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bih the flowerscouts daniel design has me nutting

jvhcjf i think,, that’s the point,,,,

Plot twist: Toffee wasn’t Eclipsa’s son or husband, he was her hairdresser. And now that Star has banished him to the grandpa farm, Eclipsa will have to look for another monster hairdresser.

Thanks a lot, Star. You just doomed your grandmother’s hair.


Its really obvious which quirk is his favourite in Horikoshi’s twitter sketches

At The Landsmeet

Loghain: whatever Howe may have done, he should have been brought to justice. There is no justice in butchering a man in his home

Cousland, whose father was in fact butchered in his home by Howe: 

a glitch

I’m getting more and more into reality-bending horror and just weird horror in general, and of course what better way to try these things out than drawing @therealjacksepticeye and Anti with them in mind. And this is a side of Anti’s alter-ego-ness that I feel like is underrepresented: the fact that he’s not supposed to be there. We are really welcoming of him as a character, but with time he’s started to feel right, yknow? I wanna break out of that a bit. So here that comes.


tony being a confused puppy after peter refuses his offer to join the team