he literally appears for one panel

Kaze please……….

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Maybe this is crazy but I'm currently reading tokyo ghoul before everything that happened in :re and I just noticed something: why did Ishida introduce takizawa's dog before the last arc? Like?? What does that brings to the story to know he has a dog? I mean I know Mado has a cat for example but Maris Stella has been in for a few jokes and comic moments so she serves a purpose while Takizawa's dog is just seen once and I don't get why? Sorry this is probably stupid, but Ishida makes me paranoid.

Awww, it’s such a cute question somehow (I love animals) and don’t worry, I understand the feeling, Ishida makes me go paranoid too! :)

I had honestly never given it much thoughts but now that you ask…

It’s true the dog literally appeared for just one panel haha.  

Honestly, I think this little moment was just a way for Ishida to illustrate the dynamics between Seidou and Akira, since they often argued up to this point in the story and also as you said, Maris Stella had been introduced already.
So I’m pretty sure Ishida wanted to say: “you know how these two always bicker? Well, that’s no wonder considering she likes cats and he prefers dogs”.
Aaah the famous dog vs cat conflict! ^^

This is really the only explanation I can find, since this chapter was at the beginning of the Anteiku raid arc, an important arc when it comes to the development of Seidou’s relationship with Akira since, after they finally stopped arguing at work about every little things… 

  • he finally ackowledged her fully and trusted “her intuition”
  • he went to search for Amon for her sake, since she truly believed he was hurt but couldn’t leave her post as the squad leader supposed to lead the reinforcements
  • he also basically admitted to :
  1. having this huge crush on her since their days at the Academy
  2. wanting her to notice him (and she did son, you just didn’t know
  3. being probably a little jealous of Amon’s relationship with her  

Yeah, um… I seriously have no idea how this answer became full of SeiAki feels but basically, I think Rocky was introduced because Maris Stella was as well, because Ishida thought it would be fun to illustrate the interactions between Seidou and Akira using the dog vs cat thing. 

There you go, I hope it answers your question! :)