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So I have two or three smartass anons in my ask (and a lovely one, hello to you!), who directed me a post of a blogger that pointed out an inconsistency in Liam’s story about how Niall hooked them up and then Niall later on proceeded to say that he found the thing random. (SKIP TO NO.5 TO SEE HOW THERE IS NO INCONSISTENCY)

Oh diggity babbity poop. The blogger used Daily Mail or something like that as a reference - which given the fact that it’s a quoted interview, the papers can’t lie, but the papers do neglect to mention a few things.

So let me tell you a lovely story :

1. Niall reacting to the yacht :

That’s how I would have reacted if someone told me that my best friend bought a yacht and named it after his girlfriend. Maybe Niall found it ridiculous. What does that have anything to do with Liam and Cheryl being real? Desperation is unattractive tinhats.

2. A little throwback to Niall saying this (something I haven’t seen being mentioned a lot oh boo hoo) :

“There’s a little bit of a story behind it but I won’t be telling you that. She’s a great girl, really fun. He’s a top man and one of my best friends. She seems happy, he’s happy, so I’m happy for them.” On an interview with Hello!Magazine 

We found out he said this around end of May, start of June 2016.

3. Niall saying this :

I was happy for him. She’s one of the most beautiful women in the country so he did well, he did well there as far as I’m concerned. She’s a lovely girl, he’s a lovely guy and now they’ve got a baby and it’s great.” Podcast with the Sun

And that was around May 2017, and if I recall correctly he also said he wasn’t shocked when the couple went public.

4. Liam talking about Niall’s contribution :

“Niall came over to me and said you’ll never guess who’s got a crush on you - Cheryl. Apparently he really embarrassed her one day by saying do you know who really really fancies you and she left the room bright red and Niall told me this whole story. They played Cupid. They are your boys.” In a radio interview, I think maybe BBC1

And this was around end of May 2017.


Now this is what certain tinhats claim shows that Niall basically denied everything Liam had said : 

“The Liam and Cheryl thing is quite random.”

The 23-year-old’s comment came after host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson asked the Irish star to name “two people that hooked up that [he] never expected.”

When probed by Kyle Sandilands about 'who made the first move,’ Niall hesitated to answer and claimed he didn’t know.

All this in an interview on the Kyle and Jackie O Show in Australia.



Here’s a transcript for you lovely smartasses who are too bored to listen :

J - Two people who hooked up that I never expected were…? 

N - I guess the… the Liam and Cheryl thing was quite… random.

K - Yeaaaahhhh!

J - That was random right?

N - I was there I’ve seen it all happen.

K - Were ya?

N - Yeah.

K - Who made the first move then?

N - Can’t tell. 

K - You can’t tell?

N - No.


BONUS : J - He must be pinching himself.

N - He must be delighted. And he is. He is.


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