he look s so good holy shit

SSLL asks


Absolutely!  Feel free to send ‘em in to the @asktheskelelodge sideblog, and the skeles will be happy to give their opinions!  =D  
I’m also thinking about doing a skelelodge party around Halloween, so we’ll see if I have time to run it.  

Also, you did say one of the skeles should try on the hotdog, soooo ;)  Of course it had to be your main man.  And you’re definitely right about Edge.  

Who said it wasn’t just coincidence?

The beanie thing was inspired by your fanart~.  He’s gotta be careful, though, or he’s going to end up ripping it or getting it snagged on the crack in his skull and then ripping it.

I love the HT bros so freaking much, and I’m so happy you loved the dynamic between Stretch and Crooks!  And AHHHH THAT FANART HOLY CRAP I LOVE YOU!  CROOKS IS SO HAPPY, AND STRETCH LOOKS GENTLE, AND THE TUTU IS GOOD SHIT, AND THE PIRATE HAT OMG AHHH.
Okay, I’m calm now. <3

Oh, he is.  ;)  I enjoyed the idea of him wearing it far too much, so he definitely bought it.  

Stretch is a good guy. <3

ME TOO.  He would’ve been an amazing vampire.  I saw a male vampire costume yesterday that was called “Bloody Handsome”, and I thought of him.  

I need all of that in my life.  I keep forgetting that Red’s into taking selfies.  They need more photo ops!

I realllllyy love them being friends, too.  Especially Crooks calling Stretch “OTHER-ME.”  xD  Their interactions are so fun.  

He really wanted to see the Lady in a wedding dress.  He knew what he was doing.  x]

Jelly skeles are my jam. <3  As long as they don’t end up being jerks to the Lady about it.  I love some “friendly” competition though!

I’m so glad you liked it!!! <333

I’m glad you liked it! <3  Heck yeah, I’m always down for talking about skeletons.

Nah, she’s so used to the skeles drinking weird condiments that she wouldn’t bat an eye at this point.

xD  I’m so glad you enjoyed it!  <3  And I love everything about this reaction!

So, you know how I sat next to a guy named Larry at my Harry show last night (for reals–no candid camera or anything!)? He was a guy in his forties, teaches high school, saw Harry on Carpool Karaoke and is a hard core rock music fan (we talked lots and lots about classic rock much to my happy aged heart)…anyway, several times during the show he’d look over at me with this face like “holy shit? he’s amazing?!” And I’d just nod knowingly. At the end of the show he said to me, “He’s really, really good. How old is he?” I told him and he said “Shit. All that talent. Amazing.” 

I’m happy to report my new friend Larry left the show a FAN.

I’m so proud. And more in love with our boy than ever.

bts’ reaction to you being blindfolded and handcuffed.

-requested by anon

Your S/O other has been working from early in the morning to late at night. The sexual tension has been lingering around you all day. You put on your sexiest set of lingerie. Blindfolded and handcuffed to the bed you patiently waited for your love

Yoongi had been working on their new album all day and couldn’t wait to snuggle up in bed. He would slowly open the door, trying to be as quiet as possible expecting you to be asleep. “Daddy?? Is that you?” He turned on the light and cursed at the sight of you.

“Holy shit.. Jagi.. You look so good. I’m gonna make you feel like a princess tonight.”

Namjoon wouldnt be suprised to see you handcuffed and blindfolded because he was probably the one who bought all those props for you. He’d simply say. “Jagiya, have you been waiting for me?” All it took for him was a simple nod. Not even 2 seconds later you’d feel the vibration of a toy being pressed against your clothed clit.

He would be standing in awe. You were starting to think he wasn’t even in the same room due to the immense silence but soon you felt 2 hands wrapping around your waist and his boner poking against your vagina and you knew it was going to be one hell of a night.

“Baby, you’re going to feel so good tonight”

You would hear the bedroom door being closed and the light being flicked on. You spread your legs embracing yourself for whatever was going to happen. You felt Jimin hovering above you. His deep soft voice whispering in your ear sent goosebumps down your body.

“Hmm.. baby. Have you been waiting for my cock all day? You’re gonna want to see my while I pound into you.”

He would gently lay down next you on his side. He would start kissing your neck, leaving hickeys and love bites everywhere. He would slowly and teasingly take of your blindfold. Being greeted by his eyes full of lust his hand would move down from your breasts to your vagina. He’d slide his hand down your panties and start fingering you passionately.

Jungkook would already be expecting sex as soon as he walked into the room because of the sexy nude photos you had been sending him all day, including videos of you touching yourself moaning out his name and other various petnames.

“Got all dressed up and kinky for me? You wont be able to last tied up, you can’t keep your hands of me.”

Hoseok would get all dominant and kinky. You’d hear him unbuckle his belt and he’d take of your lingerie. Untying you and ripping of your blindfold pulling you from the bed and placing you on your knees.

“Open your mouth baby girl, I want you to suck on daddy’s cock.”


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Friends to Lovers!Wonho x Chubby!Reader

  • Aight for this im gonna do a friends to lovers thing bc that’s my fAVE THING 
  • So i like to imagine wonho as a very cuddly person (mostly because i am 100000% sure that he is) and even if you are just best friends, i still think he would like the Cuddles
  • and you being chubby and squishy would make it 1000x better to him tbh
  • He would randomly hold you alot, whether it be just randomly pulling you into a tight hug or literally spooning you when you’re in bed together (ok i don’t know about yall but when i hang out with my friends i lay in bed with them a lot so it’s not a stretch for me to think that he would like to be in bed with you too)
  • Sometimes you get really self conscious around him and the other boys, you try not to eat in front of them, you tense your stomach up when wonho wraps his arms around you, things like that
  • and wonho is a very perceptive person so he notices it immediately and it breaks his heart to know that you don’t feel 100% comfortable with him, your best friend
  • so he starts to hype you up
  • a l o t
  • he’s liked you for a long time now, so he just starts voicing all of his daily thoughts about you to you, making it painfully obvious that he likes you to everyone else but you’re just like “wow!!! How have I never realized how sweet and affectionate wonho is!!!” and everyone just *face palm*
  • Calls you beautiful and gorgeous on the daily, no matter what you’re wearing or what you look like because he is the kind of sap that will belive that you are beautiful no matter what and will tell you so
  • he even starts to let his hands linger for a little to long to just be considered friendly. He’ll hug you for what feels like forever, and when he pulls away from you because kihyun started talking to you, he keeps one of his hands on you in some way, just because he likes how warm you feel
  • When you guys talk to each other he angles his head very close to you and peer into your eyes with a small smile on his face, because he loves talking to you and listening to your voice tbh
  • (like the gif at the top!!!)
  • He’s just very attentive with you 
  • And everyone is just like: Ew.
  • Sometimes he’ll come up behind you and whisper something in your ear while he has his hands on your hips, purposely making it a little breathy because he knows it makes you flustered
  • and while you’re responding to whatever he said (probably something unimportant, but he wanted an excuse to fluster you) he’ll pull his head away from your ear but he rubs his hands up and down your sides, applying a little pressure so he can feel every dip and curve
  • of course if you showed signs that you didn’t like it or that you wanted him to stop he would, but really you I don’t mind
  • While he’s doing stuff like that he would be smirking and acting a little cocky, but when he leaves you he’s a blushy mess, pacing back and forth because holy shit he touched you he really freaking touched you and you were warm and soft and you smell so freaking good holy shit hoLY  S  H I T 
  • He probably never actually confesses to you tbh
  • One day you were just laying next to each other in bed while laying on your stomachs and he’s talking to you but he gets a little quiet and thoughtful
  • he does this a lot so you let him have his moment of thought and wait patiently
  • and he randomly smiles a little before brushing your hair away from your face and brushing his lips against your’s 
  • he pulls away rather quickly and looks into your eyes while stroking your cheek with his thumb before he presses a more solid kiss against your lips
  • and then he just keep talking????
  • Neither of you ever really talk about it. but neither of you really regret it. in fact he seems really happy that he did it and he keeps doing it, you even initiate a few kisses of your own
  • and eventually the kisses start getting longer
  • and more passionate
  • like you’ll be alone in the dorms with him and he’ll be sitting on the couch in the living room and you’re walking by and he’ll just tug you onto his lap so you’re straddling him
  • and he’ll grab your face and just go for it. He’ll try and covey all the things that he’s a little afraid to say in those kisses, brushing his tongue against your’s
  • and you’ll just??? get it??? Like you don’t know exactly what he’s trying to say, but you do know that it’s something really special and probably loving and it will make you a little more desperate for him, because you want him to feel all the passion from you that you’re feeling from him if that makes sense
  • You’ll knot your fingers in his hair and tug him closer and he’d pull away for air and groan before pressing kisses down your neck and on your shoulder
  • humming while rubbing your sides up and down before tugging your hips down a little harder so you are sitting completely on his lap
  • He’ll grind you against him a little bit, but he’s not doing it for pleasure. he just wants to feel you more solidly against him, he wants to immerse himself in you completely and he wants you as close as possible, especially when you’re making those tiny noises of pleasure and want. Yep. Definitely needs you as close as possible.
  • So you’re just. making out. on the living room couch. and he’s starting to get more than a little hard and you’re more than a little wet
  • so you pull his lips away from your skin and you’re both panting, but neither of you want to go any farther. he just wraps his arms around you in a hug and tugs you into his chest, shuddering when he feels your breath against his neck and he’s panting into your hair and pressing kisses to the crown of your head while rubbing your back
  • but even though all of that  is happening, you guys both cant help to feel like your feelings are unrequited
  • and he’s always prepared for someone better than him to come along and he’ll willingly let you go because he thinks you deserve more than he can give you
  • and you’re just like “lol how” when you think of him actually loving you in a more than friends way, because you aren’t the typical kind of person that people would picture him with
  • and when the boys talk about how much he talks about you you tell them to shut it because they have to be joking right? there’s no way, even if you guys do make out quite often and when you get bold enough to trail and nip kisses down his neck he groans out a low “fuck” and slips his hands underneath your shirt
  • One day he’s over at your apartment and he’s pressing you down into your bed and desperately kissing you, because you asked him to kiss you and you’re actually pulling him closer and wrapping a leg around his hip to keep him there and when he tries to pull away you whimper and tug him closer. 
  • hearing you whimper for him and feeling you tug him closer tells him that you want him a lot, and it makes him super weak and needy for you, he just wants to give you what you want and more
  • so he takes the initiative and tugs his tshirt over his head and he notices how your fingers twitch to touch him, but you make no move to act on your desires
  • “It’s okay. I want you to touch me.” So you let your fingers brush over his stomach and pecs, but the touch is so light he’s not even sure that he can feel it
  • so he gently grabs your hands and presses them harder against his warm skin, guiding them to rub across his chest and over his shoulders and eventually you start to move your hands on your own and let your fingers roam the muscles of his back and he ind of just gets lost in the sensations if that makes sense. 
  • it’s just a lot of needy and passionate groping tbh
  • he strips you naked and just explores your body, just discovering what pleases you and what he enjoys doing to you the most
  • he doesn’t really expect an orgasm for an orgasm if you get what I mean. Like if he gets you off he doesn’t really expect you to get him off as well, and most likely if he’s already came once he won’t want to cum any more. he’ll just want to play with you lol
  • getting you off gets him off, you receiving pleasure gives him pleasure etc… he’s just a giver
  • I’ll talk more about sex with wonho later (im a thirsty bitch trust me it will happen)
  • Once again neither of you initiate the “what are we talk” afterwards
  • and there really isn’t a rush for either of you to put a label on it right away. you both know that you like each other and thats all that matters to the both of you
  • but the other boys??? they won’t be happy until you admit it and start Officially Dating
  • they don’t really know about all of the kissing and sexy touches going on between you guys so you get great amusement out of them trying to get you guys together
  • And you guys keep it to yourselves for a good couple weeks (not because you wanted it private but because you wanted to see how long it took for them to notice lol)
  • until one day you have to rush out of the dorm and before leaving you press a quick kiss to wonho’s lips and tell him that you love him 
  • whoops
  • both of you know immediately that you blew the secret but still neither of you made moves to explain yourselves lol
  • you just left,,,, and he just giggled at the shocked looks of the members
  • So you label your little Flirtationship as a Relationship and theres that 
  • whew that was long
  • i had to get that out lol
  • ive been thinking about that for weeks 
  • anyway hope you enjoyed :)

The Games We Play (Lead to Gold) - by Anonymous

Written for @31daysofsmut

“Oh god,” Harry all but moans and when he looks at Louis, Louis’ eyes widen because Harry looks wild, his eyes are dark, and he looks genuinely, well, aroused. “I know your stuff, Louis, and holy shit, it’s so, so good.” He leans in closer and then pauses and whispers, so that Louis can barely hear him over the sound of the crowd around them, “God, I’ve jerked off to your stories so many times,” and Louis can almost feel the heat radiating off of him, and as Harry presses closer, Louis gasps because he can feel Harry through the thin fabric of his Supergirl costume, and Louis was not wrong.

Harry is hard — hard for him and his writing, apparently.

whoops — p.p.

wc: 1.8k
summary: “i’ll see you around, parker.” sequel to oops. (requested)
tags: @thatisstilltheterm @devilsdaughter1225

(Name)’s mouth was still tingling when she walked into the cafeteria and took a seat across from Makenzie at their signature lunch table.

“What the hell have you been doing?” Kenzie asked, her eyebrows furrowed together as she took in her friend’s slightly swollen lips and somewhat messy hair.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” she said, snagging a fry from Makenzie’s tray.

“It honestly can’t be that bizarre, (Nickname). Now tell me,” she said, reaching a hand across the table and shaking her best friend’s arm.

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Home by 11.

Pairing : Sam x reader
Word count : 1,211
Author : Mel (Now @fictionalabyss )
Warnings :Rough sex, dom/sub, choking, dildos, slapping, biting, marking.
Square filled : Rough sex.
Written for @spnkinkbingo


“Sam..” His head came up from your breast. “Stop holding back. Please?”


“You won’t break me. I promise.” You gave him a reassuring smile. “I’ll let you know if it’s too much. Give it all you’ve got.”

The words echoed in your head as you got slapped, your head jolting to the side. You asked for this. You wanted this. And fuck, was Sam Winchester delivering. When his hand came down again, your arms moved on instinct to block your face. You could still feel the sting of the last one.

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barista!vernon (coffeeshop!au) FLUFFFFF

got this idea when i was at starbucks the other day BKJFBFDJB

(lets just say vernon’s both the barista and the cashier ye okay)

Originally posted by just-soonyoung

• okay so you would walk into a starbucks with some of your friends, craving for some coffee to accompany your assignments
•  (also because coffee is good)
• there was a queue but not too long as one of your friends started squealing/whispering
• “oh my god, guys, the barista is so cute”
• and all of you would simultaneously turn to look at the barista and holy shit he was Cute!!
• then your friend’s lips would curl into a mischievous smirk
• “hey, Y/N, i dare you to give your name as ‘my baby’ so that cute barista will call that out
• “wtf, no, that’s embarrassing, no way”
• “i’ll pay you twenty bucks if you do it”
• “umm…”
• “and i’ll treat you your coffee!” *gives you a crisp five dollar note*
• your other friend joined in and started to /peer pressure/ you into doing it
• twenty dollars? a coffee? was this worth it?
• “five dollars more if you wink at him when you walk away”
• “oh my god, mingyu why”
• then before you knew it, you were next
• your heart was racing, your palms were sweating, your head was starting to swell
• “hi, welcome to starbucks! i’m vernon, what would you like to drink today?”
• oh my god his smile was so cute, it could light up an entire room
• “um, a grande caramel macchiato”
• you were stuttering so badly, and your friends were snickering at you
• “may i have your name?”
• you could just give your actual name and give back your friends’ money and walk away with your dignity but
• you asked him to give you the marker and the coffee cup and you wrote it down yourself, yknow to avoid more embarrassment
• you even gave it to him with the name part covered
• thank god there wasn’t a queue behind your friends cuz it felt like you were taking forever
• you paid for your drink and stood at the waiting area, waiting for your DEATH
• you were waiting and waiting and waiting
• “one caramel macchiato for…”
• you never wanted to die more in your entire life
• even when you slipped and dropped every paper you were holding in the middle of a walkway
• not even when you sent the wrong /provocative/ message to a friend
• n e v e r
• “for my baby”
• you could hear your friends and their muffled laughter
• you “confidently” walked up to the counter and got your coffee, not wanting to look Mr Cute Barista in the eye
• he handed you a bunch of tissues and
• before you could do your final ($5) move, he smiled warmly at you and
• winked at you ;;;;)
• your death was sealed
• you walked away, to where your friends were
• you could still feel your heart racing
• you opened the bunch of tissues he gave you
• and your jaw dropped
• “hey, tell your friends when they’re making a bet to not talk too loudly as i heard the entire conversation and also, thank you, for calling me cute. :)”
• your heart went BOOM
• your friends asked what was in the tissue but you just smiled at them and kept it in your pocket
• you could feel Mr Cute Barista’s eyes burning at you but there was no way in hell you were looking back
• one thing’s for sure,
• you were never coming back here
• n e v e r
• but hey at least you got twenty five dollars, a free drink and /a note from the cute barista/

omg part two? :)

Alpha harry master-list

This is a masterlist of fic ft alpha!harry and omega!louis . ( for @gigglelou

pray for some sweet simplicity  by  delsicle via @emperorstyles tumblr

Louis is the only omega to ever make it in the cut-throat world of competitive motorcycle racing—that is, he would be if anyone actually knew about his identity. Now, his sights are set towards competing in—and winning—the European Grand Prix, the biggest and most difficult race of the entire year, so he can disappear underground for good. He’s close enough, too, until an alpha sports journalist is assigned to follow Louis’s every move as he prepares for the event of his career.

Or, an AU where motorcycle racing is the biggest sport in a heavily divided world, Louis is trying to take control of his own destiny, and Harry is in for more than he bargained for. (N: this is so good its a wip but holy shit i love it so much i hate reading wips but H O L Y S H I T )

Swim In The Smoke by  whoknows 

“What about this, Captain?” Liam asks, nudging the boy kneeling between their feet with the toe of his boot. The boy hisses and swipes at him, slurring out something unintelligible around the makeshift gag Niall had to stuff in his mouth. He misses by a mile and tries again, just as ineffectively.

Harry looks down at him, at the way the sun streams over his face and shoulders, at the way the gag stretches his mouth, lips pink and chapped. He’s lithe and pretty, smudged all over with dirt. They had found him tied up below deck, mostly unconscious, next to a barrel full of gold. He’s clearly a prisoner, but there’s something familiar about him, something that niggles at Harry’s brain. Something he can’t quite put his finger on.

“Put him in my cabin,” Harry decides, turning back to deal with the rest of the loot. The boys screams out jumbled curse words at Harry’s back, muffled by the gag, and Harry can’t understand any of it. ( a classic ) 

Forever, Uninterrupted by  sparkk 

Harry finds a mysterious picture in Louis’ bag one night and drives himself crazy over it. It’s definitely not what he thinks.

An excuse to write Harry in rut, because there’s already so many heat fics out there.  (ANGST . A good amount . A real good amount )

incalescent by  eleadore

The onset of heat is something Louis still hasn’t learned to recognize.

as deep as the sky by  swallowsmateforlife

A passed-out omega on the bathroom floor isn’t exactly what Harry had in mind when he thought about taking a cute boy home. The idea of leaving Louis there, vulnerable and unresponsive, weighs guiltily at Harry’s conscience. Turns out it’s the best decision he’ll ever make.  

There’s Magic in this Life by unknown

Harry comes out to the band as bisexual on a Tuesday. ( pssst friends to lovers )

Like Candy In My Veins by  littlelouishiccups

“Um…” Harry said slowly after a moment. “Okay. That’s… this is… Let me get this straight.” He lifted up a hand and swallowed. “You told your family that you have a boyfriend… and my name was the first one you thought of?”

“Harry Potter was on TV, alright? It wasn’t that much of a stretch.” Louis pinched the bridge of his nose. He couldn’t believe he was explaining himself to Harry fucking Styles. He couldn’t believe he was stooping this low. “Forget it. I’m sorry I even thought about bringing you into this.”

Harry snorted. “What? Did you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend or something?”

(Basically the A/B/O, enemies to lovers, fake relationship, Christmas AU that nobody asked for.)

 If yall want b!l recs I’m always here 

- alannah


HOLY SHIT GUYS I JUST SAW THIS THE UPS GUY WAS DRIVING ALL OVER AND WE WERE FOLLOWING HIM UNTIL HE STOPPED AT A FAST FOOD PLACE AND WE RAN OUT TO GET PICTURES. I COULDNT STOP SCREAMING. The people in the drive thru line were so impressed. @taylorswift girl you look so good. I didn’t think they were going to be on the trucks here this made my night!!!!!! Can’t wait to find this tomorrow when it’s light out. (video coming later 😂)

anonymous asked:

Sooo how would the mercs rreact to a lover who loves sleeping with a stuffed animal??

Scout would tease his S/O at first. “Aww, dat’s adorable, ya still sleep with a toy!” But really, discovering this kinda makes him happy to discover a new quirk of his lover, and only adds on to how much he adores them. Makes him feel a little bit more protective of S/O because of this innocent quality, and Scout lowkey puts them on an even higher pedestal. 

Soldier has a stuffed animal of his own, that being his rocket launcher. Seriously, the man cuddles the weapon like it’s the softest and fluffiest teddy bear in the entire world. Eventually S/O coaxes him out of this questionably dangerous habit by giving him a stuffed raccoon wearing the American flag as an adorable cape. Now Solider and his S/O are stuffed animal partners!

Pyro already has a (fireproofed) Balloonicorn, so they don’t judge their S/O whatsoever! May or may not set fire to their S/O’s stuffed toy once or twice in an attempt to play around with it. A S/O of Pyro is going to have to quickly realize they gotta fireproof their stuffed animal as well if they want to preserve it.

Heavy gives his S/O a soft little smile when he first discovers they sleep with a stuffed animal. Doesn’t question, address, or pry upon the little quirk. From that point forward, whenever Heavy glances at a stuffed animal, he’ll immediately think of his significant lover. S/O is going to find out eventually that Heavy has a talented hand for sewing, if they ever need their stuffed animal to be repaired. 

Demo fools and teases his S/O mercilessly the moment he finds out they still sleep with a stuffed animal. He’d be a playful jackass by stealing the toy and running around the bedroom with it, wanting S/O to chase him in hot pursuit. Eventually escalates into a pillow fight (of course Demo purposely loses); and he relents the stuffed animal back to his S/O. Gives them a big kiss on the forehead and promises half-heartedly to never mess with their stuffed animal again. Still doesn’t miss out on the chance of teasing, though.

Engineer would be straight to the point, kindly pointing out, “Darlin’ aren’t ya full fledged adult? Shouldn’t ya given up the stuffed animal phase a long time ago…?” Quickly learns from S/O, “Yeah I still sleep with my teddy bear, you gotta problem with that, you can pry Mr. Fluffykins from my cold dead hands.” OR, the other way it’d go down is that Engie eventually warms up to this quirk, and just loves seeing the sight of his S/O cuddling with their stuffed animal.

Sniper is a bit amazed and surprised to find out adults totally have the option of keeping a stuffed animal in bed. He wouldn’t mind having one to cuddle up with in his sleep. But no! It’d make him look unprofessional! Still lowkey wants a stuffed animal, though…A S/O of Sniper would eventually figure out the man needs a good old fashioned sleep buddy, so they end up buying a stuffed animal for him. A stuffed koala bear, at that. Sniper doesn’t express it properly, but holy fucking shit he has a stuffed koala bear, he’s gonna name it Blake Jr. and give it its own bed and perfume it with eucalyptus scent and everything.

Medic probably won’t notice such a quirk until he’s deep into the relationship or has been with his S/O for a long while. Just as he and S/O would be getting ready for bed on any other typical night, he’d exclaim upon seeing the stuffed animal, “Meine liebste, why is zhere a child’s toy in our bed?” S/O has to slowly explain/remind Medic that, “Uhm, you know I’ve always slept with a stuffed animal…?” Medic blatantly admits his ignorance, saying he never noticed it all this time they were in their relationship. However, he thinks it’s an absolutely endearing trait.

Spy never voices his appreciation or professes his love for his S/O’s childish quirk. The man secretly finds it charming, however, and thinks it only adds on to his S/O’s appeal. Whenever he has the chance, Spy likes watching his lover squeezing their stuffed animal in their sleep. It gives him some peace and security, knowing his S/O is safe and sound. He can’t be there for S/O as much as he would like to, but at least their little toy can give them some form of company in the long and lonely nights.

Real-Time Thoughts For South Park S21E02 - Put It Down


• Craig calling Tweek cute nicknames. OMFG. THEY’RE SO GAY. ❤

• The bathroom scene with the boys laughing! So good!

• “I’m glad you guys think suicide is so funny!” “-laughter-”

• Tweek’s cupcakes and aftermath! He’s so cute and messy!


• Tweek’s anxiety… Ahh I must protect him!

• Why is Eric’s song so catchy? He looks good in that outfit as well.

• “You really think Tweek is scared? Tweek will single handedly go to North Korea and fuck ALL you slanty eyed bitches doggy style.”

• “Fidget spinner, Tweek! Come on, son! Focus on the fidget spinner.”

• The car accident scene! There’s so much attentive detail in this season so far! But I feel bad for that kid.

• “Put down the candle Kinny! Like you ever gave a shit about Gary Borkovic.”

• TWEEK, WHAT THE FUCK?! Going into Craig’s room in the middle of the night?!

• Craig is such a good boyfriend!

• AHHH ERIC IS SO RUDE! I feel so horrible for Heidi.


• AHHH I feel so bad for Tweek and Craig… It’s basically emotion vs. logic. Please let them work this out!

• YES HEIDI! YOU GO! Ahhh and Craig’s reaction to her words!



• Tweek and Craig duo???


• Lmfao, Kenny in the Fatalities page.

• Best ending scene! Tweek and Craig worked through it. I love them so much.

Between the Pages - A Tree Bros WIP

Evan just needed a book to finish his essay. 

Hey, guys!! So I made a little post earlier about the fic I’m in the process of writing. I realize it’s going to be a bit longer before I’m ready to release it on AO3 so I decided to post the first little bit. I hope you guys enjoy, and I hope that I don’t leave you guys waiting too long after this!!

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OMGCOC Fic Recs Aug. 30 '17

This week’s topic: Ransom/Tater

1) Can You Hear My Heart Beat? by entirely_too_tall 

Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: ~5k
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Ransom/Tater
Summary:  Ransom doesn’t know what he wants to specialize in med school, and Tater helps him figure it out.

2) Sometimes You Need Your Wingman by aleia

 Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: ~5k
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Ransom/Tater, Bitty/Jack, Holster
Summary:  It’s just sad Ransom didn’t get to hang out with Tater so I had to fix it.

3) Best Laid Plans by exbex

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1k
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Ransom/Tater
Warnings: career ending injuries
Summary: Alexei is sober enough to make it back to his room without help, but Justin follows him up anyway. It has something to do with the lines around his eyes that weren’t there a year ago. They look good on him, Justin decides, but they frame a deep-rooted weariness.

4) Of Hats, Closets, and Safety Blankets by nanlicia

 Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: ~3k
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Ransom/Tater
Summary:  Justin was ready for an epic birthday #keagster. Ready to chill and let the day wash over him as it came. But he was not exactly ready for Professional NHL Athlete and All Around Gloriously Attractive Alexei “Tater” Mashkov to be standing in his Haus. Maybe if he’d been ready for that he wouldn’t have embarrassed himself so much. Maybe it didn’t even matter though, because holy shit Alexei Mashkov touched his bicep and he then he didn’t. let. go.

5) Saved My Love for You by angryspaceravenclaw

 Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: ~3k
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Ransom/Tater, Jack/Bitty
Warnings: hockey injuries, post-surgery, post-surgery care
Summary: A year and a half later and here they were. Not really open, but not really a secret.

And here in this bedroom, as Justin curled back up round Alexei who was relaxing as the ice and the meds took the edge off the pain, Justin was as open as he could ever be.

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hi hi hi! :) can i ask for some seijou third year headcanons on them finding out + taking care of their pregnant s/o (like I can definitely imagine them texting and calling each other for advice and planning daddy 101 meetings)?

d a d dy 101 meetings lmao yes


• his s/o blurts out that they’re pregnant during dinner and he chokes on the food. not the best timing to say it but they were v v anxious ok

• asks if it’s true between his coughs and tears and when receiving a “yes” he stands up and pulls them in for a hug

• now he’s crying for the happy news but also the near death choking experience 

  • he deals with the whole weird ass food cravings really good and isn’t bothered by the fact that they want waffles with mayonnaise and bananas 
  • isn’t too worried that they’d do something that will make them exhausted but is there to rub their shoulders or smth


• he received a box with his fav snack cream puffs and when he opened it it was two large puffs and a itty bitty one, didn’t really sink in so he started eating on one of them before 

• wait… two.. large one and a..tiny one.. a baby one..baby? bABY? *muffled voice* YOU’RE PREGNANT? 

• spins his s/o around and they cannot understand shit he says bc he still have the cream puff in his mouth lmao he is very happy tho

  • when his s/o starts crying over minor things bc hormones sucks he will be so much at lost? but try his best to make them feel better
  • will walk a mile to get whatever they’re craving. And if hugs are demanded? will do. want to be alone? will do. I’ll leave some food in the fridge for u


• s/o sits him down on the couch and says they gotta talk and he is soon worried. like have he fucked up or what’s going on. His thoughts get interrupted by them saying that they’re late

• doesn’t get it at all. What u mean by late. And when his lover puts his hand over their stomach he just gasps in shock 

• tears in his eyes he hugs them tightly and on and on says “we’re going tp be parents” “omg i can’t believe it i’m so happy” “I love you”

  • helps them buying everything necessary they might need during the pregnancy, clothes, shoes etc and there’s not one day he won’t say they are beautiful 
  • can’t really handle the weird food cravings but he manages bc they are carrying a freaking baby. He will do what he needs to do to make them feel at ease


• one day his s/o asks him what he thinks about kids, a bit thrown off tho he will say that he’d love to have a family with them and s/o looks at him and does the finger guns and says “Well good cause guess what- i’m pregnant”. 

• “Really? You’re not kidding are you?” nope. “Holy shit” he can’t stop smiling and kisses their forehead and hugs them

• he feels as if he could run a mile right then bc he is so excited 

  • dad material right here. So calm and collected and will be at their side whenever they need him. Also notes down what they can eat and not eat and what makes them feel sick etc
  • only time he IS at lost is when their hormones are out of control, never been too good with emotions like that. But he learns 

Daddy 101 Meetings

• u can bet ur ass that they will have a group chat where they constantly asks for advice to each other for this and that and tips for whatever it might be. 

• have “meetings” here and there to talk about the baby rooms and what stories one can read to baby’s and lullaby’s. All that hams and jams there is to prepare for babies and parenthood. obvi they do it with their partners as well 

But also


• that one is a very much discussed one- both serious and not so serious 

Matsukawa: Consider naming your kid Stacy

Oikawa: That’s a cute na-

Hanamaki: Short for Ecstasy. Because raising a kid will be a fucking trip

Iwaizumi: sTOP 

Bounty Hunter Chapter 1

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Summary: You’re a bounty hunter, trying to make a name for your own. But will one night of passion ruin everything that you’ve worked for?

Beta’d by @the–blackdahlia

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, unprotected sex, oral (female and male receiving), dirty talk, fluff and angst coming later

Word Count: 2.1k

(pls asked to be tagged in upcoming chapters!)


Cases after case, files after files. You had a busy life being a bounty hunter. It was hard and not to mention your sexist pigs of co-workers.

Being the only woman in the department at the moment was hard, but you showed them who’s boss. You showed them that you were just as good as they were, maybe even better. Bounty hunting was hard and you worked your damn ass off. And if wasn’t for the money you were making, you probably would’ve left the job a long time ago.

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I was one of those weeb shits who was like ‘ew edward cullen? like, alucard would be so ashamed’ no joke. I was a fucking gross teenager


And you know if you want your man to have options in looks ALUCARD IS A PERFECT CHOICE CAUSE HE CAN BE THIS

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