he literally gives no descriptions for any character ever

JK Rowling, bestselling fatphobe

TW faphobia

I’m finally reading the HP series for the first time and BOY HOWDY, could Rowling be any more fatphobic?? There is literally no other character in the books - not Harry, not Voldemort, no one - to whom she devotes the elaborate, repetitive descriptions that she gives Dudley Dursley and his fatness (which she portrays as both a physical and moral state). How many times must we hear about his “piggy eyes”, his “greedy stares” at food, the “space he takes up”, his many chins, his constant eating (has she ever met a teenage boy?), his lack of interest in any physical activity, his outgrowing clothes (not something a thin teen would do, surely), and on and on, ad nauseum. We get it! He’s fat! He’s bad! He’s bad-fat! Like, if I were writing satire about fatphobic tropes, I couldn’t match her lack of subtlety. Dudley’s bad-fatness is an outright theme. Where are the think pieces on this, y’all?