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Since CD has a mouth, can you do a scenario where he takes off his mask?

It was a long, long day. Actually, a long night, as well. You watched on, early in the morning when Chromedome groaned and cursed at the pager beeping beside his head. He hissed out his captain’s name, followed by a few expletives as to why he needs to be conscious this early. Broad shoulders were sagging as he dragged himself to his feet and outside the door. The light of the hallway outside streamed in when the doors split open and slid apart, easily outshining the weary glow of Chromedome’s visor as he looked back at you. 

“I’ll be back soon.”

He wasn’t back, not soon. Not soon enough. It wasn’t until you had gone through your entire day and then night again when you heard footsteps approach your shared room. In he came, barely able to put one foot in front of the other, hardly able to keep himself upright. 

You wanted to be mad… you wanted to ask him why you weren’t a priority to him, but you knew that it was unfair. Post-war brought just as much stress and pressure as wartime did, you were quick to discover. After everything Chromedome’s been through, you couldn’t even dream of a situation where talking to him about this could end in a particularly good way. 

A deep breath, and it was gone. You face him again. “Hello.”

“I’m sorry.” At least he recognized the issue.

But you couldn’t continue with it. Not today, maybe not soon, maybe not ever. But that was okay. You decided to take the high road to comfort him instead. “Come here. Get some rest, you need it.”

He looked down at the floor but nodded his head silently in agreement. He sighed and reached a hand up to cup his mouth, which is something you’ve never actually seen him do before. It was rather strange. A hiss of pressure being released followed by a thin veil of steam came rushing forth from the sections where his jaw met his mouthplate, and before you knew it, the entire piece was gone. 

You’d never considered it before, Chromedome having a nose and mouth. It was weird seeing him without the plate. Regardless, he was actually… quite attractive. He had a straight, pointed nose and a set of wonderfully full lips with a small scar on the side of his chin, no doubt from an accident with his own needles. His jaw was sharp and defined and his cheeks rather hollow, small divots forming when he smiled, the thin metalmesh of his face making his optics close in a cheery grin. 

“What?” He asked with a laugh, and you watched his lips move as he spoke. Your response died on your tongue as you beckoned him closer. You were fixated as he chattered on, but you couldn’t for the life of you consider what it was that he was saying. “Gets a little stuffy in there every so often.” 


“Behind the mask. Gets hot.”


And with that intelligent response, he chuckled and sat down on the berth next to you, smiling brightly. “Maybe next time, I’ll take off the visor.”

“Will you really, though?”


Just a little something I wrote to stave off the writer’s block and give my attention a break from the thing I’ve been working on.

Janeway/Chakotay, 740 words, romance. Un-beta’d and only loosely edited.

The ground levelled off beneath his feet and Chakotay found himself standing at the top of the plateau, gazing out across the lush planet below. He squeezed the hand that was tightly gripping his. “Look, Kathryn. We made it!”

“Oh good.” With a groan, she let go of his hand and collapsed onto the hard ground. “I am never going hiking with you again.”

“It’s not even that big, Kathryn. You’re overreacting.”

“Too. Big.”

“Look, you can see half the planet from up here!” With his dimples in full force, he looked back at his companion, who was sitting on the ground with a scowl on her face and massaging the tenderness out of her legs.

“Come look at the view, Kathryn. That’ll make it all worth it.”

“I’m not sure I trust my legs to hold my weight for a while,” she grumbled.

Without a second thought, he leaned down beside her and scooped her up in her arms, earning himself a surprised shout right next to his ear. Kathryn wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders.

“Well this is a little taller than I’m used to being,” she chuckled. “Don’t you dare drop me!”

He was right, though. The view was spectacular. Breathing deeply of the crisp, cool breeze, they looked out over the alien terrain which was dotted with the yellow and blue uniforms of the other away teams. Most of them had been very eager to volunteer for a chance to stretch their legs and breathe non-recycled air. Feeling a touch of cabin fever herself, Kathryn couldn’t blame them.

“Going down,” Chakotay said suddenly. He set Kathryn lightly on her feet. “I brought lunch if you’re hungry.”

“After that hike? I’m famished!”

After handing Kathryn the sandwiches he had made for them, Chakotay took his holo-imager out of his pack and focussed it on the view around them. A flock of large birds perched in a tree below. Snap. A group of yellow-shouldered crewmembers gathered in and around a canyon where Lieutenant Torres was leading mining operations. Snap. A small but hardly plant growing nearby, the size of a small violet, with a tiny blue flower waving in the wind. Snap.

Kathryn, sitting cross-legged on the ground with an enormous flask beside her and a steaming mug clasped in her hands, her eyes closed in blissful satisfaction.


“Trust you to remember the coffee,” he said, stowing his camera back in his pack.

“There’s containers of milk and sugar in there with the extra cup.”

Quietly happy with her thoughtfulness, he felt around in her bag for the promised items, but instead came up with a small bundle loosely wrapped in blue paper.

“What’s this?” he asked, turning the package over in his hands.

“I know the wrapping isn’t great – god knows I never could copy my mother’s deft touch with the paper – but you never miss my birthday, so I wanted to give you something.”

“I told you not to go to any trouble on my account.”

“You always say that and I always ignore you.” He carefully unwrapped the bundle in his lap and held up the item inside. “But, I’m starting to run out of gift ideas,” Kathryn admitted.

“A scarf?” he asked, fingering the soft yarn.

“It was either that or socks.”

“Socks? Why socks?”

Kathryn shrugged. “Well, what else am I supposed to get for the man who has everything?”

“You didn’t have to get me anything.”

“Hey! I made that myself!”

“And you did a beautiful job. I’m just saying you don’t have to waste your replicator rations on–”

His words were lost as her slender hands came up to cup his face and his lips became locked in a searing kiss. Time slowed and the moment stretched out, until eventually both were forced to come up for breath. The taste of coffee lingered on his lips. His hands found their way around her waist and pulled her closer.

“Is that my real present?” he asked softly.

“If you want it.” Her finger gently brushed the lines of his tattoo, and her breath tickled his cheek.

“I want much more than just a kiss,” he said, hoping he was reading her right. If that wasn’t what she was offering and he scared her away….

“How about staying for breakfast?” The corner of her mouth quirked up in the beginning of a smile.

“Only if I replicate the food.”


“What about the Strike-Commander’s room?” Reaper says bluntly.

“I don’t know what you’re hoping to gain,” Winston says, tentatively, “But all sensitive Overwatch information was either ripped out of his office after the PETRAs act or became public anyway. Besides- ever since the agents left… We don’t go in there.”

“Why not?”

“Respect.” Winston says. His eyes droop, the curve of his mouth sloping downward to partially reveal his fangs. He swallows, looks back up at them, fighting off shreds of grief. “And, uh, the doors are locked. Athena won’t open them. Not even for me.”

“I apologize, Winston, but I will honor his privacy until I no longer function.” Athena replies crisply from a nearby intercom. “There are inalienable things that the dead are entitled to; their belongings and lodgings being left private are among the number.”

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could you please just write something cute with tcoe? bonus points if he calls reader love/darlin.

You stretched, looking around a somewhat unfamiliar room. You noticed the spot on the bed beside you was empty. You climbed out of bed, finding your underwear and a large shirt that did not belong to you. You slipped them on and stepped out of the bedroom to the smell of pancakes and a deep humming.

You smiled as last nights events came back to you upon spying Tyler. You sat down on one of his barstools, watching him hum and cook.

He must have heard you because he didn’t jump upon turning to you, “Mornin’, Darlin’.”

“Morning,” you smiled back at him. “So that wasn’t a dream, huh?”

“Just a dream come true,” he replied back, looking at you with adoration. “Now if I recall you said you like chocolate chips on your pancakes and a little whip cream when you want to spoil yourself. Of course I want to spoil you.”

He slid a plate of pancakes and a cup of coffee in front of you.

“I’m so still dreaming,” you replied with a smile and picked up a fork as Tyler let out a loud laugh.

Don’t Look 

by: layla ( ao3 | tumblr )

words: 702 oneshot 

verse: mighty morphing power rangers reboot (2017)

summary: Zack and Trini go on a coffee date. They both see a cute girl. Who gets to ask her out first? 

read below or on ao3 

“Don’t look but- ”

Quick as a whip, Zack spins around in the booth, not even sure what he’s looking at. Across from him, Trini groans and shakes her head.

“I said don’t look.” 

Zack grins at her irritated reply, but he can tell she’s not actually annoyed. That would be more of a huff rather than a groan, accompanied by a smack upside the head when he was (usually) doing something stupid.

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tbh the only evidence i need that harry’s a gryffindor is the fact that he kept going back to the forbidden forest after voldemort tried to kill him, aragog tried to eat him, lupin turned into a wolf and attacked him, the dementors tried to kiss him, barty crouch was murdered and turned into a bone, umbridge was kidnapped by centaurs,, boy had to die in that forest before he stopped going back

I like to imagine that whenever the press ask Otabek & Yurio what their relationship is 5y down the road, Otabek just gives them a Thumbs Up

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*