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Construction revenge ten years in making and why I will never have another business partner.

Long story. TL:DR at bottom.

A little over ten years ago, when I was a young carpenter, I met a guy who I’ll call “chad” because f*ck chad.

Chad was a new hire by the company I was working for, and became my helper. We got along famously even though he was 10 years older than me, he didn’t mind working under a 23 year old carpenter as an apprentice.

Chad and I had worked together for 6 months when he brought up the idea of starting a business together, he figured between the two of us, we could easily run a crew and build houses.

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Summary: Dean Winchester is a mechanic with no memory of who he is. Apparently he was a victim of a car crash which caused his memory loss. After getting out of the hospital he did the best he could to just keep on living as he once did. But one day he met a girl. Her car died and as if on purpose Dean was there to help her, which later lead to a date. From time to time they develop a good working relationship and things couldn’t be better, even though Dean still thinks there is something about his past he still didn’t remember. But of course things don’t always go good. Weird things are happening which may or may not lead him to remember that one point he might have wanted to forget.

Words: 1113

Pairing: (Mechanic!)Dean x Reader

Warnings: none

A/N: So this is the first part of my new Dean series and this part is quite shorter and only out of Dean’s perspective but it’s so you get to know the story and Dean in this case better. Tell me what you think! 

Also big thanks to @jinkieswouldyoulookatthis for helping me with the plot of this series and @itsemmyb @super-nova666 and @spnthemarkofdeanspn for wanting to Beta-read this!

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The beeping of some machines were the first thing Dean heard when he woke up. Slowly his eyes opened up and all he saw was white. Dean turned his head a little to figure out where he was. In a hospital. He had no idea how he got here. He had no idea about anything. It was like he was born again. Just that he was an adult. Dean glanced to his right and saw a note with some keys laying there. He wanted to reach for the note, but the tubes made it almost impossible. Just a few moments later a doctor walked in. He had a clipboard in his hand and took some notes before he glanced up and looked at Dean.

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Summer’s End


Dean pulled into the parking lot of the large white tower that stood if you asked him at least a hundred stories high and completely unnecessarily in the middle of the Witchita skyline. Eden towers. If he hadn’t been there at least fifty times to see the Milton Garrison he might have been intimidated. As it was he back into a parking spot he knew to be the middle brothers, like hell if he cared and turned off the engine of his Chevy Impala.

Tugging out his phone he shot a quick message to Michael the oldest of the four brothers, of which he liked to refer to as the Archangel’s, seeing as they were all named after them. Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel and Raphael. Gabriel was his favorite, followed by Michael, Lucifer was iffy if not rude and all about himself, sometimes too he had a feeling him and Michael were a little to close but that was none of his business and in fact it was business he wanted to stay really far away from.

[text] in your brothers parking should I harass Joshua to let me come up or you coming down from Heaven

Raphael, the youngest and the one starting school on campus this year hated it when he called the penthouse they lived in at the top Heaven but what could really be expected when you were named after a bunch of damn angel’s and lived in a place actually called Eden that was a huge white building that the first family who ever lived in had kids named Cain and Abel. You couldn’t expect more than that really.