he look like an angel


A BTS/ Kim Seokjin Fanfiction

Summary: He looked like an angel, and spoke like a singer. Next to you, a university student surviving on 5 hours sleep a night, and holes in your shoes, he seemed to have it all. But at the end of the day, you were both just Existing. You just cant help but think, it might be more fun to Exist together…

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Chapter 16

Thankfully Jin had warned you about the long gaps of time between activities before the show usually began, and so when he took you back to the green room before leaving for sound check- which to you sounded mystically professional, and which you struggled to picture Jin participating in- you sat happily on the sofas the other guys had been occupying before, and pulled out some work you had to go over for your final exam at the end of the next week.

You’d been thinking about it the night before; how stupid it was for you to get involved with Jin with your final exams being so close, how you could easily get distracted and fail, making your entire time in South Korea utterly meaningless, but after battling with yourself for a good hour- during which time your friend had come in to tell you to be quiet because apparently you’d been grumbling at yourself out loud- you’d come to the conclusion that you only had one life, and that whatever happened…would happen.

Although those thoughts didn’t stop you from intensely focusing on your revision notes and textbook for the next hour that Jin was gone, ending up sat in a pile of papers by the time he returned, meaning he walked back into the room to find you frantically scribbling into your notebook, a lot more tense than when he’d left.

‘Hey, Beautiful. …uh…what are you doing?’ he asks, coming to a stop beside your seat and letting his eyes run over the multiple sheets of paper that gradually become shadowed with the presence of a few of the other guys being nosey and coming to look too.

‘Hmmm?….Oh! You’re back.’ You observe in surprise as you look up at him, feeling slightly sheepish when you see them all looking at your ocean of revision, and quickly gathering it up to shove it back in your bag along with your books, taking a few pieces thankfully from Jin when he hands them to you, and smiling when he slips past you to sit beside you.

‘How was sound test…uh, check, even?’ you ask, attempting to force all thoughts of work from your mind as you turn toward him and inspecting his face when you realize how hot he looked, his hair around the edges being dampened by sweat, and his cheeks being slightly pinker than they usually were, the look inciting all possibility of images to flood your mind of just what had made him that way.

‘It was good. We’re all set up for the real stage later. We just have to relax for the next hour and a half whilst they check over everything once more and let the fans in. so….’ He says, grabbing your hand suddenly and standing up back up, pulling you with him with a grin and quickly dropping a kiss to the tip of your nose in his apparent excitement, the move surprising you with the amount of people in the room, but making your belly somersault happily nonetheless as you look at him.


He holds your hand securely in the crook of his elbow all the way to the cafeteria space that had been arranged, the buffet type set up that welcomed you as you walked in causing your stomach to growl immediately, and you feel your face heat up in embarrassment as you sheepishly look up at the man beside you to see him grinning down at you.


‘Famished.’ You say, your skin rippling with goosebumps at his answering chuckle, before you let him pull you over to the food, and pass you a plate as he begins to pile food onto his own. Each time he took a spoonful of something for himself he’d turn to offer you some, waiting until you shook or nodded your head, and whenever you declined something, he’d replace the missing food with a kiss to your cheek, the move making you become shier, yet happier, with each one. Although when he realized you were purposefully saying no just so that he’d kiss you, he began putting food on your plate anyway, and accompanying it with a kiss until you were left giggling at the mountain of treats on your plates, and grabbing the spoon for the chips yourself, just so that you could gift him with a kiss back.

‘Yah! Stop being adorable. Lets go and sit down.’ He says, taking the spoon from you, and replacing it with his hand, before pulling you over to a table where Taehyung, Jungkook and Namjoon were already sat.

‘Hey, Y/N….thats a lot of food you’ve got there…’ Namjoon says as you sit, the observation not being judgemental, but sounding more confused, as his eyes widen confusedly, looking from your plate to Jin’s and seeing a similar sized portion.

‘I…uh…I guess I was hungry.’ You explain shyly, peering up at Jin as he sat down beside you and smiling amusedly when you see him glance over at you as he grinned.

‘Yah…Hungry for more than just food.’ Jin mutters, winking at you, and the look forces you to look into your lap so that you could control the heat flooding your face, although, when he sees you being embarrassed, he leans over to kiss your cheek to make everything worse, chuckling wickedly, before telling you to dig in.

‘So, are you hyung’s girlfriend, Y/N?’

Its just as you’d filled your mouth with a roll of kimbap that Taehyung asks the question, and immediately you find your eyes widening and a chunk of rice lodging itself in your windpipe, causing you to choke and cough wildly, covering your mouth desperately as you attempt to swallow and feeling Jin’s hand slap against your back to help, before a minute later gaining your bearings and looking up at the men around the table with a light sheen of sweat on your forehead, all of them fixed in various poses of concern.

‘I take it you guys haven’t-‘

‘Yes, Taehyung. She is.’ Jin cuts of the younger man as you begin to wind down from your embarrassment and settle back in your chair, his sudden admission causing you to widen your eyes and snap your head to look up at him, to watch as he moves his gaze from Taehyung to you.

‘I am?’ you ask timidly, your whole body beginning to tingle with subtle excitement as you try to hold back a smile, biting your lip in your attempt but seeing by his expression and the way his eyes light up in amusement that he could sense your happiness anyway.

‘Is that okay with you?’ He murmurs, his eyes grazing over your face, and where his arm was resting on the back of your chair after your choking fit, you can feel his hand tapping gently at your shoulder the opposite side as he waits for your answer.

‘Of course.’ You say quietly, still not being able to take your eyes off of him, and before you can blink he’s leaning over to touch his lips to your cheek, squeezing your shoulder and flashing you a blinding smile, before proceeding to begin demolishing his food, leaving you sat absorbing the moment for a few moments.

Although that’s before Taehyung manages to pick his jaw up off of the floor and respond to Jin openly kissing you in front of the others.

‘Yah! What was that!? You cant just do that at the dinner table!’


Cas is trying to fix breakfast when Dean falls in love.

They’ve always been together, even when they weren’t. They’ve always known that whatever exists between them is cosmic, is a fate not even they can refuse.

But it takes Dean walking into the kitchen and seeing Cas squinting at the toaster to really accept it.

“What are you doing?” Dean asks warily.

Cas just stares at the toaster, leaning forward slightly, all muscles tense like he’s ready to take flight. “Making toast.”

Dean isn’t sure whether he should be rolling his eyes or leaving the room quickly. He decides on continuing to investigate. “You don’t eat toast.”

Cas still doesn’t flinch. “You do.”

Dean nods. “Thanks for that. But why do you look like you’re at war with the toaster?”

Cas brushes the question away with a shake of his head, concentrating. When the toast pops up, he jumps, arms raising slightly in an almost defensive stance.

“What the hell, Cas?” Dean asks, finally irritated enough to let it show in his voice.

Cas moves to the toaster, still wearing an undershirt and boxers and looking nothing like the warrior angel he is. “I don’t understand why the toast pops out so aggressively. Maybe it’s a way for humans to get their blood flowing in the morning. But I don’t trust it.”

Dean pauses for a moment to let that sink in, then starts laughing, deep and loud guffaws from somewhere so deep it almost never sees daylight. And that’s when he falls in love.

He walks forward and accepts the plate of toast Cas is proudly thrusting toward him, and sets it on the counter.

“Don’t you want to eat?” Cas asks, face falling slightly.

Dean runs his hands through that messy, dark hair, then pulls Cas into his arms, locking his hands at the small of Cas’ back. “In a minute.”

Cas’ face lights up again when Dean kisses him.

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