he listens and then he makes it happen

Imagine: Driving to Shannon’s house when you get into a fight with Jared

You are Jared’s daughter and the two of you get into a huge argument. It’s never been this bad before, where you felt like you had to get away from your dad, so there was only one place/person that could help. You sneak out and drive over to your uncle Shannon’s place to get some space in between the two of you. Shannon is always able to see his niece’s point of view and help mediate. He gives you a shoulder to cry on and a giant bear hug. He makes the two of you some coffee while you vent out what happened, knowing how important it is for himself just to have someone to listen. Once you calm down he has his little brothers back too and helps you see your dad’s side of things. A knock on the door surprises you and it’s your dad ready to make up. Shannon texted his brother to let him know you were safe and when it was okay to come over. You and Jared both thank Shannon up and down for the help, but he get’s shy thinking he’s just doing his job.


okay so this got out of hand but anyway

Rewatch the aquarium scene!! *spoilers*

Humor me for a moment, ok?

Rewatch the aquarium scene, (remembering the text that Sherlock sent Mary immediately before this about final acts) and pretend for a moment that it’s Mary that Sherlock is meeting at the aquarium.

Pretend that Norbury is Mary and that everything Norbury says is coming from Mary. Disregard what Sherlock says about Norbury…his deductions about her specifically, like the cats, flat, etc. (for purposes of this exercise, he’s making it up)

Listen to Norbury’s lines as if they are coming from Mary.
Now pretend that when Mary shows up in the scene, that it’s actually JOHN showing up, and pretend her lines and actions are coming from him.

I think this is what might have happened here, and that John wouldn’t let Mary shoot Sherlock. John chooses Sherlock over a woman again, and he shoots Mary with the gun he always brings along. And Sherlock is either intentionally making up this Norbury story to cover for John, or he is so traumatized by Mary’s betrayal that his mind pulled a Henry, like in THB, and made up a better story, one easier to cope with.

It might also explain the rage from John in this scene. And the reoccurring cheating dream might be Sherlock’s mind trying to cope with his feelings for John and the guilt associated with that and the whole Mary/baby situation.

I do feel a little wobbly about certain aspects of this theory as it relates to the rest of the storyline, but I think this really solves some of the weirdness we are associating with the episode. And we know Sherlock is an unreliable narrator, so it’s hard to know what’s going on for sure.


I’m going to tag a couple of people, so I hope that’s ok. I haven’t done much of it, so…..



And all of those clichés I had about the country and the people, it kind of was all dispersed straight away. So we had a lot to talk about.

Dev Patel on his experience portraying the true story of Saroo Brierley in Lion

anytime i see a post with nursey being v romantic and dex being a memer i 100% agree but i am also picturing dex internally screaming the entire time like this boy is deeply in love but when nursey asks him out his brain just goes blue screen of death and he says something like, “yeah sure” and shrugs even though he wants to scream out a sick guitar solo right there

also dex definitely has issues communicating w people? like it isnt uncommon for people to misread his emotions or what he’s trying to say and its v frustrating/confusing bc he isnt really clear on where the misunderstandings are coming from?? 

he legitimately does not have words for his feelings for this boy and he definitely shows his affection very very differently from how nursey shows him but make no mistake anytime nursey does something sweet dex is burning with the rage of a thousand suns/living a constant litany of “be cool Will BE COOL”/lying face down on the floor in death’s sweet embrace 

so i’m thinkin that for reaper’s shiver skin, in a slightly alternate universe, the explosion at OW HQ happens in the dead of winter and gabe gets trapped in the snow, dies slowly of hypothermia and when he comes back, he’s colder than a freezer in a canadian winter and then kills people the same way he died–by sucking all the warmth from their bodies, just desperate to feel any semblance of warmth again. 

and he just goes with the snowflake motif bc why tf not

namjoon is such a warm and inviting person who’s always willing to listen and learn from others and who is always so humble and grateful for everything that happens to him and he never boast or brags he’s always just pleased that he’s getting to make music and share it with people and he’s so selfless and always considering the other person’s feelings. he’s always just chewing on a thought and putting things into perspective and WONDERING about the world like he’s so mesmerized by everything around him and he can find beauty in even the smallest things and i think that says a lot about how wonderful his heart is. i love namjoon so much and i hope he’s happy right now and that he’s had some time to look at the sky and that he’s smiled today and that he’s seen someone else smile because of him.

The Destiel bits in 12x07

I have lots of sad feels after this episode, so let me talk about the bits that actually made me happy. And I will post 10 billion gifs in this too because I seem incapable of making posts without them, so be warned. (below gif credit to @yourfavoritedirector)

1. The phone call. 

I don’t care how many times it happens but that little “Hey Cas” “Hello Dean” always makes my heart skip a beat. 

2. This bickering that was all too much like an old married couple.

On first viewing it might look like Dean’s picking on Cas for no reason, but he’s just driven a long way,he hates LA, Sam made him listen to Vince Vincente for the entire trip and his nerves are frazzled.

So Cas enters and Dean immediately leaps to make a random comment that didn’t even make any sense in that context (Cas always dresses like that, what’s new?) just so Cas can tick him off. I mean Dean didn’t even look upset at Cas’s rejoinder. Just accepting and well-you-got-me-there-dear-husband.  

Seriously, it was adorable. Also the fact that Cas also immediately starts complaining about how much he’s needed a break away from Crowley was sweet too. These two are so married. 

3. The panties. 

Of course Dean went for the panties. But his expression here was fabulous. (gif credit to @novaks)

He’s all admiring the pretty pink panty and he looks toward Cas before dropping them. I know Cas’s reaction shot wasn’t there but I bet Cas caught that glance, because he proceeded to then examine it himself FOR NO REASON. I mean, what other reason did Cas have to pick it up? He’s never shown any interest in women’s underwear. Except when Dean wears them.

4. Dean’s reaction when Cas comes in with information (or not)

(gif credit to @itsokaysammy)

This is a small but important moment. So Dean’s just chilling here with the vegetable water he apparently hates and the moment Cas comes in he puts the glass away and leans forward into Cas, completely focused on his husband. 

5. Cas sacrificing himself for the world.

Dean’s not happy. At all. But he doesn’t protest because lets face it, what options do they have now? I liked the little hints of protective Dean they threw in though- the rage on his face when Lucifer attacks Cas on stage (can’t find a gif yet but when I do I’ll put it here), the quiet way he asks after Cas at the end.  

This episode hurt a lot, but in a good way. I can see the buildup all right, Cas’s guilt and everything. I really want to see how they’ll address it. 

What I want to see in Infinity War

So, Civil War left the Avengers divided and with a lot of emotional baggage towards each other. And I get the feeling there will be a big scene where the Avengers vent their baggage against each other. And if that happens, you just know that Team Cap will be more than ready to use Tony’s PTSD, guilt and other personal baggage against him. And if that happens: who’s gonna stop Team Cap and make them see that Tony’s not all that bad?

Rhodes? He’ll try, certainly, but they won’t listen to Tony’s best friend, will they? Vision. He’ll consider himself above the conversation. That or be to passive to get any argument in. No, I want Peter, the new kid of the group, the one Team Cap don’t expect much from to leap in and destroy every argument they could possibly come up with.

I want to see Peter leap to his mentor/father figure’s defense cause you just know that Tony is far too guilt ridden to do it himself. I want to see Peter tell Team Cap that while they went rogue, Tony did everything he could to keep the Avengers intact while keeping the Accords intact as well. I want Peter to tell them that Tony flew to help Cap the second he realized he was wrong, while Steve threw Tony’s compromise out the window cause he put Wanda in house arrest. I want Peter to tell them that he thought the Avengers were better than this.

I want to see Peter show Team Cap that maybe, just maybe, Tony was far more reasonable than they gave him credit for, that Tony was going through a lot of shit, and that they have no right to look down on him for trying to do the right thing.

UGH I honestly thought after sleeping I would wake up more calm but I just woke up even more pissed??

Can we talk about how Lorelai STILL treats Jess like he’s the scum of the earth! Like BITCH Jess is the reason Rory and you made up in season 6!! Jess was the one who encouraged Rory to go back to Yale and make up with you. And then skip to the revival and ONCE AGAIN Jess is the one who encourages Rory to drop her bullshit and get her act together and ONCE AGAIN Rory listens to Jess and starts to get her shit together. And despite all this even a million years later Lorelai has nothing but bad things to say about him??? LIKE GET OVER IT. He was a messed up teen who was forced to move away from his home and live in a strange town when he happened to go off on you. He’s grown up SO much since then and honestly was the only character in the revival who was in a good/mature place the whole time and she STILL can’t let go of that one incident that happened a million years ago because he was being an angsty teen.

Chapitre 83 - The Final Obstacle

In which the ultimate family roadtrip is an Actual Literal Roadtrip. 



I N C O L O U R.

And this is how you know that Clamp secretly loves me. (For now)

But can we talk about how the family is shamelessly and unapologetically wearing matching shirts? Not even stylish matching shirts, but straight up tourist-shop-esque shirts with tiny feather patterns that THEY ALL AGREED TO WEAR TOGETHER AS THEY DROVE A JEEP THROUGH A SUNFLOWER FIELD. 


Please never show Tomoyo any evidence that this ever took place. 


“Twitchy as Jesper was, with or without his revolvers, he was at his best in a fight, and she knew he’d do anything for Kaz.”


He [Ed] was on tour with me the entire time he was making his new album Multiply. I go through that album, and when I’m listening to it I think of when the certain thing happened that inspired that song happened to him. When he played it for me for the first time. And when he went into the studio and recorded it. And then all the different mixes that he played me.

there are two things about isak and even i still haven’t talked about and i honestly need to get them out of my chest

in 2:10, when they are at even’s place smoking by the window and talking about nas, isak completely makes a fool out of himself by saying he knows nas when he clearly doesn’t, right? well right after that, even says “we’ll listen to it later” and then they proceed to give each other the most erotic and breath taking look i’ve seen in my entire life. and you know why? because they know it’s going to be a “later”, because it’s not just them smoking a joint and having small talk. it’s them promising each other something, a tiny future.

okay and then the other thing happens on the same episode. they are in the kitchen right? and even is making them toasts and they are being dorks and everything. and there’s a moment when even says something in the line of “there’s no turning back now” (talking about all the spieces they’ve used dor the toasts) and isak is on his phone and he literally stops for just a second and then he repeats, “no turning back now” and it’s literally the greatest metaphor because just then he lies to the boys and emma about the party to spend more time with even. there’s literally no turning back now, they’ve met, they’ve talked, isak’s gone forever

this show is still surprising me bye bye

On The Importance Of Cunnilingus

We were discussing how Finn probably didn’t go down on Raven or Clarke and well, then things spiraled.  Set at some point during season one.  For the salt cellar. 

Bellamy was working on repairing a section of the wall when he overheard two of the delinquents snickering.  He set down the makeshift hammer and listens, because teenage criminals laughing is now something that makes him a little anxious.  It’s not much, just idiot kids bragging about sex, but when he heard the first boy laughing about getting his dick sucked and walking away, Bellamy decided he needed to do something about it.

That night, he cornered the two he overheard a short distance from the fire.  “I hear you’re enjoying your freedom,” he said as intimidatingly as possible.  They exchanged worried looks, and Bellamy arched an eyebrow.  “But before anything else happens in my camp, I think we need to talk about how you’re treating Ursula.”  (He’d asked Miller for the latest gossip as surreptitiously as he could before starting this, and according to him, Isaac— the blond, skinny one— was mostly hooking up with Ursula.  The other one— who had encouraged him in laughing about hitting it and quitting it— had several sticks in the fire, but had been thus far unsuccessful.  Probably for good reason.)

Isaac looked relieved.  “She’s into it, I swear,” he said, and his friend (Martin, Miller said) nodded rapidly.

“It’s not about that.  It’s about being a good partner,” Bellamy said, and he heard a dry snort that could only belong to Miller from his side.  “You have something to add?” he asked his friend.

“Probably not, if it’s about sex with women.  But I’m still gonna listen,” he said, and sat down next to Martin and Isaac with an expression of faux-interest.

Bellamy rolled his eyes.  “Look, I get it,” he started, and Martin and Isaac exchange a look.  “We’re— we’re a lot freer here, and you might not have been able to…be with someone so easily on the Ark.”  He couldn’t condemn them for it— he’d certainly had his fun the first few days— but he’d realized something from being with Raven.  She’d initially tried to wave him off when he kissed her hipbone, and it was only after a quick conversation that she’d agreed.

And then, the second his tongue touched her clit and her fingers started tugging on his hair and he realized that Finn, in all likelihood, was one of those guys.  The guys who, for whatever reason, felt that their pleasure was most important.  A lot of times it was based on ignorance, or shyness, or even just a mistaken belief that for men, sex had to involve an orgasm and for women, it didn’t.

And Bellamy was not about to let that continue.  Not in his camp.  “But if you’re going to expect oral sex from someone, you have to be willing to give it in return,” he said, and Isaac’s eyes got wide.  “So first up, communication.”

“Wait, you’re going to give lessons?” Miller asked gleefully.

“We’re going to talk about communication,” he growled, but already Miller’s laughter was drawing over a few more curious ears.  Fine then— they’d all learn the importance of reciprocal oral sex and the female orgasm.  “Any time you’re entering into a sexual relationship, you have to be able to ask your partner what they want.  This goes for men or women, by the way.”

“I’d like some tips, actually, if that’s on the table, ” a guy named Sterling said as he took a seat next to Miller.

“That’s not what I’m doing.  Now, it’s important to ask what they’re comfortable with, but it is also equally important that you be an enthusiastic partner.  You can all have your own limits, but I personally think that if it’s something you want to be done to you, you should also be willing to do it for your partner.  There’s always exceptions, but—”

“– this is the worst sex lesson I’ve ever heard,” Clarke interrupted.  “And why the hell are you doing this?”

Bellamy glanced at her and took in her amused grin and the way the firelight played in her hair.  He wanted to say  I’m doing this because I know there’s no chance in hell Finn went down on you, but for one thing, that’s not something you say to your co-leader.  And for another thing, the thought of Clarke splayed out across his furs, his head between her thighs, suddenly made it hard to breathe, much less think.  “Because I think there needs to be a little more equality in the orgasms around here,” he said, and Clarke laughed.

“We’re talking cunnilingus, right?” she asked cheerfully, and at the shocked gasps from the now-crowd huddling around them she grinned.  “Okay, who knows where the clitoris is?” she asked, and  Miller had never looked more entertained.

Bellamy leaned his lips down to near her ear.  “I was planning on doing more like, general consent and enthusiasm,” he whispered.

“And that is both boring and not super helpful,” she said.  “Well, that’s not entirely true.  But Pike did drill us all pretty thoroughly on consent, right?” Clarke directed the last bit at the group, and Bellamy was met with a chorus of yes means yes and giggles.  “Right.  So, your partner has given you an enthusiastic yes.  Now, the clit.  Who can tell me where that is?”

What followed were some of the most painful minutes of Bellamy’s life, because it was Clarke and she was talking about cunnilingus and damn, not only did she know what she was talking about, she was hot and pretty and smart and funny and he would do anything to spend the rest of the night with his face buried between her legs.  But she was with Finn— or at least that mess wasn’t completely over— so he had to let that go.  

Clarke was now discussing when to add digital penetration while licking a clit, and he decided to jump back in.  “Not everyone likes that,” he countered, and Clarke raised an eyebrow.  “I’m just saying, your partner can tell you what they want.  And if you’re the person receiving, don’t be afraid to speak up.”

“So you’re saying you like them talkative?” she teased, and there was another chorus of giggles.

I’m saying I want to hear you beg for it, he wanted to say.  “I’m just emphasizing the importance of communication on both sides,” he said instead, and maybe it was a trick of the firelight, but he could have sworn that Clarke’s eyes darkened for a second, like she knew what he was thinking.

“Man, this is the weirdest foreplay I’ve ever witnessed,” Miller muttered under his breath, and Bellamy wanted to kick him in the shins.

Clarke clucked her tongue and turned back to the crowd, and Bellamy allowed himself a small smile.

Because whatever this was between them— it wasn’t over.  Not by a long shot.

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Also funny how he didn't get continually pushed on a 1D reunion like Niall. So some topics clearly were off limits, unlike Jay :( I cant believe Simon Jones is allowed within 5 miles of Louis, he is such a piece of shit.

I’m listening to it, and there are parts when Louis sounds super genuine and into the interview, but a lot of it he starts talking really really fast, like he’s trying to hit items off a check list, and then he like,  collects himself and makes himself sound calm and into it again.

I can’t believe his PR like I’m still fucking stunned they let that happen.

Nurseydex vs The Sonnets

Alright, so I’m a theater major, and this semester we have a class completely dedicated to Shakespeare, and it’s amazing and I could talk about it for hours. Anyway, we each had to pick a sonnet and memorize it, and we recited them again today and I had a little flash of inspiration.

If Nursey studied and writes poetry, he’s likely very familiar with Shakespeare’s sonnets (and others as well but we’re talking about Shakespeare here specifically). And like… Dex strikes me as someone who hated it in high school because most of his exposure to it was being forced to read Romeo & Juliet and listening to a bunch of sixteen-year-olds struggle to read and comprehend, and he probably looked at it and felt dumb. (Which is something that happens to people and it makes me So Sad.)

So. Imagine this.

  • Dex is taking an English class (yay for required courses), and they’re looking at the sonnets and he just. Hates It. This is hard language to read and comprehend, and when you go in with a bad experience that makes you assume you aren’t going to understand, you really are not going to understand.
  • Nursey walks into the Haus and sees his Adorable Ginger Boyfriend reading a book of Shakespeare’s sonnets and gets. He’s just So Excited.
  • Derek Nurse is Not Chill about his love of the sonnets and Shakespeare’s impact on the English language
  • “You’re reading the sonnets????”
  • “Yup.”
  • “What do you think???”
  • Dex is silent for a bit. He can tell Nursey’s really excited about the sonnets (he’s not being very subtle), but he just… he Doesn’t Understand and he is Frustrated.
  • “I dunno…. I don’t really… I’m just not the type of person who gets this stuff.”
  • Nursey hears the phrase “type of person” and just. Oh no.
  • “Well… first glance it’s all pretty weird to read, but-”
  • “Some people get this but I’m just not one of them, y’know?”
  • And so “Operation Fix What High School English Class Broke” is a go.
  • Nursey, like most people who have had an actually good Shakespeare teacher, knows that if someone doesn’t understand it, it’s the actor’s/speaker’s fault. Not the listener.
  • (Nursey is fully prepared for the fines he will accumulate over the next couple of weeks)

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