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How To Raise A Teenage Vampire (Part Four)

Summery: Mystic Falls is under attack, or so the group thought until Damon catches a nameless girl causing havoc.

Having no choice but to take responsibility of the girl the group have to balance their day to day live and a vampire girl with a very Damon like attitude.

Some mature themes through out!!!

BonnieXDamon    MeredithXSage    StefanXElena    MattXCaroline/Tyler

(Based on the books With Main Characters As Their TV’s Actors except for Bonnie who is still a McCullough and not a Bennet)

Part One      The Problemi Brothers

Warnings: Blood play, drinking from someone

Zeta had calmed down over the last few weeks and had even managed to being controlling her abilities to the point of being allowed onto the cheerleading team as long as Stefan or Damon were around to help her should she need it.

While she didn’t directly apologise to Caroline, Zeta had defended her when several new girls attempted to boot her off the squad which the entire group took as progress seeing as her first attempt at apologising to Stefan resulted in her getting frustrated and punching him hard enough to knock him across the room.

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