he literally looks like a little baby

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Ok but in all seriousness Calvin is getting more attractive by the week like every new facecam video he looks like he has changed like literally his facial features are changing every video and I'm so happy about that, not that I don't love his little 12 year old baby face but I love seeing his face change and get more attractive lol

just wait, bc people who have babyfaces growing-up, usually end up w/ the nicest cheekbones. he’s not just going to be hot, he’s going to be HOT.

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do you think Vader's perception of how fragile people are is warped by how easy it is for him to kill people?

(anon - this is my language.)

my answer is definitely. 

like, one punch could kill you, he could squeeze your wrist a little and snap it in half, he can stop canon fire with just a lightsaber. he can lift full-grown, adult men a foot off of the ground, and then throw them across the room, no force usage necessary. quite literally, he can crush you like a bug.

imagine being able to slaughter an entire squadron of rebels and then watching someone struggle to lift a 10lbs weight. it’s got to be a jarring experience; regular people must look like baby bunnies. 

and, see, vader forgets entirely what it’s like to be fragile. if he loses a limb, it’s replaceable. if he gets punched in the gut, someone going to break their hand before swallowing a healthy dose of lightsaber. everything about him is mechanical, replaceable, so he’s separated from the humanity of fragility. when humans break, they heal, when machines break, they’re good to go in a couple minutes or so.

naturally, vader comes to see the average person as weak and breakable. 

not only is his perception of frailty skewed, but his perception of the act itself is, too. violence is okay on tatooine. violence, murder, threats and demeaning punishment are all okay on tatooine, because tatooine is lawless. the jedi never iron out anakin’s tendency towards hyperviolence, either, because they get plunged into a war - and hyperviolence is a good thing, in a war. he grew up surrounded by desolation and destruction; of course core-worlders who gasp at the latest brutal murder in a dark alley seem like sissies. of course pacifism looks like weakness - where he came from, it was. 

this isn’t even getting into the sensory issues that come with the mask - vader looks into the world through a lens. he doesn’t see people as people, he sees them as targets, because that’s what the augmented lens depicts them as. he doesn’t feel people, or smell them, or even hear them that well - he’s constantly pulled from reality.

homicide is much more forgivable when you only understand the people around you as targets.

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Not a request but please hear me out. Imagine every everyone in 1-A having a lil (not) crush on midoriya despite of him looking "plain" but the reason they like him is because he can go to this trembling kawaii chibi-chan that we have to protect (1)

Literally the ENTIRE class of 1-A is part of the Deku Protection Force™. We don’t even need to imagine it because it’s canon.

I think you meant to send a part 2 or something since your sentence stops halfway, but I get what you mean. He always goes from “tiny little baby PROTECT HIM” to “oh shit he’s gonna kill someone” in .73 seconds. what a great character i love him so much.

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  • man at the dollar store, to my mom:is this your daughter? i have a little girl about her age, she's twelve
  • me:i'm sixteen

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do you think there's a way that mob could practice expressing emotions little by little, so that he wouldn't have to hold them back anymore and lead to 100% or ???% that way, his powers would come more on demand than in form of eruptions


i feel like it could work, but at the same time, i dont think it would!

mob’s powers are based on his emotions– and when he goes 100%, thats just literally a look at how much power he could put out by expressing ONE emotion. imagine that with dozens of others. baby boy would be extremely strong, a lot of accidents would happen

i think, for a kid as strong as mob, it just isn’t possible to let his emotions - which, i repeat, are the base of his abilities - to come out full force. i see where you would think that taking the time to slowly come more to terms with it would help, he could develop some sort of growing control over it

but in a way, i think stifling his emotions IS the only way of controlling it… it’s sad, but entirely possible. (especially at his age, where hormones and emotions are like fuckin live wire)

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The (Not so) Evil anon (anymore): That was some fluff😂 that was cute ❤️ Not as much sexy Wei as I expected but no one can blame you, he's too cute! I just watched a 'Wei sexy and cute moments' video... I died... And OMG! I didn't know that Sunyeol had abs...😳 I'm dying😵

you’re my cutie anon 💖 ahhh I’m such a fluffy person!! I’m sorry that it wasn’t sexy like at all???? I tried with like his abs and such, but it’s so hard! I’m literally a ray of sunshine so it’s so hard to write sexy stuff! plus you’re right he’s so cute and fluffy as well! those videos are the absolute best! I watched them all yesterday when I came up with the scenario idea! yes!! little baby sunyoul has abs!! he really looks like a baby and then he pulls up his shirt and you’re like where did this twenty-seven year old swimsuit model come from??? -destiny

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;A; jungkook literally look like a deer, i'm crying, this isn't real, he isn't a little fawn

Right????? Doesn’t he look like a baby deer in that gif. Those doe eyes do not help his case. God he’s so cute…don’t worry I cry too T_T