he look so cute ;aaa;

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i need more johnny stuff,,,, nothing in particular just johnny stuff pls

I’ll be posting an imagine later but here’s some headcannons!!
thank u!! hope you enjoy💘

- he has a habit of biting his nails
- he also has really soft hands and likes rubbing the back of ur hand with his thumb
- loves when u wear his clothes omg????
- sticks his tongue out of his mouth when he’s really concentrating and it’s so adorable
- Eskimo kisses ,,,
- he’s surprisingly a good kisser tbh
- constantly giving u compliment!!
- it doesn’t matter if fucking Beyoncé walked in the room he’d still be looking at you
- 100% the kind of boyfriend to paint your dominant hand or let you do his makeup
- brings u flowers all the time!!!
- nuzzles his head in ur neck when u hug and likes to slightly lift u up
- piggy back rides
- he looks so cute when he sleeps aaa,,, bedhead and squinty eyes ,,
- platonic ass showers where u play with bubbles and shampoo eachother’s hair
- also baths bc yesss
- cuddles and spoonin and he loves bein the little spoon aaaahhhh
- he’s just an angel and blushed when u do anything
- he’s the kind of fucker to slow dance in ur room and spin u around
- put glow in the dark stars on ur ceiling and loves to lay down and look at them with u and just talk
- such a good listener tbh

johnny is one of my fav boys! I love writing for him tbhhhh thanks sm for requesting! ☺️💘

Pharos was trapped in a giant bubble. Doesn’t seem like he minds much, though. (by @somanymanyfandoms-solittletime)

daaamn, looks like bell pepper is getting better at this huh