he learned it when that one person that he tried to write off ended up being the most important person in the whole of creation

a brave new world; or, why i don’t want the barns to be ronan’s endgame

let me preface this by saying that i absolutely loved the raven king. i stayed up two nights in a row to finish it and haven’t stopped freaking out since. like any other book/media/you name it, it’s not perfect, but overall, i think it was the book we wanted and the book we needed (or at least, it was for me). it was just so much more and so much better than i expected, especially with regard to the relationship between adam and ronan.

however, there is one thing in particular about the book’s implied endgame - or what a large part of fandom perceives as the endgame anyway – that really rubs me the wrong way. i’ve tried to rationalize it, but honestly i’ve accepted that i’m just not fine with it on a personal level, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon, so here’s my two cents: i am really, really not okay with the implication that ronan is going to live at the barns forever, and adam is going to move in with him right after college.

while trk doesn’t really give us any definite answers regarding the future of these characters (which is the way i like it, honestly; more freedom for us to imagine), it feels like we’re supposed to think the ideal ending for ronan is staying at the barns permanently, and most of fandom has latched on to that implication. i’m not here for that– and this is why.

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