he likes the makeup though

“I don’t even need a key to open you, I’ll just break the door down”

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Can I please request a fanfic in which Magnus gives Alec a little make over? Or experiments with makeup on Alec? Or you can add your own twist to it; I would just really love to read something involving Magnus applying makeup on Alec for some reason, it would be very cute! Thank you!

Oh, let me tell you anon, this was very fun to write. I always kind of liked to play with the idea of Magnus putting makeup on Alec. But there was a reason why I avoided writing it prior to this; I don’t know shit about makeup since I never wear it xD

So here’s my disclaimer: I don’t know shit about makeup, so if there are mistakes or anything like that, forgive me.

Other than that, enjoy… I hope you’re gonna like it and thanks for requesting this ^^

“Alec, darling, can I try my makeup on you?” was the question that made Alec’s eyes widen. He was sitting in Magnus’ living room, minding his own business with reading one of his books and the sudden question made him put his book down, his eyes widening in surprise for just a little bit when he saw that Magnus was now sitting next to him, his eyes literally shining with excitement when the question was asked and Alec didn’t get it. Where was Magnus even coming from? He knew that he never wore makeup; he thought that it looked good on certain people (Magnus, for example), but it just wasn’t for him. Whenever Izzy wanted to give him one of her famous makeovers, he just quietly made himself disappear.

“Excuse me, what?” asked Alec, not really sure if he heard it right, so he wanted to make sure. It didn’t make any sense. At all.

“I asked if I can put some makeup on you,” repeated Magnus and smiled, scooting a bit closer to Alec. To be honest, it was one of Magnus’ wishes for a while now. It wasn’t like he thought that Alec needed makeup, because in his opinion his boyfriend was perfect the way he was. More than perfect, in fact. The warlock just wanted to see how makeup would look on him; usually everything looked great on Alec, including his clothes (even though Alec disagreed with him on that one). Plus, he was bored and he wanted to keep himself entertained with something.

“Ah,” said Alec and slowly closed the book and placed it onto the coffee table and he made a short pause, before he continued, folding his arms on top of his chest. The Shadowhunter then took in a deep breath and shook his head. So he did hear it correctly. Great. “Why?” he then asked with a small voice, thinking that Magnus maybe would prefer him with makeup. “You know that I don’t like to wear it and-”

“I’m bored,” announced Magnus and ruffled Alec’s hair when he saw that he was becoming concerned, probably thinking that he didn’t like how he looked. With a kiss, Magnus eased Alec’s mind and all of his worries fled away. The younger one then arched an eyebrow, because he didn’t know how Magnus’ boredom and giving him a makeover was connected, so he just sat there in silence, waiting for an explanation. “Come on, don’t look at me like that,” said Magnus then playfully and sighed. “Look, you’re perfect the way you are right now, but,” said Magnus and Alec frowned again. So there was a but? “I don’t know, I just want to see how you’d look with it. If you don’t wanna, then it’s completely fine.”

So, if Alec understood him correctly, he wanted to give him a makeover because he was bored. Alec stared into Magnus’ eyes for a moment or two and in the end he gave up and shrugged. “Sure, fine,” muttered the young man and Magnus’ eyes were literally shining with excitement, making Alec almost regret his decision. “Just, don’t tell anyone, okay?” said Alec. “Especially not to Jace, because if he’d find out that-”

“Worry not, these lips are sealed,” muttered Magnus and pressed a kiss on top of Alec’s own lips, excitedly rubbing his palms together once they parted and the corners of Alec’s lips curled up, forming a tiny smile. “Now then, let’s get started,” said the warlock. With a snap of his fingers, all of his makeup from his bedroom was suddenly summoned onto the coffee table and Alec blinked a few times when he saw just how much of it Magnus owned.  

“Why do you need so much of the makeup, Magnus?” asked Alec and leaned a bit closer to the coffee table as Magnus was in the middle of finding the foundation. Magnus just shrugged and clicked with his tongue, annoyed that he couldn’t find the correct one. He had many of them, but none of them would really match Alec’s skin tone perfectly, so he just decided to go with the lightest shade that he owned and hoped for the best.

“Why do I need so much of it?” asked Magnus and hummed. “Well, all of this is needed if I want to keep looking so good, handsome,” teased Alec and the younger one puffed his cheeks. “What?” asked Magnus then when he saw the look on Alec’s face.

“You’re perfect without the makeup, Magnus,” whispered Alec. “You don’t need so much of this stuff,” he then added, really meaning it. Even though he loved Magnus’ makeup, he liked it just as much, if not even more, the days when Magnus felt too lazy to put it on. On days like that, Alec just kept on staring at Magnus’ handsome face and was completely mesmerised by the older one. Magnus’ soft laughter was what woke him up from his daydreaming and Magnus bit into his lower lip when he heard Alec.

“You flatter me way too much, Alexander,” said Magnus and even though he was pouting, he liked the compliment. “Look at me, darling,” he then ordered and chuckled. He then gently held Alec’s chin and lifted his head up just a little bit, scooting closer and he playfully waggled his eyebrows when he saw the concerned look in Alec’s eyes.

“What should I do?” asked the Shadowhunter and placed his hands together in his lap, shifting just a little bit, swallowing thickly as his eyes flickered down when Magnus opened up the foundation.

“Just sit still and,” said Magnus, pumping some of the product on the back of his hand and then dipped the makeup sponge into it. “Relax and enjoy yourself,” he then added and Alec slowly nodded, flinching when the sponge touched his face.

Alec didn’t particularly like the feeling of the foundation being spread across his face, but he kept his mouth shut, scrunching his nose when Magnus started blending the product into his skin. The warlock laughed softly when he saw his boyfriend’s adorable reaction, his fingers reaching under Alec’s chin again, lifting his face up, just a little bit and he couldn’t help but to laugh as Alec started slowly backing away, obviously not liking the process at all.

“Darling,” said Magnus and Alec opened only one of his eyes, not really knowing if Magnus was done or not yet. When he saw that that horrible sponge was away, he straightened himself up a little bit and he blinked a few times. “You’re a Shadowhunter, you battle demons almost every day of your life and a little bit of makeup scares you?”

“No, I just don’t like the feeling of it,” said Alec and puffed his cheeks, ignoring the urge to touch his face. “Am I pretty yet?” he then teased and Magnus gently bit into his lower face.

“You’re always pretty, Alexander,” said the warlock and decided that Alec didn’t need any concealer. The foundation didn’t really match Alec’s complexion, but it wasn’t so bad either. And yes, it made Alec look even more stunning than usual, if that was even possible. The next product that he picked up was the powder and he took a big, fluffy brush into his hand, signing Alec to come closer again and the younger one did, this time hesitating just a little bit.

“What’s this?” asked Alec and pointed to the pan.

“This, my Alexander, is what we call a powder,” explained Magnus playfully and Alec frowned, puzzled. It was the same colour as the thing that Magnus put on his face before. To him, it didn’t make sense, because he didn’t know what kind of a difference it could make.

“But isn’t it the same colour as that thing earlier?” blurted out Alec. “You’re putting the same colour on top of that?” he then asked and crossed his arms on top of his chest. “Stupid idea if you ask me,” he then went on by complaining and Magnus just laughed; Alec was adorable.

“Shush, I know what I’m doing,” said Magnus and Alec huffed, but stayed quiet after that.

Magnus dipped the brush into the powder and started gently gliding it across Alec’s face. Once he slid it past the younger’s face, some of the excess powder fell from the brush, making Alec’s nose tingle and the Shadowhunter sneezed, which completely took Magnus off guard, his body shaking with laughter as he continued applying the makeup. Alec’s face flushed when he heard Magnus’ laughter and he opened up his eyes once Magnus announced that he was done with that. Alec’s nose still tingled and he gently scratched it. Unable to help himself, Magnus leaned forward to kiss his boyfriend and he sighed; he was weak to Alec’s adorable reactions. After that, Magnus applied a little bit of blush and rubbed his palms together.

“Okay, so what’s next?” asked Alec, already dreading of the answer when he saw Magnus pulling out an eyeshadow palette.

“We’ll move to the eyes now,” said Magnus happily, because he was looking forward to that part the most.

“Oh good god,” said Alec under his breath.

“Don’t worry, darling, I’ll be gentle,” said Magnus and winked, making Alec’s blush deepen and he cleared his throat. “Now then, which colours do you want on these pretty eyes?” he then went on by asking Magnus and pointed to Alec’s eyes, opening the eyeshadow palette.

“I, um,” stammered Alec and frowned. To him it didn’t matter at all, but he knew that if he’d say that out loud, he would come off as an idiot. It mattered to Magnus enough and Alec respected that. His eyes scanned all of the colours and one of them in particularly stood out to him. It was a beautiful, gold shimmery eyeshadow and the reason why his eyes stopped on it, was because the colour of it reminded him of Magnus’ beautiful eyes. “That gold one,” he then said after a few moments of thinking, pointing to it.

“Oh, interesting choice,” said Magnus, because he was kind of expecting Alec to pick out a much darker shade. “Why this one?” he asked curiously as he took a new brush into his hand and Alec pressed his lips together.

“It reminds me of your eyes,” blurted out Alec and now it was Magnus’ turn to flush, a shy smile spreading across his face. When the warlock looked up at Alec’s eyes, his glamour was off this time and Alec could stare at them the whole day.

“Look down for me, Alexander,” said Magnus, his lips really close to Alec’s and the Shadowhunter just looked down, his face hot when he heard Magnus’ deep chuckle. “Perfect,” he said and dipped the brush into the golden eyeshadow. “Now be good for me and try not to move too much, okay? I don’t want to hurt you,” he then muttered and Alec slowly nodded.


Magnus proceeded by applying the golden shimmery colour to the middle of Alec’s eyelid. The younger one tried his best not to move, but the light pressure against his eyelid felt anything but comfortable. As Magnus was done with that, he applied a darker, brown colour into the outer corner of Alec’s eyelid, the bristles of the brush tickling against Alec’s skin, making the younger one giggle and Magnus smiled as well. “Look up for me, darling,” said Magnus and Alec looked up, his eyes awfully red and watery. “Oh, you poor thing, you’re tearing up,” said Magnus softly and chuckled. “You’re gonna be okay?”

“Yeah, great,” replied Alec and Magnus smiled.

After applying a brighter colour to the corner of Alec’s eyelid and blending all of the colours together, forming a beautiful gradient and finishing up the other eye, Magnus was proud with himself. He might’ve been done with the eyeshadow, but the real struggle came when he started applying the liquid eyeliner onto Alec’s eyes. Alec had to take quite a few breaks in between and after Magnus applied the mascara, the Shadowhunter was more than happy that the eyes were finished. His eyes were still red and they felt unbelievably heavy under all of that makeup, but Magnus seemed to be impressed with what he saw, so he didn’t complain too much.

“Do I look okay?” muttered Alec and Magnus slowly nodded.

Magnus had to stop and stare at his own beautiful creation for a little while. Alec looked stunning with the makeup on and even though he usually took his breath away, Magnus just couldn’t look away, he was completely in awe with what he saw. The mascara did wonders for Alec’s already long eyelashes and Magnus bit into his lower lip. The makeup itself was very subtle, but man, it looked fucking amazing.


“Sorry?” asked Magnus and Alec felt his face heating up as Magnus was staring at his face so bluntly. Magnus’ smile then grew and he just chuckled, placing down the mascara that he was holding and he let out a hitched breath as he gently touched Alec’s cheek. “You look hot,” whispered Magnus against Alec’s lips, which sent shivers up his spine, his throat going dry in a second.


“Yeah,” said Magnus and beamed up at him. “You should totally try to wear makeup more often, because it’s doing wonders for you, darling,” he then added and gently kissed Alec. “Do you want some lipstick as well? If not, then this would be it.”

“No, I’m good,” said Alec with a chuckle and Magnus nodded, because he agreed; adding something more to that would probably ruin the perfection, so he snapped his fingers and all of the makeup disappeared from the coffee table.

Wanting to see himself, Alec walked to the nearest mirror in Magnus’ apartment and his eyes widened when he saw his reflection in the mirror. He looked like an enhanced version of himself and he didn’t know how he felt about that. Sure, he looked good, but to himself, he looked ridiculous. The Shadowhunter couldn’t believe that some people, including Magnus and his sister, go through all of that every single day. His opinion still didn’t change; he didn’t like makeup on himself. But, he didn’t mind it on other people.

“So, what do you think?” asked Magnus as he crept behind Alec and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close and Alec shrugged, turning around in Magnus’ arms. “I did a good job, didn’t I?”

“Yeah,” said Alec and grinned when he was rewarded by Magnus’ bright smile. “But I don’t think you’ll see me wearing this on daily basis anytime soon,” quickly added Alec.

“I know,” said Magnus playfully. “It was just for fun. Like I said, I was bored.”

“But you’re not anymore?”

“Hmm? Far from it,” muttered Magnus and pushed Alec back against the wall, giving him a hungry kiss. “And I thought of another way to make my boredom go away,” he then went on by saying and a playful smile spread across Alec’s lips as he pulled Magnus closer to himself.

“How so?” asked Alec, his heart beating faster and he gave Magnus another kiss, which was just as equally hungry and needy, leaving the warlock panting already. Alec was amused; his makeover had such a big impact on the High Warlock of Brooklyn. Magnus was already all hot and bothered, Alec’s loud laughter filling Magnus’ apartment as he was being pushed into his bedroom.

Who knew, in the end it was Alec that got to enjoy the power of makeup the most that day, coming to conclusion that it wasn’t the last time he was going to wear it after all.


Brother/sibling AU Suggested by anonymous (I actually like this idea and think its cute :3) ALSO I’M TRYING TO CATCH UP ON IMAGINES BEAR WITH ME -Mod kiiiiiiiiiib


-the one person who he’s not afraid to talk to is you
-It’s more of you teasing him then him teasing you
-Calls you Rose because your forever his brother untill you last petal drops
-You love embarrassing him so much
-Always finds a way to bring him up in conversation to embarrass him
-Very lenient with your love life but not with his
-S a v e H i m
-He really annoys you but not in the way about like teasing or such
-It’s the fact that he likes all these people but he dosesnt know who to choose
-tbh you were totally okay with helping him but he is so naive
-He thinks that none of them like him back
-*C H O K E S*
-you show him a meme every time you bring it up it’s the -ArE YoU SuRE AbOUt ThAT!- meme
-so confused
-please help your brother and his love life


-“short stack”
-“grape juice”
-always fighting and teasing each other because they are both short dorks
-both will prank each other and have prank wars that last over a week
-longest was at least half of the school year
-always needs some else to shut them up
-probably Tenko or Toujo
-Even though they mostly fight, they do get along on rare occasions  
-they both bother Kiibo about his maybe robo dong
-Ouma is very protective of you even when your simply taking with anyone
-the “ you must be at least 3ft away from all guys except me because I’m your older brother and thats that” dude
-basically is the annoying short dork over protective brother


-Always tries to tell people about embarrassing stories about you when you were younger
-he’s like the mom who has embarrassing photos but instead of a album they are his phone
-he loves holding you and it honestly makes you feel safe in his arms
-your very open with each other and don’t hide it often
-He always calls you nicknames of beautiful things because he thinks he has the prettiest/handsomest younger sibling
-sometimes you call him amomi because he’s basically your mom but in your brothers body
-if you think ouma is bad
-you have not seen Amami
-he will literally drag you away and ask is they are your s/o
-E V E R Y T I M E
-the only thing that annoys you about your brother
-basically the embarrassing momma brother


-He likes to pull few subtle pranks on you
-You don’t get back at him because well
-You don’t know how
-So you ask Ouma…. and well
-Let’s just say he stopped
-For good
-He loves seeing you happy and you love his cooking
-He just looks at you and just saysss awww
-It’s creepy sometimes but you know it’s not meant to be taken in the wrong way
-“ Hey you wanna piggy back ride? ”
-“ were in high school plus I can walk ”
-“ buuuuttttt rocket~”
-Did I forget to mention he likes to call you rocket as you nick name
-“… fine”
-He’s also super lenient when it comes to talking with guys but does get a little anxious when they start getting a little too close
-Lenient star brother


-Adores you
-He calls you ladybug a lot because he feels like he’s lucky to have you in his life
-Loves doing your hair if it’s long enough and you do the same
-You get him lots of ancient folk lore stories to read to him
-Does not let anyone near you in fright they will ruin your innocence like they did to him
-One day he lets you do his make up
-You had fun
-He honestly secretly likes it
-One day though
-He tries to do his own makeup
-He’s actually god with makeup but is super bad with eyliner
-Oh dear
-He stabs him self with the eyeliner at least three times
-For now on he’s not allowed to do his eyeliner on his own


-Petty puns are a must in this bond
-Everyone hates them but you love them
-He’s protective but not as bad as Ouma or Amami
-A L S O
-Doesn’t call you nicknames often, but when he does its mostly muffin or cupcake
-He will cook you meals and omg
-He makes the B E S T  sweets
-Loves to See you happy and gushing over food
-Silly but adorable
-Even if it means to get messy making food
-though they do have their cooking moments
-Only Kiibo was allowed to cook cupcakes for now on now…
-B E S T C O O K B R O A P R O N he wears sometimes
-Most likely a gift You had made for him
-I will fight anyone who says he doesn’t wear a best cook bro apron


-Most people would think he’s the nicest brother
-hah lol no
-Doesn’t call you nicknames because he thinks your name is easy enough to say
-Protective but like Kiibo not as much and little to no effort put into protecting them.
-He actually finds you extremely annoying
-especially when he’s doing his ‘work’
-Only likes you when you leave the poor innocent boy alone
-Will fight you
-You win most times
-He always says he lets you win because he’s a gentleman
-T R I G G E R E D B A B S
-Will fight for hours on ends
-Rant about how much you hate each other
-Everyone thinks you guys fake it when you really don’t
-Totally do pranks on him and make him super embarrassed
-He doesn’t do pranks but he does embarrass the fuck out of you if you piss him off enough
-Rarely bond like Ouma but when they do they don’t talk much
-Just help these two babs
- s a v e t h e m


-“short stack”
-“ L I S T E N H E R E B U K K O “
-Calls you ‘bukko’ a lot
-Hates your short jokes because they are just so C R I N G Y
-Still loves you though
-Likes to see you happy and smiling
-If you’re lucky he’ll joke back
-You love to play tennis with him
-If you’re lucky you’ll win
-B u t
-Having to deal with a sore loser brother is s a d
-They are v e r y open with each other
-Don’t care if its really gross or not
-“ I have to take a shit i’ll be right back”
-“ok but make sure to wipe your ass”
-Okay maybe they can be a little too personal
-H O S H I
-I S
-V e r y P r o t e c t i v e
-He doesn’t like it when people hit on you
-At all
-Will fight anyone who dare toughest his sis
-He is a secret Tiger Mom

Hope you enjoy! ^^ 

Okay but Park Jimin is such a catfish though. Cause like with makeup he be lookin fine and sexy as hell. All kinky and shit. But when he take that makeup off he’s an adorable lil smol like wtf? He’s so cute with out make up like I wanna marry that man.

Bucky definitely dyes his hair after being unfrozen. After the control Hydra had over him with them defining and altering every piece of him, simple things like dying his hair just make him happy.

He likes makeup as well, though he’s terrible at eyeliner, so he gets Tony to help him, and Tony is all too happy to help.

I can just see him walking around with bright purple hair and silver eyeliner, flexing his arm at anyone who looks at him or his crop-top & jewelry-wearing boyfriend in the wrong way.

The rest of the gang is ready to back them up at all times, especially Janet.

5SOS BSM Preference: He Thinks You're Wearing Too Much Makeup

Luke: Being the only girl out of three boys was hard. Being the youngest out of that group was even harder. Luke was the most overprotective. There was so much changing in his life that he just wanted one thing to stay the same. And that was you. He wanted you to stay the little girl that you had always been. So the first time he saw you with makeup on, he flipped out. Your parents had been letting you wear it for a few months, but Luke hadn’t been around to know that. So when you walked down the stairs, ready for school, all hell broke loose. “What’s wrong with your face?” Luke asked. “What?” you replied, thinking he was joking. “Why is it covered in that crap?” “What crap?” “That makeup. Go take it off.” “Uh, no.” He gave you a hard look. “Go take it off.” “Uh, last time I checked, you weren’t my dad.” “Dad wouldn’t let you wear that either.” “That’s how come he lets me wear it every day…” “I don’t care, you’re too young, now go take it off.” “No! I’m 16! And you can’t tell me what to do. I’m not 12 years old anymore Luke! You’ve been treating me like I am since you left home, like you’re so much more sophisticated or mature than me. Well you’re not! And I’m not 12! So get over it!” He sighed. “I don’t mean to treat you that way… I just… I’ve been gone for over a year, and you’re growing up and I feel like I’m missing it. I’m sorry.” “Oh Luke,” you said, running over to give your big brother a hug. “I promise you’re not missing anything other than me being an annoying teenager.” “It just sucks…” “It’s okay Luke. I might not be 12 anymore, but I’ll always be your baby sister. You don’t have to worry about that.” He smiled and hugged you tightly. “Does that mean you’ll take off that makeup for me?” “Don’t push your luck, Lucas.”

Ashton: “So, who are you trying to impress?” you big brother asked while you were waiting on your friend to pick you up. You were a bit dressed up, since you were going to a party tonight. “What do you mean?” you blushed, since you were trying to impress someone… but you didn’t want Ashton to know that. “You’re going to a simple, hangout party, but you’re wearing a skirt and makeup. Now, I’m all for it if it makes you feel better, but just from a guy’s standpoint… most of us don’t like girls that cake on the makeup.” “You’re just saying that to be mean, Ash.” “No, I’m saying it to be a good brother, so you don’t go out, looking like a clown.” “Asshole,” you replied, going outside to wait for your friend by yourself. But by the end of the night, when all your makeup had run down your face and you were looking like the guy from Saw, you thought maybe you should have listened to your brother…

Calum: “Cal, lookie!” you ran through the house, looking for your brother after your sister had put makeup on you for the first time. “Oh, what do we have here?” he asked, lifting you up in his arms. “Mali made me pretty!” you exclaimed. You wiggled around so he’d let you go so you could look at yourself in the mirror again. Your sister came down the stairs. Calum looked at her. “Why is she covered in makeup? She’s four.” She giggled. “It’s just a little bit of blush, Cal.” “I don’t like it. Don’t put anymore makeup on her for at least 30 more years.”

Michael: “Mikey, do you like it?” you shyly asked your brother. You were all dressed up for your prom, and him being your brother and closest friend, you wanted his approval. He turned around and looked at you. “Aw, you look so beautiful!” he exclaimed, but frowned right afrer. “I don’t like the makeup though.” You face fell. “Oh no, I didn’t mean it looked bad!” he retorted. “I just meant I’m not use to seeing it on you. My little sister is all grown up.” You smiled again. “But you like it?” “I love it,” he replied, hugging you. “Now, about this date…” “Don’t even go there Michael…”

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Main three boys reacting to their s\o playing with their hair and braiding it? While we're at it, doing their makeup as well? Thank

Viktor (set in the time when he still had long hair):

-Loves the feeling

-Will always return the favour

-He also knows how to braid really well, since he’s practiced on himself

-And don’t get me started on his makeup skills

-Better than most girls


-Always blushes when s/o does it

-Is indifferent about the feeling

-He doesn’t really like makeup, though

-S/o doesn’t have too much hair to work with, though


-His biggest weakness is people playing with his hair

-It makes him weak

-Keep the makeup away, though

-You’re not getting close to him with that thing

-Still wants you to braid his hair

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"you need a plus-one for your brother’s wedding so i’m going as a favor but there’s been a misunderstanding and now your whole family thinks we’re engaged" CASEY WRITE THE THING THANKS

a/n: alright this gets sappy as hell near the ending, lol. lenfaz wanted this too - you two sharing the same minds and all.

“Liam says to bring a plus-one according to the invitation,” he mumbles, dropping onto the couch. “Think you could do me a favour there, Swan?”

“Huh? Oh yeah, sure.” She shrugs, taking a sip from her hot cocoa. “It’s a wedding, right?”


They’ve been friends since their teenage years in high school, spectating and experiencing change together for over a decade. Neither of them are the lanky adolescents they were anymore, not as young and dumb. Though, knowing each other for so long means embarrassing stories and knowing just about everything about each other. Which in most cases is nice…except when they have all the ability in the world to use stories from the past as an embarrassment technique.

She does that frequently to him, he doesn’t really appreciate it.

He was a complete nerd back in high school, glasses and the intelligent kid. Gives her everything to make fun about him.

Now? He considers himself devilishly handsome, the dashing good looks which means he attracts disaster whenever he’s at a bar.

But if he’s to be honest about how he feels about Emma, he could go on for an entire novel. She’s brave, confident, stubborn. He’s always loved her in many ways, but he’s never had the actual guts to speak up and confess it. He’s afraid it’ll damage the friendship they have together, that the several years spent together will fade away and mean nothing - mainly if she doesn’t feel the same.

She’s never really shown any affection towards him, no flirtatious gestures unless it’s bantering back with him, but she definitely feels something, he knows that at least. Which is why he refuses to give up on her just yet, which is why he’ll keep fighting. Plus, she’s had one pretty horrible breakup with a guy who lied to her and could’ve gotten her thrown into jail, so it’s just a little bit difficult to say anything.

“When is it?” she asks. “So I can call in and take a day off or two.”

“End of next week,” he answers, slinging an arm behind her on the top of the couch. He sometimes wishes he could just wrap his arm around her without a second thought, but they’re not in a relationship, only best friends. Even best friends have a limit. “I appreciate the help.”

“Well, it’s gonna be a day of me being stuck in a dress and socializing with your family and other friends…so it shouldn’t be that bad.”

“Ah yes, much better than a fake date to catch a bail jumper in high heels,” he teases.

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Gladstone knows a little something about buying makeup, even though he hasn’t done it in, like, WEEKS.

4 Things People Mistake for Signs of Aging

#3. Mall Makeup Mirrors

Although not based on personal experience, I’ve heard women bemoan how awful they seem to look in the mall makeup counter mirrors. Their color is washed out. Their cheeks look sunken. Their eyes are mere chasms of darkness where joy once lived. Horrified by their terrifying visage, they whip out their purses, pocketbooks, and money clips (if they’re incredibly butch) to purchase cosmetics to help soften and remedy the horrific effects of time. … Before you go having a nervous breakdown, consider this: it’s the mall’s job to sell you stuff to make you look better.

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my gender headcanon for dave is that he's nb amab who wears makeup like 24/7 and he also wears heels constantly even though i hc him like 6 feet tall because heels are fuckin sweet

*chokes up* fucking solid