he literally dances the same dance

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I literally just watched that vid of Luke dancing and what has him so wild today like he was acting so confident not afraid of looking like and idiot with those dance moves I want that Luke all the time

idk if it was filmed today, but same omg 

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I can't wait for Junior's special stage on Inkigayo, looks like it's a dance stage because all the other guys involved are known for dancing too (he will be reunited with Shownu yay). I'm so glad JYP pushes his other talents beside acting even some fans forget what an amazing dancer he is. I just hope he will get some spotlight and not just 5 seconds or so...

i’m going 2 literally d*e seeing junior and shownu on the same stage i’m so happy that they’re gonna have this moment together bc i think they rlly bond thru dancing!! and he’s so passionate abt dancing like he fucking choreographs for the group but he never gets the opportunity to showcase it i’m so fucking excited i’ve waited so long for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!