he licked his lips twice

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Rowaelin cuddles.

Aelin hummed as she felt Rowan’s rough, calloused hands caress her back.  His fingertips trailed the length of her spine from top to bottom slowly, breaking contact from her skin to reach back up and begin again.  Her eyes remained closed, though, as she basked in the warmth of the blankets and the ease of the morning.  Neither of them had to be anywhere until mid-day at the earliest.  They could stay in bed and lounge like lazy cats as long as their hearts desired.  Rowan’s warm breath fanned across her face, telling her he’d shifted closer.  Lashes flickering open, Aelin gazed up at her husband and snuggled closer to his chest.  Even though she was the one with an affinity for fire and its warmth, she loved the heat that Rowan always seemed to radiate.  Looking at his lips, Aelin stretched up to kiss him.  It was sweet and tender and made her toes curl beneath the sheets.  Pulling away, she hummed in barely restrained triumph when she saw Rowan’s brow furrowed with concentration.  His eyes remained closed for several more seconds as his mind caught up to the pleasure coursing through his body.  

Slowly, his green eyes opened, and through half lidded eyes he whispered, “Please,”  his voice was hoarse, and Aelin knew it wasn’t from sleep.  Licking his lips, he continued, “kiss me again.”  Not needing to be asked twice, Aelin leaned in and captured his mouth with hers.  Smiling into the kiss, Aelin swept her tongue out to gently brush against Rowan’s lower lip.  Rowan moaned, his whole body trembling, and granted her access.  Their tongues met, slow and surely, without any rush or without any care.  Their need for air arose, making them break the kiss.  They remained close, however, their foreheads pressed together and their short breaths intermingling.  Bringing his hand up, Rowan brushed his thumb over her cheek bone.  “Fireheart,” he hummed, pressing a kiss to the tip of her nose.  

Raising her own hand to intertwine her fingers with his own, Aelin gave his hand a squeeze, “Buzzard.”  Laughing, Rowan leaned in and kissed her again.                      


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Sam x Reader

Warning: Smut, Masturbation, & Fluff

Summary: Sam and reader try something new. He watches and tells her what to do before jumping in himself. A/n: This is probably the realist depiction of a mid-relationship I’ve written IMO. 

It was just another evening curled up with Sam on the couch. Your head rested comfortably in his shoulder as you absently went through your phone. Sam’s arm, draped over your back, held you close, hand drawing soft little circles on your shoulder and down your arm. It was cozy and wonderful. You clicked off your phone finally losing interest and opted to stare at Sam. He didn’t notice as you slightly shifted to gaze at his face, his attention still captured by the book in his lap.

You admired the strong line of his jaw, which contained a shadow of stubble now. Sam swallowed, drawing your eyes to the muscles in his neck. It was always fun kissing him there. You smiled remembering the little spot on his neck that always elicited a shallow gasp like he didn’t expect it, followed by his hands tightening wherever they touched you. It took a lot of restraint not to plant a soft kiss there now.

You shifted again turning towards him more resting your head on your hand as you propped your elbow on the back of the couch. His arm slid down to accommodate the new position. His fingers finding a resting point on the curve of your hip. Without trying, his touch brought the beginnings of arousal. You studied his face. He remained clueless about his actions. Your lips twitched into a pout, finding the current situation completely unfair. You wanted to say something that would break of him of his concentration.

“You like watching me touch myself?”

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Gif Submission by @rubyfrenchfries

“Son of a bitch, Y/N. You definitely don’t hit like a girl, sweetheart. I fucking take it back,” Dean groaned, whipping the blood from his mouth. “I didn’t think you’d actually hit me, though,” he added, licking his fat lip tenderly.

“Well, maybe next time you’ll think twice before insulting me or second guessing me, huh Winchester?” you seethed, your fists clinching at your sides. “I swear, you haven’t changed a damn bit. Still a cocky son of a bitch that can’t believe a woman could be as good of a hunter as you,” you scoffed as you started to turn away.

Just then Dean reached out and grabbed your elbow, pulling you roughly back to him. “Listen, Y/N, it ain’t like that, okay? I say stupid shit when,” he stopped, staring at his feet before looking back at you. You were glaring at him which seemed to stop his words dead in his mouth. “Forget it,” he finished, dropping your elbow and walking away.

“Since when do you give up so damn easily, Winchester? I’ve never, ever known you to walk away from a fight. At least not one you thought you could win,” you challenged, your hands on your hips.

Just then he rounded on you, shoving you against the wall with his entire body, his own body pressed firmly against yours. He held you firmly against the wall as his face hovered only inches from yours. “Sweetheart, there is no way I win this one. No damn way. Being in love with you, I come out on the losing end one way or another because you either won’t want me which is the most likely scenario, or you will which is the one that scares the shit out of me. You don’t live free once a demon knows you’re my girl. My girl has gotta know how to protect herself whether she is mine or not. And damn you sure as hell do, sweetheart,” he breathed, his lips barely brushing yours before he backed away from you.

You let him get just a few steps away before you grabbed his jacket, pulling him hastily back to you, his lips crashing onto yours in a searing kiss. If being with Dean Winchester was losing, you were ready to throw the whole damn game.


Parts: I II III IV

Genre: smut

Do Kyungsoo X Own Character 

Prolongue:  Water me
I promise I can grow tall
When making love is free

Author Notes: this little introduction is part of a series, I risked a different concept from what I’m used to write… I’m not sure of how many parts this serie will be, but I hope you enjoy it. Happy Valentine’s Day <3 

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Story Time

Requests: “Can u do a fluff when the reader asks Klaus if he would show her his hybrid face, but he doesnt want to scare her and when he finally shows it the reader tell him how beautiful is he😊😊”

“What are we doing here?” The graveyard was beginning to give you a creepy vibe. But standing next to Klaus you felt as safe as ever, after all if hybrids and vampires were real, zombies could be too right? That was beside the point, the tightening of his hand in yours alarmed you. The elder seemed tense, unable to form words.

It seemed like after he told you his family’s secret, you’d been so cautious. But your gut told you to trust him. Klaus Mikaelson, the most feared vampire in the history time wanted to be with you. He was willing to make your relationship work. That meant bringing you to the different places he’d traveled to in order to tell you about his past. He started in New Orleans where everything began, when he built his city and took Marcel under his wing. History was always an interest of yours and hearing all of these stories were like music to your ears and you soaked it in like a child at a candy store.

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You Can Touch

Requested by anon: Demon!Dean x exotic dancer!reader where Dean gets a dance that leads to smut, with breath play kink.

Warning: reader is an exotic dancer, breath play, rough sex

Word Count: 1500ish

A/N: Enjoy some demon!Dean, y’all. Feedback is always appreciated!

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Never Forget You (Justin Bieber x Reader)

           (Y/N) sat on the edge of the pool, moving her feet in the water. She watched as Justin swam continuously back and forth. She loved the way his body moved and how his muscles became defined with each movement. Every few laps he would look in her direction and wink, acknowledging her presence. She returned the gesture by blowing him a kiss.

           “You’re doing good babe! You’ve got ten minutes left on the timer!” she shouted, putting down his phone.

           He gave her a thumbs-up assuring her that he had heard. She pulled her phone out from her pocket and switched to camera mode. She snapped several photos of him, making her favorite one her background. Music played from Justin’s phone signaling the end of his set time. She turned off the alarm and shouted for him to stop. He swam towards her, jumped out of the water, and placed himself beside her. He hung his head and breathed deeply in and out, exhausted from his swim.

           “You want some water?” she asked, rubbing his back softly with her hand.

           He nodded and she stretched behind her to grab a water bottle. With her bottom exposed, he pinched it making her squeal. He laughed as she quickly clapped her hand against the now stinging area.

           “You like pinching huh?” she giggled, pinching him all over his body.

           He laughed trying to block her attack. “Okay! Okay! You win babe!” he said unable to take anymore.

           “That’s right!” she said satisfied with her victory.

           She pecked him on the lips then handed him the water bottle. He drank it down quickly and tossed it behind him. He picked up his towel and ran it over his body and through his hair.

           He could see that her attention was no longer on him but on the colorful sunset. He noticed how her eyes sparkled with the light and the beauty that emanated from her face as the colors of the sky bounced off of it. He thought himself lucky to have found such a wonderful person.

           “You’re so beautiful,” he said, touching the side of her face.

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Heaven’s Will || Minghao || Pt. 3

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 //

Word Count: 3134

Genre: historical China AU, angst, historical!au, China Line

Summary: The winds were changing and the civilians were no longer happy with your brother as Emperor. Many said that the Mandate of Heaven was now in the hands of another and rebellion groups grew larger day by day. With all this going on, you still found the time to worry about who was on the other end of your red string of fate. (Important terms)

“How do I look?” you twirled, smiling widely as the servants moved aside. “Pretty, right?”

Minkui smiled, nodding, his arms crossed and his left hand holding his sword, “Of course you are, Your Highness.”

You nodded, smoothing your robes and fiddling with your hair, “As expected. I look good even in men’s clothing.”

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He was a Commander

(Cullen x Lavellan)

He kissed like he did everything else.

Which was, she supposed, a simple way of saying that he kissed with a very single minded determination. Like he was solving a problem, or going into battle, which would have been an amusing thought if it didn’t make him so blasted good at it.

The look on his face before his lips met hers was the same look he would have when showing a new recruit how to hold their shield, or when he had a mountain of paperwork and only a few hours to sort it out.  He would stare at her a moment, sometimes two, long enough to have her feel the urge to close the distance between them herself, which she did sometimes, and which he always took in stride, if taking something in stride meant laughing into her mouth and catching her up against him.  But if she didn’t take it upon herself to start he would simply do the stare, his hands positioning just so before he dipped his head to hers.

Sometimes it was slow, the brush of his lips light, once, twice, before he would lick along the seam of her mouth as if testing for entrance.  She liked to call those the problem solving kisses, because obviously he was working out the best strategy in his mind, not that she needed worked out.   She was fairly certain that as far as problems went she was a rather straight forward one.  

The battle ones were when he wasted no such time testing the waters.  He would simply capture her lips with his own, his hands holding her jaw so that her mouth was open to the immediate and dizzying sweep of his tongue.

Both had their merits, both had their place, and both were overwhelming in the amount of need they shot through her when they started.  Which was, of course, the only problem, if it could actually be called a problem at all.  His kisses were never light, never friendly, not unless she surprised him with one, or he forgot himself and kissed her somewhere public, which didn’t happen nearly often enough in her mind.  No, they were always a promise, a hint of what else was in store.

She very rarely walked away from one of his kisses without the distinct and desperate need to have more of him.  If she was being honest, she very rarely walked away from his kisses at all.  Who would want to?  Instead, she most often pushed and shoved and tugged at him until they were somewhere private enough that they could have their way with each other.

He had learned, fairly early on, not to kiss her at all if either of them were in the middle of something particularly important.  It saved them both hassle later.

None of this was to say that there wasn’t tenderness on his part, the man was a romantic whether he would ever admit it out loud or not and there was no end to the cuddling, or hand holding, or light playing with her hair when they were simply enjoying each other’s company.  So of course when kissing occurred his eyes would warm and his hands would soften, but it only ever came after the initial contact, almost as if he was rewarding them both for getting it right.

Not that he ever got it wrong.

Not that she could either with the way he would simply drag her along on the near constant current of pleasure that his lips could wring out of her.

So when someone asked what he was like, in private, in bed, in the simple moments between the chaos that was their lives, she would smile and roll a shrug and tuck that small part of him she got for herself into a corner of her mind and simply tell them that he was a commander and so what did they think?

Because how did you tell someone that you get stared at like you are the most important problem that needs solving, that you get touched as if every point of contact is made simply to give you the most pleasure?  No, those were hers; the others could make of her answer what they would.

Promise Me

Promise Me

This is a gift for Maplevogel and based on the story of Hades and Persephone. It is a retelling, of sorts, but it is not based on any particular pantheon. It takes the idea of gods and goddesses, from many different cultures and realities, and creates a universe in which they can coexist. The main characters are not based on any belief but you may see several thrown together.

Maplevogel requested this general idea but she only gave me a few hints and tips. I rolled with it. I hope she still likes it.

Chapter One

Matthew straightened his belt and buttoned coat, admiring his reflection in the polished mirror. His father swept back his blonde curls and kissed him on the forehead gently, tenderly. He clasped his shoulders in pride.

“Oh, Papa,” he breathed. The golden buttons gleamed on his structured jacket and the boots sailed up past his knees. He felt grown up. Handsome. “Can I really wear this?”

Francis chuckled and knelt down to his level.

“Really and truly.”

“And I can stay up? All night?”

Francis pretended to think it over before shaking his head. He playfully tapped Matthew on the nose.

“You can stay up to eleven,” he compromised.

“But Papa…”

“Hush. Even the gods need to sleep, sometimes.”

You don’t,” he pouted and crossed his arms. His reflection copied him after a heartbeat and grinned when Matthew narrowed his eyes. He was used to it, though. His reflection was always misbehaving.

“But I am older, and wiser,” Francis explained patiently. “And you, pet, are too young to stay up all night. This is your first banquet. Pace yourself.”

Matthew grumbled to himself but, in the end, he nodded. Three hours was better than none, after all.

“Okay. I’m ready.”

Francis stood up and held out his hand. He took it.

“Then let’s go.”

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And Getting Caught In The Rain. (Michael Clifford One Shot)

michael has had a feeling that something bad is going to happen to him all day, and then he catches you stranded in the rain looking for a ride home from school


bad boy michael has a crush on you, and his stupid car breaks down in front of your house so he has to come inside

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Value [Klaine] PG-13

5.15 reaction fic.  Trigger warning: references to assault.
Prompted by my darling dear, Brittany: “It doesn’t appear that Kurt’s ring is on. […] I can imagine him waking up and not having it on and freaking out, worrying if it was taken and wanting it back immediately, etc. Blaine having to step in and pull it out from his pocket or something and be like, "The second they say you can have it back, it’s yours. But you didn’t lose it. It’s okay.”
~1,500 words
Also available on ffnet and AO3.

“Where is it?”

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Suit and Tie


Imagine: Being turned on when Dean is in his suit questioning the locals for an upcoming case, and you getting his attention very quickly when he returns to the motel.

You had been attracted to the eldest Winchester since you first met him. How could you not? That little smirk that you saw almost on a daily basis killed you in the best possible way. But when Dean walked out of your shared motel room dressed in a classic suit that showed off his muscles perfectly, you couldn’t help but getting instantly turned on. You bit your lip as he and Sam got into the Chevy and left you to do a bit more research. Research didn’t even cross your mind as you began to strip and tease yourself with images of Dean in that fine ass suit and tie. Your hand made its way to your left nipple where you tugged and squeezed till it was perky and sensitive. You did the same treatment to your other nipple and groaned in delight. Your breathing became ragged as you trailed your other hand down to your pussy, and began rubbing your clit in fast circles. But nothing seemed to work. You needed Dean. You brought the palm of your hand to your clit and rubbed slow and hard. Thoughts of Dean teasing you like you were teasing yourself made you wet, but you then thought about grinding against Dean still in his suit and you couldn’t help the moan that escaped your lips. “Damn.” Your head snapped up as you saw Dean standing in the dorrway with lust filled eyes. You had half the mind to cover yourself, but you thought twice as he started walking towards you. Dean hovered above your naked form and he leaned down to bring you up into a sitting position on the shared bed. Dean tilted your chin up to look at him as he moved to sit beside you, and licked his lips. You didn’t think twice as you leaned in and kissed him. You wanted him. All of him. Dean gripped your hair and pulled you to straddle him while he was still wearing that suit. You moaned into the kiss, making Dean smirk. But then reality hit him. “Y/N, are you sure you want to do this? We can stop-” “No, don’t stop please. I want you too badly.” Dean smirked again then spoke up once more. “Alright sweetheart. Straddle my thigh.” You did as you were told as Dean gripped your hips. He started to move you across his thighs, which felt amazing against your clit. You threw your head back in pure bliss as you started to grind against him harder and faster. Dean growled and began to bounce his thigh, which had you a moaning mess in seconds. You gripped his shoulders and started bouncing like you would his cock, and you came- all at once, too many thoughts and images clouding your mind as you came hard. Dean groaned below you as you came back to reality and looked down at him. He was breathing heavily as he looked up at you. “That was the hottest thing I have ever seen. Get up and lay flat on your back with your pretty legs spread wide.” You nodded and attempted to get up as fast as your shaky legs would allow. As you got up you noticed a wet spot on Dean’s leg. Dean was stripping his clothes and his cock finally sprung free. Your mouth watered and you licked your lips as Dean hovered above your mouth, only sticking the tip of his cock into your mouth. You wanted to take more of him, but Dean wasn’t having it. As if reading your mind, Dean spoke up. “Not this time sweetheart. I want to have my way with you.” You groaned and he pulled out of your mouth and hovered above you and kissed you hard. You tangled your hands into his hair as he dipped his hips and began to tease you with running his cock over your clit. You didn’t really need prep- you were soaking wet which was good enough for Dean. You bucked your hips up wanting more when Dean finally caved in. He filled you so completely that your breath hitched in your throat at the feeling. He stilled to let you accommodate his length, and after a few moments you nodded your head. Dean started slow, but his movements got faster and harder with each thrust. You bucked your hips to match his thrusts which sent sparks throughout your entire body. Dean was talking in your ear as he fucked you with no mercy. “Are you gonna cum princess? You gonna cum all over my hard cock? Seeing you play with yourself earlier was such a turn on I wanted to take you right then and there. But I had to have my fun first.” His voice was like music to your ears as you tried to hold onto this feeling forever. Dean was speaking again in your ear. “Wanna feel you cum around me baby. Cum for me.” That’s all it took as you came hard. You cried out but Dean was still fucking you, even faster than before as he was chasing his own release. You clenched around him and he groaned while throwing his head back. It was the hottest thing you have ever seen. With two more powerful thrusts he was coming inside you, coating your inner walls. You groaned as he slowly pulled out a few minutes later, missing the feel of him already. He laid beside you and you turned over to face him. He looked at you and smiled. “Maybe you should play with yourself more often.” “Maybe you should wear suits more often.” He smirked and pulled you into him as you both drifted off into a well deserved nap.

fully burnt cigarette » four

Originally posted by lipringsandsnapbacks

The sun was setting low on the spring horizon and the rain had all but ceased in it’s existence and the wind had picked up just enough to sway the trees lazily when Luke Hemmings pulled up onto Irwin’s driveway. The night was closing in around the apartment, the only light being the dim streetlamps and the television glare through the open blinds. The clouds held nothing else within, having deposited all the rain they held, leaving a lingering sense of lightness in the air.

Luke felt heavy.

He slipped his bike keys into his leather jacket in exchange for his cigarette packet and lighter. Cigarette in between his puckered lips, lighter ignited in flame, touching the heat to the white end until it burnt red hot. He inhaled as hard as he could. He tasted the bitterness of the smoke on his tongue, feeling his mind spark at the familiar flavour, and blew it out in soft rings.

“Fucking hell.” Luke hissed.

Thoughts he’d been holding off since he trudged out of the school car park trickled into his mind. The pretty girl in her car, and the way she spoke, and her attitude, and her anger, and the effect he had on her. He took another drag on his cigarette.

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It’s You

Been a while since I wrote anything so I’m a little rusty.

All fluff bc that’s what I’m good at. :)

words: 1335

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Michael Clifford Smut

Rated : R

Warning : Dominance/Submissive , Foul language , Sexual content



It’s a Saturday night and you’re with your boyfriend Michael playing a boring game of snakes and ladders.
“Michael this is boring as fuck, can we do something else?”
“Sure…. I have an idea.” He responded with a slight smirk on his face
“Shoot.” I said tossing a chip to my mouth.
“Let’s play Too Hot. Winner gets to be dominant for the night and the loser, well the loser obeys the orders.”
“You’re on.” you said staying up going across the table. He stands up as well, hovering over you.
He crashes his lips against yours. He almost grabs your neck, then quickly pulls away realizing what he was about to do. He licked your bottom lip, you moan, giving him an opportunity to slide his tongue in your mouth. He moans into the kiss as you bit his lip, pulling it up. The vibrations set you off. You slide your hands up his shirt on his v-line and pull him close. He chuckles, akwnoledging he won. He takes your hands out of his shirt. He pulls them over your head and backs you up into the nearest wall. He kisses along your jawline, nibbling. A low whimper escaping your lips. He reaches your ear and his voice deep and husky
“You’re under my orders now.” He whispered, he  bit under your earlobe making you shiver.
“Okay, Micha-”
“Sir. You call me sir.” He growled against your neck. Your core was dripping. You needed some friction.
“Please do something… sir.” You moan. He knows exactly what you want but he decides to play with you a little.
“What’s that baby? What did you say? I didn’t hear you.” He whispered bringing his hips closer to yours. He let your hands go but you knew to keep them over your head. He grabbed your hips and pressed them against his. You felt his hard on in your inner thigh. He kissed along your neck.
“Please fuck me, eat me out do something!” You yelled, you sounded desperate but you honestly didn’t care.
“Jump.” He ordered. You did as told and he grabbed you by the ass and carried you to his bedroom.
“Undress yourself and sit.” He said pointing at the bed.
You quickly strip as he leaves the room. He goes down to the kitchen and gets some ice.
You couldn’t help it, you needed a touch. You began to touch yourself. You began moaning and spreading your legs wanting to get your fingers deeper.
Michael came back in the room. He saw you and he bit his lip. How hot you looked touching yourself.
“Stop.” He said in a very serious tone but you couldn’t bring yourself to stop. It felt too good. Next thing you knew, Michael was right in front of you, hovering over you.
“I said stop.” Obvious anger in his eyes. He placed the ice in the counter and took hand cuffs out of the drawer.
“Didn’t think I’d need these, but you’re being a very bad girl.” Excitement and anxiousness ran through your body. You layed down and he cuffed your hands to the head board.
He pecked your lips, then he began to kiss your jawline making his way down your neck. You turned your head to give him more access. He began to bite and suck causing you to moan. He made his way to your boobs and he began to suck on your right nipple. He pulled it, slightly biting. He licked your nipple and blew on it, making you moan. You tried to reach down and his hair,to be reminded you were cuffed. He worked his magic on your left nipple as well leaving them erect. You kissed down your stomach and bit and your hipbones, a mark to be seen later. He leaned away and got an ice cube, placing it in his mouth. He opened your legs, painfully slow. Teasing you.
“Fuck!” You yell. Just seeing him between your legs made you soaked.
“What do you want me to do baby? Tell me. Beg me.”
“Eat me our, sir. Please” You panted as he kissed your inner thighs. His hair brushing over your folds. Your sex began to ache at the lack of touch.
“Like this?”
He blew on your slit. The cold air hitting your slit. You bucked your hips up, wanting something, anything.
He connected his lips to your folds and licked up once, twice.
“Fuck yes Michael, baby.” You moaned.
The movement stopped, leaving you whining.
“What did you call me? I don’t think you deserve my tongue. You don’t fucking listen. What the fuck do you call me?”
“Fuck, sir. Sir. Please. Fuck eat me out.”
“What did you fucking say? I want everybody to know how well I take care of you. Go on. What did you say?”
“Fucking shit, you asshole.” You panted and he chuckled.
“ Suck me clean. Dry me up. Make me come just like the slut I am for you, sir.” You moaned loudly.
His cold tongue was once connected with your clit adding this new sensation to your sensitives. He began to lick your slit, sucking slightly. Your back arched up from the bed.
“Shit, so good.” you moaned.
“You taste so fucking amazing.” He moaned against your clit.
He slid two fingers into you. He began to pump vigorously. He curled his fingers hiting your spot through almost every pump. Leaving you are a moaning mess, fisting the sheets. Arching your back.
“Fuck, I’m gonna come.”
Michael insterted a third finger and furiously pumped. He sucked on your core sending you over the edge.
“Come for me, baby.” He whispered, blowing on your core. You came on his fingers. You panted, your head looking up at the ceiling. The sensation rushing through your body. From head to toe.
“Look at me.” You brought your head up. He was looking at you. He began to suck his fingers, never breaking eye contact. He came up to your mouth.
“ Suck. Look at how good you taste you slut.” You sucked on his fingers, swallowing. He kissed you and uncuffed your hands.
He pulled away, breathing heavily. He leaned his forehead on yours.
“I want you to ride me baby.” His deep raspy voice, making your core wet.
“I don’t think I can anymore.” You whispered still fantasized over your last orgasm.
“I don’t think so either. I know.”
He turned it around so you were on top of him. You sat on his lower stomach, his dick touching your back. You grinded hard on Michael’s member.
A low moan escaped his lips. You grinded on him.
“Does this make you feel good sir?” You lowered yourself so his lips were inches away from you. You leaned down and kissed him. Your tongues fighting for dominance. You moved your hips in a circular rotation, grinding. He moaned in your mouth. You bit his lip and pulled away. You lined yourself up and slowly sank down.
“Fuck. U-uh baby. So tight.” Michael moaned taking ahold of your thighs. You began to bounce. Having Michael gripping your hips. You went up almost all of him out of you. You sanl down faster. A filthy moan escaping your lips.
“Fuck. Jesus Christ. You’re amazing baby.” He began to buck his hips metting with every bounce. You clenched knowing how crazy it drove Michael.
“Fuck shit shit shit. That makes me to turn you around and fuck you senseless.” He began to thrust harsher, going deeper in you. You moaned, letting your head throw back. You bounced and then began to grind on him. You grind and clench, your walls tightening around his dick. The room filled up with moans and profanities.
“Fuck, see what you do to me.” Michael moaned. His voice raspy and so sexy. He turned you around so you were under him. He propped your legs up on his waist to get more access of you. He pounded into you. Your back arched up.
“Fuck, I’m so close.” You moan feeling your lower stomach boil up, begging to release.
“Not yet, baby. Hold it for me, can you?” Michael said thrusting into you. He leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on your lips.
“I’m close baby.” He moaned. He began to rub your slit.
“Fuck, Micha-Sir. I can’t. I have to come.”
You clenched bringing him over the age. You both came. He kissed you while you rode out your highs. He pulled out of you and lay down next to you.
“That was amazing. You were amazing.” He panted.

RotG fic: Counterweight 7/?

Title: Counterweight 7/?

Rating: NC-17 

Note: Modern day AU of my fantasy blackice fic The Heavy Weight of Duty but can be read standalone.

Word count: 1781

Summary: The fundraiser is insufferably dull and Jack goes onto the balcony for a smoke. When a tall dark stranger named Pitch follows him, suddenly it’s not so dull any more.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6

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