he leads sometimes

also wondertrev is like new level of otp, i can’t believe i’ve seen something like that on big screen and especially in superhero movie

they’re playful, sweet, passionate, respectful and protective but never in demeaning way, he never says that she can’t do anything because she is a woman, she never says he is physically weaker than her, they treat each other as equals. sometimes he leads, sometimes she leads. they don’t lie to each other

steve trevor and diana prince are the ultimate power couple

arm wrestled dum-e today. does it count as arm wrestling when his whole body is an arm? or is it just wrestling then

steve drew me, and then tony added dum-e to the sketch. nice to see them getting along.

this is just before the table snapped under us. that red stuff is blood from the nosebleed i got, and that white is when dum-e decided that spraying me down with the fire extinguisher would help with the nosebleed

it did not.

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How to loose lead walk your springer.


Position: ZIG ZAG


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Long Road to North - Chapter 78 - Urponator - Super Dangan Ronpa 2 [Archive of Our Own]
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“You’re all a bunch of cowards. Coward losers. You know what, this is it. This is the moment of our lives. This is the one we can actually look back, and tell our children about. This is our moment to actually win something, and you guys are sitting in the damn stands. I mean, you’re so afraid of being called “geeks” or “losers” or “gay” that you settle for being nothing. Well, we still have a whole half to play. And we can win this guys, I know it.“

The Whole Crew Sex Would Include

Request: Can you do a how sex would be like with the boys?


A/N: Well, I decided to go all out and just include all our favs, I hope that’s okay :)


Warnings: Sexual themes.


The Whole Crew Sex Would Include…


He’d always make it very intimate, with his hands never leaving either your waist or thighs. For him it would be all about a kiss and touch- the connection that is between the two of you. He couldn’t have sex without some kind of feeling being involved, even if it was only anger. Alex is definitely one to shower kisses down your face afterward and snuggle up with you.


Sex with Clay is varying levels of sweetness. There is the time where it’s like your first time, and he’s just so soft and sweet and usually gets lost just kissing you. Then it can range right up to him basically tearing your clothes off and having impatient sex with you on the nearest surface, before he later feels a little embarrassed and just showers you in soft affection.


She’s super adventurous, she’s always got something new that she wants to try. She’s also guaranteed to be super smiley and giggly during sex. Things are often fast paced, and she is definitely all about pleasing you. It’s never serious- it’s a totally relaxed environment, just always about being in the moment with each other.


He would be so considerate and caring. There would always be an element of teasing of course, but when it comes down to it he’d absolutely make sure that you’re consenting and that it’s as pleasant as possible for you. He will usually finish first, your body would absolutely do that to him, but he’d always make sure you finish too.


She is likely to initiate sex at the most inappropriate of times. She is absolutely one to get horny at school or a friends/family function, which ends in teasing you a whole lot. This leads to sex in a lot of spontaneous places, and it can get a little public too, in bathrooms or janitors closets. Jessica is definitely a pleaser, and everything is all about you. She’s a show off with what she can do.


His passion usually just takes over. This leads to minimal teasing and a lot of sex which is specifically supposed to make you scream. He has his moments where he lasts only a couple minutes, but he can also manage to be a tease at other times, by just not letting either of you finish at all until you’re absolutely begging. It’s usually accompanied by him just collapsing on you and taking a nap afterwards.


Sex with Monty involves him being insanely confident in his abilities to give you the best sex of your life. He absolutely is one for teasing, and a lot of it. Sometimes you never get the chance to actually go beyond the teasing part. Monty is definitely one who likes you left defenceless, and so he’s always pinning your arms back, or holding your hips down.


Sometimes he likes to lead and sometimes he’d rather be lead. The same goes for how cocky and kinky he can get. Sometimes it’s all sweet and innocent and lovey, and other times he’s just entirely overcome with lust and will do literally anything. No matter what, Ryan is always just there for a good time, and an emotional connection isn’t really a big part of it for him, it’s all about the physical side.


Her entire personality comes out during sex. She’s super smiley and giggly, and she would prefer to not be in control. Sheri is also one to not like to be exposed, so sex is usually under the sheets, and she likes it when things are slow and meaningful. She also isn’t one to be very loud, but she’s absolutely one for the ‘o’ face, and her hands are all over you and occasionally leave bruises depending on the sex.


He likes to be in control. Tony likes to please, but he also likes to draw it out and make you beg for him. He acts oblivious every time you clearly get horny, and then all of a sudden he’ll be on top of you. Tony doesn’t like for it to be predictable, he wants every time to be exciting. His hands usually leave behind marks on your waist, which you love, and afterwards there’s definitely back tickles.


Every time starts out with Tyler being shy. It’s like he has to work his way up to a certain point of arousal where a whole new side of him takes over. He doesn’t often like to be the one without control, but sometimes you can convince him to just relax and let you take over. Tyler is definitely one to pant and grunt lowly in your ear the entire time, and he really likes having his hair pulled, but won’t admit it.


Things with Zach are either at one end of the scale or the other. He can be super soft and sweet, like it’s your first time together, or he can be a little more demanding and fast paced. It really just depends on how he’s feeling at the time, but one thing that is always a given is that he struggles to keep up with you. You have to teach him how to last longer, because at first you literally ruin him within minutes.


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can't think of any really AU-worthy but Can't Take My Eyes Off You + SuperCorp pretty please

omg thank youu you’re the best  💕 💕💕  (and really the song doesn’t matter bc i will just make it into a random AU that comes to mind while i hear it, so this is great!!)

The ballroom instructor’s assistant is unfairly beautiful.

Kara hasn’t been able to take her eyes off of her since she walked in, and it’s absolutely been no help that she’s taken up the spot right across from Kara.

The sentiment isn’t exactly shared. “Nice of you to finally join us, Lena,” the instructor—Veronica, as she insists to be called—says, not bothering to conceal her glare at her assistant.

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Hi this might come across weird but do you have any Robert's soft tummy Head canons?? I'm a big fan of the tummy too! 😍

This is not weird at all! It’s my favorite topic tbh! Okay here goes!

Aaron loves the soft tummy!!!

Robert knows Aaron loves the soft tummy. This is why he likes to stay active but doesn’t go out of his way to get too fit.

It’s also why when Robert really wants to dress to impress his husband, he pulls out one of form fitting button up shirts, one that really accents his tummy, tucks in tightly, and adds a nice belt for good measure.

Unless of course they are lounging at home. Then Robert always opts for a nice snug t-shirt and joggers. Neither of which last on him very long once Aaron sees him.

Aaron has found that the quickest way to stop his husband from sticking his foot in his mouth (again) is with a quick pinch to his soft middle. The shock enough to stop Robert mid-sentence so Aaron can give him ‘the look’.

On their way into Hotten to do some Christmas shopping for Liv, Robert’s car broke down. It was just a loose spark plug but it was so cold that by the time Aaron was done fixing it he no longer had feeling in his hands. Robert pulled Aaron’s  hands up to his mouth blowing his hot breath onto them before opening a few buttons of his jacket and shoving Aaron’s hands onto his warm tummy and pressing their bodies together. It was a shock to his system but he snuggled his face up next to Aaron’s and lets him draw the heat from Robert’s body into his own.

Aaron loves being the big spoon. He nuzzles into Robert’s neck, drinking in the larger man’s scent. A mixture of leather, cologne and something unique that can only be described as pure Robert. One arm under their pillow the other holding tight to Robert’s tummy. His hand almost branding it as Aaron’s alone.

Robert’s soft tummy is Aaron’s safe space. When his worries get to be too much all he wants is to lie down and rest his head on it in bed. Robert will already be lying down when Aaron climbs into bed and presses his face into Robert’s soft middle. Robert will start to run his fingers through Aaron’s hair. Nights like this Robert always lets Aaron take the lead. Sometimes he stays silent, just finding comforting being close to Robert. Other times he talks about his day or whatever is bothering him. Then Aaron asks Robert to read to him, the low timbre of his husband’s ‘Aaron’ voice slowly soothing him to sleep.

Aaron really enjoys watching Robert get dressed up for one of his business meetings. Putting on one of his suits. Perfecting his cufflinks and tie. Styling his hair just right. Then just before Robert's  ready to leave, Aaron will call him over to where he’s perched on the edge of their bed, grab his belt buckle and pull Robert in for a crushing hug. Robert will chastise him, saying he’ll rumpled his suit, but Aaron will snuggle his face right into Robert’s warm tummy and Robert instantly softens. Aaron then looks up at the already taller man, chin resting on his soft mid-section telling him to hurry home so he can help him out of that suit. Robert bends down giving his husband a longing kiss, saying it’s a promise, before walking out the door.

The most sensitive spot on Robert’s body, other than his inner thigh, is his pelvic bone. Aaron could spend hours nibbling and sucking at the tender crease as he lets his fingers gently graze along Robert’s tummy. Then slowly licking and nipping up his soft middle. He feels the shivers coursing through Robert’s body before dipping back down with a quick bite which he soothes away with more light kisses and sucking.

Robert starts to worry he’s getting a little too soft around the middle, as he stares at himself in the mirror of their en suite. Aaron catches him and Robert hurriedly tries to button up his shirt. Before he has a chance Aaron is pressed up against him. His hips digging into Robert’s backside as Robert braces himself on the sink. Aaron slowly pulls the front of Robert’s shirt open. Skims one hand along Robert’s tummy, pulling him closer while the other dips down the front of husband’s trousers reminding him there is only one part of his body that he likes hard.

The Jade Winglet + Nicknames


(Note: I’m not counting ‘Moon’.)

Winter: When Winter found out what Secretkeeper calls Moon, he joined in, at first as a joke, but now he just regularly calls her ‘Moonbeam’. (If you don’t think this is something Winter would do please reread books 6-10 then return)

Peril: Peril doesn’t really have one, but sometimes when she’s irritated she’ll call Moon ‘Watcher’.

Turtle: He’s that one friend who only occasionally calls you a nickname. He usually just calls her ‘Moonwatcher’, rarely using ‘Moon’.

Qibli: Qibli just comes up with name shortenings on the spot. His most common is ‘M’, but he also uses ‘Watch’ or ‘W’.

Kinkajou: Kinkajou calls her Moon, but in my previous Modern AU, due to memes, she’d most likely call her MoonMoon.

Umber: Umber is the only person who ACTUALLY calls her Moon. 100% of the time. She’s actually very thankful for this.


Moon: Moon used to call him Winter, but after the Jade Winglet’s hung out more and gotten more comfortable around each other she’ll shorten this to ‘Wint’. They have a running inside joke where, to get back at him, she called him ‘Icebeam’.

Peril: Peril calls him Winter, but once they’ve bonded a little bit she may affectionately call him ‘Idiot’.

Turtle: Turtle normally calls him Winter, but he may sometimes switch over to ‘Wint’.

Qibli: Qibli, like his method with Moon, will shorten it to many things. He can use Win, Wint, W, Ice Boy, Snowman, Elsa, or any level of other joking nicknames.

Kinkajou: Kinkajou picked up Win from Qibli, and she always calls him that. Always. No matter what.

Umber: Umber again is the only one who ACTUALLY calls him Winter. Winter tends to point this out and say he’s the only reliable one.


Moon: Moon tends to call Peril just Peril, due to the two not being very close. However, if they ever become friends there’s a good chance ‘Per’ would spring up.

Winter: Winter calls her Peril, but if they bond like I said in the Winter one, he’d respond to Idiot with Stupid affectionately, at which point Qibli would decree them Dumb and Dumber.

Turtle: Turtle would call her ‘Per’, or ‘Ril’, but when he starts writing he’ll absolutely call her the name of the character who’s based on her.

Qibli: Qibli would use Turtle’s Per and Ril, but also vary to Torch or Boil, or other fire-related items.

Kinkajou: Kinkajou would originally call her Per, but then realize something and make a huge scene about it. From that moment on she would call Peril ‘Pear’. 

Umber: Umber enjoys joking with Peril about her crush on Clay, calling her things like ‘Clayril’, and sometimes shattering the fourth wall and using the ship name ‘Cleril’.


Moon: Moon usually calls him Turtle, but when hyping him up for something she’ll join in with the others and call him Puddle.

Winter: Winter only calls him Turtle in formal situations. He is Puddle. He is not Turtle. What is a Turtle.

Peril: Puddle. He is Puddle. He is Puddle and always has been, will be, and is there are no exceptions.

Qibli: Qibli frequently calls him ‘Pud’, ‘Puds’, or even ‘Pudding’, making everyone question the meaning of life.

Kinkajou: This is Pudding. No, he is not Puddle. No, he is not Turtle. He is Pudding.

Umber: The Mud Bud is very confused this is a Turtle what no he’s not a Puddle who are you people.


Moon: Moon will call him Qib, an inside joke gained during their time in Possibility.

Winter: The Annoying Clawmate thing has also grown to an inside joke, and Winter frequently calls him this out in public or when they’re alone, though it’s much more convincing in public.

Peril: Qibli is often called Sandy by her, due to a moment when she forgot his name and couldn’t be bothered to try to remember.

Kinkajou: Kinkajou, in an attempt to find a good plant-themed nickname, blurted out ‘Cactus’. Qibli laughed, so it is now his name. He cannot escape it. 

Umber: Umber broke down in a blushing mess around him once, stuttering into ‘Qli’, somehow.


Moon: Moon once discovered that an affectionate ‘Jou’ makes Kinkajou bright pink, so she does it as often as possible.

Winter: Winter usually calls her ‘Kinka’, though once he accidentally messed up, something that will forever be engraved in Qibli’s mind. 

Peril: Kinkajou is a small, overly energetic dragon in her eyes. Peril once described her as an ‘Explosion’ when she thought she wasn’t listening, and Kinkajou asked her to keep calling her so.

Qibli: The infamous incident when Winter messed up calling her ‘Kinka’ means that whenever he sees Kinkajou, Qibli will happily shout ‘Kinky’.

Umber: Umber’s with Moon in the ‘Jou’ camp. He’s figured out she likes displaying this nickname, and will shout for her across the prey center for no reason sometimes.


Moon: Moon will happily call Umber what he wants, which sometimes leads to an awkward Umber who doesn’t feel very included asking her to call him ‘Umb’ or something to make him feel better.

Winter: Winter used to call him Umber, but after being pulled aside by Moon he began to use nicknames.

Peril: Peril had already been calling Umber ‘Buurrr’ as a joke on cold. This lead to him hanging out with her, Turtle, and the DoD more than the others.

Turtle: Turtle had also caught on to the ‘Burr’ joke, knowing it made Umber feel good.

Qibli: Qibli had been calling him ‘U’, and making ‘you’ jokes from the start.

Kinkajou: Kinkajou had enjoyed calling him Umber, as it was a color, and when she explained it to him he felt better.

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What is dancing with the guys like? (This is one of my favorite blogs <3)

Mod S here! Thanks so much; I’m glad that we can be one of your favorites. <3 

I’ve never done this kind of headcanon before, so I’m pretty excited about it. ^_^

I’ll call this Dancing with the Code: Realize Guys. Please let us know if there’s anything else you needed! 

Arséne Lupin: Dancing with Lupin is sensual. He’ll want to dance quickly, but intimately. Think Dirty Dancing. Hands all over, lots of dips and twirls. He’ll whisper sweet nothing in his partner’s ear when their close enough. 

Abraham Van Helsing: Dancing with Van is exciting. He’s a brilliant dancer, so his partner will have to work to keep up. And he enjoys leading, so that won’t ever be necessary for his partner. It’ll be mostly ballroom dancing though. 

Impey Barbicane: Dancing with Impey is hilarious. He couldn’t dance to save his life, but damn it all if he won’t try. His “dancing” consists of picking up his partner and twirling them around. Though inept, it’s full of love. 

Victor Frankenstein: Dancing with Victor is adorable. He’s trying so hard to keep up with his partner; he cannot take his eyes off his feet. Mostly it’s just that prom kind of swaying. But being so close has both hearts pounding. 

Saint Germain: Dancing with Saint Germain is romantic. It’s like dancing with a prince. Though mostly traditional waltzing, Saint Germain will sneak in a kiss or two. He’s an excellent dancer, so he leaves no room for error. 

Bonus: Herlock Sholmes: Dancing with Sholmes is a bit scary. Sometimes he leads, some times not. It always keeps his partner on their toes. But when he decides to stop teasing, Sholmes dancing is fun and sweet. 

idonia-dovahkiin  asked:

What types of insecurities do you think both teams from Free! have? Do you think it'll affect their relationship with their S/O?


  • Haru
    • Appearance: Doesn’t have fins. No, but I don’t think he’s all that self-conscious about his body other than the fact that it’s legit not as hydrodynamic as he’d like.
    • Minor Insecurity: Worries people think he’s too quiet.
    • Major Insecurity: Fears being left behind.
    • How it Affects Relationship: He may get irrational if you make a big life decision that has the possibility of not including him. (Much like how he reacted when Makoto told him he was going to Tokyo for university.
  • ·Makoto
    • Appearance: Sometimes thinks he’s fat.
    • Minor Insecurity: Worries that he leads girls on sometimes. (He totally unintentionally does though, sorry baby).
    • Major Insecurity: Fears living a life without meaning.
    • How it Affects Relationship: If he thinks that he’s in a stalemate in life, he may make a big life decision that has the possibility of leaving you behind. Although he hopes you’ll still support him, he will do what he thinks is best for his own life in the end.
  • Nagisa
    • Appearance: Thinks he’s too short.
    • Minor Insecurity: Worries that no one takes him seriously.
    • Major Insecurity: Fears sacrificing his individuality to meet other people’s expectations.
    • How it Affects Relationship: If you go through a point where you or anyone else is telling him what to do a lot, he may snap at you and end up doing something drastic.
  • Rei
    • Appearance: His glasses. He thinks they make him less beautiful.
    • Minor Insecurity: Worries that people think he’s eccentric to the point of weirdness and annoying.
    • Major Insecurity: Fears being excluded.
    • How it Affects Relationship: He’ll become clingy if you spend more time with your friends then with him. Also, he HATES inside jokes and not being told all the details of stories, pasts, etc.


  • Rin
    • Appearance: He acknowledges his shark teeth and he really hates them.
    • Minor Insecurity: He worries that he’s too emotional.
    • Major Insecurity: He fears failing his loved ones and himself.
    • How it Affects Relationship: You may not see him for a while if he thinks he hasn’t trained enough, ESPECIALLY if he’s recently lost a race or done something wrong.
  • Sousuke
    • Appearance: He thinks he looks scary.
    • Minor Insecurity: Worries that people think he’s no fun.
    • Major Insecurity: Fears being forgotten.
    • How it Affects Relationship: He’s the type to be really counter-productive when he’s insecure, meaning he pulls away when he’s lonely. So if you start to see less of him, just know that he actually needs more attention.
  • Nitori
    • Appearance: Thinks he’s too feminine.
    • Minor Insecurity: Worried someone’s going to give him a wedgie. It’s never happened before but he’s seen enough 80’s high school movies to know he’s in the ideal demographic to receive them.
    • Major Insecurity: Fears he’s not a good leader.
    • How it Affects Relationship: If he’s in a relationship with a S/O that’s more dominant and has had a rough week at practice or work, he may try to take extra charge in the relationship, which honestly isn’t that bad, but he has a tendency to accidentally hurt himself when he gets dominant.
  • Momo
    • Appearance: Thinks he’s not swoll enough. He thinks he doesn’t have enough muscle.
    • Minor Insecurity: Worries that he won’t ever get a S/O. Also quick sand. He’s always kind of worried about quick sand.
    • Major Insecurity: Fears being cheated on.
    • How it Affects Relationship: If you do things without telling him or just show the general signs of keeping secrets, he’ll start to get clingy.
  • Sei
    • Appearance: He actually kind of hates how bright red and wild his hair is.
    • Minor Insecurity: Worries that his voice is too loud.
    • Major Insecurity: Fears he’ll never settle down.
    • How it Affects Relationship: He’s got this mentality about finding “the one” so if he doesn’t think it’s you, you won’t be around for long.

Apollo: You sure? What about the spikey hair on the back of the head?
Athena: Ooh, I know! The boss is right there! Go pull some out and you can glue it on!
Apollo: Okay, I’m on it!
Phoenix: Objection!
Phoenix: Ouch! Ouch!!! What do you think you’re doing, Apollo!!!
Apollo: S-Sorry, Athena. I… I couldn’t do it!
Athena: Tsk, don’t be such a wimp!
Judge: How disappointing. And I was hoping to see where this was going!
Athena: It’s all Apollo’s fault!

Just do it Apollo just RIP PHOENIX’S HAIR OFF JUST DO IT

these games never fail to amaze

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how are milo and isadora? are they enjoying hot cross buns as they get ready for easter? milo must be nearly old enough for school- have nick and louis found a nice one with lots of provision for little ones with extra needs? how cute does milo look in his uniform? how much did nick and louis cry on their first day? did pig put her nose through the gate for all of milo's classmates to pat her? I NEED MORE OF THIS VERSE DAMMIT

(Gave My Heart Out)

Milo and Isadora are really good! (you sent this a long time ago, hence the easter reference, but we’ll pretend I didn’t lose it for months). Milo is still very, very clingy and very scared of school, but Isadora is super protective of him despite being tiny. He’s still scared of a lot of things, including all dogs that aren’t Pig. He holds Pig’s lead sometimes and he pats Pig on the head but he knows that Pig looks after him. 

Both of Milo’s daddies take him to school on his first day, and Isadora with them. They’ve done lots of work with the school because Milo is still not quite where he should be with his speech and his other skills so he’s going to get some extra support. When they leave him there, Louis cries and Nick tries not to but he ends up wiping his eyes a lot and trying not to look like he’s crying because only one of them can hide their face in Isadora’s hair. 

But after school they have hot hot cross buns and Milo and Isadora have cups of milk, and Milo’s favourite bear Mr Ted has his own cup too. Milo is quiet but not unhappy, and then they read stories and Milo falls asleep in Nick’s lap reading stories, and theirs is the best family in the world. 


Okay, so you know Batman?” He asks.

“Vaguely… He wears all black and a cape right?” She says searching her mind.

“Yes!… And you know Joker?” He leads.

“Maybe…” She sighs sometimes she was not paying attention when he made her watch movies.

“So in the comics Joker has a partner in crime and her name is Harley Quinn,” He explains.

“Like a Harlequin… cute. Did you know the term Harlequin comes from Harlequinade?” Amy asks arching her eyebrow. He looks at her smugly, loving that she can toss back knowledge at him. Happy that he can toss it back at her.

“Did you know the Harlequin was routinely paired with the character Clown? The Clown the mischievous foil for the more sophisticated Harlequin,” He tosses back and she smiles at him like the cat who ate the canary.

“Didn’t you once tell me you are deathly afraid of clowns?” She teases.

“I did, as you know I am not to fond of clowns. However I will suspend my hatred of them for this character,” He smiles.

“How brave of you,” She comments dryly .“So you basically want us to be two clowns? My Aunt and Uncle used to dress as clowns for children’s birthday parties. They might still have their…” But Sheldon stops her exasperated.

“Not just any clowns! Harley Quinn and The Joker! Here let me show you,” He says pulling out a box of comics from under his bed and sifting through them. He pulls out a comic and holds it out to her. “That is Harley Quinn and Joker. We could also start watching Batman Beyond if you needed more inspiration,” Amy goes to sit on his bed beside him.

“Okay… I guess,” Amy says skeptically as she thumbs through the comic. “We could also be Blossom and Joey though. Did you ever watch Blossom?” She jokes knowing he won’t go for it.

“Amy I want to be these characters,” He tells her with a tone of finality. “Besides, I think you would look sexy in this costume,” He tells her looking over her shoulder at the book.

“You do huh?” She asks looking up at him and he kisses her mouth gently.

“Very much so,” He murmurs against her lips.

To be continued… 8/4/16

A big thanks to @rgbcn for her amazing drawing! 😘👏🏼👏🏼

Robin has a very distinctive vocal sound to Barry, very soulful. Maurice is mainly singing the high harmonies and being the musical instrumentalist, and he sings lead sometimes, and when he sings, he’s great, has a great sound. It’s that sibling sound - when they sing harmonies, it’s like they’re breathing it.
—  Arif Mardin on The Bee Gees, taken from The Ultimate Biography Of The Bee Gees, M. Bilyeu/H. Cook/A. M. Hughes