he literally ate for like five minutes

Reputation Secret Session, London: Our Experience

We have loved Taylor and her music since we were just 7 years old, and our biggest dream, something we wanted to happen more than anything else in the world, was to finally meet her

On Monday 2nd October, we received a DM on twitter from Taylor Nation. This was over a week before the event was taking place. They didn’t give any details other than that it was a ‘secret event’ and to keep it completely to ourselves and not share it with anyone or online. From then and on, we couldn’t stop smiling. We were told we’d be contacted with more details, then on the 4th on Wednesday, we were lay in bed and our phone started to ring. We immediately started SCREAMING then answered and tried to sound as normal as possible, even though we literally COULDN’T BREATHE. We said hello and she was like ‘how are you’ and I (Katie) just replied saying ‘FREAKING OUT.’ She told us her name was Ali (who we knew was part of TN!) and she spoke to our Mum and asked us questions, told us they knew how dedicated we are and wanted to reward us. Closer to the time they emailed us with further details. Honestly, since we received that DM on the Monday we couldn’t even eat properly it FELT SO OVERWHELMING. We had to keep things secret for so long, it was the hardest but most exciting thing ever. 

So on the 13th October, we traveled down to London from Manchester with our parents. We were at the meeting point, about to take Polaroids, then we saw OUR BEST FRIEND RUNNING TOWARDS US. We had no idea she (Kaz @ap0laroidofus) was also invited, because obviously we all kept it quiet, so when we saw each other it was the best feeling ever. 

We met with TN and everyone attending and we got on buses in groups to a secret location, with no idea of what would happen. Then, WE ARRIVED AT THE PRETTIEST HOUSE EVER, which is literally house goals, Taylor’s house! At this point Chloe was looking out of the window SO SHOCKED and Erica saw her and did a shocked face back and laughed. We met back up with Kaz in TAYLOR SWIFT’S KITCHEN and ate cookies and m&m’s that said ‘REP’ on them and drank coke etc. THEN we were just chilling and Tree (the prettiest lil angel ever) came and told us about the chicken tenders SO THANK YOU TREE FOR THAT. AND CHLOE PEED IN TAYLOR’S HOUSE!!! We went to get some and saw SCOTT SWIFT. HE SPOKE TO US FOR LIKE A FULL FIVE MINUTES. He told us stories about Taylor’s childhood like a story from when she was 11, whilst casually eating chicken tenders. Chloe asked him about the 10 minute version of all too well and he replied, ‘I say nothing, I keep my mouth shut!’ Then, of course as he is the king of guitar picks, he gave us some and was picking them all out like ‘1989 picks… speak now…’ HES PRECIOUS. (He dropped one and Katie accidentally saT IN HER BIN trying to pick it up. He also said that him and especially Andrea, would never have let Taylor or Austin go to a secret event when they were our age where they would have to leave their phones behind and get on a bus to a secret location, hahaha. He was also giggling and said it felt like he knew we’d won the lottery, but couldn’t tell us because he said he “knew so much” that we didn’t and then went on to joke about how we’d won the ‘Taylor Swift lottery’ because we were at her freAKING HOUSE.

Then we went into the room to HEAR THE MASTERPIECE OF AN ALBUM, and then she FUCKING WALKED IN LOOKING AS FLAWLESS AS EVER, came to the front, like RIGHT INFRONT OF US, and sat down and began telling us about how she stalked us for OVER A YEAR and has hand picked us then sent our accounts to TN so we could be invited. We heard the album, obviously alllll that info is confidential, but she SAW US and went ‘OMG TWINS.’ SHE ACTUALLY JUST RECOGNISED US out of like 100 people and smiled so big. We started crying and I (Katie) said ‘WE LOVE YOU’ and by this point even our Mum was SOBBING. She made eye contact with us so much throughout the whole thing it was so special. All we can say is, prepare yourselves. There is no album that even compares to rep, not even RED..

Then we were all sat waiting to be called up to MEET TAYLOR SWIFT. We were smelling her candles (SO NICE, OUR MUM WAS OBSESSED BY THE WAY @taylorswift ) and I (Katie) sat waiting in T’s chair. Andrea also came in to open the doors because everyone one was warm and she smiled so big at us and held onto Kaz’s dad so she didn’t fall hahahaha. So then, we got called to come to meet her by a member of TN and while we were waiting HERE COMES SCOTT SWIFT AGAIN. He came downstairs holding his glasses like ‘got my five minute dad nap’ (he’s so precious) and sat down on the stairs next to us and spoke to us and thanked us for coming. He was like ‘You got guitar picks, yeah?!’ so we laughed and said yes!! 

THEN WE WALKED IN TO BE GREETED BY TAYLOR. As soon as she saw us her face lit up and she was like ‘KATIE AND CHLOE!!’ WE SHIT YOU NOT OUR SOULS LEFT OUR FREAKING BODIES. SHE KNEW WHO WE WERE AND KNEW OUR NAMES, she seemed so genuinely happy to see us there. So we ran up to her and hugged her so tight then started talking to her. Then she said to Chloe how shes seen other people wearing her outfit at the event and she was like ‘WHERE CAN I GET THIS?!’ referring to Chloe’s dress and OF COURSE SHE WAS D E A D. TAYLOR SWIFT COMPLIMENTED HER OUTFIT LIKE HOW WAS THIS HAPPENING. So she (Chloe) told her it’s from Topshop. Chloe told her how proud we were of her which was such a special moment. She spoke to our Mum then and thanked her for bringing us and being so supportive then said.. ‘THEY’RE THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE’.. WE ARE THE LIGHT OF TAYLOR SWIFT’S FREAKING LIFE. At this point we were literally dead and seriously couldn’t even believe what was happening.  Then she held my hand SO tight (Katie) for most of the time we were talking WE LITERALLY WOULDN’T LET GO OF EACHOTHERS HANDS and she looked straight into our eyes and payed one hundred percent attention the entire time. She seemed so excited to ask and tell us things. She said she loves seeing us online etc. and that she loves our videos that we have posted on there.. SHE HAS WATCHED OUR VIDEOS. She also told us she made an exception so we could be there because it was supposed to be 18+ and we’re 17.. TAYLOR SWIFT made an EXCEPTION because she wanted to MEET US.  Then I (Katie) told her how we’d had a bad time recently but since we got the DM from Taylor Nation we had not stopped smiling. SHE WAS SO HAPPY THAT WE WERE HAPPY. Then Taylor said ‘shall we get a picture on the couch and we can be triplets?’ WE ARE TAYLOR SWIFT’S TRIPLETS. So we replied like ‘ Y E S!!!!!!’ We sat on the couch and T said ‘shall we do this?’ and put her hands under her chin and she looked SO PRECIOUS then we took the picture.We hugged her again and as we were standing up I (Katie) asked her if she’s coming to Manchester on tour and told her how we went to Fearless and 1989. She hugged us again so so tight and said we were adorable. Then she told us she loved us and we said that we loved her again and said bye.

As we were walking out Tree saw us to tell us where to go and she said we’re ‘BEAUTIFUL GIRLS’ which was so nice of her honestly she is complete sunshine. Then we had to wait downstairs for the bus (every time another group came in after meeting Taylor we were just like “HOW DEAD ARE YOU” and we discussed how much we loved the album- everyone was so nice, TS creating friendships as per) and we got given merch bags which had a t-shirt, pop socket, key ring, hat and a sticker inside which is so so lovely of her. All her team from security to TN were so so kind and her parents were literally so lovely they were checking on everyone like, WE LOVE OUR PARENTS

@taylorswift thank you for making that night the best night of our entire lives. We love you so much, we can’t even put into words how special it was you literally have our entire hearts. WE LOVE YOU, TRIPLET. We are honored to be the light of your life.

October Friday 13th 2017. 

You Get Drunk Around Them For the First Time

S.Coups: Seungcheol would be surprised, but nonetheless let you continue to drink and have fun. He would keep an eye on you though, just in case you were to do something that might get you in trouble.

“You can have fun, but if you start to get on a table and dance or something I’m going to carry you out over my shoulder.”

Jeonghan: Jeonghan would be right there with you, he would match the amount of alcohol you consume and enjoy seeing this new side of you. He would try and tease you about it in the morning, but fail because he was just as embarrassing.

“Remember when you called your mom last night, I mean, I called mine too…”

Joshua: Joshua would let you drink as long as you were doing it responsibly, but as soon as it got to be too much he would bring you home. He’s the type to wash of your makeup, plug your phone in, and make sure you had a bottle of water for when you woke up.

“Make sure to drink a lot of water. I made some toast too, I heard it’s good for hangovers.”

Jun: Jun would let you drink and keep an eye on you, but unlike S.Coups he wouldn’t stop you from doing something embarrassing. He would bring it up with a huge smirk on his face the next day when you asked what you did the morning after.

“You’re not going to believe me! You ate a habanero pepper like it was nothing even though your entire face turned red! It was amazing!”

Hoshi: Soonyoung would be so happy to see you getting drunk, he’d encourage it and buy you more shots just to see how happy and giggly you would get. He would also make you dance with him and laugh over how funny whatever dance move you were doing was.

“You literally did the running man for five straight minutes last night to a slow song. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to hyperventilate.”

Wonwoo: It would be borderline impossible to get drunk with Wonwoo around, sure he would let you have a drink or two, but once you got drunk he would turn into a babysitter. He’d make you sit down and not move like a timeout and refuse to do anything you wanted to do.

“I don’t care how much you want to dance with me we’re not going to. Now sit still, I’m calling a taxi.”

Woozi: Jihoon would let you drink as much as you wanted, he just wants you to be able to let off some steam. As soon as you want to start doing something dumb he would let you do it as long as it doesn’t involve him, he would probably roll his eyes whenever you got an idea though.

“I can’t believe I’m dating someone who actually spent four hours last night trying to catch a goose at the park.”

DK: Seokmin is the literal definition of enabler. He would share all of his drinks with you until the two of you were completely wasted. He’d offer to do the dumbest things: getting tattoos, going on a random flight to wherever, dying your hair, etc. Thank god the two of you make sure you don’t have enough money to go through with these ideas before hand.

“I’m not sure what we did last night, but I just got a text from an unknown number asking if my divorce was going okay.”

Mingyu: Mingyu would find it adorable that you were drinking. He would take it to his advantage and show a little more PDA than you would ever allow if you were sober, giving you long hugs out of nowhere or smothering you with kisses in the middle of the dance floor.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about of course I didn’t tell everyone at the bar last night that we were just engaged and let them all sing to us.”

The8: Minghao would try to stop you from drinking at first, but once you passed the point of no return he would let you do whatever you wanted. He would follow you to make sure you didn’t do anything illegal, but he would make sure to add as much of the night as he could to his snapchat story.

“I’m not deleting that video of you singing Ring Ding Dong to a stranger off my story, it’s too funny.”

Seungkwan: Despite what people may think, Seungkwan would actually be very tentative in making sure you weren’t doing anything you would regret (he does protect the other members a lot). However, you wouldn’t realize that he wasn’t letting you do the dumb things you wanted to do because he’d so easily make you forget that you wanted to do them in the first place.

“Yeah, I don’t know how I convinced you to try to learn how to knit instead of letting the bartender shave your head either.”

Vernon: Vernon would react the most awkwardly out of everyone in the group. He would tell you not to drink or do whatever stupid thing you were about to do, but it would be pretty passive and you would continue doing what you were doing anyways until he could manage to get you home.

“I know I’m supposed to be the responsible boyfriend, but at the time you really wanted to throw your shoes in the lake.”

Dino: Chan wouldn’t understand what was going on while it was happening, of course he would know you were drunk, but he wouldn’t understand why you were acting the way you were. He would ask you why you were doing something making even your drunk self question why you were.

“I don’t understand, why do you want to flash that cop? Don’t you realize you’ll get in trouble if you do?”


Hogwarts! SVT

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since you’re Harry Potter trash could you write more Seventeen!Hogwarts aus?? pretty please??

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  • gryffindor 
  • his tie is never properly done
  • his shirt is never buttoned all the way up
  • he always wears his robe because he likes the way it goes SWOOOSH
  • i’m not scoups biased whatchu talkin bout
  • he looks like he could be in slytherin 
  • helps out all the newcomers
  • a prefect
  • but kind of lowkey about it
  • forgets the password to come to the common room ALL THE TIME
  • scolds the 1st years for not studying
  • literally tries to convince every one to join the team
  • he’s one of those people
  • teases Woozi from Slytherin to get him riled up
  • almost got turned into a rat once
  • but they’re actually really good friends
  • breaking house barriers :’)
  • S.coups actually tries to make friends from every house
  • he’s a pacifist 
  • but if you miss with his friends
  • he gonna whip out that wand
  • will literally protect chan all the time he loves him


  • he’s in hufflepuff because he makes dumb ass jokes
  • laughs at everything so that makes everyone around him laugh too
  • people think he uses spells to make his hair so shiny and luscious 
  • hes just blessed with good hair
  • hangs out at the 3 broomsticks 
  • basically his favorite thing to ingest is butterbeer
  • studies during dinner
  • doesn’t eat at any of the meals
  • he just takes food to snack on later
  • reads under trees a lot
  • pure-blood 
  • could’ve been a prefect
  • didn’t want the responsibility 
  • rather be spending that time to sleep 
  • Seungkwan’s owl terrorized him once
  • it also pooped on him
  • turned Seungkwan into a rabbit
  • the game doesn’t officially start without it :’)


  • So proud of being a ravenclaw
  • wrote a letter to tell his mom right away
  • holds study sessions in the library
  • all houses are allowed to come
  • volunteers at madame pomfrey’s 
  • girls (and guys) pretend to be sick
  • all the professors love him
  • Professor Mconagall gives him a chocolate frog every time she sees him
  • his pet cat is named percy
  • Percy follows him around EVERYWHERE
  • mainly because joshua always carries cat treats with him
  • althought he’s the one that’s attracting all the pussies 
  • his mom was a witch at hogwarts also
  • tried out for quidditch 
  • he fell off his broom 
  • poor bby broke his glasses :(
  • his favorite class is “Care of Magical Creatures”
  • advocates for the rights for house-elves
  • blushed and stuttered realllyyy hard when he met her
  • does his knee drop every time Ravenclaw wins a quidditch match


  • SLYTHERIN! (*hehe slyther in*)
  • the sassiest prefect in hogwarts history
  • talked back to Umbridge all the time, it was savage
  • but he actually doesn’t give a shit about it or setting a good example
  • no one understands how he got it
  • but no one really cares because seeing him walk up to the podium for “orientation”
  • damn, son
  • his parents are muggles
  • actually wants to fight Draco and his stupid father
  • “My father will hear about this!” “With all the moans I get from him every night, I doubt it.”
  • Nearly Headless Nick loves to spook him
  • Last prank was fogging the mirrors in the slytherin dorm and writing weird messages
  • most of them said “I sure do fancy some cauldron cakes right about now” but Jun was too shook
  • doesn’t care for quidditch much, but goes to the games to flex on the vulnerable first-year girls
  • his best field is charms (how ironic)
  • Hagrid drags him out of the forbidden forest at least thrice a semester
  • tried to prank Lockhart with polyjuice potion of filch
  • almost expelled on a few occasions
  • nice guy, just acts like a d-bag


  • got hatstall (sorting hat took more than five minutes)
  • finally sorted into gryffindor!
  • he was so excited he was literally jumping up and down
  • got sick because he ate too much on first day’s banquet
  • McGonagall simply adores him he always has a smile on his face and does anything to help her
  • his housemates have a love-hate relationship with him
  • they love his enthusiasm
  • they dont love his 2 a.m moonwalking
  • favorite subject: herbology
  • practically besties with pomona sprout
  • enjoys playing with the mandrakes (???)
  • fell asleep during transfiguration, woke up to see a bunch of rats swarming around him
  • him and seokmin are practically the up-and-coming Fred and George Weasley
  • always doing stupid shit in the gryffindor quarters
  • forgot the password for entrance
  • dean thomas handed him the honor of quidditch commentator
  • he cried really hard (he was happy!)
  • everyones best friend
  • shares a quarter with dino


  • in Slytherin
  • he saw it coming
  • was glad he got put into the same house as Woozi
  • he now feels slightly more protected
  • they’re like his babies
  • his favorite class is astronomy 
  • takes girls on dates up to the astronomy tower 
  • “Was your dad a thief? Because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes”
  • breaks girls’ hearts on the daily
  • has a soft spot for Cho Chang
  • wants to fight Cedric
  • wants to fight Mingyu because he likes Cedric
  • hangs out with Draco??
  • how cute
  • Professor Snape kind of looked at him like , “Wtf??”
  • but he was touched
  • accidentally called Dumbledore santa 
  • sleeps in his spare time
  • hangs out with Joshua at madame pomfrey’s 
  • kinda gives the side eye to everyone he hates


  • because hagrid just kind of randomly picks him up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • he was lowkey really butthurt that he wasn’t put into Gryffindor
  • but he accepted it because he realized that he’s a snake  Slytherin at heart
  • since he looks like a marshmallow 
  • and marshmallows aren’t kind of intimidating
  • everyone kind of looked down on him at first 
  • no pun intended
  • but everyone quickly changed their minds when he burned all of Vincent Crabbe’s underwear for calling him cute
  • uses the Tarantallegra (dancing feet spell) on Seungkwan A LOT
  • wants to fight Draco 
  • he just finds Draco to be really pretentious
  • s.coups and woozi try to hatch a plan to fight Draco
  • jun eventually joins in
  • woozi has casted the Silencio spell on almost everyone
  • especially DK 
  • his boggart takes the form of a broken guitar
  • somehow has perfect grades in every single one of them :’)
  • Proffessor Snape and him have tea together on the occasion


  • not in a house
  • lol
  • just kidding
  • he hangs around them a lot though
  • His expecto patronum is a pigeon
  • when there was a dementor outbreak
  • he was unaffected???
  • has a crush on one of the girls from Beauxbatons
  • in charge of taking care of the plants in the Hufflepuff common room 
  • somehow managed to break his broomstick twice in one week?? 
  • tried to ride a hippogriff
  • Joshua warned him to be subtle and quiet
  • blows all of his galleons at Weasley Wizard’s Wheezes 
  • gave Woozi Ton-Tongue Toffees for christmas 
  • imitates Professor Snape
  • ‘cause he’s a little shit
  • luckily he’s never gotten caught
  • he says that her pink outfits make her look like a flamingo
  • and then proceeds to act like a flamingo??


  • wandered into the restricted section of the library ??
  • has to clean the girls’ bathroom for punishment
  • Moaning Myrtle likes to scare him 
  • she thinks he’s dreamy
  • he falls down out of terror every time
  • laughs it off and makes small talk with myrtle
  • girls from Gryffindor get in trouble for sneaking into his room to watch him sleep??
  • (shirtless) S.Coups screams when he sees females in his room
  • that does the job though and scares the girls off
  • doesn’t like Cedric Diggory 
  • he thinks Cedric is more handsome than he is
  • ends up being friends with Cedric
  • shares his hair care products with him
  • Hufflepuff + Gryffindor = Minric? 
  • or Cedgyu?
  • none of the professors like him
  • he distracts the other students
  • but he’s a fairly good student though
  • his favorite class is potions
  • one time he unknowingly drank polyjuice potion from hoshi
  • he got turned into a squirrel for a good two hours
  • he actually didn’t mind it that much LOL 


  • the sorting hat was barely placed on his head
  • “Ravenclaw.” “Shit, that was fast.”
  • very good friends with joshua
  • ya know, being close with a prefect has its perks
  • a lot of his fellow ravenclaw can’t believe he’s actually in their house
  • like, yeah, ravenclaw has a lot of “eccentric” members and everyone is welcome and made to feel at home
  • but minghao? he’s quiet. too quiet.
  • but later everyone realizes that it’s because he’s hungry so that’s done
  • moving on
  • hangs out with mingyu in the restricted area in the library
  • doesn’t get caught walking around the school at 2 a.m
  • bc he’s friends with the Grey Lady!
  • he learns more and more about their founder, Rowena Ravenclaw
  • thanks any divine power that his family is close and reliable
  • teeny crush on luna
  • asked her on a study date, but she declined bc she had to take care of her pets with hagrid :’)
  • favorite class: potions
  • looks up a fucking lot to Sybill Trelawney


  • sometimes the other students don’t know if Woozi has charmed Seungkwan with the dancing feet spell
  • or if he’s actually just voluntarily dancing
  • he’s also a Hufflepuff child :D
  • it was Seungkwan’s idea to wear badger costumes during quidditch matches
  • in the frog choir
  • his frog jumps away from him A LOT
  • so his favorite spell to use is Accio
  • poor frog
  • almost fell off the stairs
  • best friends with Neville Longbottom 
  • wakes everyone up in the hufflepuff dormitories by singing every morning
  • his owl is named mochi
  • because it’s fat and squishy
  • LOL yells at trolls like that would save him
  • looks forward to Christmas because he gets to see his mom
  • disses Umbridge’s outfits
  • but nah
  • Mconagall loves him
  • she protected him like he was her baby :’)
  • and also because he compliments her everyday
  • and gossips about the other professors with her after class 


  • a very lowkey student
  • his parents are muggles
  • Jun and him bond over this
  • also a slytherin 
  • poor baby thought he was evil
  • but he realized that there were more to slytherins than being up to no good
  • let’s the other students listen to his headphones
  • coups was scared of the abrupt noise
  • Draco called his music “rubbish”
  • when he looks into the Mirror of Erised
  • he sees himself being able to be a wizard yet live a normal life
  • the Beauxbatons flirted with him a lot
  • it made DK jealous 
  • his uniform is always perfect
  • doesn’t like being in the Slytherin common room
  • would rather hang out with Jeonghan at the Three Broomsticks
  • begs Jeonghan to pay for his butter beer
  • eats the most during meal times
  • the other students are always like, “what’s rap?”
  • and he goes on to rap them a verse or two
  • and they just nod their heads like they understand what’s going on


  • every gryffindor adores him
  • he’s the youngest of the youngest in the entire school!
  • doesn’t get taken seriously as often as he should, because “awww, baby chan is so precious and sweet!”
  • yeet say that again when he the only one that passes the astronomy tests with excellent scores
  • try me bitch
  • anyways
  • sorting hat didn’t know whether to put him in hufflepuff, ravenclaw, or gryffindor (hat didn’t even consider slytherin, that boy? in slytherin? nah)
  • shocked everyone at how loud he can be
  • but it’s okay bc he’s just so ;;u;;
  • dances in the gryffindor commons when he thinks nobody is there
  • caught by a pretty upperclassman girl mid-moonwalk
  • really awkward
  • made it worse by moonwalking out of the room
  • everyone finds out he can dance
  • dumbledore wants him to perform at quidditch championship
  • that boy was out of the room so fast, dumbledore thought it was a pegasus
  • sends lots of food to his mom and dad
  • listens to michael jackson A LOT
  • “Ugh, what is that rubbish cacophony? Turn it off!”
  • “………. What did you just say?”
  • gets expelled for killing a student