he literally made now sense at all for the first time in that show

I watched ATLA for the first time this past Christmas

And once I finished and started getting involved in the fandom I found out about all of these shipping wars and was like

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I obviously watched it straight through and didn’t get involved with the show on Tumblr or Instagram because I didn’t want to spoil anything, but when I watched it I felt all of the ‘ships’ ended perfectly.

Then i realized Zutara was a thing, Zutara?

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She literally hated him for 97% of the show, sure they became friends towards the end, but still… I didn’t get any sense of chemistry (for lack of a better word) from that pairing.

Also, Zuko seemed like he was only truly happy with Mai, so I didn’t get why all these Zuko fans were basically casting away the character that meant so much to him; the one girl who made him happy.

AND THEN I started to research this “war”

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They were, and still are, intense!!!! 

Now I hear that people are ‘shipping’ Sokka and Toph..?

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The Avatar fandom…not for the faint of heart.