he likes it so

he does want to have sex with her, but still he dodges the suggestion because he’s more worried about her body&health… how incredibly beautiful is that? he’s so tender and makes sure to take good care of her, even if he likes her suggestion, he would never do it knowing she’s weak or feeling sick 😭 💖


taeyong’s birthday countdown / D-6

↳  abc’ of taeyong ; A for Affectionate

af·fec·tion·ate /ə’fekSH(ə)nət/

(adj.) readily feeling or showing fondness or tenderness; having great affection or love; warmly attached; warmhearted 

Kirishima is the designated fake boyfriend. Need to get a creep to shove off? Kirishima’s your guy. Parents insist you bring someone home for the holidays? He’ll compliment you and your parents’ cooking, you just might want to remind him of table manners. Nasty ex walking by? Just take his hand, he’ll roll with it. He’s pretty reliable and earnest so people would automatically trust him with that role

Rouge et Noir 第4弾 特広課長 周防衛士編 『Eye in the Sky』(Rouge et Noir Vol.4 • Tokukou Kachou Suou Eiji Hen)

Hanakagami has announced the fourth volume of Rouge et Noir

Synopsis (Paraphrased): 

After the rise of the drug “Rouge et Noir” in the dark recesses of the harbor city, the narcotic management division of the city has been ceaselessly exchanging blows with the distributing criminal syndicate, “House,” in a continually shifting dynamic of offense and defense.  

The antagonistic House, however, has begun to collapse from the inside due to certain affairs, and, seeing this as a good chance to take down the syndicate once and for all, the chief of the special wide-area criminal investigation unit, 周防衛士 (Suou Eiji), begins to prepare his unit.

As the newcomer to the department, you find fault with the overly-forceful Suou’s plans—but while you reject his methods, a mutual relationship of deep trust is gradually fostered between the two of you…

CV: 鷹取玲 (Tsuboi Tomohiro)

Release Date: August 30th, 2017.


so we had a huge summer reading kickoff event at work and I was in charge of face painting. So a lady and her kid walk up to get face painted and i see the lady has a bearded dragon on a leash in her purse???!!! (which is honestly???? goals?!?!!) anyway, I was like “.… hey not to be weird or anything but can I hold your lizard???????? and that’s how today became one of the best days ever the end

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He's in LA while her "boyfriend" recently lost his stepfather okayy

Yes, he is. You’re part of the relationship? Part of the family? Part of anything but your little hatred mind? No, yeah didn’t thought so. People grieve in many ways, many different ways. Louis was there for weeks, for days, he got responsibilities too. Unfortunately life doesn’t stop when tragedies happen. I had to go back to college the day after my godmother passed. I had to go to places, to work, to everywhere. I couldn’t stay with my grandmother who had just losted her daughter, couldn’t stay with my father who losted his sister. No one could, everybody had to keep going. That’s how life works and I hope you learn how to be decent sometime soon, cause you’re needing. Have a good night 


Please check out this art! I’m actually crying ;-;

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Fluff Week: Red team movie night!

Red team is split on movie nights, between those who enjoy watching musicals and singing along to the songs, and those who hate musicals and wish they could just have a quiet night for once.