he knows what the fans would like haha


Yeah I finally got time to finish this fanart :D
It´s a modern zombie apocalypse AU. I thought that could be so cool bc imagine all the drama and fights between them x)  

Gaston would have so much fun shooting down undeads, he would be quite reckless and still trying to get Belle on his side xD But Belle still thinks he is a jerk and she would definitely surprise the guys with her fighting skills and strength. She can get really brutal haha xD Lefou is pretty concerned all the time and he´s got the medical skills in the team. But as much as he seems to worry and to be afraid, he is still very brave and wrecks some zombie asses. Lefou and Belle would be the ones who could save the whole team cause they are using their brains if you know what I mean haha XD Adam would have lots of fights with Gaston about who is better and all that. Both of them would be very annoying I imagine. Stanley is the one who, even tho it´s zombie apocalypse, still dresses with style xD And I imagine him to be very quiet and helpful. But he would probably stick with Gaston and Lefou if he had to chose a side (bc you know Lefou 💜 hehe) x)

See lots of drama haha but that´s just what I thought haha XD How would you think they would be as a team? :D

I wanted to give them modern clothes but stick a bit to the original colors ^^ Also I made a bloody and a normal version bc I dunno I couldn´t decide and I love painting some blood xD

Welp I hope you like it even tho it´s super messy xD

naviarules64  asked:

Sorry to bother you, but I'm just wondering about what happened to Mark? I've been hearing that he has anxiety and it's understandable but I wanna hear about it from a reliable source 🤗

im not reliable at all tbh HAHA but i’ll just state what i know:

okay so the day/night before they even reached LAX, the fans were already crazy in incheon airport and it was so chaotic to the point where nct (alongside with wanna one & got7) had to take an alternate pathway for their flight because the crowd was just crazy. and i’ve seen pictures of mark already having signs of anxiety at the incheon airport itself, thank god for doyoung

just look at how uncomfortable he is, and knowing mark he isnt the type to voice out his concerns and he certainly would not like to hurt fans just because he was feeling uncomfortable (im sure every idol wouldn’t want to do that, im sure the media would make a huge fuss over it like “rude to your fans” or some shit lmao)

okay so once they reached LA i’m pretty sure the crowd and fans were even more crazy and i’ve heard that those that weren’t even nctzens or fans kept pushing the idols? just to get a photo/video of them? and there’s a video i saw here, where you can see mark was super uncomfortable; he was looking down the whole time and you can see him stumbling a little. you can also see fans (i think) forming a circle near him. for a shorter cut/video you can watch it here

thing is, mark has always had a fear of heights/planes and he’s mentioned once that he doesn’t like taking planes because it’s uncomfortable. can you imagine taking a long flight which you’re not comfortable in, then coming out to such a huge mess, with people pushing up against you and with thousands of phones & cameras being shot up to your face? it’s disturbing and uncomfortable. knowing mark, he’s always had a rather low self confidence and he has mentioned many times he’s trying to be more confident and you can see he always gets nervous & shy around people he don’t know but i think yesterday was too overwhelming for him. please give your idols space please this isn’t a joke

videos/pictures aren’t mine, credits to owners!

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Why doesn’t Dallon get appreciated? He’s a precious tall flower and his bass lines are the raddest shit I’ve ever heard. Yet, Zack and Brendon treat him like he’s a touring member only. Wikipedia and Facebook still say he’s official. What does that mean? Does it mean that Zack doesn’t know shit and Brendon wants to be the center of attention? Or that Dallon got demoted and we don’t know about it? Why wasn’t he on the red carpet at the APMAs? Is this a sign that he’s not official anymore? Apparently he’s not writing songs for the upcoming P!ATD album either. Dallon’s twitter bio was changed from “member of @ panicatthedisco” to “bass for @ panicatthedisco” and he called P!ATD “Brendon’s band”. Does this mean anything?? Does Dallon really think he’s unimportant? Because that’s so not true and it breaks my heart that a wonderful person like Dallon would think that low of himself. Who is he shading on Twitter lately? Who hurt Dallon and made him that salty? Have Brendon or Zack something to do with this? B & Z always make fun of Dallon and I don’t like it at all. Leave D alone. “haha fans don’t want to have Kenny or Dallon in their picture with Brendon :D” you’re so funny Zack!!! Why don’t more people aknowledge that Dallon is an important part of P!ATD?? Would a demotion mean he’d get paid less? We already know he had to have several side jobs in the past although he already was an official member of Panic! at the Disco. I’m worried. “What if he doesn’t want be be in the spotlight?” He stated that he prefers to be in front of the camera and not behind on Twitter and he also could’ve helped writing songs for the upcoming P!ATD album if he really prefers to be “behind the camera”. It looks like Brendon wants to do everything on his own for the new album instead of doing a solo project. He confirmed the upcoming album is kind of a Brendon solo thing. Was he serious about that?? Update: 8/22/15 periscope: Someone asked about a possible Panic! split and Brendon laughed and replied that he can’t split himself in half. So…..P!ATD is a Brendon solo thing now?? What happened to the *band* P!ATD?? Why the fuck is P!ATD still labeled as a “band”???? I’m happy if Dallon’s happy but….. Dallon aka the tall sunflower deserves better.

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Is woozi an only child?

so, you’d think after being a fan of jihoon for like 3 years now that i would know this? but the answer is im unsure haha!

from what one source on google says, it says he has an older brother. i really wish i knew and i’ve always wondered this myself, but oh well. hope this helped!

-admin m

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So Ethan, as a punishment had to kiss the cardboard, and obviously the piece of paper with written on it "KISS ME" was placed on Grayson. Moreover, Gray made it clear once again that the loser has TO DO the item (min. 4.16) and then he asks "this is weird, is twincest weird?". If this isn't a proof, I clearly don't know what it could be. And they were clearly smiling/smirking the whole time, as if they couldn't keep themselves from making it quite obvious.

Hi! Thank you so much. That means a lot. Grethan shippers, UNITE! Right?! ;)

Haha. I remember that video. It was hilarious, and especially that part. I kept hoping, that Ethan would kiss the Gray cut out. But I think he just didn’t dare, because of the 12 year old, screaming harpies that call themselves their fans. (not all fans are like that) So he chose to lick his own cut out. I was also taken aback by Gray’s body language as he asked “That’s weird, isn’t it? Is twincest weird?”, because of how he stepped from side to side nervously, and had one eyes closed, while grimacing slightly. That means that he felt awkward asking that question. But you can also notice, that Ethan doesn’t do what they usually do, which is to say “staaaahp”. Interesting also that Ethan chose this cardboard cut out of them, because he almost certainly knew that Gray would get it, and that he’d have to kiss the Gray figure. And further, they didn’t cut this part out. They could have. Oh and I just loved how Gray was like “Ewww, not with tongue”, to which Eth responded “s’cute, that was a cute kiss”….

All and all, this video did offer a few clues, to Grethan, I think, but at this point they’re so comfortable with acting this way, that I don’t even know anymore, if they’re clues, or what, quite frankly. lol

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Do you think something will happen tomorrow? (Like with Jack? ) Cause I'd love to see that but at the same time I doubt it..

Honestly I don’t know what to expect. Probably nothing tbh, because he’s busy. But I would love to see Jack reblogging Anti fan art and idk maybe adding something in Zalgo. It’s a small thing but I would get so happy haha atleast we would know that anti is seeing our birthday wishes

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Bts reaction/scenario when you (their gf) came to their fan meeting without them knowing, but they have to pretend they don't know you cos you two havent gone public xD sorry if it's confusing lol

Nope! Not at all confusing because I daydream about this happening to me day and night, darling. Haha. :)


“Wow! Would you look at that? Our ARMY fans are especially beautiful today!” *Jin looks straight at you and smile, brightly.* “And I’m super happy to see a few familiar faces, again.” *squeals and is about to leave when he trips*


Suga goes on with the fan meeting like every other fan meeting but when it comes to you, he smiles a little bit brighter—enough for just the two of you to know.


“WELL, WHAT IS YOUR NAME, STRANGER-WHOM-I-DON’T-KNOW?” *shifty eyes as he whispers* “Meet me after the show, (Y/N)?” *writes down the secret location on your poster* “See you later, Jagiya.”


“I’d like to thank everybody who came out to meet us at this fan meeting. I feel that today’s ARMYs are especially… special.” *throws a quick wink at you before going on about the rest of the event*


“I have a special announcement to make, everybody. There’s someone I’m dating right now and she’s very pretty, smart, funny, kind and—“ *Jimin stares straight at you* “It’s you all, ARMY! Thank you very much for coming out to the fan meeting despite the cold weather! I love you!” *Jimin teases you.*


*Doesn’t care if tabloids make a headline out of him; all he can think is that he wants to kiss you right then and there, declaring that you’re Taehyung’s. Urges, man. Urges.*


“Hyung, it must be Taehyung hyung’s cooking we’ve had earlier. I’m not feeling so good. I’d be right back.” *pretends to be sick and sneaks off so he could see you.*

Jungkook: “Excuse me, miss. I’m afraid I have to arrest you now for trespassing to backstage. Unless–”  *pulls you by your waist and whipsers into your ear*


Some DBD related doodles of the past 4 days.

As you can see Elise and Evan don’t really like each other. He just can’t handle her sass and she likes to annoy him, haha.

What you can see as well is @dead-by-daylight-fan as KING of the DBD tumblr family! You’re doing a great job, really!

Since I usually don’t know how people (or their internet persona) look like I go with the icon they choose. I always thought about drawing the whole DBD fandom family together but that would be a litlle difficult since so many are part of it and everyday new people are joining! (that’s actually a good thing tbh)

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heeey i noticed you're a SU fan! could i request some headcanons for fusing with mcree, tracer, widowmaker, reaper and genji? the last two would probably be a bit strange but hey angst potential woohoo! haha sorry if this is a bit of a weird request! i love your writing and would be rly interested to see what you do with it!

Yes, all the Steven Universe crossovers please! My two favourite fandoms combined in one!

Requests are open!

Keep reading

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I wonder if Booster Gold will appear in Legends of Tomorrow. Him and Rip Hunter seem to be related to each other in the comics, so I'm hoping that this could be explored in the show at some point. (I haven't read the comics, but I loved Booster Gold in Justice League: Unlimited. He's such a funny character.) It would be great to see him interacting with the Legends. (They're all probably going to hate him. Haha.)

I would love it if Booster Gold were to appear, but right now it doesn’t look like it’s in the cards (yet) for whatever reason. I know fans have been holding out hope for a while yet (because Booster Gold is awesome) so maybe it’ll happen at some point? He’s not such a well-known character that Legends shouldn’t be able to get the licensing for him (or maybe he is? Idk) so I suspect it just depends on what stories they’re aiming to tell.

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Don’t worry!! It was a ramble hahaha he didn’t even say anything to the fans. Plus, it lasted for like half a minute. I think no one explained to him what is a live-translation haha with the same result he could just take a simple ig story video and share it.
Maybe he was like ‘oh i never tried that hmmm let’s gooOO’
He was so drunk. You know I would be a perfect singer if I drank as much as he did.

I sometimes forget how smart Luhan is

Before he got into EXO, he was attending to one of the top most prestigious UNIs in Korea, and at the time couldn’t even speak Korean but after a few years, he now translates for both EXO-M and EXO-K, he can solve a Rubik’s cube within minutes, he knows how to handle situations like for instance the one with the anti-fan calling Tao, now If Luhan hadn’t cut in, Tao would have lost his temper and could have started another issue. Dude this guy is not only smart, an amazing dancer, an incredible main vocal AND HAS THE FACE OF AN ANGEL, THIS GUY! can also play sports such as basketball and soccer! like dang Luhan what else? wait what? He’s going to start acting as well? daaaaaang Xioa Luhan!

I don’t even know anymore!

but wait there’s more!

Looks like he’s also got a talent for making weird faces haha!

Oh Luhan, is there anything you can’t do?

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Hi dear. I would like to ask about what is your opinion on jiminie dynamics with each members?i love to see his moments with other members on youtube and i would love to hear yours too.. ^^.. thanks dear.. :)

My lovely anon I see that you are gonna make me write an essay about this, because I got so much to tell, so get yourself ready, make some tea, pull up some covers so we can go on this adventure together…


Now, where to even start? Because I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before or you probably have seen it somewhere, the simple fact that every single one of Bangtan members adore Jimin, because, what’s not to like? He’s friendly, caring, always concern with everybody’s health except his own much until recently, just a lovely and sweet person altogether. And if we, mere fans who don’t get a chance to see him every moment of everyday can see that, surely they can too and even better! Now, let’s begin…


“If the other member were girls, who would you date and why?”
Jin: Jimin, is so kind and so gentleman so…haha, so… I want date with Jimin (he said in English)“ source.

See, Jin knows how kind this boy is :D I’d say their dynamics is like of an older brother and younger brother, Jin takes care of Jimin and admires his kind personality, and from most of what I’ve seen, Jin is always the one who’s feeding Jimin around so he will always be healthy. I wouldn’t say they are the closest, but you can certainly see how much they adore each other.


I’d say that Namjoon’s relationship with Jimin is similar to the one he has with Jin, the brotherly kind, I even get to say Jimin is Namjoon’s favorite dongsaeng, he even said that once or twice, but for the hell of me I can’t find it anywhere! (If someone does, please send it to me so I can update this with the credits, thanks)


Mutual admiration at the highest point! That’s pretty much what Yoonmin makes me feel. Jimin is Yoongi’s soft spot, the person he would probably melt for and Yoongi is someone he trully looks up to, someone he would never see disappointing him, and what else would ask of them, it’s simply beautiful!


Jimin is someone that Hoseok sees at the same time as an equal, meaning like they would probably have the same age mentally and have lots to talk about and in common, but also as the “younger” among them all, he once said Jimin feels like the maknae, because he’s always being cute and playful around him. And Jimin in return always says Hoseok cheers him up, and is so friendly, I mean they are both bundles of sunshine, the brightest bunch. They can carry each other’s sadness away with a smile and that’s what I mostly love about these two. And you can see the love in their eyes as well, how much they care for each other. I could write about Jihope like there’s no tomorrow, they have far too many moments to be mentioned, so if you are interested and have time, check my jihope tag and have a blast!


They are the best of the best of the best of friends, and damn these boys love each other so much I dare to say it might be more than that…
They have the most fun together, are the ones that share the most interests, that are always there for each other. You know that friend you love so much you can’t stand being apart for more than one day and you are already missing them, that one you think you must be in love because you can’t get enough of them? That’s Vmin for me… once again, go through my vmin tag, you won’t regret, just too much love!


Oh boy, you’ve caught me, I’d probably be very biased here, but I can’t help it, countless times Jikook has made my heart swell and tears come from my eyes, I know you can’t really assume anything is actually going on, but when I see the way they look at each other I see the purest definition of loving someone and is just too much to handle!!
Please, you’re probably tired of the same, but just go through my jikook tag to ease my pain of having to collect moments of these two, because there are too many to take into account, please go and get a taste of what their relationship is really about and see it with your own eyes, after that, come and tell me what you believe in, I won’t be a pretentious idiot and tell you will never again see them with the same eyes and begin thinking they are in love, but there’s no way you won’t at least think that whatever is there between them is not beautiful and true and the most lovely friendship that you’ve ever seen and that would last forever.
I really started with the intention of writing much more than that, specially for jikook, but the more I analyze all of this the more it gets me speechless… *sighs* so I hope this was enough for you anon, thank you so much for sending this ask!

Please, if anyone has links for the moments I’ve mentioned, send me in my inbox so I can credit it, thanks!! Credits to the pics/gifs owners also. And don’t be shy to send me any questions, I’m always glad to answer them! :3

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When I watched the Shinhwa variety shows I was annoyed by Junjin at first I even hated him.But after sometimes,I kind of like him and pity him. I Dont know why.He seems to be a caring person BTS. Is he?What is his real ersonality?

Oh, some people don’t like Junjin because he tends to be really competitive, and to some people, he may even look like an attention seeker haha, but that’s all part of his childlike side. He’s very playful, so most of the time he’s actually joking~ I can’t really say much about his “real personality”, because I only know the side he decides to share with us, the fans. I only know Junjin, the shinhwa member, I don’t know how Choonjae really is~ But for what I have read or observed myself, he is the most sensitive out of all the members. He’s very caring, he’s the type of person who would do anything to make you happy, even if he’s hurting inside. He’s a super sweet guy, so expect silly things from him~ He is also a very strong person, you would be surprised.

I don’t know what else to tell you, anoni~ You can always come and ask me again about Junjin if you’re not satisfied with the answer.
Maybe the other admins want to add something?

-admin rraimie


brace yourselves: this is going to be a long fucking post.

i found out about Shia LaBeouf’s #IAmSorry exhibit exactly a week ago. it opened on tuesday last week but since there was barely any press until wednesday, it didn’t come up on my radar until late afternoon wednesday. that’s when i decided i’d try going on thursday.

for those of you who live under a rock and haven’t heard about this, shia opened an art exhibit on beverly in LA. it was located right across from the LA buzzfeed office, which is funny, because i think buzzfeed was the first “news” outlet to break the story about shia’s plagiarism. basically, shia plagiarized daniel clowes and gave him no credit. someone caught on, called him out, and then the internet exploded.

shia then took to the sky and used a sky writer to apologize. it said “i am sorry daniel clowes.” then, shia took to twitter and plagiarized other apologies from history and posted them one after the other on twitter. then, he announced that he was “retiring” from public life all together. then, he started showing up to red carpet events for his upcoming movies with a paper bag over his head that read “i am not famous anymore.” then, he started giving weird answers at press conferences and leaving during them without giving any warning or reason. then, he started tweeting over and over “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE” usually once per day. then, he opened this exhibit called “#IAmSorry”

the exhibit, from what i had read, basically was shia in a very small room sitting at a table, with the “i am not famous anymore” bag over his head, bawling his eyes out. you go in one by one and pick an object off a table (each to represent different movies he’s been in- a transformers doll, a whip, a bottle of jack, a vase of flowers, a bowl of mean tweets, etc) and you can take it in and interact with him while he sits in silence at the table and cries. this also was supposed to be a nod at marina abramovic’s performance art piece that was the same concept of taking an object in one by one and interacting with her AKA another form of plagiarism on his part.

now, a LOT of people have said how stupid and idiotic and weird this is. however, i never think that on first thought. i’m always intrigued and always give the benefit of the doubt to the person involved and assume there’s a bigger meaning to it. i guess i really am an ~artist~

anyways, i thought i was being smart by showing up at 10 am thursday morning (it opened at 11 am). however, when i got there i was #65 in line. well, no problem i thought, i’ll definitely get in. however, what i didn’t know at the time was that there was NO time limit. meaning the first person in line could go in and literally spend from 11 am until 6 pm (when it closed) with shia and no one else would get to go in. since the exhibit was free of charge, you could imagine a LOT of people were lining up for this!

anyways, i need to first speak about how being in line in itself was definitely a part of the exhibit. i definitely feel like shia would manipulate the line (i heard that inside he would sometimes grab onto people’s arms and make them stay inside the exhibit longer, even if they were planning on leaving after 5 minutes). therefore, by keeping people inside longer than they promised (a lot of “pacts” were made in groups of people promising to only take 5-10 minutes since everyone wanted a chance inside!) it would cause riots. and i mean RIOTS. someone tried to fight a security guard! …are you serious???? the security guard was like LOL I’LL LAY YOU FLAT ON YOUR ASS BACK UP. people also showed up WASTED and hiiiiigh as fuck off cocaine and weed and etc. everyone was smoking in line. people driving by would honk at us, yell at us, tell us we’re stupid, ask why we’re wasting our time on some idiot like shia, someone even threw a dildo at us and tried smashing the window of the exhibit. it was fucking insane. the line truly was primal and brought out animalistic traits in everyone. people running on no sleep, no food, no water, sitting in the sun, getting backstabbed by “friends” made in line when they would spend 1-2 hours inside with shia (someone brought in a sketchbook- really?! you selfish asshole.) and etc.

however, there were also moments of community formed. so for all the negatives there were definitely positives. the times when people ACTUALLY stuck to the pact and only spent 5 minutes each. the time we exchanged numbers, facebooks, and instagrams and actually became friends. the time people would come back from ralph’s or starbucks with coffees and food for other people in line- people they didn’t even know! the time when people let me be the “line leader” (lol are we in kindergarten?) and i took down everyones names and wrote numbers on their hands to avoid cutters/cheaters. we had each others backs just as much as we stabbed each others backs. it was such a fucking crazy experience.

so, my first day there on thursday definitely was a day of CUTTERS. it seemed like the line was never moving and that’s because so many people’s “friends” showed up and cut the line. or reporters would schmooze their way throughout the line just to get to the front and guarantee their spot inside. michael yo was one of them:

so like, it was cool seeing michael yo since i’ve listened to him since i was like born, but like…. dude. no. GO TO THE BACK OF THE LINE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. apparently andy dick showed up one day and said “i don’t wait in lines” and tried to go in the back but luckily the security guards were fucking AWESOME (shout out to ken!!! i hope you see this!) and were like “ummm no. bye.” ray j, keegan allen, jaden smith, kylie jenner, tyler the creator, and etc also were in line. not sure if they made it inside ever! i would have LOVED to see what tyler the creator would have done to shia in that room lmfao….

the guy in the picture above was one of the people shia plagiarized from. this poster board shows his original work compared to all of shia’s tweets/all the times he plagiarized him. he was walking around and handing out flyers for his book (good way to advertise- eh? i guess it’s true any publicity is good publicity!) i asked him if he was pissed or flattered when he found out shia had done it and he said at first he was flattered and then he got pissed. i asked him if he was going to go into the exhibit or just keep standing in line informing people of what he did and he said he wasn’t sure. i think what he meant was “i’m not sure because if i go in there i’ll punch him in the face and i don’t want to get in trouble.” i wonder if he ever went in!

anyways, so after 4 hours of waiting in line and forming a little friend group with the people around me i told them good luck and that i hope they get in and that i had to go to work. they said they for sure would get in (they still had 4 hours and they were around #40 in line).

the next day, friday, i decided to be smart and show up at 6 am…. but apparently i wasn’t the only one. at that point i was #21 in line. i couldn’t believe it! the first guy in line had gotten there at 2 am and the rest at ¾/5 am. and you would have never guessed- most of the people in line were my friends from the day before!!! i couldn’t believe they hadn’t gotten in. everyday i went back it was so fun because we would catch each other up on crazy stories from the line/from the exhibit (people would tell us what happened inside once they left)/etc. i couldn’t believe the shit people did lmao…

as you can tell, my spirits were much higher this day because i thought “oh, i’m #21, i’ll definitely get in.” what was extra cool about showing up so early on friday was that at around 7 am shia would start interacting with us via the mail slot of the gallery.

he would stick his ipad through the mail slot and play us music while sticking his fingers out and grabbing on to whoever placed their hand there. yes, i touched shia’s hands and yes, they reeked of cigs haha. he always played really calming but kind of sad music. it was exciting to hear the mail slot open (he would do this about once every hour leading up to the opening of the exhibit). sometimes we’d play music back for him and he’d come back and stick his eye up to the mail slot to show us he was crying. it was insane. i know he’s a kendrick lamar fan so i played him “money trees” hoping that get him to come back, but it didn’t. oh well!

this is what the table of objects looked like from the mail slot. so you’d walk in this room, choose an object, go through the first black curtain, which led to a second black curtain, and behind the 2nd one is where shia was in the small room.

i had a really really REALLY good feeling about friday. this is when i made the list of people in line and numbered us to avoid cutting. we all made a pact together to take only 5-10 min (15-20 TOPS) since we were all on day 2/3 of waiting. at one point, someone said that mia goth (shia’s supposed girlfriend) was in line and she ended up switching with #13 so she ended up hanging out with us.

SHE WAS ADORABLE!!!! and she made a joke about having no eyebrows so i kinda am obsessed with her now. lol. someone asked her why she was waiting in line and her response was a giddy “to see shia!” she was so down to earth, so young (she’s only 19), and so innocent! she had never seen any american reality tv so i was showing her clips of “my strange addiction” as she told us how she’s english and brazilian and just recently moved to la. i think she knew that we knew who she was but we just treated her normally and interacted with her like we would anyone else.

everything was going smoothly with the first 6 people. and then #7, the whore, decided to go inside and ruin it for everyone. this girl (keep in mind she was in line with her boyfriend of i think almost 5 years) (AND ALSO KEEP IN MIND IT WAS VALENTINE’S DAY) went in and said her plan was to put lipstick on, kiss shia’s forehead, and then we’d report back if he rubbed it off or still had it on throughout the day. 10 minutes go by…. 30 minutes go by…. 40 minutes go by…. hmmm.. where is this fucking bitch? we were starting to get LIVID she fully 100% threw us all under the bus so she can be a selfish whore. her boyfriend sat there quietly and we joked “oooh what do you think she’s doing in there!” to which he responded “i’ll kick his (Shia’s) ass if anything happens.” so we kept waiting… and at around 50 minutes she emerges from the front door in a hurry (you’re supposed to leave out the back alleyway) and she looks A MESS. someone even said “what the hell happened to you?!” her make up was smudged, she had lipstick all over her face (meaning shia kissed her and then kissed her face) and her hair was a hot mess. aka THEY GOT DOWN AND DIRTY FOR ALMOST AN HOUR. for the first time, they had to close the exhibit and didn’t let anyone in for about another 15 minutes…. i’m assuming shia had to finish jacking off or something? and when the couple was leaving in their car you could see them screaming and fighting… like happy valentine’s day? wtf.

AND the worst part was seeing mia’s reaction. she started blinking back tears and eventually started crying. i felt so fucking bad. i couldn’t believe what a backstabber that whore was she had been hanging with mia all morning and SHE HAD A BOYFRIEND LIKE WHAT ARE YOU DOING. anyways…

everyone in line started referring to her as “the whore” and everyone was fucking pissed. she ruined it for everyone! so, once again, i couldn’t make it into the exhibit as i thought i would because people were selfish and took more time than they could ever actually need. but once again- i guess that’s apart of the art and the whole purpose of the exhibit. see how people really act under pressure, who is there for you, who back stabs you, etc. like i’ve said before: it was insane.

i decided to take my anger to TMZ and tell them the story. i was wording it as “shia labeouf, mia goth, and a whore at his exhibit.” i got in contact with a few reporters and they all thought it was a super juicy story and were interested in posting it but since i had no pictures or videos it was kind of a useless story. fast forward a few days later i got a CALL from TMZ asking about it and they thought i meant an actual hooker went in and fucked shia…. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO. the second i explained to them that it wasn’t actually a hooker we were just calling her a whore they basically were uninterested and hung up. oh well. i still thought it was a juicy story ;)

anyways, the next day i had work all day so i couldn’t wait in line. my plan was to go at midnight so that i was guarenteed to get in before work on sunday. however, when i got home from work with my chipotle, i was scrolling through the instagram tags of the exhibit and saw people were already lining up. SO unprepared, i threw my food away (you don’t understand- i love chipotle. throwing it away means that i MEANT BUSINESS) i grabbed a blanket and a pillow and sprinted to my car and sped all the way there. when i arrived (at 9 PM) there was only a few people in line and i got to be #15.

see that bundle of grey blankets? the one with the entire body including head under it? that’s me. at like 2 am. trying not to die of frost bite. I WAS SO NOT PREPARED and it was so cold but it was so worth it. as usual, we all became a “family” in line and had each other backs and promised to stay under 20 minutes and etc etc (of course though, three girls before me took an hour each. oh well… so much for trust…)

eventually, the 7 am time frame rolled around. we heard the mail slot open. this was it! the last day. we made it. I WAS FOR SURE MAKING IT IN TODAY. today was different though. shia did the usual play music through the slot and hold hands but he also started giving us stuff today. he passed a rolled cig (or was a it a joint?) through the slot, someone smoked it, and then passed it back through. THAT was awesome.

then, he poured the entire bottle of jack through the mail slot. i swear at first i thought he was peeing lol but then i realized that was a rather large stream of liquid to just be pee…. it reeked of whiskey the rest of the morning.

then, he slipped this through the slot. it had pages marked and annotations throughout the book that i’m assuming shia made. very interesting…

and then, when the exhibit finally opened, we found out that the usual table with objects on it wasn’t there. there was only 1 object: the bag he had been wearing over his head. and when you walked in: he wasn’t wearing it. EEK! so now we all knew that we were going to be looking straight into his crying eyes with no barrier… talk about intense?!

so the first few people were each spending around 5 minutes, the line was moving great, and then we had the people who spent an hour each. some just cried, some got naked and made out with him (i wonder how many people he made out with??? but like, i can’t lie, if drake or jake gyllenhaal was doing this i 1000000000% would have done the same lol). and then finally IT WAS MY FUCKING TURN. i had never felt so nervous in my life. i wanted to vomit. i was shaking. my hands were sweating. my armpits would not stop sweating. i was actually freaking out. i had to pace up and down the line until the security guard told me to go in (of course the girl before me took an HOUR so i was “on deck” for an hour aka WORST FEELING EVER). finally, i got wanded down, he gave me a pep talk, and i was sent in.

there was a really nice woman standing at the table and she said “you can either take the bag in with you or leave it here. shia is behind the curtain. no photography. enjoy.” so of course, i decided to take the bag. my hearts beating writing this as i remember how nervous i was pulling back the curtain.

and bam. there he was. shia. fucking. labeouf. just sitting in this tiny room with me in a nice ass tux crying. tears rolling down his face! he looked SO SAD it was actually heart breaking. i sat the bag down and i couldn’t help but to smile. like, this was SHIA FROM HOLES. SHIA FROM EVEN STEVENS. SHIA FROM DISTURBIA. SHIA FROM TRANSFORMERS. like what i grew up with- he was right in fucking front of me. CRYING!

it was one of the craziest experiences of my life. i don’t want to go into detail about what was said because it was personal. but what i can say is that i took 8 minutes (i kept checking my phone because i didn’t want to screw everyone else over like other people had done in line) and i made him smile through the tears a few times. i hugged him a few times, but never cried. i thought i would. but i was just too happy and intrigued to be experiencing it all that i didn’t get to reach that type of emotion while in there. the rest of the day i spent kind of in a daze. did that really happen? did i meet shia labeouf? but he was crying and not speaking? i made his sad soul smile? i told him things i haven’t told anyone? it was just insane….

the next day, the first day the exhibit was closed, a sky writing was noticed that said “#startcreating.” i 100% think shia did it and i 100% think i know what he’s up to now.

i feel like he could be commenting on movies nowadays. everything is a fucking remake. where do you draw the line between original idea, inspiration, and plagiarism?

maybe he’s acting for a revolution: NEW IDEAS! stop taking the same thing and recycling it over and over and over. maybe he’s pulling a beyonce and made a secret original movie no one knows about and plans on releasing it after all this is over.

i knew from the start this was definitely calculated on his part. everyone said “oh he’s the next amanda bynes” but no… she literally cracked and lost her mind for a hot minute. he never has acted that way. everything he’s done is planned out and not “crazy.” he’s creating and living art and asking others to do the same.

i’m so fucking excited to see where he goes with this because i will forever and always be able to say that i was a part of this crazy exhibit!

so to wrap up this post, thank you, shia. for being brave, being open, being RAW, being honest, and for letting hundreds of strangers meet you, interact with you, cry with you, laugh with you, hold you, hug you, embrace you, or even taunt you and yell at you. it was extremely brave to open yourself up to both positivity and negativity. i can’t wait to see what you have planned for the future!

Lee Jong Suk @ Yes! Magazine April 2014 Issue Scans
Cr: 甸甸甸甸甸甸@weibo

Content as follows:

Fan of Kim Soo Hyun

There’s a reason why Lee Jong Suk doesn’t dare to admit that he’s a stylish guy. With the popularity of Korean dramas, actors Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin’s popularity are rising very quickly. When faced with these strong opponents, Jongsuk says that he won’t compare, and that he is actually a fan of Kim Soo Hyun. Lee Jongsuk said, “I really like Kim Soo Hyun, I’m actually a fan of his, and I like watching him act. He’s really charismatic, and I hope I have a chance to work with him and learn from him.” A rich woman had wanted to pay Kim Soo Hyun for him to have a meal with her. When asked what he would do if it was him, Lee Jong Suk jokingly replied, “Even I want to! If the rich woman was pretty, I’d definitely go, haha!” Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin had held a couple of fan meets in various cities in China. In response to whether he would also like to have fan meets, Jongsuk said, “If there’s a chance, I really want to meet my fans. But I’m currently busy with Doctor Stranger, and the schedules can’t match. But I know I have a lot of fans in China, and I really would like to meet them there.”

Apology to fans

Although the event on that day concluded smoothly, Lee Jong Suk had gotten himself involved in some negative news because of this Hong Kong trip.It happened when he was at the airport in Korea. Because he had pulled his hand away when fans tried to give him a present, he was badly scolded by netizens. Lee Jong Suk said, “I only understood the situation after my Hong Kong schedules ended. Firstly, I’m sorry to have caused this conflict, and I’m really upset about it. I’m worried that my actions from now on will become an "act” in your eyes. Actually, on that day, I didn’t notice that the person who wanted to give me the present was a fan, I only saw someone grabbing me and I thought it was my manager so I pulled my hand away. I didn’t think that it was actually a fan! And there were too many reporters in front, I was really nervous! I’m really really sorry, no matter what, it is my fault. I have thought through this many times and I still think the problem lies with me. This will not happen in the future, I will make myself better!“ To become a ‘heavenly king’, it is inevitable that there are more negative news as compared to other people. Fans would definitely support him!

He is really tired during his visit to Hong Kong

The hallyu wave had brought many Korean stars to fame. Fans had become familiar with Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin through their dramas. In addition to their characters being very likeable, they are also very stylish. It is no wonder they are now known as the "Four Heavenly Kings” of Korea! With their high popularity, they have on their hands a lot of schedules. Lee Jong Suk had previously visited Hong Kong for the promotion of his movie, and he is visiting again as a guest for a fashion brand. Almost 100 fans had waited at the airport to receive his arrival. Because he had been filming recently, he had looked really tired during the arrival. However, when he saw his fans at the airport, he had responded with a smile. On the night of the event, Lee Jong Suk appeared with a suit that had prints on it, displaying his stylish charm. He also looked energized, smiling and waving and letting fans take as many pictures as they want.

Praised for being a stylish man
Because the event was held in the form of a party, Lee Jong Suk was more relaxed. After he appeared, he immediately stood there and waved to fans and displayed his aegyo after that, showing his “yeah” sign. Although it was only a short visit to Hong Kong, Jong Suk was still very happy. “I really like Hong Kong, I’m very happy to be able to come again. To be able to see so many enthusiastic fans, my mood is very good.” However, when asked about his expressionless face when he arrived at the airport, he explained “I’m sorry, it’s because my schedules are really packed recently, and I haven’t rested much, so I was a little tired. I didn’t do well but I’m really grateful for everyone’s support!” One of the higher authorities from the fashion brand had complimented Jongsuk, saying that he is one of the top 10 stylish males in Asia. He humbly responded, “Actually, as compared to many other Koreans, I still have a long way to go!”

An opinion about “The Last Naruto movie” from a non Naruto/NH fan

Last Wednesday, I watched the movie with my best friend/co-writer/fake boyfriend. Actually, I just forced him to come along with me. He’s not an anime/manga fan (but he has some knowledge about Naruto) He’s also not into romance/shoujo or any type of cheesy movie. 

But In the end, I convinced him to watch (because I paid for his ticket haha):

So after watching the movie, I asked him some questions regarding the movie. I just want to know his perspective as a non-Naruto fan/neutral guy. So here is our conversation (Yes, I remember it very well)

Me: Do you like the movie?

Friend: To be honest, I did not expect it to be good. But based on what I have seen in the film, I would definitely recommend others to watch it

Me: Do you think NH relationship is forced? You know, some antis believe that it is the biggest asspull in anime history.

Friend: No, not at all. All the clues were there. The film is actually consistent with the anime. Also, Naruto and Sakura’s conversation explains everything about “crush” on her. For the record, I’m not a Naruto fan. But you don’t have to be a fan to realize that it’s going to be Naruto and Hinata in the end. 

Me: What’s your favorite moment in the movie?

Friend: Definitely, when Naruto asked Hinata to wrap her arms around him and ask to not let go. Who would not love that scene? It made me kilig (translation: heart goes doki doki)

Me: Are you bothered by the pacing of the movie?

Friend: I don’t have any problems with the use of flashbacks/pacing. They were effective actually because they successfully portray the feelings or mindset of each character.

Me: Do you think Naruto loves Hinata even before?

Friend: Yes, because the clues were there. Naruhina has this certain kind of connection. Naruto was just confused about the idea of love. However, it was shown in some flashbacks that Hinata actually matters to Naruto even before their adulthood.

Me: What did you feel after watching the film?

Friend: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it reminds me of the feeling of falling in love. It would have been a better Valentine ’s Day film.

So, yes… I’ m happy that my friend like the film.

anonymous asked:

This is the honest to God quote from the girl who didn't know him: "He asked me if I would like a selfie with him." -- I mean, what fan service.

Haha wow. Well…he’s got a job to do. He’s getting it done.

140517 방탄소년단 팬사인회 광주 Fanaccount: MY LAST FANSIGN + VIDEO

Hey guys! So this is my last BTS fansign account for a really long time (Maybe even forever…? IDK) They are going to Japan in a few weeks and I probably won’t be able to see them again because I leave Korea on July 7th ㅠㅠㅠ Anyway! The order for today was Rapmon -> Jin -> J-Hope -> Jungkook -> Jimin -> V -> Suga. At the end of all my rambling is a video kindly taken by my dear friend Ruby, so if you’d rather just watch me and not read all of what I have to say, scroll down to the end! 

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