he likes watermelons

Trying Something New (Smut)


Request: Can u do a kinky Shawn smut??? Thanks!!

Word Count: 1,663

Trying Something New

From Favourite boy toy: Hey babe, just letting you know, I land at 5 today. Can’t wait to see you.

To favourite boy toy: Yay, I miss you so much. Mine or your place then?

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i want an osiris watermelon skin where he looks like a watermelon on the outside like green but for his passive instead of blue it’s just the inside of a watermelon with the seeds and all. how cute would that be.

Me: Time to think up lore for my new Bogsneak!

Me: Well, he’s very pink and he looks like a watermelon.


Me: Let’s make him a sneaky, conniving pardoner who worships a Deity of Sin, because that fits his color scheme and parents’ lore perfectly. /s


an innocent lesson gone wrong

he’s asking the right questions.
part 20 of my draw-all-sans-au-challenge~!

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