I love you’ he says looking at woman in front of him. He knows it is a lie and so does she. He wouldn’t sleep with every woman he encountered if he loved her.

Y/N shakes her head at him and walks out of his apartment. Now it is really over between them.

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Wanna One Modern Wizard AU


  • Magizoologist
  • Like literally has about a hundred different magical animal breeds under his care
  • He’s also secretly friends with a dragon that lives in the mountains near Pyeongchang
  • Familiar is a big, fluffy ass cat that likes to scratch his furniture and calls him names when he tries to snuggle with it
  • Cities like Seoul are perfect places for finding magical animals to study including magic rats, bats, birds, etc.
  • As a result, his apartment is more like a zoo.
  • He also has a three-headed puppy he stole from an illegal breeder who was mistreating him. Named the puppy’s heads Arthur, Cleopatra, and Bob.
  • The only magical (and non-magical) animals he can’t stand are bugs. He refuses to work with any type of insect, especially if it has more than two eyes because that’s just creepy
  • Keeps a journal filled with messy notes on how to feed and care for the animals properly. Often takes road trips to find better places for them to live because the city is too dangerous
  • He visits his dragon friend when he can, but he can never get too close because dragons have a natural distrust of humans. He hopes one day he can overcome that and touch the dragon’s silver scales.


  • Magical scribe. He works with old records of magic dating back to before normal written records exist. He has a special affinity for languages that allows him to translate anything related to magic regardless of the language it’s in
  • Lots of people (especially archaeologists) think he can translate anything period, but he always tries to explain that, no, it has to have some magical significance to it
  • Still the work he’s done is amazing because ancient spells have been recovered including spells against ancient demons that haven’t been seen on earth since the dark ages
  • He’s also found records of wizards and witches who created the first known spells so it’s pretty sweet
  • As a result, his room is filled to the brim with old, dusty books, manuscripts, etc. He usually has to bring Jinyoung with him to excavation sites so he can restore some of the manuscripts that have rotted despite being magical
  • He’s also met with a lot of really important wizards around the world as he’s the only known magician with translation powers
  • The magical section of the UN actually tried to get him bodyguards once when he was translating some pretty sensitive material from the Babylonian era but he was like “nah i’m pretty sure daniel brought home a six-headed snake i’ll be fine” and everyone was like “is that even legal”
  • Literally cried when he received documents that survived the burning of the library of Alexandria due to their magical properties
  • His familiar is an owl and he laughed for like 20 minutes at the cliche
  • But it turns out the owl is an asshole and sometimes poops on the manuscripts when he doesn’t get enough attention so Jisung is also pretty decent at cleaning spells now…


  • Specializes in street magic
  • He loves performing so he performs on the streets and stuff where there are a lot of people. Makes a surprising amount of money from it even though he never asks for any
  • His magic is a little flashy but he times his flashes and magical fireworks with his dancing it looks amazing, especially at night when it’s dark
  • He also does other stuff besides dancing with magic; he also does other tricks to make people laugh
  • He’s kinda like Gandalf when it comes to magical fireworks - he can make enormous ones that light of the whole night’s sky on New Year’s or small ones full of tiny, sparkling butterflies that don’t hurt when you catch them
  • He also does street art where whatever he paints, moves in order to tell a story
  • Most of the stuff he paints is fun and whimsical but he’s no stranger to social injustice, so some of his work is more on the serious side
  • His dancing magic is still his favorite though, and he specifically creates his choreography to go with it. Sometimes magic swirls around him when he does slower, more sensual dances
  • Other times it explodes around him as he shows off his intense popping to peppy, exciting songs that get people jumping
  • His familiar is a wolf puppy that never seems to grow old, so he’s always just as cheerful and bouncy as Seongwoo
  • Seongwoo once performed on a popular TV show that invited him, so people are actually asking for him to hold concerts, but honestly he prefers showing up at some random park at 10:34pm and just dancing his heart out to the enjoyment of whoever’s there
  • He always has a special fireworks show for the guys on Chinese New Year that’s thematic with the Zodiac of that year


  • Literally a professional demon summoner
  • You think he’s adorable and innocent? Think again dipshit. This boy has summoned the devil himself
  • But like he mostly does it for really mundane stuff like cleaning the toilet or organizing his summer clothes
  • He actually does have a service where someone can hire him to summon a demon to fix their problems or whatever
  • It’s how he makes his money mostly… People want petty revenge on someone who stole their girl or their haunted house hasn’t been getting enough business last Halloween
  • Once in awhile he actually makes friends with a demon and summons them more often than the rest so they can hang out
  • Once he summoned a mud demon and Minhyun actually started crying
  • His room is covered in pentagrams and sigils and protective spells that keep the rest of the inhabitants of the building safe
  • One time he noticed these boys bullying a little girl on the playground so he summoned a trickster demon who pantsed all of them it was hilarious
  • Then he summoned a gentler demon who gave them girl a flower
  • So like he acts all tough because yeah bitch he’s a professional demon summoner but he’s actually very soft and has tea parties with Beelzebub on Sunday afternoons
  • His familiar is a butterfly so he often can’t find her. She’s very nervous and has interrupted his summoning on more than one occasion by passing out in midair
  • He does his best to care for her but honestly how was he supposed to know ghouls ate butterflies?


  • Nature wizard with an affinity to plants.
  • His side of the room (and part of the kitchen) is covered with all different types of magical plants he’s growing.
  • Most of them he grows for their curative properties as he also has an interest in health magic but a few are his own personal little buddies
  • Somehow he can talk to them all and so it’s not uncommon for someone to walk in and finding him cooing at a vine that’s trying to throttle him
  • Several of his plants like to wave when people walk in the room while others are a little more antisocial
  • Every now and then Jaehwan tells him to care for a certain type of magical plant because he needs its leaves for his potions
  • Minhyun usually gets it for him as long as it isn’t too dangerous but he prefers not to ask what kind of potion Jaehwan is making. It’s better for his health not to know
  • Sells his medicine online to people who can’t make their own magical medicine (it’s usually older people or very busy parents who buy, but the reviews are always excellent)
  • His familiar is literally a giraffe so he has to go to the zoo in order to talk to his familiar who really doesn’t like being kept in a cage (but where else is a giraffe gonna live in Seoul?)


  • A potions master, which makes no sense because his cooking skills are dreadful
  • So maybe he once put soy sauce in the gingersnaps, but you will never catch him mixing dandelions with beetles no way
  • He knows every common potion by heart and often mixes draughts to help his friends with allergies or to give them the temporary ability to feel awake so they can study all night for a test and still do well
  • However, he also works with some of the darker potions in secret
  • In potions, a lot of patience is required which he’s very good at. Often sings to himself while mixing and tries to match songs with the mood of the potion because that helps it become stronger in his opinion
  • Whether or not his singing actually has any effect on the potion doesn’t matter because they always turn out perfect
  • Has also made up his own potions because he’s just that good (and bored apparently)
  • Created a potion that specifically works to stop Minhyun from nagging him to clean his side of the room. Like, it doesn’t work on anyone but Minhyun, who is still a little freaked out about it
  • Once he tested a sleeping potion on the neighbor’s parakeet that was so powerful the poor bird went into a coma and he had to buy them a new one
  • He also turned Daehwi into a squirrell and they all spent four hours trying to catch the kid so he could turn him back
  • His familiar, ironic enough, is a bird (a crow) that honestly doesn’t talk much and just watches with disdain as Jaehwan completely ignores a centuries old book of potions in favor of making up his own


  • Weather mage. Has to be really careful because he can literally control the weather
  • One time he got really angry and nearly caused a tornado to form over Seoul it was really bad
  • Anyway now he mostly uses his magic to help people - including himself - out.
  • For example he has some free time and wanted to go out to the park but it’s raining? Suddenly the sun is shining and there’s hardly a cloud in the sky
  • Or vice versa when he’s pissed at someone he can quite easily rain on their parade as the saying goes
  • Minhyun sometimes recruits him to send a little rain shower to help his outdoor plants because it’s been a really hot summer and some of them are droopy
  • Familiar is a goldfish that he keeps safely in his room in a cute lil bowl. Minhyun got him some pretty magical plants to put in it that filter the water so he doesn’t have to worry about it
  • The goldfish is actually really sweet and helps Daehwi calm down so he doesn’t flood half the planet with a hyper-monsoon
  • On a happier note, Daehwi sometimes makes little wind gusts to blow lost balloons back to the children that lost them
  • Or he keeps the rain from ruining that one cute couple’s date that he saw in his favorite cafe
  • He also helps warn the weather channel because he can feel when a natural storm is coming and can tell if it’s really bad or not
  • Makes amazing snowmen for the neighborhood kids when they’re out on a snow day (that may or may not be his fault)


  • Elemental mage who can work with earth, air, fire, and water.
  • He and Daehwi are very closely connected due to the natural inclinations of their magical specialties
  • Anyway this kid is really powerful but no one knows just how powerful because his control is amazing
  • They’ve only ever seen glimpses of his powers when his emotions flare up - which is a rare occurrence in itself
  • They’ve seen him make a bonfire twice as large because goodness these marshmallows aren’t going to roast themselves
  • Oh there’s a small drought happening and Jaehwan needs fresh water for his potions? No prob the air still has some moisture in it
  • Speaking of air suddenly all the smog over Seoul is gone and scientists are completely baffled because it shouldn’t be????
  • Oh wow look at that dangerous sinkhole in someone’s backyard wouldn’t it be funny if it suddenly closed up?
  • So yeah, they know he’s pretty powerful but only he knows exactly what he can do
  • Which is create and get rid of a forest fire that could wipe out millions
  • He can raise the ocean to cover skyscrapers
  • He can level rainforest with a single breath
  • And he can split a continent in two
  • But like all that is boring and there’s really no point to it so he sticks to accidentally blowing that monsoon a little off course so it misses any land and mysteriously dissipates over the ocean
  • His familiar is a turtle for some reason
  • But he loves his turtle friend and takes very good care of him by making sure the water in his tank is clean and at the perfect temperature
  • They actually have a good relationship because the turtle is very in tune with the earth and offers Jinyoung advice on controlling his powers


  • This kid’s a straight up traditional wizard
  • I’m talking keeps a grimoire and everything
  • He’s got a spell for anything and everything
  • Keeps careful notes on the phases of the moon and records his spells when they work
  • The only nontraditional thing about him is his familiar which is a Basset Hound who loves to sleep… all day… sometimes Woojin worries he might be dead finally….
  • Anyway Woojin especially loves using crystals to enhance his magic and prefers performing at night
  • He believes there’s a goddess who created all and constantly offers spells to her because yikes she would be scary when angry
  • Anyway like I said, he really loves to use crystals because their energy is the strongest to him
  • As a result, his room is very… colorful. He has cut crystals, uncut ones, geodes, and even a few that are probably slightly radioactive but he swears it isn’t harmful and he needs them for good energy for his driving test next week
  • The thing is, his crystals really do have good magica energy because he scared the shit out of Jihoon one night when they started glowing during the spell he was casting
  • Later Jihoon asked what he was casting a spell for and Woojin answered that it was because he had constipation
  • But the crystals are actually really helpful and powerful when combined with Woojin’s spells
  • One time one of Daniel’s favorite animals was really sick and nothing he did would heal him so Woojin got some powerful herbs and his best crystals and wrote his own spell
  • The animal was better the next day and Daniel cried and gave Woojin like 6 new crystals he found while hiking the mountains in search of new dragon civilizations


  • Fortune teller!
  • His preferred method is with tarot cards, but he is proficient with all types - crystal balls, palm reading, tea leaves, etc.
  • Literally has the stereotypical fortune teller shop covered in rugs and beads and stuff and wears heavy eyeliner and hooped earrings like he doesn’t need to but it’s his “aesthetic”
  • Has a crystal ball collection in his bedroom instead of like an action figure collection lmao dweeb
  • His favorite set of tarot cards is actually really minimalist which is surprising for his style, but they were a gift from his friends when he finally opened his shop so he’s really fond of them and only uses them on special occasions
  • His familiar is a bald eagle somehow and he’s still not sure how it got to Korea but he just goes with it because the eagle has some great jokes
  • Anyway, most of his fortune telling is just letting people know whether they’re gonna find love or wealth or whatever in the future
  • But every now and then someone comes in that just sets his magic off and he’s like woah okay this person is important I have to be careful
  • Sometimes world governments will secretly contact him to predict the outcome of a potential conflict with another country to see if it will be worth it or not because his predictions are always incredibly accurate
  • He doesn’t like doing that though and often lies saying nah war is a bad idea right now try talking it out instead
  • One time he predicted that Jinyoung was gonna sneeze 12 times in a row and he was right so now Guanlin has to clean his room for a month
  • Fun fact: the best tea for predicting is actually Earl Grey it’s just so clear like wow 1080p high def futures nice


  • Necromancer and spirit talker. Yeah he’s one powerful little shit
  • He doesn’t like raising people from the dead because he can’t actually raise them completely because that’s impossible, but he can bring their bodies back for a short period of time
  • He much prefers talking to spirits and ghosts because unlike reanimated bodies, they can actually speak and think like normal humans - they’re just a little more transparent. And also dead but ya know whatevs
  • Has definitely played pranks with the ghosts on his friends multiple times because his magic allows him to make spirits visible to anyone for a short period of time
  • His magic may seem a little less useful than others but he actually has a thriving business of people contacting him to see if they can talk to someone who’s died because they still have regrets they need to work out
  • For example, an elderly woman whose husband recently passed who didn’t get the chance to tell him she loved him one last time
  • Or another elderly lady who made a bet with her best friend in like 7th grade and she totally just won but her friend is dead but she still wants to brag
  • Anyway, Guanlin gets a lot of stress from this sometimes because it’s super sad but at the same time, he learns a lot
  • And the spirits have the coolest things to say really, especially ones from a different time
  • His familiar is a bat that he’s talked to like once because she’s always asleep during the day and doesn’t like being woken up
  • It’s chill though she always goes out at night anyway and he goes to sleep because some of the really scary spirits come out at night and nope not dealing with that nope nope
Jake Gyllenhaal

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Being with Jake was living a dream. He would make you feel like the world most important person. He would make you feel so loved, and thanks to him you never felt alone or let down. Jake always thought of the best date nights, this time it was date day. Jake had gotten some time off so he planned a day with you and him. Jake wanted to take you to the most happiest place on earth Disney World. He wanted to drive there, meaning you would have more time together.

“I’m so excited” Jake said as you left the driveway and were on your way to have the best next days of your life.

“Me too,” you smiled looking at Jake “I can’t wait to go on  all the rides, but most of all” the car stopped at a red light, so you leaned into Jake “I can’t wait to spend time with you” Jake leaned to you, giving you a kiss, a kiss that didn’t stop until the car behind you two honked, turned out you and Jake kissed so long the red light had turned to green.

“ops” Jake said and drove on. Rest of the car ride was filled with laughs, singing, hand holding and quick kisses. 

“I love you” Jake said kissing your hand. Never did he let down a chance to make you blush. From the moment you and Jake met, there were sparks and love in the air. It didn’t take you and Jake long before saying I love yous, and you were happy that it happened so soon. It gave you and Jake so many chances to show the love you just couldn’t hide. You loved telling Jake you loved him, every time you said those words he would blush and kiss you, every kiss he gave you was so passionate and filled with love you had never felt and knew if you ever let him go you’d never find anything like that again.

Disney World was amazing. The rides gave you so much joy, but having Jake hug you and kiss you was even better. You could be anywhere, do anything just as long as he was with you. As usual there were fireworks but the castle, you and Jake weren’t going to miss them. Jake held you from behind resting his chin on your shoulder, he would plant kisses on your cheek, neck.

“I love you Jake” you said looking up at the sky that was now filled with so many colors. You felt Jake move back a little bit and spin you around, Jake was smiling big

“I love you too Y/N” your and his lips met in a kiss just when the biggest firework went off, but yet the biggest fireworks were happening between you and Jake .

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The yukata/ kimono hcs were so cute! ;o; Can I ask something similar (with an older s/o!) with Aizawa Shota, Yamada Hizashi and Yagi Toshinori (separately)?

sure thing! ^^

Aizawa Shouta

  • He beams when he sees his s/o looking so nice! He tells them how nice he thinks they look, taking their hand in his as they look around the festival. 
  • He’d like looking at all the different items at the stalls with his s/o since he isn’t really one for fireworks or carnival games! 

Yamada Hizashi

  • He’s really excited when he sees his s/o! He practically yells how good his s/o looks to them from across the crowd! 
  • He LOVES the fireworks, so would be really happy to see them with his s/o! He’d definitely take lots of pictures to keep on his phone! 

Yagi Toshinori

  • Blushes a lot at his s/o looking so lovely, he compliments them constantly throughout the night, wondering how lucky he was to end up with such an amazing s/o!
  • He’d like the little game stalls the most as well as the food stalls! Sharing this kind of experience with his s/o is really nice for him!
Fireworks. (Tokka)

Tokka time!

Actually I had this idea back in 2008, maybe 2009. It probably has been done anyways. But I gave it a new wrapping, put some New Year’s flair on top and here we go :)

This does not consider any happenings during the ATLA comics. Also sorry for weird mistakes, English is not my first language :P

I hope you enjoy!  
Have a happy new year everyone :) <3</i>


It had been a busy year, it sure had. Sokka had spent a lot of time at the South Pole, taking care of his tribe, reunited with his family. If Katara wasn’t busy at home, she’d take every chance to travel with Aang, handling the peace situation. Sokka had done a bit of traveling himself in the name of his friend and new Firelord Zuko, delivering important messages, bringing peace and stuff. And before he knew it another year had gone by. And there he was, back in the Fire Nation, where Zuko had gathered all his friends and their families to celebrate what they’d achieved as well as the beginning of a new year.

Sokka had been ecstatic about this, excited to see everyone again. Especially Suki, the other Kyoshi warriors, Aang of course, Katara, Toph, Zuko, his uncle, Mai and her friend Ty Lee whose presence still creeped him out a little. And then there was Haru, Smellerbee and The Duke and – well, he could go on for a while because Zuko had basically gathered everyone. Sokka had dressed up in one of Zuko’s fancy suits – one he suspected the new Firelord had specifically made for him, sleeveless in dark ruby. But after eating, drinking, laughing and chatting, a weird feeling had started to get a hold of him. This night wouldn’t last. This being together wouldn’t last. And he would miss everyone so bad back at the South Pole. Even if he traveled around, helping everyone out, he’d always end up missing someone and somehow that got to him more than usual.

As everyone went outside for the big firework – the highlight of the night – he suddenly felt overwhelmed by everything. The people, the noise, the situation altogether. So he fell back behind the crowd and took a turn to the left into the Royal Garden.

He hadn’t gone too far when he spotted Toph sitting on the ground, leaning against a low decorative wall. She was alone, her red ball gown draped over her set up feet and all over the ground, her shoes spread on the grass because she’d just carelessly kicked them off her feet.

She had never liked shoes. Somehow that made him smile. Sokka had wondered where she’d gone – not consciously but more like he had felt something or someone was missing. Well now he knew where that feeling had come from, because it instantly started to fade.

She had grown up quite a bit in that short amount of time they’d been apart. Though looking at her like this he realized, it had been way too long. He really had missed her.

As he came closer, he recognized her hunched over posture as she was hugging her knees and somehow it felt like someone had kicked him in the stomach. Or poked a needle into his heart maybe. For a second he had forgotten to keep up his steady pace while walking towards her.

“Hey Toph,” he said, when he finally reached her, concentrated to keep a cheery tone in his voice.

“Hey Sokka,” she answered sounding tired.

“You’re not one for fireworks, huh,” he said a little more serious, picking up her shoes from the ground.

Toph hesitated for a bit – the bit that assured him something was wrong.  

“Yeah, well, I’m not getting too excited over explosion noises”, she said, trying to pick up on the joke but turning away her head.

Sokka had caught that slight shiver in her voice. He sat down next to her, his shoulder touching hers. She was cold and he wondered how long she’d been out here on her own. He knew she’d be embarrassed if he’d just hugged her for appearing so sad or to warm her up, so all he could do for now was sit next to her, that tiny spot of skin touching her shoulder.

They sat for a while and both remained silent. Somehow the memory of her and him sitting on that cliff so many months back came to mind. She probably just didn’t want to talk. But Sokka couldn’t help it, he had to know.  

“Are you okay?” he asked quietly, concentrating on the stars in the night sky so he wouldn’t try to look for even the slightest hint on her face.

She remained silent for a bit, but Sokka waited patiently. He knew she’d tell him. She was just debating on how to put it.  

“It’s just … I’m not one to pity myself for being blind. I’m good, I get by perfectly fine, it’s just I … I guess I got used to feeling like I was normal. Like I had all the chances everyone else has. But sometimes I’m just reminded that I’m … different … Which is not a bad thing, it’s just …”

She fell silent, hugging her knees a little tighter and pressing her lips together while lowering her head so her dark bangs would hide her eyes.

Remembering the shiver in her voice when she’d tried to joke about the fireworks, Sokka put one and one together. It hurt so much to see her like that. This amazing girl. He had always wished for her to be happy. Shoving his thoughts aside his eyes wandered over her pretty face, still in awe about how much she’d grown up in this short year. Then he raised his gaze towards the fireworks right in front of them.

And as Sokka started describing the firework’s journey towards the night sky and the sounds they made while doing so, the way it looked like thousand little shiny dots that exploded and spread in the shape of a flower, she felt like she was actually watching, seeing the fireworks for the first time in her life, starting to understand what one could enjoy about that spectacle. He made up words to explain the motion and colors of the lights and took his time to describe as accurately as he could, connecting the sounds she knew with pictures she didn’t. And while they were watching the night sky accompanied by the distant noises of the actual celebration, she felt tears gather up in her eyes. She turned her head, suppressing the need to cry, as Sokka continued describing the different kinds of flowers the fireworks would paint.

Once she was able to speak again, she said his name in a shaky voice. Sokka stopped abruptly, turning his head. She could feel his irritation, as if he’d been in deep thought about how else to describe what he saw. Felt the excitement he had gained while talking the two of them up into the sky. And also his terror when he realized how she was so close to crying. To falling apart.

“Ye?” he said, letting his gesturing hand sink a little bit, scared he might have hurt her by what he’d done.

She hesitated, then put her head on his shoulder.

“Thanks,” she muttered.

An eased smile was broadening on his face. He pulled out his arm that had been squished between them and put it around her cold shoulders, pulling her a little closer, his relief completely drowning out the worries about touching her – and also that odd tickling sensation in his stomach. She wouldn’t tell him, but she really had been cold. And she would never admit that his touch felt so soft and warm, it made her dizzy.

When Sokka continued to describe the night sky the old year passed and the New Year arrived. They sat in the cold, wishing for all good things to come their way. Or maybe it wouldn’t even matter if only he wouldn’t have to miss her so much, if only she could have him around a little more. Sokka had managed to make her feel like she actually belonged here with everyone else. And like it wouldn’t matter that the night was about to end.

For a little while everything felt perfect. 

Imagine it’s the fourth of July (or some other occasion with fireworks, since we don’t know where Lazytown actually is), and Sportacus has NEVER seen fireworks in his entire life.  

The kids talk about how the fireworks are going to happen in the evening and they’re all excited but Sportacus is like “What is fireworks?”, so the kids start explaining what fireworks are to him and Sportacus gets REALLY EXCITED. 

And then one of the kids mentions something about how Sportacus would have a perfect close-up view of the fireworks from his airship, so Sport gets the bright idea to invite everyone to stay in his airship that night so they could watch the fireworks from up there. 

The WHOLE town ends up coming into his airship that night. The kids, Bessie, the Mayor, and they even got Robbie to come in (they didn’t want him to feel excluded and managed to rope him in somehow). Robbie seems to be acting kind of strange though, -like, more subdued and a bit jittery when approached, but everyone either doesn’t notice or pays it no mind. 

The fireworks start and the view is AMAZING, like- they are so high up that they are watching the fireworks go on BELOW them and it’s a totally unique way to view them, and the kids are just in awe. And even though it’s past 8:08, Sportacus is just having the time of his life and he REALLY loves the fireworks and is visibly enjoying himself. 

But while everyone else is preoccupied with the fireworks, Sportacus notices that someone is missing so then he looks around the room and sees that his blanket was snatched off his bed.  He then realizes who isn’t watching with everyone else and sure enough, he goes into his bathroom (I’m assuming there’s one on his ship) and he sees Robbie crouched on his bathroom floor with his blanket over himself, whimpering and crying quietly because the lights and noise from the fireworks are just sensory hell for him and he’s scared. 

So Sport spends time in the bathroom trying to console him by like holding him and whispering promises that they’re safe up there because they’re really high up and that he’s sorry for taking so long to realize that he’s afraid and apologizing if he felt pressured by everyone to come.

So then they hug it out and Sport actually finds some headphones and gives him a tinted pair of one of his goggles just in time for Robbie to enjoy the finale with everyone else.

“Troll Holiday” Novelization Review

Okay guys, MAJOR spoilers for the holiday special. I bought the novelization and finally caved and read it so I could write this review. Remember to buy the book yourself! Or buy the movie too when it comes out!

First off, I think this is going to be a wonderful short film to add to the Trolls canon, and fans are going to love it! Everyone’s going to see things they wanted and things they didn’t expect. The root of the story seems to be Poppy’s motivation to make the Bergens happy by giving them a new holiday. But can the Bergens find a Troll holiday to love when the two groups are so different?


Everything about this story is so cute. Poppy and Bridget are like the embodiment of “BFF Goals.” They have adorable nicknames for each other, do cool handshakes, and are overall just share this powerful bond of sister-like love.

Speaking of nicknames, Bridget calls Gristle “Grissy” and Gristle calls her “Bridgie” and “babe.” Isn’t that the cutest?!

Not only do we see Poppy and Bridget’s sisterly love, we see Branch trying to fit in as a troll. The writers seem to recognize that moviegoers fell in love with Branch’s sarcasm and satirical paranoia. We can’t have just an overly happy peppy Branch who has his colors. We need a sarcastic and mildly pessimistic Branch who has his colors. We’re going to see plenty of that and also hear his angelic voice. Win-win!

Now, Poppy’s presentation of Troll holidays is going to be messy and quite over-the-top, based on what I read. It’s going to be hilarious and possibly cringe-worthy to watch, but it’s still perfectly in-tune with Poppy’s personality. She’s the type of partier who goes all-out and puts her heart and soul into everything she does. I honestly can’t wait to see the holiday presentation, even if I do cringe for poor Bridget, Gristle, and Barnabas.

The one part I’m not so sure about is the scene where the Trolls go through a wormhole while on a Caterbus (driven by Cloud Guy). It’s a very strange, quite bizarre scene that implies references to the original Good Luck Troll dolls. I feel like this was either two things: an attempt at over-the-top, satirical humor or the storytellers got a little tipsy while writing and the animators just rolled with it. Either way, it should be fun…….I think……

More of my commentary is attached to my favorite passages, also listed in this review. I can’t wait for the special to come out so I can compare it to the image I have in my head thanks to this wonderful novelization.

Enjoy some of my favorite passages below! And remember to buy the book! I only included a select few, and the novel is so worth the buy.

Passages I loved:

Pg. 2: Super-Scrapbooking Day was jam-packed with fun activities. Harper, who loved art, showed the Trolls how to make their scrapbooks more artistic. King Peppy told young Trolls thrilling stories about the adventures of scrapbooking heroes in the olden days. Guy Diamond showed everyone how to dance new steps while they add the sparkle of glitter to their creations.

First off, Super-Scrapbooking Day sounds so much fun! And when Trolls celebrate, they go all-out (there’s even a parade). I love it! I mean, Peppy is telling little ones about “scrapbooking heroes.” I just love all of it already.

Pg. 3-4: “May I see your scrapbook?” Poppy asked.
Branch hastily hid it behind his back. “It’s not done,” he said. “It’s actually my first scrapbook ever.”
“Aw, c’mon!” Poppy said, grinning. “Gimme a sneak peek!”
“Well…….okay. But promise you won’t laugh!”
“I won’t laugh—no way! What’s the theme of your scrapbook?” Poppy asked eagerly. “Rainbows? Cupcakes? Rainbows made out of cupcakes?”
Branch rolled his eyes. “Rainbows made out of cupcakes? How is that even possible?”
“With scrapbooking, ANYTHING is possible! So what’s your theme?”
“Yeah. Rocks.”

Aww, look at our little Branch! He’s trying so hard to be happy and fit in with the other Trolls now that he has his colors back. But he still has some of that leftover greyness. In this special, I feel like we’re going to see quite a bit of Branch trying to figure out who he is: what is Blue Branch and what is Grey Branch?

Pg. 6-7: Not that the Bergens never had fun nowadays. They weren’t nearly as miserable as they’d been before the Trolls helped them find the happiness inside themselves. They were perfectly capable of being happy. They just weren’t very good at it. One Bergen’s idea of fun was to organize a picnic at a mud puddle. Nobody came. In fact, even the Bergen who’d invited everyone didn’t show up. Another Bergen thought it might be fun to play soccer with a wooden cube. She ended up in the hospital.

The Bergens are all undergoing changes and learning new things. They spent so much time thinking that true happiness came from eating a Troll. Just because they know they have happiness inside them doesn’t mean they know how to feel it. It must be such a big change for them to lose their only holiday and have no idea how to feel happiness without the Trolls.

Pg. 9: In Troll Village, Cooper walked around collecting mail. After he’d gathered it all, he quickly delivered it. This was easy, since most of the time he only had to walk over to the next pod and hand its owner a card or a party invitation.

This seems like a reference/throwback to an early concept design for Cooper, where our favorite giraffe-like troll was a mailman for the village. Very clever, Dreamworks.

Pg. 13: Poppy turned and saw Branch looking at himself in her mirror. He was making a face that looked tense. Painful, even. “What are you doing? What’s happening with your face? Are you about to barf?”
Branch shook his head. “No, I’m practicing my smile. You know, I’m new to this whole being happy thing.”

I see some discussion about Branch’s dulled colors in the special. This further proves some of the theories that Branch as PTSD-like symptoms. He’s trying to be happy and be like the other trolls, but those are two different things. I think he’s definitely happy, especially when he’s with Poppy. But he’s not just like the other trolls, not anymore.

Pg. 25: “Wait a minute,” Branch said. “Making his own echo? Where have I heard that voice before?” Then he remembered! “Oh, no … not him.”

Poor Branch still doesn’t like Cloud Guy very much, which I find hilarious.

Pg. 35: Branch pointed toward the meadows. “Well, that way looks friendly and inviting, but you just know it’s going to turn out to be horrible and terrible once you get there.”

Aw, there’s our cute little pessimistic Grey Branch. Honestly, I’m glad the writers kept some of Branch’s sarcastic, sometimes-pessimistic personality even when he has his colors. After all, I think most of us fell in love with Branch because he contrasted so much against Poppy.

Pg. 39: Gigantic snowflakes fell from the sky and stuck into the ground on their sharp points. Each flake stood twice as high as a Troll!

See, what stands out to me here is that I recognize this as a brief scene from Trolls during Poppy’s song “Get Back Up Again.” Once again, the writers show how they recycle things used in the movie or concepts scrapped from the original cut. That’s the great thing about writing and filmmaking. Something that doesn’t work in one place may be awesome somewhere else in a related field.

Pg. 44: “Uh-oh,” Biggie sighed. “Who’s good at untying knots?”
“Pirates?” Cooper guessed.

I’m sorry, that was like an awesome Dad Joke. I actually laughed out loud.

Pg. 52-53: Cloud Guy had an amazing voice. But he was loud. Really loud. In fact, he was so loud, several critters’ faces scrunched up. Others covered their ears with their feet. Some fell to the ground. As the critters writhed on the ground, tortured by Cloud Guy’s thundering vocals, the Trolls slipped away.

Oh geez. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to hearing that.

Pg. 56: “Cooper,” Poppy said, “pyrotechnics.”
“Huh?” Cooper said. “I thought I was doing the fireworks.”
“Pyrotechnics are fireworks,” Branch explained.
“Oh,” Cooper said. “In that case, ready!” He gave a confident nod and a welding mask fell own over his face. he raised a gas torch, which was already lit and flaming.

Um………is anyone else concerned by that image?

Pg. 62: “On Tickle Day, we all get tickled by … SPIDERS!”

Okay, this is the part where I start to question the Trolls’ way of life, no matter how cute it looks. I respect all living creatures, even spiders, but I don’t want to be tickled by one.

Pg. 76: Bridget took a deep breath. “I guess what I’m saying is none of this really means anything to us.”
“Um, okay,” Poppy said, not exactly sure what her friend meant. “But I just want you to have something to celebrate.”

Serious moment at last after all the craziness of the holiday presentations. This is significant. Trollstice was the Bergens’ only holiday, the only time they could be happy. Bridget has a point: none of the Trolls’ holidays mean anything to the Bergens. They don’t have any emotional attachment to said holidays. But Poppy also brings up a good point: the Bergens need something to celebrate. They need a way to exercise their new happiness, and what better way than a special, annual occasion that they can share with each other?

Pg. 80: Branch approached the pink shrub. “Poppy, I know you’re hiding in your hair.”
The pink shrub sudden turned around and howled. It was a strange pink-haired critter!
“Not Poppy! Not Poppy!” Biggie said, clutching Mr. Dinkles protectively.
“Sorry,” Branch said. “Wrong hair.”

Major LOL! I hope we actually see that scene in the movie!

theemoestdemon  asked:

So in the vacation/accidental cuddling fic, you mentioned something about fireworks. Maybe when they go to see fireworks, the loud noise kinda freaks Tom out, so Marco just gently holds him (or covers his ears or both.) (And maybe he starts purring :3) Idk I think that would be cute :3

YES THAT WOULD BE SO CUTE!!!!!!! I love that idea so much it was so cute and so fun to write! Also I get spooked by loud noises so that was nice to write! I hope you enjoy it!

Read the last one here!!! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/161260345177/hi-i-just-wanted-to-say-that-i-love-your-work

Star laid out the blanket and the group of kids sat on it. They had left the other dimension and went to fa fireworks show on Earth. “Have you really never seen fireworks before?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“I haven’t seen a lot of things that are normal for most dimensions… the underworld is pretty isolated.” He admitted. Marco nodded and the two resumed looking at the sky, waiting for the sun to set completely. As soon as it was dark enough, a small streak whipped across the sky, it was dark for a second, and then there was an explosion of bright and colorful lights. Marco smiled big and looked over to see Tom’s reaction. But it wasn’t what he had expected.

Tom had a look of pure terror on his face, his arms were wrapped around his head and he had his knees draw up, closing his eyes tightly. “Are you okay?” Marco asked, touching Tom’s shoulder. Before the demon could answer another firework went off and he let out a cry, diving into Marco’s arms. “Hey, it’s okay.” Marco soothed. But his comforting meant nothing when the same noise kept repeating. “Here, sit up.” Marco instructed. He positioned Tom in front of him and had him cuddle up close to him, so that Marco could protect him. As soon as he did Marco brought Tom’s head to his chest, and covered his exposed ear gently with his hand.

Tom’s eye popped open when this happened and he looked up at Marco, then over at the sky. There was another colorful explosion, but no awful sound this time. A far off rumble, but nothing he could really hear. Just the sound of Marco’s heartbeat in his ears. He looked up in the sky in wonder as more colorful bursts of light came into view. As the show continued there began to be bigger and more brilliant fireworks. Some even spelled out words or made shapes!

Tom’s eyes grew wider, and Marco continued to hold him, covering his ears and making sure he felt safe. Tom let a small smile creep up onto his face. It was so nice. Being held close by somebody and having them keep the bad noise away. Tom watched the fireworks and listened to Marco’s heartbeat. It was relaxing. Marco’s other arm was wrapped around Tom to hold him securely, while the other hand covered his ear to keep away the noise. Every now and then Marco would rub his thumb along the demon’s pointed ears, causing Tom to smile. It felt nice and calming, along with the sound of Marco’s heartbeat and the colors in the sky… Tom felt really truly relaxed and happy.

Marco continued to hold the demon close, while watching the fireworks himself. But he stopped when he felt something vibrating against his chest. Marco looked down curiously and brought his head down to listen to the demon. He then smiled when he realized Tom was purring. Marco smiled and held him closer, rubbing his ear again, making the purring grow louder.

The two watched the fireworks together in peace for the full hour. Every time a new one would light up, Tom’s eyes would glitter with amazement. Marco smiled at this sense of innocence. After seeing everything earth had to offer for so long, it was refreshing to see somebody learn and experience it again. And have that same wonder and enjoyment, like it was magic. Marco held Tom closer at the thought and rested his head on Tom’s– listening to the demon purr.

The fireworks ended, but the boys stayed there for a while longer, watching the now dark sky. “… again…” Tom whispered. Marco laughed a bit and Tom snapped out of his daze. The human let go of his ears and Tom flinched a bit, but when he heard the noise was gone he relaxed. He then looked at Marco with pure joy. “Marco! That was incredible!” He exclaimed. “That was so cool! I didn’t know fire could be so… pretty!” Tom cried.

“You know they do this all the time on earth, right?” Marco asked. Tom gasped and his ears flicked.

“They do?! Can we go again sometime?!” he asked excitedly. Marco blushed a bit at Tom’s request and nodded.

“Y-yeah! I’d love to take you!” He assured. Tom smiled big and hugged Marco tight.

“Thank you, Marco!” He laughed. Tom then sat back and looked at the sky full of stars. “Wow… earth is amazing… no wonder Star likes it so much here…” He mused. He stared at the sky for a really long time. “You know I’ve only seen the sky a handful of times?” he asked. Marco shook his head and Tom nodded. “The underworld doesn’t have a sky because it’s… well, the underworld. If you look up you just see rock. But not here… and not Mewni and not anywhere else! But especially here…” Tom blabbered on. “You look up and it keeps going and going, and plants grow and things live and they’re alive, Marco! That’s my favorite part…” He sighed with sort of a far off tone.

Marco laughed gently. “Ehehe, what are you going on about, Tom?” He asked. Tom smiled a bit and reached out to touch Marco’s hand. Marco’s breath hitched and he felt his face flush, but Tom was still just looking up at the sky dreamily.

“This is nothing like the underworld… here, life is an experience!” Tom grinned big. “You never know how it will turn out… you never know what you’ll want, or what you’ll think or how you’ll feel!” He looked over at Marco with big eyes. “And here you’re able to do anything you want you-” He stopped and his smile faded away slowly. “Here… here you’re free.” Tom whispered this and looked up at the sky.

Marco wanted to say something but he was cut off by Star calling over to him. “Hey! You guys coming or what?” She asked. Marco looked at Tom for a moment. He was still looking up at the stars. He seemed far away.

“Let’s go, Marco.” Tom turned to look at the human and then got a very excited look. “Let’s… let’s go!” He shot up to his feet. “Let’s run away! Together! Won’t that be great!? Then every night will be like this!” He grinned.

“R-run away?” Marco asked. “Tom, I think Star was asking if we were ready to go home… not go run away.” He explained. Tom’s face fell a bit and he turned away, rubbing his arm sheepishly.

“Yeah… I guess I just got carried away.” He sighed. “Let’s go… home.”

anonymous asked:

Kurt, Alex, and Peter's reaction to fireworks w/ their significant others?

Kurt Wagner: 

Originally posted by claracivry

  • Probably really excited. Like, little kid excited. He’s seen fireworks before, but not in the extent that you explained and that gets him really eager. 
  • Imagine sitting in front of the pond at Xavier’s, your feet dug into the grass below, and Kurt’s hand resting on your knee. It’s dark outside, and makes it hard to see his face, but you manage and give him a warm smile. The grass begins to tickle at your legs, and Kurt is humming a tune inside of his chest, trying to relax himself before the show starts. 
    • Kurt giving you his jacket when he notices you shivering slightly. You return this gesture with a warm kiss to his lips.
      • Imagine the look in his face as the first firework is shot into the sky.
        • He looks like a little kid, and it warms your heart.
          • Pats your arm excitedly and says, “(NAME) LOOK OH! WOAH!” 
            • Probably starts teleporting and bothers Peter, Scott, Jean and everyone to tell them about how cool the fireworks are.
              • Comes back to you and presses a kiss against your lips with a very soft, and gentle, “I really like fireworks.” and you just give him a cheesy smile and reply with, “Kissing you feels like a firework.”
  • Giving him a sparkler, and having him flip his lid because it’s so amazing and he just loves it and he ends up asking you for the entire box of sparklers(So he can use them any time he wants, which he does. He’s saving the last two for your birthday).

Alex Summers:

  • Is not particularly fond of fireworks. They trigger his PTSD, though he’s slowly learning ways to perhaps contain his outburst from the sound of fireworks.
    • This is something you completely understand and are supportive of. If, and when he’s triggered, you like to sing to him because the sound of your voice will bring him back to reality.
      • Though many people see the fireworks as celebration for freedom, which they are and Alex acknowledges that, he thinks that there should be an alternative, especially for those who have fought for that freedom, and do suffer from PTSD, and are sequentially triggered by the loud noises.
        • Tends to spend his Fourth of July, especially after 8 when the sun goes down, inside with you, maybe watching T.V, or snuggling, or taking a bath.
          • Really basking in the freedom that he has, and is thankful enough that he has you in his life to support him through things like this.

Peter Maximoff:

Originally posted by imaginessforall

  • Let’s admit it here, he’s probably wearing leather pants that have the US flag printed on them(And he’s rocking them).
  • Really likes fireworks, and remembers going to see them with his mom and little sister before sticking around Xavier’s for a while.
  • Laying back in the grass in front of Xavier’s, his legs sprawled out and his head in your lap as you wait for the fireworks to start up. He gives you a cheeky grin, and shuts his eyes as your fingers run through his soft, silver hair.
    • The moment that the fireworks start though, Peter is wide-eyed looking at the sky.
      • Points out the shapes and colors to you, even though he knows you’re seeing everything he is. It’s a habit he has, for he did that with his little sister.
        • By the end of the show, he’s either A)Asleep with his head in your lap. or B)Kissing you and trying to entice you into a make-out session in the grass.
  • Lighting off your own fireworks.
    • Which he stole.
      • But, wouldn’t tell you that because you’d freak out.
        • You end up finding out any way and his excuse was, “WHY LIGHT OUR OWN MONEY ON FIRE?! THAT MAKES NO SENSE!” He’s shouting over the firework he just lit, giving you a cheeky grin.
          • This results in you threatening to shove a sparkler where the sun don’t shine.
            • His face is priceless.

After losing Krakatau to dropsy a few weeks ago, I’ve had an empty compartment in my tank, being a sad reminder of his death and generally looking bare and boring. I’ve been saving it for a special fish, was going to treat myself to a real rare gem once I’ve finished my current project…

But then I came across this little guy in the local pet shop! I’m a sucker for crowntails, and the way his drab dark body lights up in electric blue when the light’s right is just amazing! Never thought I’d ever go for orange, but hey, Fate works in mysterious ways. So! Meet Inferno, everyone!

Don’t Laugh

Hi there. I’m just your average fangirl here. Please don’t completely judge me based on what I write. I write these fics for fun and for anyone who finds them entertaining. And remember, their called fanFICTION for a reason. Don’t take them too seriously. Okay, enjoy.

Fanfic: tickle

Summary: Mark, Bob, Wade, Ethan, and Tyler are doing the “Don’t Laugh Challenge”. But when everyone finds out that Mark’s ticklish, they all have other plans.


It was just another day at Mark’s house. Bob and Wade were in town for a while and Tyler and Ethan were having a good time with them, so they all decided to do a “Don’t Laugh Challenge” video. They had to last as long they possibly could without laughing. But, to make things exciting, touching was allowed. Wade went first and got to 1 minute and 26 seconds. Next was Tyler who got to 2:03. Then Bob who got to 2:56, and Ethan who made it to 1:43.

Then it was Mark’s turn, and believe me when I say that he was fucking determined. So they pulled some the old jokes, making fun of each other, slightly hurt each other, making sick jokes. But Mark was rock solid.

“Damn, Mark’s hold it in pretty well this time.” Bob said. Mark nodded.

“Guys, it’s not working.”

“We need to bring out the big guns.” Since they were allowed to touch, they did things like ruffle Mark’s hair, leaning on him, and they even brought Chica in with them to help but, nothing was doing it. Mark stood there, smiling on the inside for his success as he couldn’t on the outside.

That is, until Ethan snuck behind Mark and began poking his side, which caused the older man to crack a smile.

“Look he smiled.” Tyler stated.

“Ethan what are you doing to him?” Bob asked.

“I’m just poking him.” Ethan answered.

“Well keep going. It’s working.” Ethan continued to poke his friend’s side and eventually took it up a notch by squeezing his side, making Mark spit.

“Ahaha stohohop thahahat!” Mark giggled grabbed a hold of Ethan hands.

“Ha. He spat.” Wade announced.


“Oh my God, Mark you’re-”

“Don’t say it.” Mark interrupted.


“Dude, I didn’t know you were ticklish. That’s fucking hilarious.” Bob said through his own fit of laughter.

“Shut up!” Mark retorted.

“Come on. You gotta admit that was pretty funny.” Ethan said elbowing Mark in the ribs, making him giggle and recoil.

“Dang man, how ticklish are you?” Tyler questioned.

“None of your damn business.” Mark said. “We can make it our business.” Ethan said wiggling his fingers in Mark’s direction. Mark’s eyes widened. “Guys, I know what you’re thinking, and no way in hell.” Mark slowly back away as the rest of his friends edged closer.

“Grab him!” Ethan shouted. Mark quickly tried to make a run for it, but was stopped when Wade grabbed a hold of his arm and wrapped his arms around him. “I got him.” Wade said.

“Wade, get off!” Mark demanded, thrashing from side to side try his best to shake Wade off.

“Wade, here.” Ethan said pointing to the couch next to them. Wade lightly shoved Mark onto it. The other quickly rushed to pin the man down, Bob holding his arms above his head and Tyler and Ethan hold his legs.

“Let go of me you assholes!”

“Not until we’re done experimenting.” Ethan explained. “Experimenting?” Mark asked very nervous.

“Now we already did your sides, how about your stomach?” Ethan asked starting to lightly scribble his fingers across Mark very sensitive tummy. Mark bit his lip to keep from laughing, determined not to give in.

“And what about here Mark.” Bob said skittering along Mark’s ribs.

“And here.” Tyler stated, lightly tracing shapes on the soles of Mark’s socked feet. With every new sensation that came, it became harder and harder for Mark to keep it together. But it all went south for Mark when Bob accidentally began spidering at his underarms, making him erupt with uncontrollably laughter.

“AHAHA FAHAHACK! NOHOHO!” All of them stopped to see where their hands were, but it was only when Bob kept going that Mark’s laughter elevated. “I think you found a tickle spot Bob.” Tyler announced.

“Damn Mark. It must really tickle here to make you laugh that hard.” Bob teased emphasizing the word “really” by adding his other hand to spider his finger at the hollows of Mark’s other underarm. And the short sleeve shirt Mark had on didn’t serve as any protection from the attacks. “NAHAHAHA! QUHUHUIT IHIHT!”

“But we’re having so much fun playing with you.” Ethan taunted adding his own attack on his friend’s stomach back into the mixture.


“Come on Markimoo. You know you’re having fun too.” Ethan said. Tyler then started his assault on Mark’s feet again, causing Mark’s laughter to go up an octave.

“YOHOHOU AHAHALL SUHUHUCK DIHIHICKS RIGHT NO- AHAHAH! FAHAHA-!” Tyler’s hands had wandering up to Mark’s toes and began scratching at the space underneath, driving Mark insane. Squirming and kicking trying to pull his foot back.

“Dang Mark, you’re like ticklish everywhere.”

“What about here?” Wade said spidering his finger along Mark neck. Mark squealed and tensed up his shoulder to try and block the attack.

“And here?” Bob asked curiously taking one finger and lightly tracing the rim of his ear, making Mark snort which caused him to blush uncontrollably.

“Holy shit, did you just snort? Dude, that's​ fucking priceless.” Ethan said now laughing along with Mark.



“Duhhh. That’s kind of the point.”

“Is there anywhere we haven’t tried yet?” Ethan asked. “What about behind his knees? I’ve heard that that spot can be ticklish.” Ethan then moved his hand to scribble behind Mark’s knees.

Mark’s laughter lessened as he was as ticklish there. “Not as much. How about his thighs?” Mark’s eyes widen and weakly shook his head.


The rest of them stopped and looked at each other. “Oh. You mean here?” Ethan said playing dumb lazily dragging one of his fingers along Mark’s thigh, keeping him in a endless giggle fit. “Nohoho! Dohohon’t!” Mark said.

“What's​ wrong Mark? Is the tickling too much for you?” Tyler added. “I cahahan’t-! Plehehehease!”
“Well in that case, it would be horrible if this happened.” Without​ warning Ethan was squeezing and prodding up and down Mark thighs, making the older man go ballistic.


“Woah, he’s like going insane.” Wade said. “This is freaking amazing. How did we not know about any of this sooner?” Bob asked.

“I don’t know but, now that we do know we should do this more often.”

“G-GUHUHUYS! STAHA-! NOHOHO MOHOHORE! PLEHEHEHEASE! ” Mark managed to say. Tears now starting to stream down his face from the instance laughter. But it wasn’t until Mark’s laughter went silent that they stopped, knowing that even he had his limits.

“That was fun, wasn’t it?”

“N-No it wasn’t.” Mark said sitting up, trying to catch his breath.

“You gotta admit though that was pretty damn funny.” Ethan giggled nudging Mark in the ribs.

“Shut the hell up.”

“Alright then.” He replied putting his hands up in defeat. Mark still catching his breath, looked around to make sure no one else saw or heard. But, it wasn’t until he looked at the camera in front of them that he realized…

“Wait, has the camera been rolling this ENTIRE TIME!” Mark panicked.

“Oh, I guess it has been.” Bob realized.

“So this whole thing’s on tape?!”

“Yup. I guess so.” Wade answered. 

“Ethan, you’re going to edit this out, right?” Mark asked nervously. 

“Hell no. This was amazing, I never want to forget it.” The blue boy said with  a smile. Mark’s face lit like a firework, though he tried to cover it with hands.

“Don’t feel bad Mark. Maybe your viewers will want to see how ticklish you are.” Ethan teased.

“Shut up!”

“You already said that.”

“Yeah Ethan, Mark has had enough tickling and teasing for now.” Tyler said.

“For now?” Mark questioned.

“Do you really think that we’re going to let you live this down bro?” Tyler said.

“We’re going to have so much fun together.” Ethan said as an evil grin crept onto his face.

“Oh no.” Mark thought.


[[ Request: Jax imagine based off of Steve Aoki’s Back to earth (cute and fluffy like enjoying a really fun 4th of July party and fireworks and cute soulmatey feels) ]]

You stood in front of your bathroom mirror, applying your mascara and dancing around to whatever song happened to be playing on the radio. You were so absorbed in what you were doing, you never even realized Jax’s eyes were fixated on you. He had been watching you for what seemed like forever with a small, stupid smile plastered on his face. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you. He couldn’t have stopped smiling if he tried. Every time he looked at you, it left him feeling breathless and amazed. Everything you did made him love you even more, and he couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that you were his. Undeniably, truly his. The two of you had been through so much together, and it only seemed to make what you had grow stronger. You were the kind of woman he always knew he needed in his life, but he never really thought a woman like that existed. Until he met you. Somehow he knew you were meant to be together. He knew you were the one for him, the one he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with. He felt it from the moment he met you. He was meant to be next to you, now and forever.

You turned slightly as you reached for your hairbrush, just enough for your eyes to catch Jax leaning against the doorway of your bedroom. You let out a confused laugh, your cheeks flushing and your face spreading into a grin at the realization that he had just caught you dancing in the most embarrassing way possible. “What are you doing?” you asked, wondering how long your old man had been standing there watching you paint your face and make a fool of yourself. You didn’t really mind. You were too happy to care.

Jax’s face spread into a wide, carefree grin, and he shook his head as he looked at you. “Just admiring the view.” He stood straight and walked into the bedroom, slowly making his way over to you. “You look beautiful,” he told you, walking up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist. He nuzzled his head against your shoulder, breathing in the scent of your perfume that he knew so well. He let out a relaxed sigh and looked up in the mirror, admiring the way the two of you seemed to fit together so perfectly.

You smiled and leaned your head back against his chest, closing your eyes and letting yourself melt into him. “Thanks, baby.” You sighed and opened your eyes again. You turned around to face Jax, his arms still wrapped tightly around your waist. You rested your hands on his chest. “I think today will be fun,” you said, smiling excitedly as you looked up at him. “I can’t wait for the fireworks tonight.”

Jax smiled down at you. “You almost ready?” he asked with a laugh and a shake of his head. “You know Gemma’ll kill us if we’re late.”

“Not yet.” You leaned forward and placed a passionate kiss on Jax’s lips. He closed his eyes and tangled his fingers in your hair, losing himself in the kiss. You pulled away from him and bit your lip, a mischievous sparkle in your eyes as you waited to see his reaction.

Jax slowly opened his eyes, the smile that had been on his face practically all morning now turning into a devilish little smirk. He cocked his head to the size and flashed you a mischievous grin. “I guess it won’t hurt to be a little late.”


“Hey, man!” Opie shouted, grabbing Jax in a giant bear hug as soon as the two of you walked in.

“Hey, Ope,” Jax replied with a wide grin. “Good to see you, man.” He raised his eyebrows. “Where’s the wife?”

Opie pointed over his shoulder. “Takin’ care of the kids.” He shook his head and rolled his eyes. “Gemma put me on firework duty tonight.”

Jax let out a short laugh. “Yeah. Sounds about right.”

You smiled at Opie and glanced around.The entire SAMCRO crew was present, old ladies and kids included. Out of the corner of your eye, you spotted Donna saying something to Ellie and Kenny, a stern look on her face. You shook your head, stifling laughter as you wondered what they could have done to get in trouble now. You looked around, admiring all the work Gemma had put into today’s big Fourth of July party. She wanted to make sure everything was in order and absolutely perfect. After all the chaos that had been going on with the club the last few months, she just wanted everyone to have one day of fun. No drama, no problems. She thought a big Fourth of July celebration, complete with obscene amounts of food and the best fireworks money could buy, was just what the club needed. You had to admit, she was right. Everyone seemed happier somehow, talking and laughing like they didn’t have a care in the world. Everyone’s problems seemed to have melted away, at least for today. You smiled to yourself. These people were family to you, and you loved seeing them all happy.

“You wanna grab a blanket, babe?” Jax asked, pressing his lips to your forehead and pulling back to smile at you. “I’ll get us some food.”

You nodded your head and walked off to find the perfect spot to watch fireworks later. You felt like you had been floating on a cloud all day. You felt happy and light from the moment you woke up next to Jax, and you had a feeling tonight was going to be even more perfect than the day had been.


You and Jax were cozied up on a big, flannel blanket Gemma had spread over the lush green summertime grass. You sat in front of him, resting your head on his chest and watching the fireworks explode in the July night sky. Jax’s arms were wrapped around you. His head was beside yours, his lips pressed to the side of your cheek. You could feel the warmth of his skin, you could smell the cigarette smoke in his hair. Everything about this man was intoxicating to you, and the beauty of the night only made it feel so much more perfect. You and Jax were as close as you could possibly get, yet you wanted to be even closer. You could just never get enough of Jax Teller. 

You sighed loudly as you watched the fireworks explode in the sky and quickly fade away in a sprinkle of fiery dust. “It’s kind of sad how the brightest ones always fade the fastest,” you stated, staring absently at the night sky and losing yourself in your thoughts.

“That’s why they’re so special,” Jax told you, taking you by the hand and smiling down at you. He placed a loving kiss on the back of your hand. “You gotta appreciate every second you get with ‘em.”

You adjusted your gaze from the sky to Jax, noticing the way the fireworks reflected as tiny sparkles in his eyes. You knew he wasn’t talking about the fireworks anymore. You smiled, wondering how you had gotten so lucky to find your soulmate in a man like Jax Teller.

“Yeah.” You took in a deep breath and sighed contentedly, turning your eyes back to the sky and smiling to yourself. “I think we were meant to be together.”

Jax looked down at you with a smile. He let out a chuckle, nodding before resting his chin on top of your head and looking back up at the night sky. He admired the fireworks for a few moments, wrapping his arms just a little tighter around you and trying to etch this perfect night into his memory forever. “I think we were too.”  

Fireworks (The 8)
  • ok so hot chocolate with some whipped cream and marshmallows??
  • you’d be indoors and there’d still be some christmas lights around and all
  • woolly socks because it’s pretty cold and every time you’d show any signs of feeling cold he’d look really concerned and be just like?? u ok??
  • and you’d probably wonder why it was that cold inside in the first place but in the end you’d just say that it’s okay (and discreetly get closer to him)
  • he’d notice and would just smile about it and make himself like more welcoming to you
  • aka probably open his arms a little and just generally?? you know
  • he’d ask you questions about what you had planned for the following year and he’d be so genuinely interested in your plans that you’d just kind of melt
  • naturally you’d be very interested in his plans as well and he’d get so excited telling you about them
  • “I’ll do my best, I’ll make you proud”
  • you’d feel so touched and just lean closer to him and hug him tightly
  • he’d hug you back with that adorable smile of his on his lips and just let his hand caress your back
  • “Are you feeling any warmer?”
  • you keep trying to get closer because feeling cold is a perfect excuse for that
  • except that by then you would actually feel warm enough
  • like Minghao radiates warmth and you love him so your heart warms your body? Minghao warms you?
  • he actually knows but doesn’t say anything because hey at least he can hold you in his arms
  • when the fireworks go off he turns to look at them really quickly and looks like an excited puppy
  • like you know the amazed face he sometimes has and him being all “Woah”? that’s him at that moment
  • and while you get lost in the show in the sky he leans in to kiss you on your cheek
  • you get your revenge by kissing him on the lips
New Years Kiss // Preference

Plot: You’re Ethan’s / Grayson’s New Years Kiss

Requested? YES!!

Pairing: Reader x Grayson/ Ethan

a/n: I’m writing this on my phone, not my laptop so I can’t do a word count. sorry everyone.

Ethan :

Ethan was a popular guy. Not just on social media, but in the real world too. He had many friends, despite what people believed and he often got invited to many parties. He and Grayson usually turned he parties down, wanting to be a good example, and a role model but tonight was an exception. It’s New Year’s Eve, and almost midnight. I glance at the clock and it reads 11:55 p.m. I make my way through the house, shimming through all the sweaty, drunk, bodies pressed together. I didn’t see Ethan so I made my way outside, to the balcony where Grayson, Alex, Nate, and he all stood talking.

“hey,” I smiled walking out, sliding the glass door behind me.

“hi princess,” he smiled back, wrapping an arm around me.

“it’s almost midnight.” I said, looking at him.

“I know,” he chuckled looking back down at me.

“ugh, we’re gonna go.” Grayson said Nate and Alex following behind him. I rolled my eyes and Ethan laughed.

People started counting down, “5…4…3…2…”

Ethan grabbed my waist and pulled me into a kiss. We kiss for a while I guess, I couldn’t remember, time stops when I’m with Ethan. We pulled away.

“well,” he started, “that was—”

“my first New Year’s Kiss.” I said interrupting him.

He smiled, “you didn’t let me finish,” he paused, “that was a perfect ending to a great beginning baby.”

I smiled and looked down.

“look at me,” he said grabbing my chin and making me look at him, “I love you.”

I smiled, “I love you too.”


Grayson :

*this is set near the Hollywood sign, where E & Gray go hiking & running a lot*

When Grayson told me we were going hiking for New Year’s I thought he was nuts. We didn’t actually go hiking, he drove me to the spot where he and Ethan always hike, where you could see all of L.A. He grabbed a blanket out of the trunk and laid it down on the ground for me and him to sit on. We sat and talked for a long time, time slipping away from us. Even way up, on a mountain(???) you could hear the faint sound of people shouting, about to celebrate the New Year. Grayson stood up and pulled me on my feet and we began counting down in unison.


He cupped my face and planted a sweet, long kiss to my lips. We pulled away and he whispered, “…1.”

I smiled, and heard a boom. I looked to my right to see lots of fireworks exploding in the sky coming from all over L.A. I smiled.

“woah,” I said looking at all the bright lights, “that’s amazing.”

“I thought you’d like it,” Grayson said smiling looking at me.

“I love it,” I said diverting my attention back to him.


I nodded my head, “but not as much as I love you. You are an absolutely amazing man Grayson Dolan, and I am so thankful for having you in my life. ”

He pulled me into a kiss again, “no you Y/N are and amazing girl and I do not deserve you.”

I rolled my eyes, smiling, “whatever.”

“Happy New Year’s princess, I can’t wait to spend another with you.”

Promises Pt. 3

Catch Up:  Part 1, Part 2

Group & Member(s): BTS’ Jimin feat. J-hope

Genre: angst

Summary: Being rejected by your long time crush isn’t ideal..but you’ve got your other friend to fall back on, in more ways than one.

warnings: sexually suggestive scenes 

You didn’t let Hoseok get a word in as the two of you made your way to you apartment. In the car you were rubbing the back of his neck, your other hand resting on his thigh as he drove, his eyes staring straight on the road, trying not to be any distracted by you further. You kissed him all the way up the stairs and into your place, stopping when you reached your bedroom because he finally pulled away

“Y/n….why are you moving so quickly?!” He asks, breathless, staring down at you.

Jimin had made you absolutely furious. All you wanted to do was forget about him, and the only way you could do that is to be with someone else.

“Because I want you, Hobi” You say, pushing him into the bedroom

He stops, still confused

“What did you and Jimin talk about?” He asks as you push him further to the bed

You shake your head at him

“Jimin is an asshole. Now do you want to keep talking because I have other things in mind” You say, lifting up your shirt, and tossing it in the corner of your room.

Hoseoks eyes grow wide at the sight of you, his gaze traveling up and down from your shoulders to you abdomen. You give him one last push so that he’s sitting on the edge of the bed. You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him deeply, his arms snaking around your sides, sending chills up and down your spine as he touched you.

You feel his breath on your shoulder and then in one swift motion he pulls you onto the bed with him, the two of you now parallel, with him underneath you.

He digs his mouth into the crook of your neck, planting tiny kisses that burn your skin.

You close your eyes as he inches his way down, helping you remove your jeans. He throws the pants, them landing and joining your shirt. He brings his head up and kisses you again, his body closer than ever to yours.

He stops and looks you in the eyes, his cheeks flushed.

“Y/n…are you sure you want to do this?”

You look at him, and nod before breathlessly saying “Yes”

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FLYNT COAL - “Sugar, you don’t know what you do to me, do you? You make fireworks go off in my head every time I hear your voice. And those eyes, that smile? Gosh, you’re irresistible, baby girl.“ 

NEON KATT - "What?!? But you always look sooooo amazing! Please, please, please don’t think like that again." 

WHITLEY SCHNEE - "You are certainly a bride fit for the soon to be heir of the Schnee Dust Company. I don’t tell lies, dear. That isn’t what Father would encourage.”

WILLOW SCHNEE - “I’m not the woman I once was, as you can see. But I don’t let it get me down often. Please don’t let it do the same to you." 

KALI BELLADONNA - "You look beautiful as ever, sweetheart.”

GHIRA BELLADONNA - “Aww, dear, please don’t be upset. You know I think you’re absolutely beautiful. Don’t forget that.”

JAMES IRONWOOD - “A heavy heart can rely on a heavy mind. Please know you are the light of my life, dear.”

ADAM TAURUS - “Hmph. Don’t be foolish, my darling. You aren’t despicable human scum. You are much, much different.”

ILIA AMITOLA - “Do you know how long it took for me to accept myself? You are the reason why I can feel comfortable in my own skin. I want you to feel that, too." 

SIENNA KHAN - "You humans are intriguing, critiquing yourselves in such a manner. My one and only, why don’t I enlighten you oh what else you do that intrigues me?”

ZWEI - Smothers you in dog slobber and licks all over your face until you submit to his persistence.

Fourth of July

Warnings: None I believe.
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: (Read requests at bottom)
Readers Age: Any
Word Count: 1060

A/N: I know everyone probably are gonna name their 4th of July imagine, Fourth of July but I don’t care! The ending kind of turned a little deep but I still love it. Remember to stay safe! Don’t do anything stupid! Have fun everyone! Enjoy!

You, Sam and Castiel were all sitting in the library when Dean walked in. He was wearing an American flag shirt, American flag shorts and an American flag cape. You couldn’t help but burst out laughing when your eyes landed on him. “Dude, why do look like your dressing up as the American flag for Halloween?” Sam asked.

Dean rolled his eyes, “It’s Fourth of July! You have to be patriotic on Fourth of July!” Dean insisted. He took a seat across from you, you on the other hand were trying to catch your breath from laughing.

“What is Fourth of July?” Cas asked.

Dean looked offended, “It’s only the greatest holiday of the year, aside from Halloween, who can pass up free candy?” Dean replied.

“What is so special about it?” Cas asked.

“It’s basically when America was founded and what not.” You answered.

Cas stared at the table for a moment, “What do you do to celebrate it?”

“Well, let me tell you, you have cookouts, food, bonfires, light fireworks, food, stay up all night, food. It’s great.” Dean eagerly replied.

“I’m pretty sure Dean’s favorite part is the food.” You guessed.

“What makes you say that?” Dean asked, completely serious.

Your eyebrows furrowed together but before you could respond, Castiel spoke up, “I’ve never seen fireworks.”

“Y'know, now that I think about it. I haven’t either.” You said. Dean’s eyes widened and his head shot up to look at you.

“You mean to tell me, that my little sister, has never, in her life, once, seen a firework show?” Dean leaned forward as he talked.

“Well, I’ve seen them on T.V. but that’s about.” You replied.

“I guess that settles our plan for today.” Sam chimed in as he got up and walked away.

It’s been a few hours and you can’t wait to see your first firework show. You got all dressed up, you had a navy blue tank top on that had small silver stars scattered on the top of it, red shorts, a red, white and blue bow in your hair. American flag earrings, and American flag flip-flops. Let’s just say, you were ready for today.

You walked into the kitchen to find your brothers and Castiel. “Everyone ready?” Sam asked as he stood up, you all nodded and went to the Impala.

After hours of driving you all finally reached the middle of nowhere. It was one in the morning, stars filled every inch of the sky. You all stepped out of the car, admiring the stars. Dean went to the trunk and pulled put bags upon bags of fireworks, “Give me ten minutes, and you guys are going to see the absolute best firework show you’ve ever seen.” Dean said excitedly and ran off to set everything up. Sam went to go help.

“So, you have never seen a firework show in person?” Castiel asked, breaking the silence.

“Nope, my dad never really celebrated this kind of stuff, I mean I would see them off in the distance but I don’t think that really counts.” You informed the Angel.

Cas nodded, “Your brothers really care about you if they are willing to do all this just so you can see some fireworks.”

“Yeah… They’re pretty great.” You agreed, a giant smile on your face.

Ten minutes passed, “Alright! It’s done! Sammy go get the blanket.” Dean instructed, Sam did as he was told.

Sam sprawled out a big blanket, you sat criss-crossed, Castiel to your left, Dean to your right, and Sam next to him. A few minutes passed and nothing happened, “Where’s all the fireworks?” You turned to look at Dean.

“Oh, right! I need to light ‘em.” Dean got up, pulling out his lighter. After he lit them, he ran back to the blanket and sat down in the same spot.

A moment passed before you heard what sounded like a loud screech and a boom. You looked up and saw a giant red firework in the sky, it sparkled and crackled. That one was soon joined by two more, one blue and one white. Your eyes widened as you watched more and more fireworks shoot into the sky and explode into shapes and colors. You had a giant smile on your face, your brothers noticed which made them smile.

You all sat in silence, watching the fireworks, the only thing that broke the silence was the sounds of the fireworks. Cas was just as in awe as you were, although he looked like he was examining the fireworks, while you were just enjoying the beauty.

There wasn’t a dull moment, every time you thought it was over, more would just shoot up. Your cheeks actually began to hurt from smiling too much.

The fireworks lasted half an hour, once they were over, Dean ran back to the Impala. You all got up and started stretching. “So, what’d you guys think of your first firework show?” Sam asked as he turned his upper half from side to side, popping his back.

“That was amazing, I just… How have I never seen one?” You replied.

“Yes, I agree, it was beautiful.” Castiel chimed in.

Dean ran back over and gave you a thin stick looking thing, he also gave one to Sam and Cas, he kept one for himself as well. “What are these?” You asked.

“Sparklers.” Dean replied as he lit your stick on fire, except, it was a flame, it was like a small firework on the very top of the stick. It was well, sparkling.

“Whoa…” You started moving it around, Dean lit up Cas’, Sam’s and his. Dean started flailing it around and prancing all over, Sam did the same.

You joined them, you ran around whilst moving the sparkler all over. Cas joined in shortly after you did. You wrote your name in the air, you all chased each other, and just had a good time.

It’s times like these that make you forget about all the monsters, pain, and death. It’s times like these that only make you focus on your family. Times like these that remind you that there is still good in the world. Times like these where you know you can always, always, count on your family to help you through anything. Times like these that tell you to, Always Keep Fighting.

Requested by @meggan-supernatural:
“4th of July imagine where the reader hadn’t seen a firework show before so the boys take her to go see one and she gets all giddy and happy and admires the fireworks while the boys smile at her reaction?”

Requested by @campbelsoup875:
“For the Fourth of July, you could do something about Cas not understand all the traditions, like a cookout, fireworks, and stuff Blumenthal. Maybe the Winchesters decided to do something and Cas is being all adorable and confused? Idk it’s just an idea”

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

Tags: @16wiishes

shittyfandoms  asked:

if your ask box is open could I request a short fluff scenario/reaction with tsukki, Kageyama, Oikawa and Kenma with their s/o at a festival and there are fireworks and their s/o is super excited and amazed and they think they're super cute and yeah?? ah thank you! 💞

Here you go doll, I hope you enjoyed it!

Tsukishima: The blonde male had to admit that he didn’t like festivals all that much, but when his s/o dragged him to the festival he had to admit that it wasn’t that bad. “Come on Tsukki!” They crooned as they jumped up in the air, “I want to see the fireworks!” He pushed up his glasses as he followed them. He felt his cheeks flush as he saw the energetic look in their eyes, they looked so happy. So excited. “Tsukki? Are you okay?” They leaned in as he nodded. “I-I’m fine,” He stuttered out as they chuckled. “Alright come on!” They stated as they grabbed his hand making him walk a tad bit faster so they could see the fireworks. They were right by the lake as his s/o grabbed the handle. “Look Tsukki!” They said pointing at the fireworks while pulling at his sleeve, they had such a bright smile on their face as Tsukki let out a slight sigh. Now he had to admit one more thing. [ Name ] was cute, no [ Name ] was super cute. “Tsukki you okay?” They asked. “Baka I’m fine, just watch the fireworks.”

Kageyama: “Thank you,” His s/o stated holding the stuffed animal in their hands as he felt his cheeks heat up. Kageyama had simply played a basketball game, even though he wasn’t good at basketball, he just used his setting skills to get in the hoop. “It wasn’t a big deal,” He stated as they continued to walk on the small path. “Wow Tobio-chan look,” His s/o was staring up at the fireworks. The whole festival and the way his s/o looked made him slightly dazed. “Hey why don’t we go on the ferris wheel?” Kageyama suggested as he looked away. “You might be able to get a better view of the fireworks…” His s/o’s eyes widened as they grabbed his hand. “You’re so smart Tobio-chan, let’s go.” And off they went to the ferris wheel. When they boarded [ Name ] went straight to the window to admire the fireworks. A rather gentle smile appeared on his face as he relaxed. “Thank You Tobio-chan,” They whispered and smiled at him. “For making this one of the best days of my life.” They leaned in as the two of them shared their first kiss on the top of the Ferris Wheel.

Oikawa: The male had told his s/o that they look beautiful and cute many times before hand, but right now it was different. The smell of cheap popcorn, and cotton candy filled the air as he leaned down and kissed his s/o on the lips. They tasted of sweet cotton candy, he pulled back and grinned. “You taste sweet [ Name ]~” he teased as they lit up like a firework. “Oikawa!!” They whined as he chuckled, they looked adorable. But today it was different, maybe it was because of the whole atmosphere. “[ Name ] why don’t we go watch the fireworks?” Oikawa asked humming slightly, as [ Name ] gave a bright smile. “Really?” They asked their eyes glittering. “How could I say to this face?” He asked as he gently touched her nose. They gave a slight pout. But it was quickly gone when Oikawa got down on one knee. “Come on hop on!” Oikawa cheered as his s/o’s eye widened. “What?” They asked. “Well why not? You probably wouldn’t be able to see the fireworks.” Quietly they climbed on his back as Oikawa let out a breath. “Up we go!” He cheered as a smile lit up their face. “Look Tooru! The fireworks!” They cheered as Oikawa smiled, but all he could look at was [ Name’s ] face being lit up by the beautiful light of the fireworks.

Kenma: The male wasn’t good with social events, so he was surprised to say that he enjoyed himself. “Did you enjoy yourself?” His s/o asked as he gave a slight nod a gentle smile on his face. He did actually have fun, seeing his s/o smiling and grinning made him feel happy inside. “I’m glad!” They stated, “I’m always worried,” They whispered as the two started to hold hands. He felt at peace. “I feel as though I’m always dragging you places.” Kenma’s s/o stated. “You know,” they stated. “So I’m glad we both enjoyed ourselves.” Kenma’s s/o stated sheepishly smiling.  “I like being with you,” the cat like male whispered out. “I like hanging out with you, I like seeing you smile, I like seeing you happy…” he trailed off a slight blush on his cheeks. [ Name’s ] eyes widened as they looked at the ground. “I like you [ Name ].” Kenma stated as he gently placed a kiss on their cheek. The female gave a bright smile as they leaned in and kissed him on the forehead. “I like you as well Kenma,” they cheered as Kenma kissed his s/o on the temple. It was almost like a small game, a kissing game. In the end the two of them walked hand in hand smiling.

BTS Reacting to you dressing feminine for the first time

Jin would be lost for words, and be looking at you in complete aw. “You look amazing” 

Taehyung would be so shy to say anything and would continuously keep looking at your curves. He would be so happy you got out of your shell. “Oh my gosh, your so pretty. I’m sorry”

Jhope would look at you, his eyes would light up like the little firework he is. He wouldn’t stop smiling at you throughout the night. “I’m so proud of you, so cute”

Jimin would be so proud of you and make a full of himself trying to show you how happy he is to have you as a girlfriend, trying to let every man to know you are his. “Let’s head out, shall we beautiful?” 

Suga, he knew if would’ve took you a lot of guts for you to dress so pretty for him. And he would want you to dress however you feel most comfortable in. “You didn’t have to dress so nicely, I like you the way you are”

Rap monster would be a protective man and his hand around your waist all night, and every often would look at you and smile. Because how amazing you look. “I’m pretty sure I’m the luckiest man ever, to have you”

Jungkook would be the most shy ever, He has never seen you like this. And would turn red every time he stared at you wearing such a pretty dress. He would be stuttering and get twisted in his words. “You look so amazing, no beautiful, my beautiful girl” 

anonymous asked:

Can you do NaLu with "I needed a drink of water after my shower but I forgot that I opened the blinds to my balcony and you just saw me walk into my kitchen naked" ? If it's okay :)

‘cause my last fic of the year just had to be nalu ;)Happy New Year everyone!:)

“Mmmmmh.” Lucy swayed her hips as she made her way to the kitchen, revelling in the way it made her feel graceful and, frankly, hot. Why did showers always dry her out? It seemed so paradox. So much water on her body, yet the only thing she craved was water inside her. It was a strange thing. She chuckled as she opened the tab to let fresh, cool water flow into the glass she provided beneath. After she had gulped it all down in one go, she filled it up again, and decided that now was a perfect time to relax on her beloved couch. There was still some time left until tonight; she would get ready a little later. The thought that she would be the only one to see her beautiful dress crossed her mind for a second, and she determinedly pushed it away. Who cared if she had no friends? Yet. No friends yet, she had to remind herself. This was her first New Year’s Eve in freedom, and to hell with it if she couldn’t have fun on her own. In her own, new, cozy little flat. A flat with no curtains. She had never paid this little detail much attention. The reason it came to mind now, though, was simple. A man. A pink-haired, lean, attractive man with no shirt. Who was staring at her like a deer in the headlights of a car. Why? Lucy’s mind worked desperately to provide her with an answer to her question, but came up empty. After a moment’s hesitation, she waved in his direction shyly, her face displaying her confusion. Why was he blushing now? And now- wait. Where was he pointing? At her? But… Oh god. With a loud shriek, she dashed for safety, spilling water all over the clean floor. This had to be the worst habit she had developed since living on her own. And her worst moment in general. She was naked. Naked as a jaybird.

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