he literally is beautiful

what she says: im fine

what she really means: I wish i looked as good as spock did in the motion picture when he showed up on the enterprise wearing those sick black robes, eyebrows and cheekbones sharp as fuck, killing his purple eyeshadow like always. The drama he brought onto the bridge with that look was astounding. His bangs alone instantly murdered every crew member. I can never be that cool. I will never achieve that level of perfection. What’s the point of anything if I can’t be him. Why even try

Nintendo: here’s the bad guy, Bowser, being bad, doing a bad thing right now, his behavior is inadvisable and he is a poor role model

Literally everyone: there he is… the best man I ever knew… a beautiful man… a loving father…. a spicy padre… rude of Mario to crash his wedding tbh



Very Observant

*my character, a flamboyant thief dressed in neon colors, is trying to sneak past a guard to join up with the rest of the party*
Me: Alright, I roll tk see if I can sneak past him.
Me: *nat 20*
The Guard: *nat 1*
The DM: You don’t eveb try to sneak past him. You just stroll right down the hall and the guard tips his hat and tells you to have a good day.
Me: Can I roll to say thanks?
The DM: Sure.
Me: *18*
The DM: The guard is in awe of you. It is literally the most beautiful and heartfelt thanks he has ever gotten in his life. If you asked him too, he would die for you in a heartbeat.

anonymous asked:

Victor lost Yuuri while out shopping in Japan so he goes asking locals in cute broken Japanese "I lost my husband will you help me?" and people are super nice so they're like "sure, what does he look like?" and Victor started tearing up and says "he looks beautiful" hahaha

LMAO the locals are probably like “????” and victor’s like “oh oops sorry” [brings up a pic of yuuri from his phone] “HE’S LITERALLY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN ON EARTH”