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Top six Mulder hairstyles.

Lmao. Okay. Here. 

6. Pilot Mulder is windswept, dashing, and an incredibly vexatious mix of adorable and dangerous. That’s some sex hair, for sure. 

5. Look at the beautiful wave in those bangs. I would kill for that hair texture. Tunguska Mulder is sweaty and unkempt and that’s just the way I like ‘em. 

4. A little shorter than the other hairstyles on this list, The Unnatural Mulder ‘do is dad-jock gold. Doesn’t he look like he’s coaching little league?

3. Post-Modern Prometheus Mulder hair just screams buttoned-down bad boy. It’s got some sort of pomade in it, clearly, but it’s still a little uncontrolled, as if there was nothing he could do to tame it. Just like that wild heart of his. 

2. Squeeze Mulder is the ultimate college boyfriend material. His hair is as ridiculous and fluffy as he is. It’s just begging you to run your hands through it. It probably smells like warm rain. 

1. My ultimate Mulder is Paper Hearts Mulder. Look at that perfect floop. It’s structured, but not too meticulously styled. It’s rakish. Poetic. It just screams Byronic Hero. It looks like you could get a good fistful of it. 

mimicthephoenix said:Loving your blog. I followed you over from quotev. Could I please request a What dating Brett Talbot would involve please? ^_^

A/N: I love Brett! I’ve been waiting for somebody to request more of Brett, because I love Cody Saintgnue, he’s practically my biggest inspiration! :) I would love to do this imagine for you, lovely! And thanks for following me, you’re like the only person from Quotev, - that I’m aware of-, who found me on here or followed me haha! Thank you, love.

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Brett Talbot Would Include:

- Having to look up at him constantly because he’s a freaking giant!

- Going to and supporting him during his lacrosse games.

- Unlimited piggy backs for you.

- “Don’t drop me, Brett!

- “I won’t.Easy up, babe. You’re choking me.

- Having to go on your tip toes to kiss him.

- Brett thinking you’re adorable.

- “Shut up, Brett!” you’d cry out.

- “Nah!” he’d laugh.

- “I’m not even that short! You’re a freaking giant, that’s why I’ve got to go on my tip toes!

- Brett constantly teasing you.

- Brett always tickling you.

- “Oh my gosh, stop!

- Passionate kisses.

- Seeing him shirtless nearly every minute of everyday and bloody drooling.

- “Uh, (Y/N)?” Lydia would say.

- “Huh?” you’d ask, wiping the side of your mouth.

- “Good, glad that you wiped it away. You were drooling.” Lydia laughs.

- Brett listening to your heart beat to make sure you’re okay.

- Practically always getting jealous when girls look or talk to Brett. 

- “Are you jealous?

- “Shut up.

- “Ouch! Someone’s grouchy.

- “Whatever!

- “What are you jealous for anyway?

- “She’s really pretty, okay? And she’s known for stealing girls boyfriends and she bullies me.

- “Well, she’s never going to steal me from you, and I’ll get her to stop.

- Brett flipping his shit and wolfing out whenever guys get too close to you.

- “Touch her ever again and I’ll kill you.” Brett threatens.

- “Brett, stop!

- You being the only thing that calms him down.

- You always staying with him during a full moon.

- “Just look into my eyes or my boobs, that works too.

- “You make this a hard choice.” he’d grin with sweat covered skin.

- Brett being utterly sweet to you.

- Brett getting jealous whenever guys look at you or talk to you.

- “Back off Dunbar, or I’ll give you a reason to make you angry.

- “Can you chill out, man? I’m just talking to her.

- “You spoke to her, now you’re done. Get out of here.” he spits.

- “Brett! Calm down this instant!

- Being Brett’s anchor.

- Being close to Satomi.

- Adorable hugs from behind that end with you two swaying from side to side.

- “You know that I love you, right?

- “I know. I love you too, Brett.

- Incredibly hot make out sessions.

- Brett and you both hating the fact that you attend different schools.

- Wearing Brett’s freshly washed jersey to bed when you sleepover at his house.

- “This is freshly washed right?

- “Yes, even you can smell the detergent and softener used.

- “Just checking.

- When you cry, Brett pulls you into his chest and holds you tightly.

- “Baby, it’s okay. You’re going to pull through, because I won’t let them hurt you any more.

- When you get hurt Brett freaks the hell out.

- “You can’t see her right now, Brett.” Stiles would say, getting in front of the closed door.

- “I need to!

- “Brett, (Y/N) wouldn’t want you to be like this. Calm down.

- Liam being a close friend of yours.

- “I don’t get why you even talk to him, (Y/N)!” Brett would yell.

- “Because I understand him, Brett. My friends aren’t chosen by you; I choose them.

- Heated fights.

- Emotional make ups.

- Hot sex.

- Morning sex.

- Sex before bed.

- Sex all day if possible.

- “Your sex drive is unbelievable.” you’d puff out.

- “You enjoy it though, don’t you?” he winks.

- “That’s not the point! I need sleep for three days now.

- So many cuddles it’s unreal!

- He whispers dirty talk in your ear.

- His hand always on your inner thigh.

- “Has your hand just made my thigh it’s home?

- “Possibly.” he’d reply as he trails his hand up to your core.

- Brett making you madly blush.

- Breaking up fights between him and Liam constantly.

- Wishing him eternal look in his games, even if your friends are on the opposing team.

- “I don’t know where I’d be without you, Brett. Probably dead in a ditch.

-”Don’t say shit like that. I’m flattered, but I don’t want to know or think of what would’ve happened to you if you didn’t meet me.

- Being a terrible driver.

- Liam, Brett, Stiles, Scott, Malia and Derek practically screaming like little girls when you’re behind the wheel.

- “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!” They would screech.

- Brett risking his life for you.

- “Just go!

- “No! I’m not leaving you!

- “You have no choice! Go!

- You being super close to his little sister Laurie

- Brett shielding you from all harm.

- Brett being incredibly proud of you.

- You being incredibly proud of Brett.

- Lots and lot’s of banter!

- Brett being so delicious and goofy you blush madly.

- “Are you blushing?

- “No!

- “You’re absolutely adorable.” he’d smirk.

- “No.

- “Yes.

- Brett poking your cheek every three seconds.

- You and Brett being really serious.

- Brett freaking out when you get hurt.

- “It’s a bruised knee and a bloody forehead. I won’t die.

- “Still.

- “You’re really scared of me dying?”

- “Yeah! Of course!

- You know Brett like the back of your hand.

- “You’re silent… What’s wrong?

- “Nothing.

- “Don’t lie. Talk to me, Brett.

- Brett knowing you like the back of his hand.

- “Stop turning your back on me, ((Y/N). I know that something’s wrong!

- “Just leave me alone!

- “No! I love you and I’m helping you!

- Satomi eventually turning you.

- Standing by each other no matter what.

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Under my skin. ( Namjoon/Oc)

Chapter 6

Author’s note : i have no idea how photography works. it’s mostly me trying to sound intelligent so excuse me if it’s inaccurate. 

“Your Id , and the back pass. There’s a small passage way to the left, at the end of this corridor. Take the first right and studio 6 is the thrid door on the left. The Boys won’t be here for another hour or so but the photographer is already here and he’s really looking forward to meeting you.” The kind receptionist checks through my bag and hands it back, smiling widely as she points out the way and I check my phone again to see if Yoongi has replied to my text.


Oh, well. 

I slipped my backpack on and quickly made my way to the studio, only getting lost once and asking one of the younger trainees for directions before finally reaching the studio. 

The photographer is Lee Jeon Seok , a very famous fashion photographer with a pretty impressive portfolio. He’s also relatively young, late twenties or early thirties , tall and strapping with a nice bright smile. 

He’s also a little obvious with the staring.

“Whoa. Are you sure you’re here as a photographer? Not a model?” He teases, eyes lingering unashamedly on my breasts and i resist the urge to snap my fingers just to pull his gaze back up. it’s nothing new. Over the years, i’ve learned that photography was still predominantly a male dominated area and men usually took it for granted that if you came into their area you were open to being ogled at. 

I’m not a prude or a particularly sanctimonious person. i don’t mind being looked at, as long as no lines are crossed. 

Besides, i had more to lose if i kicked out so I could put up with a little harmless flirting. 

“I think you could teach me more about being a photographer than a model…” i smiled vacantly, keeping my expression firmly neutral. it’s a face i’ve perfected over the years , because in my business you just can’t offend these bigshots. It’s more than likely I’ll be seeing this guy again in my career and men are freakishly sensitive when it comes to shit like this. i had no intention of encouraging him but I couldn’t openly reject him either. 

“that’s true. There’s a ton of stuff i could teach you..” He smiles pleasantly and we spend the next forty minutes discussing lightings. He tells me all about the theme of the photoshoot, the members who would best be suited for it. How they were going to be dressed and how the natural lighting would have to be used well, because it was a ‘ Fairy in the Woods’ kind of theme.

“We’ll try to set as few artificial lights as possible and only in juxtaposition to the costumes . The boys have really amazing complexion, all of them so I’d prefer to make the most of it using the natural lighting…” He says easily, showing me swathes of skin tones according to each of the members and the corresponding outfits. 

“Will they be using the same outfits, inside and outside? Some of the indoor shots will need artificial lighting…. And won’t the colors look too different?” i say curiously and he smiles proudly.

“I was wondering if you’d pick on that. And no, the indoor shhots will all take place there, close to the windows. we’ll try to use the light on the outfits. Let’s do a bit of experimentation there… You’re welcome to take snaps as many as you want. I’ll review them later. We can go over all the photos together and i’ll help you take more notes… Maybe obver dinner tonight?” He smiles brightly . innocently. Like his eyes don’t betray the sheer lust coming off him in waves. 

I blink a bit to rearrange my features.

“I have plans for dinner. I’m so sorry. “ I say apologetically. “ But we can get coffe right after the shoot gets over.” i smile quickly and he frowns a bit but looks vaguely convinced. Men and their constant need to get their metaphorical dick sucked is something i will never come to terms with. 

“okay. It would be kind of pointless of you assisting me as an intern if you don’t stay back to discuss the shoot with me.” He says firmly and there’s a subtle warning there.

 I’m in charge here, so you better bend to my will.

 I smile brightly in response and open my mouth to reassure him again when a flurry of activity near the door makes us look up.

i really hate myself for it but it’s Namjoon’s gaze that I lock into, almost immediately. He pretty much pins me to my place with that stare of his and then he’s tilting his head in a coy gesture, dimples blooming on his cheekbones as he scratches the back of his head and smirks,. 

It’s at once incredibly hot and unarmingly adorable. A double attack, because my heart jumps, throbbing up to my throat at the cuteness and my thighs snap together as well, heat pooling in my belly because of the sinful way he is staring at me. 

i look down at once and to my surprise, Jeon seok slings an arms around my shoulder, drawing me closer as he drags me to meet them. 

“Hey guys… this is Ae Rin… My assistant for the day.” He squeezes my shoulder and Yoongi grins subtly before ducking his head in a mock bow. All the members smile a bit and i notice at once that Jung Kook refuses to look anywhere near me. 


But it’s Namjoon who steps forward and his gaze is deadly serious as he holds his hand out.

“Hi, Ae Rin ssi..Please take good care of us today.” He winks subtly and I’m pretty fucking proud of myself for not falling face first at the sheer disrespect. 

What the actual fuck.

“ Nice to meet you guys.” I smile amicably at each of them and Yoongi winks too, except it’s nowhere as … depraved as Namjoon. it’s casual, friendly almost and i’m reminded again of why I like, and prefer Min Yoongi to Kim Namjoon. 

He does not make me want to crawl out of my own skin. 


“Why are you here?” 

I jump a little, nearly tripping over a stray chord as i turn around to stare at him.

“Excuse me?”

“Weren’t you going to intern with the artist we met at the Cafe? “ Namjoon has one hand in his pocket, the other fumbling with the chain around his neck, drawing my attention to the deep V of his silk shirt and the tantalizing glimpse of smooth creamy skin. 

“yoongi got this for me…long before I even knew you…” I say snidedly and I know I’m being hostile but there’s just so much of Mr. tall, handsome male I can take per day. Working with Namjoon at such close quarters is somehow grating on my nerves. it doesn’t really help that the guy isn’t technically doing anything wrong that i can tell him off for. 

 I’m used to snobby idols but this guy is just so oddly down to earth and level headed that i’m drawn against my will. 

“You know me? That’s a bit of an exaggeration, don’t you think?” He winks and I roll my eyes. 

“Fine. I admit i don’t know you. It doesn’t matter either way. “ I say with a shrug, moving back to peer through the pictures. 

He settles down next to me on a rickety old stool and i flinch when some of the staff begin tossing us glances at once. Especially some of the girls who work with the lighting crew and the costumes. The judgemental stare is obvious, accusatory in the way it pierces into my skin and i bite my lower lip before rounding on him.

“You should leave before you get me fired.” I say under my breath. 

“You don’t work here.” He points out fairly enough but I’m more worried about the way one of the staff is actually pulling out her cellphone, not so subtly moving to hold it up in my direction and yeah…. there are somethings you can’t really afford to lose, no matter how good looking and suave the guy is. 

I jump to my feet and turn around ignoring his voice and quickly stalking to the gap behind the set, where Jeon Seok iss talking to another girl.

“Oh, Ae Rin ah… Come here… This is the next set of photos we’ll be working on…” He pulls out another file and begins explaining when one of the assistants brushes by me and for a second i almost think i imagine it, the gentle brush of her fabric against my skin as she leans closer than necessary. And then a low voice carries to me, as she whispers, 

 slutty whore. 

I frown in disbelief. She can’t possibly have said that, right? But a quick glance lets me know that she did , her eyes fairly blazing vindictively as she smirks at me and wow….really? 

I turn back to the man as he continues with his instructions and it’s oddly unsettling, the girl’s words and how out of context they are. Why on earth would she say that… i don’t even know her. 

But the moment I step outside , it’s obvious what’s wrong. 

“Hey… You’re the assistant right?” One of the other make up artists gives me a disdainful amile.

I raise an eyebrow.

“Yoongi oppa says he wants to meet you in his dressing room.Says there’s something he wants to tell you in private.” 

the last two words are drawled, her eyes roving over my form with the kind of judgemental disgust that plain girls seem to reserve for us prettier ones , almost like it’s somehow our fault for being treated differently because of our looks. 

i feel my entire body still because i can’t even fucking believe what i just heard.

Was Min Yoongi that big of a jerk… ? Did he really just indirectly tell some strange woman, a woman who obviously rattled to every other woman in the set, taht he was fucking me?

My fists clench in mortification and disbelief and suddenly i know why these girls are glaring. They think I’m only here because i fucked Yoongi. That the only talent I have is the ability to land a famous idol in my bed and while i don’t give a rat’s ass about what these bitches think, I do care about having my talent undermined. 

I’m also not into being summoned  

So cheap that he could just ask some stranger to come fetch me  like i was his bitch.

Did the fucker not have a bloody phone?!

“What… you’re going to deny that you aren’t-” the girl starts, apparently unaware how close i was to stabbing her. 

“Where the fuck is he?” I say softly and the girls blinks, taken aback at the simmering fury in my tone..

“What are you-”

“Where the fuck is your precious oppa?” I whisper, smiling sweetly and her eyes go wide. 

“in… in the dressing rooms over there. You …You should watch your mouth-”

“And You should watch yours. unless you want me to break it for you. Get the fuck out of my way. ” i shove past her as I stalk over to where the dressing rooms are. 

it was easy enough finding the room. I push it open and Yoongi was on his feet.

“Ae Rin-ah….” 

“Who the fuck do you think you bloody are?” I whisper, and he just stare sat me, raising an eyebrow. 

“i take it you aren’t in the mood…” He drawls. 

“What was that for? i refuse to believe that you’re enough of an idiot to do somtehing as reckless as what you just did…”

“reckless? Why the fuck is that reckless?” He rolls his eyes and I just stare at him. 

“There are staff members out there who think the only reason i’m here is because I’m fucking you..” 

“And they got that wrong didn’t they? When in fact it’s the other way round. The only reason you even fucked me was because you wanted to be here…” He sneers. 

i gawk at him in disbelief. 

“What?! Why do you look so shocked. Think I’m fucking blind? the way you got that poor idiot of a photographer wrapped around your pinky finger? Been touching his arms, smiling,  flirting  with him all day…. Think i can’t bloody see you being a slut out there?” He snarls then and I pull back. 

“You’re out of your fucking mind…” 

“Am i? I didn’t do anything wrong.  I was horny, i sent for you. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be? Fuck buddies? i don’t see that violating any non-existent contract we drew up when this thing started. “

“And the contract specified you being a fucking dick?” i snap angrily. Yoongi scoffs. 

“ Whatever. Besides, you owe me a blowjob at least for the favor i just did you. Hooked you up with one of the best in the fiels. Jeon seok hyung sure looks like he’s going to have you riding his dick in no time. A better prospect for your career… You’re a smart little girl, baby. i’ll give you that.  ” He leans back against the dresser, crossing his legs and looking surreal. Beautiful, cruel and just plain nauseating. 

“Wow. Wow… you know what. You can keep your bloody favors to yourself. And lose my number while you’re at it.!” I barely reasis the urge to just launch myself at him and claw his filthy perfect face. 

i didn’t even bother looking at anyone else. I stalk over to my locker, grab my backpack and the id before slipping on my hoodie and walking straight out of the door. 

I find myself walking past the bus stop and past the subway and suddenly, I’m standing in the middle of the pavement with no fucking clue where i actually am. 

But honestly, that’s the least of my worries. i pull my phone out and quickly delete all the messages, and block Min Yoongi’s number. And for a second i just stare at my wall paper. it’s the photo that yoongi took of me. I look so happy, i think miserably. And there’s nothing but genuine affection in my face.

Why the fuck would he call me a manipulative person? 

And it stuns me for a second, that someone as smart as Min fucking Yoongi would say something so blatantly insulting, so blatantly… misogynistic. it makes me want to punch a wall. Or better yet, his face. But swelling just beneath the anger is a huge wave of sheer fucking hurt. Because, god fucking damn it I had thought the guy was a friend. Yes, i let him into my bed but I’d never for a seocnd considered that he thought of me as nothing more than a cheap lay. 

Worse, a cheap lay who was out to take advantage of his fame and build her career. I fight tears because seiously, that’s such a fucking low blow. 

My phone buzzes and I stare at the screen.

 Kim Namjoon calling.  

i hang up, quickly blocking his number as well. 

Fuck idols. 

Seriously, fuck them. I didn’t want anything to do with either of those idiots. Lesson learned, Ae Rin ah. 


Begin Again

@chebik | AO3 - I’m sorry it’s a bit short! I hope you like it anyway!

by @hazelestelle

Stiles was bored out of his mind. Exams were finally over, and all his friends had gone home to visit their families, but he just couldn’t afford that. Since moving to New York to attend university, he was barely scraping by as it was.

And while weeks with nothing to do sounded awesome in theory, he had quickly learned that having no money, and no one to go on any adventures with, was pretty damn boring.

He decided to spend his last money on ordering pizza, since food was always good, and would at least occupy him for a bit. Since he had nothing better to do, he put “send your cutest delivery guy” in the special instructions box, not really thinking that anything would happen.

A while later, he heard a knock on the door of his shitty apartment, and curious to see if they had honoured his request, went to open it, and holy shit! The guy in the pizza place uniform was definitely Derek, or at least a very convincing look alike.

Stiles was momentarily speechless which admittedly didn’t happen to him very often, but Derek hadn’t looked up from the pizza carton yet, and grumbled “My shift ended half an hour ago, but they insisted I take this one, so there better be a good reason…” At that he finally looked up and stopped dead in his tracks. “Stiles? How did you know I work there?”

“I uh… didn't”, Stiles admitted, still shocked by the fact that Derek was standing in front of his apartment in a pizza delivery uniform. Because he had never been able to keep his mouth shut however, he continued: “I asked them to send their cutest delivery guy.”

“Oh.” Derek’s ears turned pink at that and Stiles had forgotten how endearing that was. “Then you’re probably disappointed.”

“What?” He couldn’t believe Derek had just said that. “I’m sure you are well aware of the fact that you are, like, smoking hot.”

Derek ducked his head and his blush got even darker, but he replied: “Well, there’s a difference between hot and cute, right?”

Stiles still couldn’t quite grasp that this was really happening, that Derek was here, at his apartment, looking incredibly good and unbelievably adorable, and that what had been there between them three years ago still seemed to be there now, so he took a chance and placed his hand on Derek’s, who was still holding the pizza carton.

“Well, I always thought you were both”, he confessed, and Derek started to smile shyly, looking at their hands.

“And you said your shift ended, so why don’t you come in, and we share this pizza and hm, catch up?” He winked at Derek, and the other man laughed, finally taking his hand. “I would like that.”

So, sitting on the floor, because the couch still had textbooks and other stuff from exam week strewn over it, they did share the pizza and talked about their lives since they’ve left Beacon Hills, and Stiles realised how incredibly easy it was to talk to Derek, even after all this time.

And when the pizza was finished, he put the carton to the side and tried to scoot closer to Derek without making it obvious, which he of course failed at.

Derek grinned and raised hid eyebrows and Stiles just shrugged. “I meant what I said, you know.”

Derek’s grin got bigger at that and he took Stiles hand again. “Did you now? Well…” He drew the word out and lifted Stile’s hand to kiss his knuckles. “I always thought the same about you.”

At that, Stiles looked down because that just couldn’t be true. “I’m not hot. Or cute.”

“You are”, Derek assured him and turned his hand over to kiss his palm. “You’re also smart.” Another kiss, on his wrist this time. “And funny.” Another kiss. “And sweet.” Another kiss, and Stiles couldn’t take it anymore. His hard was beating so fast he was sure Derek could hear it, and he was probably blushing all over.

“I … you really mean that?”

Derek nodded, looking straight into Stiles’ eyes. “I mean it. Do you want me not to?”

“No! No, I do want you. Always have.” And wow, that was maybe a bit too honest, but Derek was smiling, which gave Stiles the courage to ask: “So we’re doing this? For real? Because I’m warning you, I’m not a one night kind of guy, especially not when it’s you, so if that’s all you want…”

“It’s not.” Derek interrupted him. “It’s never been, not with you. I just never thought I could have this. But now, maybe, we have a chance?”

Stiles smiled. “A chance sounds good.”

At that, Derek leaned in again for another kiss, this time finally on the lips, and after that, Stiles forgot about his boredom pretty quickly.

Blind date. (SMUT)

This is Akiyoshi Zaizen (OTBS) x MC smut fiction where MC & Akiyoshi only work together & don’t live together. I struggled with this a lot, so I apologise if it turns out to be complete garbage. Also please give me feedback. Thanks, hope someone enjoys it! 

My mother decided I spent too much time working which she automatically assumed meant I had no dating life. So she set up a blind date. I tried very hard to get out of it but my mother is too persistent for her own good. Which leads us to now, I am currently sat in a restaurant, on my own, waiting for my ‘blind date’ wearing a ankle length red gown, with a slit going up the sides stopping just before my thighs, my hair in soft brown curls & my favourite black pumps. I wanted to look sexy although I wasn’t planning for anything to happen. But part of me was hoping maybe it could turn out to be something even if it was just a fling, it’d been a long time since I had had sex.

From where I was sat I could see the entrance, I’d been waiting so long I’d not taken my eyes off the door, eyeing every guy that entered but alas none were sent my way. I’d order two glasses of wine & more or less downed them due to being uncomfortable sat at table on my own in this sexy outfit.

I took the final sip of my third glass of wine, feeling slightly buzzed I decided I’d waited long enough, slightly pissed about waiting for fourty five minutes for
some asshole to just decide to not turn up. I went to grab my purse when a man burst through the doors. He turned to the maitre’d & asked something. The man pointed in my direction. I saw his face & my heart stopped.
He made his way to me, scratching the back of his head avoiding direct eye contact with me.
“A-A-Akiyoshi?!” I blurted out. I had no idea I’d been going on a date with MY BOSS! I didn’t know where to look or what to say & I’m pretty sure he didn’t either.
As he sat down, he finally managed to say something.
“Sorry I’m late ____, my meeting lasted longer than I expected”
“Um..It’s okay…Um…I-I”
“This is kind of strange, huh? When my Dad set me up on this blind date I didn’t even consider the possibility it could be one of my team” His gentle smile
soothes the tension slightly.
“Me either, my mum literally told me nothing about my blind date & said it was a blind date for a reason”
“Haha, Parents!”
“no kidding” His voice sounded so much gentler than what I was used to. I mean he was called ‘the growler’ which says it all but I had no idea he could sound so kind.
“You look lovely, red suits you” He said with a slight pink to his cheeks but he had a soft smile on his face. My heart started beating really fast. I’d never thought
about Akiyoshi in a romantic way, sure I was able to appreciate his beautiful face & physique but I was certain I’d never be his type.
“T-Thank you, Chief…”
“We’re not at the office, don’t call me that” He growls at me, just like he would at the office.
“S-Sorry…It’s just hard to switch out of work mode when I see you.”
“I suppose it can’t be helped, but lets not talk about work, this is a date after all.”
He opens the menu that has been placed in front of him & orders a red wine & I ask for the same.
“Are you not hungry?” I asked concerned he was trying to end the date before it started.
“I ate at the meeting, the cakes just looked so good, I’m sure your sweet tooth would have fallen out if you were there”
“I don’t eat that much cake.”
“Oh no? You always have something sweet on your desk! Today it was a cream filled donut.”
I giggle, He wasn’t wrong. “Okay, Okay, Maybe I do eat sweet things…a lot”
We both chuckle & the tension eases. 

The wine loosens our tongues & we talk about nothing in particular, the seasonelle guys, our families, hobbies, favourite foods, just the kind of stuff you’d expect when on a date. The buzz that left as soon as I saw Akiyoshi, returns heavier than the last time. Talking with him like this is nice & it’s weird that right now I don’t see him as my boss. Suddenly our mouths fall quiet. His handsome face stared at mine for the longest time & I couldn’t look away from the penetrating stare of his dark brown eyes.

“you’re so beautiful” he murmurs behind his hand.
I blush a deep red assuming i matched my dress perfectly. I had no idea, that Akiyoshi, THE GROWLER could say such a thing let alone say it to me! Thank god for alcohol or I would have crumpled into a wet mess of soppy goo!
“You look pretty good yourself, I couldn’t imagine what you’d look like outside of a work suit but damn, you look good!”
I giggle to myself. His cheeks flush & I can’t help but find him incredibly adorable yet sexy at the same time. Was it just me or was it getting really hot in here. The tension rises again as we both struggle to calm our flushed cheeks.

“So…are you looking to actually date someone?” He breaks the ice with something I wasn’t entirely expecting. I find myself answering honestly. Alcohol can be a curse as well as a saviour.
“Well, sure dating someone would be great but work is pretty hectic at the moment, as you know. So I’m not sure how much time I’d have to put into a relationship but I wouldn’t mind just having you know, “fun” with someone for the time being.“
"I see.”
“How about you?”
“I agree, ultimately I’d like to settle down at some point but I’m married to my job & finding a mistress who can understand is a problem.”
He looks me in the eyes again, his stare intense like he’s searching for something.
“It must be hard to find someone that understands that, but I understand…Maybe we should just hook up” Oh my god, I said that out loud. I immediately clasp my hands over my mouth. Afraid to look him in the eye, I stare at my empty wine glass twirling the stem in my fingers cursing the evil that was inside it for making me say that.
His big hands wrap around my fingers & my gaze snaps to him.
“Want to get out of here?” His sexy smirk & intense stare make my body temperature rise. All I can manage is a nod. Oh my god. What. Is. Going. On?!

We pay the bill & head towards his apartment. My fingers laced in his. It felt so natural. Like we’d done it a thousand times before. The silence as we walked
wasn’t awkward. I thought I’d be so uncomfortable but something about him was so kind & comforting to me.

As soon as the door closes behind us in his apartment, he wraps his long arms around my waist & presses his forehead against mine.
“I’ve wanted to do this for so long” He whispers, his stare almost burning through my eyes. My eyes widen & blink furiously. WHAT?! But he’s the growler, the best  looking guy at the office. He wanted to hold ME?! Surely this is just a dream. In the next instant his soft lips press against mine. This wasn’t a dream. Oh my god. My insanely hot boss is kissing me. My eyes shut naturally & I relax into the kiss. He deepens it after I wrap my arms around his neck.
Our lips part slightly & a moan escapes my lips in disappointment. He takes the opportunity to slip his hot tongue inside my mouth, dancing with mine to the sound of our beating hearts & muffled moans.
His hands started to explore my body, caressing every inch of me through my dress. I moan into his mouth. My body reacting to his every touch, arching,
aching. Desire boiling inside me. I couldn’t wait anymore. The desire & the alcohol took over my movements. I undid the buttons of his shirt. & he let it drop off his shoulders. I break the kiss to marvel at his sculptured torso.

“Fuck…” I let out in a gasp, my eyes devouring every muscle. I knew he’d be toned but he was an Adonis! My lips were pressed against his neck, travelling to his collar bone, then his chest. I made quick work of his belt buckle & trousers while he worked me out of the straps of my dress, unzipping the back with expert fingers.
I let my dress drop off me, so I was stood in just my panties & pumps. I continued to kiss down his chest, to his stomach, the muscles clenching under my lips.
He had laced at hand through my hair at some point but as I got on my knees I was so mesmerized by the bulge in his trousers, I didn’t notice.
I take a quick glance up at him & he looked down at me with a slight tint of red in his cheeks.
In one swift tug pulled down his trousers, his boxers came down too & his length sprung free. I rest my hands on his hips, lapped the pre-cum leaking out of his cock.
The grip on my hair tightened, It hurts but I like it. I meet his gaze & smile.
I took him in my mouth all at once.
“_____” He threw his head back as his other head hit the back of my throat making me gag. My saliva coated his cock, glistening as I continue to take him in & out of my mouth. My tongue swirling & flicking every ridge & vein making sure none of his cock was untouched. I cup his balls squeezing gently & I hear him hiss through his teeth. He growled pulling me up by hair & kissing me so aggressive but passionate.

“Do you have any idea what you do to me?”
Before I have a chance to answer he pushes me into the couch behind me. He hovers over the top of me trailing skin more aggressively finding the waistband of my panties & practically shoving his hands down & finding my clit instantly stroking frantically.
“Akiyoshi…fuck” His penetrating gaze staring into me again fire burning in both our eyes. He inserts a finger in my entrance & I throw my head back whimpering in delight.
“You’re so wet & I’ve barely touched you.” He moans this out against my hard nipples whilst pumping his long fingers into my depths & it sends a spark of electricity coursing through my body.

“I need…you…mmmm…to…fuck me…Akiyoshi”
He removes his finger from me & brings it up to his lips, I sigh at the loss but what he does next will go down in history for the sexiest action ever.
He wraps his tongue around his finger & sucks my juices clean off his finger.
“You taste sweeter than any cake”
His words made the ache between my legs become almost painful. I needed him. I lift up my hips as he pulls my panties off. & he throws them over his shoulder & hovers back over me pressing his throbbing member against my clit. Squirming under his teasing actions, I reach down & thread his cock into my entrance.
“mmm…Fuck me Akiyoshi”
His eyes widen & he moans deeply. Gripping my hips tightly he starts to pump his hips in a slow steady rhythm.  
“You’re so much naughtier than I ever imagined” He growled into my ear before biting down hard on my lobe.
“Aki-i-yoshiiii” I yelped his name in both pain & pleasure as he sent my body to new heights of ecstasy.
He intertwined his fingers into my left hand as he increased his pace & used his other to caress my nipples with his thumb. I gripped onto his back raking his broad muscles with my nails.
Suddenly he plunged deep into my core hitting a spot that sent a frenzy of pleasure moans coursing through my body. Noticing he’d hit my g-spot he nearly pulls out completely & then pounds himself hard repeatedly thrusting into that same spot. I dug my nails into his back struggling to keep my composure. His hand snaked down my
stomach to find my clit. He pressed hard once onto it. It’s like he wanted me to lose myself to him completely & fuck it was working.
“Oh god..Akiy-y…” I couldn’t even finish his name. He pressed his forehead to mine, his eyes staring deep into mine. There was something so hot about staring into his eyes while he fucked me. I could see the desire, the passion, everything I was feeling reflected in his eyes.
His movements becoming faster while he continued to swirl his fingers around my bundle of nerves. I could feel the coil in my stomach ready to unwrap itself.
“Aki-i-yoshiiii…I can’t…oh god..I’m close….” His free hand travel down to my ass, he grabbed it hard & twisted my hips ever so slightly still managing to
maintain a steady rhythm thrusting into me while encircling my clit. This slight adjustment completed, he increased his pace & hit deeper into my sweet spot. His grunting the only noise I hear as my muscles clench around him my vision becoming hazy & starry. My body stills as I felt myself unravel.
Sheer bliss taking over my body entirely, I grip onto Akiyoshi, not wanting to let him go, to let this pleasure last forever. His movements became frantic as he chased his own orgasm whilst prolonging mine. I felt his cock twitch inside me.
“Akiyoshi…come for me” I begged him. My words were the final push he needed as he groaned out & flung his head back.  
“Shit _____” Taking the lead from my body, Akiyoshi let himself go, coating my walls with his cum.
Still floating in post orgasmic bliss, I can’t help but think about how I just had sex with my boss & it was so much better than I could have ever pictured
& I chuckle. Akiyoshi sheepishly smiles at me as he removes himself from me & sits back against the couch pulling me up to straddle his lap & he engulfs
me into a warm embrace. His intoxicating smell & the smell of sex & sweat filling my nostrils making my body quiver.
“Well that was the most fun on an assignment I’ve ever had, thanks for your assistance Chief.” I say smirking at him. He chuckles & kisses me gently on the forehead.
“The pleasure was all mine”
“Not entirely” I chuckled & wiggled my hips in his lap eliciting a small growl from Akiyoshi.
“Next time I think we both need to do more research though, how about dinner next Saturday?”
The corners of my lips immediately curled up into what I could only imagine was an inane grin. I nodded enthusiastically & planted a heated kiss on his mouth my hips moving on their own. I felt his erection grow against my ass & he growled as I slid my tongue into his mouth.
“You’re such a handful” his lustful voice moaned into my mouth as he slid his hands into my hair. I trailed my hand down his chest & in-between our bodies & started to pump his cock with my hand.
“So are you, boss” I smirked at him & he kissed me.
The rest of the night we spent in heated passion, not getting a wink of sleep. Fulfilling our desire for each other. Once our bodies collapsed into a fatigued embrace before a sleep filled serenity fell over me, I remind yourself to call my mother tomorrow & thank her for setting up this blind date.

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wynonna earp, its on syfy on fridays @10pm eastern time. 

its about badass sarcastic hot mess wynonna earp (see below)

shes also a dweeb and i love her

 and her inheritance. which is a demon killing gun and the job of killing approx 77 demons that her great grandpa wyatt earp first killed when he was alive. shes joined by: 

historical gunslinger and modern asshole doc holliday (though he does have what resembles a soft spot for the earps, even if hes shit at showing it)

he somehow looks endearing with even with the dead squirrel on his face

a mysterious government man with his own agenda and a soft spot for one-liners (or maybe just wynonnas one liners) deputy dolls

whata nerd he is my son

and her nerdy, latin-speaking shotgun wielding younger sister waverly (ง'̀-‘́)ง earp

literally her first scene in the show. wtf man im so gone for her

their main enemies are the stone witch, a woman with so many weird kinks that i cannot list them all

…not even the creepiest moment that episode.

and bobo del rey (who i affectionately refer to as bob del rey), the man with the fur coat so large im pretty sure hes hiding another, smaller man inside it. 

he’s the one who looks like evil macklemore:

he wears your granddad’s clothes. he looks incredible. hes murdering your friends and family.

wayhaught is the ship of waverly earp and officer nicole haught (yes, pronounced “hot”). nicole is a lowkey rebellious cop who is smooth af and totally head over heels for waverly . this is made better by the fact that adorable baby bi waverly falls for nicole as well. and who can blame either of them. they arent front in center every episode. or even the center of the episodes theyre in really. but they are great and id love the show even if it wasnt gay. and thats a lot from me. but heres a gay gif:

Originally posted by dailywynonnaearp

look at these fucking gay dorks they didnt even close the goddamn door

spoilers: (they get together in episode 9 which is where you get both the “the thing i want to do most in this world is you” line and the “maybe you should stop talking””maybe you should make me” exchange and its lovely. also its been confirmed that these two are up and gaying in the finale so thats a blessing)

i dont know how you found me without watching wynonna earp, but if you did first off: hi! and second you should definitely watch it! legally if possible we really want a season two!

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„Stiles? Stiles, I’m dying.“Stiles sighed long-sufferingly before shouting back at Derek from behind the stove.“You’re not dying, Derek! You’ve just never been sick before.”“Werewolves can’t get sick, Stiles. I really think I’m dying.” Stiles rolled his eyes heavenward, begging whatever deity to give him patience, before he stirred the homemade chicken soup one last time and poured it into a bowl. (1)

Derek looked indeed a little pathetic, his cheeks rosy from a light fever and eyes puffy from the werewolf flu he caught. Stiles wouldn’t admit it, but his heart ached a little when he thought how Derek had spent the last three days fighting of the sickness all by himself, before Stiles showed up in the loft and had taken over.

“Here, eat your soup, you big baby,” Stiles huffed, but he made sure Derek was propped up comfortably against the couch, carefully handing him the hot bowl and a spoon. He took it as a good sign that Derek ate the whole soup without complaining, before murmuring a soft “Thank you, Stiles.”

Sick Derek was obviously incredibly adorable Derek and it made Stiles’ heart ache for a completely different reason.

“You’re welcome, buddy. Now get back to rest,” he answered before walking back to the kitchen to clean up.

“Stiles?”Derek sounded uncharacteristically unsure, his eyes wide as he peeked out at Stiles from his blankets mumbling something unintelligible. 

“What was that? Human here, you have to speak a little louder.”

Derek looked annoyed for a second before visibly deflating. 

“Join me?” He didn’t actually utter the word “please”, but Stiles was able to hear it anyway.He carefully sat down next to Derek on the couch, pulling the werewolf into his side. Derek went willingly, sighing almost contently into his neck when Stiles started carding gentle fingers through soft hair.

“Thanks, Stiles.”

Stiles couldn’t resist pressing a soft kiss to Derek’s head.

“Always, Derek.”