he likes the rain

mp938368  asked:

I love thunderstorms. I like to sit close to the window, & just watch the rain pour down. Watching the rain & lightening, while listening to the thunder relaxes me. Which triplet would be most likely to join me?

100% Kylo. He anticipates the rain, checking his weather app everyday for the next storm. The rain brings him a sense of calmness and there’s something about the lighting and thunder that makes him feel alive. It’s also a time when he does the best thinking. He’s a Pluviophile for sure. When it rains he starts out by sitting with you watching from the window but before the storm is over hes outside in it feeling the rain on his skin.

puraiuddo  asked:

Curious: would Shiro be... not scared, per say... but anxious, b/c of thunder storms? I realize he wouldn't be frightened, but on edge with almost PTSD-like symptoms? We know he hates the rain and I can't imagine he'd cope well with it pouring outside and then bright flashes of light and loud noises. Would he flinch with each crack and/or flash? Only some of the more violent/loud ones? I'm v curious.

//I have never considered this idea before… How has this never come to mind? I have deprived myself of this… Thank you, friend. Yes, this can be a thing. He already gets kind of sulky/morose when it rains more than a drizzle and would far prefer to just stay curled up in a mound of warm blankets where he can ignore the weather, so it wouldn’t be a far stretch to say that thunder and/or lightening would get a slightly more severe reaction. The first few cracks and bolts of the storm would probably get a flinch, especially if they were close by, and as the storm continued, he’d automatically start getting the timing of the silence between them figured out and tense up in preparation for the next one.




and I know a boy so bright I think the sun has to be jealous of his smile. And I want to turn him into a metaphor but it wouldn’t do him justice. I want to fill up every available space with the way he makes me feel- like he’s the rain on my roof, like he brings peace and safety, like he’s warmth and I’ve been cold for so long, like the way we move together sounds like applause, like how when I feel our fingers intertwine our hands turn into forest and we’re growing fast, planting roots wherever we can.
—  laceerainspoetry, The first kiss was a love poem I didn’t know would become my favorite.
Today he woke up to the heaviest pour. He never really liked the sound of the pouring rain. But it all slowly faded away, as he turned to the small figure curled up next to him. Gently, with a finger, he brushed a few long strands of hair away from her delicate face. He watched her sleeping face with his head resting on his right hand, his right elbow on the pillow he slept on. And with a smile he thought, rainy days never felt so good.
—  Lukas W. // Rainy days with her

all sugakookie/yoonkook shipper should watch this. look at how yoongi’s just enjoying jungkook being extra during rainism. love it!

Okay but imagine a Mexican American frog

timidly asking bitty if he can use his kitchen and making enchiladas y arroz rojo bc he misses homemade food and while the pies bitty makes are good they don’t compare to mamá’s food

the rest of the Haus comes down when they smell the spices in the air and they’re like what is this and the frog smiles kinda wistfully and says a piece of home

Chowder bounds down the stairs and looks at the frog like he’s hung to the moon bc Chowder’s from California and it’s been so so long since he’s had good Mexican food

the boys get used to the frog coming over at odd times and making food bc sometimes it’s hard to be away from his family and culture and when he cooks they don’t seem to be so far away

the frog bonding with bitty over food and introducing him to Spanish music bc bitty likes anything with a good beat


Just a Mexican American frog

concept: everyone in adam’s dorm thinks he’s a witch

so, like, everyone knows there’s something odd about that parrish guy. he’s smart as hell and charming and sweet and also snarky and hilarious…but he has secrets. and not just the boyfriend back in virginia (who’s a catholic, street-racing farmer with a kid???) who no one can agree exists or not (there’s a whole betting pool on it). no, something’s strange with adam parrish. he knows things. weird things. like when it’s going to rain or when a professor’s going to cancel class or when the machine in the dining hall is out of ice cream. also, he’s freakishly great with plants (this one guy likes to tell this story of a rosebush flowering when he touched it but he could’ve just been high) and animals (stray dogs tend to follow him around campus a lot). he casually tells a bunch of girls he’ll do tarot readings for them once at a party and everyone assumes it’s just for fun, but everything comes true, in some form or fashion. so after that, there’s usually a small cluster of people waiting outside his door when he gets back from class to see how they’re going to do on that quiz or how that date’s going to go or if they should take that internship or forgive that relative or rekindle that friendship. so word starts going around that there’s something not quite normal about adam parrish. something unexplainable. something mystical. something witchy. he gets invited to join the campus wiccan club numerous times and he always politely declines. he doesn’t charge anything for the readings but people drop off small gifts anyway: baked goods and handmade jewellery and potted herbs and thank you notes. he gains a modest, devoted following. he answers questions on a facebook group in his spare time. obviously there are skeptics but no one really pays too much attention to a kid giving ‘psychic’ advice in his dorm room. it’s college. weirder shit happens all the time.

finally his roommate has to ask one day, as tactfully as possible, pretending he’s not actually buying into any ridiculous campus rumours: “…so are you or aren’t you?” and adam just looks up at him, distracted, and says, “what, bi? obviously. i have a boyfriend.” and his roommate is just like, “…never mind.” 

adam honestly kind of likes being ~cool and ~mysterious and well-known and he likes helping people out and being appreciated for his ~special talents even if he thought all he wanted was to fit in and fly under the radar and be normal. blue tells him he couldn’t be normal if he tried; gansey’s proud; ronan’s smug.

so people speculate for a while and never get any real answers about it and eventually they just accept his uncanny intuition as one of the quirks of the campus. UNTIL that one time ronan comes up to visit with a black cat trailing behind him that goes straight to adam when he sees him and a raven on his shoulder and an icy glare that seems like it could put a curse on anyone it falls on and everyone is intimidated and in awe because 1. the boyfriend is real, 2. they’re both actual witches, and 3. damn, they’re really fucking hot together

I was a summer drought and he looked like rain,
I was a cold winter morning
and he stole the sun just to warm me up,
“I can feel the whole universe just by touching you,”
he used to always tell me,
it was his way of reminding me that I matter
and that he sees everything in me,
sleeping with him was like laying in the field,
at midnight, with smiling stars and curious leaves,
he could make my heart dance and my mind sing,
“You’re my moon and I’m your Saturn,”
he whispered me on that day of May,
“But Saturn has like 62 moons,’‘ my brain shouted,
his big brown eyes were looking at me,
surprised by my silence,
’'There are moons in your mind, gales in your chest,
sunsets in your eyes, meteor shower in your voice
and I take everything with me, I could never say goodbye to you.”
—  writies