he knows who i am

I drew @therealjacksepticeye,  

I’ve been getting questions as to why I’m posting a lot of Jack. It’s because with all that’s been happening in the past months, I was always able to turn to him, and he’d be there to brighten up my day. Even if he doesn’t know who I am (which will hopefully change) I still think of him as a friend :)  

I had a lot of fun drawing this and I really hope Jack is able to see it :)

smithensy  asked:

Prouvaire & Feuilly, 43. “I’ve made a huge mistake…”

Hi! Thanks so much for this prompt (and, ah, sorry it took so long). This kind of got away from me. And Bahorel showed up. I have no idea if any of this is historically accurate, but I hope you enjoy the shenanigans.

“Thank you, Jehan,” Feuilly said for probably the fourth time as he settled onto a sofa in the rooms Prouvaire and Bahorel shared. They’d had a late night already, but since it was a Saturday Prouvaire had insisted that Feuilly come back to his rooms so he could make him soup. It seemed an odd time of the day to be making soup, and Feuilly would have been truly suspicious of anyone else who asserted that he habitually made soup at eleven o’clock in the evening, but Jehan had been so earnest (“I won’t be able to fall asleep tonight anyway, so do come over! I’m sure we have some vegetables, somewhere,”) that he trusted this was not simply a surreptitious attempt to slip him extra food. Jean Prouvaire was not very skilled at concealing his motives to Feuilly in any case.

In public, of course, was another matter. Jehan, dressed in deliberately drab clothes, had accompanied Feuilly to collect anonymous essays and letters, seditious in nature and solicited of republican workers by Feuilly, that would if all went well be printed by Enjolras and distributed.

Their charge completed, Prouvaire had changed back into a green brocade waistcoat, put a pot on the stove for soup, and poured them both some wine. They had been carried away for a while, merrily eviscerating the writing of one of Jehan’s least favorite professors, when Jehan suddenly stiffened. He looked at Feuilly with horror written on his features.

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So this guy asked me out 2 weeks ago. We talked for a full week and he took me out on a date(open the door and did all that chilverous stuff). It was my first official date…and I’m 22. I’ve been feeling so invisible and that I wasn’t pretty my entire life, that I couldn’t believe a guy would treat me in such a way. The guy was so sweet and told me that he assumed I had a boyfriend because I was “pretty”, so he was hesitant in asking me out. He told me that he was interesting in knowing what makes me who I am and having possible longevity. He didn’t gawk at my body or anything. I feel bad, because I wasn’t ready for all of that, and in return…I did the same thing to him that other guys did to me, became interested in more, got scared and ran. This entire time wished for a guy to approach me and see me for who I am and not some sex toy. After all of what the guy did I learned that I’m okay with being single. Single is safe. Single is where I don’t have to be vulnerable. Single is where I’m more than independent. And so far on my single journey. I’ve finally come to a point where I’m learning to love myself without validation from guy and I’m not jumping into a relationship or letting any kind of guy ruin the confidence that I’m building for myself. I’ve depended so much on what guys think of me,wondering why can’t I be wanted for my mind, body and spirit. I feel bad for cutting the guy off after all of the compliments and potential he saw in me, but I had to tell him that, surprisingly, I wasn’t ready for all of that. I’m just now feeling care free