he let me draw on his board

Mick has a pet now \O/

we used to tie a balloon to the kittens when they were tiny to keep an eye on them, why not a rat when Mick’s letting it get some exploring done on board

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Happy birthday! I <3 your writing and this is so sweet! If possible, I'D love some modern-day domestic bellarke arranged marriage for something like adoption reasons and cute parental bellarke if you can swing it!

Thank you so much anon! Hope you like it!


“Thank f– goodness, I thought you’d never get here.”

Bellamy smirks and holds his hands out for Sophie, who is babbling and reaching for him. She’s always been a friendly baby– takes after Wells in that respect, he thinks– and he’s been around enough the past few months that she’s used to him, but it always makes him a little smug that she likes him enough to leave her favorite place, which is Clarke’s arms.

“What’s going on?” He asks, wincing when chubby little hands clench at his hair. Clarke makes a tutting noise and works his hair out of Sophie’s grasp, giving her a toy to hold instead. The baby immediately puts the stuffed giraffe’s ear in her mouth, which Bellamy takes as her seal of approval.

“Come inside,” Clarke sighs, running a hand over her disheveled braid and making a face. Hair-pulling has been a pretty common theme lately, just another thing Clarke had to adjust to after being suddenly thrust into parenthood.

Bellamy was a little surprised she wanted to take the kid. Thelonius had kept Sophie for a while immediately after the accident that killed Wells and Maya, but that hadn’t been a permanent solution. He and Clarke had sat down with a social worker, who suggested that Clarke take Sophie on a trial basis, a few months after which they would all decide if it was the right placement for the eight-month-old.

It hasn’t been easy going. Clarke had no idea what to do with a baby, so naturally she’d called in reinforcements (Bellamy for the most part, Abby on occasion). He spent a lot of nights on Clarke’s couch at the beginning, but after a few weeks she decided she needed to be able to handle it more on her own if she was seriously going to consider adopting.

(Bellamy still worries about her, of course, and still comes over all the time, but if he calls it hanging out instead of helping out, she allows it.)

So he’s pretty surprised when he gets an SOS text a week or so before Sophie’s first birthday.

“Seriously,” he says, the baby looking up at him with her big brown eyes, giraffe securely in mouth. “Are you okay?”

“I don’t know.” He can hear the fatigue in her voice more clearly now and it makes him frown. “I had an appointment with Anya today.”

“The social worker?”

“Yeah.” When she sinks to the couch, she pulls her knees up against her chest, smiling a little as Sophie tucks her head under Bellamy’s chin, her eyelids drooping. It’s probably time for her nap soon.

“Did you guys get started on the adoption paperwork?”

“Not exactly.” Clarke bites her lip. “It turns out I might not get to keep her.”

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"You love me, right?" maybe where Harry is asking the question after a fight or something...

This isn’t the best I have to admit, but I wanted to try and write some thing and kind of help get my mind of my pain from the surgery for a bit. Sorry for taking ages and Thank you for leaving a suggestion! Also wittle vulnerable harry melts my heart. Under the cut cause it went on for ages for which i apologise profusely.

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The Ocean Becomes You

Okay so @jilychallenge paired @mollyraesly and I for the February 2017 fantasy challenge with “pirate AU” as our theme. We were both uncertain how to do the challenge because we’re both challenge inept. We started bouncing little snippets of fic back and forth to each other and those tiny dialogues and sentences formed this co-written one-shot. (Molly will probably put it on her accounts as well so please direct reviews to her too, THANK YOU!)

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The ocean rippled against the shoreline, dispersing little pink shells across the flat sand. One of them found its way to her toes. She reached down and picked it up, fascinated by its tiny swirls of color and the smoothness of its texture. For a moment, she considered hurling it back into the ocean where it came from, but instead she pocketed it.

A day later, she tied ribbon to it and wore it as a necklace around her neck. The ribbon was blue and the shell seemed to glow against her neck. She thought it was the prettiest shell she had ever found, but the shell wasn’t very important or altogether significant until He made it so.

Lily spotted him by the local tavern first. He had eyes that were as russet as the cinnamon shipped from the isles back to England. He had lips that curved into a sharp smile when she caught his gaze. 

His fingers ran through his black hair as he looked her up and down before settling on her makeshift necklace. “The ocean becomes you, lass.”

“The land less so you,” she said, suppressing a smile as she walked away.

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Castiel’s lips define him

So, @sassy-pistachy​ and I were on an empty classroom the other day, she had drawn Cas in a board and was telling me how easy it was to just draw a straight line for his lips because….

Misha’s lips ARE the straightest straight line to ever straight.

Me: Ya, you’re right but we have to honor the form of his lips too, specially the upper lip.

To prove my point  I drew this perfecty correct lips beside her drawing

Sassy-pistachy: Ok, ok, you’re right, let’s draw him properly  *she grabs the marker*

Me: He needs wingies *steals back the marker*

Me: Oh, shit, I ruined it, they look like hands…

Sassy-pistachy: No problem *marker theft*

He’s the most beautiful thing we ever created.

No question

Dear Journal,

Today it was raining.. Sirius and I decided to stay inside and play muggle board games. This morning I watched him draw. He had his tongue between his lips, trying to stay focused. His pencil was softly brushing against the paper. He was beautiful. We were still in bed and still hadn’t had breakfast. We fell asleep after walking up too early this moring. Sirius never let me go.. He was afraid my nightmare would come back. But now, we were laying in bed and I was watching him. It must’ve been around noon.. I couldn’t tell since dark clouds were dressing the sky.

“You hungry babe?” I asked.

“A lot! Wanna go make breakfast?” He said, smilling.

“Sure! Have you heard from Regulus?” I asked, getting out of bed.

“His letter should arrive soon..” He wondered.

“Let’s not wait too much for it.. Do you want to play muggle board games today? Since it’s raining..” i asked.

“Yes! I want to play that game Lily was talking about! Monoplyly?”

“It’s Monopoly!” I giggled.

“I knew that!” He laughed.

He sat down on the kitchen counter while I made some eggs and potatoes.

“It smells good!” He giggled.

“Do you want some juice?” I asked.

“Sure! I can make it myslef love, don’t get your eyes off the food! I’m too hungry for you to burn it!” He giggled.

He pourred two glasses of juice and sat down on the table. I layed the eggs and the potatoes in two plates and sat down next to him.

“It looks delicious babe!”

“I hope it is!” I giggled.

“I love your house.. I would like to have one like this when we’re older.. you know, a house we can call "home” not just a roof on our heads..“ he said, smilling to himslef.

"I could see us in a cute little house together.. a dog running around, maybe a kid..” I smirked.

“I want a baby! Just like your little cousin Theo! Babies are all so cute and small Re!” He laughed.

We were both laughing and remembering ourselves old memories when we heard a quick knock on the kitchen’s glass door. An owl. Regulus’ letter. Sirius stood up and went to pick up the letter, giving a small potato to the owl. He flew away and Sirius sat down on my lap. I hugged him and he read the letter out loud.

Dear Sirius,
Hey big brother! And hi to Remus too! Well you wanted to hear about my date with Lily’s cousin.. Here it is! I picked Sophie up at her common room in the afternoon. She was beautiful. She was wearing a pale blue dress that flotted in the air. Her long hair was up in a messy bun and her cheeks were pink. I told her she looked stunning and she blushed even more. We walked up to Hogsmeade and she slipped her hand in mine. I had trouble staying calm.. She was holding my hand after all! Anyway, we walked in this romantic restaurant and sat down face to face near the window. From there, we could see the sunset. Everytime she spoke I looked at her shinny eyes. She was so full of passion and it made her even more beautiful. After diner, we walked back to the castle hand in hand. She was cold so i layed my jacket on her bare shoulders. I walked her too her common room and I didn’t know if I should kiss her or not. I brushed a strand of her golden hair out of her beautiful face and layed it behing her ear. She looked at me in the eyes and I just went for it. I kissed her! And she kissed back! She was blushing afterwards. I told her she looked beautiful and she said that she enjoyed her night. She thanked me, kissed my cheek and went back in her dorm. Since then I’ve been on a cloud! I think i’m in love with her.. Is that normal? To feel that way?

I miss you brother.. Can’t wait for you boys to come back this week end!

With love,

“Awe my little brother is growing up!” Sirius giggled.

“He sounds happy.” I smilled.

“Can we play Monopyly now?” He asked.

“Yes we can!” I laughed.

February 23rd 1976

I’m Your Doctor

Request: My life is complete. Someone else writing for black or poc readers. Umm, can I request a fic where the reader is wakandan and bucky likes her? Like she’s so calm and relaxed.


So maybe you knew you were one of the best doctors in Wakanda. You had awards and certificates and all the praise you could get in your field. You were aware you were good, but you were not aware that you were good enough to warrant royal attention. As your king walked into your office you immediately bowed. You were some dumbfounded you barely got out your greetings. The King was in your office! He nodded kindly at you formalities. The guards beside him watched you like a hawk, but you could tell they didn’t take you as an honest threat, which was a spot on assessment. You were about to faint, there was no need to be afraid of you.

    “Dr. L/N, you are the best doctor Wakanda has to offer. I am proud of your work and your prowess,” he complimented. Your words got caught in your throat. After a moment you stuttered out your response.

    “I-I am honored… to- to gain your praise. I hardly think I’m worthy, though, your highness.”

    “You are humble, but I assure you I have done my research and I know that you are the best. With that I have a proposition for you.”

    “A proposition?”

    “Yes, I have a very important patient for you to see to. He is a former American Soldier, who was brainwashed. Your current work in neurology, leads me to believe you might be able to help him.”

    “I would be honored to help you, my king,” you agreed immediately. How could you say no? You couldn’t say no. This was the opportunity of a lifetime. No was not an option.

    “Good, I was hoping you would agree. I will send for you tomorrow morning at 8.”

    “Yes, thank you,” you agreed, bowing once more. King T’Challa smiled at your nervous yet giddy temperament. He nodded back to you and lead the group of people surrounding him out of your office.

    That was how you met Bucky. The first few days were rough. You never thought you’d actually use any of your military background after you left, but it would seem that the King knew you were once a soldier and set upon utilizing that ability. It was hardly enough to let you overpower the super soldier, but the agility aspects of your training kept you alive. After what ever brain scramble he had been going through wore off, he was just quiet. He would watch you cautiously as you moved around the lab. And then one day he just started talking.

    “Why did they wake me?” he questioned.

    “The King thinks I can help you,” you answered truthfully.

    “Do you think you can help me?”

    “I think I might be able to. You know, if you’d let me actually touch you. I promise I am a trained professional, I want do anything to harm you.”

    He nodded slowly, as if he was thinking very hard about something, “Okay,” he finally agreed. You smiled at him, it seemed like you were finally going to make some progress with him. And you made a lot of progress. Bucky talked to you, I mean really talked. He gave you more than two words when you asked him a question.

    “Your best friend, Steve Rogers, Captain America?” you asked.

    “Yeah, that’s the punk,” he smiled sadly, “does he know what’s happening here?”

    “I don’t know. I don’t think so…”

    “It’s best not to get his hopes up. If this doesn’t work-”

    “If this method doesn’t work, then we’ll just try a new one. You’re gonna be my most important accomplishment Mr. Barnes,” you grinned up at him before looking back down at your notes, while forming what you theorized would be the best treatment plan for Bucky. Bucky looked at you like you were the stars. You were soft spoken, not in a passive way, but in a way that proved you didn’t need to be loud to make a point. The people in the lab respected you very much. You rarely took the recognition to your head. He knew you were smart, you would often try and explain your plans to him and he rarely understood a word of it, but he smiled and nodded anyway. He appreciated the thought. People rarely informed Bucky of what they were going to do, they just did it, but you were informing him and giving him the option to Veto anything that seemed dangerous or made him uncomfortable. The only thing he ever vetoed was the concept of you using his trigger words. You thought his hesitance came from fear of being out of control, or being controlled by someone else. In truth it was fear of hurting you. You with your big bouncy hair and vivid smile. The thought of never seeing your face light up as you had an idea, or feel the softness of your skin as you connected sensors to him, was to unbearable for him to risk your safety. It made your work difficult but not impossible.

    “Barnes, you must trust me.” you spoke precisely. He gave you a soft smirk and shook his head.

    “I’ve always trusted you.”

    “I need to know what I’m dealing with so I can help you,” your voice was calm, steady, and sure of itself.

    “I can’t consent to that,” he said back, looking you deep in the eyes, “I’d rather go back under.”

    “You want to be able to live without fear of hurting people, right? Then I have to do this. I have to know the Winter Soldier’s brain.” you insisted.

    “I’d rather go back under than hurt you,” he seemed miserable as he said this. You brought a hand up to his face trying to make him look at you again, so he could see that you were sure of your request, sure that you could handle it.

    “Bucky,” you said softly.

    “Don’t Bucky me,” he pulled away from your touch, “You are so sure everything will go right. You are so sure that you never have to worry and you never show that you’re scared, but I’m scared for you. I know you’re supposed to help me, but the people who help me usually wind up hurt. I. Can’t. Take. That. Risk. Not with you.”

    “Bucky, I’m your Doctor… I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t in your best interest.”

    “Don’t you get it, I don’t care about my best interest. If that’s the only way for you to help me then you can’t help me.”

    You tried to act like that didn’t hurt, like the prospect of him not wanting you to help him anymore was just a scientific let down. You had no right to feel personal hurt. You were his doctor. That was it.

    “Why?” you asked.

    “I… love…your determination, but you don’t know what you’re getting into,” his words were halted as if he was going to say something else then changed his mind at the last second… I’ll get back to the drawing board then.

The next day when you came into work there was a letter on your desk, detailing that you were no longer needed and that Bucky had requested to go back under cryostasis. If anyone ever asked about this moment in your life, you would never tell them you cried for an hour, you wouldn’t tell them that it broke your heart to see him give up.

~Mod Lillian

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*coughs* so you want Sabriel prompts? I can do that. First up: college au, Sam hasn't seen Gabriel for a couple of days and he's kinda worried, so he goes to Gabriel's apt. and finds a very sick art student who has very high fever and has decided that he can /totally/ take care of himself. Fluff ensues.

This kinda turned into a “someone else hasn’t seen Gabriel in a few days and sends Sam in search of him, but I like it.

“Hey, you live in Edlund hall, right? Second floor?” A redhead who Sam vaguely knows to be Anna had flagged him down in the cafeteria, and is now questioning him on his personal life. Swap her for a redhead known as Charlie and it’s just another day in the life.

“Uh, yeah. Did you need something?” Edlund hall is a guys’ dorm, so she can’t be locked out.

“You know Gabriel Novak?”

Sam knew Gabriel Novak- the guy who lived across the hall and had taken care of him when he was sick last week and had the craziest room and went trick-or-treating in the dorm last halloween and definitely was not the guy Sam had a massive crush on. “Yeah?”

“You haven’t seen him recently, have you? He’s not answering anyone, no one’s seen him since the weekend, and someone thought I’d know if he was okay- he’s my cousin,” she adds. “Just… make sure he’s still on campus, if you could?”

Sam nods. “No problem.”

Knocking is getting him nowhere, and Sam is about to give up when he leans against the door handle and the door swings inward, left unlocked. “Gabriel?”

"Mmmph. ‘S’open.”

The room is a cave. Sam can barely make out the blanketed form of Gabriel curled up in a ball in bed. There’s a small pile of tissues on the ground near the foot of the bed, and at the head is a half empty package of vanilla oreos. The rest of the place is a disaster- art supplies covering the desk in no real semblance of order, books stacked on the floor, papers on the chair, sneakers and shirts tossed in a corner. So, nothing unusual.

Sam flicks on the bathroom light instead of the overhead fluorescents (he’s not cruel) but Gabriel groans anyway, turning away to bury his face in the pillow. “Why you gotta do that?” he gets out, muffled.

“Have you been in here since Sunday?” Sam asks incredulously.

Gabriel lifts his head- and he looks awful. Like, dark circled, red nosed, bleary eyed awful. “Think so?”

“Oh my god, you’re sick. I got you sick.”

Gabriel waves a hand, although he does so weakly and halfheartedly. “I’s’okay Sammy. ‘M’okay.”

“Gabriel, it’s Wednesday. No one’s seen you-“

"Damn,” the art student gets out, dropping his head again. “Thought it was Monday.”

“You’ve been in here alone for three days now. I’m pretty sure that’s the sweatshirt you were wearing Sunday night. Nothing about this is- is okay!” Sam splutters. “You should have come and found me, I’m right across the hall-“

"I can take care of myself, Sam.”

“You haven’t been anywhere but the bathroom in three days, you haven’t had any decent food, there aren’t even any new sketches on the bulletin board, and when you stop drawing, something is seriously wrong. Just… let me get you back to healthy.”

"Sleeping it off,” Gabriel insists.

There’s a lull during which Sam wonders at what point he started noticing things like how many sketches were on the board and instead starts noticing things like that Gabriel is shivering. Just a little, but enough for Sam to notice. “Do you have a fever?”

“You honestly think I got the ther- thermo- thermenmeeter- that thing and checked?”

In one quick stride, aka before the other boy can protest, Sam crosses the room and presses his hand to Gabriel’s forehead- burning. “You have a fever and you’re going to let me take care of you.”

"I’m gonna be okay, Sam, I’m not dying. Jus’ let me.”

Sam draws a breath. “Humor me.”

Gabriel looks at him for a minute, then says, defeated, “Blankets’re on the top shelf.”

Not leaving Gabriel the time to change his mind, Sam pulls two down and drapes them over his hallmate. “Want me to make soup?”

“If it’ll make you happy. But… inna few? Wanna enjoy the warm.”

Sam settles himself on the rug beside the bed. “I’ll stay.”

“You don’t have to.”

“You stayed with me, all last weekend.”

“Yeah, but…” Gabriel flops his head to the side to look at Sam, still all fever flushed. “I like you though. ‘S’different.”

Sam’s heart is all fluttery, but he manages to keep his calm as he leans in and kisses Gabriel’s warm forehead. “Just accept that I’m here and enjoy your blankets.” Because I like you too.

“Kissing me better, Sammoose?”

“Yeah. You’re well on your way to recovery now.”

Gabriel’s eyes slide closed, and he asks softly, “Double dose?”

Once Gabriel is better, Sam thinks, he’s going to make sure Gabriel has a regular prescription of kisses, administered by mouth, but for now, he complies with a gentle hand on Gabriel’s chin and a soft kiss to his cheek.

Bound - Part 1

Summary: Demon!Dean is bound to you, thanks to a botched ritual. The good news is that he’s finally able to be controlled. The bad news is that Demon!Dean’s true nature is starting overpower your own…

This is probably going to end up having several parts to it and end up with multiple reader pairings.

Written for the We Can Write Better Challenge for @thing-you-do-with-that-thi and @mysupernaturalfics . My prompt was the ball gag. This is also my first challenge as well as my first EVER smut. So… ya know… go easy on me.

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader
Word count: not sure. I wrote this on my phone. LOL!
Warnings: language, smut, violence, etc.

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teacher!au / junhui

Originally posted by howona

part 4/13 in the teacher!au series

other parts: s.coups / jeonghan / joshua / jun / hoshi

(note: s.coups is found on my main)

more notes at the end!

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Dan x Reader - I Like Your Drawings of Me

Dan x Reader - I Like Your Drawings Of Me

REQUEST / PROMPT : Reader x dan. Where reader is a huge fan or art and draws dan all the time. Them dan and Phil have been friends forever. Reader had always had a huge thing for dan but didn’t want to mess up their relationship as friends. So they just stare from a distance and draw their heart out. And all the pictures these days seemed to have something in common.. him. One day they weren’t paying attention and dan came over and saw their art. “I-.. I-.. I can explain Dan!” “Can I just kiss you already?”(anon)

I finished another one of my paintings today, this one was for a client and I was to send it over tomorrow. I’m an artist and I’ve been one for long as I could remember, luckily I was able to make a somewhat high sustaining career out of it. But I always distinguished the passion of art and my job, such never stressing out over my work and I was basically your definition of a “chill artist”. After wrapping the canvas up I went to my “personal” drawing drawer and took out an unfinished work of Dan. Dan Howell, him and Phil have been my friends since a long time. I didn’t really think anything of Dan other than a friend, until I asked to draw him and Phil once. He happily agreed and it was just a little sketch that I gave him and he liked it. But little did he know after that I thought that his face was literally a work of art. He was so different and eccentric from the other faces of the world. He had a contrasting face with the dark odd fringe hairstyle along with his long height and his eyes, the vivid chocolate eyes that widen when they gaze. I was wondering what to draw and it just happened that Dan’s general features highlighted what I wanted completely, so now I had this unfinished work of art. Not that I was short, I drew Dan and Phil a lot, heck I drew my friends a lot and even fictional characters. Personal drawings for me was almost always of things that I loved, it so happened that one of them was Dan. I had a pretty significant amount of Dan drawings where I would just admire him from afar, a bit creepy but hey when you see art it deserves to be relished. Dan is funny, articulate and smart, not to mention the way he speaks and think makes me admire him all over again. Although he could never know, I love him… well as much as you can for a friend but I just loved him, who he is and what he stands for and how’s he like. He’s an easily lovable person.

DING! A calendar notification “Hang with D&P tomorrow @2:30pm”

I lightly smile at my phone and then look at the time, seems I’ve been daydreaming for twenty minutes and only got 2 minor details finished. I laugh softly and then make my way to get ready for bed, change into my pajamas and sleep.

Today I would be going to Dan and Phil’s house, I had a small breakfast at around 10pm, browsed the internet and then worked on some work pieces for an hour. It was a pretty relaxed morning, but now it’s 1:30 and I need to get ready to go since the car will be over at 2:00. I change into some lightly ripped jeans, a top with a coat over and a scarf. I pick out some zipper boots and finish curling my eyelashes. I have 5 minutes left as I pick up my bag, consisting of my art supplies that held a collection of black ink items and some colored pencils, a wallet wth my portable charger. I quickly grab my sketchbook, and smaller notebook to throw it in and then lock my flat as my phone dings letting me know the cab is here.

I slightly wander off on the ride over after very minimal conversation at the start and then I get to Dan and Phil’s flat. I walk over and ring the doorbell to see Dan open the door and welcome me with open arms.
“y/n!” He smiles greeting me, wearing a jumper with his classic black skinny jeans.
“Hiiiii.” I say with a friendliness.
We hug briskly as Phil sees us coming up the stairs, popping his head out from the kitchen to shout, “Hello!”
Then I hear something drop and a faint, “Oh crap,” as Dan shakes his head and we both chuckle.

We catch up immediately and talk for awhile even though I last saw them about a week ago. However in that short space of time, they had already been to two different places in Europe, had new merchandise and lending plans that sounded amazing. Both of them asked my about my art and I showed them some finished pieces on my phone, to their liking. But, for majority of the chat it’s just casual conversation between close friends. We laughed and joked on random things, talked about pop culture and all our favorite shows. After finishing our talk in the lounge and the tea that Phil so graciously offered, he had to run off.

“Alright guys, I gotta go get ready.” Phil yawned as he rose from his seat. Phil told me earlier he had to get some work done and go to a meeting.
“Ok bye Phil.” Dan commented relaxed.
“Bye Phil!” I added waving as he made his way downstairs to the taxi waiting for him.

“So what ya wanna do now?” Dan asked looking up from his phone, and I was somewhat lost in a daze gazing at him as he sat behind the burning fireplace, such a pleasant scene.
“y/n?” He called over looking over and squinting his eyes playfully.
“Oh, huh?” I snapped back into reality, not that it was too smooth. I hope I wasn’t staring or if I was not too hard.
“Yeah, sure let’s watch something.” I suggested as Dan shrugged with a sneaky cute smile on his face.
“Or… we could play Mario Kart.” Dan proclaimed holding up the game disk and I laughed.
“Okay sure, but you’re probably going to win anyways.” I told him and he chuckled as he came over to hand me the controller.
In the friendly somewhat long competition, I won twice and the other 4 times Dan took the crown. Afterwards, we talked and Dan put on some anime. We had a light marathon in the background whilst Dan scrolled on Tumblr and I drew on my sketchbook. While I told him it was “just a sketch” and “work”, little did he know I was admiring him from the side.

Dan customarily sat on his sofa side while I sat on the opposite so he couldn’t see what I was doing. We talked about life and occasionally giggled at the anime characters, as I continued drawing him. It was almost unconsciously, like a perfect habit with a pretty outcome. I studied his face once again, still finding new things I never seen before and drawing them as I pled. It was now almost 6pm, but I was a bit sleepy and Dan left to grab something from his room and to get us some Ribena. I yawned and leaned back into the soft sofa, only letting myself slip for a moment. I placed down my sketch board since Dan was out of the room. I stretched a bit and closed my eyes, drifting off unknowingly.

“y/n. y/n?” I heard Dan’s voice gently as he sat beside me and I sleepily moved my eyes up to his face and there was now a slightly curl in hair, making him even more adorable.
“Hmm?” I shot up and instantly remembered the sketchbook next to me and all the drawings stuffed inside of it. Just my luck that when I jumped up in panic which caused me to knock the sketchbook go the floor with its contents dispelling. The contents of my personal drawings, but also the collection of the one with Dan’s face. There was a piece with four of his different expressions all blended and colored into a collage, random doodles, sketches, really detailed closeups and everything I didn’t want him to see. I rush to pick them up and so does Dan being the gentleman he is.

“Oh, let me help you.” He put down the Ribena filled glasses and instantly bends down. The chill artist me was no longer intact, I was not chill.
“It’s fine. I got it.” I try speak smoothly to no avail. Then I see him gathering them up and going through at least 4 of my drawings of him, then passing me my sketchbook which happens to show another lot and the one I was currently working on. Dan doesn’t say anything for a moment, and just looks confused then curious.
“I like your drawings of me…” Dan slightly smirks for reasons I don’t know, as if something’s been confirmed. I just cringe with too much nervous to comprehend his compliment.
“I-.. I-.. I can explain Dan!” I stammered trying to save myself, rushing to put the papers back in there place. But Dan didn’t respond, instead he just handed them back over to a red faced me. I place them in my bag neatly, and then embarrassingly look at him. Waiting for his questions and disturbance, I am met with the opposite.
“Can I just kiss you already?” Dan confided me while gulped with my eyes wide.
“What?” I questioned him, too confused for my own good.
“Don’t you owe me for you using my face so much?” Dan suggested jokingly and I rolled my eyes.
“A kiss from me is your preferred form of payment?” I ask slyly as Dan nods.
“Mhhhhmmmm.” He mumbles causing me to slightly giggle before showing my approval.
Dan the puts his hand on my cheek as I lean my head back into the kiss as his lips come over to me. His lips feel amazing atop of mine, and the kiss is gracefully enjoyable with me wanting to savor every moment. After our kiss, I grin at him and he gazes into my eyes.

“You knew?” I asked.
“I mean you kinda kept looking over to me then drawing in your paper. Like a lot.” He answered amused. I shook my head and leaned into his chest to hide my blushing face.
“You’re okay with it?” I stuttered muffling into his jumper.
“Of course, but only if I get your kisses in return.” Dan elaborated eagerly with a big smile and kiss on my cheek.
“Gladly.” I declared gushing with happiness all over my cheeks, as Dan puts his face closer to mine once again and ours lips collide. I wasn’t an artist in this moment, instead I was the apart of the art. Dan and I are the masterpiece and it’s a hundred times better than observing from the outside. We are the art.


Anon prompt: “A imagine where you love to see Owen walk around shirtless but he doesn’t do it often enough so you steal all his shirts while he’s asleep on his off day please”

A/n: Mmmm Shirtless Owen…

“It’s not a big deal.” Owen says, shrugging off his shirt. You really didn’t mean to spill your drink on him, but you can’t deny that watching him peel off his shirt in the breakroom is extremely attractive. Of course, you see him shirtless in bed, but you just wish it could be more often; his body is quite amazing. You continue to apologize until he’s finished putting on a white t-shirt he found in the uniform closet.

“Y/n, relax it was an accident.” He wraps an arm around you and pulls you close, planting a sweet kiss on your forehead. “Come on, we need to get out there and start training.”

You follow him out of the trailer and watch form behind as he walks up the stairs to the catwalk. You notice how tight the t-shirt is and the way it hugs his muscular torso just right. He may not be shirtless, but at least this is close.


“No! The water is freezing; I’m not going in!” You can’t believe he even wants to get in the lake this time of year, but he seems adamant.

“Oh, come on. Live a little!” He throws an arm behind your legs and the other at your back and sweeps you off your feet, headed towards the small wooden dock.

“Owen! Put me down!” You squeal at him, desperately not wanting to be thrown in fully clothed. You knew you weren’t going to get out of it; you should have just jumped in yourself. You cling to his shirt collar as he stands on the edge, holding you just over the water. You whine softly, wondering why he hasn’t thrown you in already and look up at him, seeing that wicked glint in his eyes; he just wants to make the anticipation worse. He leans his head down and gives you a chaste kiss.

“I love you.” He says sweetly, before shifting his weight slightly and tossing you into the water. You scream in the air and feel your body shiver as you hit the cold water. Popping up to the surface, you shout at him through clenched teeth.

“I’m going to kill you!” He just laughs and looks down at you as he reaches for the buttons on his shirt. He quickly undoes them and tosses his shirt to the side, before smirking as he takes a step back and then runs forward, jumping into the water and making a huge splash next to you. In that few seconds before he jumped in, you were practically drooling. There’s just something about his muscular chest and sculpted abdomen that makes you want to run your hands down it and memorize every inch. When he surfaces, he swims close to you and pulls you in for a wet kiss, water dripping down both of your faces. There’s just something about this man that you could never resist.


“Sorry,” You say, shaking your head to clear the less than decent thoughts from your mind, “What did you say?”

He chuckles, obviously knowing the effect he has on you, standing there with nothing but a towel around his waist. “I said I’m going to take a shower.” He gives you a smirk as your eyes travel down to his chest once more and rolls his eyes before turning away.

“Take a picture, Sweetheart. It will last longer.” He heads into the shower as you think about the idea of actually getting a picture; it does seem like a good call.

You try to concentrate back on the TV, but you can’t stop thinking about Owen in the shower, water running down his bare, delicious chest. That’s when you get an idea.

You get up from the couch and run into the bedroom quietly, opening his drawers. You grab all his shirts and undershirts in your arms and open the trunk at the foot of his bed, tossing them in. Then you open the closet, pulling out all of his button down shirts. You hand automatically grabs the hanger for his vest, but you get a wicked smile and replace it. That would actually look pretty sexy.

You toss those into the chest along with the others as you hear the shower shut off and you run back to the couch. When he opens the first draw in his dresser, he makes a confused noise. When he gets to his closet, you can hear the heavy sigh he lets out just as he walks into the living room, once again clad in only a towel.

“You got something to tell me?” He asks, leaning against the door frame, arms crossed.

You try to hide your smile but fail miserably, grinning as you answer him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Owen.”

“Hmm, right. Sure.” He nods his head unbelievingly and heads back into the bedroom. You wait patiently until he walks back out, in just his board shorts and no shirt. He sits down next to you on the couch nonchalantly and you can’t keep your eyes off of him.  You lean against his chest, fingertips softly trailing down it as you bite your lip. He is just too sexy for his own good. You draw your nails down his chest, all the way down to the top of his shorts and you hear him let out a soft moan. You look up, surprised, and your eyes widen. You catch him with his head thrown back and his eyes closed and it’s just a perfect sight. When he doesn’t feel your movements anymore, he opens his eyes and sees you staring at him. He lifts his head up and looks at you sexily.

“You know, if wanted me to walk around shirtless you could have just asked. You didn’t have to put them all in the trunk.” You furrow your eyebrows and are surprised that he knows exactly where they are.

“Wait. If you know where they are, why didn’t you put one on?” You ask him, curious.

“Well, you obviously didn’t want me to wear one.” He smirks down at you and moves his hand to cover yours on his chest. “Besides, that felt good. Didn’t know that’s what I was missing out on.” He gives you a wink and shifts his body, pushing you down onto your back on the couch.

“Although,” He starts, lips going to your neck, hand sliding under the hem of your shirt. “It’s not very fair if I’m the only one who goes topless.”


“all right, rivers, let’s try a first take. remember your verse is supposed to come in after the second chorus here. kanye said to go for a real tough, aggressive feel.”

“okay. got it. one, two, three, four… sasquatch, godzilla, king kong, loch ness, goblin, ghoul, a zombie with no conscience. question: what do these things all have in common? everybody knows…

“rivers? sorry, can we cut the tape? rivers?”

“bey? everything all right? i thought that was going well.”

“okay. rivers. when i told you the song was called ‘monster,’ did you just… did you literally just write a list of every monster you could think of, and then try to make them rhyme?”

“um… yes?”

“do you have any idea how many strings i had to pull to get you on this track? kanye was like, ‘shit, bey, i don’t know. alt rock white boy on a hardcore rap track?’ but i said, ‘listen, ‘ye, rivers knows his shit. he ain’t gonna disappoint you.’ and now… i think… my confidence… may have been misplaced.”

 “what are you talking about? that verse was #fire #flames!”

“did you just say ‘hashtag fire’ and ‘hashtag flames?’”


“all right, let me break it down for you. kanye west? is not gonna put this basic shit on his record. never. in a million years.“

“bey… you’re hurting my feelings…”

“truth hurts, boo. back to the drawing board.”

anonymous asked:

Hiiii <3 Can u do a got7 mark scenario reacting to you whining for a kiss please :33 Thank Youuu ❤️

First scenario! Sorry this took a while, I’m still working on the others, so please anticipate them~ BTW, my ask box is open to criticisms, comments and suggestions about how I could improve scenarios!

Title: Sunday Afternoon
Characters: GOT7 Mark x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Format: Oneshot
Words: 966
Summary: When you whine for a kiss

“Hold still please, I’m almost done.” You mutter under your breath, putting all of your attention on the piece of paper in front of you.

“I’ve been holding still for the past 3 hours already, and it’s my day off in so long.” Mark whined, trying not to move a muscle, as you carefully drew him. You ignored what he said, as he had been complaining for the past 2 hours, and continued drawing. He wasn’t usually the type to be restless, but he wanted to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon cuddling with you.

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You and I might not be the best thing

Song: Haven’t Had Enough - Marianas Trench

Pairing: Alex Summers

Request: everyone’s dorm room has a whiteboard wall outside of it and you keep drawing exceptionally rendered dicks on mine for Alex Summers

Are you serious? He did it, again! Every single day when she went to class, he’d run across the hall and draw on the whiteboard underneath her dorm number. It was always the same exact thing each time too. Dicks. Always dicks. He thought it was hilarious; a dick outside your dorm? That was one of the best pranks yet.

She didn’t think that way though. It was embarrassing to have people walk by your dorm and giggle. But there it was; a dick on her whiteboard. She wiped it clean with the palm of her hand, sighing loudly. She needed to get him back, right? But what should she do? 

Then she got it. Glancing from one side of the hall to the other, she wanders over to his dorm cautiously. Her hand reaches for the whiteboard marker, gripping it tightly in her small fingers. Sweet sweet revenge she thought as she flicked the cap off.

Just when the tip of the dry erase marker touches the whiteboard, his dorm door swings open. She hides the marker behind her back with a smile. He looks at her with a smirk before glancing at the side of the door. “Hi.” she beams, rocking back and forth on her heels. She was so close to getting him back. Ugh, stupid Alex.

His smirk stays on his face while his eyes travel up and down her body ever so slowly. “Hey…” he mumbles through the sly smirk. His low voice rings through her ears, sending bolts of electricity in her bones. Sure, she wasn’t quite fond of him, but, she had to admit that, damn, he was hot. She would never tell anyone that, of course.

“So, um, what are you doing here?” he props the door open with his upper body and stares at her. He’s so goddamn cocky…she loves it. She just shrugs, acting as if she had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. “Really? ‘Cause it kinda looked like you were gonna do something to my board…” he whines, glancing down at the floor for a second.

She rolls her eyes, “You know what Alex? Yeah, I was! I wouldn’t be, if you didn’t keep drawing dicks on my board!” she huffs out, crossing her arms over her chest. He bites his lip, trying not to laugh, but it doesn’t work. She rolls her eyes again, “You’re unbelievable.”

As she spins on her heel, he grabs her forearm, “Okay, okay, I’m sorry, Y/N.” he grins, “Let me make it up to you.” She raises her eyebrow. “Tonight. I’ll pick you up at seven.” Smooth as fuck, Alex.

my world history teacher that I had during my freshman year lets me draw on his board after school and ever since he let me start doing it, people have been sending me requests to draw things on his board.

I now have one other thing besides Friday to look forward to during the week.

Seven Days of Halloween 1/7 | Ouija Be With Me, Always?

Warning: Do not play with Ouija boards folks. Just don’t do it.

“So, wha’da ya’ think?” Natsu grins at her brightly, gesturing to the board on the table with a grand sweep of his arms and nearly knocking it (and a vase of flowers) off the coffee table in her living room. “Shit!” he curses, catching the flowers before they can spill and sending her an almost embarrassed smile. The planchette isn’t as lucky.

It flies right of the table and lands at Lucy’s feet, pointing at her almost ominously. 

She considers crushing it beneath her heel. 

Lucy imagines that it would be oh, so satisfying to snapping the little thing in half and watching it splinter against the carpet. It’s already ruined her date night before it’s even started, so it’s not like picking wood shaving out of the carpet would make the night any worse.

She purses her lips, crossing her arms and staring at him. “I think this is the stupidest thing you’ve ever brought into my house,” she tells him. “And I still remember the chili-waffle of 2012.” 

Natsu’s lips quirk down into a frown–he’s pouting at her? Seriously?–and his shoulders slump. “Aww, come on, Babe,” he whines. “It’ll be–”

She cuts him off, shaking her head. “I want it out of my apartment in the next,” she glances at the clock, “five minutes, because that’s when Hocus Pocus starts, and I am not missing it because of… this,” she spits, pointing an accusing finger at the Ouija board, glaring at it.

His frown deepens. “You watch Hocus Pocus every year,” he complains.

“Yes,” she agrees, bending down to scoop up the planchette. It’s probably best not to break it. Maybe Natsu can still return it and get his money back. “And I will continue to watch Hocus Pocus every year,” she tells him. “Why? Because it’s my favorite Halloween movie.”

How dare he question Hocus Pocus? That’s her favorite movie! Does she question it when he shows up in her living room covered in maple syrup and leaves? Well, yes, she does, but only because that’s something very concerning! Not to mention that that’s happened twice now! What the hell is he doing in the woods anyway? Then again, she probably doesn’t want to know.

 "Aww, come on, Lucy,“ he whines, shooting her puppy dog eyes. She snorts, not falling for the look. He pouts, crossing the room so he’s standing in front of her and then engulfs her in a hug, his cheek against her hair. "Can’t you break tradition just once?” He whispers, breath tickling her ear. 

 She bites back a laugh at the feeling. “Can’t you go one Halloween without doing something stupid?” She retorts, sliding her arms around his stomach and leaning into him, pressing up on her toes to press a kiss to his jaw. 

 "But it wouldn’t be Halloween without me doing something stupid,“ he jokes, blowing a raspberry against her cheek. Lucy squeals, trying to squirm out of his grasp. He merely laughs, looping his arms around her tighter and doing it again, this time tickling he sides as well, fingers digging into her ribs.

“Ack!–Natsu!” she shrieks between laughter, batting his hands away. “Stop it!”

He releases a heavy sigh–dramatic much?–and loosens his grip. “Fine,” he says, drawing out the word for at least six seconds. Sometimes she forgets that she’s dating a two year old. 

Natsu kisses her cheek. “I’ll stop tickling you, but–”

“Nope!” she cuts him off. “I’m not doing it!” 

He frowns at her. “You did’t let me–”

Lucy crosses her arms, moving out of his arms. “I’m not fucking around with a Ouija board, Natsu. I’d like to live, thank you very much,” she seethes, narrowing her eyes at the object on the table behind him. Damn thing is cutting into her Hocus Pocus time. Stupid son of a–

“Please?” he whispers, engulfing her in his arms one more, nuzzling her neck. “Just one question and we can put it away, I promise!”

Lucy bites her lip, pulling a face. It’s the only surefire way to keep him from complaining about it all night, but it’s also a great way to an early grave. Then again, no more taxes. But also potentially gruesome and excruciatingly painful death. And then there’s–

“Fine!” she relents, throwing her hands up and brushing past him to plop down in front of the table and the stupid Ouija board, and then she places the stupid planchette beside the stupid board, and meanwhile her stupidly attractive boyfriend just stares at her slackjawed. She shoots him a look. “Well are we doing this or not?” she asks, gesturing to the table.

He’s next to her in the next second, an arm on either side of her with his chest pressed to her back. Natsu scoops up the planchette, setting it on the board. Backwards.

Lucy sighs, turning it around, and then his big hands are on top of hers, his palms warm against her chilled fingers. “Fingertips only” she reminds. “And no cheating.” She shoots him a warning look over her shoulder but he only smiles back.

“I would never,” he promises, stealing a kiss. She laughs, giving him a quick peck before turning back to the board.

And then it starts to move. 

“Wait, Natsu what are we asking?” she murmurs, watching the planchette slide across the board. She almost turns to look at him, but hesitates, more concerned with what’s happening on the board.

“You’ll see,” he breathes against her neck, pressing his lips against her skin.

It’s a “W” first, followed by an “I” and two “L” ’s.


She frowns not sure where he’s going with this, but it is Natsu after all. He’s probably going to ask any wandering spirits if they’d like to order pizza, or something.

The planchette keeps moving. Three more letters.


He pauses, removing one hand from the board to fiddle with something behind her. “Keep your eyes on the board, Lucy,” he whispers against her skin. The planchette keeps moving, but this time there’s no hesitation between the words.



And suddenly she feels like she’s just been punched in the gut. The air rushes from her lungs, leaving her breathless. And she can’t even move, she’s too frozen at the question.

Her head snaps around and she catches sight of the ring in his hand–and wow, this is totally not what she was expecting.

Her voice cracks as she tries to speak and she doesn’t even think to nod, instead she just grabs the discarded planchette and slides it over to an answer.


High School Love Story (Tayvin AU)

Chapter 1 

Summer, the time for freedom and fun and the chance to find new love. Summer is the time you meet people from out of state who are on vacation or even from out of the country. Taylor was on vacation in LA for her father’s company annual conference, although he was always busy working instead of being with her and her brother. However, summer had been the time for a new relationship for Taylor even though she’d sworn at the beginning of the summer that she would never fall for another guy in the entire world. This summer had been the summer where she’d met and fallen in love with Adam Wiles, a upmarket boy studying at the prestigious Boarding School in New York but in LA for the summer to lifeguard as his family lives and works in LA. At least that was what he told Taylor when they spent the summer together but that wasn’t entirely true. Sure he was entitled and he had a bit of worth to his name but he wasn’t going to a boarding school in New York. He was going to the local high school, on the basketball team and trying not to fail all his subjects. School and Adam just don’t get on and he hated going but thankfully he really only had one more year to go and then it would all be over and he could go do whatever he wanted. Adam had no real plans of what to do with his life after high school he just knew that he wanted it all to be over with and he wanted it to be done soon. The summer spent with Taylor though was one of the best summers of his entire life and honestly he would rather spend time with her than have to go back to school. But sadly the summer did end and they went their separate ways. They said that they’d try and stay in contact but then again they were living in different parts of a huge country and Adam was sure that Taylor would forget about him and he should probably forget about her – he didn’t want to though.

Although they’d gone their separate ways at the end of the summer, Taylor and Adam were going to get to see each other sooner than they both thought. Taylor’s parents had officially moved to LA for the next couple of years as her father’s business needed him out here more permanently than before. Taylor’s parents had enrolled her in the local high school to where they were living and it was the same high school that Adam was going to even though neither were aware at the time.
“Taylor, don’t forget you’ve got tutoring with the Andersons after school today?” Andrea said before handing Taylor her lunch and giving her a kiss goodbye. She didn’t have a car here yet so she would be taking the bus which was alright with her, she’d meet new people this way she was sure.
“Yes Mom, tell daddy I love him and I’ll see you guys later” Taylor said before making her way out the front door. She was always very determined to be the good girl in her family and make her parents proud which is why she studies so hard to get straight a’s in all her subjects and she tutors some of the neighbourhood kids. She’d started in the summer and since they were staying in LA for at least the next year she’d arranged to make it a more permanent thing. It gave her the chance to make a bit of money of her own and well she loved children so it was the kind of thing she actually loved doing.

Adam leant on the hood of his car, talking with the other boys and some of their girlfriends before the first day of the new school year commenced. It was the final first day of the school year for him considering that he was a senior now. He was captain of the basketball team so he was one of the popular kids, not as big as football players but still the Basketball was rather important in the school. He didn’t have a girlfriend but he didn’t really want one after spending the summer with Taylor as he was still hurting in the fact he’d had to let her go but that was life and Adam had to deal with it of course.
“Cheer up mate, it’s the first day. You can’t be depressed over school before it’s even started” Charlie said as he sat down next to Adam. Charlie had heard about Taylor and could see that his best friend was hurting but he was the only guy who knew about her. Adam hadn’t told any of the other guys and only told Charlie because they’d been talking over the break and well Adam had been so happy that Charlie had to know the reason why.
“It’s alright, I just wish summer wasn’t over as the ending kind of sucked” Adam remarked before the bell rang and everyone rushed inside. There was never the real urgency to get to home room as there was on the first day. Adam thought it was the fact that it was a fresh start and everyone was excited to see everyone else before everything got really busy.
“Well we’re in the final year now, before we know it things will all be over and we can just live our lives” Mark, another one of Adam’s friends remarked in the break from making out with his girlfriend. Adam was kind of jealous of mark right now considering Mark got a girl by his side and Adam didn’t. But it was in that moment when he looked across the carpark that he saw that familiar head of blonde hair, the hair that could only belong to one girl – Taylor. What is she doing here? I thought she was going back to Tennessee Adam thought doing a double take across the carpark at the blonde haired girl walking with a group of other girls in their year. It made no sense to see Taylor walking into the school yet Adam had to fight the urge to go and talk to her, after all she did break his heart whilst he broke hers.


Adam found Taylor in the halls after Home Room, she was walking with Cara who was one of the most popular girls in school and happened to be the biggest bitch to everyone else outside of her friendship gang. Adam didn’t want Taylor hanging around with her because he was worried that she’d change but he’d not spoken to her yet and he wasn’t even sure that Taylor knew that he even went here. But how he was wrong, Taylor had heard all about Adam and seen in when she was walking into school this morning so she knew that he’d lied to her about some school in New York even when he knew how much she dreamed of going. Besides the fact that he’d not even come over to talk to her and she was sure that he’d seen her already walking with the girls in the hall considering she’d felt his eyes on her. Since they spent the whole summer together, she could tell when he was looking at her even when she wasn’t looking at him or if they were out separately but in the same place, she had the habit of feeling his eyes on her. The girls she hung out with were lovely though and she was glad to have some people helping her out on the first day in the new school even when they talked about things she wasn’t really into.

“You’re awfully quiet? Is everything ok?” Ellie asked as they sat down for lunch, Ellie was one of the first girls to talk to Taylor when she arrived at the school and she was the one who brought Taylor into the group.
“I just, it turns out people aren’t always like they seem in the holidays…I’ve seen someone here who I spent summer with and well I’m discovering now that he’s nothing like he was when we were together over the summer”
“Darling no-one is like who they are in the summer when they’re at school, I know I’m most certainly not” Cara interrupted and Taylor nodded but it still didn’t make sense considering that she was generally the same person over the summer and at school.
“What’s his name?” Karlie asked, she was another girl within the group and Taylor looked at her hands awkwardly
“Adam, Adam Wiles” Taylor explained the girls all looked between themselves with a concerned look on their face. It was like they knew exactly who Taylor was talking about.
“I’ll tell you right now, you’re better off without him. You do not want to be going to get yourself involved in his mess of a life.
“Look out world, he’s walking over now” Cara said and Taylor stood up to talk to him, slightly away from the girls considering that whatever she and Adam spoke about, the girls would interrupt.

Adam stood in front of Taylor with the boys behind him, they were in the cafeteria for lunch and yet it felt like they were in their own little world. Adam wanted to take back what he had said and done in the past couple of weeks, he wanted to take back their break up. But with the boys behind him, he couldn’t been seen like a sudden wimp all because of a girl.
“Hey Taylor, I thought you….ah ha, I mean you must be the new girl” Adam remarked looking back at the boys. Taylor looked up at him and couldn’t tell why he was being like this, he knew who she was and had said her name, yet she was “the new girl” to him with the boys.
“Some boarding school in New York then, Hi Adam” Taylor said but Adam just shook his head, trying to act all cool but knowing that she’s hurt that he lied to her, considering that he didn’t want her thinking that he was really some low life who only lifeguarded at the beach this summer to be able to earn some extra money and admire girls.
“Boarding Schools were never my thing, but you know if you need someone else to keep you warm at night, just let me know”
“Yeah scamper away Wiles, she doesn’t need a douche like you” Ellie said drawing Taylor back to the table, Adam was nothing like he was at summer now and Taylor didn’t know how to talk to him any more. They had the best talks over the summer and they had the best time together yet here they were and it was like Adam was a completely different guy to the one Taylor had known over the summer.

So this was just a little something that I've been working on over the past couple of weeks. I had an idea late at night a couple of weeks ago and well I've liked where my brainstorming was going so i decided it was time for me to post it up for you all to read. Don’t worry there will be other one shots but for now Learning What True Love Feels like is on the back burner as i’m stuck for inspiration for that story at the moment. However i hope you enjoy this one :)

model behavior

renqa’s prompt here [x]

Stiles crumples up another drawing in frustration and throws it on the floor, where it joins countless other ruined scribbles. He just can’t get it right– and it’s supposed to be a penultimate moment for his two protagonists, Benjamin and Jake, where eight comic books’ worth of the sexual frustration, misunderstandings, crime-solving, mafia hits and ridiculous pining come to a penultimate and passionate conclusion.

Stiles groans, looking at the last panel that he’s semi-satisfied with, where Jake is undressing Benjamin. The only problem is, how to continue because Stiles has never drawn Benjamin’s body outside of his bulky officer uniform before. Stiles takes a long draw of water from his nearby bottle, trying to call up anything from his own experiences that would help, but it only reminds him of how long it’s been since he’s gotten laid.

Stiles briefly remembers the last conversation he had with Lydia, his editor. “Why can’t you just look up underwear models or something, Stiles?” she asked when he complained about his art block.

“Because I have a specific body type in mind for Benjamin, along with his face! I can’t just slap his head onto any pornstar’s body, it has to be right, okay, and so far I haven’t seen it,” Stiles said. “Plus, I need references to get all the muscles and angles right, okay?”

Lydia gave him a calculating look. “I do admit that Gunplay, book five is our current bestseller, and I thought hiring those models to pose for you was almost a waste.”

Stiles flops his head onto his drawing table now, smudging his nose on the pencil graphite. It’s no use. He can draw Benjamin’s face by heart, but below the neck remains an impossible white space.

Stiles’ phone rings. “Yes?”

“Oh, good, you’re home,” Lydia chirps, voice beaming with satisfaction. “You’ll never believe what I found for you.”

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