he knows what the fans would like haha

vaporion79  asked:

I'm worried that if I ever met Ken on day I'd say Kenpai and not he usual name (✽ ゚д゚ ✽) but what doesn't help is that the word Kenpai /is so dang nice to say out loud/ UwU Also, your art is one of my inspirations for my art! I love it so much!!! I only just found out about your game yesterday (I don't know how that got by me) but I'm SUPER DOOPER BOOPER EXCITED FOR IT!!

Yea’ i think if i eveh met ken i would be tempted to say Kenpai too haha.  ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )

Howeveh, i would not say it ! he looks pretty distant towards unknow ppl . Even as fan,that would be cringy…or i dunno. i feel like that would be inappropriate but he would not mind that much haha ! (in any case, i think i would try to act normal and scream internally instead. like goin’ full nutz. )

And thanks a lot !dunno how u found our project either but hope u’ll enjoy it ! (٭°̧̧̧꒳°̧̧̧٭)


Some DBD related doodles of the past 4 days.

As you can see Elise and Evan don’t really like each other. He just can’t handle her sass and she likes to annoy him, haha.

What you can see as well is @dead-by-daylight-fan as KING of the DBD tumblr family! You’re doing a great job, really!

Since I usually don’t know how people (or their internet persona) look like I go with the icon they choose. I always thought about drawing the whole DBD fandom family together but that would be a litlle difficult since so many are part of it and everyday new people are joining! (that’s actually a good thing tbh)

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What would be your preferred weapon from Bloodborne? I know your not the biggest fan of the Fromsoft games but I'm mighty curious.

Haha, you’re funny. I think probably all the swords associated with Ludwig. I can’t help but feel a great deal of sympathy for a kindred spirit like him and all his failed efforts. He sought the light but never questioned what it was. It stunned my hunter, and prompted him to lie to save Ludwig the pain of knowing all his efforts had been for little.

You know what’s one thing I like about Gravity Falls? That a ton of red herons were dropped for the fans, but they weren’t just left alone afterwards as weird things that happened for no reason

Dipper recognized the signs of McGucket being the author, just like a whole bunch of the fanbase did (even without the “leak”). And even then, the ending of the episode wasn’t “oh haha nope he’s just a weird old man lmao tricked you” it was “he was involved, he knew the author and worked with him,” which made it viable that he would be pinned as the guy.

An opinion about “The Last Naruto movie” from a non Naruto/NH fan

Last Wednesday, I watched the movie with my best friend/co-writer/fake boyfriend. Actually, I just forced him to come along with me. He’s not an anime/manga fan (but he has some knowledge about Naruto) He’s also not into romance/shoujo or any type of cheesy movie. 

But In the end, I convinced him to watch (because I paid for his ticket haha):

So after watching the movie, I asked him some questions regarding the movie. I just want to know his perspective as a non-Naruto fan/neutral guy. So here is our conversation (Yes, I remember it very well)

Me: Do you like the movie?

Friend: To be honest, I did not expect it to be good. But based on what I have seen in the film, I would definitely recommend others to watch it

Me: Do you think NH relationship is forced? You know, some antis believe that it is the biggest asspull in anime history.

Friend: No, not at all. All the clues were there. The film is actually consistent with the anime. Also, Naruto and Sakura’s conversation explains everything about “crush” on her. For the record, I’m not a Naruto fan. But you don’t have to be a fan to realize that it’s going to be Naruto and Hinata in the end. 

Me: What’s your favorite moment in the movie?

Friend: Definitely, when Naruto asked Hinata to wrap her arms around him and ask to not let go. Who would not love that scene? It made me kilig (translation: heart goes doki doki)

Me: Are you bothered by the pacing of the movie?

Friend: I don’t have any problems with the use of flashbacks/pacing. They were effective actually because they successfully portray the feelings or mindset of each character.

Me: Do you think Naruto loves Hinata even before?

Friend: Yes, because the clues were there. Naruhina has this certain kind of connection. Naruto was just confused about the idea of love. However, it was shown in some flashbacks that Hinata actually matters to Naruto even before their adulthood.

Me: What did you feel after watching the film?

Friend: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it reminds me of the feeling of falling in love. It would have been a better Valentine ’s Day film.

So, yes… I’ m happy that my friend like the film.