he likes his little bed

tfw your apprentice doesn’t have a father and you’re the closest thing to it

pls full view!!


I made Jack look like he has a prosthetic or robot body, giving him an echo eye so it seemed that rhys gave him a body and they are together/ruling together. Idk, I like the thought of it <3 

Hope you like it nonny! :D


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Yusuke from Brother’s conflict

It hurts how much I love this character.  He’s one of those you just want to tease and mess around with.  Seeing how embarrassed he gets.  whew what a ride.  Thought I’d start on some prints for my table at anime banzai… but now I’m wondering about this one.  hmmmm.  anyway have some sexually frustrated tsundere step brother

Sleepless Night

Pairing: Jongkey

Genre: FLUFF *^*

Word Count: 1006

Sleep came easily to Kibum after a long day, but he couldn’t say the same for Jonghyun. He had fallen asleep with the calming presence of Jonghyun next to him that night, but he woke in the odd hours of the morning to an empty bed.

Kibum felt around the bed, hoping to feel a warmth in the blankets, but there was none. Looking over to the nightstand, the clock read a quarter to four and he worried a little for Jonghyun. Even years after they retired from being idols, Jonghyun’s insomnia persisted. There were whole nights when he would stay up with Jonghyun as he hummed the tune to a to-be song.

If Jonghyun wasn’t in bed, he’d most likely in his little studio. Almost reluctantly, Kibum dragged himself out of bed and down the hall, being mindful of his steps as to not step on anyone’s tails. Just as he thought there’d be, there was light streaming out from the cracked open door of Jonghyun’s studio. There was silence, but as Kibum walked towards the door, there was a soft strum of a guitar and the sound of Jonghyun’s voice to accompany it.

He pushed the door open quietly, just enough so he could see Jonghyun. He leaned on the doorframe and smiled at Jonghyun as he sang, feeling the same butterflies from the first million times he fell in love with him. His head was tilted back, eyes  closed as he sang, fingers now still on the guitar, and it all made Kibum realize all over again that he never stood a chance when it came to falling for his best friend.

He enjoyed eavesdropping on Jonghyun’s little performance from the doorway until his voice faded out at the end of the song. Jonghyun inhaled and exhaled deeply, only opening his eyes when he felt a hand being placed over his on the guitar. He smiled looking up at Kibum and turned his hand so he could intertwine his fingers with the younger’s.

“Hey,” Kibum smiled back at him, rubbing Jonghyun’s thumb with his.

“Hi,” Jonghyun whispered looking down at their intertwined hands, “I didn’t wake you, did I?”

“No, I was already awake when I heard you. Can’t sleep?” Kibum reached out and pressed the palm of his free hand onto Jonghyun’s cheek, pushing his face up so they could meet each other’s eyes. Jonghyun simply shook his head in response and leaned further into Kibum’s touch.

“C’mon, Jjong. I’ll make us some tea and then we can go back to bed.” he took the guitar from Jonghyun and placed it on the guitar rack with the others.

“Skip the tea, I just want to cuddle with you.”

Before he had even turned around fully, there were arms around Kibum’s waist. He couldn’t help chuckling when Jonghyun nuzzled his neck and left a soft peck.

“Alright, let’s go to bed.” Kibum laughed and ran a hand through Jonghyun’s soft hair, a wave of pure bliss washing over him.

Once they were settled under blankets and laying comfortably in each other’s arms, sleep didn’t come so easily.

“Who’s it for this time? It sounded quite good.” Kibum asked, curiosity getting the best of him.

“The song?” Jonghyun’s voice sounded a bit muffled– his face was nestled in Kibum’s chest, after all. He simply hummed affirmatively in response while rubbing Jonghyun’s back, trying to get him to sleep.

“I wrote it for you.”

After all the years of being together, hearing those words countless times, they still managed to make Kibum blush. The fact that he was the inspiration for what was widely considered one of the best composers and lyricists in Korea still baffled him.

“You’re such a cheese ball.” he smiled fondly at the tufts of Jonghyun’s dark hair splayed on his chest as he spoke.

“Isn’t that why you married me?” Jonghyun moved his head so that his chin was resting comfortably on Kibum’s chest, letting the other see the ridiculous smile on his face.

“I married you because you kept bugging me about it for ten years, even before we were together, cheese ball.”

“Same thing, ‘Bum.” Jonghyun rolled off of Kibum and onto his side, grabbing him by the waist and tugging him along.

“Seriously though, who’s it for?” Kibum was absentmindedly tracing the muscles of Jonghyun’s arm as he spoke.

“I wanted to give it to Jinki at first, but I don’t know anymore. I like it too much to let it go now.” Jonghyun chuckled and threw a leg over Kibum’s, eliciting a groan from him before it was hastily pushed off.

“I was thinking of putting it on my album…”

“Album? When were you planning on telling me you were gonna have a new album?” Kibum bolted up in bed and glared at Jonghyun through the dark. He may have looked angry, but that wasn’t the case– his reaction came merely from shock. There was an overwhelming sense of pride bubbling up inside of him because of the news, it didn’t take long before he was trying to hide a smile.

“Right now? They just told me today– yesterday?” Jonghyun chuckled a bit knowing that conversations past midnight were always some of the most confusing. “I wanted you to be the first to know.”

Before he even knew what was happening, there were a pair of familiar lips on his own. The kiss was sweet and exactly what he needed, so Jonghyun couldn’t help but smile as he wrapped his arms around the younger’s waist and kissed him back.

Kibum broke the kiss and left a few lazy pecs on his lips before mumbling congratulations.

Trying to preserve the peaceful moment, Jonghyun whispered to him as softly as he could.


“Hmm?” he hums snuggling into Jonghyun’s embrace, sleep obviously seeping into the edges of his consciousness.

“I love you.”

Kibum hid a sleepy smile and a light blush by tucking his head into the crook of Jonghyun’s neck before whispering back the same three words.

Butler Swap

♛ It was the first morning after Ciel Phantomhive and Alois Trancy made the wager to switch butlers for a month. It started off as just a week, but the earls continued upping one another until Sebastian stepped in to stop them at a month. They wanted to prove to one another who was the most flexible, versatile, and who could handle change the best. Neither butler was particularly excited about it, but they had no choice. Sebastian would have to adjust to life in the Trancy manor.

“It’s time to rise and shine,” Sebastian said as he walked into Alois’ room to open the curtains. This is how he woke his master up, and eh wanted to see how Alois would react to it. Trial and error. Sebastian opened the curtains wide, letting the warm sunshine flood the room. He stood there for a moment, gazing out the window. After a moment, he turned to look at Alois. He looked like a little kitten in his bed.