he licked his lips twice


Who can say what the heart wants? (inspired by @gentlesleaze​)

Dr. Spencer Reid

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Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Spencer gets handsy. A swear or two

Summary: You’ve had the biggest crush on the shy doctor since you first laid eyes on him, but you never imagined that he could feel the same way. Everything comes to light when you two have to stay behind one night and finish some files.- Heather @livingthefand0mlife

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Reader’s POV

Two times, it’s been twice that he has licked those deliciously pink lips of his. Twice in the past five minutes that I have stared longingly at the lips, I so wished to taste. I think that they probably taste like coffee, more sugar than coffee if we are being honest. It’s so easy to get lost when staring at him, he’s almost too handsome to be real. 

“Y/N? Y/N, do you need something?” His voice startled me and pulled me back to reality. The reality where I didn’t get to kiss him and he didn’t know about my strong feelings for him. “You were staring like you had something to say.”  If I didn’t know any better I’d say that there was a faint blush dusting his cheeks. 

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Rowaelin cuddles.

Aelin hummed as she felt Rowan’s rough, calloused hands caress her back.  His fingertips trailed the length of her spine from top to bottom slowly, breaking contact from her skin to reach back up and begin again.  Her eyes remained closed, though, as she basked in the warmth of the blankets and the ease of the morning.  Neither of them had to be anywhere until mid-day at the earliest.  They could stay in bed and lounge like lazy cats as long as their hearts desired.  Rowan’s warm breath fanned across her face, telling her he’d shifted closer.  Lashes flickering open, Aelin gazed up at her husband and snuggled closer to his chest.  Even though she was the one with an affinity for fire and its warmth, she loved the heat that Rowan always seemed to radiate.  Looking at his lips, Aelin stretched up to kiss him.  It was sweet and tender and made her toes curl beneath the sheets.  Pulling away, she hummed in barely restrained triumph when she saw Rowan’s brow furrowed with concentration.  His eyes remained closed for several more seconds as his mind caught up to the pleasure coursing through his body.  

Slowly, his green eyes opened, and through half lidded eyes he whispered, “Please,”  his voice was hoarse, and Aelin knew it wasn’t from sleep.  Licking his lips, he continued, “kiss me again.”  Not needing to be asked twice, Aelin leaned in and captured his mouth with hers.  Smiling into the kiss, Aelin swept her tongue out to gently brush against Rowan’s lower lip.  Rowan moaned, his whole body trembling, and granted her access.  Their tongues met, slow and surely, without any rush or without any care.  Their need for air arose, making them break the kiss.  They remained close, however, their foreheads pressed together and their short breaths intermingling.  Bringing his hand up, Rowan brushed his thumb over her cheek bone.  “Fireheart,” he hummed, pressing a kiss to the tip of her nose.  

Raising her own hand to intertwine her fingers with his own, Aelin gave his hand a squeeze, “Buzzard.”  Laughing, Rowan leaned in and kissed her again.                      

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“Son of a bitch, Y/N. You definitely don’t hit like a girl, sweetheart. I fucking take it back,” Dean groaned, whipping the blood from his mouth. “I didn’t think you’d actually hit me, though,” he added, licking his fat lip tenderly.

“Well, maybe next time you’ll think twice before insulting me or second guessing me, huh Winchester?” you seethed, your fists clinching at your sides. “I swear, you haven’t changed a damn bit. Still a cocky son of a bitch that can’t believe a woman could be as good of a hunter as you,” you scoffed as you started to turn away.

Just then Dean reached out and grabbed your elbow, pulling you roughly back to him. “Listen, Y/N, it ain’t like that, okay? I say stupid shit when,” he stopped, staring at his feet before looking back at you. You were glaring at him which seemed to stop his words dead in his mouth. “Forget it,” he finished, dropping your elbow and walking away.

“Since when do you give up so damn easily, Winchester? I’ve never, ever known you to walk away from a fight. At least not one you thought you could win,” you challenged, your hands on your hips.

Just then he rounded on you, shoving you against the wall with his entire body, his own body pressed firmly against yours. He held you firmly against the wall as his face hovered only inches from yours. “Sweetheart, there is no way I win this one. No damn way. Being in love with you, I come out on the losing end one way or another because you either won’t want me which is the most likely scenario, or you will which is the one that scares the shit out of me. You don’t live free once a demon knows you’re my girl. My girl has gotta know how to protect herself whether she is mine or not. And damn you sure as hell do, sweetheart,” he breathed, his lips barely brushing yours before he backed away from you.

You let him get just a few steps away before you grabbed his jacket, pulling him hastily back to you, his lips crashing onto yours in a searing kiss. If being with Dean Winchester was losing, you were ready to throw the whole damn game.


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Sam x Reader

Warning: Smut, Masturbation, & Fluff

Summary: Sam and reader try something new. He watches and tells her what to do before jumping in himself. A/n: This is probably the realist depiction of a mid-relationship I’ve written IMO. 

It was just another evening curled up with Sam on the couch. Your head rested comfortably in his shoulder as you absently went through your phone. Sam’s arm, draped over your back, held you close, hand drawing soft little circles on your shoulder and down your arm. It was cozy and wonderful. You clicked off your phone finally losing interest and opted to stare at Sam. He didn’t notice as you slightly shifted to gaze at his face, his attention still captured by the book in his lap.

You admired the strong line of his jaw, which contained a shadow of stubble now. Sam swallowed, drawing your eyes to the muscles in his neck. It was always fun kissing him there. You smiled remembering the little spot on his neck that always elicited a shallow gasp like he didn’t expect it, followed by his hands tightening wherever they touched you. It took a lot of restraint not to plant a soft kiss there now.

You shifted again turning towards him more resting your head on your hand as you propped your elbow on the back of the couch. His arm slid down to accommodate the new position. His fingers finding a resting point on the curve of your hip. Without trying, his touch brought the beginnings of arousal. You studied his face. He remained clueless about his actions. Your lips twitched into a pout, finding the current situation completely unfair. You wanted to say something that would break of him of his concentration.

“You like watching me touch myself?”

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Parts: I II III IV

Genre: smut

Do Kyungsoo X Own Character 

Prolongue:  Water me
I promise I can grow tall
When making love is free

Author Notes: this little introduction is part of a series, I risked a different concept from what I’m used to write… I’m not sure of how many parts this serie will be, but I hope you enjoy it. Happy Valentine’s Day <3 

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Story Time

Requests: “Can u do a fluff when the reader asks Klaus if he would show her his hybrid face, but he doesnt want to scare her and when he finally shows it the reader tell him how beautiful is he😊😊”

“What are we doing here?” The graveyard was beginning to give you a creepy vibe. But standing next to Klaus you felt as safe as ever, after all if hybrids and vampires were real, zombies could be too right? That was beside the point, the tightening of his hand in yours alarmed you. The elder seemed tense, unable to form words.

It seemed like after he told you his family’s secret, you’d been so cautious. But your gut told you to trust him. Klaus Mikaelson, the most feared vampire in the history time wanted to be with you. He was willing to make your relationship work. That meant bringing you to the different places he’d traveled to in order to tell you about his past. He started in New Orleans where everything began, when he built his city and took Marcel under his wing. History was always an interest of yours and hearing all of these stories were like music to your ears and you soaked it in like a child at a candy store.

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Scribble-Doodle: Off-Kilter

A Malec coda to the movie City of Bones.

There’s a quiet, almost hesitant knock on the front door and Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn, dressed in nothing but his golden silk dressing gown and black slippers, throws the door open and sprawls against it seductively - he likes to live dangerously.

But when he realizes who came a-knocking, he straightens up immediately and blinks, startled and not a little confused. “It’s you!” he exclaims.

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31. “I can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that they’re you.”

She’s just poured herself a heavy-handed glass of wine, has pizza on the way and is scrolling through the gooiest of movie choices, when there’s a rapping on her front door. She hopes for a moment that her eyes aren’t still red and water-logged from the cry she’d had minutes ago. 

Muttering that the pizza delivery person must’ve sprinted, she snatches her wallet from her bag that’s slung over a kitchen chair, and pulls open the door. 

“How much…? You’re not the pizza man.” 

Harry smirks and holds up his hands in surrender. “Guilty.” 

“Thought you had a date tonight? You’re not here to use my bathroom are you?” She raised her eyebrows pointedly. “Or do you need a condom? Eh? Yeah? One of us needs to be getting some.” She steps aside to let Harry in. “She sounds really nice,” she continues, moving to the kitchen to fetch another wine glass from the top cupboard. 

“I…uh, I cancelled, actually,” he says, pushing his hands into the pockets of his coat and staying cemented to a spot in the middle of the room. 

“Oh,” she hums, her fingers curling around the bottle of wine. “Why? It sounded like you both would have gotten along great. Nick loved her, that’s a good sign if there ever was one.” 

“I just…” He sputters his lips together and shuffles his feet, studying the scuffed edge of his boats. “I couldn’t do it. Because…” He licks his lips, once, twice, rolls them in against his teeth and rocks back on his heels. “I can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that they’re you. I can’t keep going on dates and just ending up thinking about you, and how you’d laugh at how stuffy everyone’s dressed and gush about the cute older couple near the window and how you’d order something that I inevitably wish I’d ordered too and you’ll still let me eat half. I don’t want to kiss anyone else, just you.” He’s said it all to a knot in the wood below his feet and when he finally finds the courage to raise his head and meet her eyes, they’re glossy. 

“Harry…” she whispers, and her voice breaks. “You can’t just say things like that to me.” 

“I mean it, though,” he says firmly. “You’re my best friend and I love you.” He swallows audibly and steps closer. “And I want to kiss you. Not because we’re drunk or because we’re fooling around. Properly. So…can I please kiss you like I want to?” 

She steps closer, close enough to touch. Slowly, cautiously, she loops her arms around his neck, leans in so their noses brush. His eyes slip closed, eyelashes sweeping a shadow over his cheek. “Please.” 


dialogue prompts

Peach Snchapps (Harry Holland)

Chapter 2 of 3

“This is fun.”

Harry said, wiping a dish clean and handing it to me. I rolled my eyes at him.

“You’re mental.”

“I mean it……”

He said, voice sounding deeper than usual. He pointed his camera at me and clicked before I could block his shot with my arm.

“Stop that.”


“I don’t like having my picture taken.”

“Because you’ve never had them taken by me.”

“Oh yeah? Let’s see em them then.”

I walked to where he was and leaned close to see. It was a great shot-the lighting of the kitchen making my Bangladeshi features look distinct but soft.

But I made the mistake of looking up at him and he smiling at me and he smelled so good, my head was spinning. I stepped back awake fly, giving him two thumbs ups.

“The resolution is good.”

“You’re fucking mental.”


I asked, incredulous.

“Christ…..you look beautiful. No camera lens could do that. That’s all…..you.”

His eyes were still on mine and I couldn’t help but look away. He was starting to make me tongue-tied a habit.

“I should, uh…..get these to them.”

I said, grabbing a tray full of biscuits. Harry grabbed one too. He let the camera in his hands fall, so it was dangling by his side.

“Right. Duty calls.”

We walked into the sitting room, where almost 10 women wearing various shades of pastel were sat. Nikki though, she was dressed impeccably and I wasn’t very surprised.

My mum looked towards me and then diverted her attention to Harry. When he eyes found my face again and I had set the tray down, she said,

“You know I did always wonder why you two never dated. They’d look cute, wouldn’t they?”



I exclaimed. I mouthed “I’m sorry” to Harry and he shook his head, small smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

“What? Everyone thought so, didn’t we ladies?”

“Please stop. Jesus.”

I muttered out quickly, handing her a plate. At this proximity, only the two of us would hear what we were speaking about and I was glad.


She whisper yelled as I handed her some peach schnapps.

“What now?”

“Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain.”

“The alternative would shock you even more. So, I think I’ll stick to this.”

Harry and I exited quickly.

“Did you just……”


Harry’s eyes were wide. But the fact that it was so shocking to him was hilarious.

“Oh, don’t worry. She only pretends she’s ladylike. She’s got a mouth fouler than mine, most days.”

“Honesty run in the family?”

He asked, running a hand through his hair.

“Cussing certainly does. Don’t know about honesty.”

We waited in the kitchen for another 15 minutes before Harry cleared his throat.

“I think we’re done with this.”

He paused, looking at me once and then twice, licking his lips, scratching the side of his face.

“Did you want to grab dinner?”



“With you?”




“I don’t want you to…..get the wrong impression, that’s all.”

“And what would that be?”

“That it’s a date.”

“And why can’t it be?”

“A date? Because last I heard, you’re still dating Louisa Biggs.”

“I’m not.”


“Are you still dating Taylor Mischka?”

“No. I haven’t spoken to her in…..months.”

“Then it’s settled.”

“Unless you’re, you know, gay and I’ve just made a fool of myself…..”

I burst out laughing, trying to muffle the noise with my hand. He tried to look offended. I swear he did. But he was smiling, too.

“You’re laughing at me.”

Shaking my head from side to side, I brushed a thumb across the back of his hand.

“You’re cute when you’re rambling.”

He looked positively shocked. Even more so when I laced my arm with his and led him towards the door.

“I’m bi and I’m hungry. So let’s get dinner. Sound good?”

A/N: chapter 1

You Can Touch

Requested by anon: Demon!Dean x exotic dancer!reader where Dean gets a dance that leads to smut, with breath play kink.

Warning: reader is an exotic dancer, breath play, rough sex

Word Count: 1500ish

A/N: Enjoy some demon!Dean, y’all. Feedback is always appreciated!

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Okay, so. @ezra-blue started a “nsfw war,” which was pretty hilarious and you should check out. But it got me started thinking about, er, oral sex and Gojyo aaaand maybe I’m tired of fighting uphill with my plotty fics so I banged out some silly porn with feelings.

He doesn’t know how it started, can’t remember. It feels like between one breath and the next, he and Hakkai went from murmuring in the dark of their tent to pulling at each other’s clothes. Gojyo was aware of the tension between them, especially since his mark appeared; hell, the monkey’s probably aware.

Still, it would be nice to remember what broke, which one of them pitched forward and said “Fuck it.”

Hakkai kisses his chin, the side of his jaw, but Gojyo turns his face away before they can kiss, old words ringing in his head from when he was a young punk with Banri’s group, when sometimes he and Banri couldn’t find a girl, and hey, a hand or a mouth was a hand or a mouth. 

But it didn’t mean shit if they didn’t kiss.

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Hey, so, bad santa here; what was your fave part of punisher? Certain secret gift givers want to know. You had a couple suggestions and they were good, but I was ah, wondering if you had any new specifics??

Hi!!! :3 Ahhh this is hard, I’m terrible with choosing favorites haha.

Mmm, okay, so new moments I adored from TP was how much physical touch with Karen soothes Frank? All those bits, how he almost gets lost in it every time (even when he’s initiating it, like the cheek kiss, when he pulls away and his eyes dart around and he licks his lips and ducks his head twice before walking away stiffly like it’s killing him; I’m Very Emotional about this). 

And the silent communication!! Their eye contact slays me; every second they stare at each other, it just says so much!

And their little fight! “Don’t do this and say that it’s for me.” but then later Karen lets him go with that little smile and look that’s a ‘thank you’, sending him off with a kind of approval because she’ll always defend him, she knows he’s trying to do right. And Frank, bless him, that argument doesn’t mean anything later either because it’s all about her safety and how much they care about each other alhgkhg.

Really just I love the subtle intimacy that TP confirmed is always there for them. I hope this helps you!! Let me know if you need anymore prompts or anything <3

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I love your blog! <3 Can I request an imagine, if it hasn't been done before, of the chocobros doing it raw and cumming/accidentally cumming inside of their fem!s/o for the first time? Of course their s/o is okay that it happened because they're on birth control. Ya gotta be safe, ya know? Lmao

Aw, thank you so much! Okay, last time I did this, it got wayyyy too long. So we’ll see how this format works out for me. Imagines for all four boys below. it took something like two hours.

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Never Forget You (Justin Bieber x Reader)

           (Y/N) sat on the edge of the pool, moving her feet in the water. She watched as Justin swam continuously back and forth. She loved the way his body moved and how his muscles became defined with each movement. Every few laps he would look in her direction and wink, acknowledging her presence. She returned the gesture by blowing him a kiss.

           “You’re doing good babe! You’ve got ten minutes left on the timer!” she shouted, putting down his phone.

           He gave her a thumbs-up assuring her that he had heard. She pulled her phone out from her pocket and switched to camera mode. She snapped several photos of him, making her favorite one her background. Music played from Justin’s phone signaling the end of his set time. She turned off the alarm and shouted for him to stop. He swam towards her, jumped out of the water, and placed himself beside her. He hung his head and breathed deeply in and out, exhausted from his swim.

           “You want some water?” she asked, rubbing his back softly with her hand.

           He nodded and she stretched behind her to grab a water bottle. With her bottom exposed, he pinched it making her squeal. He laughed as she quickly clapped her hand against the now stinging area.

           “You like pinching huh?” she giggled, pinching him all over his body.

           He laughed trying to block her attack. “Okay! Okay! You win babe!” he said unable to take anymore.

           “That’s right!” she said satisfied with her victory.

           She pecked him on the lips then handed him the water bottle. He drank it down quickly and tossed it behind him. He picked up his towel and ran it over his body and through his hair.

           He could see that her attention was no longer on him but on the colorful sunset. He noticed how her eyes sparkled with the light and the beauty that emanated from her face as the colors of the sky bounced off of it. He thought himself lucky to have found such a wonderful person.

           “You’re so beautiful,” he said, touching the side of her face.

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Heaven’s Will || Minghao || Pt. 3

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 //

Word Count: 3134

Genre: historical China AU, angst, historical!au, China Line

Summary: The winds were changing and the civilians were no longer happy with your brother as Emperor. Many said that the Mandate of Heaven was now in the hands of another and rebellion groups grew larger day by day. With all this going on, you still found the time to worry about who was on the other end of your red string of fate. (Important terms)

“How do I look?” you twirled, smiling widely as the servants moved aside. “Pretty, right?”

Minkui smiled, nodding, his arms crossed and his left hand holding his sword, “Of course you are, Your Highness.”

You nodded, smoothing your robes and fiddling with your hair, “As expected. I look good even in men’s clothing.”

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Show Girl

Colt Cabana/OC. For @myheartfeopslikeabomb :  You’re at WrestleCon and your booths are next to each other and he’s flirting with you while you’re trying to talk to fans. A LOT. He invites you to a bar with his friends after WrestleCon, you agree to go and wear a really hot outfit, and there’s a lot of sexual tension at the bar. You end up going to his hotel and it gets smutty.

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Beast Boy could feel the Beast inside him clawing and snarling as he watched her. It was happening so frequently now, as if every passing day was bringing him deeper under her thrall and farther away from the humanity he tried desperately to cling to. It was easy to lose himself in the sight of her, her deep,amethyst locks brushing against the innocent curve of her cheeks, her stomach taut under the tight fabric of her costume, her breasts…

Gulping down air and trying to keep his grasp on reality, Beast Boy turned away, feeling the Beast howl and scratch inside him. He knew he shouldn’t be looking at her the way he did, she was his teammate and friend and he should respect everything about her… but sometimes it was so much easier to give into the carnal desires and fantasies that plagued him. It was easier to imagine his hands taking complete advantage of her, rather than letting himself even think about her returning his childish crush.

Raven turned and looked at him, that familiar expression invading her eyes. Beast Boy knew what that meant without even having to look twice. Licking his lips, he stood up and followed the tantalizing sway of her round hips as she left the room.

He wanted her to love him, yes, but he would take what little was offered to him, and for her it was so much easier to lust.